How to curl eyelashes with a spoon

No eyelash curler? No problem.


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From all the beauty tips and tricks you’ve read throughout the years, I still have one that might surprise you. Thanks to TikTok, I recently came across an age-old trend that has made a resurgence: Curling your lashes with a spoon. Yep, you read that correctly.

While it sounds a bit out of the box, hear me out on this one. Maybe you don’t like eyelash curlers, saw damage to your lashes after using one and swore them off entirely, or have found yourself in a bind where you’ve misplaced your curler or left it behind. No matter the reasoning, grabbing a good ol’ trusty (clean) spoon and using it to curl your eyelashes actually works. If it sounds confusing or difficult, not to worry. Ahead, we’ve put together a tutorial for how to curl eyelashes with a spoon, along with other alternative methods. These techniques are so easy that you might just find yourself ditching your eyelash curler altogether.


Angle Your Spoon

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After sanitizing your spoon, find the part that slightly curves (it’s right before the front tip part) and align it with your eyelashes and lash line so that it gently rests there.

If you like applying mascara primer to eyelashes, you’ll want to do that before you begin the curling process. It won’t interfere and will give your lashes a great start before moving onto mascara.

Heat Your Spoon (Optional)

If you feel you need a slightly stronger curl, you can carefully heat your spoon with a blowdryer. After heating, tap the spoon against the inside of your forearm to see how hot it is before putting it near your eyes. You’ll be able to tell right away if the metal is too hot and needs to cool down a bit before using.

Gently Press Lashes Upward

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After you’ve aligned the spoon to your lash line, gently press your eyelashes against the curved part of your spoon in an upward motion and repeat along your lash line until the spoon gets to the inner corner of where lashes begin. You can start at the bottom of your lashes and work your way up to the tips depending on the type of curling effect you’re going for. This enables that you go over each area securely and you’re to give your lashes a proper curl without leaving any behind. The gentle pressing motion against the metal helps lashes to curl upward giving you the same results that an eyelash curler would.

Experiment with the angle of the spoon until you find one that is most comfortable for you. For instance, if holding the spoon on its side is better, opt to do that throughout the curling process. If you need to angle the tip downward and press, you can do that too. Whatever feels natural with your movement is the best practice to follow.

Immediately Apply Mascara

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Ashley Rebecca/Design by Cristina Cianci

After you’ve curled your lashes, it’s imperative to move on to applying your mascara right away. This ensures that your lashes will look as curled up and voluminous as they can, and the type of mascara you use is important. For instance, if you want your lashes to appear thicker, be sure to use a formula that will help thicken and add some length, and so on.

Check Out Those Lashes

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Ashley Rebecca/Design by Cristina Cianci

Now all you need to do is sit back and admire your newly curled eyelashes. That wasn’t so hard, right? Keep in mind that if you’re someone who likes to curl your eyelashes after you’ve applied mascara, it’s actually very easy to do with a spoon. You don’t need to worry about your eyelashes sticking to the inner part where they might with a lash curler, and you can just repeat the same steps by bending them upwards with your fingers for added lift. Wait a few minutes before curling them to ensure your mascara has fully dried, this will prevent it from getting on your fingers, the spoon, or flaking.

Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Have you ever curled wrapping ribbon by running it against the hard edge of opened scissors? This spoon technique draws from the same action and is one of the oldest tricks in the book. I learned this back in school at the Makeup Designory and thought my teacher was a little off her rocker when she included a spoon on our list of tools for our kit! But after teaching us how to do it and practicing on each other, I quickly became a believer. Some even swear it curls their lashes better than a lash curler. I think it looks a little more natural than the curler (revisit our Perfect Pinch Tutorial here) but I personally still prefer the lash curler but only by a little. Anyway, try it and decide for yourself. Here’s how!


  1. Place the spoon (facing outward) with the bottom edge directly on your upper lashline as pictured above.
  2. Press your index finger or thumb on the outer section of your lashes against the edge of the spoon.
  3. Now for the curling action. In one quick flick of the spoon, press the bottom edge down against the lashes then rotate and pull it upwards until you reach the tips of the lashes. Pull gently of course, I feel really silly that I have to say this, but please do not pull too hard that you pull your lashes out! (You’d have to pull insanely hard to do so but I have to throw that caveat out there just in case!) That’s it! You can do only the outer corners or repeat steps 1-3 in the center section as well like I did above.

Introduction: Amazing Curled Eyelashes With a Spoon!

