How to customize your shoes

Choose Your Sneakers

How to customize your shoes

Your sneakers are your canvas. It is up to you to decide what style of shoe best fits the image you want to create.

White sneakers are the simplest to customize. Choose a sneaker made of either leather or vinyl. A canvas sneaker may also be used but could prove to be a much trickier surface for a beginner. Unless you are familiar with the many different types of paints and how they are applied to different surfaces, steer clear of canvas for now. Here we will be using white leather sneakers as pictured above.

Make a Sketch

How to customize your shoes

Before you do anything with those soon-to-be-customized kicks, it is best you devise a rough sketch of your plan. Draw an example of what you want to create on paper or use a computer program like Photoshop or Illustrator. This will help you to better visualize your sneaker masterpiece before you start working with permanent paints.

Creating a rough sketch is extremely important because you are working with a pair of shoes as your canvas. You want to make sure both shoes are designed to look identical for them to be a successful pair of custom kicks.

Get Your Paints

How to customize your shoes

Now that you have an idea of the image you want to create and the colors you need, it’s time to pick your paints.

Paint markers are usually a very good option for customized sneaker projects. These can be found at your local art supply store or online. If you go to an art supply shop you can usually test the paint markers before you buy them.

Some paint markers release very weak paint and some are extremely watery. These types do not work well for sneaker art. Make sure the markers you choose have the thickest consistency for the best results.

Paint markers are available in various tip sizes: fat to skinny. Based on your sketch, choose the proper tip sizes for your image. You want to be able to control lines, fill space and define curves. The thinner the tip, the easier it will be to draw details and get to those hard-to-reach spaces. The thicker the tip, the more paint you can spread to large areas.

Spray paint can also be used. However, if you use spray paint as a base, make sure you get skinny caps to keep the aerosol from covering detail you want to show. Spray cans are harder to control and best used on large canvases. Beginners are advised against using spray paint for their custom sneaker project. Take our advice and stick to paint markers if perfection is what you seek.

Lastly, you may want to pick up a can of clearcoat. This is entirely optional but may be useful in extending the life of your artwork. It can provide a barrier against the potential cracking that can occur if the customized sneakers are worn too much.

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In the eCommerce industry, everyone wants it “their way,” and consumers expect businesses to deliver custom options.

Think about how people order when you go to a restaurant. They want no tomato but add avocado, and the burger to be cooked medium-well, but not too well. So, in a nutshell; preferences rule the world.
Modern consumers expect the ability to customize anything and everything to fit their individual preferences.

If you want your business to become competitive in a global marketplace, you have to tune into what other companies are doing and then figure out how you can offer something more specific to your customers. In today’s day and age, most things have become customizable and in this article, we’d be specifically looking at shoe customization:

Supercharge your Shoe business with shoe customization

Customization refers to the tendency of incorporating personal choices in the product that becomes symbolic for the customers. In the digital era, when every product can afford custom designs, shoes are also in the race. The modern customers want footwear that not only matches their attire but also reflect a strong statement of their personality. Thus, customization offers a broad scope of expansion to the entrepreneurs in the shoe industry.

Give Fashion Edge to your customers:

Customers can select their design, top fabric, color, and other details of their footwear with high precision. They can choose from a wide range of styles including Sports Shoes, Loafers, Formal Shoes, Derby Boots, Oxford Shoes, Casual Shoes, Canvas Shoes, and Sandals.

In other cases, the customers can personalize their footwear by applying trademarks, logos, texts, text styles, clipart, and images from the extensive collection of the pre-loaded library of designs and art.

In case, at any point in time, the user feels that the final product doesn’t match with their expectations, it is always possible to go back and start from scratch. The customers can also share their creativity with their friends on the social network.

How to customize your shoes

What does 3D Transformation look like?

3D is transforming the view of a wide range of fields globally. Interactive 3D is offering better ways to answer the very top questions every customer has;

“Is this product going to be exactly what I want?”

The ability to interact gives so much more. It is now widely acknowledged that online reviews and influencer trends are no longer enough. Customers want to feel products on several levels instead.
With this service, customers can experience the product from all angles and customize product attributes such as texture, color, and all other components. Customers can watch your product transform in real-time from any device without using plugins.

They can also configure custom designs even if you don’t have those specifics available. Once such a service is implemented, you can boost your eCommerce platform through the power of immersive visualization!

We did it with Alfred Cloutier

How to customize your shoes

Alfred Cloutier boasts over 80 years of superior craftsmanship, mastering every step of the shoemaking art has established online custom products for their customers and which has been super victorious for the company. Alfred Cloutier’s commitment to beautiful and innovative custom shoes continues today. Here is how we did it for them and we have the same opportunity for you to give your brand the edge over others with the power of Productimize!

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Checkerboard your photos with the new Customs Checkerboarder tool.

Pick your favorite colors, and we’ll do the design work for you.

How to customize your shoes

A fresh look picked just for you. Customize your next pair with the new Roses Checkerboard pattern, available now.

How to customize your shoes

How to customize your shoes

Create your own Vans Customs using exclusive prints from your favorite spooky movies, Beetlejuice and Gremlins. Show your love for these films on classic Vans styles!

How to customize your shoes

Show off your astrological sign with these 12 new and colorful zodiac prints, one for each cosmic position. Start customizing your own unique pair.

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How to customize your shoes

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own custom made track shoe, look no further. Technology has made it possible for you to custom build a track shoe online. Define each color of the shoe, choose between various materials and even select the type of insole you like. Create a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes that reflect your style and personality. Who knows, you may even discover your talent for shoe design.

Visit a website that allows you to design your shoes. As of April 2010, there are a few sites that allow you to design your own shoes online, such as Keds and Nike. However, Nike is one of the few websites that allows you to design track shoes online, and therefore will be used as an example in this article.

Log onto Hover your mouse over the “Men’s” or “Women’s” menu and select “Track & Field.” A new screen will appear with a list of Track & Field products. Choose the pair of track shoes you like by clicking on the image. A new screen will appear with the shoe floating in the middle of the “Design Your Own” application.

Click on the basic shoe design you like best. There will be a few options floating at the bottom left of the screen. If you don’t like the shoe options, click on “Start Blank.” This will give you a plain white track shoe.

Hover the mouse over different parts of the shoe to see the parts that are customizable. Click on that area, such as “Base,” to change the base color of the shoe. Choose from a variety of style and graphics options or from a selection of solid colors. Click the color or style box, and it will change colors in the picture.

Continue to change other aspects of the shoe, such as the shoe string colors and the color of the “Swoosh.” When the shoe meets your desired specifications, click on the “Size” button in the menu to the right of the shoe. Select whether you want men’s or women’s sizes, and then choose the size and quantity that you want to buy. Finally, click “Add to Cart” to continue to check out.

Do you want to create your own Nike shoes to welcome the Spring festival that is coming? Nike has more than a thousand types of shoes in their warehouse but you might not able to find one that fits your feet. Although Nike launches new shoe models every year, it is highly recommended to customize your own Nike shoes at least once in a lifetime. There are unlimited fun and satisfaction while designing your own Nike shoes. You stand a chance to be the top designer and you are the one who decide the style and colors for the shoe. In addition, you can also decide the material for each part. Vinyl or leather is up to your choice.

People who stay near to a NIKEiD studio can simply walk into the studio and use the kiosk to customize a pair of Nike shoes. Other than the physical NIKEiD studios, NIKE also allows you to customize your own Nike shoes online. As long as there is an internet connection, you can design any Nike shoes online at anytime you want. For those who prefer to sit in your own room to do the work, here is the step by step guide on how to create your own Nike shoes online.

Step 1: Access to NIKEiD online to begin. This is the direct link for NIKEiD U.S. People who reside in Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, China, or Germany can use the same link too. However, NIKEiD USA does not deliver to Australia and New Zealand.

Step 2: At NIKEiD website, select any type of shoes you want to customize. Make sure it has the “CUSTOMIZE IT” icon below the product image. Shoe models such as KOBE Bryant KOBE+8 System, Nike Jordan, Nike Air Max often can be customized. Click on the shoe and then click on “Start Customizing” to begin.

How to customize your shoes

Step 3: There will be a color panel for you to select the color and material you prefer on each part of the shoe. This is where you need to spend more time to make sure your design is unique. This is where you need to spend more time and effort to create a pair of Nike shoes that no one else see it before.

Other than Nike, you can also design your own Converse.

