How to cope with canine epilepsy

Canine with epilepsy generally endure seizures. Whereas some canine may be handled with easy medicines prescribed by your veterinarian, in some canine with a medicine sensitivity, this will preserve seizures at bay however trigger uncomfortable side effects like vomiting or lethargy. In case your canine suffers from seizures and an aversion to conventional medicine, be taught among the homeopathic therapies you may attempt to preserve seizures away with out harsh uncomfortable side effects.


Passionflower is a well-liked natural remedy for seizures in canine. Passionflower is efficient in soothing the nervous system, particularly whether it is overstimulated, as in epileptic canine. You may normally discover passionflower for canine in capsule kind at most common or holistic pet shops.


Scuttelaria laterfolia, also referred to as skullcap, is one other natural treatment for canine seizures that works equally to passionflower. A bonus is that skullcap might help decrease hypertension in canine, thus additional stopping seizure occurrences, as hypertension can contribute to seizures. Yow will discover this at most holistic pet shops.


Belladonna is another choice you may attempt if you’re seeking to deal with your canine’s seizures homeopathically. This herb not solely might help stop and deal with seizures, however helps cut back any fever as nicely. A feverish canine can fall sufferer to a seizure whether it is epileptic. Belladonna might help decrease the fever and, subsequently, the probability of a seizure.

Day by day Train

Train is a homeopathic treatment you may attempt, together with an natural medicine, that may additional assist preserve your canine’s seizures at bay. An hour of train day by day might help canine launch stress and nervousness and stop weight problems, all contributors to seizures. Discuss to your vet to see how a lot train your canine ought to be getting, as it might range relying on age and breed, however typically an hour a day is an efficient measure.

Wholesome Weight-reduction plan

A nutritious diet, together with an natural treatment, might help lower the incidence of seizures. Unhealthy diet causes many points in canine, equivalent to depleted vitamins, weight problems and hypertension, all of which might contribute to seizures. Stick to high-quality natural meals if you’re commercially buying meals, or speak to your vet about wholesome selfmade recipes you can also make that incorporate all of the vitamins your pooch wants.


By no means attempt to diagnose or deal with your canine initially by yourself in the event you suppose it has epilepsy. All the time have your veterinarian diagnose your pooch, and speak to the vet about remedy plans to make sure your canine is getting one of the best assist and remedy doable.

As a result of size of our waitlist and the numerous challenges and restrictions associated to COVID-19, we’ve made the tough determination to briefly shut our waitlist to new service canine and alert service canine candidates.

Roughly 65 million folks all over the world have epilepsy — about 3.four million in america alone. Yearly, america sees 150,000 new diagnoses of epilepsy.

Service canine are invaluable companions for people residing with disabilities. They supply higher independence, freedom from concern, peace of thoughts and assist — and with the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Act, people with disabilities have been given the proper to have their service canine with them in public areas, buildings and amenities.

CPL Seizure Alert Canine give people higher independence, which improves their high quality of life, by alerting as much as an hour forward of time {that a} seizure is imminent. This offers their companions time to take precautions equivalent to mendacity down or leaving crowded environments. The alert canine capability to warn their associate, forward of time helps stop severe accidents attributable to falls.

How to cope with canine epilepsy

What’s a Seizure Alert Canine?

A seizure alert canine is a kind of service canine that’s skilled to search out assist or help its associate throughout and/or after a seizure. Canine chosen for this function will have the ability to naturally detect an oncoming seizure and are skilled in a option to warn its associate of an oncoming seizure.

*It’s essential to notice {that a} seizure alert canine is totally different than a seizure response canine.

Many adults and youngsters residing with epilepsy admit that they typically keep away from sure on a regular basis actions in concern of getting a seizure in public. With epilepsy being probably the most frequent neurological issues on the planet, and about 75% of sufferers with epilepsy not understanding its root trigger, the demand and recognition of seizure alert canine have been steadily rising.

