How to date a cancer

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How to date a cancer

What do you need to know in order to have a successful relationship with a Cancer man? There are a few things that may help you cultivate a wonderfully healthy and loving relationship. Keep reading for how to date a Cancer man.

Flirting and Smiling a Lot

The Cancer man wants to know he’s making you feel good and happy. To show him that you feel great being around him, you want to smile, laugh, and tell him how wonderful it is being with him.

He wants to see your beautiful smile. It makes him go wild! It sounds simple right? This is an effective way of flirting with a Cancer man. Even if you’re across the room from him, smile. He’ll be totally floored by how magnificent you look.

Your smile is one of the best accessories you can possibly wear. It’s intoxicating to the Cancer man. It shows him you like him, it shows him you’re happy when you see him, and that you are really having an amazing time when you’re near him.

Don’t be afraid to grin at him every chance that you get. Even in situations where you cannot talk because the two of you are with other people at an event but can’t break free, smiling at him will make him smile right back. Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!

It doesn’t matter if you’re newly dating or if you’ve been dating for months. Smiling gives him a sense of satisfaction and great joy. Don’t deprive him of that. Even on the days where it’s hard to smile, give him one anyway. You won’t regret it.

Appear Very Feminine

How to date a cancer

The Cancer man is attracted to very feminine women. Even if you’re the type that wears jeans and t-shirts, you can wear form fitting clothes that will still get his attention. Make your hair look nice and neat, wear fresh bright colors, and wear light makeup.

Cancer men don’t like women who put on a ton of makeup to try to appeal to men. He finds this to be fake and since he’s an empathic type of guy, he picks up women’s inner beauty as well.

Make your outer beauty match your inside beauty. Wearing floral prints, flowing skirts, and airy type of blouse will drive him crazy in the most wonderful way. Again, be the woman you know you are and let him see it.

Cancer man appreciates an honest woman who shows her true colors, is open-minded, and wears her heart on her sleeve. He’s not much into the hard to read types. They scare him.

Wear a light scented perfume that smells very delicate and sweet. Vanilla, Jasmine, or some other floral scent would get his attention. Heavy scents like patchouli tend to turn him off.

Confidence and Sweetness

The Cancer man is looking for his one and only. He wants a woman who will be his partner, wife, and mother to his children (present or future). He needs to see your nurturing side but also that you’re confident in who you are.

While you can show him your strengths, don’t come on like a bull in a china shop or he’ll drop and run. He loves women who are very sweet, kind, and successful with their own life’s independence.

Share with him your passions in life, what drives you, and what you want to accomplish. He wants to hear what your dreams or aspirations are as it makes him feel closer to you.

The more you share with him who you are, the more he’ll be happy to get closer to you and also start to open up with you. Naturally when you notice that your Cancer guy is opening up, he’s likely falling for you.

Show him consideration, get him his favorite treat when he’s not suspecting it, try to be random when you say sweet things to him. He’ll absolutely think you’re heaven sent and will want to spend more time with you.

Take Your Time, It’s not a Race

How to date a cancer

When you’re just beginning to date a Cancer man, make sure that you don’t rush the process. Try not to let him do that either. He has a tendency to dive in too quickly then he loses his flame after awhile.

Try to take it nice and easy. Do NOT dive into bed together right away. That may seal your doom. He will get the idea that you’re alright with having sex with no strings. Don’t let him get this idea in his head.

Hold out until you’ve been on “x” amount of dates before you decide you’ll be intimate. Touching, holding, hands, kissing, and making out is perfectly alright as it lets him know you’re attracted to him and love being with him.

Remember that if things flow at a natural pace, you’re more likely to fall in love with each other for the right reasons instead of falling into “lust” that diminishes later on and you end up heartbroken.

Cancer man will respect you by taking things nice and easy. Make sure you’re not always available for him because that ensures that you have a life outside of him and he’ll have to savor the wait until he sees you again.

This actually makes him want you more. Texting all the time will give him a sense of urgency. Try to hold back just a little bit. Make him sweat it out for an hour before you respond. You can also let him initiate texts.

Don’t ignore him though because that will cause him to turn and walk away. Just be sure that you have other plans that don’t involve him. Be honest and tell him where you’ll be and with whom as it makes it more valid in his mind.

He just needs to know you’re not blowing him off and making things up in order to not be with him. As long as he knows you’re still into him and things are still moving forward, he’ll show you great love.

