How to create romance on your wedding night

A perfect wedding night is the aim of every bride and groom, and achieving it is very easy if you follow some pretty simple tips. So, h ear us up brides-to-be, leave the stress away , and think of your wedding night in a romantic way. Your wedding night is the first night you’ll be officially united with your husband and you’ll be able to share and explore new feelings together. So, instead of worrying, think of the sexy and romantic ways to enjoy your wedding night together.

1. The wedding night lingerie

When you pick your wedding night lingerie, pick something you’ll feel confident in, something that suits your body, but don’t forget to choose a sexy piece too!

2. The wedding night scent

Before the wedding day, take your husband and make him choose a perfume for you that both of you really like. This perfume will only be worn on your wedding night, to always be remembered on your wedding anniversaries!

3. Don’t stress about the sex

If you think of wedding night sex as a mission, you’ll only feel scared and stressed, so you better think of a way to enjoy the night. You can sit down and have a small talk about how much you’re happy you’re finally together, this will also help you get comfortable by talking about what you expect from one another.

4. Music

Put on some light music to relax, the playlist you choose must be romantic and relaxing for both of you.

5. Sexy massage

Ask your husband to give you a back massage and offer to give him a massage afterwards; this way you’ll de-stress and get comfortable.

6. Not having sex is an option!

If you’re feeling tired, then don’t be afraid to tell your husband that you’d like to postpone it for tomorrow. You can cuddle and enjoy each other’s company.

7. Ask him what he likes

If you’re unsure about how to seduce or how to make things sexy, it’s always okay to ask. Ask him what he likes, what he doesn’t like and what he finds sexy.

8. Sexy snacks

Avoid heavy food; pick sexy food, like cherries, chocolate, and strawberries to eat together while you’re talking.

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The wedding night is often viewed as a rite of passage for many people, which is why so many brides tend to be a bit anxious about the upcoming wedding night romance. Here are a few tips you can use to ease yourself (and your partner).

When you’ve had an arranged marriage, there’s still a lot you’ve got to learn about each other. This is why even though you may have chosen each other wholeheartedly, the idea of your first wedding night can be a little intimidating and terrifying! Unfortunately, with the way things are in our society, there aren’t a lot of people a bride-to-be can turn to for advice and comfort. If you’re finding yourself wondering how to inspire some wedding night romance during your first night together, we’ve got you covered with these tips!

1. Don’t set your expectations too high!

To begin with, it is essential not to have overly high expectations regarding wedding night romance as this will be a slightly awkward experience for both of you. This doesn’t reflect badly on you as a couple, though! It’s just that it takes a while to understand each other’s preferences, due to which you may find yourself wishing that things were different. Don’t base your expectations on what you may have seen in movies, as wedding night romance can be very different. For starters, you may both even be too tired to indulge in anything, especially since the wedding night is preceded by a lot of Indian wedding traditions which take their toll on your energy levels.

2. Talk about what you like (and don’t like)!

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and this holds true for a physical relationship too! Before you begin embarking on some wedding night romance, you should have a candid discussion about what you expect, like and don’t like. Even if you are inexperienced in these matters, you should still be able to express any fears or doubts if they have been troubling you for a while. Doing so will let your husband understand you better and ensure that the two of you have a great time together!

3. Create a great ambience!

Now, what inspires romance better than a romantic ambience? Fill your room with candles or roses to nudge your partner in the right direction. Low lighting isn’t just romantic, it is also quite forgiving in terms of aesthetics so you can ensure that the two of you feel comfortable throughout your night together. To add to this, you can always share a dessert together like a brownie while talking. This will help you break the ice a little and get over the initial awkwardness of trying to make conversation. Doing so will make the transition into wedding night romance much smoother!

4. Play a few ice-breaker games!

Ice breaker games may seem a bit odd when you have wedding night romance on your mind, but they really can help the two of you be more at ease. The importance of conversation starters on the first night cannot be overstated. Something as simple as Truth or Dare can be a good ice breaker. The fact that it’s a really common game works in its favour as you won’t have to spend a lot of time going over the rules. You can ask each other a range of questions and get to know each other through this game. The dares should add some spice to your wedding night romance!

5. Play some music!

Music is a great tool when you’re looking for wedding night romance as your favourite songs playing in the background can help you forget your nervousness. The two of you can also start slow dancing to your favourite numbers, which is a great way to get a little more comfortable with the idea of being in close proximity. Ask a friend to help you make a playlist that will get the two of you feeling relaxed and more at-ease!

