How to cut elegant paper snowflakes

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How to make beautiful easy paper snowflakes for winter & Christmas decorations! Simple paper crafts for kids & family. 12 best free templates!

Do you remember making paper snowflakes as kids? Something as simple as a piece of paper and a pair of scissors can create so much magic!

Today we are revisiting this beautiful paper craft for everyone and favorite winter activity for kids: how to make 6 pointed paper snowflakes that are easy enough for kids to cut, and elegant enough to decorate your home for winter and Christmas.

Since snowflakes in nature are 6 pointed, that’s what we will make today. You can use the free templates to make 8 pointed snowflakes, with a slightly different fold in Step 3.

* Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here .

Check out the video tutorial or skip to written tutorial below!

Materials and tools:

  • Regular 8.5 x 11 copy paper and mixed color papers (NOT CARD STOCK) work great for making paper snowflakes. If the paper is too thick, it can be difficult to cut through the layers after folding.
  • Scissors, and (optional) pencil and eraser for drawing the patterns before cutting.

If you want to make 3D paper snowflakes, here’s our tutorial on how to make big lighted 3D snowflakes.

Step 1: fold a square piece of paper into a triangle

Start with a square piece of paper. Fold the square diagonally in half to form a triangle.

You can also easily make a square sheet of paper from any rectangular paper such as 8.5″ x 11″ Letter size. Just fold one corner to meet the opposite edge, forming a triangle, and cut the excess paper outside the triangle, as shown in photo above.

Step 2: fold a smaller triangle

Fold the large triangle (from Step 1) in half to make a smaller triangle. As shown along the dotted line.

Step 3: fold the triangle into a wedge

Helpful tip: as we fold the triangle into smaller triangles / wedge shapes, we are dividing the square paper into equal parts through the center point. You can create 6-pointed, 8-pointed, or 12-ponted snowflakes etc, just keep folding from the apex which is also the very center of the paper.

To make 6-pointed paper snowflakes, divide the small triangle into three equal sections at the 90 degree apex point (also the center of the square paper), each section has a 30-degree angle.

You can use a protractor, or just estimate the size of the sections, which is what we did here. It’s quite easy, check out the video tutorial above if you are not sure about this step.

Fold the left section towards the front. Then the right section. Try to match all the edges as closely as possible. Now we are ready to cut our snowflakes.

If you want to make 8-pointed snowflakes, you would fold the small triangle in 1/4, instead of 1/3 at the apex point, and proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: how to cut simple paper snowflakes

The possibilities are endless here. You can cut any shapes on this folded wedge ( just keep the shapes connected at places along the side edges) and be delighted as you open the paper into a big snowflake!

It is helpful to draw a design on the wedge first with light pencil lines, then cut it out, especially if you want to make elegant paper snowflakes for winter and Christmas decorations.

Open the cut wedge very carefully into a big paper snowflake! You can download our easy-to-cut and free templates at the end as guides to draw and cut your paper snowflakes, or create your own patterns.

How do you flatten paper snowflakes?

Keep your paper snowflake sandwiched between pages of a large book or magazine fora day or two. This will flatten the paper snowflakes, and is also a great way to store them.

What can you do with paper snowflakes?

There are so many fun ways to use your paper snowflakes for winter and Christmas decorations, and gift giving.

You can tape them to windows, walls, and doors, make a snowflake table runner, use them on your gift bags and gift boxes, make holiday and Christmas cards, etc.

How to stiffen paper snowflakes?

You don’t need this step to hang the snowflakes, but if you want a little extra weight and stiffness, it’s very easy to do!

Mix together 1 part room temperature water, 2 part cornstarch or flour starch, and 2 part white glue. ( No need to cook the starch.)

Brush this mixture on one side of the paper snowflake, let it dry on a clean sheet of plastic. Then repeat on the other side.

This will make your paper snowflakes much more stiff.

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Posted on Published: November 20, 2020 Categories Crafts / DIY Projects

In today’s post, I’m going to teach you how to make huge 3D snowflakes!

I love Christmas decorations, especially homemade ones!

I especially love something that’s easy to put together but looks super impressive. I think these 3d snowflakes accomplish that goal!

They’re ridiculously simple and cheap to make, but really pack a punch visually.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the finished product is almost two feet wide!

The best part is, you probably already have every single supply you need for these huge paper snowflakes already laying around your house!

