How to curl hair using a hot air brush

It’s a brush but it works similar to a curling iron. It’s a hot brush. A hot brush will not give you cascades of curls. If that is what you want, you will need to buy a hot roller set. But a hot brush will give you volume, body and wave. It is ideal for short hair. If you have short hair and use a hot brush, you will get loose curls. If you have long hair, you will get a little wave and curl at the tips of your hair. Hot brushes also are ideal for curling bangs.

Plug in your hot brush and allow it to heat up. This takes a varying amount of time depending on the hot brush.

Pick up a section of hair and place the hot brush at the base of the hair. This works especially well with short hair or bangs. Then roll up the hot brush so that your hair wraps around the brush head once. Do not try to wrap your hair more than once. The hot brush is a brush and not a curling iron. It will get stuck in your hair if you try to roll your hair more than once.

Hold the hot brush in your hair for about 15 seconds and release it. If you did not get enough curl, repeat Step 2 and Step 3.

Brush your hair. If you have long hair, try using the hot brush as you would a standard hairbrush. If your hair is tangled, then comb out your fussy mane first. Then, glide the brush through your hair, being sure to curl the brush in as you reach the tips. You will get some wave.

Spray with hair spray. A flexible hair spray is best because it will allow your curls to move.

Curling Long Hair with a Hot Air Brush

1. Grab the first small section of your hair. Each section of hair should be about 1 inch thick. If you grab too much hair at once, the hot air brush will not be as effective. Brush each section of hair with a regular brush before using the hot air brush to avoid knots. Take your small handful of hair and place the hot air brush underneath it, near the roots.

2. Wrap your first section of hair around your hot air brush to curl it. Pull the brush outwards towards the ends of your hair, while slowly turning the brush inward. As you turn the brush inward, guide your hair so that it curls under and around the hot brush.

3. Curl your hair with the hot air brush. Roll the brush, with your hair curling around it, upward toward your roots. Once you reach your roots, hold the hot air brush in place for 10 seconds. Finally, pull the brush outwards towards the ends of your hair, and let your curl fall from the hot air brush.

If your hair gets caught, gently untangle it from the brush. Then, brush through it with a regular brush before attempting to use the hot air brush again.

Add a spritz of flexible hold hairspray to each curl as you finish curling it.

4. Apply smoothing serum to your hair if you want to smooth out your natural curls. Squirt a nickel sized amount of smoothing serum into your hands, and rub your palms together. Then, run your hands through your hair. Take extra care to ensure that your smoothing serum is applied to all of your hair. The smoothing serum will help eliminate the frizz from your hair.

5. Brush your hair with a hot hair brush to smoothen your natural curls. If you’re looking to tame your natural, frizzy curls into waves, the hot air brush should be used differently. Instead of curling each small section of hair, you can simply brush through each section with the hot air brush. The heated brush will leave your hair looking silky and smooth.

Brush from the underside of your hair, and begin at the roots. Brush your hair slowly to allow the hot air brush to smooth your hair.

6. Repeat this process until you have finished all of your hair. Finish working on the bottom section of your hair before moving to the top section of your hair. When it comes time to use the hot air brush on the top section of your hair, take down one small piece of hair at a time. Curl (or straighten) each piece individually before letting down the next piece of hair.

7. Add finishing touches to your hair. After you’ve finished all of your hair, you should give it a final brush-through and a layer of flexible hairspray. Let your hair cool completely before brushing through it with a regular brush or comb. If you want to add a final boost of volume, flip your hair upside-down and spray the roots with hairspray.

If you used the hot air brush to tame your curls, you should finish with a sheen spray to enhance your smooth and silky new locks.

Curling Short Hair with a Hot Air Brush

1. Separate your hair into sections. With short hair, it can be more difficult to divide your hair into sections because of the different lengths. You may have to divide your hair into 3-4 sections as opposed to just 2. Hold each section in place with pins or a hair tie until it is time to use the hot air brush on each section.

As with long hair, you should still use the hot air brush on small sections of hair (roughly 1 inch) at a time.

