How to create side swept curls

The night before any special occasion, your group text is bound to be lit. As you and your friends fire off texts deciding what you’re going to wear and what time you’re going to meet, there’s always one question that stops your right in your tracks—How are you going to style your hair?

It seems like a simple enough question. You do your hair every day. But there’s something about coming up with a hairstyle to perfectly match the occasion that can cause your mind to draw a blank. You could opt for your everyday style, but you know an occasion this special deserves a hairstyle that will turn heads—literally. If you’re still stumped on how to style your dark brown hair or ash blonde strands for your next big event, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or receiving an award, a special occasion deserves a glamorous hairstyle. We teamed up with Spencer Henry, Redken brand ambassador and stylist, and Instagram influencer Ami Desai (@amidesai) to create flawless texture and movement.

Start with a spray.

For this look, you’ll want to start with clean, recently blowdried hair. Start at the back of your head, working with 2-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Spray each one with a heat protectant like Redken’s Iron Shape 11 before wrapping around a 1-inch curling iron. The lightweight spray protects your hair from flat irons and curling irons up to 450 degrees while adding shine and reducing frizz.

Get curly.

Hold or clamp each section of hair until just heated through, approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Continue curling 2-inch sections of your hair until you’ve completed the back and sides.

Think big.

To create extra volume at the crown of your head, give yourself a deep side part and continue curling the hair at the top of your head in 2-inch sections with a 1-inch curling iron.

When you’re finished curling each section, roll the curl up and use a hair clip to hold it in place instead of allowing it to hang loose down your back. Letting your hair cool down while the curls are pinned to your head helps create more volume and bounce at the root of your strands.

Brush away.

Once you’ve curled your entire mane, use a boar bristle brush to gently brush out all of your curls (except for the pinned curls at the crown of your head), until you achieve your desired S-shape wave.

Sweep everything to the side.

Sweep all of your hair over your right shoulder and place several bobby pins on the left side of your head to keep the hair in place. Remove the pin curls from the crown of your head and use a comb to comb out your curls to create voluminous S-shaped waves gently.


Gently backcomb the ends of your hair to create a voluminous final look and set your style with a firm hold hairspray like Redken’s Forceful 23 Super Strength Anti-Frizz Hairspray.

Now you have a hairstyle that’s just as glamorous as you are.

Looking for a glamorous hairstyle for your next big event? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

You can’t look at the red carpet these days without seeing this stunning style, so I asked Hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello to show Cosmo the key steps to recreating it. Here’s to never having another bad hair day again.

2. Hit your strands with some hairspray. “This will keep the hair in place and help give it some extra hold when you curl it,” he says. India used Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

3. Gather the underpart of your hair and create a hidden side ponytail. “Remember to leave a lot of hair out of the ponytail, so that it falls over it and remains hidden underneath,” Pucciarello adds. “Also, when you’re putting the ponytail in, if your hair is swept to the left, look to the right as you’re securing the pony. That way, when you look straight, you’re hair will tighten and the smoothed side will look even sleeker.”

4. Create loose waves. “For a natural-looking curl, take the iron and twirl every inch-wide section in different directions (towards the face and away from the face),” he says. “Just make sure the hair closest to the face is twirled away from it, so that it doesn’t close off your beautiful face.”

5. Spray and separate. “After curling all of your hair, spray on some more of the hairspray you used in step two, and then take a light dry oil or smoothing serum, apply a few drops to your hands and rub them together, and gently separate your curls to create an undone effect. India use Oribe Smooth Style Serum here.

And you’re done. Now pin this baby to all of your beauty boards, because you’re going to want to wear this sexy style everywhere.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Griffin

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How To Create Side Swept Hairstyles – AW12

Giving curls and waves a fresh twist; the hair gurus behind PPQ’s voluminous style updated the side swept look seasonally with a side parting and long fringe brushed to one side. Adding a slick of red lipstick and stencilling on a beauty spot, the look was decidedly gamine. Gareth Williams, stylist for Headmasters Pro Session Team, explains that prepping hair with the correct products is key to nailing the look and ensuring your style stays the day.

