How to defrizz hair

How to defrizz hair

How to defrizz hair

Ippodaro Natural Salon

How to defrizz hair

How to defrizz hair

Ippodaro Natural Salon

How to defrizz hair

How to Defrizz Your Hair

Frizzy Hair: the bane of all curly girls! If you caught our last blog, you found a ton of products and ways to eliminate frizzy hair that you can do from home. This blog is for those of us who adore the ability to have perfectly tamed hair without the hassle of a 1.5 hour shower every day.

Until the end of the month, Ippodaro is running a few different service specials to get you kicked off with your new lusciously smooth hair.


All the perks of Keratin – organic and available for curly girls too!

The trick with Keratin is that it is best for those beauties who want straight hair that stays silky smooth. Which is great! Unless you’re wanting to rock your beauteliscious curls. And if you’re wanting to style your perfect curls without frizzy hair , HSTRAIGHTEN is the way to go.

HSTRAIGHTEN is an in-salon defrizzing service, and unlike Keratin is capable of offering any kind of hair type and style as an end product. So whether you want curly hair, straight hair, or something in between, HSTRAIGHTEN gets you there and keeps you there.

As a semi-permanent frizz banisher, you can get to the point that your frizzy hair is a thing of the past without ever having to spend more than a few minutes brushing it out in the morning.

Thinkstock / Illustration by Nate Bear

Not to add fuel to the fear-of-aging-fire, but concentrating only on your skin may not be the holy grail of youth.

Hair goes through its own unwelcome transformation as the years pass, and while grays are the most obvious sign of aging hair, evidence shows that individual strands also change in texture. Yes, your previously smooth-growing strands may start to emerge from your scalp in a more wavy and kinky way.

Seriously, what’s next on the aging agenda?

A study found a statistically significant increase in individual hair curvature between ages ten to 60, which also leads to a loss of luster and smoothness. Put plainly, you could expect your hair to become frizzier and less shiny, usually starting around your fourth decade. “It’s unclear why this happens,” says Jeni Thomas, senior scientist at Procter & Gamble. “This is one of the age-related hair changes that is least understood, although studies indicate the change does happen.” While the study focused on Japanese women, Thomas says the results suggest that these unwelcome changes can affect all ethnicities.

Any woman who is suddenly plagued by renegade flyaways that are rough to the touch would agree.

This whole new growth pattern situation, paired with the fact that the natural production of scalp oils decreases every year, can lead to un-pretty results for your head. But enough with the bad-news-bears stuff, all anyone wants to know is how to fight the frizz. Thomas says it’s all about moisture. “Without hair’s natural oils, it can feel rough and dry and more prone to damage. Cut down on damaging styling habits like flat-ironing and chemical treatments, and use conditioners as far up the hair fiber as you can,” she says.

Frederic Fekkai stylist Anthony Sorensen, who tends to the hair of the ultimate grand dame Martha Stewart, says the key is to restore and retain moisture so hair looks and feels more soft and smooth. “Anti-aging” hair products may sound like BS, but legit ones like the Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy line are formulated to provide hydration and protection without weighing hair down. “Avoid anything that’s high in ammonia and alcohol because those ingredients are drying, and instead look for products with moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil,” says Sorensen. Make friends with masks and leave-in conditioners, and be sure to apply moisturizing products before heat styling.

According to her trusty stylist, Ms. Martha thinks the Fekkai Salon Technician line is a good thing because it hydrates and prevents brassiness, whether you’re gray or you’ve colored your hair. Speaking of dye, Sorensen says that going darker can be conditioning for the hair, but lighter shades and highlights can be quite drying, so keep that in mind before committing to a blonde lifestyle.

With increased kinks and frizz, even the straightest of hair becomes less manageable and you’ll find that it doesn’t lay the same way as it did in your youth. Wash-and-go gals might have to tweak their styling regimen to include smoothing blowouts and more volume at the roots to mask the “puffiness” that comes with irregular texture. But all hope is not lost. With a bit of effort you’ll find that gorgeous, healthy hair isn’t only for recent college grads—think Julianne Moore, Brooke Shields and Courteney Cox, who aren’t Hollywood ingénues but have the kind of hair every woman covets.

How to defrizz hair

Somehow, frizzy hair is a year-round affliction. When we’re having a really bad, run for-the-hills or hide-under-a-hat hair day we tend to blame the weather, but if we’re really being honest with ourselves, we battle frizz all the time — the humidity just exacerbates it. To get frizz truly under control, proper maintenance with products — starting in the shower — is the key. But that’s not all: Depending on your hair type, the different products you use matter a lot more than you might think.

