How to crimp hair without heat

Thinking of giving your hair a new style and texture?

Well, you’re in the right place because in this article, we’ll be talking about hair crimping!

Well, it’s about creating wavy and zig-zag texture on straight hair, with the use of a crimping tool.

Unlike soft curls, crimping gives off that voluminous finish, making the hair look frizzy — in a good way though!

Not to mention, you can do this in the comfort of your own home without spending much money.

So without further ado, let’s look into this must try hairstyle!

How to crimp hair without a crimper

The secret to crimping your hair is not just about using a hair crimper.

No crimper? No problem!

But before we go into that, let’s first talk about how you can prepare your tresses before crimping them. Proper preparation is important as this helps you crimp away your hair easily. It also makes the crimps last longer.

First, properly wash and thoroughly dry your mane. Make sure it isn’t wet.

Next, apply a generous amount of volumizing mousse. This will help detangle knots in the hair, making hairstyling smooth and easy.

Once done, you can then start crimping your hair without a crimper.

And that being said, let’s now talk about the different styling methods that will help you achieve those zigzags!

How do you crimp your hair naturally?

Is there a way to crimp the hair without damaging them?

Fret no more because fortunately, there are natural heat-free ways to achieve crimped hair.

Braids, u-pins, curling rods and headbands are here for that!

How to crimp hair with braids?

The most common technique of crimping is braiding. It is by far the most traditional way of achieving waves in the hair.

In traditional braid crimping, patience is a virtue because you’ll be leaving the braids on overnight.

In doing this method, begin with braiding your hair from the roots, either loosely or tightly, depending on your preference.

And for a longer hold, spray on some hair mist. Then wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf and keep it on overnight.

When you wake up, remove the silk scarf and completely undo the braids.

And don’t use a hair brush! Instead, gently brush your hair with your fingers and apply a holding spray right after.

Can you crimp your hair with a straightener or blow dryer?

But wait there’s more!

Thanks to modern technology, slight advancements were made to traditional braid crimping.

So what changed then?

Well, you now set your braids with heat.

After sectioning your tresses into small parts and braiding them from the roots, you can either use a blowdryer or a flat iron and run it over on the braids.

You can either keep the braids loose for softer waves or keep them tight for tighter crimps.

Make sure you apply a heat protectant beforehand to help prevent and minimize heat damage.

And before undoing the braids, make sure it has cooled down. Never undo hot braids or else, it will be a total disaster.

Most importantly, put on some hairspray for longevity.

The alternative

On another note, if you’re not fond of braiding, you can simply press the flat iron onto the hair and bend the hair up and down for every inch.

If you’re aiming for a subtle look, make sure the spaces between each crimp are wider.

Which is better — with or without heat?

It depends on your preference.

If you want quicker results, then I suggest you set it with heat. And not to mention, it lasts longer than traditional braid crimping. The only downside is the risk for heat damage.

On the other hand, if you want something less damaging, then just go with good old fashioned braiding. Note, however, that you’ll have to wait longer for the end result.

How to crimp your hair overnight?

Aside from overnight braiding, you can also use curling rods and headbands to crimp your hair while sleeping.

Curling rods

In doing this method, your tresses must be damp.

So you can either wash your hair or simply spray some water.

Next, section your hair and twist them starting from the root to the tips.

Get your curling rods and wrap each section of the hair with it. If you want tighter crimps, tighten the wrap as much as possible.

Once done, leave it on overnight.

In the morning, gently remove the curling rods and brush them with your fingers.

Spray on some hairspray so the crimps will hold much longer. And for a shinier look, you can also apply an anti-frizz serum.


Same with curling rods, you should first dampen your tresses.

Once damped enough, put on a fabric or sports headband around the head and make sure your hairline is covered.

Next, section your hair into two equal parts. Start with the left side and divide them again into small sections. Afterwards, wrap and weave each section around the bottom part of the headband. Repeat the same with the other side.

Leave your hair with the headband overnight.

In the morning, gently remove your hair from the headband and finger brush them.

Put on some hairspray and you’re good to go!

What can I use to crimp my hair?

As mentioned earlier, you can either use a hair straightener, blow dryer, curling rod and headband. But wait, we forgot one more — U-pins!

Crimping with U-pins

Before we delve into the process, let’s get to know U-pins first!

What is it and what does it do?

Well, from the name itself, U-pins are hairpins that are ‘U-shaped’ which means that the two sides do not touch each other.

They are often used in keeping the hair in place.

In crimping with U-pins, apply first a curl-enhancing and volumizing mousse and then section your hair into two equal parts.

Next, divide these 2 sections into mini sections, about 5-6 will do.

Then get your U-pin and put them near your scalp.

Gently wrap the mini-sections around the pin. Do this by weaving them in and out of the prongs. Also, make sure you secure the hair ends with a hair tie.

