How to decorate a bathroom

Your bathroom is a lot more than just where you shower and brush your teeth. It may also serve as a soothing, at-home spa — somewhere you genuinely want to spend time — with the appropriate design techniques. Explore how to decorate a bathroom trending styles use blooms, furniture cabinets, spa like accessories, accents, colors and more solutions.

Although it may appear to be a simple procedure — all you need is a mirror, tiles, and attractive towels — decorating a bathroom can be difficult. A couple of well known designers offer their biggest tips for beautifying your space as a guide.

Vases and Bright Blooms

To brighten up your counter space, place a vintage or distressed vase with a handful of colorful flowers. To tie everything together, add a matching trinket tray and towels.

Furniture Cabinets or Shelves

Built-in shelves are ideal for creating space in any bathroom. Organize them for a clean appearance and so you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

Spa Feel

Organize your bath towels by rolling instead of folding for an added spa feel. Choose two to three colors that go with the rest of your color scheme.

Larger accents

Designer Jeff Kennedy urges you to go big or go home when it comes to decorating your bathroom. “Larger-scale wall tiles give the bathroom a more modern look and make cleaning it much easier,” he explains. But why stop there? Kennedy’ also suggests upgrading the quality of your bathroom accent pieces. He particularly likes the look of over size vanity mirrors. ‘If you go 10 to 12 inches taller that the door or window frame it will do wonders for the look . Creating an allure of gaining space.”

Luxury shower

Shower-tub combos are popular in bathrooms for a reason: they’re an space-saving method to get the best of both worlds. However, if you have a lot of square footage, Kennedy suggests separating them. “Don’t enclose the tub within the shower,” he says. “These are two major focal points in a bathroom, Freestanding tub and the luxury shower”

A clean, uncluttered appearance is ideal for year-round enjoyment. For a quick yet elegant look, add a golden hanging lamp and summery florals.

Experiment with color to decorate a bathroom trending

Because bathrooms are known for their soothing, spa-like ambience, it does not mean they must be devoid of any personality. In fact, this little area is ideal for unleashing your bold side. “Don’t be scared to use color,” advises Kyle Allen Interiors’ Jeff Kennedy. “We always encourage our clients to experiment with color, whether it be a stained vanity furniture cabinet or a custom painted piece.

Why stop at painted accents, though? Wallpaper gives you complete freedom to raise the stakes in your pattern play. “A lot of people believe that wallpaper should be avoided in bathrooms, which is incorrect – as long as there’s adequate ventilation,” he adds.

Vintage Shelves

Brad Keating from Keating Kustom Designs suggests “Install a few decorative, rustic shelves in your bathroom’s empty wall space above your toilet. They may be used to store toilet paper, towels, and ornaments.’

Modern Backsplashes

“A textured and dimensional backsplash is ideal for people who like texture and depth to their space. Combine it with a large hanging mirror to complete the look and make your room feel more spacious.” Keating says.

Prioritize your budget when it’s time to decorate a bathroom trending style

You want your bathroom to look as exquisite as any other room in the home. But, even if you use large-scale features, bright colors, and a standalone shower, staying on budget is critical — especially when it comes to the smaller details.

“Don’t make the mistake of blowing your whole budget on tile in the bathroom,” Kennedy urges. “It’s easy to get caught up in attractive, pricey marble when it comes to design, but there are several other elements that may elevate the area’s luxury level. We adore unusual lighting choices, designer hardware, trending faucet fixtures.


We hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful in your search for new bathroom ideas. With these designers’ views from industry knowledge, hopefully your luxury bathroom renovation will be a success. Book an appointment with us today to have one of our experts help you create the perfect design plan that meets all of your needs. Get started by filling out this form or give us a call at 706.888.8832!

How to decorate a bathroom

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How to decorate a bathroom

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

While we spend countless hours deliberating over the perfect prints for our living room gallery walls, we rarely put the same effort into our bathroom walls. Whether you have room to spare or you’re working with a small space, a bathroom wall can be the perfect blank canvas to add a little bit of personality. Keep things minimalist and modern or experiment with bright bold colors and mix in wallpaper and vibrant watercolors.

