How to curl a short bob

Curling iron, flat iron. or both? Master the tricks to curling short hair with both a wand and a flat iron to amp up your regimen. #skillz

Are you searching for a tutorial on how to curl short hair? You’ve come to the right place. Most hairstyles out there might seem pretty democratic, but it’s no secret that longer-haired girls typically have the lion’s share of styles to play with. This is particularly obvious when you’re talking about the ultimate trifecta: braids, waves, and curls. Not to say that those with shorter locks can’t join in on the fun. Short hair can actually lend itself to a myriad of styling options.

Keep scrolling to find out how to easy curly short hair with a traditional curling iron and flat iron.

How to Curl Short Hair Quick and Easy

When it comes to curling short hair, locks that can make a full revolution (and then some) around a wand are generally considered easier to curl. These lengths are long enough to form—and hold—a style, and bonus, actually look extra-cute and fresh with a bit of texture rather than when just worn straight. If you’re looking to change up your short hairdo with some fun, flirty curls, look no further than our simple guide below on curling short hair with a wand and a flat iron.

Start with freshly washed hair.

Clean hair usually means fuller-looking, bouncier locks. Cleanse with a system that helps impart fullness and nourishment without weighing hair down (especially if your strands are fine, thinning, or aging). Power-dry with a blowdryer until at least 90 percent dry.

Begin curling the front sections.

Spray your hair with some heat protectant, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Then, use a 1 1/4″ curling iron barrel, begin twirling around sections of hair near your front hairline. Ed’s tip: When you curl very short hair, a modern, slightly tousled look is more youthful. Achieve by twirling hair in different directions.

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

Continue until all sections are curled.

Keep curling the rest of your sections, and don’t stress if they’re slightly uneven. The chunkier and more disheveled, the sexier.

Muss up the roots with your fingers.

Gently shake out the curls after you’re done to loosen the ringlets. Tip: Shake up the root area to create some lift. Then leave as is and finish with some hairspray, such as Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, or deck it out with a flirty hair accessory like a headband or sparkly comb. Anything goes!

Dove Style+Care Compressed Flexible Hold Hairspray

How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron

Learning how to curl short hair with a flat iron can be tricky at first—learning how to use this tool in a new way can take a minute. However, once you master it, you’ll only need one hot tool for all of your styling needs!

Follow these instructions to get an effortless curl via a straightener. Remember, curling hair with a flat iron will take some practice, so keep on trying until you master the technique.

How to curl short hair with a flat iron? Master the twist.

1. Choose your tool.

When curling short hair with a flat iron, or any tool for that matter, the size of both your sections and the iron are the most important factors. You’ll want your flat iron to be high-quality with ceramic plates too. Try to find one that is between 1/2″ to 1″ in width. If you have short hair, like a pixie cut, stick to a narrower width. If your hair is any longer than your ears, you can go wider than that.

2. Prep your hair.

Even though short hair tends to be less damaged (all those regular trims!), you’ll still need to protect your strands, especially if you choose to heat style or curl very short hair several times a week. Fending off heat damage is as simple as spritzing on a heat protection spray. Mist an even layer all over hair, and comb through to avoid any “hot spots” of spray on your heating tools.

3. Section your hair.

Even on short hair, it’s super helpful to section locks off evenly. You may need to get alligator or duckbill clips to secure your sections: These clips can catch strands really well, and won’t slip or leave dents. You will probably only need to section off two layers, i.e. the top and bottom halves of your hair, sectioning makes it easier when it comes to curling short hair.

4. Twist your strands.

Starting with the bottom half of your hair first, it’s time to start curling! Usually, the bottom half of your hair will be pretty short, so do your best to add in bends to tie the look in with the longer top half. Take 1″-inch-or-so sections of hair, clamp each between the flat iron, then twist outwards as you gently tug it downwards.

5. Keep on curling short hair with a flat iron.

When you’ve finished the bottom section, unclip the top half of your hair. Find your part first, so you can figure out how to curl hair efficiently on the top half and to determine how your curls will lie. Repeat the curling steps, and be extra careful when curling short hair with a flat iron on the top half: The hair is not only more visible, but you’re also working closer to your scalp!

6. Shake it out and style.

Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray

Once you’ve curled your whole head of hair, it’s time to shake it out! Ruffle up your curls and separate them with your fingers for a fun, beachy look. Style your hair however you like from here: Wear it down, add a fun clip or try a headband! When your look is complete, set your style with some hairspray, or a texture spray, like Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

That’s it! Remember that practice makes perfect – keep working on those curling skills and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Follow these simple steps to get effortless waves.


@kourtneykardash / Design by Zackary Angeline

I have a confession to make: I was 20 years old the first time I curled my hair. See, I grew up in the mid-2000s when the au courant look was bone-straight hair. So throughout my formative years, curling techniques really weren’t on my radar. But hair trends evolved, as they thankfully do, and soon, messy waves rose as the reigning look. Trust me when I say those first few years curling my hair were a little rough—it took a while for me to get as comfortable curling my hair as I’d been straightening it, especially after I cut my hair short. Let’s just say if you don’t quite know what you’re doing, curling short hair can quickly look less like Jennifer Lawrence and more like Shirley Temple.

Luckily, as it turns out, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. It takes a teensy bit of practice, but overall, the steps are super simple, whether you’re using a curling iron, wand, flat iron, or even going heat-free (yep, it’s possible). To help us nail down perfectly imperfect short hair curls, we turned to Glamsquad artistic hair director Giovanni Vaccaro for some tips. Follow the step-by-step tutorials below to learn how to curl short hair.

Meet the Expert

Giovanni Vaccaro is the artistic hair director at Glamsquad.

How to Curl Short Hair with a Curling Iron

“The smaller the barrel the tighter the wave or curl,” says Vaccaro. “Use a .75-inch barrel if you want to curl and use a one-inch barrel if you want a looser wave.” This barrel size and technique is great for someone whose curls tend to fall out easily (ahem, those with straight strands).

  1. Start out by misting your hair all over with a heat protectant.
  2. Using an alligator clip or hair tie, section off the upper half of your hair up and out of the way.
  3. If you have straight hair, blow dry a light mousse into the hair to give it some grit (otherwise, it can be difficult to grab the hair and have it respond to the curling iron).
  4. Feed the section of hair through the barrel and begin curling.
  5. Set each curl by catching it right as you release it from around the barrel, holding it in your hand for a few seconds, then releasing.
  6. Continue curling the top section of hair, alternating between curling away from your face and toward your face for a more natural finish.
  7. Let down the rest of your hair from the clip and repeat the curling.
  8. Lock in your curls with a strong-hold hairspray like GSQ by Glamsquad’s Strong Hold Hairspray ($11). “It’s a touchable but firm hold that will also help you manage frizz,” says Vaccaro.

Tresemmé’s tried-and-true Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray ($7) helps prevent damage from heat styling tools, which is especially important for color-treated hair.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Curling Wand

“If you are someone who wants a beachy natural texture, a curling wand is great because it makes it easy to keep your ends straight,” notes Vaccaro. For bob- and lob-length hair, a curling wand with a one-inch barrel works best—anything larger won’t work for your short hair, and anything smaller will make the ringlets too tight.

  1. Apply a heat protectant all over the hair.
  2. Section off the top part of your hair with a hair tie or clip.
  3. Hold your iron at a diagonal angle for a more effortless, modern pattern (or horizontally for more volume).
  4. Wrap the hair around the iron (rather than feed it through), leaving about one-inch to one and a half-inch of hair out for a modern beauty texture.
  5. Let down the rest of your hair from the clip and repeat the curling.
  6. Gently glide a flat iron over the very tips of your hair for a more relaxed finish.
  7. Finish with a texture spray. “My secret weapon that I use on all clients for volume and texture is the Glamsquad The Untamed Texturizing Finishing Spray ($27).”

Avoid combing through your curls when they’re still hot, as this can cause them to fall right away. After you release your curls, leave them alone until they cool.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron

“If you have fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl and you just want a little texture, a flat iron wave is perfect for you,” notes Vaccaro. “This is one of the most effortless and modern patterns.”

  1. Apply a heat protectant all over the head.
  2. Section off the top part of your hair.
  3. Starting at the root, create bends in your hair by rocking the flat iron and bending your wrist while working down the hair shaft.
  4. For a less spiral-looking shape, wrap the hair around the flat iron and ribbon it as if you were creating a ribbon for gift wrapping.
  5. Let the top part of your hair down and continue the process.
  6. Rough up the ends by twisting through a hair pomade like Kevin Murphy’s Free Hold Cream ($40).

How to Curl Short Hair Without Heat

“Flexirods are great for gorgeous, heatless bouncy curls,” says Vaccaro. “These work best when you already have some natural texture to your hair.”

Grab your favorite iron, wand or flat iron.

When it comes to styling, short hair can be intimidating. If you decided to go short for summer after lusting over the hottest summer hairstyles but now have no idea how to curl your new ‘do, you’re not alone. While a wavy bob or a coifed pixie cut may look effortless, knowing how to style these cuts is key.

Luckily, no one way is best when it comes to curling hair — whether you want to use a diffuser to help define your natural curls, a curling iron or a curling wand, there are tons of different ways to ensure your hair can look its best.

We enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Frédéric Fekkai to offer pro tips for curling shorter styles, whether you have natural ringlets or want to use a hot tool.

How to curl short hair with a curling iron

You can curl freshly washed and blow-dried hair or next-day hair (though next-day hair is known to hold curls better).

  • Prep your hair using a heat protectant before reaching for any tools.
  • “Use a hot barrel [on a 1 to 1½-inch iron] without the clip, roll the hair around it and let loose,” Fekkai says.
  • Use a texturizing spray or for extra hold and to add definition.
  • Flip hair over and shake out the curls to loosen them up.
  • Add a pea-sized amount of hair oil to curls if they need a moisture boost.

Pro tip: Curl pieces of hair away from the face for the most natural-looking curls. If you want more tousled beach waves, try alternating between away from your face and toward your face.

Seriously—they’re surprisingly easy.

Sooo until v recently (like as in a few months ago), I thought beach waves were for everyone BUT me. The number of tutorials I watched, the energy I exerted, and the products I used to attempt this “effortless” and “natural” hair somehow always ended up looking more like a tangled mess and less like that touseled, just-off-the-beach look. And BTW, this is coming from a gal with long hair—with less length to work with, so how the heck do you even attempt beach waves on short hair?!

But, wait! Don’t lose all hope. I’ve recently become the (self-proclaimed) beach wave expert, and once I got the hang of my long hair, you best believe I figured out how to style short hair, too. Those gorge waves come down to a few things: The correct tool (i.e., curling iron, wand, straightener), some patience, and the RIGHT hair tutorials. And to eliminate the hard work for you, I narrowed down everything you need for this beachy style. Below, how to do beach waves on short hair, regardless of your hair type or hair tool.

How to get beach waves with a silk curl ribbon

Unless you’re completely sheltered from #BeautyTok, you’ve undoubtedly seen 2020 and 2021’s TikTok-viral hair hack of creating beachy waves using the belt of a bathrobe. But a new year means new hacks, and the bathrobe just got an upgrade. Enter: The silk curl ribbon that gives you the same gorge curls without having to borrow a piece from everybody’s daily lounge necessity these days.

In this tutorial, hair vlogger Kristy Joan shows you how to recreate the look at home on her short hair, proving that the curls are long-lasting and legit. For that extra long hold, Joan uses some blow dry volumizing gel.

I love to curl my short hair. I can do it on Monday and typically wear the curls until at least Friday. Throughout the years, with a pixie haircut, I’ve learned a lot of tricks for curling very short hair. Keep reading to learn about my three favorite hair-curling tools and the multitude of ways that I use them to achieve my curly hairstyles. Tutorials are included.

Get Ready to Curl Your Short Hair

Whatever technique you choose to curl your short hair, you will need to start with dry hair. Whenever I need to prep my clean hair, this is what I do. After shampooing, I use a leave-in conditioner and a styling mousse. Then, blow dry, smoothing with a round brush a bit. Once my hair is completely dry, I apply a leave-in serum as a heat protectant. This last step is important: do not forget to use a product to protect your hair from the heat.

Most hot tools come with a temperature gauge. When choosing the proper heat setting, think about the quality of your hair and what heat setting you will need to style it. Hard-to-manage, or thick hair, will need a higher temperature compared to hair that’s fine and fragile. If your hair is none of these extremes, pre-heating your iron to a medium heat setting (360 F) should suffice.

Size matters, so you must find the right-diameter tool for the length of your hair. The size of the iron will determine curl size and the tool size you will need for your hair length. For example, if your hair is 1-inch long, a wand that’s 1 inch or larger won’t be of use to you.

Curl Short Hair with a Wand

I suggest choosing a curling wand that comes with a heat-protective glove to keep from burning your fingers. In the attached video tutorial, I use this Eva-NYC Healthy Heat Clip Free Curler. It comes with a glove and has an adjustable digital temperature setting.

Curling wands are pretty simple to use. Section the hair so it’s easy to manage, start from the bottom taking 1-inch sections, wrapping the hair around the wand, and hold for about 5-10 seconds. Then, remove the wand. Allow the curl to cool and set completely if you are going for a ringlet look.

Slightly pull each curl after release for a looser curl. To keep some length to your short hair, you can leave the ends out and keep them straight. Wrap hair away from your face in the front, but throughout the back, you can (optionally) wrap in different directions. Spray your hair to finish off the style.

If you want to learn exactly how to curl your short hair with a wand, check out the video below.

While there are many ways to design a short bob wig, curling a short wig can seem tricky. Today we introduce a way that involves using a curling iron for hot styling, using some bob specific techniques to provide a lot of volume and texture for your short bob wig. This is very effective for short bob wigs that does not normally have hot set curls. If you choose to create curly short bob wigs, you will need to mess it up with your fingers and spray a puffing product on the roots to further strengthen the curls.

Spray thermal protection on short bob wig. This is an important first step as it will help you keep your short bob wig healthy and prevent heat damage. Spray it into fine strips and comb the whole product from root to tail. (If additional lifting is required, select a large number of heat protectors.) Divide the hair into the top and bottom and trim the top half. Divide the hair into two parts by creating a horizontal part between the tops of the ear. Use a crocodile clip or hair band to pull up the top and keep it fixed. You will start with the lower part of the curl, which will help keep the upper layer up and interfere with you.

Heat up a 1 inch (2.5 cm) curling iron. Select a curling iron with adjustable heating settings. Set your temperature to the lowest possible temperature to make the hair curl. Select a wand with 1 inch (2.5 cm) barrel and no clamps. Any smaller object produces tight small rings rather than elastic curls.

  • Use a clip on a standard curling tongs may be difficult to manipulate short bob wig.
  • For delicate fragile hair, may not need more than 200 degrees.
  • Hair is thicker or healthier can withstand 300 degrees temperature.
  • Experiment with different temperature settings until you find the temperature that best fits your bob wig type. In most cases, avoid over 400 degrees.

Wear heat-resistant gloves to prevent scalding of fingers. Slide the heat-resistant gloves for the heat-setting tool onto the hand to be used to manipulate the short bob wig. If you want to curl the right side, that will be your right hand, the left side is your left hand. If you are not used to using curling irons, choose gloves that can protect the whole hand. Hold the curling iron vertically, close to the side of the head. To curl the right side, hold the handle of the curling stick with your left hand (and vice versa). Hold the curling iron vertically, the handle is upward, and the barrel points down. Raise your arm and cross your head for the optimal angle.

Wrap a portion of your 1-inch hair around a curling iron, away from your face. Pick up an inch of hair from the bottom. Place the curling iron close to your head and wind it around the barrel with your gloved hand. Hold it in place for about 5 to 10 seconds before releasing the curling iron and moving it to another hair.

  • When using a curling iron, be sure to Angle your short bob wig away from your face and not toward it.
  • On the right, you will wind each strand clockwise around the curling iron. Then, on the left, wrap it counterclockwise around the curling iron.

Avoid wrapping the ends of each thread around the curling iron. Wrap each strand around the curling iron until it has about 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches (1.27 to 0.64 cm) of hair at the end. Stop. Keep it away from the curling iron, and you can pull it gently to keep the rest of your hair tightly around the curling iron. If the short bob wig has a blunt end or laminate, it can be highlighted by making the end flat. If you curl the ends of the curls, they may curl in different directions and look untidy, especially as the curls begin to relax throughout the day.

Finish curling the bottom strands, then move to the top half. Untie the hair from your crown and let it loose. Start curling the top section in a similar way so you can finish the curl. This is an easy way to help you curl your short bob wig, really hope it is useful for u!

We’re absolutely addicted to hair tutorials. We could sift through Pinterest and YouTube all day looking for the latest tricks for making everyday our best hair day ever. Imagine our excitement when, thanks to the newly unveiled 2017 Pinstyle Report from Pinterest, we stumbled upon a story about how to curl short hair that’s been pinned more than 100,000 times. Of course, we had to do some investigating to find out what all the fuss is about.