If you’re ready to understand how to date a Cancer man, and if you want to catch him and keep him click here to learn more about Cancer Man Secrets.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

How to date a cancer

Cancer Woman Traits

The Cancer woman is an emotionally intelligent, affectionate person who, when you meet her, will probably strike you as the embodiment of femininity. This isn’t surprising when you remember that she is ruled by the moon, which rules all things feminine and mysterious. And just like her celestial ruler, you may find the Cancer woman a bit difficult to read at first; however, a little persistence will reveal a woman with a brilliant imagination, and a decent amount of ambition. The Cancer woman is good at getting what she wants, and what she wants is security. She’s more than happy to provide these things for herself, but she doesn’t mind the idea of someone coming along to help her get it either, but only if they’re going to pull their own weight.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman

Like her zodiac symbol, the crab, the Cancer woman guards her heart behind a tough shell, one she’ll only emerge from if she thinks the emotional investment is worth it. So, if you want to woo a Cancer woman, don’t hold back on the romance. She’s shy and guarded, but the more open you’re willing to be with her, the more she’ll reciprocate. Cancers are emotional people, and she needs to know that her partner can be trusted with her feelings. Knowing that you aren’t afraid to show your own emotions will go a long way with her. She’s also very family oriented. Her comfort zone is her own home, surrounded by her parents, siblings, and closest friends, and anyone who wants to win a Cancer woman’s heart has to be able to not only fit into that comforting dynamic, but be willing to create it with her.

How to Date a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is a natural nurturer who genuinely wants to see you happy and successful. At the same time, it’s important not to take her loving care for granted. The Cancer woman is sensitive to what is going on around them, and if she feels neglected or taken advantage of, she’ll retreat into her “shell” very quickly. This can be confusing if you genuinely didn’t mean to cause hurt or upset, so do pay attention to your Cancer woman and her needs.

Another thing to be aware of is that the Cancer woman enjoys spending time with you as a person. While the occasional “big date” or adventure can be a wonderful thing, what she truly craves is the opportunity to get to know you better. Allow for plenty of time to talk and just be with each other when you go out. In fact, Cancers, perhaps more than any of the other signs, appreciate the romance of a quiet evening at home with some dinner, wine, and maybe a movie.

How to Communicate with a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman loves communication and, when they feel safe with their partner, can be incredibly good at it. A Cancer woman experiences deep emotions and appreciates being able to express them. At the same time, she needs to hear from you as well. Speaking from the heart is one way to keep her connected to and interested in you.

At the same time, she’s very sensitive and doesn’t respond well to what they perceive as aggression or confrontation. If you are upset about something, take the time to calm yourself down before launching a discussion. Choose your words carefully, but also be honest. A Cancer woman in love genuinely cares about you and will want to address anything about her behavior that might be straining your relationship.

Turn Ons of a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman works extremely hard for everything that she has, and she finds a similar work ethic in a partner extremely sexy. She needs someone who can work with her to create the secure, comfortable home she dreams of, not someone who is going to entirely depend on her or wants her to completely depend on them. And though it may take her a long time to show it, the Cancer woman is a complete romantic on the inside. If you want to win her heart, taking her on old-fashioned dates to the beach or candle-lit dinners will always win you points. She also loves creative things, so taking her to a museum or art gallery, or showing off your more artistic nature will certainly keep her attention on you.

Turn Offs of a Cancer Woman

At the end of the day, the Cancer woman needs to feel safe, financially, personally, and emotionally. Anyone who shows off traits that don’t mesh with that bottom line, such as wastefulness, lack of financial responsibility, or an overly flirtatious nature, are people that she is not going to want to be around. The Cancer woman works too hard to protect her feelings to risk being hurt by someone who will inevitably let her down. She doesn’t like boisterous personalities, and hates drama, so she will always avoid the people and places that give rise to such scenes. She’d rather just sit at home with a glass of wine and a book instead.

Cancer Woman Compatibility

Are you currently matched with a Cancer woman? Find out how compatible the two of you are with the California Psychics Zodiac Sign Compatibility Tool. And for more in-depth information on your personalities as a couple, your good and bad sides, and how to make it work, read your Compatibility blog on the California Psychics’ website.

If you’d like to learn about the Cancer man, read our blog Dating a Cancer Man.