6. Don’t rush into anything!

When you’re nervous, you may think that the best way to initiate romance is by rushing into the whole thing. But that can sour the experience for the two of you if you are not emotionally ready. Remember that though pop culture makes a big deal about the Suhaag Raat, it’s fine to put things off until the two of you get to know each other a little better. This can take a few days or weeks even, so don’t worry! The most important thing is that you both should feel comfortable and ready.

With an arranged marriage on the cards, you’ve probably got a lot of things that you’re anxious about. Don’t get the idea of a romantic wedding night take over all your thoughts to the point where you drive yourself nuts worrying about how it’s going to be! Allow yourself some space and time, and do the same for your husband as well. If the two of you are ready on the wedding night itself, nothing like it. But if not, don’t start questioning your relationship and spiralling out of control! The two of you, being a new couple need to prepare yourself for a new life. Relax and go with the flow!

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By Tastemoney (self media writer) | 6 months ago

Most unmarried people look forward to their wedding nights as they would love to have a romantic experience with their partners on that night. Your wedding night should not be forgotten in a hurry and this is why you need to plan for it ahead of time. Some romantic things which you can do with your partner on your wedding night include;

1. Prepare yourself on time. While celebrating during the day, you need to remember that you have to spend the night with your bride or groom. Have it in mind that the possibility of you and your partner getting intimate that night is very high. However, when you get intimate with your partner on that night, try to enjoy every single moment as this would help keep the memories in your heart for a very long time.

2. Make the moment a special one. Whatever you do, do it in a special way to make yourself and your partner happy. You can decorate your room with flowers and ribbons or you can even spray a sweet-smelling fragrance around your room. Show your partner intense love and make that moment very unique as wedding nights come only once in a lifetime for many people.

3. Do something romantic together. You need to understand that not everybody makes love during their wedding nights. Even if you make love with your partner on that night, you still have to do some romantic things together. Some romantic things with you can do together are, feeding each other dinner, playing a pillow fight on the bed, cuddling each other, say sweet things to each other and this would help you create a beautiful memory of your wedding nights.

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In This Article

We are all exceptionally good at over planning everything most of the time. We end up bringing or planning for a lot of things that we won’t end up doing. You will be exhausted on your wedding night (even though people don’t often tell you that). You might be overwhelmed with emotion, drunk, and under pressure to consummate the marriage. All of this will potentially lead to disasters occurring and things going wrong.

The first thing that you should do on your wedding night (so that you can enjoy it and make it special) is to go with the flow. And to recognize that even if things don’t go perfectly, or if one of you falls asleep, that there’s always tomorrow. In fact, you’ve got a lifetime together. In the future, you will laugh at your wedding night disaster (if you have one).

You could always reenact your dream wedding night on your first wedding anniversary. So if it didn’t work out quite as expected the first time around, you could enjoy trying again on your anniversary.

But with all that said, here are our best tips to help you make your wedding night amazing.

1. Food for thought

Most brides and grooms often either forget to eat during the wedding or are too excited or anxious to eat. So when you are in the comfort of your hotel room (or wherever your wedding night is occurring), there’s no doubt that the hunger pangs will start to make their presence known.

Order a few appetizers in advance, or have some of the food from your wedding sent up to your room, for you both to enjoy. It will help alleviate any wedding night nerves, open the floor for a quick catch up and serve as a reminder that you are not strangers. And well, food can be an aphrodisiac too! Don’t forget to get things moving intimately by feeding each other!

2. Build memories with the scent

Fill your room with fragrance to create a scented memory of your special night. Choose a fragrance that you only use for your wedding night, or other romantic occasions spent with your spouse, so that you can savor the scent. Use again on Valentine’s day, or on your anniversary (to bring back all of those beautiful memories of your wedding night). The fragrance will add to the ambiance and enhance the mood. Scented candles, room sprays, and essential oils sprinkled on the bedding will be perfect.

3. Add some music

Create a playlist for your wedding night. Consider starting the list with some of the songs featured in your wedding, and then add all of your favorite songs that are in-keeping with the mood you want to set. Don’t forget to pack the equipment you need to play your music if you are staying in a hotel. You could even plan your wedding night playlist together before the wedding – for extra intimacy and commitment to the mood.

4. Plan your attire

Slip into something sexy when you are finally alone together. It might seem obvious, but it’s noted here so that you don’t forget the obvious! Take time to enjoy choosing something that you will feel great in, and that you’ll enjoy wearing for an evening.

5. Write a love letter

Ok, ok, so it’s your wedding night, and you’ve been declaring your love for each other not just for the whole day, but also throughout all of the weeks and months before your big day. But wouldn’t it be nice to write a note to each other that you can share on your wedding night? Perhaps you could fill it with all of the great memories you’ve built together, or your dreams for the future together. Or maybe you can create a list of everything you love about each other.

6. Take a relaxing bath together

Invest in some indulgent bubble bath, and make sure your honeymoon suite has a fabulous bathtub so that you can spend time during your wedding night relaxing in the tub together. Don’t forget to bring the champagne and some finger foods such as strawberries with you, so that you can enjoy the moment. Just make sure it doesn’t send you to sleep!

7. Take a midnight walk together

After you’ve indulged in all of the exciting activities that should occur on your wedding night, why not take a romantic midnight walk together. Really invest in acknowledging that this is the first walk that you’ve taken together as Husband and Wife and enjoy the intimacy that walking at night can bring as you pass by others who have no idea how special your day has been today.

8. Do not disturb

Hang the do not disturb sign on your door if you are staying in a hotel and don’t bring anybody back to celebrate your special night!

9. Plan for something special in the morning

Enjoy a long and lingering breakfast in bed together (with champagne of course). Then consider taking a joint massage, or an intimate activity together before you start meeting up with the rest of your family and friends. Reflect on your wedding day over breakfast and recall the highs and lows.

If there is one moment that every bride-to-be dreams about almost every night from the day her wedding gets fixed, it’s the wedding night. And it doesn’t matter if you’re having a love marriage or arranged, this one night you’ll always and forever remember with a smile on your face. So here are some cute, some sexy and some extremely romantic ways to make it even more special!

How To Make Your Wedding Night Special

Many couples fantasize about their wedding night and what will go down that day. SO, we came up with some super sweet, super sexy wedding night ideas and some extra ways to make it special for your spouse.

1. Candles always work

The easiest way to make a setting look extremely romantic is by lighting up the room with scented candles. Not only will they fill up your room with a light aroma but candles offer the most flattering lighting as well. A setting like this will not just get you in the mood, but also help you shed all those inhibitions. Just make sure you do not place them anywhere near the curtains to avoid any kind of mishap.

2. Fill the room with flowers

This one might sound cliche, but even for something as big as your wedding night itself, rose petals can seal the deal. Fill the room and your bed with roses petals to add an extra special touch to your special night.

3. The heady mix of sex and wine

Now that you two are finally alone, celebrate this special day by popping open a bottle of bubbly or wine. Let your body relax as you slowly sip on your glass of wine. Needless to say, you’ll both find yourselves naked in the sheets pretty soon. And oh, if you’re up for something adventurous, have him lick the wine off you.

4. A bubble bath

You’ve had a hectic day and nothing’s more refreshing than a warm bubble bath. Not to forget, it’s also extremely romantic and arousing. Make a bath complete with rose petals and some candles around it. Step in and soak into each other as you celebrate your wedding night. The warm water and your body pressed against his will only heat things up.

5. Time for Some Aphrodisiacs

Have you ever heard of a “magic” food that can boost your libido? One such magic food is chocolate as it contains caffeine and feel-good chemicals, which will put you in the right mood instantly. The same goes for honey and oysters, thanks to their high boron and zinc content which increases testosterone production. Worth a try!

6. Dress sexy

It’s your wedding night and nothing could be more exciting for a man than to see his bride dressed up in the sexiest nightwear ever. Get ready to seduce him and blow his mind in a super sexy babydoll or a racy, barely-there lingerie set. And ooh, don’t forget to keep those heels on.

7. Setting the mood with music

The easiest way to relax and let go is to have some soothing music playing in the background. Prepare a pen drive with both of your favourite music, dim those lights and spend this special night in your husband’s arms. A slow dance is a perfect way to start your new life.

8. Gift him something special

Won’t it be nice to gift him something thoughtful to mark this special night? Something he’s wanted for long or something you’d love to see him wearing/ using. Attach a heartfelt note to that gift and we swear, he’ll be touched.

9. Book a hotel room!

If you haven’t already, start thinking about it now! This is the one night of your life that you’ll cherish forever and nothing like a plush hotel room to kickstart it. Once you’re away from the crowd and into your own private space, the romance will automatically begin.

10. Feed each other

Ever heard of foods that boost your libido? Besides getting you in the mood for sex, feeding each other chocolates and strawberries is such a great way to get intimate. Plus, if you haven’t had the time to eat after the ceremony, this is going to be more than welcome!

11. Surprise him!

In bed! If this is not the first time for both of you together, nothing can be as special as showing off a new move in bed! He probably thinks that he knows the routine by now, but on your wedding night, give him something he’s never ever expected before!

12. Play “Find the Honey/Chocolate”

How about you play some fun games? For this game, start with blindfolding your partner and putting a dab of honey or chocolate somewhere on your body. Have him find it – you can give him a few hints to make it even more interesting. This is cute, fun, erotic all at the same time. Pshh, don’t forget to take turns!

13. Express your love

You may be exhausted or you may just be in a hurry to get into action, but don’t forget to tell him how much you love him. This day, you two begin a new life and it’s the one occasion you definitely must express your love towards him.

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When the reception is over and the big wedding celebration is done, the last thing a couple wants to do is plan yet another activity. Your first night with your wife doesn’t have to be a huge fanfare, you can plan something simple and intimate to show her how happy you are to be with her. On the night of your wedding, pre-arrange a few things so you’re hands-off on the planning and hands-on with your wife.

Create Ambiance

Whether you’re going back to a deluxe honeymoon suite or you’re heading back home, create a space full of relaxation and romance. Light some scented candles, play some soft music and turn the lights down low. Don’t worry about lighting the candles ahead of time, use a diffuser stick or wall-outlet air freshener to give the room the fragrant scent once you enter to immediately ignite her senses. Light the candles while she’s getting comfortable.

Present a Present

Present your wife with a token of your excitement once she’s settled in next to you. Give her a personal gift that is unexpected like a sexy robe, diamond earrings or even something funny she’s mentioned. A DVD box set of her favorite shows or movies is ideal if she’s mentioned that after the wedding all she wants to do with you is lounge around on the couch for a few days. Give a gift that is completely personal and something she will enjoy.

Just Desserts

If the two of you barely scarfed down a meatball let alone a piece of cake, unveil a piece of your wedding cake to her on a plate. Unless you know having that wedding cake at the wedding was really just a formality and she’s really more of a fan chocolate ice cream with caramel syrup. Surprise her with her favorite dessert. Take turns feeding each other bites of the sweet treat while interrupting each other with kisses.

Chill Out

When you know neither one of you are super romantic or care too much about rose petals and gazing into each others’ eyes, take a load off and enjoy the beginning of your life together being completely yourselves. Switch out the tux and gown for sweat pants and tanks tops. Plop down on the couch for a relaxing massage while enjoying a cocktail and dishing about the reception blunders. Laugh and have a good time embarking on your journey as a team.

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01 /8 ​First night advice for virgin brides…

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding night that’ll give her a memory to remember all her life. No matter the excitement, a woman is excited yet scared about having sex for the first time with their husband. Will it be a sweet surprise or a painful experience? No one knows the answer until they experience it. There are quite some fervent expectations mingled with fear that dominate the heart and mind of every bride who looks forward to the much-awaited night. But it’s important that they embrace the unexpected. To help all the virgin brides out there, here are seven amazing tips that’ll help you prepare for your amazing-to-be wedding night!

02 /8 Keep calm

Honestly, keeping your nerves calm is the most difficult thing to do when millions of emotions assault your senses. But if you lose your cool it will only get more difficult. The first time can be very awkward but one thing for sure, it will be anything but predictable. Best way to prepare yourself is to relax and enjoy the night.

03 /8 ​Not everyone bleeds during their first time

A woman bleeds during the act because her hymen breaks when she has sex for the first time. This is only true if the thin membrane called hymen is intact. But girls do so much of rigorous physical activities like cycling, water sports, riding and others that the hymen may tear and she might not even be aware of it. So, it doesn’t matter if you do not bleed when you have sex for the first time on your wedding night.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

The wedding night is very special for newlyweds. However, nerves can play tricks on you and tiredness may change your plans. That’s why it’s important to consider some tips to make your wedding night truly unforgettable.

First, you need to choose somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable and calm. This way, you’ll enjoy your wedding night without worrying about anything other than your partner.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what advice you should take into account.

How to make your wedding night unforgettable

1. Prepare the room

Once the wedding and party end, you’ll probably head to the room to celebrate your wedding night. It’s important not to forget the room details that will end the day on a high. Let’s see what you need to think about.

Here are some possible details:

  • Petals on the bed. These give that romantic touch that we all love on special days like weddings. They can also be petals from a flower that has a special meaning to you.
  • Soft music. Quiet, slow music that’s not too loud, can also give you that romantic feeling and encourage you to relax and enjoy the night.
  • Dim lights. The lights in the room must be adjustable so that the room isn’t dark, but romantic enough for the perfect atmosphere.

2. Have a room with a hot tub

Of course, you need a hot tub in the room where you’ll celebrate your wedding night. Once you’ve set the room’s atmosphere, you can head to the hot tub to enjoy the hot water and very relaxing jets. It’s a time for kisses, to comment on fun aspects of the wedding and, in short, relax after a long day.

You can also toast with a bottle of champagne in the hot tub (which you can have close by). This will allow you to relax even more and enjoy the moment completely alone with your partner.

3. The seductive touch

After spending time in the hot tub, you can go back to the room. But first, you’ll need to get yourself ready a little. Brush your teeth, apply some perfumed lotion if you’d like, and finally, putting on your sexy outfit, if you have one.

You should wear something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable. You should also have a positive attitude, be confident in yourself, and be willing to fully enjoy your wedding night.

Perhaps you could also have a toy to have fun with.

4. Foreplay

The best thing about the wedding night is that there’s no rush. You’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy this special moment with your partner. So, enjoy the atmosphere and champagne and start with some foreplay.

Kiss your partner sweetly, then pour champagne on their back and lick it off, or start removing your lingerie slowly. The important thing is to enjoy every moment, and especially your partner’s body. This will make sure you have an unforgettable wedding night.

5. Enjoy the moment

Once all the above steps are completed, it’s time for the passion to begin. For this moment to be unforgettable, you need to feel good and confident in yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to do things that you like, so that you enjoy a pleasant sexual relationship.

We hope these tips help you have an unforgettable wedding night. Also, each couple is different. Some may be so tired they prefer to sleep and enjoy their wedding night at a different time. Naturally, it’s up to you!

Have you already enjoyed a wonderful wedding night?

Even though your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, wedding celebrations can quite often be hectic and stressful endeavours. Thankfully, there is always something to look forward to, no matter how things are going on your big day, and that is your wedding night, an evening dedicated to sensual activities and beautiful memories. If you want to ensure you and your partner get busy after you say “I do”, you will need the right tools on hand to ensure your first night as a married couple is a magical and memorable one.

So, when you compile a list of fun things to do after the wedding , here are some essentials that will ensure you have the most incredible wedding night:

1. Sensuous Perfume

Scents can be quite powerful memory triggers, so choosing something special to wear on the day you get married is the perfect way to help make this whole day something neither of you will be able to forget. After the wedding night, you can apply this memorable perfume on special occasions, such as anniversaries or date nights, to make all of those romantic memories come flooding back. If you choose a sensuous scent to wear on your wedding day and your wedding night, it might even spark some sexy fun.

2. The Perfect Lingerie

If you want to make a great impression and add something extra special to your wedding night festivities, choosing the perfect lingerie is a great place to start. While there are many wedding night lingerie trends to follow, your focus should always be on feeling comfortable and sexy in the lingerie you choose to wear. Thankfully, there are many great women’s underwear brands that put a focus on comfort, as well as the innovative design of their lingerie. So, choose a sexy lace bra and panties set, pair it with a luxurious robe, and you are bound to swipe your partner off their feet come your wedding night.

3. Passionate Music

If you want to set the perfect mood for a romantic wedding night, creating a playlist is the ideal way to start. Apart from being very effective at getting you in the mood, music is also a powerful memory trigger, which means that selecting the perfect songs to make love to will help ingrain these memories in your mind forever. Whether you compile it on your own, or you choose one from your favourite streaming service, make sure you have a passionate playlist on your smartphone that is ready to go. If you want to make things extra special, you can always consider using a record player to play your favourite love songs and create a romantic vintage atmosphere.

4. Bubbly Champagne

Even though you’ve just tied the knot and spent the whole day celebrating with your friends and family, the celebrations aren’t over just yet. Have some champagne in your wedding night suite to share a private toast together and help set the celebratory tone for the evening. Champagne is a great way to calm your nerves and the adrenaline of such a big day, and it’s ideal for marking the momentous occasion of consummating your marriage.

5. Romantic Candles

Decorating your honeymoon suite with a few candles is the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere and set the right mood for love. The soft candlelight glow is incredibly romantic and it will undoubtedly make the moment even more magical for you and your partner. However, if you are staying in a hotel, you may want to go for a safer option and consider using some flameless candles that have a similar effect with much less risk.

6. Beautiful Flowers

Whether it’s a small floral arrangement on the nightstand or a centrepiece made from dozens of long-stemmed roses, flowers can truly add to the romance and the ambience of the room and help create an even more memorable evening. You may even want to go all out and consider spreading out some rose petals on the floor or scatter them over the bed to mark the perfect spot for sealing the deal. Whatever you choose to do, flowers will undoubtedly give a fresh and lovely scent to the room and help you add a bit more love to your evening.

Whether you’re feeling pressure about making your wedding night special and meaningful, or you simply can’t wait to relax after the wedding with some marital fun, the abovementioned tips will ensure you have the most magical evening after you finally say “I do”.

Sorry to break it to you. But your wedding night? Yeah, might not be that big of a deal.

Shocking, right? There’s all this build up for the wedding night. We hear about women buying special wedding night lingerie. Bridesmaids are supposed to sneak up to the room and decorate with candles and rose petals. Groomsmen tease the groom about finally sealing the deal.

But turns out that real life doesn’t always match our expectations (or sex-pectations, in this case). Your wedding night might not be this huge romantic, intimate, sexual experience. And you know what? That’s totally okay. It’s actually really normal.

You’ve already sealed the deal

Most modern day couples getting married are not strangers to intimate bedroom relations. Most couples don’t wait until their wedding night to have sex for the very first time. In fact, most couples already live together and share a bed before their wedding night. That’s not to say that sex on your wedding night can’t be exciting or special, but for most couples it’s not a brand new experience.

You’re exhausted

You know how you’re going to feel when you get up to your hotel room after your wedding? Tired. You’re going to feel absolutely beat. You just spent an entire day playing host at the longest party of your life. You had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready. You had to pose for pictures all day. You had to smile and chat with relatives you haven’t seen in years. And you had to boogie on the dance floor right until the very end. Your wedding day might be one of the longest days of your life. You’ve had to be “on” all day long and interacting with so many different people. You might pass out before you even get to the bed.

There’s so much pressure

Remember all that build up for the wedding night? Yeah, all that does is add a ton of extra pressure. It’s weird to know that so many people are expecting you to have sex. You may have gotten some winks on your way up the elevator. Perhaps a groomsman slipped you a condom as a joke. And it turns out all of that pressure to make your wedding night extra special and intimate is actually not helpful at all. Pressure is never sexy.

You have other priorities

In the movies, the bride and groom can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off once they get to their hotel room. But you might have something else in mind. Food, for example. Sadly, couples often don’t get to eat too much of their delicious catering because they’re so busy mingling. So instead of making out with your brand new spouse, you might be calling room service, diving into leftover wedding cake or sending him/her out to pick up a pizza.

You’re on a schedule

These days, the wedding doesn’t just end when the couple exits the ceremony. It doesn’t even end when the couple leaves the reception. Many weddings are full on weekend affairs. Instead of heading up to your room for some sexy time, you may be hosting an after party at a bar nearby. Or maybe you have to wake up early to host a post-wedding brunch. Or maybe you’re stuck cleaning up your venue because it has to be spotless in order for you to get your deposit back. Wedding night sex doesn’t always make the final schedule.

You have the rest of your life

Many couples panic if they don’t have sex on their wedding night. They wonder if they did something wrong. Let us be clear: Not having sex on your wedding night doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean you’ll never have sex now that you’re married. It doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. And it doesn’t even make you an anomaly, since many couples forgo the deed on their big night. It simply means you’re a normal human. You’ve got the rest of your life, and hopefully a very relaxing and romantic honeymoon, to have sex. Don’t worry.