When you finished the design, you can click on “Add to Cart” button at the same page to place order with NIKEiD. All you need to do is to enter the delivery address and make the payment using credit card or debit card. The delivery is between four to five weeks. You can still do this even you do not plan to buy. The fun to create your own Nike shoes is definitely enjoyable.

How to customize your shoes

How to Modify Your Jordan Sneakers

In the sneakers fashion industry, style is everything. Many fresh ideas and concepts are all over the place on how best to customize your Jordan shoes. Everyone is allowed to create a pair of custom Jordan’s at no cost, and with minimum tools in your living room.
There is simply no limit to how far you can go designing your shoes. The excitement that comes with experimenting with your brushes and paints is overwhelming, and since it’s all free, you can customize as many pairs as you wish. You will only part with money if you approach companies like Nike to build the sneakers according to your specifications. But why abandon the thrill of customizing your own Jordan’s the way you want?

Here are six stages to customize your own Jordan’s online

  1. If you live in the US, you can access the Nike website at After selecting your language and country, click on the Jumpman logo and get access to a page with Michael Jordan items such as clothing, gear, accessories and of course, Air Jordan Shoes.
  2. Click on custom button and Customize with NIKEiD. If you’re using Android phones, you will need to tap the + sign and the Customize with NIKEiD to access the page.
    Click the name Jordan in collections.
  3. This will grant you access to a list of Jordan shoes. Browse the many designs and select what suits your fancy, including Jordan 5, Jordan Alpha, Jordan 11, Jordan CP3 and Jordan Spizike.
  4. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for because you get the chance to put your design on the shoe. Click on the choice you made. Go to the color panel on the left. Select your preferred color pattern, and taking your time, consider what’s best for straps, base, accent, eyelets, laces, lining, midsole topline, midsole, and outsole.
  5. Take note that most Jordan shoes come with a personal id, but not every design has an option to place a heel id. But you can place personal id and a heel id on the Spizike layout.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Customize Jordan Shoes Offline

How to customize your shoes

Get Materials

Buy the right materials to do a proper customization job. If the shoes are made of leather, make a point to compile:

  • Angelus paint‚
  • Rubber gloves‚
  • Acetone‚
  • Cotton balls‚
  • Glass (not made of plastic)‚
  • Paint brushes (medium and liner)‚
  • Masking tape‚
  • X-Acto knife‚
  • Matter finisher‚
  • Hair dryer (optional)

Get Prepared

After donning your gloves, soak your cotton balls with acetone. Rub the coating off the leather and patiently scrape it off. If the rubbing leaves an unsightly paste residue, that’s normal. More soaked cotton will gradually eliminate the paste. Once the paint is off, the leather turns gray. This process will take about 40 minutes.

Masking with Tape

Once the coating is off, use masking tape to carefully cover all those areas that you don’t want to get paint on. Use an X-to knife and cut along the edges to get clean lines.

Mix the Colours

Mix the colors in the glass and stir vigorously with the brush. And since this is your experimentation, much of it trial and error, you can mix as many diverse colors as you like. Expect to get better and more refined with time.

Paint Your Shoes with Brush

As you start to paint your shoes, apply light, thin layers. This will enable you to avoid streaks. Apply more paint to achieve an even finish. Ensure the layer dries off first before applying the next coat. Use the hair dryer in cold weather to speed up the process.Expect to make mistakes due to paint spill overs, especially if you’re not adept at using small brushes. This is normal in any paint job.

Take Care of Details

Use the small liner brush in your tools arsenal to clean up the edges, and the small details along the shoe. Take your time. You don’t want to get impatient and make blunders after all the patient preparation. Here is a detailed guide on how to clean your jordans.


The Angelus paint is made to withstand the elements. After the painting and once the shoe is dry, you’ll need to seal them and do the custom. Using the dryer, dry off the remaining paint. When the shoe is completely dry apply finisher. Use Krylon Matte, which is readily available at Arts and Craft stores. As you spray, avoid getting close to the fumes. Spray liberally and let the shoe dry. If you’d rather use a different finisher, there are many varieties to choose from. Once the custom is finished, apply the laces and you’re good to go.


How to customize your shoes

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How to customize your shoes

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How to customize your shoes

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How to customize your shoes

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How to make money by Selling Jordans Well, we all have heard of sneakers, but do we really know how beneficial they are? Sneakers are world class fashion objects that many people get the intense obsession. Due to this, you will find some people keeping a stock of them. Are you aware of how costly […]

How to customize your shoes

How to Customize Jordan Shoes

How to Modify Your Jordan Sneakers In the sneakers fashion industry, style is everything. Many fresh ideas and concepts are all over the place on how best to customize your Jordan shoes. Everyone is allowed to create a pair of custom Jordan’s at no cost, and with minimum tools in your living room. There […]

Nike, Adidas, Converse, Reebok, and PUMA allow you to create your own basketball shoes online for free. It is a must to do it at least once in a lifetime especially if it is your dream to own a pair of your very own basketball shoes. With the online program provided by these top basketball shoe brands, you can easily craft a pair of basketball shoes with your computer, laptop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any Android devices that is able to connect to the internet.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design your own basketball shoes online with NIKEiD. Nike is chosen to be the tutorial here because we have posted two related article before, they are create your own LeBron James shoes and design your own Jordan shoes. Once you have learned how to create your own basketball shoes with Nike, you can do it with Adidas, Converse, Reebok, or PUMA easily.

Step 1: First, open a web browser and access to NIKEiD official website at Expand the SPORT category and select Basketball. Under Category, select Shoes to remove all unwanted basketball gear. You should be able to see a list of customizable basketball shoes appear at this page.

Step 2: Under Shoe Technology, you have an option to filter away those basketball shoes that you don’t prefer. There are Nike Zoom, Nike Air Max, Nike Lunarlon, Nike Flyknit, Nike Flywire, and Hyperfuse under the list. Pick the shoe model you want to customize and click on it to enter to the design page.

How to customize your shoes

Step 3: There will be a sample shoe appear at this page and it is kind of huge. That makes your design look clear. Click on Start Customizing to begin your design.

Step 4: There will be a color panel on your right and this is where you should begin your design. You can select the pattern, color, and material for each part of the shoe. The sample shoe on your left will change according to what you have selected in the color panel. What you need to do is to complete each part of the shoe with your preferred color or texture including the base, tongue, lining, lace, midsole, outsole, and others.

How to customize your shoes

Step 5: Give a name to your own basketball shoes by adding a tongue iD to it. Be it your favorite number or your nickname, make sure it is yours! For a certain basketball shoes such as the Nike Hyperdunk 2014, you can add an extra inside tongue iD.

Step 6: Lastly, use the 360 degree viewer features to view the shoe again and again. You can always go back to the previous steps to edit and make your own basketball shoes look nicer. Also, there is an option to buy the shoe. You can click on the Add To Cart button and follow the process to make your payment to NIKEiD. NIKE will craft the shoe according to your design and deliver it to your doorstep within 2-4 weeks. Well, that should be a very good Christmas and New Year present for everyone.

How to customize your shoes
Custom Basketball Shoes

Suit Your Style or Your Needs with Custom Shoes

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How to customize your shoes

Custom shoes are hot. Whether you need custom shoes due to some sort of foot problem, or you just like the idea of your footwear being different from the “off the rack” styles, you’ll be happy to know that custom footwear is hot.

Below you’ll find several resources for custom shoes from personalized baby shoes to shoes built to fit your feet and everything in between.

Custom Fit Shoes and Orthotics for People with Foot Problems

While customized shoes are a nice luxury for some people, for others they are a necessity. Whether you have a foot condition, need additional support or have feet of different sizes, the following sources can help to make custom shoes specifically for your feet.

  • Hersey Custom Shoe Company
  • James Taylor & Son
  • Doctor’s Foot Lab (Custom Orthotics)

Customized Brand-Name Shoes

Lots of big names are jumping on the custom shoe bandwagon. Among them are names like Nike, Converse, and Vans. Here are a few brands that will allow you to select custom materials, colors and detailing for your unique shoes.

  • NikeID and Converse One
  • Vans
  • Timberland

Design Your Own Shoes

While the places above allow you to customize certain details about your shoes, what if you could actually design your fantasy footwear and have it made for you? While it’s not a cheap prospect, and you’ll need to make an appointment, the salons and shoemakers below will allow you to do just that.