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ATough Shell, But Inside, She’s All Heart

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How to date a cancer

Cancer gals can be tough nuts to crack, and your success in wooing one will depend on how manly layers of a defensive shell she’s built up. If the Cancer you’ve set your sights on has suffered lots of heartbreak, winning her trust means a commitment to the long game.

Dependent Soul

Our “you only live once” culture can be particularly hard on the sensitive Cancer psyche. For the most part, Cancers see themselves as the quintessential helpmeet who longs to keep the home fires burning for her spouse and children. If she’s receptive, she will open herself to making that desire a reality, particularly if she meets someone who has the substance she craves. If, however, she’s frustrated in romance, she may satisfy her maternal instinct by adopting (or worst-case scenario, hoarding) pets.

The Cancer woman who has become emotionally lost, either as a result of a broken romance or an unstable family life, can flounder for years. She has trouble resolving boundary issues and may even fall into patterns of promiscuity. This vulnerability does bring out the knight in shining armor in both friends and suitors, and she tends to rely heavily on the loved ones in her life for support. If you’re fortunate enough to be brought into her circle of trust, a Cancer woman will be motherly in all regards, meaning she treats friends as she would family.

Starting Your Cancer Romance

The Cancer woman can seem extremely shy at first, even to the point of being uncomfortable making eye contact. Great first dates are those which focus is on something other than her—a movie, a concert under the stars, a play, or a tennis match. With the freedom of not being observed, she’ll be able to tune in to how it feels just to be with you. Avoid loud venues, crushing crowds, and canned dating situations. Instead, opt for mellow atmospheres that feel cloistered but not claustrophobic.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means she’ll want to take the lead at times, especially when something grabs her emotionally. If she evinces an interest in an activity, be prepared to go with the flow. (As your relationship progresses, this tendency may manifest itself in the bedroom, often with mutually gratifying results.)

A Cancer in love is protective of her feelings, even defensive unless she feels 100 percent safe. Often Cancer Suns live in their own world, and yet are sensitive to the moods of others. She may expect others (meaning you) to share this same sensitivity. She’ll drop hints, and may expect you to be able to read her mind and know her heart. It’s best not to press too much for her life story but a friendly curiosity will likely be welcome.

Home Security

The Moonchild loves to nurture, and only truly unwinds in the sanctity of her home. It’s a good sign if she invites you over for a lovingly prepared feast.

As she begins to feel safe with you, she’ll slowly shed more of her protective layers, but at first, she’ll most likely want to talk about you. She’ll appreciate hearing about your childhood and the highs and lows of your life.

It’s wise to avoid stories that are “ugly,” mean-spirited, or those that show a lack of empathy. She’s got a steel trap for a memory, and if you upset her, she won’t soon forget.

Touchy at Times

As a water sign, Cancer women can be hypersensitive. If you’ve hurt or offended her, even without meaning to, she can turn to stone, and while she may be smiling, the light will be gone from her eyes. That doesn’t mean you’re on the outs for good, but she might need time alone to sort through her feelings. If you’re getting the cold shoulder, give her some space and see if she comes around.

Sometimes dark moods can take Cancer women to extreme places. If you love without judging, the waters will calm again. If you avoid playing on her insecurities, at her most vulnerable moments, the trust will grow. Is she crazy? Yes, at times, but that’s what makes her so fascinating.

Funny Girl

Some Cancer women retain a childlike sense of wonder no matter what age they achieve. That twinkly-eyed spirit serves them well into their elder years. The Moon-ruled lady loves to laugh, and she has a great sense of humor. A night of stand-up or watching a romantic comedy will draw out her natural nuttiness.

You’ll win points by pointing out the absurd, or making her laugh at herself—but be careful. The line between poking good fun and pointed barbs can be a fine one. It takes a skilled and compassionate observer of the human character not to hurt her sensitive feelings. If that’s not in your wheelhouse, best leave it alone.

The Cancer Woman’s Ideal Mate

At the end of the day, a Cancer woman’s perfect mate is one who is both loving and dependable, while not necessarily being always predictable. Being there for her, “for better or worse” (whether you’re married or not), is the key to helping her fulfill the potential of her Cancer Sun and becoming a woman who is emotionally independent, while deeply loving and nurturing at the same time.

Men always get frustrated of how complicated a woman is.

She normally won?t say things directly like I want this or that from you. Instead, the gal expects her partner to understand her and fulfill her needs without asking.?

