How to disgorge a fish

How to disgorge a fish

If you’re like me, releasing all fish which won’t be eaten or used for bait, you will come across the problem of fish swallowing the hook.

Disgorgers, de-hooking pliers and long-nosed pliers can all be used to make the task easier and less harmful to the fish, but again there is a technique and skill to the process. A disgorger is not a short cut to easy unhooking if you don’t know how to use it!

On this page we will look at limiting this occurrence and what to do once it happens.

Limit this happening with hooks

Although short-shank hooks may present the bait better, the long-shank hooks are easier to remove from the types of fish that swallow the hook. You can also buy soft-wire hooks which straighten out as you pull them out.

How to disgorge a fish

Another option is a barbless hook. The barb is the small, sharp metal bit sticking out near the tip of the hook. This barb can often be the cause of complications when trying to retrieve the hook. A barbless hook will solve this problem. The downside to a barbless hook is that the further out you cast, the greater the chance of the bait coming off. Barbless hooks are good for short casts but not so good for long casts.

How to disgorge a fish

Sea match anglers are increasingly adopting hooks down to size 10 because of the increase in catch and release events and these are far easier to remove without damaging the fish. Small hooks are also easier to remove with a freshwater-type disgorger.

Gemini Disgorger is a popular choice.

How to disgorge a fish

One of the best disgorgers around is made by Gemini. It is an excellent tool for dogfish, whiting and others with small teeth that can cause problems for fingers.

Using your right-hand, simply slide the eye of the disgorger on to the line and push it down to the hook bend. Pull the hook snood line really tight with the left hand in the opposite direction and shake the fish and it should fall off the hook (see video below for the technique).

Video on how to unhook various flatfish

With their small mouths and uncanny ability to swallow hooks and baits well down, flatfish can be a particular problem to disgorge without causing them damage. Fleetwood based ‘Blue Mink’ skipper Andy Bradbury demonstrates the right techniques.

재난대비용 생존박스, “하나 하나 채워가면서 비상상황을 대비하자”

재난발생시 비상상황에 대응할 수 있는 비품을 챙겨보는 것은 이제 오버스런 행동이 아니라는 것을 최근 발생한 지진을 통해 알수있다.

이런 BOB는 집을 버려두고 나와야 하는 상황에서 2

4일 정도 버티는데 필요한 필수 용품들로 채워지는 것을 원칙으로 합니다. 개인에 따라 현금뭉치나 금괴(?)나 귀중품 등을 집중적으로 챙길 수 도 있겠지만 말이죠. 물론 현금과 귀중품은 실제 재난상황에서는 재난민들간 훌륭한 물품교환 수단이 될겁니다.

꼭 BOB가 아니더라도 집안내에 비상용품을 저장하는 박스나 용기를 만들어 두는 것도 도움이 된다.

저장만 해놓았다가 집을 버리고 나가야할 경우, 여행가방이나 등산가방 등에 나누어 담아 떠나면 되느한다.

지진상황이라면 가방꾸릴 시간이 없다. 이럴때를 대비해서 BOB로 미리 꾸려진 배낭이 있어야 하고 탈출시 메고 가야 한다.

재난대비 생존박스는 지진 이외의 갑작스런 자연재해나 국지적인 전쟁발생시 대피할 수 있는 시간적 여유가 있거나 집안에서 버티는 것이 낫다고 판단될 때 큰 효용성을 가진다.

아니면 지진이 났을 때 일단 대피했다가, 나의 주거지역이 당장 붕괴되지는 않았으나 추가 지진이 예상되고 점진적으로 붕괴될 위험에 놓여있다면 다시 집안에 가서 이 박스안의 용품들을 챙겨 다시 안전한 곳으로 이동하는 방법을 써야 짐챙기는데 지체하지 않고 시간을 절약할 수 있다.

그런데 과연 되돌아갔을 때 무너지지 않고 잘 버텨줄까? 그건 아무도 알 수 없다. 그 자체가 위험하다. 내진설계 자체가 안된 건물은 처음에 잘 벼텼어도 추가 여진으로 얼마든지 붕괴가능하다.

탈출시에는 잘 버텼던 건물이 탈출 후 바로 폭삭 주저앉았을 때, 비로소 BOB의 필요성을 절실히 느끼게 된다는 것이다. 일단 살았다는 것에 만족해야겠지만 그 이후는 분명 있는 자와 없는 자의 극명한 생존상황이 펼쳐질 것입니다.

지진이 아닌 국지적 폭우나 홍수가 발생할 때 급히 집을 떠나야 할 상황도 생기지만, 때로는 자연재해로 단전/단수된 상황에서 집안에서 버텨야할 상황도 있을 수 있다.

비상상황을 대비하여 집안 또는 집밖에서 대응하는 비상용품을 준비해 본다.

How to disgorge a fish

밖으로 나가는 상황을 고려한다면 BOB를 꾸미는 것도 좋은 방법입니다.

도시재난 대응의 시작점, “완벽하진 않더라도 하나 정도는 준비하자”

BOB. “Bug Out Bag” 또는 “Bail Out Bag” 이라고 불리는 가방입니다. BOB란갑작스런 재난상.