  • Caroline Groves (UK)
  • Pasquale Di Fabrizio (US)
  • Grisha’s (US)

Custom High Heels and Women’s Dress Shoes

For a while, it seemed as if shoe customization was going to only be available to those looking for sneakers or athletic shoes, or for those who really needed practical shoes to accommodate for some type of foot problem or orthotic device. But there are also some companies that allow customers to customize women’s shoe styles, especially high heels and dress shoes.

  • Shoes USA

Hand-Painted and Embellished Shoes

If you don’t have the funds or the inclination to have a pair of shoes custom-designed for you, there are still plenty of opportunities to find one-of-a-kind footwear. Some of the following options even allow you to send them the shoes you’d like painted or customized.

  • – stunning, hand-painted wedding and dress shoes.

Custom and Personalized Baby Shoes

These custom and personalized shoes for infants will probably be appreciated more by the parents than the babies — and they make great shower gifts.

  • NameDate Baby Shoes: The original name and date baby shoes in several styles.
  • PodsShoes: This Etsy shop features several styles of custom, handmade baby shoes.
  • Soft Star Shoes & Moccasins: Choose materials, styles, and colors.

Make Your Own Shoes

For the ultimate in custom shoes, you could always try your hand at making a pair of shoes yourself. The following articles offer several options, ranging from weekend workshops to degree programs in shoe design.

Selling your designs on custom, handmade-to-order shoes is a unique way to offer customers your wearable art. But if you don’t have a background in apparel, product design, or fashion, designing and marketing your own shoes can feel daunting. Breathe deeply, and read on. There are plenty of good reasons to include custom slip-ons as a product in your online store. Take the leap and read our tips for designing and marketing your own custom shoes.

Scope Shoe Specs

Start designing for the product by learning more about it. All Bucketfeet shoes are handmade-to-order, featuring a classic slip-on silhouette, rubber sole for traction, removable cushioned in-soles, and machine-washable material. The soles and heels highlight the much-loved Bucketfeet brand. Designs are sublimation printed on the fabric for high-quality, long-lasting colors.

Consider Design Layouts

Now that you’re comfortable with the product specs, it’s time to think about designing. Each pair of Bucketfeet is printed in sections, then assembled, meaning there are four separate printable areas per shoe or eight areas in total. How you choose to lay out your design is completely up to you, but there are several popular layouts that tend to drive the most sales.

All-Over Designs

Separate Quarter Designs

Complementary Designs

Set Up Design Files

With your preferred layout determined and your design ready to go, it’s time to set up your design files. You’ll need to download and use the shoe file template in any program that can edit a .PSD file (Photoshop is recommended, but GIMP or similar programs work too). The all-over design layout makes art files easy, since the same design file can be used for all shoe sizes, but don’t let that stop you from getting creative. The product preview in your shop will use the middle-sized template for the shoe mock-up. If you’re adding shoes for the first time, you’ll need to upload the primary file as a design preview. Need more help with design files and product setup? Read more in this in-depth article.

Take Pics of Your Kicks

Lifestyle photography is a powerful tool to encourage online sales. It’s an easy way to help people imagine what it’s like to wear your designs as shoes—and see how you recommend styling the shoes as part of a complete look. Good photography puts your products in context and creates a larger story for the audience to get excited about.

You don’t have to be professionally trained or have a fancy camera. Think about the story you want to tell with your design and where the best location would be for that photo. While it’s fun to shoot outdoors, sometimes the best and easiest product images happen indoors. Ask friends to help you as models, make a list of the shots you want to capture in advance, and start your product photoshoot.

“Bold Botanicals” design photographed indoors “Bold Botanicals” design photographed outdoors “Pineappleade” design in lifestyle photography

Promote Your Shoes

New photos of your products are perfect for sharing on social and in email campaigns. Let your customers know whenever you’ve got a new shoe design available by posting on Instagram (consider posting and featuring the post in Stories also). Curate your feed to be a mix of new work, customer favorites, other art you love, and inspiration you take from the world around you. Remember to share a link in your bio to your shop, so followers can find out more about your designs and products in your online store.

Think Seasonally

You want to refresh how you market and promote your shoes as the seasons change. Since consumers tend to buy shoes in preparation for fall (back-to-school sales) and again in the spring before summer, it’s important to share fresh photos and creative marketing for those seasons. Think about posts that feature your designs in seasonal backdrops like the beach, on a picnic, or in the mountains hiking. You don’t have to give up on marketing your slip-ons in winter, just style them with quirky printed socks and pants featuring designs that elicit a colder weather vibe.

Looking for more inspiration? Head to the Threadless Marketplace to peruse Bucketfeet shoe designs from our artist community.

The sneaker market is a $55 billion per year industry. But even the secondary market for sneakers is a $1 billion industry. That $1 billion per year is just shoe owners selling sneakers to other people! Custom shoes are big business, and getting bigger every year.

People of all kinds will pay up for one-of-a-kind, hand painted custom shoes. And in the age of the internet and social media, celebrities and athletes are buying these shoes and wearing them out in public. That publicity drives even more business to the artists that created the custom kicks.

As noted in a recent New York Times article, custom shoe artists from California, to Cleveland, to Connecticut are setting up customization shops. They sell their freshly painted shoes both locally and in online stores, and even take custom orders.

The average pair of painted sneakers sells for 3 to 10 times the original retail price of the plain sneakers. For example, BStreetShoes in Costa Mesa, CA sells its hand-painted Nike sneakers starting around $250 a pair, and prices go up to $800+ for a pair of sneakers with a complex design. That’s a nice profit margin for a few hours of a sneaker artist’s time.

So you want to get into the custom sneaker business? This might help get you started.

1. Start painting shoes. Now. How to customize your shoes

Celebrity sneaker artists become well know because they’re good. Their talents, creativity, self-promotion, and work ethic make them stand out from the crowd. The only way to get good at painting sneakers is to start doing it. And it takes hundreds — if not thousands — of hours to get good at painting shoes.

Like Benjamin Franklin said, “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Pick up a beginner’s custom shoe paint kit and dive into coloring some kicks ASAP, even if you start with a worn-out pair from your closet.

While your first few pairs of custom kicks probably won’t sell for $7,000 (like the pairs customized by Cleveland sneaker king Jacob Ferrato do) you’ll probably still be able to turn a modest profit.

2. Run in the same circles as custom sneaker fiends.

To successfully hang your shingle as a customer sneaker artist, you have to be able to hang with current sneaker artists. (And ideally, surpass them.) It’s time to follow some of the sneaker kings of Instagram, to see what they’re up to. Need some names to get a start? Follow Dan Gamache of Mache Customs, Jacob Ferrato of JBF Customs, and Blake Barash of B Street Shoes.

If you know of anyone local who designs custom kicks, reach out to them. Befriending the local players and potentially gaining a business partner or mentor can give you a huge boost to your young business.

3. Market your services and products.

Once you’re good enough at coloring kicks that you feel comfortable putting your work on the market, you need to start promoting your talents. Come up with a catchy business name and create social media accounts to start spreading the buzz about your business. Start with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Create Craigslist ads to sell custom sneakers you’ve already painted, or advertise for completely custom shoe painting services based on your client’s color and design preferences. Show some photos of your work in the listing–it will help broadcast your talents to potential customers and fellow artists alike.

Craigslist is an easy and free way to get your first few gigs. If you don’t have the particular colors your client wants, you can always head over to Angelus to pick up a few individual color bottles that will get the job done.

Once you’ve sold a few pairs of shoes, you can put the profits toward starting a basic website. Squarespace and WordPress provide easy templates to get you started. A dedicated web storefront will really boost your sales and open the door to serving national and international clients seeking custom sneakers.

4. Hang on for the ride!

You’ve heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” If you have the skills to create awesome custom sneakers, the market will find you and pay you well. People love rare and unique things, and if you can offer sneaker lovers amazing, one-of-a-kind custom kicks, they will compensate you well for your talents.

Every great journey starts with a single step. Or, as any good basketball coach would tell you, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

So get a move on! Pick up some supplies, go color your kicks, and start up your custom sneaker business!

Unofficial Guide To Designing with Custom Jordans

How to Design your own Shoes

Step 1: Go to the Jordans website and then click on the Custom tab.

From here, you’ll notice the wide variety of designs available including Chuck Taylor, Star Player, Jack Purcell and more. Make sure you scroll down the page as they just keep coming! You have the ability to choose your colour, patterns, design and Personal iD depending on the shoe you have selected.