How to cope with canine epilepsy

What can a seizure alert canine do?

Seizure alert canine are in a position to help their associate in some ways, together with:

  • Displaying alert behaviors earlier than a seizure happens
  • Remaining near its proprietor throughout a seizure to forestall accidents
  • Alerting a caretaker, member of the family or emergency response system
  • Fetching a phone, alert machine or medicine
  • Opening a door or turning on a light-weight

As a result of size of our waitlist and the numerous challenges and restrictions associated to COVID-19, we’ve made the tough determination to briefly shut our waitlist to new service canine and alert service canine candidates.

How Does A Seizure Alert Canine Warn Their Associate of an Oncoming Seizure?

Seizure alert canine examined for an innate capability to acknowledge an oncoming seizure.

It’s speculated that this can be attributable to a scent their associate would give off previous to having a seizure.

If the canine has the innate capability to detect a seizure, they’re inspired by way of optimistic reinforcement to alert their human.

Seizure alert canine may alert their associate by pawing at them, or pacing.

Canine Companions for all times trains their alert canine behaviors equivalent to deeply gazing their associate, laying their head on their associate’s knee or nose-tapping their individual to allow them to know a seizure could also be coming.

Seizure Alert Canine’s Alerting Behaviors Might Embody:

  • Shut eye contact
  • Pawing
  • Circling or pacing
  • Licking
  • Performing restlessly


After two years of coaching in fundamental obedience and superior service canine expertise, Canine Companions for Life evaluates every canine for its potential to alert for seizures.

Alerting to an impending seizure is an innate capability in some canine. It’s speculated that in a seizure, the human physique provides off a unique scent though it’s nonetheless unknown precisely how a canine can detect this.

As soon as CPL is aware of a canine has the aptitude to alert to seizures, its alerting behaviors are inspired and promoted by way of optimistic reinforcement equivalent to click on and deal with coaching strategies.

After the canine is skilled to assist their associate, the pair will attend workforce coaching on CPL’s campus in Cochranville, PA for 3 extra weeks of customized coaching.

The partnership between canine and human is one based on belief, respect and love. As the connection grows, the intuitive bond between the 2 strengthens into a robust type of communication.

Why Select Canine Companions for Life?

As a result of size of our waitlist and the numerous challenges and restrictions associated to COVID-19, we’ve made the tough determination to briefly shut our waitlist to new service canine and alert service canine candidates.

CPL Seizure Alert Canine have a remarkably correct report in alerting to seizures.

In actual fact, CPL is a pacesetter within the service canine business in coaching and inserting Seizure Alert Canine. Fairly often from early in a placement, the CPL Seizure Alert Canine is already alerting its associate. But it surely typically takes time for that communication to be totally understood and trusted.

How to cope with canine epilepsy

Seizure Alert Canine FAQ


All of CPL’s seizure alert canine are licensed service animals as outlined by the ADA’s necessities for service animals. Underneath this federal regulation, service canine are permitted to accompany you in public, together with locations the place canine should not usually allowed.


CPL requires all candidates for seizure alert canine to be no less than 12 years or older and performing at a 6 th grade degree or above. Now we have this requirement as a result of seizure alert canine require fixed care and dealing with that’s very important to the success of the workforce.


At CPL, we primarily prepare Labrador retrievers as alert canine. Different breeds that we prepare at CPL embrace: golden retrievers, poodles, & labradoodles.


CPL Seizure alert canine come from certainly one of three locations:

  • Our personal small Labrador breeding program
  • Different accredited service/information canine organizations from throughout the nation
  • Donated puppies from accountable breeders


CPL service canine spend two years getting ready for his or her working life. In these two years, our alert canine are house-trained and taught fundamental obedience by volunteers after which obtain a yr of superior coaching from our skilled trainers. In the course of the coaching course of, the service canine is evaluated to make sure the canine is bodily sound, and emotionally & temperamentally steady. These are essential traits for working service canine who’re wanted at this degree of labor.