That’s why we talked to two of the most sought-after stylists in the business right now — celebrity hairstylist for L’Oreal Paris, Mara Roszak (Brie Larson and Emma Stone’s go-to) and Pantene hairstylist Kim Kimble, the mastermind behind Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” braids. They broke down exactly what you should be doing to minimize your frizz woes, whether your hair is fine, wavy, or coarse and curly — and which products to stock up on ASAP. And the best part? They won’t break the bank.

Fine and Straight Hair

Both Kimble and Roszak agreed that the most important step for women with fine hair is to focus on conditioning well, since it’s one that’s frequently skipped. But – and this is a big but – only focus the conditioner on your ends, as many folks have a fear of weighing the hair down, and this can happen if you focus the product at the root. “Make sure your hair is moisturized enough — dryness is typically what causes frizz,” said Roszak. So, if your ends are frizzy, it’s probably due to a lack of conditioner.

As for products, steer clear of heavy oils or anything that contains wax, Kimble told us. “Creams and balms are lighter than oils, pomades and gels, so these are more appropriate for fine or straight hair.”

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How to defrizz hair


How to defrizz hair

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How to defrizz hair

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Wavy Hair

For ladies with waves, Kimble noted that the de-frizzing truly starts in the shower. “Women with naturally wavy hair need to use the right shampoo and conditioner. Pantene Curl Perfection Moisturizing Shampoo ($4.99) and Conditioner ($5.09) are great for de-frizzing all types of naturally curly or wavy hair,” Kimble said. She also added that because of the curly texture, a moisturizing shampoo is crucial. Roszak noted that brushing the hair in the shower — only when wet — can help battle excess frizz, too.

As for products to help women with wavy hair battle frizz (a constant ailment for this set), Kimble noted that it’s crucial to steer clear of any that may contain alcohol, as they can be very drying to the hair. Roszak added that she loves applying oils in damp wavy hair to tackle frizz, favoring L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil-in-Cream ($5.99) on damp hair and Leonor Greyl Eclat Natural ($46) on dry hair. For a hairspray, Kimble loves Pantene Style Series Airspray ($5.99) because it’s alcohol-free, and also told us to look for creams, balms and serums to help seal the hair cuticle.

Coarse and Curly Hair

Similar to wavy-haired ladies, those with coarse and curly hair need to be using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners — upping their anti-frizz protection in the shower. Kimble also added that if you have this hair type, it’s important to use masks and deep treatments, like Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner ($4.99). Roszak agreed on all counts, saying that this hair type needs extra moisture, and that shampooing hair less is actually key. For this hair type, she loves L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Curls Shampoo ($3.99) and Mask ($5.99) to help tame and rebuild curls, but also recommended incorporating a cleansing balm a couple of times a week, instead of just once as is the typical recommendation with the other hair types.

But, as a word to the wise, Kimble added that women with coarse or curly hair types should avoid cleansing or volumizing shampoos since “these formulas tend to be lighter and don’t provide the moisture they need.”

And, as a final note for everyone battling frizz, no matter your hair type, Roszak told us that if you’re blow-drying your hair, always keep the nozzle on your dryer to help direct the heat downwards for a smoother blow dry. When it comes to products, Kimble left us with these words of wisdom: “Any product that provides anti-humidity benefits and damage protection will ultimately help women combat frizz, no matter the hair type.”

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How to defrizz hair

How to defrizz hair

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How to defrizz hair

How to Rehab Your Hair When You’ve Gone Too Far With a Bottle of Bleach

Here’s how to bring your hair back from the edge — or, better yet, how to make sure you never get there in the first place.

Do you notice that as the gray hair comes in your hair is changing the texture? Is it getting rough and frizzy? One of my readers Melissa, thinks so. She wrote in to ask about this annoying hair problem, so I turned this challenge over to Fabulous After 40 hairstylist Chris Maclachlan. Here’s Melissa dilemma in her own words.

How to defrizz hair

Melissa: I have thick, straight, sandy blonde hair. It tends to be heavy, and that means no body. When I grow it out, I tend to have NO body whatsoever, and now, I have what I think is called an inverted bob, and while there’s some, it’s still not much and winds up getting in my face.

How to defrizz hair

Meanwhile, the gray that is coming in seems to be very crinkly. I have very healthy follicles, never using products or blow dryers, etc. And now, I seem to have a lot of frizz on my top layer of hair. That’s what I’m asking about. This new frizz that I never had before, as well as the impossible gray wire, after years of healthy, never-been-colored, teased, or blow-dried, beauty-hair.

