How to decorate cushions

How to decorate cushions

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Cushions and pillows are often overlooked as an important component of style and decor in a home environment. They are actually some of the most visible pieces in a room, while also being the most flexible and easily changed. Even a very basic cushion can be a canvas for artistic expression with a few simple techniques and a bit of creativity. Some inexpensive glues, ribbons, trinkets and paints can help you customize cushions to suit your style while remaining comfortable and practical.


One of the easiest ways to personalize cushions is to use fabric paints to create your own designs. The sky is the limit when using this method. Purchase stencils and use pre-designed shapes or simply freehand a scene or object onto the outer shell of any cushion or pillow. Try abstract ideas for a contemporary look. For any type of decoration, it is usually best to remove the inner stuffing of a cushion before you begin, making it easier to work with on a flat surface. Always use paints rated for fabrics, as these can withstand handling and are typically waterproof.

Embroidery and Yarn

The art of embroidery is an ancient one, passed down through generations. In recent years, it has experienced a comeback in trendy home decor, making it ideal for decorating cushions. Patterns are readily available, giving suggestions and instructions for creating just about any look you may have in mind. Another old-fashioned technique is to sew pieces of yarn onto the cover of cushions, using bright colors that complement one another.

Fabric and Appliques

Take a basic, solid-colored cushion and decorate it with pieces of fabric. This process is sometimes referred to as applique, since the pieces of cotton, felt or silk are simply attached to the outside of the existing pillow form with glue or stitching. Let your imagination go wild and experiment. Alternately, study patterns and traditional art forms that you admire, then recreate them with your own interpretations. Check out Native American crafts or art and design from periods such as art deco or mod-decor from the 1960s.


As long as there are not young children in the home who could detach objects that you use for decorating, be experimental and use ordinary household items to create unique designs on your cushions. You typically want to use this technique on cushions that you lean against rather than sit on. Buttons, sequins, antique jewelry or even old handkerchiefs and neckties are options. Anything that catches your eye and brings a smile to your face can be re-purposed as a design element on cushions.


Take a cotton fabric cushion and transfer a design that you find appealing onto the outside. You can use transfer paper from an art store or scan patterns and scenes into your computer to print them onto transferable ink-jet printer paper. This method can create a design that stands on its own, or it can serve as a backdrop for applying other objects such as fabrics or trinkets.

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Cushions have the ability to transform a space in the blink of an eye. It’s therefore important to know how to decorate with them to get magazine-worthy interiors, but also to make over your house without the need for big changes.

Want to know how to do it?

Whether you want to give new life to a space in your home, you want to adapt it to the colors of spring, or transform it from top to bottom, follow these tips and become an expert at decorating with cushions.


If you’re going to decorate your sofa with cushions and you like large ones, the basic rule is to put one cushion more than the number of spaces that the sofa has. So, for a 2-person sofa, put 3 large cushions. If you prefer small ones, you can use more, but bare in mind to stop before the sofa becomes uncomfortable. In other words, if there are so many that they practically don’t fit on the sofa, you have a problem with quantity. And remember, it’s better to have a few, well-chosen cushions, than many placed any which way.


And a lot. As you’ll have read in the previous point, the number of cushions that you can place on a sofa or a bed varies according to their size. But, depending on how big the sofa or bed in question is, the size of the cushions also varies. The average size for a 3-person sofa is 50×50 cm, though this doesn’t mean you can’t use different sizes.


The ideal is to mix cushions of different shapes and play with sizes to achieve dynamism in the decoration. You can opt for the more classic shapes, like square or rectangle, but there are also more original options, such as round. Don’t restrict yourself, try all the necessary combinations until you’re happy with the result. A recommendation? Place the smallest ones in front and the big ones behind, creating a sense of depth.


There’s an infinite number of prints for cushions, nearly one to suit every taste. The trick for mixing various prints, such as stripes, flowers and spots, together with plain cushions involves nothing more than finding designs that have a colour in common. So, although the prints may be very different, the colour will bring them together and give life to the arrangement without being garish. We recommend that you choose one dominant colour, maximum two, and that all the cushions should contain or complement these colours.


There’s a very simple trick to making your cushions look more plumped up. If you give them a little hit at the top centre, you’ll see that the corners will lift up slightly, in the form of a V. In this way, your arrangement will look more natural.

Want a new-look living room? Get comfortable on the sofa, literally. As well as adding comfort, cushions are a super useful and simple way to update the décor. In this post, we share some ideas to inspire as you conjure up a cosy, stylish mood with cushions.