If you are having a crush on a Cancer-born lady, then you must know that she belongs to the crab sign and tends to hide her true feelings deeply in the heart. She looks for a man who?s more attentive and observant of her desires and wants.

How to attract a Cancer woman?

This article will focus on winning the heart of the reserved crab and making her fall in love. Things get easier for men once her zodiac sign is included!

Explore this Article

8 Ways to Capture a Cancer Female?s Heart

How to date a cancer

So, you as a guy first need to understand this.

Since she is very insecure, security is what attracts her the most. Though she is mentally strong and self-sufficient, she can?t help seeking a protective man who enables to provide her a safe shelter.

Born with an innate mother instinct and nurturing nature, Cancer woman is considered as a caring and warm partner.

Follow the tips below if you want to woo her into your arms:

1. Always be honest

People often say that honesty is the best policy, and that?s absolutely correct.

Don?t turn your Cancer woman into a fool with your fakeness. You can fool her once but never twice! She has a great intuition that can spot whenever you try to tell lies. Stop fooling her around or she will run away from you.

Will a Cancer leave you if you?re worthless?

The answer is yes! In fact, nothing is worthless in this world; therefore, if you do nothing to your life or show no purpose of living, don?t expect her to stick with you for the rest of her life. If you want to capture her attention, the key is to increase your dignity level.

Tell her your future plan as well as about some great charity events you are participating in. She loves when her man is confident and takes part in any kind of challenge.

2. Beware of your manners

Keep in mind that a Cancerian female will never fall for a guy with bad manners. If she feels that you have no respect to others (especially inferiors), she will never agree to hang out with you.

She believes that your attitude defines who you truly are, so the way you treat people around really matters a lot. A gentleman won?t look down on the weak. Beware of your manners as she will test you wherever you go ? don?t let her see any rude sign of you towards others.

Extremely emotional, she can be understanding for your ill-mannered behavior when it comes to eating or sitting; however, show no respect and you?ll not get her compromise.

3. Show your intelligence

This crab lady finds men well-educated are attractive.

Cancer woman may not be the supper brilliant type of woman, but she always dreams of having a partner who is superior and can guide her through tough decisions. It?s advised that you shouldn?t ignore any girl who is not enough educated.

She wants to be with someone who she feels safe and easily opens up about her thoughts, ideas, and more. This gal may not an in-born communicator; nevertheless, she is indeed a great listener and really enjoys hearing new ideas as well as learning new things from her man.

4. Display your positive vibe

Did you know that positive energy can help you gain her interest from the first meeting?

The Cancer female always wants to be surrounded around the positive energy.

Especially when she feels depressed, she needs to spend time with someone who won?t radiate the air of negativity. A man she wants in life must have the positive energy and bright charisma. Are you positive enough to be her best love match? Whenever she?s next to you, make sure she feels safe and sound most of the time.

5. Be clear about your purpose of life

It?s important to care for her, give her security, and love her with all your heart; the thing is that tons of people are doing the same things for her. If you want her attention to lie on you, then you have to be different from the crowd.

What makes you stand out?

The answer is your purpose in life! Prove to this mature woman that you do have aims for the future and you?re working to achieve one by one. Don?t forget to display a confident manner to win over her reliability. Once she feels you worth her trust, she will take interest in you.

Rather than showing your childish side, be a mature guy and provide her the safety she?s craved for a long time. She gets impressed with men who know how to manage their time and money.

6. Don?t be flirty

As she takes the relationship serious, Cancer woman finds herself unable to handle those who play with love. If you want a long lasting commitment from her, then be sincere and stop doing such things like flirting with every girl.

Men usually have crush on someone even though they are dating others ? to a Cancer, this is unethical and unfair. Be faithful to her or she will give you no respect in a love relationship.

The moment you break her trust, she will leave and you will have not a chance to bring her back to your life. Why? This lady has trust issues and never trusts on someone easily. But once you have her trust yet act flirty in front of her sight, then she will call you off. Don?t expect the Cancerian female to return unless you have a solid reason with proof.

Attract her or push her away ? the choice is yours!

7. Have a sense of humor

This woman falls in love with someone having a great sense of humor.

Not only known for her emotional side, Cancer lady is also pretty funny and has a huge interest in men who are witty. She wants to be with a person who understands her sensitive, moody traits and enables to boost her feelings whenever she feels down.

