How to cover a sofa

How to cover a sofa

Reupholstery may be costly you probably have it carried out by knowledgeable, and time-consuming and messy in case you do it by yourself. Even pre-made slipcovers may be fairly expensive if you need one that appears extra like a tailor-made cowl than a elaborate drop material. Making a customized slipcover by yourself is an environment friendly and cheap various to a complete couch makeover. The secret’s to make a muslin sample first, so you may modify and readjust the match with pins and basting earlier than taking the scissors to your precise slipcover materials.


Measure your couch from the ground on the foot of the left arm to the ground on the foot of the correct arm, following the contours of the couch alongside the way in which. Add at the least 6 inches for hems and seam allowances between items.

Measure from the ground in entrance of the couch to the ground behind it, following the contours of the couch. Add 6 inches for hems and seam allowances.

Buy a chunk of muslin massive sufficient to cowl your couch with three inches further on either side.

Making a Muslin Sample

Drape your muslin over the couch and tuck it down towards the sofa in order that it adheres to the form.

Tuck, pin and reduce the items you want to cowl the sofa. This half is totally particular person to every couch, so the one option to do it’s to determine it out as you go. Have a look at every part of the couch and work out what measurement piece of cloth is required to cowl it. Go away a 1/2-inch seam allowance across the perimeter of every piece.

Label every bit of muslin with a material marker as you chop it out. Be particular as as to whether it’s for the correct arm or left arm, and mark which aspect is the entrance or high.

Pin your entire muslin items along with the correct aspect – those you wrote on – collectively. Flip it proper aspect out and match it over the couch. Make any changes it’d want as to the match by repining the items.

Making the Slipcover

Lay your upholstery materials out on the ground with the printed aspect going through up and straighten out any wrinkles or creases.

Take your muslin aside and lay the items out with the correct aspect going through up. Place them to get probably the most use out of the upholstery cloth, ensuring that the sample, if any, is going through the correct approach on every bit.

Pin the muslin sample items to the upholstery cloth and reduce them out.

Pin the upholstery items collectively, printed aspect to printed aspect. Flip the slipcover proper aspect out.

Place the slipcover over the couch. Make any changes as to the way it suits by repinning the items.

Set your stitching machine to its longest sew setting and baste the slipcover collectively. Be sure that the needle and thread you’re utilizing is acceptable to the thickness and weave of the material. Thick, heavy supplies resembling canvas require a needle that’s at the least 16/100, although most medium-weight materials work wonderful with a 14/90 needle.

Suit your basted-together slipcover over the couch and make any ultimate changes to the match.

Sew the slipcover collectively. Take away the basting thread and place the slipcover on the couch.

  • Add piping to your slipcover so as to add a little bit of visible curiosity.
  • By no means start chopping the upholstery cloth with out double-checking that the path of the material sample goes the correct approach on every bit.

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