The tutorial, which originates from The Beauty Department, features an eight-step process for curling short hair that results in loose, beachy waves. We know, eight steps sounds like a bit much, but it’s easier than it sounds. The model in the demonstration has what appears to be relatively straight hair that’s cut to a shoulder-length lob, or long bob. If you have longer or shorter hair you’ll be happy to know this hair curling technique should work for you too.

The process starts with a typical blowout, but most of us have that technique down. If you need a refresher, watch our step-by-step video.

WATCH: How to Get the Perfect Blowout

There are a few key technique takeaways from The Beauty Department’s tutorial. The first is the pretty standard process of dividing hair into sections. They did three horizontal layers, but add more if you have thick hair. With a wide-barrel curling iron, curl the first section of hair away from your face. The tutorial mentioned the trick to loose waves is “dragging” the curling iron (technique two), so the ends of your strands are straight. Word to the wise: You’ll want to be sure to use an iron that doesn’t snag your hair. If your tool isn’t up to par, curl with the standard clamp-and-release technique and just tap the ends with a straightening iron to get a similar effect.

Repeat the process after taking down the next section of hair. This time, curling toward the face. See what they did there? Technique three is all about alternating curl directions with each layer. For the final layer, curl away from the face again.

Finally, and this is important, don’t comb the curls out until they’ve cooled completely. This will test your patience, but the results will be worth it. To find out more about the exact curling iron and styling products used in the tutorial, as well as step-by-step photos, visit The Beauty Department.

It happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? You go through a breakup, mid-life crisis or some other personal transformation and think;

It’s time for a new me. I’m going to cut off my hair. There’s something fierce about a freshly cut bob.

And how can you not be in love with your new ‘do after it’s been professionally styled with a perfect, silky soft blow out.

That is, until you wake up the next day and realise: You’re on your own now. There’s a certain skill to curling or styling short hair.

When you have less hair to play with, the prep and the tools you use to curl your hair are extra important.

Here’s what you need to know to curl your short hair like the pros.

What type of curling iron is best for short hair?

For short hair, you’re going to need a more narrow curling iron.

And no, I promise you there will not be any Shirley Temple curls here.

It’s just about using a narrow curling iron so you have the ability to wrap your short hair around the width of the barrel enough times to create a curl.

The perk of a narrow curling barrel is your hair will be able to hold the curls longer.


If your hair is short and fine, I recommend curling your hair quite tight.

Once your hair cools down, then go in and brush or comb out the curls to soften the wave.

How can I curl my hair overnight without curlers?

I love soft styled waves as much as the next girl, but the reality is heat styling easily damages our hair.

If you’re trying to cut down on heat styling to protect your hair from damage, there are ways to still curl your hair without heat.

For short hair, you can braid or plait semi-wet hair and sleep in it overnight, or twist your hair in a scarf or headband.

How to achieve long-lasting curls in short hair

The biggest challenge when curling short hair is ensuring the curls STAY CURLED.

It’s no easy feat, especially if your hair is short and on the fine side.

This is when it comes down to prepping your hair right, and using the correct products to hold the curls.

If your hair is fine and you’re curling freshly washed hair, it can help to spray a thermal hold spray on wet hair before drying.

Of course, all hair experts are avid fans of applying a soft hairspray or texture spray post curl for extra grit and hold.

Here, Amelia shows you how she creates long-lasting curls in her short hair.

Amelia Webb uses her MEDIUM halo in col. Beige Blonde 613 to create voluminous curly short hair:

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Hi guys and welcome to the Sitting Pretty YouTube channel.

I’m Amelia Webb and I am here to give you another tutorial on how I style my short halo.

As you guys can see I’ve got wet hair, I’ve just got out the shower, I’ve quickly done at my face and now I’m just going to blow dry my hair.

So I use the path luxe 1,800 blow dryer and I don’t actually put any product in beforehand, so I just literally blow wave it as it is and then I put the product in after.

When I am styling, when blow-drying my hair I just blow dry my hair upwards so to give it a little tiny bit of volume.

I find that that helps with my hair so I literally just blow wave it up.

Once the hair is all dry I then go in and I curl my own hair. So I’m using the Babyliss Pro and I don’t actually know what size this is, I think it’s 33 millimetres, it’s a little bit small at this end and then it goes longer at the bottom.