Step 2: Once you have completed your design, you will need to email the design to yourself by using our share guide.

Please note: You will NOT be designing anything on our website as we only provide a guide on how you would do complete your design. Clicking the banner below will enable a working link.

Completed My Design

What do I do after my design is completed

Step 3: When you have finished making your own Jordans Shoes using Custom Jordans, you will need to share the design to be able to view it. You can follow our detailed shared guide to email your custom design of your shoes.

You will need to ensure that your design is complete before sharing, this would include your personal iD, shoe size and anything else.

Please click on the Share page on our website for further details.

How to customize your shoes How to customize your shoes How to customize your shoes How to customize your shoes How to customize your shoesHow to customize your shoes

Converse By You

A new way to order Custom Converse Shoes in Australia.

Converse By You provides a service to allow you to design your own shoes with Custom Converse and ship them to Australia in 3 easy steps. We are not Converse or have any association with them , we simply provide you with a service to ship your Converse Shoes to Australia. To get started, check out our step by step guides below.


Design your own Shoes

First step is to design your own Converse Shoes on the Converse website to fit your style. Read our detailed guide.


Share your Custom Converse Design

Once you have designed your own unique converse shoes, simply share your design with ConverseByYou. We will send you details on how you can complete your order.


Order your new Custom Converse Shoes

Once your design has been shared, please follow the instructions in the email provided to place your unique Custom Converse shoes order. Correct shipping details will be required to ship to anywhere in Australia. Please see our Order page on our website for further details.

Every home needs a proper shoe storage system and customization plays a very important role here. You want your shoe rack to fit nicely into the context of the space that it’s a part of. If it looks out of place that’s not really a good sign. Design, style and proportions are all important and DIY shoe racks are really great because they offer lots of different customization possibilities. Check out some inspiring ideas below.

Before we look at all the shoe rack designs that would look great in the entryway, let’s first check out this garage storage system. It has a very raw and slightly industrial look which is all intentional. You can easily get that same look if you’re using reclaimed or unfinished materials. You can keep this shoe rack in the garage to save some space inside the house and you could use it to store all the sports equipment, garden boots and off-season shoes.

Moving on to some more polished designs, we have this stylish shoe rack that we think looks really nice. It’s made out of plywood and includes six short storage shelves and two tall cubbies. You can adjust the distance between the shelves or their number if you find it necessary. The cubbies are a nice touch and very useful if you’re wearing boots.

This right here is a pretty simple shoe storage bench with a rustic-industrial design. It’s made out of wood boards and wire grating which is an unusual combination. The bench frame is clearly distinguishable and stands out while the shoe rack is an addition focused on functionality more than anything else.

It’s entirely possible to not have much free space for a large storage cabinet, as it’s often the case with entryways. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a proper shoe rack design that can fit and be practical at the same time. This vertical rack is one of the possibilities. In fact, it’s so slender that it can fit behind the door. It’s made with wooden slats which you can stain or paint to match your existing decor. All the details of the project can be found on instructables.

Here’s another vertical shoe rack that you can easily fit in a small entryway. It looks nice if you let it just lean against the wall but you could also attach it to the wall if you want more stability. The wood rods form separate layers, one for each pair of shoes. This makes this storage system very simple and easy to use. Of course, you can expand it if needed, either vertically or horizontally. Check out instructables for some extra details.

You can make something really cool using metal pipes and fittings. Naturally, it will have an industrial look which might not fit into certain interior designs and decors. However, you could add this to a walk-in closet or a separate storage room in which case it could be a really cool feature. You have a ton of freedom to scale up this storage system as much as you want to and the details featured on instructables would really help.

This particular DIY shoe rack is quite small but at the same time it’s quirky and interesting. It’s made using MDF and round wooden dowels and it’s big enough to hold eight pairs of shoes in total. As you can tell if you look closely, several different shapes are mixed into this design. You could make things easier by only using one or skipping this step altogether and just use square boards. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same. Check out instructables for more details.

It’s quite common for entryway benches to have some sort of shoe storage rack incorporated into them and that’s a combination that works because it’s practical. With that in mind we really want to share with you a project that we found on treyandlucy. The bench has hairpin legs which look stylish and complement the live edge wood in a really chic way. Underneath the bench there’s a storage system for shoes which uses labeled baskets. What a fun and simple idea!

Metal pipes and wood go well together as beautifully demonstrated by this shoe rack from etsy. Building something like this from scratch wouldn’t be very difficult. You can even make it bigger or smaller based on how space is available or you could create a different version inspired by this particular design. Reclaimed wood would definitely be a nice fit for this project.

Another interesting idea comes from sawdustgirl where we came across this shoe storage system that uses pegs. What’s nice about this design is that it’s very space-efficient. You can install this on a wall and add more pegs as needed. The idea is that each peg holds one shoe so make sure you use an even number.

This spinning shoe rack is also very space0efficient because it takes up little space on the floor and is also easy to use. You can spin it like a carousel which makes it possible to place this against a wall or in a corner and still manage to reach the back shelves. Check out this shoe rack on etsy for more details.

Wooden crates are super easy to repurpose and can be used to make a nice and also practical storage system for the entryway. The idea comes from livefromjulieshouse and tat’s where you can find all the details about this project. You can use multiple crates and mix and match them as you see fit and you can also install a few hooks on the sides to make a little organizer for the keys.

As you probably know already, pallets are super versatile too and can be repurposed in tons of different ways. Turning a wooden pallet into a shoe rack is super easy and requires minor alterations to the original structure. You could disassemble the pallet and then cut the boards to size before assembling the rack but you could also just keep the original proportions if they suit your space. You can find additional details on craftynester.

A small shoe rack could be made out of scrap wood and you may have some leftovers from your previous projects. We really like the design featured on realitydaydream. It’s simple but it’s also a bit quirky plus it’s also space-efficient. You can pair this with other pieces such as shelves or accent tables.

Square, Round, and Chisel toe. Black, Brown, and Grey. With numerous options being offered by online shoemakers, you must have a USP for your brand. Through Brush Your Ideas Shoe Design Software, you can offer an excellent shoe customization facility. Let your customers choose their shoe style/type/color and design their shoes with this shoemaker software.

You can easily integrate our online Shoe Design Tool with your website and offer a user-friendly dashboard to your customers. You can also permit/restrict your customers to design different areas of shoes. (Vamp, Counter, Upper, etc.). As soon as the shoe is designed, they can have a preview of the designed shoe and place an order with you.

Be it high-end shoes that reflect the personality of your customer or sports shoes that make a statement; our cost-effective advanced shoe designing software is all your customers need to design a creative footgear. Additionally, our tool can be integrated with every eCommerce platform.

Shoes That Reflect Style

Our fully responsive HTML5 shoe design tool software makes it easy for your customers to create stylish ad-hoc designs on shoes through few clicks.

Shoe Design Tool Features

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How to customize your shoes

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Last year, we learned that Céline Dion has an entire warehouse dedicated to storing her immense collection of footwear. (Yes, we do think about that fact a lot.) But for those of us who don’t have 10,000 heels, boots and flats to house—seriously, Dion owns ten thousand pairs of shoes—figuring out how to store your kicks can be a challenge. So, whether you’re working with a 300-square-foot apartment or you want to design your dream walk-in closet, here are 18 shoe storage ideas that will make the most of your space.

How to customize your shoes

1. Stack Some Shoe Cubbies

These handy little slots make it easy to see all your shoes at a glance, and even come in two different sizes, to better accommodate heels and booties. Pro tip: Organize each row by style and put the shoes you reach for most often in the top cubbies, for easy access. Special occasion and out of season shoes can then take up the boxes closer to the floor. Stack them vertically if you don’t have a ton of spare floor space, or line them in a low row as a sort of border against a wall.

How to customize your shoes

2. Or Invest in Clear Shoe Boxes

If you’re worried about dust or debris ruining your most precious pairs, you could always invest in these individual cubbies. The translucent plastic allows you to see what’s in each box (unlike regular shoe boxes) and they open from the front, so you won’t have to unstack and restack everything just to get to the bottom pair. That said, you can configure this set in any way you’d like, depending on the space you have available.

How to customize your shoes

3. Hang Your Footwear Inside Your Closet

Not into the idea of having your footwear on display? Install some hanging shelves in your closet. This 10-shoe option is made from linen, making it easy to spot clean (although it’s not recommended that you throw it in the washing machine) but also gentle on your suede flats…and the lace dress your shelves will be hanging next to.