Here are some of our favorite ways to fill an empty wall in your bathroom.

A Touch of Pattern

How to decorate a bathroom

This bold bathroom from Paper & Stitch is bright and full of personality but feels entirely intentional in its eclecticism. Add a pop of pattern with wallpaper, either throughout the entire bathroom or just on the upper half, as seen here.

And though you may not have considered your bathroom as a place to display your favorite art, leaning a few well-chosen pieces on a ledge or behind your toilet instantly upgrades a bathroom without spending one dollar on a renovation.

A Corner Gone Wild

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There’s nothing we love more than a room filled with rich greenery, and bathrooms are no exception. This earthy bathroom by Instagram’s knottyplantlady feels like a lush jungle getaway and it doesn’t take a lot of money to recreate. Opt for bathroom-friendly plants, such as spider plants, and look to ceilings, shelves, vanities, and even the floor to grow those pops of green.

An Art Experiment

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This boho bathroom by nudeandthenovice is one of the most visually interesting spaces we’ve seen thanks to its eye-catching gallery wall, bold wallpaper, and oversized art print. There’s nothing about this bathroom that feels cookie-cutter, proving that you can experiment here without spending a ton of money.

Simple Function and Beauty

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This rustic wall hook from Bless’er House adds form and function. Decor that doubles as a shelf or hook is a perfect solution if you’re short on wall space. This pieces was made for pennies from leftover wood scraps and decorative doorknobs.

A Simple Bold Print

How to decorate a bathroom

This modern bathroom from Little House of Four uses a print with boldfaced text to add visual interest and personality without taking away from the minimalist, monochrome vibe. Make your own printable wall art with your favorite quote or saying—the cheekier the better.

An Eye-Popping Watercolor

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Adding wall decor to your bathroom can be as simple as picking up a print you love and displaying it loud and proud. A leafy watercolor quickly transforms betonbargainhunt’s bathroom by adding depth and warmth to the space.

A Tile Experiment

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Art comes in many forms and Instagram’s onemillhouse proves that expertly designed and laid tile work can result in a showstopping work of art. Creating a border around the tile work creates the illusion that it’s been placed in a frame, and makes the space feel even more upscale.

Decor Down Below

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Layer and lean artwork on the floor against your bathroom walls. This sunny bathroom from Instagram’s houseofspolland features a fun print that lends endless personality to the already perky room.

A Single Monogram

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We love this child’s bathroom from makingprettyspaces. It’s chic, quaint, and personalized. The bold print fits right in with the small floral wallpaper—the trick is the choice of similar colors for both monogram and wallpaper.

Add a Little Smile

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This llama print is the perfect way to put a smile on your face before every shower. Don’t be afraid to pick wall decor that doesn’t feel quite like bathroom material.

Three-Dimensional Wall Decor

How to decorate a bathroom

Wall decor can take the form of furniture, too. We love this rustic leaning shelf from a bathroom by Bre Purposed. It adds useful storage space and fills up an empty wall at the same time.

Tub Toppers

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Instagram’s thenotsobighouse filled empty wall space above the tub with two shelves to add extra storage space and artwork for visual interest. Curate tub topping shelves with pretty candles and greenery. Note the small wire signage in the corner adds a dainty, whimsical piece of artwork.

An Artsy Corner

How to decorate a bathroom

This artsy bathroom from Paper & Stitch is another space that proves that your bathroom is the perfect place to display art. We love the idea of hanging a portrait in the bathroom—it adds a little unexpected sophistication to the space.

A Glamorous Focal Wall

How to decorate a bathroom

This chic bathroom from A Home to Grow Old In features stunning sconces, a bold mirror, and one wall covered in vintage-inspired wallpaper to give it an elegant personality. The homeowner opted not to hang anything else on the wall so the wallpaper could be seen in all its glory.

When it comes to the decoration of bathrooms, every square inch counts. Each design element for a bathroom should have a fundamental purpose and be very functional in some way on another to create enough space. Do you need tips on how to decorate a bathroom, but you want to make it so different, unique and fascinating? It is interesting how a few items can do if you need to decorate your bathroom appropriately. Here is a list of some of the best design tips on how to decorate a bathroom which you can use in order to take your bathroom decoration to the next level and even way beyond that!