Do you ever see someone do something that amazes you and it’s so simple that you think: Why didn’t I think of that and I need to try this ASAP? Well I experienced this. I am attending school to become an esthetician and I was in class the other day learning about acne and the instructor gave us a 15 minute break. As one would expect we were chatting, putting on lip gloss and one of my “Estie Besties” Analillia (we call her Ana for short), went to the mirror pulled out her makeup bag and a spoon! My Instructables buddies, your Skin Beauty Fairy is very observant and I notice EVERYTHING. I was wondering if Ana was going to eat yogurt and do her makeup at the same time. Instead Ana pulled out a mascara and used the spoon on her eyelashes at this time everyone was fascinated and staring at her while she did this amazing trick very methodically and quickly. We all started asking her questions because we have never seen this before and just to let you know Ana’s lashes are AMAZING. I asked her if she can share her eyelash trick to my Instructables family and she graciously said yes! So welcome Ana to the Skin Beauty Fairy Instructables page!

What you Need

-A spoon that is thin from the sides (a spoon you will only use for eyelash curling, and you cannot share the spoon with anyone. I know that sounds funny but you are NEVER to share your eye makeup or eye makeup tools with ANYONE because of bacteria)

Step 1: Your Eyelashes

Look at your eyelashes are they short, long, sparse or even full. Appreciate your beautiful natural lashes and get ready to give them an extra oomph (side note: I am amazed I did not get the red line under the word oomph saying it is misspelled!). Ana has long, and non curved lashes. My lashes have a natural curve but are short.

Step 2: The Spoon

The spoon needs to have thin sides and not a big curve. This spoon can only be used for your eyes. This is very important because of the transfer of bacteria. Also make sure you wash your spoon every two weeks, I would suggest putting this special spoon in your makeup bag/case.

Step 3: Holding the Spoon

You will grip the spoon tightly with your thumb towards the front edge and your index finger in the back of the spoon making the spoon stable (Ana did a great job showing you how to hold the spoon).

Step 4: Your Eyelashes and the Spoon

In one quick flick of the spoon, you press the bottom edge down against the lashes starting from the base of your eyelashes then rotate and pulling the spoon upwards until you reach the tips of the lashes. Do not pull hard!! It may take a few times time to get the movement correct but once you do your eyelashes will thank you for it. Start at the outer corner of your eyelash working your way towards the nose. You can repeat it however many times you would like.

Skin Beauty Fairy Quick Tip: You can heat your spoon with a blow dryer first for a brief 3 seconds, not too hot!! But it will help curl the lash.

Step 5: See the Difference?

Ana does not have any mascara on you can see the difference the spoon made on the right lashes, it looks like an instant eye lift.

Step 6: Put on That Mascara, Baby!

Ana’s favorite mascara is by Maybelline and she can only find this certain one in Mexico (we all know the green and pink Maybelline mascara but they can use different ingredients) she will only use this mascara and keeps 3 on hand at all times! But I have no loyalty to any mascara and it is a personal preference.

Step 7: Mascara Wow!

Her lashes look amazing. How do your lashes look now?

Step 8: You Can Do This Trick for Daytime and Evening Lashes!

Ana just recently changed her hair color but this is a staple in her beauty routine, and I think she looks beautiful! Thank you Ana for sharing your eyelash curling secret!

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Good news for those of us who don’t like to use eyelash curlers. and for those of us who have no idea where we put that eyelash curler we bought ages ago after being told we absolutely need one. You don’t need an eyelash curler to get beautifully curved lashes. In fact, your kitchen utensil drawer is holding a beauty secret weapon: a small, metal spoon. Watch the video above to see Woman’s Day Beauty Editor Melissa Matthews Brown show you how easy it is to use this common eating tool as a stand-in for an eyelash curler. You’ll be amazed by how well it works!

Step one: Head to the kitchen to locate the perfect utensil, a small metal spoon. Then, line it up with your lash line.

Step two: Using your finger, gently pull your lashes up against the spoon as if you were curling a ribbon. It doesn’t hurt at all, and you may even find it less intimidating than using an eyelash curler, which, if you do it correctly, doesn’t hurt. Tut it’s all too easy to accidentally clamp your lid in a curler. There’s no risk of doing that with a simple spoon.

Step three: Apply your favorite mascara and, voila! Gorgeous, curled lashes.

Once you try it with success, don’t be surprised if you start stashing a small, metal spoon in your makeup bag, or at least near the mirror where you apply makeup.

Have you tried this trick? Post a photo of your lashes in the comments below to let us know how it worked for you.

Before forking out for eyelash curlers, consider whether you could get similar results with cutlery and a mug of warm water

Illustration: Edith Pritchett/the Guardian

Illustration: Edith Pritchett/the Guardian

The hack
Can you curl your eyelashes with a spoon, as some beauty bloggers do?

The promise
There are a multitude of (often-pricey) lash-lifting methods available – including perming, LVL and hi-tech mascaras – but this one promises to shape lashes with just a teaspoon and a bit of heat.

The test
My lashes are long but they’re also super straight, and if I don’t use an eyelash curler, the difference is visible. I take a teaspoon and pop it into a mug of warm water. If it’s at a drinkable temperature, it’s fine – any hotter and you risk burning the delicate skin around the eyes. I dry it off and press the curved side over my lashes holding them upwards for 10 seconds and release. This is actual sorcery; they are indeed lifted. I use my usual eyelash curler (I like Suqqu) on the other eye for comparison, and while the curlers lift the lashes more, by the end of the day my teaspoon lashes have held slightly better.

The verdict
Back in the noughties I regularly used a heated lash curler (or heated up my regular one with a Zippo lighter, which is definitely not advised), and it gave me killer lash lift, but the repetitive heat also made them brittle. The teaspoon hack works – but if you try it, keep the heat down and use it only occasionally, for an extra lash boost.

Ask any makeup artist, and they will tell you the importance of curling your eyelashes. This simple step in your makeup routine can instantly elevate your eye makeup and make it look ten times more stunning.

But if you don’t have an eyelash curler, or worse, lost the one that you had, here’s an easy trick to curl your eyelashes using a spoon. That’s right; the good old spoon can give you eyelash curler worthy lashes in a few easy steps. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide on how to curl eyelashes using a spoon.

Step 01: Fill a glass with hot water and place a clean, medium-sized spoon in it for three minutes.

Step 02: Remove the spoon from the water and dry it with a clean cloth as a wet spoon won’t hold the curl.

Step 03: Place the inside of the spoon on your eyelid and hold it horizontally; gently press the spoon against your eyelid.

Step 04: Press the top lashes against the curve for 10 seconds. This will give it enough time to set the curls. The heat from the spoon will give your lashes a curled look.

Step 05: Check in the mirror to see if any of the lashes haven’t curled properly. The ones at the corner of the eyes usually get left out. Repeat the process, and this time focus on the ones that got left out in the first attempt.

Step 06: To add drama and make your eyelashes appear fuller, apply two coats of volumising mascara. The Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara will keep your lashes curled for a long time and take your eye makeup look several notches higher.

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon and Audrey’s Eyelash Curler Review

Hello Dear IMBB Girlies,

Hope you all are doing great. Today, I am sharing my most-loved technique with you guys, hope you like it.

First, my take on Audrey’s eye lash curler.


I am not a big make up person, but I love to doll up when I go clubbing. I love to curl my lashes and put mascara on. There are so many eyelash curlers out there in market, but I believe the best way to curl lashes is with a spoon.

Earlier I had a curler but its rubber loosened up and then I bought this Audrey’s one. Before buying this, I was thinking to invest in a big brand. I did some search and honestly most people say even the high-end brand curlers are not much different from the ordinary ones. So, I bought this ordinary one. This works fine like the previous one. There is always some lash left on the inner or outer side of the eye. Otherwise, no problem with this. The good thing is its “pink.” I suggest if you are not a pro in doing make up and still have other makeup stuff to spend on, then buy this, it works just fine.

Now the spoon technique:

This is a very easy technique, just needs a little practice. With lash curler, the lashes curled up more in a straight upward direction and with spoon, I get my lashes curled in a flowery upward direction. You can see the difference in photos ( I hope you can).


1: Take a spoon with not very fine edge.
2: Get very near to the mirror.

3: Hold the spoon as shown in the picture. Left hand for left eye and right hand for right eye.

4: Now, place the thumb under the upper lashes.

5: Now slide (massage downwards) the spoon on the lashes from roots towards outer side. Do this very gently. The lashes will start curling up with little effort.

6: Do this for a few lashes at a time. Keep repeating for all the upper lashes.

That’s it guys. You can see how my lashes have curled up in a flower shape. This gives the wide open eye look. One eye is done with spoon and one with eye lash curler. I have used Maybelline Volum Express Hyper Curl Mascara. So, both options works, just on different situations. I personally like the spoon technique if I have much time for it. Hope you like this and do try this, you will see the difference.

Esha Saxena is a writer and journalist and holds a master’s degree in media and mass communication. She firmly believes that makeup is nothing less than art. Combining her love for writing with her . more

If you want fuller-looking, longer lashes, curling is a must. Besides, curling your eyelashes opens up your eyes and makes them appear larger. So, whether your lashes are naturally straight or have flattened out due to poor maintenance or other reasons, this tiny step can really help your eyes stand out. Using an eyelash curler (before you apply your mascara) is a surefire way to give your lashes that extra oomph, but did you know that there are a bunch of other ways you can curl your eyelashes? Want to know more? Read on to find everything you need to know about how to curl eyelashes.

