How to cut a hoodie

You know we love us some repurposing around these parts. We’ve turned floppy disks into planters, colored pencils into jewelry, and even turned a white t-shirt into 10 totally different garments. Now, we’re tackling the hoodie.

You’ve probably got a few worn out hoodies from concerts, college visits, and the like that you don’t ever wear but can’t bear to part with. Turn them into accessories and layers you’ll actually wear with these 5 how-tos.

We started with a pile of old hoodies found in our closets and at Goodwill.

For our pieces of flair, we grabbed a patchwork pillowcase, red fabric, a piece of crocheted fabric, and a scarf.

1. Patchwork Flair

For this one, we found an old patchwork pillowcase. You can always find slightly ratty worn out quilts and pillowcases at thrift stores, and they definitely come in handy when crafting.

Cut the shape out of your quilt that works best. We went with the star is it was the focal point of the pillowcase. Next, you’re going to use Heat Bond (or fusible web) to turn the cut out patchwork piece into an iron-on. Iron it on the sweatshirt and reinforce with a quick line of stitching around the star.

More chic than shabby, don’t you think?

2. Sweatshirt Pencil Skirt

This is best for a sweatshirt without a big graphic. We love this florally printed one we found at the thrift store. All you need for this is string (we used shoelaces) and a sewing machine.

Turn your sweatshirt upside down. The band at the bottom will become your waistband. Cut off the sleeves and neck so that you have a rectangle. Sew! Use scissors at the top to make holes to put in a drawstring. String in the shoelace and you’re done.

So adorable! Love this look for a Sunday brunch or brisk day at the beach.

3. Lacy Zip-Up

The flair for this? A scrap of crocheted fabric we found at the thrift store! This is similar to our peekaboo tanks, so check out that post for more lacy inspiration.

First thing to do for this one is to cut a hole out of the back of your hoodie. Use a plate or bowl to trace the shape. Take out the cut-out piece of sweatshirt and trace a circle onto your lace fabric. Cut about 1/2 in inch larger around the circle (so you have space for stitching). Pin the lace piece to the inside of sweatshirt and sew!

It’s a little chilly here in SF but if you’re in a warmer climate, this would make an amazing beach coverup, especially for the end of the day when it’s time to get a cocktail.

We love how it gives a boxy zip-up hoodie a more feminine edge.

4. Chevron Elbow Patches

This one is simple as pie, and is a great twist on the classic trend of elbow patches.

Grab some contras tic fabric. Iron it onto fusible web (to create iron-ons). Trace whatever design you like. and iron onto the elbows of your hoodie. Pro tip after making our hoodie: Put on your hoodie and mark where you elbow actually hits 🙂

It keeps your hoodie comfy but with a super trendy twist.

5. Three Accessories from One Hoodie!

Last, we took one hoodie and turned it into three fun accessories, perfect for transitioning into colder months.

First, we created little arm warmers. Cut off the ends of your sleeves and cut out a little thumb hole. Then cinch it in by sewing it to fit around your wrist.

Next, a beanie! We used the bottom waistband of the sweatshirt as the “headband” part of the hat. Simply cut out your shape and stitch. The nice thing about a worn out sweatshirt is that the fabric typically gives more, so it can flop onto your head cutely.

Last, a modern take on leg warmers. We’ve been seeing these pop up on fashion blogs all over as a way to add a little extra color to the top of your boots. Simply cut off a part of each sleeve (so it’s still in tube form) and add a drawstring to the top. Done!

Though it’s probably best to wear these one at a time, they look pretty darn cute all together as well!

And that’s a wrap. You’ve got 5 new ways to repurpose your hoodies, and probably a zillion more ideas brewing.

How to cut a hoodie

How to cut a hoodie

How to cut a hoodie

How to cut a hoodie

How to cut a hoodie

How to cut a hoodie

Incessant new trends combined with constantly changing collections offer endless styling possibilities, especially for women. However, there are some pieces that just never go out of fashion: style icons that you can wear forever and regardless. One of these basics is certainly the classic Hoodie – it’s a must-have in every wardrobe, especially during the colder months.

Hoodies are renowned for their exceptional levels of comfort, which is why these sweatshirts are more likely to be somewhat associated with sporty looks, or relaxed outfits for lazy Sundays. But, with the right accessories and styling secrets you can integrate the hoodie into your everyday life in a versatile way.

So, even if a hoodie doesn’t seem to be the trendiest garment at first glance, it offers the wearer many subtle combinations. That’s why we’ve partnered with Judith to showcase how to wear a Hoodie for women:

  1. Relaxed
  2. Cool
  3. All black
  4. Dress it up
  5. Sweet!

The “Relaxed” Look

This doesn’t have to mean blue denims. How about another sort of trouser to spice up the look a bit but keep it simple at the same time. You could choose chinos, or a more elegant trouser with patterns or white denims. The only must with this outfit is to choose a cut which is rather tight – if you combine a hoodie with baggy trousers that are too wide (like boyfriend jeans) the outfit can lack shape and form.