How to display christmas cards

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One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is Christmas cards. For those who get them out early, their arrival really helps build the anticipation of the holidays, and they add such a festive touch to our homes. Getting to see the faces of our loved ones all over our home is so sweet. While I love getting them, every year I struggle to find a place to display them all. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite creative ways to display your cards this year. I know I’ll definitely be doing one of these myself!

How to display christmas cards

1. Washi Tape Card Tree

This is super simple and really cute! It would also be a fun way to include a non-traditional christmas tree in a small space. Just measure out your washi tape in lines, gradually getting shorter as you move up. Add string to every other alternating with some tinsel or decorations. Place a star, which you can easily make out of cardboard and glitter, on the top and you have the perfect place to hold all the holiday cards.

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How to display christmas cards

2. String Them Up

You can’t lose by simply stringing up some jute or or twine and hanging your cards with clothes pins, especially across a festive mantle or under a gorgeous shelf like in this photo. Make your Christmas cards a real focal point of your holiday decor this year with this simple, yet stunning design.

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How to display christmas cards

3. DIY Card Display

If you are looking for a fun DIY and have some extra wall space to fill up, this is the perfect card display for you. Simply assemble the wooden frame using L-brackets, staple chicken wire to the back, and add a festive touch with a wreath. Then start adding your christmas cards as they come in. It’s so cute, you might want to keep this up all year long!

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How to display christmas cards

4. Mirrors + Picture Frames

If you do not have a ton of empty wall space, or a beautiful mantel, fear not. Simply add festive tinsel or ribbon to your existing mirrors or pictures frames and attach your holiday cards with paper clips. Super easy, totally inexpensive, and adds the perfect holiday touch to your everyday decor.

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How to display christmas cards

5. Greenery Garland

I’m just drooling over this greenery garland card holder. What better way to save space while adding some gorgeous greenery into your home. I particularly love it here in the door way, but this could just as easily be hung from a mantel or down the staircase if you are lacking the right door frame in your house. has tons of amazing home decor inspiration and declines recipes. Head over and take a look!

How to display christmas cards

6. DIY Holiday Card Holder

And of course, you can try your hand at our very own, super easy, DIY holiday card holder. All you need is a wooden yard stick, spray paint, ribbon, washi tape and clothes pins. Follow the simple step by step instructions and make yourself one for this year!

How to display christmas cards

7. Kitchen Cabinets

Probably the simplest and most space saving christmas card displays of them all. All you have to do is tie ribbon around your kitchen cabinets and viola. A cute and festive way to hang up all those cards – without taking up any extra space.

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How to display christmas cards

Learn how to display Christmas cards the easy way with just a few supplies. You’ll be ready to hang those holiday greeting cards as soon as they start coming to your mailbox. Also, some great Christmas card tips!

How to display christmas cards


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas cards are starting to come in!! Going to the mailbox each day is like Christmas morning. I absolutely LOVE sending and getting Christmas cards.

But knowing the best Christmas card display holder was always an issue. Until now!

So for the past 4 years, I have hung our Christmas cards using washi tape. It was really cute and festive, but I found myself retaping the Christmas cards to the door or walls over and over throughout December. This frustrated both me and my husband, because aren’t there too many other things to do in December than re-hang Christmas cards over and over?

So then I did something smart. Or so I thought. I would tape the cards with regular tape first and then add a piece of washi tape to the top to make it look really cute and festive.

But….sometimes I couldn’t find the tape or the washi tape and so my Christmas cards would pile up. And what’s the point of cards if you don’t display them?

So this Christmas, I knew I needed a better solution.


I’m sharing a very easy and inexpensive Christmas card display option below, but if you don’t feel like making your own Christmas card hanger, here’s some great affordable options!


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By buying just a few supplies, I was able to create a solution to hanging Christmas cards so fast and so easy.

Plus, this method will work year after year…so get all the supplies once and you’re set for years to come!

This Christmas card holder display will work for cupboards, doors, and walls!

Tip: Display cards somewhere you’ll be able to see them often. We use our kitchen pantry door so that when we are in the kitchen, we feel like we have a room full of our favorite people.


  • Your favorite ribbon- I use grossgrain
  • Clothespins (you can get extra festive by using holiday colored ones)
  • Thumb tacks
  • Hammer
  • double-sided tape, optional
  • Christmas cards!

How to display christmas cards


  1. Decide how many pieces of ribbon you want hanging from your door.
  2. Take the first piece and center it on your door.
  3. Take one thumbtack and while the door is open, push the thumb tack through the ribbon into the door. It helps if you have a hammer so that you can pound down the thumb tack flush with the top of the door.
  4. Let the ribbon hang down as far as you want it to come and then cut off to your desired length.
  5. Repeat with all pieces of ribbon on doors or cupboards.
  6. You can attach a piece of tape to the bottom of your ribbon to keep the ribbon in place if you want.
  7. Attach the clothespins to the ribbons.
  8. As soon as you receive a Christmas card, you will have a place to hang it right away!

Now you have great ideas for displaying Christmas cards!