If you don’t have them at home, you can definitely find them all at your local Dollar Tree!

Making these 3D snowflakes is super easy, and I’m going to outline all the steps for you in detail.

Plus, I’m even including printable instructions for you at the bottom of this post!

What You’ll Need:

The supplies for this project couldn’t be any simpler.

  • Paper
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • A pencil

For this project, I just used some regular printer paper.

But I guess you could make it fancy and use some patterned or sparkly paper.

It’s really all up to your personal preference.

As far as the tape goes, I just went with regular old scotch tape I found in the kitchen drawer.

Some people think you need a snowflake template to make these, but you actually don’t.

Once you understand how to use a ruler to evenly measure out your pattern, the whole process is it super easy.

How Prep The Paper For Your 3D Snowflakes

Once you have your supplies assembled, it’s really easy to get started!


The first step to making your 3D paper snowflakes is to create a square out of your paper.

If you’re using regular printer paper, like I did, you’ll simply fold the top, shorter edge over to meet the longer, perpendicular edge of the paper.

This creates a nice, even triangle at the top of the page.

Now you’ll want to trim off the excess paper at the bottom of your page.

If you’re using a square piece of paper already, this step won’t be necessary.

Now that you have a nice triangle (or a square folded in half diagonally), you’ll want to mark the places for your cuts.

Marking Your 3D Snowflake

You’ll want to start by lining your ruler up with the top corner of the triangle.

Then mark a one inch wide strip down the center of the triangle, starting at the point and ending in the middle of the fold.

After you have the middle marked, line your ruler up along one short, non folded edge of the triangle.

Mark the paper from the folded edge to your center mark about one inch wide.

This was super easy for me, since my ruler was about the width I needed to mark.

Then line your ruler up with the mark you just made and make another line from the middle to the fold one inch away.

Draw a third line, another inch down, close to the middle of the page, but this time bring your line all the way to the center.

Then repeat the process along the opposite edge.

Once you have your lines marked on both sides, you can move on to cutting the meaningful designs in your 3D snowflake.

Cutting Your 3D Paper Snowflakes

For this portion, you’ll still want to keep your paper folded while you cut.

Starting with the lines closest to the center, cut your paper along the lines, removing a square from the center of the page.

This is the only cut you will make that will remove any of the paper from now on.

After you’ve removed the small square, cut along the other four lines that you’ve marked.

DO NOT cut all the way through the paper!

You want to stop cutting when you reach the line you marked in the center of the triangle.

Leaving this strip of paper in the middle is what gives structure to the entire project.

Unfold your paper, and it should look like this:

As you can see, you now basically have three squares cut into the paper, ready to be made into a 3D snowflake.

Constructing the “Petals”

Starting with the center most square, roll the paper inward.

Overlap the points fully, and place a piece of take there to hold the roll together.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Now flip the entire paper over, placing your newly made roll facing down, being sure not to squish it.

Roll the points of the next inner square, overlapping them and securing them with tape as well.

IMPORTANT AGAIN: Flip your paper one more time, so that the original roll is facing up again, and be mindful not to squish your second roll.

Roll the final two points of the remaining square together over the top of the small roll. Overlap the points and secure them with tape.

Your finished piece should look like this:

Now repeat this entire process five more times, so you create six “petals” for your paper 3D snowflakes.

Once you’ve created six of these petals, line them up, all facing the same direction.

Secure the bottom points together with tape.

I did this by making two halfs, and then connected those halves together with an eye for making the spacing even between all the petals.

Once you’ve taped them all together, it’s done! You’ve made a paper 3D snowflake

Other Things You Should Know About 3D Snowflakes

These paper snowflakes are SOOO pretty in person.

I’ve seen them hung in such a way so that they kinda spin, and it’s just beautiful!

If you use the 8.5 x 11 inch standard pages to make your 3D snowflakes, they should be about 2 feet tall when you’re finished.

You can easily make these bigger or smaller, just depending on how large the paper your using is.

These 3D snowflakes are super inexpensive to make and for just a few dollars, you could decorate an entire room with these!

This project would be great to use in a classroom! Since these are so simple to make, kids pick the process up very easily.

You could also make these as an outside decoration, but you’d need to make sure you’re using a waterproof material instead of paper.

Laminated paper would work, or even some sort of plastic. You’d just need to make sure whatever your using is pliable enough to work with.

