How to die in minecraft

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The 100 most common ways of death in minecraft (taken exactly from crash reports, server reports, surveys, knowledge and noobishness)
But before you read this, the least common way of death in minecraft. (drumrool) is SHOCKED BY LIGHTNING

100. Do the command /suicide

99. Jump in lava in a pvp match

98. glitch out of world.

97. glitch out of world in creative mode

96. do the /kill command

97. Be killed in a pvp match

96. Fall off a cliff

95. Creeper explosion. BOOM

94. Dig straight down

93. Zombie attack

92. Someone has thorns 3 in a PvP match

91. Write a sign for too long.

89. Example player died whileist fighting herobrine

88. Spawn in a lava pit

87. Zombie villagers suk dont they?

86. Drown purposely

85. Drown accidently

84. Be drowned by a player

83. Notch dered out and spammed the /kill all command

82. o Commands re-inforced by owner; /kill and /destroy people now enforcedo

81. Be an idiot and find diamonds.

80. Build a dirt house with an open doorway

79. Read this blog with minecraft open

78. There is no 78

77. Fall off 2 cliffs at 1ce

76. Be AFK in multiplayer

75. Be AFK in singleplayer

74. Get the more ways to die mod

72. Copy someoneo s house

71. All hail the sword

67. Read this far

66. Build TNT house with iron door

63.Write this blog with minecraft open

62. Get a Chromebook

60. Have a heart-attack

59. Be black/asian/white/anything elese (sorry bout racissness peole)

58. Use parentheses way to much (t) (y) (too much?) (UMADBRO?) (awesome) (annoying?) (thought so)

57. Play a prison server

56. Have a faction that gets reaided

55. do the /kickall command with the owner playing.

52. Meet notch (not for long)

51. BE RACIST (jk please dont i mean srsly dont)

50. Destroy a server spawn (half way there)

47. Herpidy deripty fail

46. The cake is a pie. oops lava.

45. Make a texturepack making lava look like water

44. Turn sound off

43. Become upseessed with the game

42. Read crash report records

41. There is no 41 either


36. Skywars fail

35. set yourself on fire in nether

33. Magmacube attack

32. Slime attack

31. Blaze attack

29. /sudo self suicide

28. /sudo self kill

27. Doctor who died

26. But doctor 5 save doctor 7 or ill make doctor 3 save you!

23. Like twitter way to much

22. Lava water falls hate you

19. Find area 51

18. find area 52

17. Find alien space ship

15. your armour broke

13. Score: 0 (u r a noob)

11. Fall in lava after falling off a ciff

10. Skeleton shots you

9. Player shoots u

8. Charged creeper enters house

6. Fire house. (burn)

5. Sufficate in a wall of stone because pistons suck

4. Respawn in 90 deep water

3. Do the superfalt world waterword

2. Find a cavespider

1. fall out of a mineshaft into a cavespider cavern.

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While leather armor isn’t the strongest of armor in Minecraft, it certainly looks the coolest, thanks to the ability to dye it up to 12.3 million different colors. You can create a full matching set of armor, a mismatched rainbow outfit, a gradient pattern, or whatever else you think suits you.

Whether you are playing on Java Edition or Bedrock Edition will affect what you need to do to dye your armor, but this guide will cover the methods for both versions.

How to Dye Armor in Minecraft: Java Edition

How to die in minecraft

Dying leather armor in Java Edition is very intuitive, as it is identical to the method of dying any other dyable item, such as candles, beds, or glass.

Simply take the piece of armor you’d like to dye and place it in a crafting table with a dye of your choice. You can add multiple dye colors to an armor piece to mix colors, and there is no limit to the amount you can add. You can fit up to eight dyes in the crafting table with the armor piece, but you can then put the dyed armor back into the table and add more.

If you’d like to experiment with color-mixing, you can add the dyes to the crafting table and look at the output slot for a preview of the armor. If you don’t like the way it looks, don’t click on the output slot, and you can continue to arrange your dyes until you get something you do like.

If you ever change your mind about your armor color, and want to try something new without making a brand new set or throwing your current one away, you can un-dye it.

To do this, place down a cauldron and fill it with water, by interacting with it while holding a water bucket. Hold the armor that you wish to un-dye in your hand and interact with the cauldron. This will wash all of the color off, but note that you won’t get your dyes back.

How to Dye Armor in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

How to die in minecraft

Dying armor in Bedrock Edition is a bit more involved than Java, as you can’t simply add dyes to the armor in a crafting table.