Repeat the process until all sections are wrapped and weaved.

Next, use a flat iron and press it around your wrapped hair for 3-5 seconds. Make sure you apply a heat protectant beforehand.

Once done, remove the hair from the pins and gently brush them with your fingers.

The takeaway

Indeed, there are numerous ways of achieving crimped hair without using a hair crimper.

But whichever technique you’ll use, make sure your hair is fully prepped. A tangle-free and heat-protected hair will make hairstyling quick and easy.

Also, don’t forget your hair care routine. This will help maintain a well-nourished and healthy hair every after styling.

So what are you waiting for? Go slay some crimps!

It’s 2019, but 30 years on, the crimped hair hairstyle that was once popular in the 80’s is edging its way back in. A style that creates texture and volume, crimped hair can liven up your evening look, or really push that 80’s themed party costume to the next level.

Now, if you’re like me and you like a good multifunctional tool, girl, do I have a treat for you. Grab yourself a hair straightener and follow these steps to crimp your hair. I’d recommend the Flair Ceramic Straightener, a good all-round straightener that in addition to straightening (and crimping!) can be used to create curls and waves, or, if you’ve got a lot of long, thick hair to get through, try out the ghd v max styler that can do all of the above, just with a thicker plate!

Start by giving your pre-dried hair a brush and prep by spraying it with a heat protectant spray such as ghd unplugged. It’s a light spray that smells great, and protects your hair from heat damage. Next, section your hair in order to create braids. Note that the more sections you have, the tighter and smaller the crimped style will look. If you want a volume rich crimped look, braid lots of little sections and start close to your scalp. If you want a more relaxed, beachy crimped style, use bigger sections of hair and start the braids a bit further from your scalp.

Once you’ve braided all of your hair, this is where the hair straightener comes in. Hold each braid and press the straightener against the braid, working your way down its entire length so all the hair has had some heat applied to it. Do this for every braid. Once complete, go back to where you started, and gently un-braid your hair. Run your fingers through your un-braided hair only, don’t brush it as this will brush out all the crimps.

Apply a the ghd final fix hair spray or a hair mousse and voila, a crimped hair style, without a crimper!

Side note: you could also achieve the same style with a hair dryer. Just make your braids and heat each with a hair dryer!

Treat yourself with a Dyson Supersonic that measures temperature every 20 seconds to keep it under control. Alternatively, the Flair Hair Dryer has 3 heat settings that allow you to be in control, with a cool shot button to set styles – exclusive to Shaver Shop.

Want to crimp with a twist?

  • Leave some sections of your hair un-braided and un-crimped, creating a multi-textured look
  • Crimp your hair and style in an up-do or semi-up-do

Expert tip: Before styling when hair is damp or dry, spritz the ghd® unplugged heat protect spray from roots to tips to protect your hair against the heat.

The coolest throwback that every girl should know.

Let’s face it: Not every girl can lock down the perfect beach wave or get a natural-looking crimped hair look with a crimping iron. Some may need a little extra help, or an additional styling technique—especially those with slick, straight hair who have a hard time holding any type of curl. Annoying, right?

Getting this wavy hairstyle at home isn’t rocket science. It can easily be achieved overnight or with a quick blowdry. Since we’re spending a lot of time at home anyway, what better time to try an overnight style than right now? Read on to learn how to master crimped hair with this super easy tutorial:

Get Crimped Hair at Home

Wash and dry hair.

To achieve the best-looking crimped hairstyle, starting off with a shiny base is vital. Add shine to your hair by using Suave Cactus Flower Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, apply Nexxus Weightless Style Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm and blow-dry your hair straight.

Suave Cactus Flower Shine Shampoo

Suave Cactus Flower Shine Conditioner

Nexxus Weightless Style Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm

Create three-strand braids.

Create 6-8 braids all over your head. Make sure to add hair elastics to the ends of your braids to prevent them from coming undone.

If you want to turn this into an overnight hairstyle, you can skip the blow-drying from step 1 and create your braids while your hair is still wet. This option allows the crimped waves to set for a longer amount of time.

Set braids with heat.

Using a blowdryer on a high heat setting, blow-dry each braid for about two minutes to set your hair waves. If you kept your braids in overnight, you can blow-dry hair in the morning to ensure strands are completely dry.

Final look.

Lock in your style by spritzing your hair with some Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Spray. This product will give you some serious hold and sheen to your crimped hairstyle.

Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hair Spray

Now that you’ve learned how to create crimped hair, you can experiment with some different ways to wear this style. Here are 10 ways to style your new crimped strands:

10 Ways to Style Crimped Hair

1. Loose Crimped Hair

Wear your crimps super loose for an undone and chic look worthy of an editorial spread in your favorite magazine. This look depends on looking effortless and slightly messy, so don’t be afraid to use your hands to pull at some sections to loosen for a sultry vibe.