Looking for other Christmas projects to work on? Check out my tutorial for these adorable Snow Ski Ornaments!

Got strands of burnt out bulbs sitting around? Learn how to fix those broken Christmas lights!

17 Ways to Incorporate Snowflakes Into Your Christmas Holiday Decor

Natalia Ganelin / Getty Images

In the real world snowflakes or snow crystals (the proper scientific name) are beautiful works of nature. Although each one has six arms, no two snowflakes will ever be alike. The crafting world is no different. You will find thousands of ways to make crafty paper snowflakes. The following article has nifty projects to inspire you.

Snowflake Themed Table Setting

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your holiday table beautiful. Place a large white cut paper snowflake under a transparent glass dinner plate, and you have instant holiday decor. Top your place setting with a napkin adorned with paper snowflake ring. The look is elegant is and festive but easy on the budget. We all love that!

Paper Snowflake Window Curtain

Paper snowflakes can look beautiful in your windows as holiday curtains. String the paper snowflakes onto thin filament with beads and whatever else you wish to hang onto the line. Hang several of these snowflake lines onto a curtain rod and voila. Instant holiday curtains. Your home will be festive on the inside, and folks walking by will enjoy your holiday splendor from the outside.

How to Make Cheap Snowflakes out of Paper Tubes

Paper tube crafts have been around for quite some time, but we never tire of them. Paper crafts from recycled paper towel and toilet paper rolls are thrifty to make and can yield surprisingly good results. You can make some gorgeous holiday snowflakes for pennies, letting you have more of your money to spend on crafting supplies.

This lovely snowflake is made by flattening out the paper tube and cutting 1/2 inch segments into paper circles. Paint and glue the circles together in any snowflake shape you desire. Add some bling to your paper tube snowflakes to make them pop. Glitter will make your snowflake decorations sparkle and shine. Such festive results.

Giant Paper Snowflakes

Who says paper snowflakes have to be small?. Make fabulous giant-sized paper snowflakes to decorate your walls. All you need is some butcher paper and a plan. The author of this tutorial says that these snowflakes can be intricately designed and cut because you have more space to work with extra large-sized sheets of butcher paper. These decorated walls will still be enjoyed in your home even after the holiday season is over.

Paper and Glitter Glue Snowflake Suncatcher

Suncatchers are always beautiful, but stained glass projects are a bit too advanced for younger children. Make some copycat suncatchers from chipboard and glitter glue. Make this lovely holiday craft with your kids when they are on Christmas break from school and boredom has joined your household. The snowflakes will look so cute hanging from a window in your home. You will want to keep them on display even after the holiday season is over.

Snowflake Gift Tags

One can never have too many gift tags on hand during the holiday season. Keep up the snowflake theme with these cute silver tags. You can create these in minutes using a tag punch, foam snowflakes, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Your presents will sparkle and look “oh so pretty” with this cute embellishment. The gift recipient will feel extra special since you took the time to wrap the gift with handmade “care.”

Poster Board Snowflakes for Christmas Tree Decor

Ikea is a company that is a legend in design. This year they have beautiful cardboard snowflake ornaments for sale. Although Ikea doesn’t charge all that much for their white cardboard snowflake ornaments, we crafty types always like to make our version. The tutorial by Cuckoo 4 Design will show you how. Why not have a winter wonderland tree this year just decorated with paper snowflakes from top to bottom? Breathtaking!

Paper Snowflake Lace Curtain

This snowflake curtain is similar to the one featured above from In My Own Style. The paper snowflakes, however, are placed on the line touching one another with no in-between space. This technique produces a delicate lace-like effect which can be quite stunning on your window during the holiday season.

Paper Snowflake in the Shape of a Moose

They say that no two snowflakes are alike, but have you ever seen one in the shape of a moose? Gina from will not only show you how to make a moose snowflake, but she will also teach you how to make a horse and snowman snowflake too. They are too cute. Free templates are also provided for download, so your project is guaranteed to be successful.

Snowflakes on a Branch

Decorate your home for the holidays in a simple contemporary style. Hang a branch from the ceiling and tie lines of paper snowflakes onto the branch. Simple yet so elegant. The dark grey background works exceptionally well with this home decor snowflake project. The kids in the photo are super cute too.