How to decorate cushions

Cushions in neutral colours on a sofa made for relaxing

If your living room is the place where you work as well as chill in front of the TV, it’s important to maintain a sense of calm. Neutral colours never fail when it comes to creating a relaxing space. Add a touch of colour with cushions in cold tones, like our Shallow cushion cover in blue-grey, for an interior where tranquility reigns supreme. It’s part of a whole collection of different colours with blankets to match. Everything you need for a movie night at home.

How to decorate cushions

Cushions for a statement sofa

For an up-to-the-minute space, soft furnishings are essential. Choose cushions in the season’s big colours to set trends without leaving your sofa. We’ve gone for the hot couple of the moment: yellow and grey. For a fashion-forward living room all year round, the Caitlin collection uses versatile mustard – it works in any room.

How to decorate cushions

Go natural in your living room

For worry-free comfort, cotton cushions are a sure thing – they’re soft, kind to skin and made from a 100% natural material. With tassels and pompoms, the Frinn cushion cover’s varied textures make it lovely to touch. What’s more, it’s woven by hand. A unique piece to give an ethnic touch to your sofa and an ultra-natural look to your living room.

How to decorate cushions

A touch of glam with velvet sofas

Welcome back, velvet! Velvet remains a staple fabric in classic and modern interiors alike. It’s the ideal fabric to add a trendy touch as well as a little light, thanks to its reflective texture. Where better than the living room for velvet to take the spotlight? Just like corduroy, velvet cushions look even better against a sofa in the same fabric. With the Lita collection, you can choose the colours and sizes that best fit your sofa.

Cushion covers are a wonderful way to update your decor on a budget. Dollar stores have cushion covers in a variety of solid colors that you can easily add an extra dimension to.

Find out how you can make plain cushion covers unique with these simple tips.

Wrap it Up

How to decorate cushions

A simple way to add some pizzazz to a plain cushion cover is to wrap it around with a colorful scarf. Just use the scarf as if you were wrapping a present, twisting it in the middle and securing it in the back with a couple of stitches.

Re-Purpose a Doily

How to decorate cushions

Doilies are another very easy way to dress up a plain cushion cover. You may have inherited some of your mother or grandmother’s doilies. If not, dollar stores sell the inexpensive kind.

All you have to do is stitch a doily in place where you want it, in this case draped three-quarters of the way over the top of the cushion.

Buttoned Up

Here we’ve used one large button and thread to match the fabric and contrast with the white button we’re using. The dimple effect was created by pushing the needle all the way through the middle of the cushion and pulling it through to the back. Pull the thread as tight as you can and tie a knot to secure it.

For this project you will need:

– a large button
– strong thread
– an extra-long needle
– scissors


For this cushion, we used the previous two ideas in combination. Small touches like
this gold colored button help to add to the current trend of using metals as décor accents.

Ribbon Wrap

How to decorate cushions

Ribbon is available in different patterns and widths and is another very easy way to add color and pattern to a cushion. This ribbon is 4 ½” wide and has a velvet-like pattern that adds an element of texture to the cushion.

You can stitch the ribbon directly onto the cushion cover or sew the ends of the ribbon together and slip it onto the cushion. In this way it is easily removed when you want to wash the cover.

Decorative Cushions are an essential element, plus they are easy and fast when it comes to transforming the Home Decoration.

Black and White Cushions

How to decorate cushions

Decorative Pillows can make all the difference. That happens because of different reasons, but the truth is that they are the fastest and easiest way to change or transform your home design.

How to decorate cushions

Gaga Leather Cushion is an extravagant home decor piece. Gold metal buckles and a superposition of leather sounds like a bold design choice.

This is the moment when ACH Coll. comes into your life because it has it all from leather to velvet, from colorful to black and white. The tough decision will be “which ones are the best to fit in my home?”.

Colors and Patterns

How to decorate cushions

When we talk about home decor, we have one simple truth: every single piece of the home design is thought of or chosen to match our own personality. On one side we have black and white pillows, but on the other side, we can find the color, color everywhere.

How to decorate cushions

Circus Cushion plays to win! An elegant decorative pillow, made of high-quality velvet with smooth black fringes borders.

How to decorate cushions

Always go for the designs that mean something to you, flowers if you’re sensitive and romantic, a little crazy patterns if you’re in the mood for fun and laugh, or bright colors if they make you happy. Or all of them, if you feel all of this!

How to decorate cushions

Artichoke is always up to change the game, and she had to have his place on our list of Decorative Cushions. It is a handmade decorative cover that stands for an eye-catching design with exotic and glamorous motifs. Because of this, it is ready to complete any room decor!

How to decorate cushions

ACH Coll. combined a series of Decorative Cushions that will make all the difference at your home. You only need to be bold, and absolutely in love with interior design to choose them!