2. Crimped Zig Zag Braid

Try a unique style like this zig-zag braid. You can also step up this crimped hair look by adding some fun accessories like hair clips and braid charms.

3. Crimped Bob

Upgrade your bob hairstyle with some easy and light crimping, which can easily be done by leaving small braids in overnight. You can also enhance your crimped hairstyle further by braiding damp hair and letting it dry while you sleep.

4. Crimped Croissant Braid

Looking for a new braid to try? Sport this croissant braid, which is a great way to show off your crimped hair texture.

5. Multi-Colored

Experiment with color and texture at the same time and opt for crimped multi-colored highlights. If you’re not ready to add dye to your own hair, look into buying pre-dyed hair extensions to step up your style.

6. Classic Crimped Hair

Longer hair can often weigh itself down and cause your hair to flatten. Add classic crimps for extra volume and drama that won’t deflate throughout the day.

7. Dutch Braid

Give an extra pop to your dutch braid with a crimped texture. This style is perfect on day two or three hair as your crimped hair has settled and becomes more of a subtle texture to your updo.

8. Intentional Frizz

The intentional frizzy hair trend is all kinds of high-fashion trendy, and crimped hair is by far the easiest way to achieve this look. This look hinges on embracing all your texture, frizz included, so don’t be afraid to add a light tease to make it even bigger and bolder.

9. Subtle Crimped Hair

If you’re not quite ready for an all-out crimped look you can always try something a little more subtle. This is a great everyday hairstyle for those looking for something wearable but different from the standard loose wave or blowout style.

10. Brushed-Through Crimps

Run a brush through your crimped hair for even more texture! Brushing out your crimped hair can give it a more natural look as if this is your texture and not something you had to create!

As crimped hair continues to thrive in the street style scene, we think everyone should give the bold style a try! Whether you create it with braids or invest in a crimper, you’ll be totally on-trend for 2021.

A recent trip to Ricky’s confirmed something that, deep down, we all probably knew: buying a crimper these days is hard to do. Perhaps it’s because crimped hair embodies everything wrong with the ’80s, ’90s, and early aughts. But if my experience wearing a wig had any positive upshot, it was the perfectly kinked, semi-frizzy curls I was left with the next morning, after unplaiting the French braids swirling around my head—a look, I decided, I’d have to recreate.

I know this effort will be met by a crowd as uneager to welcome Bead Magic or the Conair Quick Wrap back into their lives, (remember the infomercials?!), but crimped hair, done right, deserves a second chance. Just follow hairstylist Adlena Dignam’s advice and avoid crimping your entire head of hair completely from roots to ends, and instead use crimps to add casual texture randomly through the lengths.

*To recreate, you’ll need Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver. Then drench your hair in a foundation spray. Adlena recommends Bed Head TIGI Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. Brush and blast dry, which creates texture and grip that will hold the crimp. Divide the hair into sections, start with the bottom ones, and begin crimping at the roots. You’ll know you’ve applied enough heat when the hair is too hot to touch. Re-crimp over the last kink to join the sections. Leave the ends untouched for a beach-y, 13-year-old-Olsen-Twin vibe. Then, when the entire head is finished, break it up with your hands.

*Use the Babyliss Pro 1” Crimper sparingly unless vintage Tyra Banks is serving as your style inspiration. Kim’s hair already has a nice texture so Adlena begins crimping immediately. Otherwise, follow Rebecca’s prep phase: coat in foundation spray then blow dry. For this look, Adlena advises making it as organic as possible and leaving some sections untouched. She sections the hair in a “brick pattern,” (think of how, when stacked, the bricks don’t line up with one another) which helps keep it non-uniform. Another good way to utilize the oft hated-on hot tool is to use the crimp for added volume on the bottom sections of hair, only at the roots.

*If you hate hot tools, this is your best option. Though it requires dexterity—or, a best friend, roommate, or significant other willing to French braid. Begin with wet hair and use a holding hair product, Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Crème for example. If DIYing, clean, divided sections (i.e. parted down the middle then one side tied off) will help you see what you’re doing. Be aware that the width of the sections will determine the kink. Adlena says one inch is a good rule of thumb. Also, try to make the braids as tight as possible. Should you have shoulder length hair, stop braiding at the nape. For long hair, leave 1-3 inches at the bottom untouched. Then blast with heat, sleep on a satin pillowcase, and rise to hair you can unironically tell people simply woke up with.

When the three of us posed for a photo, Tom exhaled, “ the babysitters club!” Which is really all I ever wanted in life anyway.

Clothespins, baby wipes, and even toilet paper are the stars here.