‘After washing your hair, blast it with your hair dryer until it’s 70% dry. The key to making this look last is all in the prep, so use Headmasters Colour Brilliance Super Smooth Blow-Dry Cream (4.99) on the mid-lengths and ends and spritz with L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Pli Thermo-Fixing Spray (£9.45) before the final blow-drying.’

‘Pay particular attention to the side where the hair will be swept from. Then with your hair dryer – ghd Air (£99.99) is great for recreating these styles as it has a wide, streamlined nozzle – and a blowdry brush, dry the hair in the direction you want it to go, ensuring the hairline stays smooth and to increase a natural length. For a smooth side swept look, simply spray Headmasters Catwalk Hold Hairspray (4.99) onto your brush and gently brush over the finished style,’ advises Williams.

‘Or for an effortless glam look, use a ceramic tong and wrap hair in random sections around the barrel then shake the hair to loosen the waves and add one pump of Headmasters Colour Brilliance Frizz Free Glossing Serum (5.99), for an ultra healthy, shiny look. For a matte finish, spritz on L’Orèal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Beach Fizz (£9.15) – the salt spray will help create a chic, undone look,’ concludes Williams.

Famed for her boho hairstyles, Sienna Miller has taken notes from the catwalk this season and channelled its sleek, side-swept finishes. To score a similarly polished aesthetic, Bruce Masefiled, Sasson UK’s creative director, suggests focussing on creating a precise parting before starting to style.

‘When wearing a side swept fringe the parting should be low and taken diagonally back towards the crown to give a more dynamic look. To prep the hair apply a blow drying spray such as Sassoon Professional Heat Shape (£9.95) and blow dry the hair away from the parting. To set the fringe into shape, use the cool shot on the hair dryer,’ advises Masefiled.

‘For your everyday look, wear your hair with a loser dishevelled feeling by applying Sassoon Professional Texture Refine (£15.95). For an evening style, brush the hair through for and sleek, chic look and apply a shine spray for maximum gloss.’

The hairstylists behind the models’ slicked back locks at Calvin Klein took this season’s tight ponytail trend a step further with severe side partings. Chris Sturdy, senior stylist at Jones and Payne, has revealed his tips for landing the show’s sleek look.

‘Start by prepping unwashed hair by dampening down with water spray, adding Kerastase Volumactive Mousse (£18.90) and combing through softly with a wide toothed comb to achieve even distribution then dry the hair using a paddle brush making sure it still has some texture and volume.’

‘Part your hair, then using Kerastase Laque Double Force (£18.90) backcomb hair from the roots to the mid lengths to create body. Once finished gently and loosely tease the hair into a ponytail. Opt for a ponytail on the opposite side to the parting and fasten it with a non-snag hair elastic. You can also plait the ponytail and pull it apart with fingertips to create a less styled finish,’ Sturdy suggests.

‘For a more casual day time look, tie your hair in a low ponytail, being sure to leave a few loose hanging pieces around the ears and nape of the neck for a softer finish. For a simple evening version, twist the pony tail into a low chignon and pin into place. To secure in place or tame any flyaways, finish with Bumble & Bumble Spray De Mode (£15.75),’ Sturdy concludes.

Giving the classic, equestrian style ponytail an update with a chic, side parting, Jessica Alba has stayed ahead of the style curve. Recreate the starlet’s sleek look at home with Michael Lendon’s, Aveda’s master creative director, styling tips.

‘Apply Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid (£21.50) and Phomollient (£14) to wet hair and rough dry until nearly dry, then section out the back of the hair and tie into a side ponytail. Be sure to smooth the pony using a flat brush and a hair dryer.’

‘Using either big Velcro rollers or a giant heated tong, create loose curls in the front section. Using your fingers like a comb, apply a little more smoothing fluid through the front area and swish the front section into your desired shape. Pin to secure and fix with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray (£18),’ suggests Lendon.

‘A sweep should look sexy and effortless, not like an overdone flap. Less is more with products and be prepared to adjust your sweep throughout the day to keep it looking fresh. Keep a couple of clips in your bag to keep your sweep looking polished throughout the day.’