I can’t actually use the straightener on my own hair so I use the wand I find it the easiest. It does take a little bit longer but that’s fine by me.

So I just get the curling wand and I go backward off my hair.

The last little bit up here I just take out and I just part in the middle and then I just curl those sides the exact same way. So I just grab it here and let it cool.

So I haven’t put any hairspray in my hair at the moment, I’m just letting them all cool down.

I put hairspray in right at the last minute and a little bit of texturizing spray cuz I want this to be like a really, I don’t know kind of like a beaachy textured kind of look.

This is the curls all done, but now for the fun part I am adding in my halo cause I want more volume and I want it to be thicker.

So I actually have the Medium halo, I have cut this myself.

So it does come extremely long and I have cut it to my length. I actually got my hairdresser to do that, or you can do it yourself whatever works for you.

Then I am just going to style it. I’ve got it on a coat hanger because it’s easier to kind of put up I’ll kind of show you here I’ll see if I can put it on here.

So to curl the halo yourself this is an easy way to do it.

So you literally just put it on to a coat hanger you hang it up either in the bathroom or somewhere and you literally just get your curler and now you can curl all the bits that you need, if you’ve got no one to hold the halo for you.

So I’ll do that one now. Once the halo is all curled I pop it onto my head position it where I want it to be positioned. Get my comb and then I pull it out.

Once it’s all secured on my head I then go in and I just check and see that there’s no hair pieces stuck underneath.

I just kind of brushed them all out and especially here just make sure that it’s not stuck. And that just makes such a difference, oh my gosh I love it.

Look how thick my hair looks.

This is when I go in with my product, so I’m gonna use a little texturizing spray.

So this one here is from Unite and I just add a little tiny bit of this under here so this just makes it a little tiny bit like, in a way, like gritty.

So then you can actually make it look really beautiful and textured.

Then I will go in with some hairspray.

So I don’t like thick hair spray, like that one that is kind of like a lacquer – I don’t like that – I want it to be super soft and this one here is another one from Unite.

So I’m just gonna spray a little tiny bit of hairspray, I don’t like too much either, and to finish up the look I’m going to add some earrings.

You guys know that I feel like I can’t finish off a look without adding some earrings, so these ones here are from Sable and Dixie.

So that there guys is how I style my short halo and the products that I use.

So like I said guys this is the Medium halo hair extension and I just cut it to my length, so it does come extremely long and then you just cut it to your length.

I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you guys so so much for watching. Please like and subscribe to Sitting Pretty’s youtube channel because they bring you so many really helpful and amazing videos, so thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you soon.

Are you looking for some of the best tutorials on how to curl short hair with a flat iron? Look no further friend! We have five of the best for you.

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and cut your hair short. It feels great, it’s healthy, and you love it. But there’s one problem: how should I style my hair? And what if I don’t have a curling wand?

Well, today I’ve brought some video tutorials for curling short hair with a flat iron. It’s pretty easy (dare I say easier than a curling wand) and doesn’t take very long at all.

Here are 5 of the best video tutorials for curling short hair with a flat iron.

How To: Curl Hair With A Straightener & Curling Wand! By Brittany Marie

  • When you start curling, clamp the hair and flip the hair AND the straightener backward at the same time.
  • Quickly run the straightener all the way down your piece of hair.
  • For the back, shorter pieces of your hair, curl under instead of backwards. The backwards technique might not work for the shorter pieces, but curling under definitely will.

HOW TO: 10 Easy Short HairStyles With Flat Iron Tutorial | Milabu

  • Always use a heat protectant when styling hair.
  • Grab a 2-3 inch section of hair and always straighten it away from the face.
  • Curl halfway down the section of hair, and leave the rest straight.

How To Curl Short/Medium Hair With A Straightener by Luxy Hair

  • Brush hair before beginning so that all the tangles are out.
  • Split hair into 2 sections with a flat clip, and then section the part you’re starting off with into 2 sections (a top and a bottom).
  • Hold straightener diagonal to the ground instead of straight for a loose curl and parallel to the ground for a tighter curl.

Curly Hair Tutorial For Inverted or Stacked Bob – Using a Flat Iron

  • This video is helpful if your hair is really short (lob-length or shorter).
  • Hair powder is extremely helpful for volume, especially when hair is curled. The volume at the roots will push curls up and out.
  • When curling, hold the flat iron in place for a couple seconds and then push it straight down. This is so the curl has time to form.