How To Decorate a Bathroom – Top 5 Tips

  1. Try a Particular Theme

Bathroom theme

If you don’t mind the idea of having a particular theme, then you should fully give it a try. It is incredible to own a themed bathroom, but at the same time, it can be quite expensive. Therefore, ensure that you invest in the right theme depending on your financial status.

Generally, you don’t have to place so many items inside your bathroom even if you choose a particular theme, but be creative!

  1. Keep the ventilation and plumbing intact

Despite the fact that moving plumbing and ventilation items might seem like a very nice idea, the reality is that in doing so, you may encounter some awkward incidents, and this can be very costly.

Therefore, you should try and carry out maintenance to both plumbing and ventilation, but never move them since you will eventually ruin everything.

  1. Create a good plan

Of course, if you need to have a stellar model, you will have to focus on the overall plan. The better the plan will be, the better the results.

So, you should always make sure that you know what kind of bathroom you want, the available space to decorate and how to decorate a bathroom in the first place.

Some bathrooms can be spa-like, other are very suitable for a family while other are just created particularly for guests. Consider ideas and it will assist you to create the right plan for based on that model!

  1. Choose the right finishes

Some bathrooms finishes are becoming audited in just a few years. So, if you need to follow the latest trends, you should invest in the most recent stuff as that will last for longer periods.

A professional designer may assist you with finishes as well since he knows current trends. That will be a major plus.

  1. Maximize storage capabilities

Storage options

If you are decorating your bathroom, why not invest into some built-in wall shelves or may be a wall to wall ceiling unique?

There are several items which you might need to store in your bathroom, and with the assistance these spectacular ideas on how to decorate a bathroom, you will not have a problem getting the best results, remember that!


These five incredible tips on how to decorate a bathroom can be very remarkable, and they offer an extraordinary value all the time. They are good to implement, and the price of carrying out these activities is not that high to start with. They are more than enough to give it a try.

Keep in mind that sometimes the bathroom decoration process can be a little expensive. So try to identify low price and god quality items if you are on a tight budget. However, these tips are very suitable for those who have a smaller and larger budget.

How to decorate a bathroom

Perhaps the most forgotten room in a home when it comes to styling, is the bathroom. Even though it is a room we spend multiple times in throughout a day. Styling a bathroom does not need to be difficult and small changes can really make an impact to how you feel in the morning or just before bedtime.

Here are my best tips to make your bathroom dreamy and give a luxurious feel.

1. Start with keeping it clean

Before you can do anything to a bathroom, you need to keep it clean and tidy. To be able to do this, it’s important to creating good habits of tidying and cleaning. Always remove all clothes from the bathroom straight away and make sure that you can tidy away all the items after you have used them. Make sure that they go into a cupboard or a draw where visitors can’t see them. Make it a habit that the bathroom is cleaned once a week. Even if you just have time for the sink and the toilet.

How to decorate a bathroomFrom Pinterest

2. Arranging the vanity

Try to add some natural elements to the tray, like a small plant of flowers or a piece of coral. You can also play with different shapes, heights and the scale of items. The key is to make the tray look more dynamic to the eye.

How to decorate a bathroomFrom Target

3. Styling the bath tray

If you have a bathtub adding a bath tray is a brilliant way to bring some magic to the bathroom. A bath tray is a great way to advocate for a self-care ritual. It’s up to you what you want to add on a bath tray, my recommendation would be some bath salt, a candle and some body brushes, you can even add a good and relaxing “bath table” book.

How to decorate a bathroomBy Love Shyla

4. Style a bathroom stool

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can always try adding a small stool to the bathroom and decorate it. For example, try adding a soft towel over the back of the stool, some books and a candle on top. It’s a brilliant way to bring more character into a bathroom that perhaps is lacking decoration.