2. Start with the bottom section of your hair. Using a hot air brush on short hair is a bit different than using it on long hair. Lift up your first piece of hair and place the hot air brush underneath it, near the roots. With your brush hand, twirl the hot air brush outwards while keeping it against your roots. With your free hand, hold the section of hair down on top of the twirling hot air brush with your palm. Each section should be brushed for 15 seconds.[10]

With short hair, the hot air brush will give you waves and volume as opposed to curls.

3. Use the hot air brush on the remaining sections of your hair. Curl the remaining sections of your hair with your hot air brush, working on one section at a time. After you use the hot air brush on each piece of hair, give it a light spritz with flexible hair spray.

4. Use a hot air brush to style short hair. Hot air brushes are great tools to use when styling short hair. Twirl your hair with the hot air brush to easily create volume and hair flips. Take small sections of hair at a time, wrap them around the hot air brush, and twirl the hot air brush for 15 seconds. Repeat this until you’ve styled all of your hair.[11]

Use hairspray to hold these styles in place.

5. Use a hot air brush to dry your hair. Using a hot air brush to dry your hair will dry it and style it at the same time. Dry one small section of hair at a time, and apply smoothing and volumizing serums. Brush each section in a twirling method as if you were simply styling it. Brush each section until it is fully dry. Your hair will look similar to how it looks after getting a blowout.

Are you wondering how to use Revlon hair dryer brush to curl hair? There are five easy steps that you can try; these are the things that you will know as you read further. If you have a one-step Revlon hair tool, don’t worry if you don’t have an idea of using it to style your hair. This article will tell you how you can use a Revlon hair dryer brush to curl hair.

Curly hairs are enough to slay any party, even in casual dressing. As we girls love hair and styling the hair is no joke. So if you have a Revlon hair dryer brush, you get free from the frustration of lousy hair as it is an excellent solution to all hairstyling problems.

Nearly all of us girls blow-dry our hair styling hairdryer and straightener. But, unfortunately, we all suffer the pain required to hold two machines for almost one hour. And if you want to do some curls, then this time double up. Revlon Company has been manufacturing hair care products alongside cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances since 1932. The American company provides ease and comfort for girls to slay and rule the world with its amazingly awesome products.

What Is Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Airbrush?

The Revlon one-step hairdryer and Volumizer hot airbrush is a tool that you can’t ignore if you are a person who always wants to reach on time. This one-step incredibly reduces the blow-drying time. The elliptical structure of the brush made the brushing easy with less tugging. Hence, it saves the hair from breaking. The brush is around and paddles hair straightener brush hybrid. The flattened side of the brush that bears bristles serves as a hair straightener. The rounded ends make it easier to brush the hair. The nylon bristles pin bristles help the hair from tangling, and tufted bristles allow the brush to run smoothly on your hair.

Volumizer Feature Of Revlon

Suppose you are worried because of your extra thin hair. This Revlon hair dryer and Volumizer is just made for you. This brush serves as a dryer and adds volume to the hair. Just turn your hair upside down and brush them with the Revlon hair dryer brush for a thicker hair look.

Steps To Use Revlon Hair Dryer Brush To Curl Hair

You have to follow some simple steps to find out how to use Revlon hair dryer brush to curl hair.

Step #1. Wash your hair

Wash your hair. Use a towel to remove all the dripping water from them. Make sure that your hair is 70% dry for a better experience. Next, brush the hair by using a tooth comb or regular hairbrush. It may be helpful to read about how to properly shampoo your hair.

Step #2. Switch on your hairdryer

Plugin the hair dryer brush. Set the brush settings on warm, cool, or hot based on your own choice. In my opinion, a warm setting works best.

Step #3. Apply heat protectant

Apply a heat protectant on the ends of hair to avoid hair damage. You can also add some serum if you have very damaged hair.

Step #4. Section your hair and curl

Section your hair in two pieces. Make a bun on one side. Then section the other side again in two parts. Attach the one section with a clip-on your head. Take a portion of your hair. Brush the hair straight on the half portion. Unwrap the hair by twisting the brush around the remaining half, and voila! You got wavy hair. Repeat the procedure on the remaining hairs.

Step #5. Apply hair spray

Apply a little bit of hairspray for sleek and shiny hair. Using a 24-hour anti-humidity hold spray will help you best than a regular spray. Also, apply the dry oil mist hair spray to give your hair some extra shine.

Where To Buy?

Suppose you haven’t bought the brush yet and are looking to replace your straightener, curler, and dryer with this all-in-one hot airbrush. You must rush toward the following three stores to make your hair routine comfortable and hassle-free. These stores are selling the brush in a price range of 55-60$. If you are lucky enough to catch up on a sale, a 40$ price tag will be easily accessible.


If you go to Amazon, the five-star rating of the Revlon hair dry brush will push you to click on the buy now button.


Target is selling this fantastic product at affordable prices, and there is no problem related to being out of stock.


Walmart is also a good option for buying the Revlon hair dryer brush. No matter where you purchase the brush, you will not regret it. But make sure not to get confused between the hot airbrushes of other brands. The Revlon hair dryer brush is designed for smoother, more manageable, and fantastic curls and curves.

It’s A Wrap!

You certainly have understood how to use a Revlon hair dryer brush to curl hair. Now you can curl your hair without any difficulty as the brush is easy to hold due to its lightweight and makes the curling process fun and joyful. You have to twist the hair around the brush. You will be ready to pull out an effortless hairstyle in no time. You may also want to read about how to curl hair with blow dryer brush and how to use a hair dryer diffuser.

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Hot curling brushes are considered by many to be one step up from traditional curling irons. The two hold the same basic curling iron barrel design, but of course, instead of a metal barrel, hot curling brushes are designed as having a round bristle-brush barrel instead.

Hot curling brushes add volume as you curl, as the bristles brush through the hair to lift and separate the strands as you go. This makes your results super bouncy and shiny! For this reason, it really comes as no surprise that curling brushes are preferable to curling irons these days. Getting that bouncy look, however, might be a bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where we come in! Here’s everything you need to know about how to use a hot curling brush to get the best possible results instead of a frizzy mess.

1. Curling brushes work best when hair is damp. After you wash your hair, let it air dry for a while, or wrap it in a towel to soak up most of the water. Don’t try to rub it dry, as you’ll just create more frizz and tangles.

2. Use a comb or brush to detangle your hair. Based on your hair’s texture and thickness, you might need to add a bit of product, but ensure that you don’t weigh your hair down too much with heavy or greasy mixtures.

3. If your hair has become a bit too dry, take this moment to spritz it lightly with some water to rehydrate.

4. Apply a small amount of heat protectant to your hair, focusing on the ends. This will keep your hair safe from heat damage!

5. Section your hair into medium-sized sections. These are easier to work with than large sections, and bring much more defined results. While you section your hair, plug your hot curling brush in so that it can start to heat up.

6. Here’s where the fun begins! Starting from the tips or ends of your hair, wrap your medium-sized section around the barrel of the curling brush, ensuring that your hair is smoothly distributed over the bristles. If there are any bumps or tangles, your results won’t be as smooth as you want.

7. Keep the brush on your section for about five seconds before carefully unwrapping your hair. To set your curl more securely, you can hold the curl for a few seconds as it cools before you let it drop.

8. Repeat over all of your sections, being careful to wrap and unwrap your hair with caution. Don’t rush the process!

9. When you’re done with all the sections, spray your entire head with a holding spray or hairspray. This will give your curls a bit of hold, ensuring that they last throughout the entire day or night. Since a hot curling brush produces much lighter, fluffier curls than curling irons, you want to ensure that no matter what, they don’t lose their shape.

10. Enjoy your light, bouncy results! The difference from your traditional curling iron will be startling. We love both, but hot curling brushes really do take curled hair up another notch!

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As an entrepreneurial mom of two school-age kiddos, I don’t spend a lot of time styling my hair and haven’t for a long time. I opt for a shoulder-length cut that allows me to use a hair dryer and round metal brush to quickly blow dry and give it some basic style.

As hard as I try, I never seem to come out looking quite like I do when I leave the hair salon after getting a cut and blowout. Somehow, they magically seem to make my hair have infinitely more volume and with fewer fly-away strands.

I’ve also always had fine hair, yet with age, as those gray hairs increase in number, I struggle more with taming those fly-aways despite adding Moroccan oil and conditioner to my hair each time.

When I came across the John Freida hot air brush, which has more than 6,000 reviews on Amazon, I thought it just might be the solution I needed to add more volume while controlling loose strands. Plus, it’s currently on sale for 25% off the original price. Sign me up!

John Freida Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

“I am always pleased with the results,” one reviewer wrote. “At times I even do the Kate Middleton blowout!”

It comes with two heat settings — low and high — as well as a cool setting to help set the curl in place. The barrel of the brush is made from titanium to help hold the heat as you style your hair so it works a bit like a cross between a curling iron and a blow dryer.

The idea is to use this brush while hair is still slightly damp (blow it mostly dry with a regular blow dryer with the head upside down for more volume). The brush also uses “advanced ionic technology” to increase shine and improve frizz control, so I was excited to see what it could do.

I opted for the bigger 1.5-inch version, because I like less curl and more of a gentle flip-up or turn under, but it’s also available in a smaller 1-inch version if you’re looking for tighter curls.

It’s really easy to use

I’ve been using this hot air brush for a few weeks and found it simple to use and easily portable for a summer trip to Florida. I discovered that I was better able to mimic the repeated brushing and styling of one section of hair like my hair stylist does to help it hold more volume.

I really liked that I only needed one hand to style my hair, instead of two — one holding the brush and one holding the hair dryer — which made it less awkward and allowed me to better control the area of hair that I’m styling.

It seems like I’m not alone in liking this popular styling tool. Reviewers with a variety of hair styles, from long hair with waves to a short bob cut, agreed that the brush worked well and was simple to use.

“I am no professional hair stylist, nor do I have time to do my hair everyday (mommy of 2) but I must say this blow dryer curling brush makes getting ready so much easier,” one reviewer wrote.

Most recommended separating your hair into small sections and then blow drying each section for maximum volume.

But “setting” a curl requires a little more thought

The only downside is that I think it’s simpler to “set” the curl with a blow dryer and brush, as all you need to do is turn the hair dryer off of your hair to cool it versus with the hot air brush, you have to either turn it off or switch it to cool to stop the heat. The cool setting is right next to the hot setting, so it’s a bit difficult to know which one you’re on without looking at it.

But all in all, it’s a pretty easy and quick way to get salon-worthy hair in a snap!

For more easy hair styling recommendations, check out:

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Detangle tresses and style them instantly with the help of these heated devices.

Recreating a professional blow dry at home is always a challenge. Luckily, hot brushes are on hand to get your hair looking sleek and salon-worthy, by acting as a hair dryer, straightener and sometimes even a curling iron in one.

The Good Housekeeping Institute’s top picks for 2021 are:

  • Best hot brush:ghd Glide Hot Brush
  • Best hot brush for long hair:Dafni Classic Hair Straightening Brush
  • Best hot brush for volume:ghd Rise Hot Brush
  • Best budget hot brush:JML Simply Straight Gold Straightener Brush
  • Best hot brush for fine hair:Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete
  • Best hot brush for short hair:Remington Keratin Protect Volume & Smooth Heated Brush
  • Best travel hot brush:Dafni Allure Cordless Straightening Brush
  • Best hot brush for curly hair:BaByliss Smooth Dry Air Styler Hair Brush
  • Best hot brush for long-lasting smoothness:ikoo E-Styler Pro
  • Best hot brush for thick hair:Revamp Progloss™ Deepform Ceramic Straightening Hair Brush
  • Best hot brush for detangling:Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush
  • Best hot brush for afro hair:Remington Curl & Straight Confidence Hot Air Styler
  • Best non-heated ionic brush:Braun Satin Hair 7 BR 710 IONTEC Hair Brush

What is a hot brush and are they bad for your hair?