A great way to channel fashion’s Forties feel, Cacherel twisted hair into sleek, pin-curled chignons and added a swipe of red lipstick to augment the nostalgic feel. Get the look with Jay Goodwin, Stylist at Daniel Galvin, and Neil Moodie’s, from Windle & Moodie, styling secrets.

‘This is a good way to create a short tom-boyish haircut without having to cut your hair off. Mist your hair with Bumble & Bumble Prep Spray (£15) and layer with Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray (£21.50). Create a natural side parting and power dry the hair using a WAM Ionic hairdryer (£140),’ suggests Moodie.

‘For a more casual day time look, tie your hair in a low ponytail, being sure to leave a few lose hanging pieces around the ears and nape of the neck for a softer finish. For a simple evening version, twist the ponytail into a low chignon and pin into place. To secure in place or tame any flyaways, finish with Bumble & Bumble Spray De Mode (£21.50), concludes Moodie.

‘Keep it natural and don’t use too many products. A nice prepping product like a styling lotion or a light mousse will work. Avoid hair oils or serum as these make the hair too slippery. You need a bit of grip and texture,’ adds Goodwin.

Proving that the side swept look can work equally well for short hair and instantly update your look, January Jones has translated the choppy bob for the new season. If you’re looking for ways to channel the look, Adam Reed, co-founder of Percy & Reed, has shared his tips and tricks.

‘You can achieve side-swept hair with any hair type, but the key is to keep hair as natural as possible. For a modern and fresh look, you’ll require volume: if you have curly hair, you need volume at the root; if you have straight hair, you need volume at the parting. Try applying Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair (£14) to wet hair before drying to add shine, gloss as well as volume’ suggests Reed.

‘The easiest way to achieve this look is to pull hair across the head and twist it behind the hair, securing it in place with a Goody Modern Updo Pin (£10.24). Hair requires gloss for this look, so don’t overspray with hairspray in order to avoid any crispiness.’

‘Warm a little Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish (£10) between the palms and smooth over the surface of hair. For all out glam, set hair with Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers (£29.99) for extra volume and texture like Jones style,’ concludes Reed.

If you like this look, why not check out our Hair Ideas? Or for more of this season’s hottest hair styles, check out the rest of our .

It’s almost New Year’s eve so I wanted to quickly share a fun hair tutorial that is both easy and fast! I woke up with greasy hair so I wanted a hairstyle that would work with that texture but still have a glam feel. A little dry shampoo and some quick curls and this hairstyle is prefect for ringing in the new year!

I still can’t believe the year is almost over! It seems like yesterday that we were packing up to move to Arizona and now we’ve been here for over 6 months already. Not to mention Cohen turns 2 next year, eek! I am really excited for this new year though and have a lot of really cool, fun things planned!

How are you celebrating the new year?

New Year’s Eve Side swept Hairstyle Supplies:

New Year’s Eve Side swept Hairstyle Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Begin by parting the hair on the left side.
  • Step 2 / Divide off a section of hair at the crown and tie it off with an elastic band.
  • Step 3 / Create a gap right above the elastic and bring the tail up through the gap and back down again to create a topsy tail.
  • Step 4 / Now pick up two 1″ sections on the left and right side of the head, underneath the topsy tail, and bring them together at the back.
  • Step 5 / Tie them together with a second elastic band and make sure the second elastic band is underneath the previous one slightly towards the left side. This will angle the hairstyle towards the left shoulder.
  • Step 6 / Now flip the ends up and around the elastic band 2-3 times to create a second twist.
  • Step 7 / Next, pick up two new sections, tying them together underneath the previous elastic, slightly towards the left side and then flip the tail up around the elastic band 2-3 times to create a third topsy tail.
  • Step 8 / Pull each topsy tail tight underneath the previous elastic to minimize space in between.
  • Step 9 / Then gently pull on the edges of each twist to make sure there aren’t any gaps between them.
  • Step 10 / Now pick up two more sections to create the last topsy tail, flipping the tail around the elastic band, pulling it tight underneath the previous elastic and loosening the edges to make it fuller. *Always make sure to place the next elastic to the left of the previous one to create the side swept style.
  • Step 11 / With any remaining hair at the nape of the next, twist it underneath the last elastic and pin it with a bobby pin.
  • Step 12 / Then pull on the edges to make it softer and more full.
  • Step 13 / Set the style with hairspray and smooth down any flyaways.
  • Step 14 / Curl the ends of the hair with a 1″ curling iron to dress up the style even more.