How to decorate a bathroomFrom Pinterest

5. Keep it clean and minimal

If you have shampoo and conditioners in your shower or bath, try to avoid labels and glossy bottles. Move the shampoo and the conditioners over in minimalistic containers instead. This will make the bathroom look more clean and calm.

Make sure also that you limit the amount of colours to add in your decor. My recommendation is to use mostly natural colours or pastel colours since they are most calming and relaxing.

How to decorate a bathroomFrom Randi Garrett Design

6. Luxurious towels

A great way to make a bathroom look amazing, is to add luxurious towels – they will make the room look immediately softer. Try to fold them in a three way so you don’t see the ends. If you have a bathroom for guests, add small towels in a stack near the sink and a towel basket on the floor under. This is a great way to bring in that five star hotel vibes.

How to decorate a bathroomFrom Frontgate

7. Adding nature

As mentioned before, natural items work really well in a bathroom. Especially items from nature. A great way to do this is to add some green plants to the room, both real or faux. If you have a corner near to the shower, add a couple of big green branches. This is a brilliant way to get that outdoor feeling, which works well since it can remind us of a beach shower or rain in nature.

How to decorate a bathroomFrom The Times

What ideas do you have to make your bathroom more luxurious?

How to Decorate a Bathroom – Wall Color, Wall Decor and More

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We always get a lot of questions as to how to decorate a bathroom. People seem to be perplexed when it comes to choosing a bathroom wall color, what type of paint to use, how to paint behind the toilet, accent walls, bathroom wall decor, and more. Following are a few suggestions to help with your bathroom decorating project.


When people decide they are going to paint their bathroom, it is amazing how many people settle on the color blue. They choose this color for no other reason than blue represents water.. and well, you get it.

In keeping with the water theme, these people often select water themed wall art to display on their blue bathroom walls. I have seen nautical art, coastal art, sailboats, tropical fish, sea turtles, and more.

Blue is always a very popular color. And, if blue is one of the colors in your color palette, then a blue bathroom makes perfect sense. However, let’s say the color palette you have chosen for your home consists of shades of peach and shades of greens, punctuated with a few pops of black for sophistication.

With this color palette running throughout your home, the blue bathroom may seem quite out of place. Not to mention the uninspired wall art choices, particularly the nautical decor, which seldom works anywhere.

When you decorate a bathroom, your wallcolor, of course, can be any color you want it to be. It is, after all, your bathroom. However, it is always best to have some sort of cohesive color palette throughout your entire home. Each of the rooms, including the bathroom, should look as though that room belongs with the rest of the home.

If you are thinking you might like your bathroom wall color to be slightly different, and maybe a little bolder than your chosen color palette, try using some darker shades of the colors in your palette.

  • Sherwin-Williams has a great site for getting inspiration. I realize their paint can be a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Their paint is very good quality, and fortunately, they have sales every month or two. If you sign up on their site they will send you offers and notifications of upcoming sales.


Since this post has to do with how to decorate a bathroom, I am assuming you are considering painting your bathroom. In selecting a paint for your bathroom walls, you will need either satin or semi-gloss paint.

This is because bathrooms can get pretty steamy. If the moisture soaks into the drywall, it can damage the wall leaving the surface with a lumpy appearance. Using either a satin or semi-gloss paint assures this will not happen. Any moisture will bead up and evaporate, or it may be wiped down with a towel.

Keep in mind, the higher the sheen, the shinier your walls will be. For this reason, I normally opt for the satin finish for bathrooms, as I don’t care for shiny walls. I always use flat paint for the living areas throughout my home. I use eggshell in the kitchen, and satin in the bathrooms, with the exception of the powder room.

Since no one will be showering in the powder room, there are no worries as to steamy walls, so my powder room is painted with eggshell as well.

When walls are too shiny it tends to cheapen the look of your home. Apartments, rental properties and commercial properties always utilize higher gloss paints due to the increased durability. In most homes, however, people prefer to minimize the shiny look.


The proper way, of course, to paint behind a toilet is to drain and remove the tank. However, since guests will likely not be peeking behind the toilet to check out your paint job, most people prefer to do it the easy way rather than removing the tank.

If you are one of those who would prefer the easier method, here are some tips: