How to create the perfect wardrobe teenage girls

This article was co-authored by Catherine Joubert. Catherine Joubert is a personal stylist who works with a wide range of clients on refining their style. She launched Joubert Styling in 2012 and has since been featured on Buzzfeed and styled celebrities such as Perez Hilton, Angie Everhart, Tony Cavalero, Roy Choi and Kellan Lutz.

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Did you want to have the perfect wardrobe with just the right amount of variety and style while saving as much money as possible? This article will guide you on how you can get the perfect wardrobe, one that will ensure you’ll never be out of clothes again! It will also give you a rough guide of how many clothes you should have in your wardrobe, and what you need.

Catherine Joubert
Professional Stylist Expert Interview. 16 April 2019.
Donate or give away anything you rarely wear, even if it’s cute in theory. Clothes you don’t wear just take up space. [3] X Expert Source

Catherine Joubert
Professional Stylist Expert Interview. 16 April 2019.

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    Catherine Joubert
    Professional Stylist Expert Interview. 16 April 2019. In order to save money, you have to hit the sales just right, especially if you wish to buy things from an expensive store. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to numerous catalogs and ads. It also keeps you up on the latest trends and styles.

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    About This Article

    Creating the perfect wardrobe is all about having an outfit for any occasion. For pants, you’ll want a good pair of dark jeans and a few pairs of sweatpants for around the house. You’ll also want a few skirts, and a few dresses for formal and casual events. Add a variety of tops in different colors and designs so you can match them with other clothes. For shoes, get a good pair of sneakers, boots, flats, and heels to cover different social occasions. Don’t forget to include plenty of comfortable underwear and a few prettier sets for special occasions. For more tips, including how to choose the best accessories for your wardrobe, read on!

    How To Build A Closet For A Teenage Girl

    So you are looking to build a capsule wardrobe for a teenage girl? You have come to the right place. I have been helping clients find their style for over 20 years and have a teenage girl myself, so I understand the complexities first hand. When your daughter was little, you had most of the input into what she wore, but now, it is very likely that that has shifted. It is normal for your daughter to experiment, even in ways that you do not like, but how do you navigate her becoming a young adult without upsetting her?

    The best advice I can give you is to listen to her and to read between the lines. Often, when teenagers want to dress in something you feel is inappropriate, they feel the need to be accepted by their peers. We all remember that delicate balance between being yourself but not stepping too far out of line, so you are targeted for standing out.

    Try to find a happy balance with your daughter. Look at the brands she likes and choose options from there. You will gain her confidence if you listen and incorporate her taste into buying decisions. Keep colours and styles limited, so they mix and match easily. That way, she will find it easier to get dressed in the morning too.

    Choose The Colours

    The first way to create a simple, easy to mix and match capsule wardrobe for a teenage girl is to choose a selection of colours. Ideally, you want to select under eight options. By choosing a limited palette creating an outfit becomes simple and easy. There are a few colours which during a colour analysis, will suit every skin tone. Below is a small selection of those colours. Each one of these shades will suit everyone and also mix and match easily. You might notice that I have not included black. Black does not suit everyone, but charcoal and navy do.

    To find out what colours suit your daughter, you can opt for a full-colour analysis and then choose colours she likes from a broad range of options.

    The colours below include;

    The Best Stores For A Teen Girl

    The best teenage girl brands for a capsule wardrobe might not be what you think. Teenagers often go for brands because they are trendy, which usually comes with a hefty price tag. There is no problem with this if the garment is of a decent quality. If your teenager grows out of it physically or mentally, a quality garment can sell for a reasonable price. I have done this for years. Each season we pull out my daughter’s capsule and decide what she will be keeping. If anything ends up in the ‘to go’ pile, I use the funds from those items to buy what she needs this time around.

    Teenage girls tend to come in tribes. From my experience, in 2021, the following brands are currently popular to include in a capsule wardrobe for a teenage girl;

    Urban Outfitters Offers vintage-inspired clothes and accessories.

    Brandy Melville Popular preppy brand with good quality for a reasonable price.

    Nike Still popular, particularly for loungewear.

    Cider Similar to Brandy Melville only a little more quirky.

    Pretty Little Thing Lots of choices on this one, but be careful to check the quality. Also some of the styles are a little revealing.

    Shein Again, lots to choose from, but again check the quality.

    Another thing that teenagers are increasingly brilliant at is shopping pre-loved. There are some very successful apps about now that teenagers regularly use to buy and sell clothes. Some of their favourites are;

    Depop Very popular and easy to use.

    Ebay The old classic is still used by teens and is excellent for selling unwanted clothes.

    Vinted Works in a very similar way to Depop.