How to customize your shoes

4. Utilize Your Closet Door with a Tiered Rack

Affix this sleek 12-tier rack to the back (or front) of your closet door to make use of an area that’s oft forgotten—without taking up any precious floor space. It can hold approximately 36 pairs of shoes, although boots and taller booties may need a separate storage solution.

How to customize your shoes

5. Look Under the Bed

While we like this option most for out-of-season styles (out of sight, out of mind), you can use it for any and all footwear. The 16 slots are best for flats, sandals or sneakers, but you can easily squeeze an ankle boot or heel in each (meaning there will be room for only eight pairs of boots or heels). Plus, the soft but durable fabric on this organizer won’t scratch your floors, no matter how often you find yourself pulling it out from under the bed.

How to customize your shoes

6. Opt for a Hidden Storage Bench

There’s no rule that says you have to store your shoes in your closet…or even your bedroom, for that matter. Give your front hall some additional responsibility by adding a bench with hidden storage, ideal for housing your most-worn pairs. (This particular West Elm piece is part of a modular set so you can build and expand to fit your exact needs.)

How to customize your shoes

7. Or Go for Some Minimal Shelves

On the other hand, if you don’t mind showing off your collection of brightly-hued kicks but would still prefer keeping your footwear out of the bedroom, go for a simple bench with open shelves. Keep your workout sneakers on the floor under the bottom shelf and keep your taller winter and rain boots in the middle. Now, you also have a convenient place to sit while you lace up those new combat boots.

How to customize your shoes

8. Flip Your Boots Upside Down

This simple rack might look pretty funny, but it’s a great way to keep tall boots from flopping over or losing their shape. Set the rack in a mudroom or at the back of your closet and (just be wary of any dresses, coats or tops that hang low enough to skim the bottoms of your boots) and slip four pairs of tall boots into place. Note: The height is listed at 19 inches, making this a good option for knee-high styles or anything with a shaft shorter than 18 inches (it’s a good idea to leave a little room at the bottom to avoid smooshing the top of the boot).

9. Repurpose Pool Noodles

If your thigh-high boots are too tall for the above rack, we have a rather creative solution for you: pool noodles. That’s right, all you need are some clean foam tubes (we suggest buying new ones, although you can always upcycle last year’s pool toy), a marker and some scissors and you’ll have an easy, inexpensive way to prop up even your tallest thigh-highs. Find our tutorial here.

How to customize your shoes

10. Stuff Tall Boots with Ripped Tights and Old Linens

If you’re really not looking to spend any additional cash, you can always repurpose old bedsheets, pillowcases or ratty T-shirts and stuff them into tights that are behind repair, to provide some structure to your boot’s shaft and help maintain its shape. You don’t need to fill the entire shaft, just go high enough so it will sit upright and stay in place. And don’t over stuff; you don’t want to stretch them out.

How to Give Shoes More Grip

Old shoes that have worn, shoes with smooth areas, and new shoes, especially ones that have leather or plastic soles can be very slippery when walking. Not only can this be irritating, but it can also be a safety concern. Slippery shoes often cause people to slip, trip, or fall, and cause over a million injuries reported annually in the United States. There are many simple, inexpensive ways on how to give shoes more grip in order to keep them safer, and avoid having to throw out an otherwise perfectly good pair of shoes.

How to customize your shoes

How to Give Shoes More Grip

For New Shoes

Scuff the soles on abrasive surfaces

New shoes are often slippery because their soles are smooth. Once they are used for a while, the soles tend to become scuffed and offer more grip. To increase the grip of new shoes, try walking on an abrasive surface such as gravel, concrete, rocks, or walkways and grates with a textured surface. You can also try rubbing the soles of the shoes against an abrasive surface while holding them in your hands.

Use sandpaper to abrade the soles

For how to give shoes more grip, rubbing sandpaper against the parts of the soles of your new shoes under your toes and heel is a good way. Try using sandpaper that is fairly course, a 50 grit paper works best. This will not work as well on shoes that have a texture similar to cardboard.

Use a nail file to provide texture

If sandpaper is not available, try using a nail file or emery board. Try rubbing the file against the sole surface that will come in contact with the floor in order to add grip to shoes. The coarser the tread on the nail file the better.

For Worn Shoes

Self-adhesive shoe pads

A good method of how to give shoes more grip is to apply self-adhesive anti-slip pads made for shoes to the soles. After taking off the back covering of the adhesive, stick the pad to bottom front part of the shoe. These pads provide shoes with additional traction and are effective when walking on carpeting or slippery floors.

Masking or duct tape

Masking tape or duct tape can be placed on the bottom of worn shoes in order to cover sections that are worn and cause slipping. Add pieces of tape that are 1-2 inches in length under both the toe and heel of the shoe.

Grip and traction sprays

There are a number of grip or traction sprays that are available which are applied to the bottom of a shoe in order to give it more grip and traction. It is a good idea to do a bit of research before deciding on the one that will work best for you.

For General Use

If you don’t want to spend money on products that give shoes more grip, you may be wondering what to put on bottom of shoes to stop slipping that you can find around the house. Although these methods may not work as the ones that can be purchased, they may still help.

Hairspray: Try coating the bottom of your shoes with hairspray to give them extra traction. Be sure to wait until the hairspray dries before walking in your shoes.

Puff paint: This is a type of paint that is often used when making tee shirts or with arts and crafts. When it dries, it becomes textured and rough and can offer increased grip on the bottom of your shoes. Try adding a thin coat to the bottom of your shoes, and wait for it to dry before walking around. Puff paint will last longer than hairspray and should be reapplied periodically.

Cleaning dust and dirt away: Your shoes pick up dirt and dust while wearing them, which can make them more slippery. Try washing the bottom of your shoes with a damp cloth to maintain traction.

Posted on Last updated: December 16, 2021

Ready to craft some fun DIY shoes? Decorating shoes with your own designs is so fun and a great way to add your own personalized style. Learn how to embellish shoes for custom looks that are totally unique!

How to customize your shoes

My two girls are all about adding their own style to their personal belongings and clothes and it’s so fun to see them getting some DIY style going.

I knew they’d love another shoe project after last summer’s Sharpie shoes were such a hit, so I rounded up some more fun shoe decorating ideas. All you need are some shoes that need a little embellishing, and you can create all kinds of DIY shoe designs!

Ready to revamp those plain sneakers and tennis shoes (and flip flops!)

See the project ideas we found and start planning your next shoe designs. Save these ideas for summer crafts for tweens and teens, host a shoe decorating party, or to keep in mind when you need something fun to do on a rainy day.

Table of Contents

Decorate Canvas Shoes

Canvas sneakers and tennis shoes are the perfect shoes for embellishing. You can paint them, dye them, dip them, embroider them, and so much more! Most of the time you’ll want to start with plain white shoes, but even if you don’t have white shoes, there are plenty of shoe design ideas for any color shoe.

(This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

What You’ll Need

Here are some of the supplies you’ll need for these shoe decorating tutorials:

Painted Shoe Designs

There are so many ways to add some bright colors to plain white shoes. Check out these DIY shoe ideas and get ready for your amazing shoe makeover.

How to customize your shoes

These are the shoes we created last summer and we were thrilled with how they turned out. The process was fun and the design possibilities are endless!

Turn off the lights and turn on the neon glow-in-the-dark colors of these glowing tennis shoes. I love the funky geometric design and the perfect use of these paints.

3. Cute Cactus Shoes

How to customize your shoesimage and tutorial from

Any cactus lovers here (raises hand, yes!). Even if you “can’t draw” I’m convinced you can create your own pair of hand-painted shoes if you follow the tutorial. Go give it a shot!

4. DIY Glitter Shoes

Go on, get your glitter on with these super sparkly painted glitter shoes.

5. Hydro Dipped Shoes

Have you tried hydro dipping? My daughter made a hydrodipped painting that came out so beautiful, I couldn’t believe how easy it is to achieve those gorgeous colorful swirls. These hydro dipped Vans are next on our list of DIY shoe designs to try.

6. Unicorn Shoes

Those black painted unicorn lashes really pop against the soft pastels of these Vans.

Vinyl Transfer DIY Shoe Designs

You can get the free SVG file for this black cat sneaker design. Even if you don’t have a cutting machine you can try cutting the vinyl out by hand (carefully!) with an x-acto knife.

These sprinkle shoes are just the cutest and add will instant joy to your outfit. Grab the cutting file in the tutorial.

