How to crochet a bow

How to crochet a bow

Learn to crochet bows to decorate headbands, hats, and make bows for the sweet little girls in your life with this super easy and FREE crochet pattern!

How to crochet a bow

I’ve been crocheting up a storm recently, all to get ready for a craft fair at which I’m planning to sell my work! It’s very exciting, as I only learned how to crochet last year. But I’ve been working so hard that I think I might be getting what normally feels like tennis elbow, but I suppose it’s now called “addicted to crochet elbow.” I wonder how often my orthopedist hears that?!

Anyway, I made these cute little bows to go on the headbands (here’s the link to the pucker stitch headband pattern pictured above) I keep making, and maybe even some purses, too. This is super easy, even for very beginners. You can easily modify the pattern to be bigger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the beginning chain and subsequent rows.

There’s a lot of sewing and weaving in tails in this project, so to give you some pointers, check out Crochet Dreams, where there’s a very nice post on how to do that.

Crochet Bow

  • Hook: F
  • Yarn: Worsted Weight, I used Red Heart Super Saver in Perfect Pink


  • CH=chain
  • SC=single crochet


  • CH 25
  • In 2nd CH from hook, SC.

When I was first starting to crochet, I remember that I had the hardest time figuring out which chain was the second, or first or third chain from the hook. So, I provided a little help for you!

How to crochet a bow

  • SC in each CH across (24 total)
  • *CH 1 and turn
  • 24 SC across*
  • Repeat from * until you have the height you’d like for your bow – I made 7 rows.
  • Fasten off, and leave the tail long to be able to sew the bow together.

It should look like a rectangle.

How to crochet a bow

Then, with your tapestry/crochet needle, sew the ends together, but don’t cut off the tail just yet. You’ll need the tail to sew the middle of the bow.

How to crochet a bow

Move the sewn ends to the middle of the back of the bow, so the front looks like this:

How to crochet a bow

With your fingers, pinch the bow together in the middle.

How to crochet a bow

Sew the pinched sides together, using the last of the thread you just used to sew the ends together (that way you don’t have lots of tails to sew in (so tedious and my least favorite part!).

How to crochet a bow

Then, sew in all your tails before you make and attach the wrap to go around it.
To make the wrap, CH 10. In the 2nd CH from the hook, SC in each CH across to the end. Fasten off, but don’t tie in the ends yet.

Wrap the piece around the bow, with the ends in the back, and sew the ends together using the same tail as the end of the piece (in other words, you don’t need to cut off a new piece of yarn to sew it together). Fasten off and sew in the ends.

You want to crochet a bow for amigurumi toys or you want to use it to decorate various things. These crochet bow patterns are so easy. You can literally whip up one of these baby bows in 5 minutes or fewer. On top of that, If your friend is having a girl, attach these to an alligator clip or a headband.

How to crochet a bow

Project 1

How to crochet a bow

How to crochet bow for beginners project 1

Make Magic Ring and ( ch 5, 7 tr into the ring, ch 5, 1 sc into the ring) x 2 times, sl st to first ch. Fasten off.

Leave the thread about 15–20 cm long. Tighten the magic ring. The remaining thread rewind the middle of the bow. Tie a knot. Hide the ends of the thread.Cute little bow step by step.

How to crochet a bow

Project 2

How to crochet a bow

How to crochet bow for beginners project 2

  • Chain 5.
  • Work 1 sc into the second chain from hook.
  • Work 1 sc in each of the next 2 chain spaces.
  • Work 6 dc into the last chain space. You’ve gone around the bend.
  • Coming down the other side of the chains, work 1 sc in each of the next 2 ch spaces.
  • Work 6 dc into the last chain space. Note that in order to fit all 6 stitches in, you’ll actually cover up our first sc, so…
  • Slip stitch into the 2nd sc you made, not the first.
  • Fasten off, leaving a longish tail to attach to whatever you want to attach your bow to. Weave in the beginning tail.
  • Take the finishing tail and wrap it several times around the center of this “mini hot dog” you just crocheted to create the bow look.
  • Using an embroidery needle, weave the end through the wrapping in the back, twice, to secure.

How to crochet a bow

How to crochet bow instructions for beginners project 2

Project 3

How to crochet a bow

How to crochet bow for beginners project 3

R1: ch 24, sl st to join in a circle (24)

The sl st of R1 is also the first st of R2, so put a stitch marker there to remember the beginning of each new round.

R2: sl st in next 3 st(s), sc 8, sl st 4, sc 8 (24)

All the stitches in the following rounds will be worked in back loops only.

R3-5: BLO sl st 4, sc 8, sl st 4, sc 8 (24)

In the last round only after you finish the last 8 sc, sl st 2-3 more until you find yourself in the middle of the bow and then cut the yarn and pull it through.

Grab both ends of yarn and start winding them around the middle of your bow. Now is the time to add the elastic band if you choose to. No sewing required!

Project 4

How to crochet a bow

How to crochet bow for beginners project 4

Start with yellow color yarn

R1: Begin with 10ch and the second ch from hook you crochet 9ch. 1ch.

Pull yarn tail to tighten the loop, leave enough yarn to wrap around the center of the bow. End off. Weave in loose ends.

Just finished. Now you have a mini bow to decorate for your amigurumi toys. Leave a comment Was this article helpful to you? It’s really important for us to know this.