    Thredup Similar to Vinted and Depop

    Etsy Second hand and hand made clothes from small businesses and artisans.

    Poshmark Currently only available in the US, Canada and India.

    Grailed For the boys, but great if your teenager prefers a more masculine look.

    Fall/ Winter Capsule For A Teenage Girl 2021

    Images ASOS, Cider,

    Spring/Summer Capsule For A Teenage Girl 2021

    Images ASOS, Cider,

    Ready To Buy Capsule wardrobe For A Teenage Girl

    Two peice vest and cardigan – Cider

    High Waisted Denim Shorts – Cider

    Teen Capsule Wardrobe

    When you consider building a capsule wardrobe for a teenage girl, you should answer some questions before you get started.

    What is the environment like where you live? Do you have seasons? Is it always cold or warm? Does it rain a lot? Is it humid? All of this is important in determining what clothes you will need for where you live.

    What colours suit your teenage girl? I have touched on this above. It can make a huge difference to confidence and self-esteem to use colour to dress well. Consider a colour analysis to determine what would work best.

    What clothes feel good? This is a question to ask your teenage girl. The answer can include what physically feels good and what feels good mentally. Both aspects are essential.

    Is she conscious of her body shape? Now, this is a delicate one to approach. You will likely know if your daughter is unhappy about an aspect of the way she looks. Even though you may be thinking her perspective is crazy, do listen. She may well have a warped image of herself, thanks to doctored images everywhere; many of us do but encourage her to concentrate on what she does love. For help on this, consider a style guide that will identify what suits her best without highlighting particular traits.

    What are her favourite brands? Have a chat with her and find out the styles she likes. This is important because if you can compromise and shop from her favourite brands, you will be more successful in creating a capsule that works. If you are unsure, use the options above as a starting point.

    Several women think that buying too much trendy fashion clothes will help in creating a stylish and fashionable wardrobe. But buying too many clothes and accessories can put a lot of strain on the budget, so it is better to buy smartly. Everyone loves to keep up with the latest trends and always choose the one which makes you feel comfortable. There are no strict rules that dictate your fashion sense, and it is important to keep some important collections and simple items that are an important part of the wardrobe.

    Here are some of the items which are essential for any girl’s wardrobe.

    1. Flattering Pair of Jeans

    Having a pair of skinny jeans is a must for every girl. Do not worry if people frown upon you for having the jeans. Having the jeans is very handy because you can pair them with any top or blouse and create a new and healthy look. It allows you to stylish by changing the tops and pairing it with jeans. Choose the type of the jeans according to your body type. Make sure that you choose the one which fits you perfectly and is flattering to your body type. Having a perfect pair of jeans is necessary because it will help in staying trendy and fashionable.

    2. Basic T-Shirts

    Having a basic t-shirt in a basic color is an absolute essential for your wardrobe. You can choose the color which can set your mood. The color most of the people want is either white or black. You need these shirts with a designed neckline. Most of the people prefer to have a V-shaped neckline. You can always experiment with other colors like the bright colors such as pink or yellow or orange. If you do not want to choose a dress you can just pair the basic t-shirt with a pair of jeans. You do not need accessories with these vibrant colors.

    3. Fitted Blazers

    No matter what the season is it is important to have fitted blazers. You can wear them during the formal occasions. You can also wear them on casual occasions. You can just put them on over your pair of jeans and create a trendy look. A fitted blazer is a good choice because it can complement any outfit. It is better to choose a neutral color that goes halfway to the hip because it will complement the curves and create a slimming effect. It is an essential piece of clothing because it goes well with anything in your closet.

    4. Ballet Flats

    These shoes are also a must for a girl’s wardrobe. Flats are perfect if you need something that is more polished than sneakers and is much more comfortable than heels. The ballet flats go well with a pair of jeans and create a chic look. These shoes also look good with cute dresses as well. The best options are nude colored or black flats. They are versatile options as they will go well with all the different colors. You can choose the best shoes by visiting Dr. Martens by spartoo.

    5. Everyday Studs

    They are an excellent accessory for your daily look. These small studs are a good choice because they go well with all types of clothes and they can provide an edge to your look. The little size of the studs helps in having a laid back look. Yu can have the ones with shiny rocks and wear them with party dresses.

    6. Overcoats

    An overcoat is also an essential part of the wardrobe. They are an excellent piece of clothing to match with your winter clothing. They are perfect for creating a stylish look. Try to buy an overcoat with neutral colors so that you can pair them with clothes of different colors. These coats will help in keeping your expensive dress safe in case of a rainy day or a stormy night.