Always be there for a Cancer and bring laugh to her daily life. As long as you gain the clarity into her inner voice, she will never let you go.

8. Be selfless

Another quality men must have to attract a Cancer woman is selfless.

When you show your care to others before yourself, she will get impressed and fall for your selfless charm. Learn to think of people around you as your priority and you will get her heart wholly. Don?t be fake in helping the weak as the intuitive Cancer can catch you with ease.

Let’s find out if Cancer woman and Gemini man make a good match in love.

The Bottom Line

Like the water, Cancer woman is deep and passionate.

It?s lucky to have her as your partner because she is devoted and caring. She can make a home like no one else. A Cancer spouse will ensure providing the best of everything for her loved ones.

As a life partner, she is more than supportive and loving. Never have a dull moment when she?s around you since she is always full of surprises.

Hope tips of how to attract a Cancer woman here will make your journey to her heart much easier.

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How to date a cancer

How can you tell if a Cancer man is into you or just being nice? He’s pretty easy to read if you pay attention. There are things to look for that will help you figure out his intention. Keep checking out the article below for signs a Cancer man is not interested.

Nice but Inconsistent

If a Cancer man isn’t interested in anything more than being friends, he will be very nice, flirty, and seem as though he might be into you but then he won’t ever follow through.

He’ll suggest getting together to hang out because maybe he does want to but only as a friend or only for a hook up. Then he’ll flake out or he’ll never go ahead and ask you out.

He won’t text you or he’ll be very short with his responses to your texts. He looks flaky and confusing but this is his way of letting you know that he’s just not feeling it.

If you find that he’s making conversation by talking about cool places to go or fun things to do, he may just be making small talk or trying not to be rude. Of course if he asks you to do something sometime then flakes out, that’s a good sign he’s likely not into it.

He’s pretty good at hiding out or pulling back into his shell when he knows a lady is interested in him but he isn’t into her or is already involved with someone else. That’s another common problem.

You may find out this guy has a girlfriend and he’s just a really flirty guy. He flirted with you but he didn’t mean anything by it. You hear by word of mouth he’s taken and it’s frustrating. Watch for inconsistencies and red flags.

Is He Just Considerate or Does He Like You?

How to date a cancer

Cancer man is a very nice guy and very sought after for advice. Women know he’s good to go to in order to get some much needed introspection about whatever they are going through.

Unfortunately many women take his niceness to mean that he’s interested in more. Much of the time he’s not. He’s just doing what comes naturally and the woman misunderstands his intent.

Before you assume that he likes you and wants to go out with you, you need to ask yourself what occurred with you two. Was he helping you with something? Is he a co-worker that is just super nice to talk to?

Look at the situation rationally instead of listening to your hormones who want to jump his sexy body. Women get turned on by men who are helpful and exceedingly nice. It doesn’t mean he likes you though.

If you’re in the position where he’s been nice to you and maybe has suggested hanging out, it may just mean he’s being pleasant or that he wants to be friends. Cancer man typically does have female friends because he understands women.

Remember, Cancer men have a flirty demeanor and even if they have a wife or girlfriend, they still tend to be this way. They won’t tell you any different unless you push the line too far then they have to.

Otherwise, they will make it seem like they’re this awesome guy who wants to get together but come to find out, he is either just in it for a hook up or he’s just being flirty and not interested in a relationship.

It may seem like he’s leading you on but he’s not doing it on purpose. He really is a nice guy and sometimes he’s just perceived in the wrong way because he doesn’t want to hurt you or make you feel bad.

Secretive Dating

When a Cancer man gets together with you to spend time and doesn’t take you anywhere or introduce you to anyone, you’re just a friend. He may be trying to just get into your pants or see how far you’ll allow him to go.

Cancer men do often have friends with benefits and will reserve his full commitment for the woman thinks is “the one”. If he’s not taking you out to meet his friends, family, or co-workers. He’s not into you.

This level of secrecy is because he isn’t willing to have anything more with you than he has or is trying to have. It may mean friendship only or a sexual tryst depending on what you let him do.

Don’t ever think for one second that if you have sex with him, it will make him want to be more with you than just a friend. That isn’t how he operates. If he cares for you and wants to be with you, he will not keep you a secret.

He also will not sex you up first and then try to form a relationship. Normally it’s the other way around. Don’t fool yourself. If he’s not willing to give you a relationship with all the trimmings then he’s not with you.