Short Hair Flat Iron Waves by Hairstyle Confessions

  • These waves are very light and barely there, so if you don’t want full blown curls, this is perfect for you.
  • Curl pretty quickly; the messier the texture, the better.
  • Take large sections if your hair is thin and smaller sections if your hair is thicker. This will make curling a bit more manageable and prevent you from having to start over.


If you liked this article on curling short hair with a flat iron, here are a few more features you might enjoy:

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A top-quality curling iron is a smart investment, especially if you weren’t gifted with natural volume and curls. Picking one out seems simple enough, but when factoring in barrel size, design, and brand quality, the search becomes overwhelming. Of the utmost importance is selecting a curling iron that’s compatible with your hair length, particularly if it’s short.

While short hair may seem more difficult to style than longer hair, that’s not the case with the right hair tool on hand. Those with lobs and bobs will want a curling iron with a barrel that has a smaller width (no more than 1 1/2-inches). Not only will the tighter curls it creates add more body to your hair, but the style will last far longer than one made with a thicker barrel. You’ll also want to take into account whether you’re dealing with fine, thick, coarse, or damaged hair. Not every curling iron will work the same across all hair types.

Relying on the opinions of others with similar hair as yours can be the best way to find your perfect product, so we went ahead and scoured the internet for the highest-rated curling irons for short hair from shoppers like yourself. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, there’s a curling iron that’s right for you.

These are the eight best curling irons for short hair:

  • Best Overall:Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold 1-Inch Curling Iron/Wand
  • Best Drugstore:Remington CI9538 Pro Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand
  • Best High-End:GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand
  • Best for Thick Strands:Chi 1” Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin and Curl
  • Best for Fine Strands:InfinitiPro By Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron
  • Best for Beach Waves:Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand
  • Best for Tight Ringlets:Conair Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron
  • Best Versatility:Xtava Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

Best Overall: Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold 1-Inch Curling Iron/Wand

This Hot Tools curling iron has over 8,000 perfect ratings from professionals and beginners alike. Whether you want loose waves or more defined curls, shoppers with varying hair textures say the iron outperforms higher-priced options they’ve tried. Plus, its swivel cord is a nice feature.

Best Drugstore: Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Hair won’t hold a curl? Shoppers say the affordably priced Remington Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand is the solution. Not only is it fool-proof, but reviewers claim your stick-straight hair will be “curled into submission” — and stay that way for as long as three days.

Best High-End: GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

GHD Curve Creative Curl WandIf you’re willing to spend a little, the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand is worth every penny. The tapered wand can hold hair of all lengths, but the true appeal is its advanced technological features. Not only does the styling temperature adjust based on how much hair the tool is curling, but it automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Best for Thick Strands: Chi 1” Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin and Curl

This 1-inch rotating barrel curling iron has three adjustable heat settings that can easily accommodate all kinds of hair textures, including thick, coarse hair. If you’re prone to burning your fingers during the curling process, the iron’s protective curling chamber is ideal for you. Ulta shoppers say this Chi iron is incredibly easy to use and holds perfect spirals in your hair until your next shampoo.

Best for Fine Strands: InfinitiPro By Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Searching for a curling wand for fine hair? The InfinitiPro By Conair is many people’s go-to because it keeps heat damage to a minimum. It has five adjustable heat settings that shoppers say curl their strands in a matter of seconds, meaning less time spent on the barrel. In fact, one reviewer claims their hair is done in just four minutes every time they use it.

Best for Beach Waves: Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand

If loose waves are all you’re after, look no further than the Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand. While it doesn’t look like your traditional barrel, shoppers say it’s still incredibly easy to use on short hair. Simply wrap your hair around the base of the wand and release after several seconds for an effortlessly beachy look.

Best for Tight Ringlets: Conair Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron

At the low price of just $11, this 1-inch curling wand is a steal. It has nearly 2,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who say the small barrel is a godsend for creating tight, cute curls in their short hair. You’ll find your fresh hairdo will stay put for up to five days after, too, according to reviewers.

Best Versatility: Xtava Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

With this 5-in-1 curling iron set, the styling options are practically endless. Whether you plan to keep your hair short for the foreseeable future or want a curling set that can adapt to your future growth, the Xtava Professional range will carry you through for years to come. Its tourmaline ceramic technology seals in your hair’s moisture, protects follicles, and minimizes frizz.