    7. A Cute Bag

    You should invest in a cute little clutch which you can take with you everywhere. Try to buy a clutch which has neutral colors because it will help in making it with all of your clothes. You can take it to work or a party. It is better to choose the one which has straps so you can get your hands free when you need them.

    These items and accessories are essential for completing your wardrobe and rocking a trendy look.

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    How To Build Your Teen Wardrobe on a Budget

    Trendy teen clothes can cost a lot of money but building a wardrobe that has a range of outfits to suit your own lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult.

    This article explains some of the ways you can create a diverse and sharp looking wardrobe without having to spend more than you or your parent’s budget can realistically allow. Cheap teen clothes don’t always look second rate and many budget manufacturers are making affordable, stylish and often unique pieces that could easily stand up against any of the bigger name brands on the high street.


    Ask yourself, honestly, how many times have you ever looked at a person’s bag or watch before you’ve noticed their T-Shirt or Jacket? The main staples of a teen clothing collection should be what you focus on first and foremost. A good selection of T-Shirts, hoodies, skirts, dresses, and tops can be mixed and matched with cheaper accessories to create different looks. A nice pair of jeans or trousers can be great, but as many tops often cover the waistband, especially for boys, sometimes it can be worth spending a little more on the top half instead. One branded T-Shirt or top can be all you need to make a selection of cheap teenage clothes look like a top of the range ensemble. Basically, try and shop smart. Think of key items that are the most visible and spend a little more on them, that way you can still enjoy a good selection of styles without breaking the bank.


    Use the internet to your advantage and compare the prices of any item you want. If it’s a branded pair of trainers, baseball cap or hoodie, you’ll almost certainly find it being sold for a range of different prices, depending on the retailer. On the high street, teen clothes shops can seem expensive but if you happen to see something for less in rival store, don’t be afraid to ask the assistant if they can match or even beat the price. The worst they can say is no and sometimes, you can get lucky. When buying teen clothes online, obviously look for the lowest price but do be aware of things like delivery costs and hidden charges. Sometimes a deal that looks far too good to be true, is. The main thing to remember when shopping for clothes for teens is to take your time and don’t let yourself feel rushed into making a decision. With enough patience and perseverance, you can find top quality products for a fraction of the price you would have paid if you bought the first item you saw. Check our online store here for an amazing collection of high-quality styles at affordable prices.


    There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of air, but at the same time, last season’s quirky accessories often get old very quickly. Try to spend the most on items that will last you a while if you are shopping for teen clothing on a budget . Sometimes spending a little bit more on a good quality jacket or pair of shoes can be a great investment. There’s an old saying that your grandparents might have used “buy cheap, buy twice.” This can often be very true. Though saving money on certain items of cheap teen clothing is highly recommended, skimping on the essentials is definitely not. Something like a jacket can last you several years.


    Treating yourself is one of the things we all look forward to and having a little splurge on a few non-essentials is fine but remember to pay attention to the main parts of your wardrobe. Teenage clothes can wear out fairly fast depending on how old you are and how much your body shape changes, so ensure that things like every day outfits like weekend or school clothes are well taken care of before you start dropping hundreds on a set of vintage snap backs or a collection of themed bracelets featuring cartoon characters. Those things like amazing when you’re out with your friends but in formal settings where you need to look a little more grown up, they won’t do you any favours. Similarly, having shoes for both smart and casual is essential. We all love trainers, but every teen clothes collection should contain footwear that won’t get you refused entry to formal venues as well. Shop around and be picky, smart clothes can look just as good as casual street style if you know where to look. Here at we make sure you can find from both styles.


    Like any market, teenage clothes is a competitive business and most well respected retailers make sure they reward regular customers with special offers that you just can’t find on the high street. If you notice one particular online store has all the brands and styles you like for a decent price, keep going back to them as schemes like loyalty cards can really bring the overall cost down quite significantly. Don’t be afraid to scour the sales, either. Though not everything that has been reduced will be what you really want, buying from the sale section when looking for teenage clothing online or on the high street allows to pick up big name brands for a bargain price. Providing that you aren’t just buying an item simply because it’s cheap, spending a little time doing some serious digging around can be as fun as it is rewarding. Finally, check to see if there are any special discount codes that you can use to make your overall spend a little less. Many companies work in conjunction with major retailers to offer quite sizable discounts to their customers, so double check all the benefits and extras on your TV, mobile phone and subscription services to see if they offer anything like this.

    This is a sponsored guest post.

    Many women are of the opinion that buying trendy fashion clothes will help build a fashionable and stylish wardrobe. However, buying too many clothes can put a strain on the budget, so it is best to buy smartly. All of us love to keep up with the latest trends and so does your teenage daughter but kids grow very fast and the clothes may not be put to long term use. There are no strict rules for your fashion sense but it is important to keep the collection simple and include the essentials. Here are a few items that are essential for a teen girl’s wardrobe.