Finally, you can put those curling irons away! When you blow dry, flat iron, or curl your hair, it can cause the outer layer (also known as the cuticle) to lift up and release valuable moisture. Thankfully, the bloggers and YouTubers ahead know how to get perfect curls with savvy things around the house. Enter the beach waves of your dreams.

YouTuber Kayley Melissa, inspired by the 2015 Grammys, created these unbelievably bouncy curls by making a “halo” out of an old shirt. Watch this video for the results, and for more hair tips.

What you’ll need: T-shirt ($16 for 2,, bobby pins ($4,

See how this mom of three uses only a headband to curl her shoulder-length hair in just five minutes.

What you’ll need: headband ($10 for 5,

Ranique John, who runs the account My Crown of Curls, has found the “ultimate” way to style 4B/4C natural hair. Her method involves tightly twisting her hair before separating the strands for a fuller, curlier look.

What you’ll need: Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter ($15,, Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk ($14,

Self-proclaimed “Curly Pixie Blogger” and hair stylist Esther Itterly curls her short hair with — wait for it — pieces of toilet paper. See her wrapping and tying technique, along with the camera-ready results, in this Instagram video.

What you’ll need: Evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm ($18,, Evo Root Canal Volumizing Spray ($17,, DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hairspray ($25,, toilet paper ($28 for 24 rolls,

This summery look can last all year round, thanks to this tutorial from Elly Brown. In just a few steps (and with help from Got 2B Mess-Merizing Putty), she has casually styled beachy waves.

What you’ll need: Got 2B Mess-Merizing Putty ($9,, Got 2B Mess-Merizing hairspray ($24 for 6,

Miaa Tyler reminds us that you don’t need mermaid hair to achieve beautiful curls. In this video, Tyler shows us how her French braid technique completely transforms her typically straight hair.

What you’ll need: hair ties ($7 for 70,, It’s a 10 Miracle Super Hold Plus Keratin Spray ($14,

See how Michelle Jones, who runs the YouTube page NaturallyChea, makes her red carpet-ready curls. Placing Spoolies all over her head, Jones deserves plenty of head turns for this heat-free style.

What you’ll need: Spoolies ($33 for 24,

Rawaljeet Kaur, the brains behind KaurVanity, created mic-dropping curls with a unique product: clothespins. Watch how she wraps her long hair around colorful pegs to get the results we all want, without harmful heat.

What you’ll need: plastic clothespins ($8 for 100,

For the perfect tousled curls, Missy Sue partnered with Sally Beauty to achieve this heatless style. The key to this method is her soft rollers, which give her curls that enviable bounce.

What you’ll need: Ion Multi Benefit Styling Creme ($7,, Salon Care Jumbo Soft Rollers ($9,, bobby pins ($4,

This tutorial, created by YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles, gives you natural-looking curls that can be loosened out into large beachy waves after setting your hair in a French braid.

A 2022 spin on an ‘80s style.

January 24, 2022

When it comes to beauty trends, it’s just as common to see olds trends become new again as it is to see new trends get old quickly. Recently, we’re seeing a resurgence of ‘80s beauty trends 一 crimped hair being one of the most popular. While this beloved ‘80s hairstyle featured tight crimps and poofy hair back in the day, the modern version is a bit different. Today, people are using crimping tools (and crimping hair) to achieve mermaid waves and looser styles. So if you’re looking to try out a new hairstyle with throwback flair, keep reading because we’re sharing how to get the crimped hair look in six simple steps.

What’s Crimped Hair?

In case you’re too young to remember the style or it simply wasn’t on your radar back in the day, let’s start with a little refresher. The crimped hair look is when you style relatively straight or straightened hair with a crimping iron to create a zig-zagged, wavy texture. Different from really loose curls and wavy hairstyles , crimped hair provides a purposefully uniform wave pattern. Depending on your hair type you can also achieve crimped hair with overnight braids — which is especially important if you prefer to go heat-free.

How To Create Modern Crimped Hair

If you’re ready to give the style a go, keep reading for our guide on how to crimp your hair 一 the contemporary way.

1. Start With Straight Hair

While your hair doesn’t need to be pin straight, it’s important to start with relatively straight hair because this will make for a more clear wave pattern from the crimper. If you have wavy or curly hair, run a straightener through your strands to remove any obvious coils.

2. Apply Heat Protectant

If you straighten your hair, then you should have already applied heat protectant . But if you’re starting with straight hair, be sure to apply heat protectant now to shield your strands from heat damage. The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray Leave-In is great because it’s a lightweight spray that protects the hair from damage up to 450 degrees.

3. Brush Your Hair

Using a smoothing brush, detangle any knots in your hair, so you have a perfectly smooth surface before you begin crimping. This will ensure the end result is smooth, and that the crimper doesn’t get caught on knots. Plus, brushing through your hair after applying heat protectant is a great way to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Remember to start at the ends, work up the length and finish at your roots to cause the least amount of pulling as possible.