In This Article

Different Ways To Curl Eyelashes

If you happen to catch yourself without an eyelash curler, here are some alternative methods you can try (these may not work as efficiently as an eyelash curler, but they will do the trick).

But first, let’s cover the basics of curling using an eyelash curler for those of you who have this tool but never really use it (because it looks like a torture device of some sort?)

1. How To Curl Eyelashes Using An Eyelash Curler

What You Need
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
Step By Step Tutorial
  1. Hold your eyelash curler. Once your curler is completely open, ensure you get its rubber strip right up to the root of your upper lashes.
  2. Now that your lashes are inside, place the curler in an upright position (its curve is supposed to face outwards.) Gently close the curler on your lashes and squeeze lightly with a pulsing grip.
  3. Slowly turn your curler upwards – its curve must align with the curve of your eyelid crease.
  4. Don’t blink or move – hold the curler in place for a few seconds.
  5. Gently press your curler with the same pressure and move it from the roots of your lashes to the tip.
  6. If you aren’t satisfied with the curl, you can repeat this step again until you achieve the desired result.
  7. Apply your mascara and say hello to thicker and fuller-looking lashes in just a matter of seconds!

You can try the Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler – you get great quality at an affordable price.

2. How To Curl Eyelashes With Mascara

What You Need
  • Mascara (preferably a waterproof one)
Step By Step Tutorial
  1. Start by using the mascara wand to curl your lashes by moving across the roots in a zigzag motion.
  2. Now, hold the wand at the roots of your lashes for a few seconds.
  3. Slowly move towards the tips.
  4. Apply a second coat to hold the curl and for some extra volume.

Try the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara with a revolutionary fanning brush to achieve the most glamorous lashes.

3. How To Curl Eyelashes With Spoon

What You Need
  • A spoon
  • Mascara
Step By Step Tutorial
  1. Grab a clean spoon that is thin from the sides.
  2. Run the spoon under hot water (not to the extent that it burns your skin.)
  3. Hold the heated spoon against your eyelid, right at the lashline, and press your lashes against the curve of the spoon.
  4. Press your finger on the lashes against the edge of the spoon.
  5. Apply your mascara to set and hold the curl.
  6. Carefully comb your lashes while your mascara is still semi-wet.

4. How To Curl Eyelashes With A Warm Toothbrush

What You Need
  • A clean toothbrush
  • Mascara
Step By Step Tutorial
  1. Start by placing a clean toothbrush in a mug of warm water for a few minutes.
  2. Shake off the excess water, and dry it up by pressing the brush into a clean towel.
  3. Use the warm toothbrush to gently brush through your lashes and hold at the tip to curl.
  4. If you don’t achieve your desired curl, rewarm the brush and repeat the process.
  5. Apply at least two coats of mascara to finish and set the curl.

5. How To Curl Eyelashes With Warm Hands

What You Need
  • Clean, warm fingers
Step By Step Tutorial
  1. Warm your fingers by rubbing them back and forth against one another several times to generate heat.
  2. Now close your eyes and gently push your lashes against your lid. Press them so that they’re going up toward your brow, and hold them in place for a few seconds.
  3. You can repeat this process until you achieve the desired curl.
  4. Apply two coats of mascara to give your lashes volume and to set the curl.

Tips: How To Maintain Your Lashes And Curl Them Without Causing Damage

Whether you’re looking to curl your eyelashes safely or grow out healthier, more gorgeous lashes naturally, here are a bunch of tips to help you out!

  • Washing your face before bed is important, but it does not stop there. Make sure you take off every last bit of your makeup (even that almost-impossible-to-remove waterproof mascara). If you sleep with traces of mascara or eyeliner on, chances are you’ll end up with an infection, and your lashes are likely to become dry and brittle. This will cause them to fall, and you’ll blame that expensive mascara for it, but it’s all on you.
  • You can use micellar water or coconut oil to remove your eye makeup. Oils are a healthy alternative and leave your lashes nourished and moisturized.
  • Just like you look after the precious hair on your head, it’s important to do the same for your lashes. Use a conditioner or a lash serum before heading to bed – you’ll wake up with healthier, longer lashes if you follow this routine consistently.
  • When you’re using an eyelash curler, you ought to be careful. Always use a clean eyelash curler – old makeup builds up and gets stuck on your curler. This needs to be cleaned out as it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, remember not to squeeze or tug too hard, because your lashes do have the tendency to lose elasticity and turn brittle.
  • It’s important to give your lashes a break every once in a while, and trust me, your lashes will thank you for it. You have no idea how many dyes and chemicals go in the making of your mascara, and these may hinder the natural growth of your lashes.
  • Make sure you replace your mascara every three months as the formula not only gets clumpy and dry, but your mascara wand is another breeding ground for bacteria, and there’s a high risk of you catching an eye infection.
  • Lastly and most importantly, follow a healthy diet. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins, which will promote the healthy growth of your lashes.

