How to disassemble a glock

When you decide to own a gun, it is very important to understand your responsibilities as an owner. First, it is highly important to understand when is the right time to use your gun, and it is also essential that you understand the ways of taking care of your gun.

One of the most commonly chosen weapons is the Glock pistol. It comes in handy and lightweight but never fails in performing its task, especially during emergencies. As a responsible Glock pistol owner, you have to know the proper way of disassembling your Glock for cleaning and preventive maintenance.

The Steps on How to Properly Disassemble a Glock Pistol

Before you start disassembling your Glock pistol, it is highly recommended to prepare all the necessary materials for cleaning. By doing so, you get to save time and effort. You need to prepare the following materials ahead of time:

  • Glock Armorer’s Tool
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Duct Tape

The materials are very easy to find.

Step 1 → Unload Your Glock Pistol

To be safe while cleaning your pistol, you have to make sure that it is unloaded from its ammunition. Check the chamber just to be sure that you have taken the ammo already. If you do not unload your Glock Pistol, there is a high chance that you can hit the trigger while doing the cleaning. This can lead to emergencies.

In unloading the magazine chamber, make sure that you hold the pistol with your fingers and your thumb as support. Point the gun in a safe direction.

Step 2 → Take the Barrel Out

The barrel is the long tube where the bullet comes out. To get the barrel out, you need to pull the slide back and then put the take-down levers until the barrel comes out.

Step 3 → Remove the Pins

The first pin that you need to take out is the lock pin. In removing the lock pin, you need to secure your Glock pistol. You can do that by rolling it with duct tape. Then start driving the pin from left to right, and then the lock pin comes out when it is blocked accordingly. Always remember that the rule in putting the Glock back, first out first in. This means the lock pin is the first pin that you have to put together.

Then it is time to remove the trigger pin. This step is quite tedious. You can remove the trigger pin by moving the slide stop lever to the front and the rear of the receiver while trying to push the trigger from left to right. In putting this pin back, slide stop the lever to prevent the trigger pin from slipping out.

Step 4 → Remove the Locking Block

Remove the locking block by putting the amour’s tool under the locking block to try prying it up. Do the procedure with ease.

Step 5 → Take the Trigger Assembly and Disassemble it

In taking the trigger assembly out, you just need to slightly pull the ejector, and automatically the trigger assembly comes out with ease. You also need to disassemble the trigger by pulling out the trigger bar and raising the crucible.

Step 6 → Remove the Connector

You can remove the connector by pushing it out. For most recent Glock pistol models, you can use a flathead screwdriver to take the connector.

Step 7 → Remove the Slide Lever Lock

Removing the slide lever lock is easy. You just need to push the spring down and go to the side. Once you wiggle your pistol, the slide lever lock falls right out of place. Keep an eye on each part so it won’t be lost.

Step 8 → Remove the Magazine Catch

The magazine catch is the last part that should be removed. You need to remove it by bringing the rod to the slot on the side. It will pop out immediately. Using needle-nose pliers will aid the work to be done.

An Important Reminder for Assembling the Glock Pistol

Disassembling the pistol is part of taking care of the Glock. This process is important because it helps in giving out a clean pistol. The rule of thumb is to put it back by following the first out first in rule.

If you are not confident in doing the disassembling and assembling the Glock, always find someone who can.\ do the process for you.


One of the responsibilities of a Glock pistol owner is the disassembly of the unit for it to be cleaned. The steps above clearly show how the process is done. In order not to be lost in putting the parts back, keep each part in the proper steps and only do the procedure if you’re very sure of how it is done.

🤔 The Steps on How to Properly Disassemble a Glock Pistol

To be safe while cleaning your pistol, you have to make sure that it is unloaded from its .

🔍 An Important Reminder for Assembling the Glock Pistol

Disassembling the pistol is part of taking care of the Glock. This process .

How to disassemble a glock

Are you having a hard time with Glock magazine disassembly when doing preventive maintenance?

Our team will show you in this post the steps on how to disassemble your Glock magazine easily. This will help you avoid getting your Glock magazine damaged if you want to disassemble it on your own.

Table of Contents

5 Steps to Follow for Glock Magazine Disassembly

1. Gather Your Tools & Wear Safety Gear

The Glock magazine has a magazine spring, baseplate, and follower under tension and may cause injury if not controlled during mag dismantling. Therefore, we advise you to always wear safety glasses when disassembling magazines to reduce the risk of any eye injury. You can also wear hand gloves to prevent skin irritation.

A Glock tool is needed for you to easily disassemble the Glock magazines. You can use a Glock tool of about 1.5 inches to 3 inches long or any punch ranging from 3/32 to 5/32. You can also use a sturdy screwdriver as long as it can fit in that hole.

2. Punch a Tiny Hole on the Baseplate

Search for the tiny hole below your Glock magazines because you need to push the detent there to remove the baseplate. Unfortunately, this hole locks the whole magazine, and to easily disassemble it, you need a Glock tool or a small punch.

In order to unlock, insert the tip of the tool to the tiny hole down to the mag body as fast and hard as you can. You will hear a popping sound after that. In that way, you can get the slight detent out of the way.

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3. Depress the Follower

Everything is locked and fits together, so when we take it apart, everything needs to decompress. After the punch is inserted into the magazine, put your thumb on the magazine tube to push the plate forward. Then, using the punch that you insert into the mags, forward the plate towards you while you squeeze the magazine tube.

The follower captures the spring, and since the whole magazine is under compression, you have to depress it carefully. This part is the most challenging procedure in magazine disassembly because you need to squeeze hard while you slide the mags floorplate towards you. By doing this, pressure is released, and it depresses the follower.

How to disassemble a glock

4. Slide the Floorplate Forward

If you want to easily disassemble the Glock mag, do not just slide the plate forward. Remember that the plate and the magazines are still under compression. So unless you want to search for the parts, or get smacked on the face by it, pull it in a safe direction carefully.

Slowly slide the floorplate forward, gradually releasing the pressure until you touch and press the tip of the spring. Next, you can use your thumb to cover the baseplate until it is completely off and slightly push the inside part of the magazines.

5. Remove the Spring

You can easily disassemble the magazines once the baseplate is removed. The spring and the follower that was decompressed can now be easily removed. Since the tension is the only thing that holds it, it just comes straight out of the magazines.

How to disassemble a glock

How to Disassemble a Glock. It takes about 30 minutes and is not difficult, but it does require some patience and attention to detail. A lot of people have trouble with trigger group removal because they don’t use the right tools. If you follow these instructions, though, you should be able to do it without any problems!

Step 1: Remove the magazine by pulling it out of the grip with your thumb and forefinger

Step 2: Pull down on the slide lock lever located above the trigger guard and hold it while simultaneously pushing down on both sides of the gun frame (See Picture). The slide should now be unlocked from its position in front of the barrel. Be careful not to lose track of this lever as we continue to disassemble because once we finish, you’ll need to use this same motion again before reassembling for safe firing.

Steps to remove the slide:

a) Push forward on the front of the top and rear hips at the same time. This will create a gap between these parts. We want this space in order to be able to grip both sides of the frame with our thumbs (See Picture).

b) Now, push down using your thumbs on the rear hips in order to release them from their place. You will feel a pop as they come free (See Picture).

c) With both thumbs, now grip each side of the frame and pull straight up with enough force so that you are able to remove the slide from its resting position atop the lower part of your gun frame.