Let It Snow Wooden Sign

Construct this wooden plaque from 1×4 and 1×6 wooden boards paint it midnight blue, stencil and then decorate it with snowflake embellishments. Vineta from The Handyman’s Daughter made this sign to replace the television on the wall for the holidays, but it could work anywhere in your home. It would even look cute as a sign adorning your home outside. What a lovely way to welcome guests when they visit your home.

Let It Snow Home Decor

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! You can transform any room in your home into a winter wonderland. Even your hallway. Cut out snowflakes by hand, or if you want a perfect snowflake, use your die cut machine. Hang them from the ceiling in whatever room you wish. Children will be mesmerized with this holiday decor.

3D Pop up Snowflake

Paper snowflakes don’t have to be one dimensional. This project is proof of that. 3D snowflakes are a little bit complicated, but the tutorial provides an easy to follow video tutorial. Just follow the steps, and you will soon master these beautiful snowflake sculptures.

Paper Snowman and Snowflake Window Decor

Hang up these cute snowmen and hanging snowflakes in your window and watch the people who pass by smile when they look at them. This holiday decor is so sweet they will not be able to help themselves.

The site doesn’t provide any electronic die cutting files or pdf templates, but crafty types could probably come up with some similar using purchased die cut files or clip art. Where there is a will, there is a way. Get crafting!

Electric Snowflake Lamps

Let’s face it. The holidays can be stressful, and sometimes we are just too tired to create any holiday decorations by hand. There is no shame in purchasing Christmas decor especially if they are these fabulous hanging snowflake lights made from paper. They are stunning! Not only will they look lovely in your home for the holidays but you can even use them for other times of the year. The beautiful glow from these lights will add holiday ambiance to any of your gatherings.

As the days get colder and Christmas draws nearer, we’ve got more awesome DIY decoration ideas to help kick your holiday festivities to a whole other level. Today, we’re going to show you how to make beautiful snowflake decoration out of lacy paper.

It’s A Lot Easier Than You Think.

  • First, take one square of lacy paper, fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle and then fold it in half again to make another smaller triangle just so you get one hinged side and two flaps.

Youtube Screenshot

  • Now take a pencil and a scale to draw a series of lines in the middle of the triangle with the space of one centimeter between each line. And if you look at the picture, you shouldn’t draw them all the way to the edge. (The number of lines that you want to draw and the amount of space between them is entirely up to you.)

Youtube Screenshot

  • Now take a pair of scissors and cut along the lines, but not all the way through. Do this about six times before opening them up.

Youtube Screenshot

  • After opening them up, starting from the center, fold the two points together to each other and then glue them together using your glue stick. If you find this a bit hard to do, you can place a pencil under the intersecting folds to push them against so as not to flatten them. Upon doing so, the two folds will be shaped like a tube.

Youtube Screenshot

  • Now turn the paper over and take the next two sets of folds and then glue them together just like the first pair. This will be easier to do as you won’t be needing a pencil for it.
  • Keep repeating this process going back and forth with as many folds as you’d like so that it gets that lacy look that you’re going for. Also, note that the size of the square that you use will determine the overall size of your finished product. You can either choose to make the snowflake paper small for you to put on your Christmas tree or bigger to pass it off as a stunning window decoration.

Youtube Screenshot

  • Now that you’re done with one, do the same with the other squares of paper you have by following steps 4 and 5.
  • Now that all six of those papers have been prepped, start joining them together by gluing their endpoints with one another and hold them in place steadily until the glue has dried up and solidified. Keep adding more of your paper leaves to each other from point to point until all six of those pieces are attached and your nifty little Christmas decoration ornament is ready for the world.

All that’s left now is to hang the ornament to your window using an ornament string, which you can put through your ornament after making a hole through one of the leave pieces as the image above shows.

Not only are these fun to make – they are a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor to make it even more magical and festive. Watch below for the full tutorial.

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You’re never too old to make paper snowflakes.

I love paper snowflakes! Okay, I love most paper decor, especially if it features homemade paper. But especially snowflakes! 😉

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I started making paper snowflakes a few years ago, just on a whim. It turned out to be slightly addictive, and I just couldn’t STOP making them! They’re fun to make and there’s a lot of different things you can do with them around the house.

Now, I’m sure you’re familiar with the standard variation of paper snowflake – they’re two-dimensional, come in endless possible designs, and if you’ve got kids or grandkids you probably have more than just a few hanging around your house. And I think that’s absolutely wonderful!

