How to coppice

Coppicing is a method to produce bushes which have a number of stems, moderately than a single tree trunk. It’s an previous custom of woodland administration used for conservation and as a sustainable method to produce timber with out the necessity to plant new bushes.

How to coppicePhotograph by Dave Spicer. Candy Chestnut coppice

How Coppicing Works

When a tree is reduce to a stump, referred to as a coppice stool, progress is stimulated. This produces a number of new shoots within the following spring. These might be left to develop till they attain the specified measurement and thickness earlier than being harvested.

How to coppice

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As a result of coppiced bushes have already got a well-developed root system, they readily regrow. The coppicing course of can regularly be repeated, offering a sustainable method of manufacturing wooden for various functions.

How to coppice

Photograph by
Clive Perrin / Coppice stool in Hasley Enclosure New Forest Hampshire

Virtually any species of might be coppiced, however some are extra appropriate than others. The commonest are from bushes the place bigger logs have little worth, reminiscent of hazel. Some species of tree simply don’t thrive when coppiced, reminiscent of birch.

What’s Coppiced Wooden used for?

The timber from coppiced bushes, referred to as underwood, might be might be harvested at totally different sizes. This makes it appropriate for a lot of merchandise.

It’s a sustainable method to produce firewood, or to make charcoal .

Bigger timbers can be utilized within the building of picket buildings, sheds or barns. You’ll be able to earn cash from the sale of timber, however if you wish to add much more worth, you would think about making your individual merchandise from coppiced wooden.

Lengthy, skinny timbers can be utilized for bean poles or engaging backyard canes, thicker ones can be utilized as fence hurdles or hedge laying stakes. Different merchandise constituted of coppiced wooden are baskets and trugs.

Advantages of Coppicing to Woodland Habitat

Managing woodland by coppicing will increase its longevity, as coppiced bushes can grow to be significantly older than requirements.

How to coppice

When a wooden is properly managed, it helps to protect it for the longer term. Coppicing bushes not solely assist to extend their life, however a working woodland is extra prone to thrive and keep than a uncared for wooden.

Kinds of Coppice Woodland

Pure Coppice – Woodland is made up of 1 tree species.

Blended Coppice – A mixture of tree species are grown collectively for coppicing. The benefit of this can be a number of timber might be harvested and it gives larger biodiversity for wildlife.

Coppice with Requirements– That is when a few of the tree species are left to develop naturally, whereas others are coppices. This creates woodland with massive sized bushes dotted all through the smaller sized coppiced bushes. A bonus of that is that it creates a extra various habitat for wildlife. Nevertheless the coppiced shoots of some tree species could also be extra of a problem to develop as there’s shade created by the taller bushes.

Standard Bushes for Coppicing

Ash– grows quick and vigorous when coppiced, however the stool might not produce shoots till the next yr.

Beech – tends to coppice higher in wetter areas.

Subject Maple


Oak – a few of the longest rotations for coppicing.

Candy Chestnut

Willow – a few of the quickest rising stems

The Coppicing Cycle

Coppicing permits timber to be reduce and harvested in a cycle, and the variety of years it takes depends upon the expansion fee of the species of tree. The typical time between chopping and harvesting is round eight years, however might be much less for quick rising species reminiscent of willow, or for much longer for gradual rising species, reminiscent of oak.

How to coppice

Photograph by David Anstiss. Coppicing in Codling Wooden.

The way you organise your woodland coppicing cycle will rely on a number of components, such because the acreage of your plot and what you need to use the timbers for. For instance,you may need to divide your wooden into smaller plots, leaving some areas to develop for big timbers whilst you harvest the smaller ones on a extra frequent cycle.

Tips on how to Coppice

Coppicing works greatest within the winter months when bushes are of their dormant interval. That is when there are not any leaves on the tree, the sap is gradual and there’s no progress occurring. That is the optimum time to reap timber low sap ranges will produce drier wooden, and it is usually much less disruptive to wildlife and birds that is perhaps nesting at different occasions of the yr.

As soon as the rising wooden has reaches the specified measurement, it’s reduce. The instruments used to reap the wooden will rely on its thickness, so an axe is perhaps sufficient for thinner stems, whereas a chainsaw can be extra helpful for chopping thicker trunks.

Regardless of the measurement of the timber, you will need to all the time reduce in a instructions that slopes away from the centre of the stool. This permits water to run off,moderately than acquire on the stump, which might trigger it to rot.

How to coppicePhotograph by Charlesdrakew. Discover the angle of the reduce permits water to run off.

SAFETY TIP: Make sure that the realm that your working is obvious of vegetation and branches that is perhaps a hazard whereas working. Additionally, preserve a watch out for any particles, like metallic or stone, which might injury your instruments.

Shoots which have a diameter of eight centimetres or much less can easy be reduce by in a single. Bigger stems will want a small reduce one facet, referred to as and undercut, earlier than being reduce by from the alternative facet. That is to stop massive splits forming within the timber as it’s reduce.

After chopping, the stumps must be shielded from shopping animals, in order that the brand new shoots can develop strongly and will not be nibbled off as quickly as they seem. A great way to do that is with short-term fencing, or a less expensive choice is to pile numerous smaller branches and stick over the stump.

For extra data…

If you wish to study extra about coppicing, I like to recommend this e-book. It present you the best way to make quite a lot of gadgets from coppiced wooden, in addition to giving detailed data on the best way to get probably the most out of your coppiced woodland.

How to coppice

Coppicing and Coppice Crafts, by Rebecca Oaks and Edward Mills

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