How to cut mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the most famous vegetables in the world. Mushrooms are fungi that are now widely cultivated. In this blog, we will discuss how to clean and cut mushrooms.

Cleaning can be done by rinsing under the tap or in a bowl of water. A brush or damp kitchen paper also works well. Finally, you can peel them. You can cut with a knife or egg cutter. Clean the Portobello with a brush.

The mushrooms are a tasty addition to your dish. Mushrooms are easy to season and absorb many flavors. Frying mushrooms is done in no time.

How To Clean Mushrooms?

Cleaning mushrooms is not a fun job for most, as we think it is time-consuming. However, it must be done, because they grow on horse manure and you must remove this. There are several ways to clean mushrooms. We will discuss these here.

The most important thing about cleaning mushrooms is that you first clean them and then cut them! We start with washing under the tap.

Cleaning Mushrooms With Water

The general idea is that mushrooms should not be cleaned with water. By holding them under the tap or rinsing them in a container of water, the mushrooms would suck themselves up with water.

Cleaning Mushrooms With Water

This story is a myth, so nonsense! The mushroom already consists of 90 percent water and can therefore not absorb much water when we wash the mushrooms under the tap or clean them in a container with water. However, you should not let them soak in a container of water, because then they will absorb water.

Washing under the tap or in a container of water is the best way. You can gently clean the mushrooms under the tap with your hands. Rinse off the dirt and gently wipe with your fingers.

When they are clean, place the mushrooms on a cotton tea towel or a few paper towels and pat dry too carefully. Now cut off the bottom of the trunk and they are now ready to be processed further.

Mushrooms Cleaning Brushing

The next method is with a mushroom brush. This is a small brush that looks like a mushroom. With this brush, we carefully brush the dirt off the mushrooms. All black pieces must be removed from the mushroom. This is the horse manure they grow on.

Do not use too much force, because you can brush the mushrooms to pieces. When the mushrooms are clean, cut off the bottom of the trunk and you can now process them further.

Cleaning Mushrooms With Kitchen Paper

The next way is to clean the mushrooms with kitchen paper.

Take a few sheets of kitchen paper or a cotton tea towel and moisten it. Now clean the mushrooms, as it were. Gently wipe the mushrooms and remove any debris. You can do this very precisely so that you can be sure that the dirt is off.

Here, too, you cut the bottom of the trunk off last. Now they are ready for further processing.

Mushrooms Cleaning Peeling

Peeling mushrooms is also a labor-intensive job. If you really want to be sure that all the dirt has been removed, you can carefully peel the mushrooms.

To do this, take a sharp small knife and peel the mushrooms, as it were. You now peel off a thin layer of the mushroom. This is really a patient job to do, but then you know for sure that all the dirt has been removed.

When you are done, cut the bottom of the stem and the mushrooms are now clean.

How To Clean Chestnut Mushrooms?

Chestnut mushrooms are the second most sold mushroom variety in the Netherland. This is also a mushroom and it also consists of 90 percent moisture.

Yes, cleaning chestnut mushrooms is the same as cleaning white mushrooms. Cleaning the regular mushrooms is described above, so make your choice and get started.

How To Clean Chanterelles?

Chanterelles are also fungi, just like the common mushroom and the chestnut mushroom.

And yes, cleaning the chanterelle is the same as cleaning the normal mushroom. You can also just rinse it under the tap because the chanterelle consists of 90 percent water and therefore does not absorb much moisture.

For cleaning Chanterelles I refer you to the above chapter entitled ‘How to Clean Mushrooms?’.

How To Clean Portobello Mushrooms?

The Portobello is a large mushroom that is often open at the bottom; you can see the slats. Do not rinse this mushroom with water. Water can settle between the slats of the mushrooms. The mushrooms themselves do not absorb much moisture, but they can retain a lot of moisture between the lamellae.

For this mushroom, the advice is brushing or cleaning with damp kitchen paper. Both methods are described above.

Finally, after cleaning, cut a piece of the trunk and you can further process the Portobello in your dish.

How to Cut Mushrooms

Only when the mushrooms have been cleaned do the mushrooms start to cut. If you have small mushrooms, you don’t have to cut them, of course, and it looks great in your dish too.

For cutting, you need a cutting board and a small sharp knife. Place the mushroom on the cutting board and cut it into planks. This is the most common way; cutting a thin slice.

how to cut mushrooms

If you have very large mushrooms, you can first halve them and then cut them into slices. Keep in mind that mushrooms shrink very much during preparation. They let go of the moisture and as you have read, a mushroom consists of 90 percent moisture. So don’t make too small pieces.

how to cut mushrooms

Do you still have an egg slicer in your cupboard? You can also use this for slicing your mushrooms. Simply put the mushrooms in the bowl of the egg cutter and lower the lid. You now have all slices of the same thickness.

Now you know a lot more about cleaning and cutting mushrooms. If you have leftover mushrooms and want to keep them, go to our blog ‘ How to Store Mushrooms? ‘then you don’t have to throw anything away and the mushrooms will stay fresh for a long time.