How to cut marble

Reviewed By Daniel Nielsen Latest Updated December 15, 2020

Marble is a rock that has various uses. Tiles, stones, cemetery, sculptures, benches are some of the many examples. They are very hard and durable. To use marble, they have to get cut to slabs and blocks. So many of us may think that cutting marble is very complicated. So here we have the steps needed to cut the marble in detail.

How To Cut Marble – Step By Step Guide

Method 1: Using A Circular Saw

Things Needed To Cut Marble

The things needed to cut marble with the circular saw.

  • A circular saw with a diamond blade
  • Measuring tape
  • A sander
  • A hose with a good supply of water
  • A piece of foam
  • Regular tape or masking tape
  • Safety glasses

Method 2: Using A Wet Saw

A wet saw is the best tool to cut marbles. The wet saw uses a blade with a water reservoir to help the blade be cool. So let us see the steps needed in detail to cut marble using a wet saw.

Step 1: Check The Wet Saw

Check if your wet saw has a diamond blade. It is best to cut marbles. If it is not a diamond blade, change the blade to a diamond blade. Unscrew the nut holding the blade and remove the present saw blade. Fix the diamond blade in such a way the blade’s teeth are in the direction of the cut. Tighten it well and check if it’s firm to the tool. Adjust the fence according to the cut.

Step 2: Reservoir

The wet saw doesn’t need a separate hose as the circular saw. It has a reservoir which can store water. They can cool the blade and also keep the place clean without dust. Fill the reservoir with water. The water level should be until the bottom part of the blade gets submerged. While working on many projects, have a check on the water at regular intervals.

Step 3: Measurements

Measure the marble and locate the points which are getting cut. Protect the edge of the marble. Cover the area with masking tape so that we can see visible marks on the top of it. Measure and mark the points with a marker on the top of the tape.

Step 4: Workspace

If there is a special workspace or garage, the user can work with the marble there. If not, get a big piece of plywood and set a flat space with the help of sawhorses. This will give the user a stable base and can work with the marble without problems.

Step 5: Cutting The Marble

Set the depth of the wet saw based on the thickness of the slab you’re working with. Clamp the marble slab so that it doesn’t move while working. Turn the saw on and leave it untouched for some time. Cut through the marks on the tape. Hold the saw firm, and don’t put too much pressure on the tool. Finish the cut and raise the saw.

Step 6: Finishing

Trim away any cut-outs or curved edge in the marble. Try to keep the surface neat and smooth as it may be rough after the cut. A sander may help us change the surface.

This is how the marble gets cut with a wet saw. The wet saw is the best tool to cut marble.

Things Needed

The things needed to cut marble with a wet saw.

  • A wet saw with a diamond blade
  • Some water for the reservoir
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Sander or grinder to trim and keep the surface smooth
  • A large piece of plywood and sawhorses to hold (to hold the marble, if there is no permanent workspace)
  • Safety glasses

Method 3: Using A Grinder

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool and is suitable for many jobs. They are also a useful power tool to cut marble. Again here, the diamond blade is essential. So let us see the steps in detail to cut marble with a grinder.

Step 1: Positioning

Get the marble and place it on a flat space to work. If the user doesn’t have a separate workspace, get a big piece of plywood. Get two sawhorses to hold the plywood stable. This can act as the workspace.

Step 2: The Grinder

The grinder may not come with the diamond blade. So get the diamond blade and replace the blade in the grinder with it. A right diamond blade can cut your marble faster and well too.

Step 3: Measurements

Do the measurements with the tape. Seal the edges with masking tape for safety. Now use a marker or correction pen to mark the points over it.

Step 4: Cutting

Turn the grinder on and allow it to reach its full speed. Do not put your full energy on the tool and will enable it to do its job. Hold it firm and place it slowly on the line marked.

Step 5: Finishing

Cut till the end and raise the grinder. This will do the job. If the cut looks rough, use a sander to keep the surface smooth

This will complete the job, and this is how to cut marble using the grinder.

Things Needed

These are the things required to cut marble with the grinder

  • An angle grinder
  • A measuring tape
  • Marker or correction pen
  • A large piece of plywood and sawhorses to hold (to hold the marble, if there is no permanent workspace)
  • Masking tape
  • Safety glasses


1. What all jobs can a grinder do?

A grinder is a versatile tool as it can do a lot of tasks. Starting from work like cutting and grinding, they can also polish or sand surfaces. All the user need is to fix the needed attachment for the job.

2. Can we fix dull marks on the marble?

Yes, it is possible to fix dull marks on the marble. But this is only when they are minimal. Too many marks will be tough to remove. There is a specific marble polishing powder that can remove these etches. They aren’t very expensive and are available online.

3. Why does the wet saw have a water reservoir?

The water in the wet saw is important as cutting through dense material can heat the blade. The water cools the blade and allows it to work without problems. Too much heat from the saw can even cause smoke. The water also clears away the dust near and on the blade.

Final Thought

Cutting marble is not a very complex process but needs some patience. If the user has the tools, and if the instructions said above get followed, the job is a cakewalk. But remember to have all the necessary safety equipment. Any power tool can cause severe or minor injuries. We hope you have a good time cutting those tough marbles.