There’s a gorgeous new big day beauty trend sweeping red carpets and weddings the world over.

Side swept hairstyles bring a dose of Old Hollywood glamour to modern day nuptials.

This wedding hairstyle is a flirty variation on these much coveted vintage waves.

I highly recommend reading this post first to familiarise yourself with the technique for creating Veronica Lake inspired waves. And here’s another handy hair tutorial on creating less structured, loose, romantic waves.

(Both techniques require curling hair in sections then brushing out the curls to form beautiful waves.)

Whether you go for structured vintage waves or looser, beachy waves be sure to sweep ’em to the side!

Side Swept Hairstyle Inspiration

Lots of stylish celebs have been donning glamourous side swept waves at awards ceremonies and film premieres recently.

Photos by Getty Images (Naomi Watts photo by Rex)

Real Brides Rocking The Look

Side swept waves are the perfect wedding hairstyle for brides who tend to wear their hair down on a daily basis (like moi) as you still have your hair down and around your face (on one side at least) but it’s also a far more formal, glam way to wear your hair for your big day. It’s a little bit different but not too far out of your comfort zone like a full on up ‘do would be.

This style works best on medium to long lengths but fear not short haired lovelies, here’s a post on short wedding hairstyles just for you!

This bridal hairstyle is perfect for showing off wedding dresses with exquisite illusion backs like these Claire Pettibone beauties and sexy, low back wedding dresses designed by the likes of Katie May and Inbal Dror. But it also looks stunning with strapless dresses too! In fact, while I was researching this post, the majority of celebs and brides who wore their hair swept to the side were wearing strapless dresses.

In terms of accessories, vintage brooches, hairpins and fresh flowers are a beautiful choice pinned at the nape of the neck and killer earrings are a must!

Side Swept Waves Tutorials

Tutorial #1 Stephanie of Hair and Make up By Steph shares a simple, step by step photo tutorial on how to achieve this look. All you need to create this glam side swept hairstyle is a curling iron, extra large bobby pins and a brush!

Here’s what the finished styled looks like.

Tutorial #2 Anna of AK Make Up 1 shares a great tutorial on two kinds of side swept retro waves – the first technique uses a curling iron with a larger barrel to create large waves, while the second uses a curling wand for a more bouncy and curly effect.

Both look stunning!

Tutorial #3 This tutorial by Theodore Leaf for Glamour demonstrates how to create ‘undone’ side swept waves with lots of texture – perfect for a beach wedding or a laid back, backyard wedding.

The thing I love most about this tutorial is the genius addition of a mini french braid in the under section of the swept back hair. This gives a great base to work from to sweep the hair over and provides much needed grip for those bobby pins.

Nichole McCall via Glamour

Side Swept Waves Top Tips

– Work with day old hair – just washed hair won’t hold curls and the shape of the waves as well.

– Don’t part your hair too deep – too far across to one side and it’ll start to look flat on top. (The ‘old man’s combover look’ is not what you’re aiming for!)

– Part your hair in line with your eyebrow arch – this creates a face flattering parting for the majority of face shapes.

– Use product sparingly – too much hairspray and your waves will look stiff, while too much serum can weigh hair down or look greasy.

– I’ve tried simply using kirby grips criss crossed as in the the first two tutorials above and I’ve been happy with the way the finished style looks but I never felt like it was completely secure. So I love the idea of creating a tiny, hidden braid to hold everything in place firmly.

