How to cut pears

Several different recipes and salads include the pear as a delicious and core fruit ingredient. The fruit is often served in fancy cutting with deserts. A pear can be used in many different ways depending upon your preferences. It can even be baked and grilled, not many fruits possess the quality to do so.

Apart from the normal pear, there is also another category of pears obtained from the cactus plant. The prickly pear, also known as cactus pear, is one of its types that differs quite a deal from the normal pear. These can not even be held with bare hands. The prickly pears are used to prepare juices and jams used in several baked products.

Pear is easy to prepare and serve if you know the basics of cleaning, peeling, and cutting. Here are some basics that you can use if you’ve just learned the new recipe which includes a pear or even a prickly pear as an ingredient.

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How to Clean a Pear?

Before you lay the pear on the cutting board, there are a few steps that involve cleaning the fruit more efficiently. The fruits brought from the supermarket may have several contaminations that must be removed before consumption. These contaminations, sometimes, might not be visible but potentially harmful i.e. some harmful bacteria that must be washed away.

Step 1

Hold the fruit under the tap water. The water must be either at room temperature or less than it. The hot water must be avoided because it can change the texture and the taste of the fruit.

Step 2

Gently rub your finger on the skin of the fruit. If you feel uncomfortable rubbing and hold at the same time you can wash them in a bowl.

Step 3

Make sure to rub all the skin of the pear thoroughly. Some of the contaminations are not easy to get rid of. In such cases, you can use a knife to gently scratch the contaminated part of the skin. Some stored pears might have some dark mushy spots. Remove them by using the tip of the knife.

How To Clean the Prickly Pear?

The cactus pear or prickly pear is not an ordinary fruit. The handling and dealing of such fruits are quite different from the one mentioned above. Some of the characteristics will not even let you hold them barehanded, the tiny thorns on the outer layer need special treatment.

Step 1

You can wash the prickly pear just like the normal pear under the tap water or in a bowl. If you buy them from the supermarket, the fruit comes rubbed off of their thorns but if you have just pulled them off the cactus plants, you have to remove them yourself by rubbing them off the skin.

Step 2

Once you’ve removed the thorns, the next step is to cut off the two ends of the pear. The cut must take away the stem and bottom part of the fruit.

Step 3

Make an incision on one side of the fruit skin. You can pull off the skin apart from the flesh with from the incision as the skin is quite thick and easy to come off the flesh. The flesh can either be cut on the cutting board or can be used to make juice.

How to Peel and Remove the Core?

Though the skin of the pear or prickly pear is not toxic it contains some vital nutrients, but the taste is not very pleasant. Apart from the peeling, the core must also be removed as it contains the non-edible parts of the fruit.

The skin and the core need to be removed.

To do the task, follow the steps to take away what is unnecessary and prevent further wastage of the fruit.

Step 1

Use a fruit peeler to peel off the skin. The pear has very thin skin, using a knife for the peeling can take away a part of the fruit.

Step 2

After the peeling is done, cut the fruit into halves using the chef’s knife. The cutting into halves must be done in the center to cut the core in halves too. It minimizes the loss of fruit while removing the core in the next step.

Step 3

Take each half and scoop the core either using a spoon or a melon baller, go for whatever one is easy for you to use.

Step 4

The stem part is also a non-edible part and must be removed before preparing it for the cutting. Make the V-shaped cut around the stem. Make sure to keep it as narrow as you can near the stem so you do not cut any more flesh than it needs to remove the stem.

How to Cut a Pear?

Pears can be either sliced or cut into many different shapes for preparing a special dish, salad, or for a kid. As for the fancier parts, you can try whatever shapes you like. The flesh of the fruit has a perfect texture that is easy to deal with as it neither too soft to get damaged by the knife nor too hard that it needs effort.

After the cleaning and preparation are done, the next step is to be performed on the cutting board. You can either make fancy cuts or simpler ones to best suits you need. Here are a few tips on how to cut the pear.

Step 1

Take the halves of the pear and cut the two halves in further halves by cutting the center of them both. This will leave you with four parts of the pear now.

Step 2

Lay each part on the cutting board with the flat side down. Make a smaller cut on these four parts. This will result in smaller parts of the pear which can be served in a bowl and can be eaten with a fork or even hands.

In the case of prickly pear, the seeds are edible and can be consumed with the flesh. depending upon your preference you can either let them stay in your final serving or remove them with the tip of the knife.

How to Slice a Pear?

Slicing fruits for eating has been one of our favorite habits. Several people like their fruits to be served in slices. The pears can be served in slices and the slicing is as easy as slicing other fruits or vegetables. Both categories of pear use the same methods for slicing the fruit.

Step 1

For slicing purposes, you have to start with two halves of the pear, peeled and core removed. Take the halves and lay them over a cutting board flat side down.

Step 2

Using regular chefs’ knives or more preferable a serrated knife and make the cuts at regular intervals on the round side of the one half at one time. You can keep the thickness of the slices according to your need.