But if you really want to make a statement with your paper snowflakes, then check this out…

How To Make A 3D Paper Snowflake

That’s right, a 3D snowflake! I love these even more than the regular kind, and that is saying something!

I usually make two or three big 3D snowflakes every year to hang somewhere in the living room, and I just love them. They’re fun to make and to look at, in my opinion!

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • 6 paper squares, between 4″-10″

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We used standard printer paper for this project, so we started by trimming the excess length off. You can do this quickly and easily by folding one of the corners over until the edges line up.

Cut off the excess paper to form a triangle. (If you’re starting with square paper, you’ll still start by folding it in half to form a triangle.)

Next, fold the triangle in half again, and hold the long edge of the triangle in your hand.

Then use your scissors to cut three parallel lines, starting from the open side and cutting towards the fold.

Your cuts should stop 1/2″-1″ away from the folded edge.

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Unfold the paper and lay it flat. You should see 4 diamond shapes.

Grab the two smallest triangles, roll them towards to to form a tube, and tape them together. (Feel free to staple it if you can, but the first tube is usually too narrow for me to maneuver a stapler in there.)

Now flip the paper face-down and grab the next-smallest triangles. Roll them towards you and tape or staple them together.

Keep flipping, rolling, and stapling until you’ve created 4 tubes. Repeat this process with your remaining 5 paper squares.

Line up 3 of your finished pieces facing the same direction. Staple the top corners together.

Staple them again where they touch in the middle. Repeat this process with the other 3 finished pieces.

Staple the two sets of 3 pieces together at the top and where they touch in the middle.

All done! Now hang in place of prominence for everyone to admire your handiwork. 🙂

Creative window decorating with paper snowflakes, Christmas tree

Paper crafts that create beautiful snowflakes are fun to make. Here is the Lushome collection of cut out patterns and a guide showing how to create paper snowflakes and enhance your winter decorating ideas with the charming, nature-inspired accents and cheap decorations. You can make these holiday decorations with four, six or eight points, it depends on your sense of art and style. Real snowflakes have six points, so six-point designs look the most realistic.

These paper designs require folding paper and cutting out pieces to create unique crystal-inspired patterns. All you need to make the decorations is a pencil to mark cut outs, paper, and scissors. You can use thick or thin paper, colored or plain white. The beauty of these decorations is in the simplicity, and white color is the natural color for snowflakes.

Snowflakes, paper crafts for winter decorating

1. How to make the decorations

You start with a square piece of white paper. Outline the square edges, cut and start folding it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Fold in half again and another time to make a little triangle with a sharp angle at the top where will be the center of the snowflake. Cut the top off at an angle. Flip your folded triangle over and cut off excess paper at an angle also.

Now you can start shaping your snowflake creating a unique pattern. Cutting out triangles, half-circles or tiny rectangles is a quick way to design a beautiful snowflake. The originality and beauty of these paper crafts are in decoration patterns you choose. All snowflakes are never the same because you spontaneously create different designs to make the decorations.

Various designs for paper crafts, handmade Christmas decorations

2. Snowflake patterns

Everyone can pick a unique cut or shape that give personality to paper snowflakes. Even if you want to repeat the pattern, cuts can be slightly different every time. When you finish, unfold carefully paper and reveal the beautiful snowflake design.

Ideas and patterns for making paper snowflakes

3. How to add paper snowflakes to winter home decorating

You can iron snowflakes between two pieces of paper or make the decorations flat by keeping paper crafts between two heavy books. After that paper snowflakes will be ready to add their beauty to your winter decorating.

Window decorating with paper drafts, snowflakes

A tiny piece of double-sided tape is an easy way to stick the paper crafts to your door, window glass or wall. Paper snowflakes show up beautifully on glass doors and windows, particularly at night against the dark glass, glowing candles, and soft Christmas lights.

Hanging paper snowflakes from the ceiling

You can hang snowflakes from the ceiling if you make them of construction paper or wallpaper. Also, the little handmade Christmas decorations look beautiful on gift boxes and Christmas tree branches. Tiny snowflakes can decorate holiday tables, beautify centerpiece ideas, and give a unique touch to handmade Christmas garlands. Paper snowflakes are elegant, attractive, handmade Christmas decorations that enhance all winter decorating ideas. These cheap ideas are perfect for the filled with joy winter holiday season.