How to disgorge a fish

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中文翻译 How to disgorge a fish手机版
  • vt.
    2.(江河等)流出。 The soldiers had to disgorge the jewels which they had plundered. 士兵被迫交出抢劫的珠宝。 trains disgorging thousands of passengers 有成千上万旅客下车的火车。
  • The dog disgorged the bone it had swallowed .
  • The soldiers had to disgorge the jewels which they had plundered .
  • London had already begun to disgorge its workers as he neared putney bridge; the ant-heap was on the move outwards .
  • Dropping its mostly second-class passengers at this small town or that, few people were left to be disgorged in gilly .
  • The robbers were forced to disgorge their plunder
  • They persuaded him to disgorge the missing documents
  • The yangtze disgorges its waters into the east china sea
  • The dog disgorged the bone it had swallowed
  • Crowds disgorged from the theatre into the dark street
  • She was trying hard to disgorge a fish bone
  • 更多例句: 1 23


  • eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; “After drinking too much, the students vomited”; “He purged continuously”; “The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night”
    同义词:vomit, vomit up, purge, cast, sick, cat, be sick, regorge, retch, puke, barf, spew, spue, chuck, upchuck, honk, regurgitate, throw up,

cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over; “spill the beans all over the table”
同义词:spill, shed,


How to disgorge a fish

The fisherman and the cormorant fishing process

黑布林英语高一 鱼鹰与男孩或者雪豹王国的读后感征文 英文写 不超过300

关于 鸬鹚捕鱼的 资料 要英文的 我要做PPt 急用 在先等 300 词左右就行 !

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers. Historically, cormorant fishing has taken place in Japan and China from around 960 AD.[1] and recorded from other places throughout the world. To control the birds, the fishermen tie a snare near the base of the bird’s throat. This prevents the birds from swallowing larger fish, which are held in their throat, but the birds can swallow smaller fish. When a cormorant has caught a fish in its throat, the fisherman brings the bird back to the boat and has the bird spit the fish up. Though cormorant fishing once was a successful industry, its primary use today is to serve the tourism industry. The types of cormorants used differ based on the location. In Gifu, Japan, the Japanese Cormorant (P. capillatus) is used; Chinese fishermen often employ Great Cormorants (P. carbo).[2]Darters (Anhinga), which are very close relatives of cormorants, are also used for this fishing technique on occasion. China See also: Fishing industry in China In Guilin, China, cormorant birds are famous for fishing on the shallow Lijiang River. Europe Cormorant fishing is an old tradition in Macedonia[3], especially on Dojran Lake in the south-eastern part of the country, where it is still practiced today by some traditional fishermen. In Western Europe, cormorant fishing took place briefly from the 16th to 17th centuries, primarily in England and France. Though the fishing method was similar to those used in Japan and China, the European method was developed independently and was closely related to falconry. Japan Cormorant fishing, called ukai (鹈饲) in Japanese, takes place in 13 cities in Japan. The most famous location is Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, home to Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River, which has continued uninterrupted for the past 1,300 years.Cormorant fishing in Seki also takes place on the Nagara River, but it is called “Oze Cormorant Fishing” (小瀬鹈饲 Oze Ukai). Only the cormorant fishing masters in Gifu and Seki are employed by the emperor and called Imperial Fishermen of the Royal Household Agency. Tethered and collared, cormorants catch and disgorge fish into a boat in Japan. 在日本,鸬鹚被绳绑着,戴上脖套,它们捕鱼并被迫把鱼吐回船里。 Peru There are records of a form of cormorant fishing taking place in Peru back in the 5th century, 100 years earlier than recorded cormorant fishing in Japan.


鱼鹰的英语翻译 鱼鹰用英语怎么说

鱼鹰 [词典] osprey; fish hawk; sea eagle; (鸬鹚的通称) cormorant; ossifrage; [例句]我知道3型飞机,可悬停在这两个领域我工作和生活,那些被派驻鱼鹰和联合攻击战斗机。 I know of3 aircraft that can hover and two of those are stationed in the area I work and live, those being the Osprey and Joint Strike Fighter.


捕鱼为生的鸟都可以如此。 河乌 翠鸟 红蛇鹈 白鹭 剪嘴鸥 潜水鸟 黄嘴鹳 靴嘴鹳 塍鹬 鹈鹕 海鸠 北极海鹦 信天翁 鸬鹚,也叫水老鸦、墨鸦、鱼鹰。是鹈形目,鸬鹚科的1属,有30种。鸟类。身体比鸭狭长,体羽为金属黑色,善潜水捕鱼,飞行时直线前进。中国南方多饲养来帮助捕鱼。除南北极外,几乎遍布全球。该鸟可驯养捕鱼,我国古代就已驯养利用,为常见的笼养和散养鸟类。野生鸬鹚分布于全国各地,繁殖于东北、内蒙古、青海湖及新疆西部等地。


捕鱼时常用的那些英文词汇归纳如下: ?bait 诱饵 ??worm 虫 ??fishing rod 鱼竿 ?tackle box 工具箱 waders 钓鱼裤 reel 转轮 ?lead weight 吊锤 ??hook 钩子 ?net 网 ?fishing line 鱼线 lure 诱饵 ?fly 人工拟饵