    1. Well-fitted pair of jeans

    It is important to have a pair of skinny jeans in the wardrobe. Jeans can be very handy and she can wear them with tween tops or a blouse and create a stylish look. She can wear it for multiple occasions and pair the tops as per your choice. You should choose the jeans based on the body type but pick one that fits perfectly and is flattering to the body shape. A pair of jeans is essential for women of all ages and it is one item of clothing that never goes out of style.

    2. Basic tops

    Basic t-shirts and tops are an absolute essential for the wardrobe. Invest in well fitted black and white t-shirts for regular wear choose tops in bright colors. You can opt for a V-shaped neckline for the t-shirts. It is best to experiment with different colors like pink, blue, or orange to add an element of style to the wardrobe. There are days when she might not want to wear a dress and can style a bright colored t-shirt with a pair of jeans. Simply accessorize right to get the perfect look in no time.

    3. Blazers

    Irrespective of the season, it is important to have blazers in the wardrobe. They can be worn for formal events and on casual occasions. They are easy to pair and immediately elevate the style quotient. You can simply put them over a t-shirt and jeans to create a classic look. There is nothing like a well-fitted blazer to get a stylish look. It can complement any outfit and will work with all styles. She can wear it over a dress, over jeans and a top and shorts and a top. Pick a neutral color that goes halfway to the hip to create a slimming effect.

    4. Flats

    Perfect for every girl’s wardrobe, ballet flats are ideal when you need something that is classier than sneakers and more comfortable than heels. The ballet flats will go well with a pair of jeans and can create a chic look. They also go perfectly well with cute dresses. Opt for nude or black color as they are versatile and can be paired with anything.

    5. Accessories

    When it comes to accessories, your teenage girl does not need too much. An excellent accessory for the daily look is studs. They are ideal for daily wear and can go well with different types of clothes. They can provide an edge to the look and are attractive. Small-sized studs are easy to wear and can also be worn for special occasions like birthday parties.

    6. A Bag

    Your little one’s wardrobe remains incomplete without a cute bag. You need to invest in a cute bag that can be taken anywhere. Pick a neutral color so that it blends with all types of outfits and can be taken to work or a party. Choose one that has straps so the hands remain free. Make sure it is spacious and can carry currency, cards, and a phone.

    7. Overcoat

    An overcoat is essential for the winter wardrobe. It is perfect for creating a stylish look. Again, opt for neutral colors like black, grey, or nude so that it can be paired with different outfits. The coat will keep the stylish dress safe on a rainy day.

    8. Dress

    Invest in cute and stylish dresses that can be worn on special days. There will be days when your teenage daughter will feel like dressing up and this is when the dress will be pulled out of the wardrobe. Pick well-fitted dresses that complement her body shape and style. Opt for colors like black, red, or pink so that it never goes out of style.

    These eight items are essential to create a classic and stylish wardrobe for your teenage girl. Do not purchase very expensive items as you will have to replace them from time to time. Consider her preferences and invest in these pieces. They last long, are easy to style, and are ideal for all occasions.

    Hi there! I am Emily Evert, the owner of Emily Reviews. I am 28 and live in a small town in Michigan with my boyfriend Ryan and our two pugs. I have a large family and I adore my nieces and nephews. I love reading memoirs, and learning about child development and psychology. I love watching The Game of Thrones, Teen Mom, Sister Wives and Veep. I like listening to Jason Isbell, John Prine, and other alt-country or Americana music. I created Emily Reviews as a creative outlet to share my life and the products that I love with others.

    For many teenage girls, fashion is extremely important. As a teen girl progressing through adolescence, self-expression is key. Expressing yourself in your own unique way is vital for your own development. It helps you figure out who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world.

    • Cute spring outfit ideas for teenager girls
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    • Cute outfits for girls
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    A great way to experiment with self-expression is to develop your own sense of fashion. The clothes you wear on a daily basis create your image and allow you to make your unique mark on the world and give other people a glimpse of who you really are. Putting together a gorgeous look every day can be difficult. However, outfit inspiration can be very effective at helping you learn what looks and pieces you like and what type of style you want to create for yourself.

    Cute spring outfit ideas for teenager girls

    This simple winter look is both classy and feminine. Because it includes light colors like pale pink and light blue, the whole outfit gives off a girly vibe. Also, the jeweled accessories add extra femininity and class to the look. If you’re looking for a basic, casual winter outfit, the look above is the perfect choice.