Keeping you a secret to anyone means you’re not his girlfriend and not likely to become his girlfriend either. He’s good at keeping secrets also when he’s actually married or already in a relationship. Beware ladies!

Never There For You

How to date a cancer

Cancer men love to lend a hand to those who need help. However, if you find that though he’s helped you once or twice, he’s starting to flake out; he’s making it clear to you that he’s done.

A Cancer man who is not there for you isn’t with you and doesn’t intend to ever be with you. Cut your losses and find someone else who will be there for you because he’s not likely to change his tune.

If he has been dating you but is no longer putting in effort; he’s done. He quits putting in effort when he feels things are not working. He figures why bother if it’s not going to last?

That being said, you are now armed with some very definitive signs that should help you determine if your Cancer guy is not interested so you can move on and find someone who is.

If you still need some tips on your special Cancer guy, click here and find more signs a Cancer man is not interested and how to make him interested.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

What are the Cancer dates of birth?

Cancer dates are between June 21 and July 22, because that is the Zodiac sign where the sun was at your date of birth. But it differs a little from year to year, because of the leap years.

If your date of birth is the 21st of June or the 22nd of July, you have to check if you fall within the Cancer dates or not. It never differs more than a day in each direction. The start of the Cancer dates must be within the 21st to 22nd of June, and the end of it within the 22nd or 23rd of July. People born on other dates need not be concerned.

Aries dates March 21 – April 19
Taurus dates April 20 – May 21
Gemini dates May 21 – June 21
Cancer dates June 21 – July 22
Leo dates July 23 – August 22
Libra dates September 23 – October 23
Scorpio dates October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius dates November 22 – December 21
Virgo dates August 23 – September 22
Capricorn dates December 22 – January 20
Aquarius dates January 20 – February 19
Pisces dates February 19 – March 20

Cancer Dates: The Leap Year Bump

In astrology, your Cancer Zodiac sign (also called sun sign or star sign) is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. The sun takes a year to travel through the twelve Zodiac signs, but it’s not exactly a year of 365 days. The time it takes is closer to 365.25 days. That’s why we have leap years.

Every fourth year we add a day to the calendar, the 29th of February, making that year 366 days. Actually, there’s an additional rule, to make it more precise with the actual movement of earth and the sun: The starting year of a new century is not a leap year, unless it’s evenly divisible by 400. So, 1900 was not a leap year, but 2000 was.

The leap years make the dates of each Zodiac sign change slightly. Normally, Cancer starts on June 21 and ends on July 22, but that’s just the mean. In reality it changes slightly in a four year period from one leap year to the next.

Here are the leap years since the beginning of the 20th century:

How to date a cancer

Cancer Dates: Cusp or Not

If you were born on June 21st or 22nd, your sun may be on the very cusp (the starting point) of Cancer, or right by the end of Gemini. If you were born on the 22nd or 23rd of July, your sun might be at the very end of Cancer or at the cusp of Leo.

You need to check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator (see the link below) or your exact horoscope, because on those dates it depends on what time of day you were born – and in what place.

It’s particularly important with this check If you were born far away from Greenwich, England, since that’s the base for the dates given for Cancer.

Mixed Zodiac Signs

Now, If you were born on June 21st or 22nd at a time when your sun is at the very end of Gemini, you probably have a mixture of Gemini and Cancer in your character. It’s a Gemini inclined to be more of a Cancer. If your sun is at the very start (cusp) of Cancer, though, you’re definitely a Cancer – and a firm one at that.

If your sun is at the very end of Cancer, you may show personality traits of both Cancer and Leo, but If you were born at the very start of Leo, no matter how early in it, you’re most definitely a Leo.

That’s because each sign is the most powerful at its beginning, its cusp.

Decans Make a Difference

The strongest is not equal to the most typical, though. A Zodiac sign is its most typical at the part of it (decan) corresponding to its quality: cardinal, fixed or mutable.

Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements fire, earth, air, and water. It’s also one of the three qualities. So, four elements and three qualities make twelve possible combinations – the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign. That means its most typical part is the first one – the ten degrees making its first decan, 0°-10° Cancer. That corresponds approximately to the dates June 21-July 1. If your birth date is within this range, you’re likely to be a very typical Cancer.

If you were born on early July, the 2nd to 12th, you’re still a Cancer, but with character traits comparable to those of Scorpio (the fixed water sign). If you were born on July 13th to 22nd, you have some tendencies similar to those of Pisces (the mutable water sign).