Fabric And Decoupage DIY Shoes

Break out the Mod Podge and fabric glue because that’s all you need to completely transform your shoes. Check out the fun ways these clever crafters used glue and fabric for their DIY shoe designs.

These DIY donut shoes came out so well and I love the happy-cheerful vibe they give. You can recreate this shoe design with some craft paint and Mod Podge.

These mermaid shoes are very bold and so shimmery, just like a mermaid under the sea. Even if mermaids aren’t your thing, check out the tutorial to see how these are made and swap out the mermaid fabric with your favorite patterned fabric.

You won’t belive what they used to make these amazing DIY shoes featuring the Avengers. I’m not going to spoil it, but I will say that it is super-thrifty and totally genius. We’re huge Marvel fans at our house and I love how these turned out!

Learn how to give those Chuck Taylors a personalized touch with fabric glue and a little stitching.

Simple DIY Shoe Embroidery Ideas

These embroidered shoe ideas are perfect for beginners. Even if you’ve never stitched by hand, you can recreate these simple shoe designs.

How to customize your shoesimage and tutorial from

Have black shoes? Decorate them easily with this adorable embroidered cat face design.

I love the simplicity of these shoes, decorated with sweet and delicate flower embroidery. Choose your favorite colors and make these yourself for a lovely summer shoe craft!

If you’re ready to push your embroider skills a little further, go all in on these funky embroidered sneakers from Brit+co. The tutorial walks you through the steps of creating your own hand embroidered shoes.

Embellish Flip Flops and More

Flip flops are a great way to dip your toes into shoe decorating since they’re so cheap and easy to find. Plus, they come in lots of fun colors already, so they usually just need a little something to make them shine.

How to customize your shoesimage and tutorial from

This fabric strap flip flop makeover looks so much more comfortable than the rubbery straps they came with. Dig through your fabric stash for some bold prints and get to work on you new summer shoes!

I saw these and instantly thought about my daughter who has the hardest time keep flip flops on her feet. I know she’d love that this DIY flip flop strap goes around the ankle to keep the shoes more secure when walking.

18. LED Light Up Shoes

These light up LED shoes are totally amazing. I almost didn’t include them here, because to be honest I don’t know if I would attempt them or not. The tutorial includes things like Arduino boards and coding, and frankly that’s just way out of my comfort zone. However…I really love these shoes! I couldn’t leave out because they are just super-cool. And, frankly, the tutorial looks very detailed and I think it could end up being a fun challenge to make create a fun and techy shoe craft.

This is a tutorial on how to decoupage shoes to make your own designer sneakers. The three designs I used are from my favorite Finnish design studio, Marimekko.

Decoupaging with paper napkins is a very simple and affordable way to get a designer look. Lucky for me Marimekko print many of their iconic patterns and designs onto paper napkins. There are so many to choose from.

My favourite Marimekko print is their iconic Unikko poppy and I have used that many times in my home upcycles. From Nordic Christmas decorations to tabletop wall art, upcycled plastic planters, and even a unique Marimekko bench for my garden.

How to customize your shoes

The Decoupaged Sneakers

The sneakers I used for this upcycle where really cheap and affordable, I ended up making three different pairs of decoupaged shoes.

If the truth be told, I couldn’t just pick one design so I ended up making three different pairs of Marimekko shoes. They were in different patterns and colours so I had more choice when matching them with my outfits.

Lucky for me this is a really easy craft so it didn’t take long to make each pair.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What you Need to Make Marimekko Shoes

How to customize your shoes

How To Decoupage Shoes / Sneakers

1.. First, prepare the sneakers for decoupage. Remove the laces and stuff the toes with plastic bags so they are firm.

Tape off the area you don’t want to be covered in Marimekko napkins, such as the rubber trim on the sole. Don’t try to cover eyelets with tape, this is too tricky.

How to customize your shoes

2. Once you have decided on what paper napkin you are going to use, separate the top print layer. Most paper napkins are three ply but only the top layer has the pattern printed on it.

How to customize your shoes

3. Place this separated napkin face down on cling film. You will be tearing your designs out and not cutting as this gives you a nice feather edge.

Decide on the flower you want to use, draw around the flower with a wet paintbrush. This will make it easier to tear around the flower.

How to customize your shoes

4. Next, cover the whole of the area of the shoe that you want to decoupage with Mod Podge. The Mod Podge is put on the shoe rather than the paper napkin, as the napkin is too delicate.

Then, carefully lift your cling film with cut flower face down and place on the shoe where you want. The flower should now be face up on the shoe carefully press down and straighten out using the cling film. Don’t worry about overlapping on to the taped off areas at this stage.

How to customize your shoes

5. Carry on decoupaging the sneakers until the whole shoe is covered. Leave them overnight to dry.

In the morning when the glue has dried use a craft knife to carefully remove and excess napkins on the shoe. For example around the taped-off rubber trim. Punch through the lace’s eyelets as well with a sharp object.

How to customize your shoes

6. To protect the decoupage sneakers, apply another coat of Mod Podge over the top of the paper napkins and leave to dry. To make the shoes waterproof and another lay of outdoor Mod Podge.

7. Finally, to finish remove the tape and insert the laces.

How to customize your shoes

The Three Marimekko Designs

As I mentioned at the beginging I ended up making 3 pairs of Marimekko decoupage sneakers as I couldn’t just pick one design.

How to customize your shoes

How to customize your shoes

I think the blue Unikko print Marimekko sneakers are my favourite of the three designs. I love the colour and the big poppy print works really well.

The canvas shoes only cost £3 and I used about 3-4 napkins per pair of shoes. You can use any napkin designs you want, so if you’re more into Cath Kidston you can use their napkins. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find some Orla Kiely paper napkins but as soon as I do I will be covering a pair of shoes with them.

If you are going to give it a go I’d love to know what napkin design you would use.

Other Marimekko Crafts

You can find many more Marimekko crafts and DIYs here.

I don’t just use Marimekko paper napkins to upcycle and craft with, they also produce a lovely range of wallpapers. I have wallpapered my stairs with Marimekko wallpaper and made some wallpapered lampshades to match too.

Even the shed in my garden has been hand painted with a Marimekko design. I told you I am a huge fan of their prints and patterns!

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How Do You Find the Right Shoes?

Shoes serve many functions. They protect our feet. They cushion our body weight. They can make our feet feel comfortable or fashionable — hopefully both! Finding the proper shoes and making sure they fit are important for keeping your feet and your body happy. Poorly fitting shoes can be painful and cause foot problems like bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and more.

Follow these tips from Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons to find the right shoes for you:

Have your feet measured. Your foot size and shape can change over time. Don’t rely on the fact that you have always worn a certain size.

Fit your shoes to the larger foot. Most people have one foot that is larger than the other, so make sure you have BOTH feet measured.

Get measured at the end of the day when your feet are the largest. When you are up during the day, your feet will swell and settle some. You want to make sure you are comfortable throughout the day and not just when you head out of the house in the morning.

Don’t rely on shoe size alone. Just like clothes, the size marked inside the shoe may be different depending on the brand. So your shoe size is a just a starting point in selecting the correct shoe.

Look at the shape of the shoe. Make sure the shoe shape resembles the shape of your foot and fits your foot comfortably.

Don’t plan on shoes stretching over time. They should fit well when you buy them.

Check the width of the shoe. The ball of your foot (the widest part just before your toes begin) should fit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe.

Check the depth of the shoe. The shoe should be deep enough to fit your toes, especially if you have hammertoes or other conditions. If the shoe’s toe box is too small, your toes will rub against the top of the shoe and you will get calluses or sores.

Check the space at the end of the shoe. Stand up and make sure there is 3/8″ or 1/2″ (about the width of your finger) between your longest toe (usually the second toe) and the end of the shoe.

Always stand and walk around in the shoes to see if they are comfortable, fit well, and don’t chafe or rub anywhere. Your heel should not slip or slide while walking.

Additional Tips

Match the shoe to your activity

Your ideal shoes will change based on the activity you want to do while wearing them.

Running shoes are specially designed to provide the proper cushioning at the heel and flexibility at the toes that athletes need.

Walking shoes have a shock absorbing heel and flex at the ball of the foot.

Cross-trainers are often good all-purpose shoes for general exercise. Basketball shoes are meant for basketball and may not be the best choice if you do a lot of walking.

Cycling shoes are stiffer to help you pedal more efficiently but don’t work well for most other activities.