Paper snowflakes, cheap decorations for winter holiday tables Winter holiday tablescape with paper snowflakes Window decorating with snowflakes, cheap ideas for handmade Christmas decorations Creative window decorating with paper snowflakes, Christmas tree

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If you like paper doily crafts then you will enjoy making paper doily Christmas decorations. They always look festive, especially when you use them to make pretty paper snowflakes to decorate your home for the holidays. Making them is also easy on the budget as you can buy paper doilies at the grocery, craft or dollar store.

Making paper snowflake doily Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree or to hang in a window to decorate your home for the holidays is easy when you use free snowflake cutting templates and patterns that you can print below and save to use over and over again.

I like to change my holiday decor up from year to year and usually do this with a color scheme. I usually come up with this scheme in early November after thinking about a few colors until finalizing it.

I have gone from traditional red and green one year to pastels another and this year – it is all about cedar green, white and silver.

This year I am also keeping my decorating simple, yet festive, using nature as my inspiration.

Using Paper Doilies to Make Paper Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

I also am using one of my favorite paper products to help me decorate.

Did you know that round paper doilies make the prettiest paper snowflakes?

If you use the 6″ diameter size doily, they also make festive Christmas tree ornaments.

A few quick snips with the tips of a small pair of scissors is all it takes to make a paper snowflake.

When you use a paper doily, the snowflakes come out even prettier than a basic paper snowflake. I used a few different styles of 6″ round doilies to make each snowflake hanging on my tree unique.

I decided to use them exclusively on my Christmas tree this year.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes Using Doilies

Using round paper doilies saves you a step when making snowflakes since they are already round. Less cutting is needed. They also make prettier snowflakes since they already come with decorative cut-outs around the edges and some even have embossed designs.

Note: The paper folding and cutting snowflake making steps are the same no matter what size round paper doily you use. So you can make any size snowflake you want.

supplies needed: RESOURCES listed at the end of this post.

  • 6″ round paper doilies
  • Paper Snowflake Patterns Cheat Sheet – link below
  • Small scissors
  • Iron, white cloth and ironing board
  • Ornament hangers
  • Optional: 10mm silver beads, spray glue and glitter

Free Printable Paper Snowflake Patterns

The video below will teach you how to fold a doily. The next thing you will need to make snowflakes is to cut a pattern into the folded paper.

I made a pattern cheat sheet below which you can print out and always keep handy.

If you would like more designs, check out Pinterest for paper snowflake making patterns. There are literally hundreds of shapes and designs you can create.

How to Make Snowflakes into Christmas Tree Ornaments

Once you have made a snowflake, unfold it. To turn it into an ornament, first lay it out flat on an ironing board. Then cover it with a thin white cloth ( I used a linen napkin) and press to flatten the cut doily.

Next, simply punch a small hole into the top of the snowflake and attach an ornament hook.

Optional Finishing Touch: Spray a light coat of spray glue over the paper snowflakes and then sprinkle glitter over them. Gently shake and let dry.

If you like the look of the snowflakes, but don’t want to make them yourself, you can buy small card stock or tissue paper snowflakes at a party store or on Amazon. I used a few of these on my tree to vary the designs on the tree.

The snowflake in the upper right corner is a tissue paper snowflake I bought. It comes in a pack of 25. The one in the upper left is made of card stock and comes in a pack of 10.

Other Ways To Use Paper Doilies For the Holidays

I like using paper doilies to decorate my house. They have many uses besides as a liner for baked goods. They are a fast and easy DIY to do that is very budget friendly and when the holidays are over, easy to take down.

I have used them to:

How To Video: How to Fold a Paper Doily and Cut It to Make a Snowflake

This short video will show you all you need to do to make the snowflakes.

When first making them, you may want to lightly draw the pattern on the folded doily to get used to how to need to cut them. After making a few, you will find you may not need to draw the pattern and can simply cut by following the basic cut pattern on the cheat sheet as I do in the video.

  1. Fold doily into a triangular shape.
  2. Place folded doily on work surface with the pointed side up.
  3. Draw or trace one of the pattern’s above on top of folded doily.
  4. Cut along the dotted lines.
  5. Unfold

I also decided to buy an artificial tree this year for a few reasons, but the main one was so we could keep it up longer without worrying about it drying out.

I like the sparser style tree style that is becoming more popular and decided to go for one.