Astrology is rather complicated, when dealt with seriously.

But the most important thing to decide is what sign you are. So, If you were born on June 21st-22nd or July 22nd-23rd, please check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator (see the link below), or get your complete horoscope chart, to be sure of your star sign.

How to date a cancer

Cancer Man Traits

Like his ruling planet, the moon, the Cancer man might come off as a bit mysterious at first. He prefers to hold his cards close to the chest, and he doesn’t like to give his secrets away. Give him a little time though, and you’ll soon realize that the Cancer man is mostly just shy. He’s also a bit of a homebody, preferring the comforts of home and what’s familiar to risks and the unknown. Not that the Cancer man doesn’t have any ambition, but he’ll always err on the cautious side. This makes him extremely good at whatever job he takes on though, because whatever provides him and his with financial security is not only worth holding onto, but excelling in. The need for security trickles into his emotions as well though, so if you’re interested in a Cancer man, have patience, because he’s not going to open up to you immediately; there’s a reason the symbol of Cancer is a crab after all.

How to Attract a Cancer Man

The Cancer man’s reserved nature can make getting to know him difficult, but it’s hardly an impossible task. Cancer is the most emotional of the zodiac signs, and he needs to know that anyone he enters a relationship with is comfortable with their own emotions as well as others. So, if you want to grab a Cancer man’s attention, lead with your feelings and not only will he notice you, he will reciprocate. And if there’s anything more important to a Cancer man than his security, it’s his family, so if you want to attract a Cancer man, show him how much family, in whatever way you define it, is just as important to you. Cancers are nurturing by nature and want to lavish that on their family for the rest of their lives, so if you want to attract a Cancer man, know that family has to be in your future.

How to Date a Cancer Man

If you’ve managed to attract a Cancer man and are interested in furthering your relationship, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Remember, Cancer is the crab. When crabs feel threatened, they pull into their shells. Cancer men can be incredibly loving and nurturing, but they are also self-protective. Never play hard-to-get with a Cancer man, you’ll just confuse him and he’ll distance himself from you. Let him know how you feel and show him loving attention.

The Cancer man is also very tuned-in to social cues, so make sure that you follow through on your commitments. Don’t cancel or change a date unless you absolutely have to. Provide appropriate verbal and physical affection and let him know that you appreciate his attention. As far as dates go, keep in mind that your Cancer man in love mostly wants to be with you. You don’t have to over-schedule time together or plan some grand adventure each time you go out. Instead, allow for plenty of time to enjoy each others’ presence and conversation.

How to Communicate With a Cancer Man

The sensitivity of a Cancer man extends to his communication style. This is a man who is extremely sensitive to both verbal and non-verbal cues. Both casual and serious communication require your full attention. If he detects inconsistencies between what you are saying and your body language, he may wonder if you are being honest with him.

While clear and frequent communication is important to a Cancer man, it is also important that you avoid an overly aggressive or dramatic approach. This doesn’t mean that you should hide your true feelings, but work to ensure that your tone reflects a desire to maintain and improve your relationship. He needs to know of your love and regard.

Turn Ons of a Cancer Man

The Cancer man is a sensitive, intense soul, and nothing is sexier to him than someone who’s willing to embrace that. Like the crabs they are, Cancers guard their hearts behind hard exteriors. So, if you make an effort to prove to him that you’ve noticed his emotional triggers, he won’t be able to resist opening up for you. More than anything else in the world, the Cancer man wants a safe, comfortable home. And while he’s not afraid to work for his own dreams, knowing that you want to be the emotional support he needs to turn them into a reality is the key to securing your Cancer man’s heart for all eternity.

Turn Offs of a Cancer Man

The Cancer man is not a fighter, and he meshes poorly with people who enjoy confrontation and arguments. As such, if you enjoy starting drama to alleviate boredom, you probably won’t hear back from a Cancer man ever again. They’re also not overly fond of emotionally frivolous or flirtatious people. Romance and love are sacred to the Cancer man, and it pains him to see others treat them like a game. He won’t flirt back, he won’t play along, and he certainly won’t go on a second date with you if you can’t take the situation seriously. He’ll clam up instead, delete your number, and go hang out with his family instead.

Cancer Man Compatibility

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If you’d to learn about the Cancer woman, read our blog Dating a Cancer Woman.

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