4. Section Your Hair

Just like with curling or straightening your hair, the best way to achieve this style is to split your mane into sections 一 this allows you to be more precise and ensure you’re not missing pieces. Part your hair into a top and bottom section, and divide each of those sections into a left and right side (you should have four sections total at this point). Use clips or scrunchies to keep the hair that you’re not working with out of the way.

5. Prep Your Crimping Iron

While ‘80s crimpers had multiple, small sections to create tiny zig-zag waves, current crimpers typically have three larger sections to achieve a looser style. Regardless of which tool you choose, plug it in and set it on the lowest setting that allows you to style your hair without having to make multiple passes. Typically, the thinner your hair, the lower the setting you can get away with, whereas you might need to use a higher setting if you have thicker strands.

Editor’s tip: If you don’t have a crimping iron or prefer to go heatless, start by braiding your hair in two sections. Then using a straightening iron, clamp down on your braid from top to bottom, holding in place for at least a few seconds per section. Let the hair cool, release the braids and set the style with a strong hold hair spray like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold, Light Hairspray Unscented .

6. Alter Your Crimping Pattern

Split each of your four sections into smaller sections to create defined waves. Then using your crimping tool, sandwich the plates of the iron horizontally across your hair, press the tool down, and hold for five to ten seconds.

In addition to choosing a crimper with large sections, the key to creating a modern crimped style is to alter your crimping pattern. Be sure not to place the crimper in the exact same position for all of the sections as this will create identical waves throughout your head. Instead, alter the placement slightly for each section so that the waves differ, giving you a more piecy, casual style. To ensure your style remains looking great all day or night, set it in place with a light layer of hairspray.

Lindsey Metrus is the associate general manager at Byrdie and has been with the brand since 2015. Her work also appears in BuzzFeed, StyleCaster, and Yahoo.


In This Article

If you’ve ever been personally victimized by your curling iron or your straightener, raise your hand. Not only are heat tools time-consuming to use, but they can also be damaging to hair, especially if used incorrectly. But have you ever wondered how to get wavy hair without heat—no curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons, or hot rollers?

Your eyes may roll at the thought of scrunching your hair with abandon until it curls in just the right way. Not everyone’s mane has the type of texture or pattern that allows for heat-free wavy hairstyles, right? Wrong.

After learning expert tips from several top stylists, we were assured that even folks with stick-straight hair could break up with their hot tools and enjoy beachy tresses without so much as an electrical outlet.

Scroll on to find six easy methods for how to get wavy hair without heat.

Get the Right Cut & Products

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First things first: If you want wavy hair, get a haircut that lends itself to the style. Thomas Osborn, TIGI creative director and vice president of education, recommends asking your stylist for a layered cut.

“Layering typically releases weight, which helps create movement,” he explains. “Point-cutting these layers helps to encourage movement by taking weight out of the ends and allowing the curl to form more easily.”

As soon as you step out of the shower, the journey to natural waves begins. Towel-dry your hair to eliminate excess moisture; to cut drying time, use a microfiber hair towel like Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban ($30).

From there, Osborn recommends “cocktailing products together to customize for the specific texture you’re working with, but also for the type of wave you want.”

“Keep in mind the desired result,” he says. If you want relaxed waves, trade hairspray for a shine spray like IGK Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray ($27); if you want definition, try a texturizing powder or anti-frizz spray.

“Either way, keep it light, as the best thing about wavy hair is the movement—too much product, and you lose that,” Osborn says.

Section Into Twists

For a very simple and effective way to get beachy waves, celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo, founder, and owner of ARROJO hair salon in NYC, twists damp hair and allows it to dry.

First, apply Garnier Fructis Smooth Air Dry ($3) as well as the brand’s Texture Tease ($4) into damp hair, he suggests. Then grab hair in random sections (about three inches wide) and twist the hair to “look like dreadlocks,” he says.

Repeat the action all over your head, twisting each section in different directions. Finish the style by letting the hair air-dry, then raking your fingers through it for a deconstructed look.

For those with frizz-prone hair, celebrity stylist Kenna Kennor recommends using Evo Lockdown Smoothing Treatment ($36): “It’s an amazing leave-in treatment designed to control frizz and add shine.”

Scrunch With Salt Spray

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Kim Vo, celebrity stylist and founder of Vo Blow, suggests the ultimate low-fuss, low-tech method for creating waves: “Scrunch up your hair after spraying it” with a salt spray, he says.

“Sea salt is an amazing ingredient for a beach texture,” adds Osborn. The newest salt sprays are meant to avoid overly drying hair, thanks to conditioning ingredients like seaweed extract and glycerin. Kennor’s fave is Evo Salty Dog Salt Spray ($29).