Instead, this will require you to dye water in a cauldron, then soak your armor in it. This is more efficient, as you’ll be able to dye up to three armor pieces with a single dye item. It’s also a bit more risky, as you cannot “preview” the color like you can in Java. Once you add a dye, you can’t take it out.

To do this, place down a cauldron and interact with it while holding a water bucket. This will fill the cauldron. Now hold a dye in your hand and interact with the cauldron to dye the water. You can do this multiple times, to mix more and more colors. Once you have a color that you like, hold the armor you wish to dye in your hand and interact with the cauldron once again.

Doing this will dye the armor, and reduce the water level of the cauldron by a third. Once you dye two more armor pieces, you will need to add new water and dye it once again, but this still significantly saves on dye over the Java Version. Un-dying is the same in this version, however. Interact with un-dyed cauldron water while holding your dyed armor. This will wash out the color.

While leather armor is Minecraft‘s weakest option, the ability to dye it and personalize it makes it still a great, cheap option when you aren’t fighting a boss or making dangerous cave expeditions. Experiment with the color options and find what you think looks best! Check out our other Minecraft guides if you found this one useful.

On this page of our Minecraft guide, you will find information about dyeing items. You will learn how to make dyes and how to dye, e.g. wool or glass.

Dyes – how to get?

How to die in minecraft

Dyes in Minecraft are created from natural materials, such as tulips. Our guide has a page on which we have described every dye available in the game. Thanks to it, you will be able to create any color that interests you.

Dyeing wool

How to die in minecraft

The color of the wool can be easily changed in the inventory window. All you have to do is put wool and dye in the crafting section. The screen above shows how red wool is made – you combine wool and red dye made from poppy .

How to die in minecraft

You can also dye the wool directly on the sheep.

Dyeing other objects

How to die in minecraft

You need a crafting table to dye other items. All you have to do is put the right object and dye on it, and after a while, you will get the complete product.

Remember that you can dye:

  1. Wool;
  2. Glass;
  3. Carpets;
  4. Water;
  5. Leather armor;
  6. Banners;
  7. Shulker boxes;
  8. Beds;
  9. Terracotta.

Home » Guides » Minecraft: How to Dye Leather Armor

Dyeing your armor in Minecraft is a great way to set yourself apart from other players in the game. Perhaps you want to wear your team’s colors, or maybe you’re playing a game with your friends within Minecraft that requires you to be wearing a certain color. Regardless of why, we’ll talk you through how to dye leather armor in Minecraft.

Dyeing Leather Armor in Minecraft

First, it’s worth pointing out that only leather armor can be dyed in Minecraft. Any other type of armor will remain the color of the material you made it out of.

Next, you’ll need the following items:

  • Cauldron
  • Water
  • Dye (Color of your choice)
  • Leather Armor

Place the Cauldron down in your house or a safe place and fill it with the water you’ve got in a bucket. You should now have water in your cauldron.

Next, select the colored dye from your hotbar and interact with the cauldron with it equipped. The water should now turn to the color of the dye you just added to it.

Select the leather armor part that you want to dye and interact with the cauldron again to dye it. You’ll have to dye each piece of your leather armor separately, but the process takes no time at all.

Most colored dyes can be used by simply smelting or placing a flower of that color on your crafting table. Others, such as purple require players to combine blue and red dye on a crafting table. We’ve included a list of how to make all dye colors in the game below.

How to Make All Dye Colors in Minecraft

  • Red – Place a Poppy, Tulip, Beetroot or Rose Bush in your Crafting Table.
  • Green – Smelt a cactus.
  • Purple – Combine Red and Blue dyes on your Crafting Table.
  • Cyan – Combine Green and Blue dyes.
  • Light Gray – 1 Gray Dye + 1 White Dye or 1 Black Day + 2 White Dyes or 1 Azure Bluet.
  • Gray – Black Dye + White Dye.
  • Pink – 1 Red Dye + 1 White Dye or 1 Pink Tulip or 1 Peony.
  • Lime – 1 Green Dye + 1 White Dye.
  • Yellow – Dandelion or Sunflower.
  • Light Blue – 1 Blue Orchid, or Blue Dye + White Dye, or Lapis Lazuli + Bone Meal or White Dye.
  • Magenta – Combine 1 Purple Dye + 1 Pink Dye, or 1 Lilac Flower in Crafting Table.
  • Orange – Combine Red Dye + Yellow Dye
  • Blue – 1 Lapis Lazuli in Crafting Table or 1 Cornflower
  • Brown – Cocoa Beans
  • Black – Ink Sac
  • White – Bone Meal or Lily of the Valley

Now you know all there is to dyeing leather armor in Minecraft. View more of our coverage on the game below.