Dress shoes can be comfortable as well as look good. Many dress shoes are now made with a sneaker-like sole that provides better cushioning and tread and better arch support. Expensive Italian loafers are not for everybody.

Look for good shoe construction

Some basic principles of a good shoe include a cushioned heel, firm sole that doesn’t easily twist or bend, and flexibility at the proper area depending on the type of shoe.

  • If the upper part of the shoe is made from a soft, breathable material, it will be more comfortable to wear for longer period of time and less likely to cause rubbing or skin irritation.
  • The upper part of the shoe should have laces or straps to hold the foot in place comfortably with activity.
  • There should be some arch support in the shoe or in the insert inside the shoe. Many shoes can be made to fit better simply by removing the factory insert and replacing it with a high-quality off-the-shelf orthotic. Custom orthotics are rarely necessary and should be prescribed by your foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon for specific foot disorders.

Following these steps will help minimize your risk of shoe problems and foot problems. If you experience foot or ankle problems, talk to a foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon near you.

Original article by Daniel Farber, MD
Last reviewed by Andrew Rosenbaum, MD, 2018

The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) offers information on this site as an educational service. The content of FootCareMD, including text, images, and graphics, is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnoses or treatments. If you need medical advice, use the “Find a Surgeon” search to locate a foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon in your area.

American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society ®
Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation
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800-235-4855 or +1-847-698-4654 (outside US)

Have you designed your own shoes before? This trend has gained popularity over the last couple of decades or so, as companies realized that people want to express their individuality through their footwear.

Many brands offer customization and the technology and user interface on the websites continue to improve year over year.

Below, we’ve included some of our favorite options for custom shoe design in 2021 and 2022. Our favorite brands for custom design today are Nike, Vans, Converse, and PUMA.

1. Nike By You Custom Shoes

Nike is one of the pioneers of retail custom shoes. Their original branding for custom footwear was called NikeID, which launched online in 1999.

Today, their custom option is called Nike By You and customers have the option to create their own footwear online.

How to customize your shoesNike By You allows you to personalize and design your own Nike sneakers

“Put more you in your shoe,” reads Nike’s webpage for custom footwear. It continues “Whether you make it loud or keep it neutral, customize a shoe that’s more like you with Nike’s co-creation service.”

Have you ever wanted to design your own Air Force 1, Blazer Mid, Air Max, or any other Nike shoe? Now you can. The web interface walks you through every element of the shoe to make it uniquely yours.

Down to the laces, color of their signature swoosh, and even personalization, by the time you click ‘purchase,’ these shoes will be unmistakably yours.

How to customize your shoesCustomize a shoe that’s more like you with Nike’s co-creation service

To create the best design possible, Nike has a series of short, fun videos to help you get started and get your creative juices flowing.

The Nike design team provides tips and tricks to help your vision come to life. You can also draw inspiration from other people’s custom designs, shown on their website and under the social media hashtag #nikebyyou.

2. Vans Custom Shoes

Vans is credited with originating made-to-order sneakers. It was founded in Anaheim, California in 1966 and the retail store was right by the factory. So, if a customer wanted something a little different, they would simply make them for the customer.

Steve Van Doren, one of the founders of Vans, told Sneaker Freaker, “In the sixties, we had Catholic schools that had uniforms, so we’d make shoes out of their plaid uniforms and stuff.”

How to customize your shoesFrom bright solids to bold patterns, customize your favorite Vans shoes for a one-of-a-kind look

Van Doren continued, “I remember a lady coming in with a mink coat who had just divorced her husband and didn’t want the coat anymore. She made a pair of Vans out of that mink coat. I remember Jackson Browne sent some pants down to us that was a snakeskin-looking fabric and we made shoes out of that for him.”

Today, you can design your own Vans online using their web tool. The Customs feature allows you to add your favorite image, create your own pattern, or design your own checkerboard for your custom footwear. You can see other customers’ creativity by following the hashtag #VANSCUSTOMS.

3. Design Your Own Converse

Whether you are a skater looking to show off your custom kicks, or a bride or groom wanting to stay comfortable and custom on your wedding day, or somewhere in between, Converse has a customization offer for you.

Their website allows for customization of all their popular styles like the new platform lugged Chuck Taylor or the more traditional slip-on style.

How to customize your shoesChoose from unique colors, patterns, and materials and add personalized text to create a Converse shoe you can call your own

To design, you begin by selecting the silhouette that calls to you. Some prefer the low top, while others like the high top or platform. You can then select the patterns, materials, and colors that excite you most.

Suede and leather are both options, and then you can personalize by adding your name and customizing the shoelaces and stitching. Men, women, and children can all customize shoes with Converse.

4. Create Your Own PUMA

PUMA is another great option for custom footwear. As their website states, there are no rules and it is pure fun for all ages. Get inspired by exploring other customers’ designs before you even begin.

How to customize your shoesYou can design your favorite PUMA shoes and share your designs with others

Design your own slides, cleats, basic everyday shoe, or something else. There are a variety of options to get you started. Customers are encouraged to upload a photo of their own design for a chance to be featured on the website.

Other Ways to Customize Shoes

If your favorite footwear designer doesn’t offer customization on their website, there are still ways you can bring your creativity to a pair of their shoes.

You can switch out the laces with a different color to make the shoe pop. You can also doodle on your shoe with markers or paint that is suitable for clothing or whatever material your shoe is made from. Lastly, you can add some studs or pins to amp up your shoe and make it your own.

While Adidas no longer offers custom shoes, in June 2021 they launched a wearable Adidas Originals LEGO Superstar sneaker.

How to customize your shoesThe wearable LEGO Superstar sneaker in adult sizing features a classic white and black leather construction with custom three stripes, sheltie, and heel tab, carefully crafted to emulate the LEGO brick pattern (Credit: MEGA / WENN)

Keep your eye out on your favorite shoe websites to see if customization becomes an option over the next year or two. This trend isn’t going anywhere, and we expect to see more and more companies offer this option as a treat for their customers.

Custom shoes are a great gift, just remember, for some companies, the customization element makes the shoes unreturnable. Be sure to double-check the policies before ordering to save yourself a headache and wasted money later.

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I mentioned earlier that I always have problems with finding shoes, because one foot is larger (or is it longer?) than the other. At the time I discovered that Nike has a cool service, which let’s you customize your shoes (and other products): Nike iD. The idea is that you can specify the colors of your shoes yourself and with some designs this gives you a lot of choice. What is great though is that with some designs you can even specify different shoe sizes for each foot: perfect!

For woman they’ve got 33 different designs which you can choose from, for men 67 different types. This also includes though multiple type of football shoes and basketball shoes for the men, while woman for instance only have one choice of football shoe. I’m not complaining though, I don’t like football.

How to customize your shoes

The coolest part of the customization choices is that you can put your iD on them. For the shoes, this means you can let them stitch your name or a short phrase on the tongues of the shoes (or if you’re boring something like “Left” and “Right” or “Sinister” and “Dexter”). Beside the shoes, you can also customize bags and watches. Guys can also customize clothing, but they only have a couple of tight running T-shirts. I would like to see some “normal” girly sport clothes that I can customize myself, but I guess we’ll have to wait for that.

How to customize your shoes

Next to the regular NikeID shoes, you can also get Nike+ID. These are shoes that have a secret compartment in the left sole, where you can place the Nike+ iPod sensor. While working out, the sensor sends all types of information to your iPod. I got a pair of Air Zoom Moira+ iD for my birthday, together with the iPod sensor. I had gone to the Nike Store at Oxford Circus (London), where they have a special section for Nike iD orders. The guys there are quite helpful and you can try out and see the different designs and colors they have. What I found a bit weird though was that they didn’t have the model I wanted in my size to try out.

I’ve got sizes 5.5 and 6, which isn’t too small, I think. I had to fit on shoes from another model to try and guess my size. I ordered them, hoping that I guessed right. I was told though that if after receiving them they didn’t fit or even if I didn’t like the colors, I could get my money back or order them again in another design and size. It took about a month to actually create and ship the shoes to the Nike store and I got a nice email telling me when they were ready. I picked them up without too much hassle. What I adore about these shoes, is that I’ve actually got Miss Geeky on them:

How to customize your shoes

After running with these a couple of weeks, I have to say I love how comfortable they are. I might even wear them besides my running, although they might be a bit too shiny for that. I haven’t mastered the iPod sensor yet (it doesn’t do completely what I want), but more about that another time. If you are looking for new running shoes, these are pretty good, but they might be a bit expensive for some (80 pounds). Add the iPod sensor to that and that’s quite an investment into some sports gear. For me, it was absolutely worth it and if you’re willing to put a bit of money into it, this is by far the way to go.