If you’re concerned about the dehydrating effects of sea salt, spray on a leave-in conditioner before your salt spray; Leave-in conditioner promises to keep hair smooth while sea salt is meant to add texture.

Wear a Braid Overnight

Arrojo says his “absolute favorite way” to achieve wavy hair without any heat is to utilize different braiding techniques. “The proper braid, with the proper product, equals the perfect results,” he says.

Arrojo starts with slightly damp hair before applying Garnier Fructis Smooth Air Dry from roots to ends. “Decide if you want tight waves or loose waves, and create either a rope braid (for loose waves) or a three-section braid (for tighter waves),” he explains. “Keep your sections clean and tangle-free.”

When your hair completely dries, take out the braids and use hair spray for an all-day hold; Arrojo’s fave is Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Hairspray ($4).

Twist Into Buns

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For tighter waves, Vo suggests sectioning damp hair into small buns while it dries. “Once you let them all down, you will have lots of waves,” he assures us.

Separate your hair into two- to three-inch sections. (The bigger the sections you make, the bigger your resulting waves). Twirl and twist your hair into tiny buns, securing them close to your scalp with bobby pins, crisscrossing them in an “X” shape for maximum staying power. Stylists love the super-strong Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins ($6).

When hair is dry, take down your buns to reveal gorgeous waves with major body. Set them in place with light-hold setting spray or texture spray like Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray ($18).

Roll Into Pin Curls

Arrojo shares another great way to get waves: Set damp hair in large, old-fashioned pin curls.

“Prep your hair with a curl-sculpting product,” he advises. (Try Amika Curl Corps Enhancing Gel, $25). “Comb the section of hair you’re working with from roots to ends to ensure it is smooth and tangle-free.”

“Roll [each section] into a large pin curl, and secure with a small clip,” Arrojo continues. “Do this all over, rolling each pin curl in different directions. Once completely dry, take out the pins and use a large wide-tooth comb to break the curls apart into nice, loose waves.”

Tie in Rag Curlers

Need a style that sets overnight, allowing you to wake up with full, tight waves that last all day? Try rag curls.

“This is such an old-school method,” says hairstylist Leysa Carrillo. “My mom would do it on my hair back in Cuba.”

First, you need a set of rag curlers. Make your own by cutting an old T-shirt into 15 to 20 strips about one to two inches wide and eight to 10 inches long. (The longer and thicker your hair, the longer and wider your strips should be). If you’d rather use a store-bought product, try pillow rollers.

“Start with damp hair and section hair in square-like pieces,” Carrillo explains. “Grab the rag, start rolling the hair onto the rag from the ends, and tie the rag.”

When you let down your hair in the morning, you’ll have nice, springy coils. Finish with a soft-hold hairspray like Amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray, $25.

If you’re looking for a little blast from the past, look no further than this latest hair trend: Crimped hair is back and it’s better than ever! Over the last few months, celebrities have been slaying this retro style on the red carpet and we couldn’t wait to get in on the fun.

As much as we love old trends, we don’t really want to look like we stepped off the set of a 1980’s workout video. Lucky for us, there are tons of ways to slay this trend without looking like you’re ready to get physical. Keep reading to find out how your hair can party like it’s 1982 and still look totally modern in 2018.

All-Over Crimped Hair

It just so happens that one of our favorite life mottos is also one of our favorite hair mottos: Go big or go home. No style personifies that more than crimped hair. An all-over crimped look is not for the faint of heart, but those willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with a show-stopping look. Your friends won’t be able to stop talking about it.

Crimping hair is a lot like flat ironing it, but it requires more patience. To begin start at the back of your head working with 1-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Spray each one with a heat protectant before clamping the base of the section with your crimper. We recommend Redken’s Hot Sets 22: Thermal Setting Mist which is formulated to protect your strands from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and boost shine.

Once clamped at the base, hold your crimper in place for 10-15 seconds as the crimped pattern sets. Slowly move your crimper down the section, clamping each part of your hair for 10-15 seconds to lock in the texture. Continue moving down the section of hair until the entire piece is crimped. Repeat the process until you’ve crimped all of your hair. Once you’ve crimped your entire head, set your style with a firm hold hairspray like Pureology’s Lock It Down Hairspray. Formulated with olive oil and Pureology’s exclusive AntiFade Complex, this hairspray will keep your look in place with natural-looking hold and control.

Jumbo Crimped Hair

If you can’t decide between crimped hair and waves, the jumbo crimp is perfect for you. Jumbo crimped hair is best achieved with a flat iron as opposed to a traditional crimper, allowing you to create angled waves as big as your heart desires.