– I personally like to leave a little bit of volume on the swept back side too by doing a little bit of teasing then smoothing over with a bristle brush and not pulling the hair back too tight into the nape of my neck.

(I’d also suggest this for anyone who’s self conscious about ‘sticky outy’ ears or a short, less than swan-like neck as slicked back hair, close to your head, will only draw attention to / exaggerate them.)

– Sometimes I’ll keep my hair tucked behind my ear and swept it over to one side without actually pinning it (or just put a couple of pins in and hardly any hairspray) – that way I have the option to bring it forward if I fancy a change throughout the day/night.

Will any of you be rocking this hairstyle on your big day? It’s also a lovely option for bridesmaids too. Not to mention a great down ‘do for hen/bachelorette parties, bridal showers and other people’s weddings!

I hope you find these tutorials helpful, I’d love to hear how you get on!

That perfect hairstyle to go with your long, flowy and regal red carpet look isn’t straight hair or curls but it’s the side-swept curls. No other hairstyle could add more elegance and style to your designer outfits like sarees, floor length anarkalis and dresses than the side-swept curls.

Samantha and Trisha in Side Swept Curls Hairstyle

Here’s Samantha Prabhu and Trisha Krishnan showing us how you can team up the side swept curls with a Kanjeevaram saree making it the go-to Indian hairstyle to try out for weddings.

Samantha shows us how to do the side-swept curls to get a cute-yet-ravishing look to go with your western attire. When you decide to go western, here’s proof that side swept curls are one of the coolest western hair styles to try out.

Easy as they seem, getting that perfectly side-swept curls’ hairstyle isn’t all that easy. It takes some time and a good amount of practice to get the look right. Here’s a step by step guide to getting those bouncy and gorgeous side swept curls in the least time possible.

Step 1

After you wash your hair, don’t completely blow-dry it as hair needs to be slightly damp to retain the moisture. In fact, if your hair has dried up a bit too much, you will have to use a hydrating spray to get your strands to stick together.

Step 2
Apply a hair gloss that could make your hair shiny and sleek. You don’t have to apply this to the scalp and can instead apply it just on your strands through their length.

Step 3
Start curling your hair from the top. If instead, you want only the bottom-most part of your hair curled, curl only the lower halves of the strands. Curl up carefully by holding up each bunch of strands with a clip as you curl all of your hair to completion.

Step 4
Pull all of the hair to one side. Making a partition on your scalp helps with this but if you don’t want a partition you can still go ahead and pull all of your hair to one side by just combing it to the side.

Step 5
Apply some more hydrating gel to the side swept hair and add more curls that can help you get the side-swept curls look to perfection.
See it wasn’t that difficult at all! Watch these video tutorials to help you get those enviably perfect side swept curls.

There has been one hairstyle on the red carpet that has been worn by so many celebrities we just had to do an article on it. The hairstyle is not particularly hard to do or complicated, but it is one of the most flattering ways a girl can wear her hair. Plus, it works on almost all lengths and hair textures, and it only takes minutes to do. So what is this “ultimate red carpet hairstyle” we are talking about? It’s none other than the simple, elegant and understated side-swept hairdo.

Side styling your hair is as easy as taking your hair, sweeping it around behind your neck so it all sits on one side, and then pinning it into place. What really makes this simple style work after that is the effort that you put into your hair with the help of hair shaping tools such as hair straighteners, curling irons and hot rollers.

The sophisticated wavy side swept ‘do can be worn by every woman. Not only does this hairstyle show off your shoulders and neck in an utterly gorgeous fashion, it only takes minutes to style. Plus, it will bring attention to that great pair of earrings you are wearing!

Check out how these ladies flaunted this ‘do on the red carpet recently and decide which one is your favorite.

Bailee Madison revved up the cute factor when she wore this particular ‘do. This curly style would suit all hair lengths from the chin down, since the curls create a lot of volume. To create this look, wash and blow-dry your hair and part your hair on the side. Then, using rollers or a heat styling tool such as a curling wand or iron, curl small sections of hair starting from the front and moving around the head. Do not brush the curls out or separate them in any way. Then, sweep the side with the less hair around the back, twisting it slightly as you go and pin it into place at the nape of the neck.