A hot brush is a hybrid hair tool designed for easy styling. It looks similar to a round or paddle hairbrush and works in the same way, but also has a built-in straightener. This means you’re styling as you’re detangling – saving you some valuable time.

Some hot brushes come with extra attachments such as a rough dryer or a curling tong, too, so you can achieve everything from poker-straight ends to bouncy curls.

Hot brushes are particularly useful for those who have thicker hair, as the heated plates are larger than those on hair straighteners, meaning you’ll get through more hair in a shorter amount of time.

If used correctly, a hot brush is less damaging and faster to use than a traditional hair straightener, but only use your hot brush on dry to mostly dry hair, unless it uses hot air to style.

GHI tip: Always use a heat protection spray when doing any heat styling – including using a hair dryer.

Can you use a hot brush on wet hair?

This depends on the type of hot brush you’re using. While there are models designed to take you from wet to dry with similar airflow to your go-to hair dryer, ceramic plates get too hot for wet hair and will break fragile strands.

You can use hot air stylers on damp or wet hair, but we recommend towel drying hair first to remove excess water. Hair is more fragile when wet, so styling at high temperatures will not only damage delicate strands, but you most likely won’t achieve the look you’re after either.

Applying a heat protectant before picking up your hot brush will also do wonders for the health of your tresses.

Things to consider for different hair types

Short hair: Use a brush with a slimmer head and variable bristle length to ensure even styling.

Long hair: Choose a brush with long bristles, so you can capture and style large amounts of hair at once, reducing styling time.

Curly hair: Use a hot air styler with a cool shot setting to seal the hair cuticle and prevent humidity from frizzing up your style.

Fine hair: Keep an eye out for lower temperature settings or choose a hot air styler to boost volume.

Thick hair: Look for a variable temperature brush. Thicker hair tends to need more heat to lock in style that’ll last.

Afro hair: Consider a hot air styler, which can be effective at straightening without the higher heat of a brush. Harder bristles can also help to detangle your coils as you style.

How we test

To find the best hot brushes, over 272 testers tried out 33 different models. Each styler was judged on ease of use, design, instructions and performance.

In the GHI lab, we carried out a temperature test to ensure each hot brush didn’t overheat and assessed them on design features such as automatic switch-off and the accessibility of controls.

If you’re one of those people who picked up a round brush and a blow-dryer circa age 12 and never looked back, you probably don’t understand the plight of the hair styling–challenged. However, speaking from experience, we can tell you that not all women are blessed with the innate ability to wield a round brush like a pro.

For many of us, the struggle to master the at-home blowout is real. And it involves tangled strands, sore arms, and—more often than not—a fair amount of cursing. So after spending years of struggling to figure out how to use a round brush, we’ve decided to change all that. We’ve been observing the top hair experts at work, prodding them for tips, and taking diligent notes. Now we’ve finally figured out where we’ve been going wrong all these years. Keep reading to find out how to use a round brush like a pro.

1. Air-Dry First

If you hate using a round brush, chances are you’ve tried using it on soaking wet hair and had poor results. Turns out blow-drying your hair before it is 80% to 90% dry is a waste of time and effort. If your hair isn’t mostly dry before you begin blow-drying, it’ll take way too long to finish styling, which means tired arms and lots of frustration for you.

2. Pick Your Round Brush

Not all round brushes were created equal, and not all of them promise the same results. The material and density of the bristles and the size of the brush are all factors that play into the end result. While vented metal round brushes are good for heat reinforcement while styling, boar bristle brushes are usually firmer and denser and create more tension when pulling the hair, which creates more volume and lift in the end.

And as far as diameter, round brushes follow the same concept as your curling irons: the bigger the diameter of the brush, the bigger the curl. Unless you’re a pro, don’t mess with brushes that are too small or you’ll run the risk of getting your hair tangled in the bristles.

3. Section Your Hair

As confusing as this might sound, the fastest way to blow-dry your hair with a round brush is to take your time. Wrapping sections that are too large around the round brush won’t save you any time in the end because you’ll most likely have to go back and redo them. The smaller the section, the more evenly you can dry and style the hair, and the faster you can move on. To section your hair, start by separating it into four parts. Work on one segment at a time and clip the others up and out of the way. Within that section, further divide it into smaller, more manageable subsections.