Start at the back of your head, working with 2-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Spray each one with a heat protectant before clamping the base of the section with your flat iron. Once clamped, flip the flat iron down and hold for 15 seconds. Then, move your flat iron down the section of hair, flip the flat iron up, and hold. Continue twisting the flat iron up and down until you reach the bottom of the section. Once you’ve crimped your whole head, set your look with a flexible hold hair spray.

Braided And Crimped Hair

Once you’ve crimped your locks, take your ‘do to the next level by styling it in a fun, voluminous braid. The compliments will start rolling in once people get a look at this eye-catching style.

Brushed Out Crimped Hair

We all know the day after you get your blowout is when your hair looks its best. It’s still clean, shiny, and bouncy from the day before, but it has a lived-in quality that just oozes sex appeal. Day two crimped hair is no different. The crimped waves are a little loose from the previous 24 hours and yet they manage to look even better than before. If you don’t have a full day to let your hair do its thing, gently brush through your crimped locks to get a loose, barely-there crimp you’ll love.

Accent Crimped Hair

If an all-over crimped look is not for you but you still want to take part in the trend, opt for a crimped accent. By just crimping a few sections of your hair, you’ll add a cool visual and textural element to your style without fully committing to a crimped ‘do. Who knows, maybe a few accents is all you’ll need to convince yourself you can totally pull off an all over crimped look.

Heat-Free Crimped Hair

If you don’t feel like digging out your old crimper from the attic but still want to slay the style, we’ve got the perfect hack for you. A simple braid out is the perfect way to get a crimped look without applying heat.

To get this look, begin with damp hair (or dampen your hair with a spray bottle) and begin braiding your hair in 1-inch sections. Once you’ve finished your entire head, allow your braids to dry or speed the process along with the help of a hair dryer. When your strands are completely dry, remove the braids. Your hair will be perfectly crimped—leaving you ready to slay a girls night out on the town.

Create Volume At Your Roots

We love to see the way people have re-embraced crimped hair in 2018. But if you ask your stylist, they’ll tell you crimpers never actually went anywhere. While you may not have seen anyone with crimped hair walking down the street in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, you could find a crimper in every major stylists’ tool kit. When crimpers aren’t being used to create beautifully textured styles, stylists use them to create major volume at the roots of their client’s mane.

Much like backcombing, crimpers create much needed texture at the crown for sky-high hair-do’s. While backcombing can oftentimes be stressful and somewhat damaging on your strands, when used with a heat protectant product, crimpers can create volume and texture with minimal damage to your strands.

Cleanse and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, then prep your hair with the appropriate volumizing styling product. We recommend L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Volumetry Shampoo and Conditioner. The system is formulated with a combination of purifying salicylic acid and HydraLight, for a volume effect. Hair looks volumized, feels cleansed and lightly moisturized. Followed by L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Volumetry Anti Gravity Effect Volume Spray. The professional formula, infused with Intra-Cylane and HydraLight, provides body and fullness to hair from the root, for voluminous hold. Once your hair is completely dry, section off the hair at your crown and flip it over so that it hangs in front of your face.

Then, crimp the roots from the section of hair underneath. Once you’ve crimped all of your roots, flip the hair from the crown of your head back over and gently comb the top so it looks smooth. This technique is great for making braids, updos, and even blowouts appear thicker and fuller. To ensure your volumized style lasts all night, set your look with a firm-hold hairspray like Pureology’s Lock It Down Hairspray.

Looking to add a crimper to your arsenal of hot hair tools? Keep reading to check out a few crimpers we love below.

DryBar Big Crimpin’ Crimping Iron

This crimper’s ionic technology helps to seal the hair cuticle for less frizz and tons of shine while styling, for a sleek take on crimped hair you won’t be able to get enough of.

Bed Head Waveaholic 2” For Tight Waves, Volume & Crimp Like Texture

If you like your crimped hair to look a little more like a cross between a crimp and a wave, this is the perfect tool for you. The wavy, rippled plates to transform your look into sexy volume with beachy, crimp-like texture throughout.

Interested in personalized advice about how to get the curls of your dreams? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

Crimped hair was crucial to ’90s fashion and with icons like Kim Kardashian sporting the style recently, you’re likely wondering how you can get the look (via Vogue). But most of us don’t own a crimper these days. However, if a flat iron is in your styling tool arsenal, you’re in luck.

Flat irons are a great multi-purpose tool. You can obviously create perfectly straight locks, but straighteners can also be used in place of a curling iron — and now, a crimper. With a straightener, on-trend crinkled hair is just a few steps away.

To get those crimped tresses, start with dry and thoroughly brushed hair. And don’t forget, any time heat is being applied to your hair it’s a good idea to protect it with some sort of product — crimping is no different. Next, section off your hair — the more sections you have the better. Use the sections to create tight and tiny braids as close to your scalp as possible. The more compact your braids are, the more voluminous the outcome will be (via Shaver Shop).