Maria Canalis opted for full-on face framing layers when she wore the side-swept hairstyle at this recent red carpet event. This is a great option for women who prefer to have their face framed by layers and/or a long fringe to provide some coverage and contouring. Maria has also amped up the volume in the crown here for an ultra glamorous look. To get this particular take on the side swept hairstyle, wash your hair and add root-boosting mousse to your hair before blow-drying. Concentrate on building volume in the roots while curling the lengths and ends with a round brush to create sleek ringlets. You can also use rollers if you prefer. Add more volume to the roots by backcombing them, add your part and then sweep the side with less hair around to the back and pin in place. Make sure to leave your layers and fringe out for a feminine finish to this hairstyle.

For the ladies who love to add a bit of edginess to their evening ‘dos, check out Elise Neal’s take on this elegant hairstyle. Adding violet tones to her blonde tresses not only matches her top but gives this hairstyle and extra dose of cool. This is a great option for ladies with naturally curly or wavy hair—just let your natural texture shine through and sweep the side with less hair around the back and pin into place. Feel free to leave a tendril out à la Elise, to frame your face and also give this hairstyle a cool, unkempt look.

Mary Lynn Rajskub looks hot in this short version of the side swept wavy hairstyle. This is a sexy option for women with short hair that is naturally straight, wavy or curly. If you have straight hair, use a small curling wand to get these kinky waves. Leave the ends out for that edgy pokey finish. Mary Lynn has pinned her hair behind the ear, but ladies with short hair can also twist, braid or roll the hair towards the other side to get a tighter, more obviously side swept look.

Sarodj Bertin flaunts a sophisticated version of this hairstyle that is perfect for women with medium length hair. This voluminous look is achieved by using large rollers to first set the hair, then sweeping one side to the back and pinning it into place. Sarodj’s part is just off centre here, but this hairstyle would also look fabulous with a deep side part. Bonus style points go to her glossy raven black locks and bright pink lipstick!

Joelle Kayembe shows us how to work a high volume side swept wavy hairstyle for long hair. This is an ultra glamorous look that is created by first setting the hair in rollers and then adding extreme volume throughout the crown by backcombing. Notice how her diagonal part adds a chic finish to this hairstyle. Not to mention, her soft pink lipstick looks amazing with her charcoal grey dress. Kayembe gets an A+ for her overall look here!

Melissa George

For her side styled look, actress Melissa George has added lots of volume to her long hair by adding curls with hot rollers. The result is a glamorous hair style that creates movie star appeal without an overdone finish.

Teresa Palmer

If you’re after a more casual hairstyle then the side styled hairdo of Teresa Palmer is a great option. She has used hot rollers as well, but only to create a slight curl for a more relaxed finish through her long hair.

Mariah Carey

For a more varied look you could follow in the styling steps of Mariah Carey and try a deep hair part that will allow you to style your hair across your face to blend in with your side styled hair and either enhance existing side-swept bangs or create the illusion of bangs.

Anastacia Griffith

Another way to achieve a different look is to add tight curls to your hair and then twist them together into one uniform curl like Anastacia Griffith has done. This spiraled effect creates a beautiful focus for your hair.

Sandra Bullock

Side styling your hair when it is naturally straight or has been straightened with a blow-dryer or hair straightener can look just as stunning as curled hair. Just stick to the same rule as Sandra Bullock and make sure your hair is smooth and flat for a shine-inducing finish.

Jessica Simpson

The final side styled celebrity hair style option is to go the route of Jessica Simpson and add some beautiful waves to your hair. Her center part is also a great idea and will keep your hair nicely framed around your face so that you can show it off.

Here is how you can achieve a side swept ‘do in just a few simple steps.