    Cute winter outfit ideas for teens

    When the weather turns cooler and the season changes into autumn, it’s important to adjust your wardrobe accordingly as well. Of course, you don’t always have to wear thick sweaters during autumn. In fact, the season is a great month for fashion experimentation because you can try out a wide variety of looks that combine both warmer and cooler pieces. For example, the look above combines wintry pieces like a beanie and scarf with ripped jeans and short combat boots to create an edgy finish.

    Cute outfits for girls

    When you decide to wear monochrome, you need to be cautious. Monochrome looks can easily go wrong if you don’t pull them off correctly. If you want to create a gorgeous monochrome outfit that looks neat and put together, make sure you include only pieces that are within one or two shades of one another.

    Cute casual outfit ideas for school

    When you have to go to school every day, putting together a new cute outfit for each day of the week can be difficult. Don’t feel like you have to get dressed up every day. In fact, casual pieces like those in the outfit above can create cute, simple looks that give off a coveted carefree vibe.

    What to wear – cute girls’ outfit ideas for fall

    For school by ajmalina featuring a leather knapsack
    If you want to try out a simple look, you can’t go wrong with a cloth denim shirt. In fact, this classic piece works well with a wide variety of outfits. For example, pair it with black skinny jeans and sneakers like in the outfit above to create a perfect casual look. Add basic earrings for a feminine finish.

    Back to school outfit ideas

    Back to school by dressedbyrose featuring a white t shirt
    If you want to be fashionable, that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon all of your t-shirts in your closet. In fact, there are many ways to dress up a plain t-shirt to make it trendy. For example, a great way to transform a t-shirt into a stylish look is to add a denim jacket or cardigan to tie your whole outfit together.

    Cute outfit ideas for girls

    When you want to develop your own style, try adding bright, unique pieces to your collection of basics to spice up your wardrobe as a whole.

    Classic back to school outfit ideas for girls

    When you go to school, put a twist on your style by playing up the studious aesthetic with a plaid skirt and cardigan like in the look above.

    Casual cute outfits for middle school

    School ?? by trillest-queen featuring blue jeans
    You can’t go wrong with jeans and a sweatshirt; this look is both comfortable and casually trendy. It’s the perfect combination for any lazy day.

    Easy Back to school outfit ideas for girls

    Back to school by yexyka featuring sketching pencils
    Distressed jeans play up any look. Pair them with a sweatshirt like in the look above to create a casual finish with a simple vibe.

    Elegant back to school outfits for girls

    No matter what kind of style you have, you can’t go wrong with a short denim skirt. In fact, this essential piece fits in with almost any look to give it a more fashion-forward vibe.

    cute back to school outfits for high school

    back to school by ecem1 featuring grey flat shoes
    Pairing complementary colors is key when you put together a new look. For example, the red, gray, and black shades in the outfit above pair together perfectly. The colors combine to produce a neat, put-together finish.

    Capsule wardrobes make our lives better by simplifying our closets and it makes getting dressed easy! Since a capsule wardrobe is mostly core closet essentials, we have many outfits on hand so we can get dressed quickly everyday. Anyone can use a capsule wardrobe, just pick out your basic essentials in neutral colors that you want to wear and you’re off to a great start.

    My 13-year old daughter has recently discovered her personal style. She’s always loved to wear jeans and tees, but here lately she’s gotten more into teen fashion! The last couple of months she has been telling me about teen trends such as the slightly oversized sweaters, overall dresses, mom jeans and all kinds of casual sneakers. She’s been wanting me to help her setup her own fashion and beauty blog, so this weekend I started on the project with her. When her blog is completed and she posts a few blog posts, I’ll share more with you all!

    If you are a teen, have a daughter that is a teen, or know of a teen who is looking to create their own capsule wardrobe, you may be wondering where to shop. My daughter loves to shop at Urban Outfitters first and foremost! That is where she looks to keep up with the trends. Sometimes their prices can be expensive, so we are selective with what we buy there, especially knowing because she’s a teen, she may outgrow her clothes. She also likes to shop at H&M, Madewell, Nordstrom, American Eagle, Asos and Topshop. For shoes, she favors Vans, Converse and Birkenstock. She doesn’t wear much jewelry, but prefers jewelry with a minimal look, like Kendra Scott and Madewell.

    All the pieces, with the exception of the overalls dress, can be worn to school and are dress code appropriate . You can also expand this capsule wardrobe by adding more pieces. She chose a neutral color palette , but you could add a few pieces in 1 or 2 accent colors, like burgundy and olive. You could add a denim skirt, jogger pants, utility pants, a couple more jackets, ankle boots, etc.

    This capsule isn’t just for teens! Although I labeled this post for a teen, some of you in your 20’s and 30’s may also like to wear this capsule wardrobe too.