To get volume at the roots, separate out a “faux-hawk” on the top of your head and pull the brush upward and away from your head as you rotate it.

4. Change Your Angles

You know how your stylist is constantly moving when blowing out your hair? Well, that continuous movement matters. Of course, you understand that you can’t just blast your hair in one spot and expect perfection, but you’re probably not changing the angle on the brush as often as you should be. Try this technique for starters: begin with the round brush at the base of your roots, then roll it down to the ends, following the brush with the heat from the blow-dryer. Once you’ve mastered that, switch up the way you angle the brush toward the ends of your hair. Instead of always holding the blow-dryer horizontally, after you’ve lifted the root, flip your brush vertically. Give it an extra twist of the wrist or twirl as you go to add a soft, natural-looking wave at the end. One important thing to note: no matter how you’re moving the brush, always keep the nozzle of the blow-dryer parallel and angled downward so you’re evenly dispersing the heat across the section of hair and not fluffing it up.

5. Switch up Your Heat Settings

The other thing that needs to change consistently throughout the process is the setting on your blow-dryer. High heat and high air may seem like the best choice, but unless you’re a professional, using only that combination can leave you with a frizzy, tangled mess. Around your hairline, turn the settings down to medium (or low if you have curly hair), and rely on the tension you’re creating with the brush to smooth out the hair. Otherwise, you could end up over-drying those delicate hairs, which may make your tresses incredibly hard to work with.

6. Blast With Cool Air

Once you complete a section and while the hair is still wrapped around the brush, turn your heat setting down for a cool blast of air. This is meant to help your hair hold its shape. Although this might seem like an added, unnecessary step, skip it and your results may not last as long.

Fed Up with Fussy Blowdrying?

The Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush simplifies the process allowing you to dry and style hair simultaneously. Featuring two speed/heat settings, this Hot Air Brush features bristles with ball tips for extra grip and a tourmaline-ceramic brush barrel which create volume or perfect curls whilst drying. The beginning of stress less salon-style is here.

Models Price Ordering
19mm $112.95 Order Now
32mm $112.95 Order Now
38mm $112.95 Order Now


  • Two styling essentials in one appliance: a styling brush and a blow dryer
  • Tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • 1000W high efficiency motor
  • 2 speed/heat settings
  • Bristles with ball tips for extra grip, volume and smoothness
  • Ideal for all hair types including fine and damaged hair
  • Weighs only 275g


Towel dry and detangle hair. There are two heat settings. Use the high heat for initial drying and then the low heat as your hair starts to dry. Dry one section of hair at a time by winding hair gently around, or partially around the hot brush barrel. Repeat until hair is dry and desired style is achieved.


  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Guaranteed product authenticity
  • Secure online payments
  • Free delivery over $75, Australia-wide
  • Click and Collect option available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth
  • Prices always at recommended retail price. We don’t inflate our RRPs to make discounts look bigger

Have a question about the Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush? Contact us directly via 1800 251 215 or visit our Contact or FAQs pages.

Straightening natural hair does not have to be a challenge or damaging to the health of your tresses. Nor do you have to use a flat iron if you don’t want too. Technology is moving in the right direction and there are now hair straighteners available like the hot tool the hot air brush that will give you the best hair you want!

Versatility just like variety is the spice of life so being able to choose how to take care of one’s hair is only limited by the individual’s needs. One product that I’ve been hearing about lately is a Hot Air Brush and what a great tool it is drying hair and straightening it at the same time.

The Hot Air Brush (or at least a ceramic retaining hair brush) seems like a perfect fit for any wavy, curly, or coily girl. Let’s explain what it is and why this is the better choice.

This tool is considered a hybrid or a metamorphosis of a brush. It is a blow dryer + brush styling tool where warm air is forced through a vented barrel (which has teeth) to allow styling while drying the hair. There are a variety of styles in these brushes as some are simply a brush that emits hot air while others are a hot iron with bristles and those differences will yield very different results. For curly girls wanting straighter hair the hot air brush is a viable option if bone straight hair is not the intended outcome although silk wrapping after should give an even straighter look.