  1. Wash and towel dry your hair, adding some root booster or curl enhancing spray if you wish.
  2. If your hair is straight, begin to section your hair off and start adding waves with a curling iron, wand or hot rollers. Hot rollers will give you corkscrew curls, a wand will give you looser beachy waves, and a curling iron will give you more uniform curls. If you have wavy or curly hair, add some curl enhancing mousse or spray to minimize frizz and maximize bounce.
  3. Part your hair as you normally do (or change it up for a different look) and sweep one side around the back of the neck and pin it at the nape.
  4. Use hairspray to keep it all in place. Feel free to add a clip, pin or other adornment to really make your ‘do stand out.

As you can see, this hairstyle can be modified in many different ways to make it unique and to suit your personal image and sense of style. Try changing up your waves (loose and beachy versus uniform waves), adjusting your part (side, centre or diagonal) and/or adding in some hair accessories.

With all the different looks you can achieve by side styling your hair, you’re bound to find a look perfect for any occasion. So the next time you’re looking for a hair style that will give you more oomph than wearing your hair out and is quicker to style than an updo, give side styling a try!

Show off your good side.

December 02, 2019

From everyday ‘dos to first date looks , side-swept hairstyles are versatile, elegant and easy to achieve. These gorgeous over-the-shoulder looks are not only flattering on all hair types, but they can also upgrade your overall beauty look . Ready to add some new looks to your must-try list? Below we’re sharing 15 side-swept styles that are sure to make quite the impression.

1. Twisted Side Ponytail

Timeless and classic in every way, ponytails look fantastic on all hair types. A side-swept twist takes the traditional ponytail to new heights. Simply pull all of your hair to one side, divide it into two sections and lightly twist until you reach halfway down. Secure it with a hair tie and allow the rest of your length to fall seamlessly.

2. Finger Waves

No matter your hair length, this vintage style is the ultimate A-list look. Also known as finger curls, finger waves are a method of setting the hair into curls that sit closely on top of the head and look as if they’re coiled. With a few styling products and bobby pins , this glamorous look is easy to sweep to the side. Learn how to get the perfect waves with our guide, How to Get a 1920s Hairstyle .

3. Messy Side-Swept Bun

This look mixes something a little undone with a bit of a romantic vintage vibe. Featuring soft curls that are brushed, teased, and pinned to one side, it also includes face-framing tendrils to complete the side swept look. Gather your hair into a low ponytail to one side of your neck. Throw some quick curls into your ponytail then use a rat tail comb to gently brush from the ends of your hair up towards the base of your ponytail to add extra volume and texture to your hair. Divide your hair into sections and pin one section up at a time, building onto your bun. Finish with a few face-framing strands for a perfectly undone-looking do.

4. Side Flat Twist

This fabulous look is all about playing up your natural texture while creating a beautifully woven headband out of your hair. To get the look, create a deep side part on one side of your head. Gather the parted section and split it into two parts and form a twist, making sure to add hair as you go. Once you reach the middle section of your head, secure the twist with bobby pins. Fluff your natural strands and top off the look with shine spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray , to seal the deal.

5. Thick Side-Swept Braid

Equal parts chic and playful, this look offers a boho feel that everyone can’t seem to get enough of. Whether you opt for a traditional, rope, or fishtail braid , this hairstyle lets your hair hang in all its lengthy glory while looking seriously stunning. Tease your hair then, either French braid or Dutch braid from one side of your head down and around towards the other shoulder. Make it thicker by pancaking your braid for a super-voluminous woven look.

6. Side Swept Cornrows

Cornrows can create a variety of creative and classic hairstyles. For a side-swept look, create a deep side part and divide your hair into two sections. Take the larger section and weave it into thin, sleek braids that run perpendicular to the part. Allow the rest of your hair to hang free for extra movement.

7. Short Side Sweep

Who says medium and long hair lengths corner the market on side-swept hairstyles? Give your short locks a side-swept look with the help of a few bobby pins. Brush one side of your hair over and secure with pins where needed to get the look.

8. Loose Bun And Swoop Bangs

Buns will never go out of style, and this side-swept look is the perfect way to combine an updo with the side trend. Start the style off by first pulling your hair to the side. Brush your side-swept bangs as you usually would, and gather the rest of your hair at the side of your neck and pull into a low ponytail. Wrap the length around the base to form a bun and secure with a hair elastic.