How to easily crimp hair with a flat iron

Next, give each braid a comprehensive spray down with your favorite hair spray. Then it’s the straightener’s time to shine. Start near the root of each braid and slowly move down the length of each bundle of hair. If you are feeling extra ambitious you can go around twice. Once your hair has fully cooled off, it’s time for the unveiling. Carefully unbraid all of your hard work to see the fruits of your labor (via Beauty Hair Guide).

If you are feeling a little less dedicated but still want a version of the crimped look, you can try an even easier version. All you need to do is prep your hair for the heat and then guide your flat iron down sections of your hair while flicking your wrist back and forth about every inch. For the most crisp and consistent lines, make your iron extra hot and keep your pressure persistent. For a more loose and subtle look, increase the space between each crimp (via Her Campus).

Next time you want to bring a bit of nostalgia into your hairdo without investing in a crimper, try one of these simple methods with your straightener. It’s an instant time machine back to the ’90s.

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  • 19/12/2020
  • Anna Kim
  • Users’ questions

Is crimping your hair bad for it?

Does crimping damage your hair? Like any hairstyle that uses heat, crimping isn’t completely damage-free, so you should always make sure to protect your hair by using a heat protection spray on your hair before going near it with any heat. You can read more on finding the best heat protectant for your hair needs.

Why do we crimp hair?

The crimped hair look is when you style straight or straightened hair with a crimping iron to create a zig-zagged, wavy texture. Different from loose curls and wavy hairstyles, crimped hair provides a purposefully frizzy, super-voluminous look.

Is crimping a black hairstyle?

Since crimping doesn’t originate from Black culture, it might feel okay for anyone to have fun with the hairstyle. However, to imply that the trend disappeared and was brought back by a non-Black person is inaccurate, as there are so many Black women who have been sporting the texturized style for decades.

Should I straighten or crimp my hair?

Start with straight, dry, tangle-free hair. Even if you have curly hair, it might be a good idea to straighten it. This will help reduce frizz later on. While straightening curly hair might reduce frizz and define the crimps, it’s not necessary. It’s up to your style preference.

How long does hair crimping last?

It depends on how hot your crimper is and your hair texture. More than one second and less than thirty seconds. I would say 2-10 seconds if you are doing a hot-to-regular temperature for your hair. If it takes more that 30 seconds to crimp your hair then I would go up a setting.

Is crimped hair in style 2020?

Trend: Soft Crimped Waves According to Rashida Parris-Russell (Mane Assassin), crimped waves is another retro style that’s going to make a comeback in 2020, but this time around they’re more of a subtle wave instead of the tight kinks from your childhood. To get this look, there’s no need to dig out your old crimper.

What to do after crimping hair?

Using a heated crimping iron on wet hair could cause damage to your follicles and lead to breakage. 2. Use a heat protectant and along with a styling product: If your hair has a lot of frizz, apply a dime-sized amount of anti-frizzing serum. Then, spritz some volumizing spray all over your hair.

Is hair crimping back in style?

The crimped hair trend is making a comeback from the runways right now! This 80s and 90s crimped hairstyle give a good deal of volume and texture to straight hair while still being feminine and mellow. Out of all the modern techniques to get desirable textured hair, crimping is totally the edgiest and most voguish!

What is the best hair crimper to buy?

11 Best Hair Crimpers Available Right Now

  1. Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper.
  2. DSHOW 4-In-1 Hair Crimper.
  3. Gold N Hot Professional Ceramic 2″ Crimping Iron.
  4. Hot Tools 1″ Professional Micro 24K Gold Crimper.
  5. Terviiix Zigzag & Straight Women’s Hair Crimper.
  6. Inkint Hair Crimper.
  7. Pulla Pro Hair Straightener And Crimper.

Is it bad to put a crimp in your hair?

Whether you want tight curls or soft, beachy waves, adding a crimp to your hair is a great way to give it a new style and texture. However, heating elements such curling, crimping, and waving irons can cause long-term damage to your follicles that strip shine and turn crimps into frizz.

Is it good to crimp your hair for volume?

The result can look good on thick hair but you just need to prepare yourself for the volume that crimping will give you. Crimping also lasts longer on thinner hair. Note that crimping short hair can lead to very unruly locks!” You can either choose to crimp the whole of your hair or just one section.

Who are the people that have crimped hair?

The runway is a great source of hair inspiration and the 2019 shows were awash with crimped hairstyles from 3.1 Philip Lim to Mansur Gavriel. Credit: @zibastylebar

Can You crimp your hair without an iron?

To crimp your hair without crimping irons you’re going to need a lot of time on your hands. “The technique involves working section by section, wrapping your hair around hair grips and pins. A little know-how and your crimped hair will look perfect!