Thanks! Melissa Robinson, age 42

Grey hair is almost always a different texture than your natural color, often wiry and unruly. I would suggest a Light brown semi-permanent color that will blend the grey and soften it. Semi-Permanent color will not lift your natural color, so you can not go lighter with a semi.

Women often find it hard to know what color to dye it but if you put a semi on that is your natural color or lighter, it will blend the grey (color it) and give the rest of your hair some tone and shine. A darker color than your natural will give you a darker color overall, as well as blending the grey. Slightly darker and warmer will be flattering to your skin tone. If you are up for it, I would suggest something like this style worn by Ashley Judd.

The great thing about a semi is there is no commitment, no damage and no grow out, and the lighter hair will stay lighter, giving you natural highlights. It will fade naturally in about 2-3 months. The less you shampoo, the longer it will last.

As for your dense straight, thick hair, I think you should count yourself lucky and go with it . Many women struggle every day to get that look. If you want more volume, you can go with a few different options. You could get highlights that will blend and cover some grey with the added benefit of roughing up he cuticle a bit (damaging your hair, but just a little !!) but also giving you more volume.

Also, a razor cut can give you a bit more texture to the ends, making it look more attractive, but I would stay with something classic and sharp, and suitable for heavy straight hair. That being said, one thing that will become a must for you is blown drying, and using some volumizing products. I also think you should either grow out your bangs or make them thicker, as well as go a little shorter overall.

How to defrizz hairHere are 2 looks to try. Katie Holmes wears a classic bob with bangs and a little texture in the ends.

How to defrizz hair

This next one I would do with a razor, and its a lot shorter but cute, and I think it would suit your face shape better.

Good luck and let me know how it turns out. Chris

Chris Maclachlan is a top hairstylist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about helping all woman find their style and feel their best, no matter age, shape, or size.

Posted on Published: August 30, 2016 – Last updated: May 7, 2020

How to defrizz hair

You know how doll hair gets to be rather frizzy after a while? It starts out all smooth and shiny and then a few years down the road, the poor toy looks like it stuck its finger into a light socket.

And no amount of brushing fixes the problem. It just goes from tangly frizz to less tangly frizz.

The other day my nieces were over and we got down our bin of ponies, which contains two dolls too.

(I’m not sure if this is still the case, but when I was a kid, Megan and Molly dolls accompanied My Little Ponies.)

How to defrizz hair

(This is her hair post-fix, in case that wasn’t obvious!)

At any rate, Megan’s hair was pretty trashed, as you can see from the first photo above.

So, my nieces and I watched some video tutorials about fixing doll hair. I’d read about fabric softener fixes, but since I don’t use fabric softener, I never have any in the house.

Luckily, we came across a tutorial that just called for boiling water and that seemed totally doable.

Two steps to fix frizzy hair

First, we combed all the knots out.

Second, we boiled water, poured it into a shallow bowl, dipped the doll’s hair in, and combed it.

I’m not sure exactly what the boiling water does to the doll hair, but it’s pretty amazing how well it works.

Once the hair was all smoothed out, we towel dried it, combed it so it was laying the way wanted, and then let it dry.

How to defrizz hair

What if the ends are still straggly?

The boiling water was a magical fix for most of the hair, but it couldn’t fix the straggly ends. So, I gave the doll a little trim with my hair-cutting scissors.

And voila! Her hair is SO much more manageable than before. It’s smooth and even shiny again!

How to defrizz hair

(Her hair is actually evenly cut…I just couldn’t get her to stand up straight for the photo!)

We’ve tried this on My Little Pony hair too, and it seems to work just as well.

See the small pony there in the middle, with a very frizzy light purple tail?

How to defrizz hair

Here what she looks like now, after boiling water and a little trim.

How to defrizz hair

Does shampoo/conditioner help?

We also tried doing shampoo and conditioner on the hair, which seems to slightly enhance the effect of the boiling water. However, I think the boiling water is really the key.

You can also use a hair straightener on a very low heat setting if the doll’s hair still isn’t quite smooth enough for your taste. Just be careful not to melt the hair!

How to defrizz hair

Does this method work on other toy hair?

I’m not sure if this works on all toy hair, as I’m sure there’s variation in hair material from toy to toy.

However, if the toy’s hair is in terrible shape, you haven’t got much to lose. If it goes badly or is ineffective, you still won’t be worse off than you were when you started.

And considering how effective this seems to be, I’d say it’s worth the risk.

Note: I have definitely heard that American Girl doll hair is sensitive, so I wouldn’t recommend trying this method with one of those dolls unless the hair is so bad that it couldn’t possibly get any worse!

How to defrizz hair

Do let me know how it goes if you try it. I’d love to hear!