How do you use a hot air brush?

These hair tools can give volume, curls, and waves and simplifies the process of hair-styling while drying your tresses. A 2 for 1 kind of product. For curly girls they can actually straighten the hair or decrease the curls while adding volume. These brushes are not intended for use on wet hair.

Hair needs to be 75 to 80% dry (air dried or blow dried) with the user sectioning hair and using the brushes on each section holding close to the scalp as possible to build volume. Gently pull on the brush down the sides as you would a flat iron but never pull hard or without holding the hair as you pull.

Why use a ceramic brush?

A ceramic hot air brush is great for curly girls because it has those ceramic plates that heat up quickly and that shortens the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat and that also helps avoid heat damage. They heat up evenly so no worries on burned spots. The constant temperatures allows for optimum temperature being maintained which allows for faster styling and decreases the need for going through a section over and over again.

The negative ions which a ceramic hairbrush emits counteract the positive ions in hair which eliminates static electricity and eliminates flyaway and frizz. Negative ions also lock in hair’s natural oils for a smoother and healthier looking straight style. Lastly, they glide through the hair easily with less snagging and pulling on coils and curls. Despite the advantages of the ceramic hot air brush it is still a heat styling tool so using a heat protectant is necessary! Never skimp on that purchase. Prices for ceramic hairbrushes range from $20 to $80 so they are a good investment especially if planning on using pretty regularly.

Here’s an example of it being used below by a Natural. Despite how easy she makes it look this tool may not be ideal for fine haired naturals as it may be tugging at your strands so make sure you take that into account before purchasing and trying.

Hot Air Brush Results! Sleek…!

Products used:

Have you tried a hot air brush and if so, what did you think? Share below!

When I was in high school, I fell in love. Not with a person. With a hair tool…

A hot air brush is essentially what you’d get if a round brush and a hairdryer had a baby. I’ve never been able to master that whole holding-a-round-brush-and-blow-dryer-at-the-same-time thing necessary for creating blow-outs at home. But this little tool — which blows hot air — cuts out the middle man. With a tiny bit of practice, you can get a smooth, professional-looking blow out at home.

For the past 20 years, it has been my savior for weddings, first dates, interviews, and everyday. I use this one, which typically retails for around $20. But they also make fancy versions, if you’re into that kinda thing.

We first posted about this one million years ago, but have gotten requests for a tutorial. So, here’s how to use it:

Start with towel-dried hair. For best results, I like my hair to be in a place where it’s definitely still wet, but well past the point of dripping.

Gather the top half of your hair and secure it on top of your head. (I use one of these clips because it’s easy to secure with one hand and makes me feel more legit. But you can also use a soft scrunchy or any other plastic hair clip. Just avoid elastics, which can cause breakage.)

Begin drying the bottom portion of your hair, one section at a time. I gather two-inch-ish sections — you want to make sure the entire piece is getting exposed to the heat, but also that you’re covering enough so that you can dry your whole head in a reasonable amount of time. Start at the roots and move the brush downward, as if you were brushing your hair super slowly. You want to (gently) pull the hair a little bit taut with one hand as you brush it with the other — this is key to create smoothness.

Once the bottom half of your hair is dry, unclip the top portion and dry it in the same way, going section by section. I’ll hold these sections straight outward as I brush, to create more volume. If you want a sleeker look, then continue to brush them straight down.

At the bottom of each section, turn the brush upwards for one full rotation, which lends a bit of smoothness to the tips. You don’t need to wrap it around and around (and risk creating a tangle of doom) — just once around the brush will do.

When I’m almost done, I’ll concentrate on the topmost section of hair, on the crown of my head. Hold the hair straight up as you brush, again to help create volume.

That’s it! The entire thing takes me around 10 to 15 minutes. People ask ALL THE TIME if I’ve gotten a blow out, and I am happy to report that I have no special skills. It’s all just because of this magical tool.

Do you have any hair tools or tips you can’t live without? Would love to hear.