It is time for you to rock your eyelashes! So, roll up your sleeves and grab all the tools that you need to curl eyelashes! Whether you want to do it with mascara, a spoon, a toothbrush, or just using your warm hands, all the methods that we have mentioned above barely need any effort. So, what are you waiting for then? Learn from the steps and follow the tips religiously to obtain the best results. But do not forget to eat healthy food to have naturally beautiful eyelashes.

If you can not find your eyelash curler just before you are getting ready for work, and you cannot spend time looking for it, there is no need to worry because using an old, simple technique that has been used by women all over the world for years, you can curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler.

The idea is to use a spoon to curl your eyelashes. As a matter fact, according to some women, curling eyelashes with a spoon is easier than doing the same with a modern eyelash curler.

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The first thing you need to do is to smooth out the texture of each individual eyelash in order to give the eyelashes a fuller look. Apply baby powder or conventional loose powder to make sure that the eyelashes do not stick together when you try to curl them. Powder will also prevent unwanted clumps from forming when you use mascara in the next step.

Now apply a small quantity of mascara. The mascara will aid in reinforcing and sustaining the eyelash curls. Make sure you apply a uniform layer of mascara and separate them by brushing through them. The mascara will help retain the curls on the eyelashes for a longer period of time.

When you are done applying the mascara, you need to act as quickly as possible, else the mascara will dry and you will not be able to curl your eyelashes properly. Holding the spoon in the correct manner is very important. With the concave side of the spoon facing towards you, hold its handle in between a fist made with your hand’s pinkie, ring and middle fingers. Support the spoon by placing you pointer finger at the back and your thumb on the curve of the bottom of the spoon.

Once you have applied the mascara, curl your lashes. Firmly hold your eyelashes from underneath, so that you can complete the process easily. Moreover, place the spoon right on top of your eyelashes and get the curls you desire.

If you know what you’re doing, eyelash curling is the no-mascara option for longer-looking lashes and brighter eyes. But, as with everything else in beauty, the process is not as simple as it seems. Just curling your lashes sometimes (oftentimes) leaves a lot to be desired, so we did some research on other ways to end up with that beautifully curled-up lash. Here’s what we found:

The Spoon Trick

This trick feels the most awkward—or even slightly dangerous (if you’re risk-averse, just use a plain-old eyelash curler and call it a day—no one should lose an eye attempting beauty)—but here’s the tip nevertheless: Grab a small silver spoon and a mirror. Bring the spoon up your eye—the curve should be facing outward, away from your eye. Using your thumb and pointer finger, press the base of your lash into the spoon’s edge. Go in section by section. After some careful trial and error, we found—and this is where it feels hazardous—in order to get the best results, you need to give a little flick. Proceed carefully and maybe enlist a friend to hang nearby, before and after.

The Heat Trick

Also a bit dangerous, but with guaranteed results! The science behind this one is the same as the science behind using a curling iron. Heat up your eyelash curler with your hair dryer or warm water before using it. You can even buy a heated eyelash curler like this one. Hitting the right temperature means the effects will last longer and *boom *—camel lashes all day. Perhaps this is obvious, but test the temperature on your fingers or arm hair before you apply a hot apparatus to your face.

The Vaseline Trick

The third trick for curling your eyelashes involves lubricating them with a waxy substance. Your options are endless and exciting— Vaseline, Aquaphor, Glossier Balm Dotcom, Egyptian Magic. The “how’ is easy: Coat your eyelashes in a thin layer of goop and curl them using a generic eyelash curler. The product will keep your eyelashes from getting brittle and will give some protection to the base of your lid. Additionally, it’ll also treat your lashes like a hair mask would your hair—meaning they can bend without being torn out of your eyelids.

The Waterproof Mascara Trick

If you’ve ever used mascara right after you’ve curled your lashes, you know it can completely undo your curling efforts. But using mascara before you curl your eyelashes isn’t the answer either. One solution *supposedly * is waterproof mascara. Waterproof formulas tend to be drier and able to hold the shape better than regular mascara formulas. Stay curly in water and on land.

All that effort deserves a reward. How about Nars’ new mascara?