    There are 19 clothes and shoes in this capsule wardrobe . I calculated several outfit possibilities and there are over 55 possible outfits ! You can either wear the tops alone with the bottoms or with the overalls dress, or you can layer them under the cardigans and jacket for more outfits.

    She picked out all the pieces of this capsule wardrobe. She created the capsule wardrobe collage below by using one of my templates. She’s well on her way to becoming a fashion blogger and I’m proud of her!

    Here are the the pieces of the Teen Capsule Wardrobe for the Fall season:

    Every casual wear capsule wardrobe needs a few tees. My daughter loves to wear black and white, so she picked one solid black tee and two graphics tees. You can either wear them alone or underneath either of the cardigans or the denim jacket. She spotted the “Friends” graphic tee this weekend while we were at Urban Outfitters and thought it looked cool! With Fall weather being unpredictable, you want to include a couple of sweaters to wear on those crisp or rainy Fall days.


    My daughter loves to wear cardigans, so she picked out this heathered rust cardigan and this beige cardigan. These two colors will go with a lot of other colors, you can wear them over the tees. If you want to add more tops to this capsule wardrobe, the cardigans will look great over a plaid shirt like this one or a chambray shirt like this one. My daughter picked out this oversized denim jacket from the Shopbop sale this past weekend. She’s wanted a denim jacket for a while and she loves the longer length on this one.


    If you go to Urban Outfitters (my daughter’s favorite store), you’re most likely to see mom jeans like these. You’ll also want a pair of blue skinny jeans, a pair of black jeans and dark gray jeans look great too.


    My daughter is wanting an overalls dress as they are trending this season. They are popular and are sold out in several sizes at a few retailers. I found this overalls dress stocked in plenty of sizes.

    Shoes & Accessories

    Converse and Vans are on trend and have been for several seasons. My daughter has a pair of cream colored slip-ons like these black ones and she loves them! She has a pair of these white high top sneakers and loves them. She wants to get a new pair for this season since the sole is worn on the pair she currently has. What teen doesn’t love their cell phone? My daughter spotted this pink wallet phone case and this granite phone case and loves both of them. She picked out this brown adelaide backpack from the Shopbop sale this weekend and can’t wait to start carrying it!

    Here are a few of the many outfits you can create with this capsule wardrobe:

    I hope you enjoyed this blog post on a Teen Capsule Wardrobe. Thank you to my daughter who selected all the pieces in the capsule and helped create this post! You did a fantastic job!

    So many women believe that when they buy many trendy clothes they end up with a fashionable and stylish wardrobe that offers opportunities for most possible options. The problem is that when you buy many accessories and clothes, your budget is affected. This is quite important for most teenage girls since there is not much money available for wardrobes.

    Every teenage girl wants to stand out. She wants to be up to date with all the latest fashion trends. How can this be done when money is short? The secret stands in wardrobe essentials.

    There are some wardrobe essentials that every single stylish teenage girl needs to have. They can easily be used to create numerous stylish outfits.

    A Great Pair Of Jeans Jeans

    One pair is definitely a must-have. You should not worry about the fact that some people will frown upon this choice. The pair of jeans is handy as it can be paired with literally any blouse or top to create a healthy and new, fresh look. Just change your top and pair it with the jeans.

    Now, it should be mentioned that you want to choose jeans based on body type. If you do not do this, your outfits will not look great. However, if you choose right, it is easy to remain fashionable and trendy.

    Some Basic T-Shirts

    Basic t-shirts in basic colors are absolutely mandatory in the wardrobe of a fashionable teenage girl. This allows you to quickly choose a color based on your mood or situation. Most girls will choose black or white but you can easily go wild with some other colors that show your personality.

    Choose t-shirts that have designed necklines. V-shaped ones are usually preferred. Whenever in doubt, if you have t-shirts in your wardrobe, you can just pair them with jeans and some accessories so you have access to numerous great looks.

    Ballet Flats

    These are simply wonderful for the wardrobe of a teenager. They are great when you need something better than sneakers and you need more comfort than what heels offer. You can so easily compare the ballet flats with jeans for a chic appearance.

    Ballet flats even look great with dresses. Choose black flats or nude-colored flats. Obviously, because of the high versatility, you can choose any color, but those mentioned are usually the best ones.

    Fitted Blazers

    Fitted blazers are always great, no matter what season it is. They can even be worn during formal occasions, not just casual events, as some think. Simply put a fitted blazer on, pair it with jeans and your look is instantly trendy.

    Fitted blazers are great since they can easily complement outfits. Go for neutral colors and a length that is halfway to your hip. This complements curves and does create a desired slimming effect.