Posted on Published: August 30, 2016 – Last updated: May 7, 2020

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Wednesday 7th of April 2021

You should always test a single strand as some sythetic hair will melt. Dolly Parton dolls are notorious for this. Also laundry soap or paintbrush soap is a much better shampoo then human shampoo or dishsoap which can break down the polymers in the hair.

Friday 2nd of April 2021

The washing and combing out with some fabric softener works SOMEWHAT on SOME dolls, depending on the age and condition. The hair on older dolls is a different vinyl than the newer ones (say, since the late 90s) — the new stuff is called “hollow core Kankelon” (sp?) and it is very silky when new. The old stuff was coarser, but it didn’t frizz as much (mostly). I have some 60s era Barbies that still have very nice hair. I have some new dolls whose hair is toast. Obviously if a child owns the doll and doesn’t take care of it, it can get really bad.

Remember none of it is real hair, so regular shampoo or conditioner are not really the right things. I use Dawn liquid dish soap — it’s detergent, works great on all cleaning — doll bodies too! — even washable doll clothes! — and fabric softener like Downy. Don’t use too much product — start with a little, then add more. You don’t want super greasy hair that will get dusty and greasy and yuck.

Boiling water will help set curls, which is great for restyling, but I have not found it makes frizzy hair silky. It’s free though, so try it. It can’t do much harm. (Be careful to dunk just the hair and not the whole doll head! you don’t want to affect paint or color!)

REMEMBER: (. ) — dolls like American Girl have WIGS not rooted hair! hot water will dissolve the glue! this is not a good thing! These techniques only work on ROOTED doll hair!

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

I recently got some Sailor Moon dolls in an eBay auction, and two of the poor girls’ hair is in horrible shape; stuck together, matted, just gross. I just got done applying conditioner to the hair so it can soak overnight, but I’m going to try this tomorrow no matter what! I will report back and let ya know how this worked with Irwin brand dolls from 1996 or so!

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

I am going to try this with a few of My G1 My Little Ponies. I can attest that boiling water doesn’t hurt AG dolls. I have done eye switches and you have to set head in boiling water to get the eyes out. Never hurt any of my AGs hair.

Diane G Scheuermann

Saturday 3rd of October 2020

I tryed it but I couldn’t get it to the shinny state it was orginaly was Maybe I didn’t do it right it stil looks kind of frizzy,not smooth and shinny like it used to be. Diane

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How to defrizz hair

Welcome! I’m Kristen, and I’m here to help you learn to cheerfully live on less. I’m so glad you stopped by! Click here to read more about me.

How to defrizz hair

Bothered by all those flyaway strands and want to straighten your frizzy hair? Admittedly, it’s not the easiest thing to do, but with the right technique and products, your hair will be as straight as an arrow in no time. Here are some tips on how to turn wild frizz into enviously sleek hair with minimal effort.

Extra care for frizzy hair

How to defrizz hair

A quick spray will do wonders for your locks

Curly hair is often quite dry and therefore gratefully accepts any extra attention it can get! Every now and then, it should be treated with products that are specifically designed to help straighten hair. The specially coordinated ingredients counteract your hair’s frizz. So as well as straightening your frizzy hair, you can make it shiny at the same time. Important: It is best to use a conditioner on your hair after each wash. If you are in a hurry in the morning, a quick spray treatment that doesn’t need to be rinsed out is ideal. Pamper your locks even more with an enriching hair mask once a week.

Taming the frizz

How to defrizz hair

This may seem counterproductive but it works!

If you want to straighten frizzy hair, you need a few patented helpers. Thick round brushes are ideal, but large Velcro rollers are even better. Spray a leave-in treatment into your hair beforehand to help tame it. Then blow-dry your hair using a diffuser attachment until it’s just about dry. Next, straighten your locks by rolling them over the round brush or winding them around the rollers. Then continue to blow-dry and only when your hair is totally dry is it time to take out the rollers and comb your hair through.

Straightening frizzy hair – too hot to handle

How to defrizz hair

Don’t forget the heat protection spray before you begin straightening!

Maybe you’ve already tried it: laying your hair over an ironing board, placing a towel on top, and attempting to straighten it with an iron? We definitely don’t recommend going to these extremes – the risk of heat damage is too great. Modern straightening irons with ceramic plates are a lot friendlier to your hair since they distribute the heat evenly and lessen the damage. If you buy some with added ion technology, they will leave your hair feeling smoother as well as extra shiny. Important: If you straighten frizzy hair, be sure to apply a heat protection spray or anti-frizz balm beforehand. Both leave a wafer-thin protective film around each strand and ensure that the heat does as little damage as possible. However, for your hair’s sake, you should refrain from using straightening irons on a daily basis.