Modify any pair to run over ice, breathe better, drain faster, and last longer.

How to customize your shoes

How to customize your shoes

We celebrate and glorify running shoes at Runner’s World, but we also aren’t afraid to modify and customize them. After all, they’re a tool to help you accomplish your goals. Here are our favorite tweaks to make footwear meet our needs.

No-Slip Grip

How to customize your shoes

You don’t need a fancy traction device to run on snow and ice. Hit the hardware store for #10 x 3/8-inch hex-head screws. Drilling into the thickest parts of the sole, add six on the forefoot and four on the heel. You can take them out quickly (with a power drill) to run in dry conditions, and replace the screws when they wear down.

How to customize your shoes

What You Need:
#10 X 3/8″ Stainless Slotted Hex Washer Head Screw $10

Lace to Fit

How to customize your shoes

A few years ago, we got shoes that were missing a top eyelet. The heel slipped, so we grabbed a pair of hole-punch pliers and added our own. These pliers are essential for runners who want to adjust the lacing of their shoes to fix fit issues.

How to customize your shoes

What You Need:
General Tools Hole Punch Tool $7

Install Drainage

How to customize your shoes

A problem with too many shoes is that when water gets in through the top, there’s no way for it to get out. Break out a ¼-inch drill bit and add six holes through the thinnest spots on the forefoot. When you run, you’ll pump the water out.

How to customize your shoes

What you need:
Bosch 18V Compact 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit $129

Patch It Up

How to customize your shoes

A common tool for runners until recently was Shoe Goo. Parts were always coming loose on shoes. That doesn’t happen much anymore, but occasionally a rubber patch will work loose. Just add a dab of glue and stick it back on.

How to customize your shoes

Let ’Em Breathe

How to customize your shoes

If you find a new shoe causes blisters on your pinky toe late in runs when your feet swell, or presses a little too much on a bunion, use an X-Acto knife and cut a window in the upper, or make small slits over the areas of pressure for extra room.

How to customize your shoes

The footwear materials you select for your shoe design are what make your shoemaking ideas come to life! You will find the Shoe Pattern

‘>shoe pattern is not the critical or special feature, the footwear materials are! Learning how to specify footwear materials is critical when you are learning how to make shoes! If you want to learn how to become a shoe designer, you must know how to spec footwear materials. You have an infinite menu of material choices and colors to create your footwear masterpiece. Rich leathers, silky mesh, or high-tech synthetics, take your pick.

The shoe designer must take great care to pick the right materials that can stand up to the demands of shoemaking. The demands for footwear performance and manufacturing must be met. A beautiful material that rips during the Lasting

Factors for Shoe Design Materials:

How to customize your shoes

When you select footwear materials for your projects, the shoe Design Brief

Picking Leather for Shoes

How to customize your shoes

Cow leather is the most common material used for making shoes. It is durable, flexible, stretchable, and is available in many styles, colors, and prices. It is truly a great material to use, and you can make beautiful functional and fashionable shoes out of leather. Real Leather is alive! Not really, but the character of leather changes as it wears. A fine leather shoe breathes and conforms like no other shoe.

A handmade leather shoe can be a masterpiece of a shoemakers craft. But, leather does have some drawbacks. It can be heavy, hot, and susceptible to water absorption and damage if not treated. Water-resistant and water-proof treatments add cost. Leather is a relatively expensive material when

How to customize your shoes

compared to fabric or other man-made materials and must be treated with care during shoe manufacturing. Because leather hides are from individual animals, each is a different size and each will have scars, imperfections, and even brands that must be avoided when Cutting

Cutting lossCutting loss is the material left over once the shoe parts are cut from a material. Depending on the material type the cutting loss can be between 2% to 15%. The cutting loss also depends on the size and shape of the parts being cut. Mech will have a low cutting loss, leather may be higher.It’s important to keep the cutting loss to a minimum as this loss will be added to the cost of the shoe. A skilled cutter will save the factory money!

How to customize your shoes

Depending on the import rules for your country, leather is often a lower duty rate. Shoes made with 51% leather surface area are around 9% import duty. A textile shoe can be 20% of the FOB

FOB Free On Board Purchase TermWhen you negotiate a shoe price you need be clear on where the finished shoe is to be delivered. In most cases the shoe price will be stated as FOB (the nearest freight harbor). In south China it would be FOB Yantian. So the seller is responsible for the inland trucking the goods to the the freight terminal. (see Ex-Works Price)

Picking Textiles for Shoes

How to customize your shoes

Textiles for shoes come in a huge variety of colors, weaves, knits, fibers, and deniers. Denier

How to customize your shoes

Textiles are a miracle material for shoes! With an infinite variety of weaves, colors, patterns, and special features, textiles have a special place in footwear design. You will find textiles inside and out on footwear and even on the bottoms. Man-made polymer fibers such as nylon and polyester are lightweight and durable. Lycra is stretchable and cotton canvas is a must for Vulcanized

How to customize your shoes

Depending on the import rules for your country, textiles are often a higher duty rate. Shoes made with 51% textile surface area are sometimes 20%. A textile shoe costing less than $12.50 USD will be 20% +.90 duty! (depending on the country of origin). However, there is a trick, by molding textile on the sole of the shoe you can avoid the high duty rates! Textiles will be reviewed in-depth in their own article.

Synthetics for shoes

How to customize your shoes

Whatever you call it, synthetic, synthetic leather, PU

How to customize your shoes

High-end synthetic leather starts with a water-resistant microfiber PU backing. This backing has a smooth surface, cuts cleanly, and can be dyed to match the surface materials. A microfiber style backing can be ordered in .5 to 2.00mm thicknesses, has some stretch, and can have a water-resistant treatment. On top of this backing, the skin can be applied.

Polyurethane plastic film .2 to .5mm thick is made in a separate operation and the two layers are then rolled together with heat and pressure. PU outer skin is then printed, embossed, scuffed, or polished to create one of the millions of surface options. The largest PU maker has hundreds of different embossing patterns that can be applied to hundreds of different surfaces. If you can meet the order volume required, you can pick any color you want! Synthetics will be reviewed in-depth in their own article.

Selecting Foam for Shoes

How to customize your shoes

There are many types of foam used to make shoes, here we are going to review the types of foam found in the uppers of shoes. Generally, foam is divided into two types, “Open Cell” and “Closed Cell” foam. Open cell is exactly what it sounds like, the plastic compound that makes up the foam cells is open, letting air and water free to enter and exit the foam just like a dishwashing sponge. Closed-cell foam is exactly the opposite, individual cells are closed or sealed not allowing the foams internal gas to escape.

Open Cell Foam

Open-cell foam is generally softer, these foams are made of Polyurethane plastic. One common type of this foam that is commonly used and referenced is “KF or KFF” foam. Open-cell foam is available in different densities and in almost any thickness and color. Open-cell foam is used in the tongues and collars of shoes and thin sheets of PU Foam

Shoe Collar or Top LineThe opening area of a shoe at the top.

Make Zwift your own by personalizing your avatar’s appearance. Hair color. Skin tone. Kits, bikes, and beyond. There are loads of customization options available in Zwift. Want to get started? Follow these simple steps and get ready to ride in style.

  1. Log on to Zwift.
  2. When you first sign up, you can choose your hair color, skin tone, and whether or not your avatar wears glasses.
  3. As you continue to ride on Zwift, you’ll unlock more kits and gear.
    Additionally, through riding, you’ll earn drops (credits), which can be used to trade for items in the Drop Shop.
  4. No matter how you get your gear, we’ll house it all in your Zwift Garage. Swing by to switch up your bike, try on a different helmet, or
    change your kit. The right bike and wheelset can help you go faster during races and hard workouts.
  5. There are two ways to get to the customization menu:
    Click the menu button in the bottom left of your HUD to get to the Menu Screen.
    Click the “garage” icon on the lower-right side of the menu screen.
    Or, if you’re using a keyboard on a Mac or PC, press the “T” key to open the Garage.
  6. Browse your Garage to customize shoes, socks, shirt, hair, and even your facial hair. For many items, use the slider on the right to
    adjust colors or length.
  7. View your avatar from all angles by spinning it around with your finger or mouse.