    Everyday Studs

    These are wonderful accessories for a great daily look. They are really good for a teenage girl as everyday studs work great with all clothes while offering an edgier look. Studs are little so you even end up with a laidback look. Some that have shiny rocks can also be considered as they work great with your party dresses.

    A Bag

    A very cute bag, like a clutch, is great for the teenage girl. Buy one with neutral colors so it works with many clothes. Take that cute bag with you to parties or work. Choose one that has some straps.


    Last but not least, the overcoat should be seen as an essential wardrobe part. They can easily match winter clothing and are wonderful in creating really stylish looks with ease.

    Choose an overcoat that has neutral colors so they can be paired with clothes of various colors.

    Editor’s note: Last week the author of this post, Charlotte McArdle, came to spend a week with me doing work experience. I don’t usually take on school-aged work experience students but Charlotte is the youngest daughter of a girlfriend I first met 23 years ago in ante-natal classes. Charlotte is motivated and excited about working in the digital media space around fashion. Even though she’s just 15, she’s started a blog (it’s not yet public – I’ll share it when she’s ready!). She took to the writing and capsule curating task I set her below like she’s been doing this for some time. Read on for her tips – you don’t need to have a teenage daughter to pass this on to, you may just want some of these pieces for yourself! Nikki

    Being a teen in Australia, winter clothes that are practical for our weather and are on-trend can be hard to find, especially at a reasonable price that our weekend jobs can afford.

    To help you help your teenage daughter (or maybe you like a good bargain shop yourself), I’ve taken on a challenge to create a 15-piece budget teenage winter capsule wardrobe, plus I’ve included my tips for shopping for a teenage winter wardrobe.

    I’m wearing (from my wardrobe): Glassons top; Seed culottes; Dissh denim jacket; Country Road slides

    9 tips on how to create a winter capsule wardrobe

    1. A new season offers a new opportunity to change up your style

    Winter screams fresh. Fresh screams clean slate. This season is an opportunity to switch up your style. Whether you’re going from chic to vintage or statement to minimalism, use the change in seasons to mix things up.

    1. Pair a mix of seasonal fashion pieces

    Before you shove all of your summer pieces to the back of your drawers, remember that in some parts of Australia, we don’t need to be 100% rugged up to fight off the non-existent snow. Pairing some of our tees and camis with a jacket and jeans can make for a perfect, everyday winter outfit.

    1. Spend more on winter staples

    The winter staples such as jeans, jacket, and boots aren’t easy to find at a budget price but you’ll need these items to complete an outfit. So, for winter, part with that extra cash and buy an item that will will work throughout the season and for seasons to come.

    1. Beanie or hat?

    Some winter days can feel like your ears are about to fall off and something that covers them is essential. Controversy sparks over whether beanie or hat is the more fashionable option. This decision is completely up to you! Sometimes beanies aren’t too popular purely for the fact that some people (including myself) feel like they look like a frog in them. You’ll never know whether you’re going to rock it or become my fellow frog sibling until you try it out. If beanies simply aren’t your thing, then make the most out of your caps from summer or treat yourself to a new one!

    1. Where should I go if I’m looking for more winter items?

    Being a teenager, sometimes we’re too big and the styles are too childish to wear items from the “kids” section at stores and other times the sizes are too big and the styles too mature for our age in the women’s section. Particular places I’ve found that offer the best of both worlds are: H&M, Sportsgirl, Glue store, Cotton On and ASOS.

    1. Comfort is key

    If you’re going out with friends and you feel like the world has been frozen over by Princess Elsa (no matter how many times I watch that movie, I swear, I can’t get enough!), but you know that your friends will still wear shorts with a crop and maybe a jacket, break the chain. You know deep inside your going to be uncomfortable and shivering all night, so instead enjoy your night and dress how you’d like to! In comfort!

    1. When in doubt, always pack it

    If you’re going out and don’t know whether you’ll be too hot if you wear your jacket or you’ll be too cold if you don’t bring it, here’s an easy solution: always pack it. I know it may be annoying to tug around with you, but, trust me, you’d rather be hot than freezing cold and wanting to go home.

    1. Keep your body warm from your feet up

    Maybe it’s just what my parents told me, or maybe it’s known fact, but apparently, your body heat escapes fastest through your feet. Rug up those toes. Although, on the days it’s just a bit chilly but not freezing, I like to pair pants with a nice pair of slides. I’d suggest not wearing the socks and slides, but hey, that’s only my opinion. You do you.

    1. Accessorise it up

    I feel in summer the extent we go with accessories is maybe adding a purse and a nice pair of studs. Now that it’s winter the accessories are endless. Complete your outfit with a statement earring and a minimal handbag or a bold pair of boots with a simple cuff.

    The capsule below is my style: classic minimalist. It might not be your style but you might use this as a starting point to create capsule that is more your style using the foundation pieces as your base. Each piece is priced at $30 or less (except the boots).

    You can choose how casual or formal you want each outfit combination from this capsule to be. Each item can easily be dressed up or down with whatever you accessorise it with. Don’t forget to check what’s already in your wardrobe before you go shopping for more clothes and accessories. Don’t forget your mum or sister’s wardrobes either. You may find that the handbag your mum is about to throw out will work perfectly with your new winter culottes.

    If you’re a teenage girl, you probably laugh at the photos from a few years ago. “What was I thinking when I wore that?” As a teen girl, your style is changing constantly. You’re growing and developing, and your taste in fashion will change as you grow older. So what seems trendy and fashionable to you today, won’t necessarily be in style in a couple of years from now. But that doesn’t mean that you have to embarrassed to experiment and wear the things you like.

    It’s not only corporate ladies that want to dress good. Pre-teen and teen girls simply love fashion. They like to dress up, follow trends and wear trendy clothes. Whether they like to recreate the looks of their favourite celebrities, or are still building their style, young ladies nowadays have plenty of choices when it comes to clothes suitable for their age. Today more than ever, girls get to choose from various models, brands, designers and styles, for all types of clothes, shoes, and various seasons. A teen dress, comfy clothes, jeans, sneakers, boots, you name it – all of these should find their way in your wardrobe.

    Simple Skirts and Shorts

    The hot summer days are ideal for skirts and shorts. Simple and monochromatic shorts and skirts are the ideal piece of clothing, easy for combining with t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, hoodies, light denim jackets or blazers. You can even wear these in the colder fall or winter days, combined with tights and sweaters, boots and a warm jacket.

    Denim, faux leather, cotton, you name the material – you can have them in any variant. Maybe at some point in your teen life, you hated wearing skirts, thinking they’re too girly, and you are too cool for that. But you know what – skirts are an excellent piece. They don’t have to be too short, you can choose the midi or long length to match your style (especially if it’s boho).

    Dresses in All Lengths

    What’s a girls’ wardrobe without at least one dress in it. You can find a cute teen dress in any length, colour and in any cut. From loose to tight and from short to long – it’s all up to you. But it’s best to have a little bit of everything so that you can experiment and find what looks and works best for you.

    Allow yourself to be creative and free in your choice, no matter what style you have. For instance, you can easily mix a floral pattern teen dresses with combat boots and a leather jacket, or a simple black dress with neon tights, a colourful backpack and a jacket in a bright colour. Allow your dress to be the base of your combination and then just add layers. Ideal for all seasons, a dress is the easiest thing to wear; it doesn’t require a lot of effort and thinking about how to combine it.

    Comfy Hoodies

    Hoodies are the best. You can wear them at home, school, outside while hanging out with your friends, for the movies, dates, just anywhere. A hoodie can work as a staple piece of clothing that can complete any outfit; wear it with jeans, shorts, leggings, even with a skirt or a dress. You’re now a teen so bright colours are more than welcomed. Warm, oversized and it has pockets; what’s not to love? Wear it as an oversized dress (you can wear shorts underneath) combined with your favourite sneakers or even boots. Use it as a part of the several layers of clothes you will wear on colder days. In fact, wear it just any way you want, since hoodies are meant to give you the freedom, comfort and softness you need to go through your day.

    Cool Jeans

    No closet in the world can go without a pair of good jeans. Literally, the only piece of clothing that stays no matter the trends and the current fashion. Whether they’re ripped, skinny, boyfriend cut, light coloured or dark, jeans will be jeans. They’re comfortable and go with everything from a hoodie, to a crop top or a jean jacket. Ideal for the long days at school when you need to wear something decent and yet comfortable. Excellent for a party, or a laidback day in the park.

    Comfortable Sneakers

    Other types of shoes are probably catching your attention now, but for most of the part, you need comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk the school corridors, run for the school bus and simply feel comfortable. No matter how old you are, sneakers are the best shoes you’ll ever wear. As your feet grow, the best way to endure the day is to wear a pair of quality sneakers that will allow you to walk and run freely.

    Sneakers nowadays are worn with literally anything including dresses, skirts, and clothes that are more formal. If in the past it was unimaginable to wear a dress with sneakers, today girls and women adore this combination not only because it’s a perfect street fashion statement, but also because it’s comfortable. The models of sneakers vary so you can find various options for running, jogging, hiking, urban wear, and sneakers with cool decorations, stickers and emblems.

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