I ordered it from Home Depot and was sent two in different heights. When I called their Customer Service to find out why and to see if I was charged twice,

I was told no. I was also told, Merry Christmas… to keep the second tree since it was their mistake. 🙂

Where to Find RESOURCES:

  • 6″ Paper Doilies – I used a few styles of 6″ paper doilies to make my snowflakes
  • Mini Paper Snowflake Cutouts – made of card stock – 4″- 4.5″ – 10 to a pack
  • Tissue Paper Snowflakes – 5.25″ – 25 to a pack
  • Silver Ornament Hangers – Multi-pack of sizes
  • Twinkle Lights – White tree lights that slowly twinkle
  • Silver Beads – to add to ornament hooks
  • Puleo International 7.5 ft Pre-Lit Aspen Christmas Tree – sparse style. It is an online only purchase tree from Home Depot. Not sold in the store. They are out of stock now. I did a search for the same tree and found it still available on Amazon.

Want to learn how to make a “very cute” paper snowflake? I saw this Reindeer pattern paper snowflake over on Etsy. I loved it and thought you would too.

Decorate a House with Homemade Crafts

Hang a homemade paper snowflake ornament on a tree or wall and admire your work.

Related To:

For best results and to make it even simpler for guests to follow, use a spiral ornament template tool. Thin, wrapping paper, old book pages, and colored printer paper work best for this craft. Print template (provided) on each sheet. For this ornament you will need six square templates.

Materials Needed:

  • paper
  • spiral ornament template tool (optional)
  • glitter jingle bells
  • gold glitter tape
  • string or ribbon
  • scissors
  • utility knife

Cut Paper

Gather all materials needed. (Image 1) Using the X-Acto knife, cut paper so you have six equal squares. For each square, cut along the inner lines of the template but make sure to not cut all the way to the ends. (Image 2) If using the template tool, fold paper diagonally, and place into tool. Run cutting knife along groves. (Image 3)

Create a Red Paper Snowflake

Thin, wrapping paper, old book pages, and colored printer paper work best for this handmade paper decoration.

Cut a Snowflake Template

When creating a paper snowflake, for each square, cut along the inner lines of the template but make sure to not cut all the way to the ends.

For a Straight Line, Use a Cutting Tool

An easy way to cut straight lines in a template is to use a cutting tool.

Bend and Curl to Shape

Bend the inner-most flaps towards each other and curl slightly using a pencil for shape.

How to Make a Swirling Shape on Paper

To make a twisting shape in a piece of paper, bend the inner-most flaps towards each other and curl slightly using a pencil.

Bend and Tape Flaps

Next, flip the square and bend the next set of flaps in the opposite direction from first set of flaps. Overlap the ends and secure with glitter tape. (Image 1) Repeat with remaining flaps alternating direction and tape ends together. (Image 2) Continue to do the same with the other five squares. (Image 3)

Bend and Tape Flaps on a Paper Snowflake

Create a snowflake shape by flipping the square and bending the next set of flaps in the opposite direction from first set of flaps.

A Swirling Red Snowflake

Don’t let the swirls fool you! This paper snowflake star Christmas ornament is easy, quick to make and sure to wow your guests instantly.

Make Swirling Paper Snowflakes

Make a number of swirling paper squares that will later be joined together in a snowflake shape.

Tape Squares Together

Attach adjoining sides of each piece using tape. (Image 1) Tape all six tips in the center. (Image 2)

Use a Textured Tape on Crafts

Glittering accents add a festive flair to these paper snowflake points.

Twisted Paper Creates a Swirling Snowflake

Small paper squares join in the center to create a snowflake with deceptively intricate points.

Attach Bells and String

String a few glitter bells and secure with tape at the center. Tie the ends of another piece of string and tape to tip of snowflake to hang ornament.

Glitter Bells on Paper Snowflake

String a few glitter bells and secure with tape at the center to add a decorative flair to a paper snowflake.

Hang Ornament

Hang ornament on a tree or wall and admire your work.

Make-Your-Own-Ornament Station at Holiday Party

Set up two tables for this party: a crafting station and another table for bites and sips. With the focus of this party on crafting, dedicate a large surface for guests to make their ornaments. Transform your dining table into a visually-appealing craft station and arrange chairs around it so guests are comfortable while working on their handmade ornaments. Dress with a simple white tablecloth, then layer with a fabric runner in coordinating colors for visual punch.