How to decorate glass shelves

How to decorate glass shelves

Last update: 21 January, 2019

Glass shelves will bring a touch of sophistication to your interior decor. And while glass is a delicate material, glass shelves can have a considerable impact on your home aesthetics. They’re a great choice if you want to create a modern and stylish environment.

This type of shelving looks great if you want to display decorative objects such as glass ornaments. So, how do they differ from other shelves? The main differences lie in the techniques used in their manufacturing and in their physical characteristics: the colors, shapes, size, and finish.

However, what you use your glass shelf for will depend on your own personal preferences. Some people use them as bookshelves, while others use them to display ferns and other plants.

Glass shelves: types

In the next section, we’ll tell you about the different types of glass shelves you can find on the market today and the different characteristics of each one. Remember, regardless of the type of shelf, there is a wide range of finishes to choose from: a colorless glossy finish, an opaque finish, a tinted finish...

1. Fixed shelves

As the name suggests, this type of shelf is fixed to the wall and, in general, is “open” (ie. without doors) and made up of rectangular sheets of glass. Depending on the design, it might stand on the floor, or be attached to the wall.

For safety reasons, we recommend choosing models which have polished edges, and thick glass. It is also essential to make sure they are securely attached to the wall at both ends. As for where to put them, you can place them in the living room or the dining room (as long as there is plenty of room).

2. Free-standing

Obviously, as well as fixed glass shelves, you can also find completely free-standing shelves. Within this category, you can also find various sub-types: rectangular, rounded, corner shelves…

The thickness of the glass used in free-standing shelves varies depending on the material used for the base. For example, if the structure is made of metal, in general, there is a standard glass thickness to make sure that the structure can bear the weight of the glass, as well as all the additional elements to be displayed on it.

Both fixed and free-standing glass shelves can be open, or have doors, and can be made of various different materials, such as: aluminum/iron/wood + glass).

The best options

1. With doors and feet

Glass shelves with a wooden structure, feet, and doors are some of the most popular models on the market. And while they do leave some of the contents visible, the doors form a clear protective barrier between the objects and the ground, and curious little hands…

The doors can have the same finish as the shelves, or they might be opaque or decorated with relief images. The type you choose will depend on your personal taste and how visible you want the contents to be.

2. Metallic structures

Nowadays, metal is a very popular material. So, if you want your home to be on trend, you might want to buy an object which incorporates both metal and glass elements. This will help you achieve a modern and stylish environment.

While these pieces of furniture can sometimes seem “cold”, no one can deny that models that combine both metal and glass are really eye-catching. There are industrial style models which imitate old-style pharmacy shelves and will give your home a retro feel.

One way to combat the “cold” look of these models is to use them to display plants and books. This will give your shelves a much more “homely” look.


If you want to add glass shelves to your home, don’t just choose the first ones you see. Think carefully about the model you want, and don’t forget about the decoration you have, and want to achieve. There is a huge variety to choose from.

Obviously, this type of furniture isn’t ideal if you have small children. However, nowadays, most designs are pretty safe, so you can still consider them.

How to decorate glass shelves

Glass shelves are so graceful and elegant that we cannot stop loving it. One of the many reasons to love glass shelves is the quality of ‘it is there but not there’. As Glass shelves are transparent and clear as crystal, they blend into the surrounding environment without any problem and create an aura of light and huge space.

Glass shelves let the lights spread to brighten your rooms. Moreover, if your room has a dark theme, glass shelves would make sure to not make them look too congested.


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If you want to spruce up your rooms a bit then there is no better way to utilize glass shelves. Decorative glass shelves are an attractive option that optimizes function and design stylishness. It will not only bring flair and elegance but also frees up space.

In this article, we will discuss the shelves decorating ideas about how to use shelves in a different way for interior décor.

  1. Incorporate Floating Glass Shelves with mounted TV and fireplace

You can use floating glass shelves around your mounted TV and fireplace. The space around the mounted TV look might look empty and a waste of space. Floating glass shelves would make the surrounding area of TV and fireplace attractive and you can put TV remote or game consoles or other decorative things on them.

The best idea is to make a feature wall in the center of your living room and mount your TV in the middle of glass shelves right above the fireplace and decorate the shelves with the intimate and most-cherished photos of your family and close relatives.

You can also make the built-in glass shelves around your TV to make it look more interesting and eye-catching. Built-in shelves make it looks like the things on them were meant to be there and create a perfect picture of your room.

  1. Innovative and decorative ideas for book shelving

People are using glass shelves and floating glass shelves in innovative ways that we are in great awe. You can use free-style floating glass shelves or some specific design like honeycomb shape glass shelves, S-shaped, cupboard, fishbone or built-in alcove shelving for your books. You can also use a laden shape glass shelve structure to display your books with convenience and class.

You can place a huge pile of books with the bookend and next to it place a beautiful art piece to make your shelve pretty or place some leaning books and a vase in the end. You can also place some plant pots in between your books here and there to give your space fresh and airy look.

How to decorate glass shelves

  1. Use Glass Shelves in the Kitchen to display fancy crockery

Your kitchen is the best place to have glass shelves and even a glass cabinet. These are best to showcase your priced crockery and cutlery items. They will bring exuberance and elegance to your kitchen.

Put your collection glass, mugs, plates and bowls in each shelf separately or you can be a little bit daring and bold by mixing and matching different things on these shelves. You can also supplement that with tiny little succulents or other indoor plants.

Remember, how much convinced you are to show every piece of your crockery in those shelves, just don’t, this would dull the vibe of your kitchen.

How to decorate glass shelves

  1. Use Glass shelves to display your jewelry or vanity

You need to agree that sometimes you want to show off your price possessions, vanity, and jewelry. Even if you don’t want to show off, you may want to arrange them in such a manner that you can see them on display and choose what to wear with convenience. That is where glass shelves came into your help.

You can arrange the jewelry in its original boxes on glass shelves or you can buy a small display glass box for your jewelry. With glass display boxes on glass shelves, you would be able to see the things you own and choose what to wear on this eve easily.

How to decorate glass shelves

  1. Showcase and Store Kids’ toys on Glass Shelves

Kids’ toys are everywhere and they are enough to make a huge mess in the house. Even if you collect them in a basket, they want to have them somewhere in front where they can access them easily and play with them anytime they want.

So the best way is to use decorative glass shelves to showcase kids’ toys individually or if the toys are in innumerable quantities then you can use plastic boxes to store and display them on glass shelves at the same time.

  1. Use Recessed Shelving for Bathroom accessories

If your bathroom is not that big to incorporate glass shelves in it then don’t worry, recessed shelving there and you would get plenty of room to put bathroom accessories there.