9. Soft Textured Waves

Nothing says sophistication like soft, sleek side swept waves. This classic hairstyle works on all lengths and textures for a timelessly elegant look. Start off by spraying your dry hair with the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray . Section your hair with clips and use a one-inch curling iron to create curls across your head. Then, use a hair pick to separate and comb through the curls lightly. To keep your waves from falling throughout the day, spritz with the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold immediately after styling.

10. Chignon

The chignon is a stylish variation of the traditional bun that easily makes a statement. Perfect for almost any occasion, all you need to create the look is to smooth your hair toward the side and follow our article, How to Master a Chignon Hairstyle in 5 Easy Steps .

11. Zipper Braid

For those who prefer a whimsical look, the side-swept zipper braid will suit your needs. The beautiful style features a unique braiding technique that pulls all of your hair off of your face for a glorious updo. To get the look, simply brush your hair toward either side of your choice, grab a section of hair that’s around two inches wide, divide it into three equally-sized strands and begin your weaving. While this style can be a bit tricky to master, we recommend checking out our article, How to Create a Zipper Braid , for a step-by-step guide.

12. French Twist

The side-swept French twist is where elegance and edge meet. The super pretty style features pinned hair and a stylish twist that’s a real crowd-pleaser. Bring this look to life by brushing your locks to one side and creating a horizontal part in the middle of your head. Next, twist the top section for a rolled effect and pin it in place. Then create a three-strand braid right below your pin and secure it with a hair elastic. With your remaining hair, wrap your strands around the ponytail, and once you reach the ends, secure with another hair elastic. For a guide, check out How to Create a Classic French Twist .

13. Slicked Straight Strands

For those who love a sleek style with a twist then side swept pin-straight locks are the way to go. The hairstyle serves up the right amount of edginess with a classic touch. Get the blunt look with a little help from our article, Super-Straight Strands Are In: Here’s How to Get the Look .

14. Bouffant

This look offers a glamorous finish that can easily complement any attire. To get the look, create a horizontal part in the center of your head, making sure that the top half is significantly smaller than the back. Clip the bottom half out of the way. Tease the top layer, smooth the hair back, and secure with bobby pins. Then release the bottom half, apply a bit of hair gel, and brush your hair toward the side. Comb through, mist with hairspray, and you’re all set.

15. Tousled Side Swept Curls

Blurring the lines between a playful and flirty vibe, this side swept look can easily go from day to night. Start by using hair rollers or a curling iron to create large curls and lightly tease the roots or apply volume spray for extra lift. Then flip your hair over to one side, enforcing a side part, and pulling the front section over one eye. The trick is to make everything look artfully mussed yet totally effortless so don’t be afraid to leave a few strands flying in random directions.

Written by: Lauren Paige Richeson, Photo Credit: Jamie Kirsten Howard, IG/@jamiekirstenhoward

I remember the days when I was glued to the tube watching Cher Horowitz from Clueless prance around with flawless hair. Her tasselled side swept hair was perfection and I wanted every bit of it. My only issue was that I had a curly fro instead of Rapunzel’s long locks. Unfortunately there was a lack of tutorials on YouTube in the 90’s and my dial-up internet was a waste of time. I decided to improvise and create this look out of my curly Q’s and a few bobby pins. I just recently started giving Scout the same look and I wanted to share how easy it is!

What you will need

  • A moisturizing oil or cream to tame frizz. You also need a few bobby pins depending on how tight you would like the hair.

First Step

  • Add a little product to the hair emphasizing the area you will be pushing to the side
  • Push half of the hair to one side
  • Start at the middle of your hairline and add the first pin
  • Continue to add the pins until you get the desired tightness
  • You may or may not use a brush but I personally don’t like to brush out the curls with this style.

Last Step

  • Leave the back of the hair unpinned to give a fuller look

Viola! Super simple and easy. You can glam this hairstyle up or down and it’s perfect for framing the face. I would love to see how some of you work it so hashtag #ScoutHair on IG so I can get a peek.

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