How to display jewelry

Displaying your jewelry is great for two big reasons: organizing the mess and showing off your collection. If you’ve got a bigger collection then you may need to get a bit craftier or only display your best, but if you’ve got a small/medium collection and you want to get creative and DIY a bit …. please do, it’s a interesting, fun and tidy way to keep the chaos to minimum. Find your necklaces and rings quicker, have something style-focused for your most stylish accessories and clean up! Use any one of these ways to display your jewelry today.

1. Recycled glass bottles.

Have a lot of bangles and bracelets? Try recycling some glass bottles and use them to store and display them! Place them in a crate to hang them on a wall or keep them on top of your dresser. It’s a funkier way to keep your bracelets straight.

2. Wooden clothes hangers.

Add some hooks and hang everything up! You’ll keep everything organized, easy to find, tidy and add a bit of rustic, wooden vibes to the space.

3. Giant DIY cork board.

A bunch of frames (or an old window frame) and several square cork boards later, you can make this! Use push pins to hang jewelry up and Voila! It’s a beautiful way to show off your most sparkly accessories.

4. One frame, one fabric.

There’s also the option of creating pretty wall art too. Use fabric and an elaborate frame to make something special for your wall and your jewelry.

5. One frame and a piece of string.

Forget the fabric or the cork, try chicken wire or ribbon. Lean it on a desk up against a wall or hang it up as a piece of art. It’s a bit more eclectic and less modern than the above option.

6. Yes, a cheese grater.

This is vintage eclecticism at its finest. Use a cheese grater (paint it and add legs or a ribbon if you’d like) to display your necklaces! Place it atop a dresses, chest of drawers or armoire to show off!

7. Teacups!

A little country flavor, a bit vintage and a whole lot of girlish charm, teacups are the best little way to display some of your cutest pieces. It dresses up your tables or drawers and allows you to keep your rings and tiny earrings in sight.

Picture sources: 1, and rest from pinterest.

Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Jewelry Display

How to display jewelry

For people like me who have wayyyyyyyyy too much jewelry and no where to store it, this thing’s a dream come true! It’s so simple, you’re gonna kill yourself for not thinking of it. You have a place to hang lots of earrings, necklaces, and a couple of bracelets even!

Step 1: What You Need:

This Project Only needs a few items.

A frame of any size (Should be wood)

Either screening or a piece of material

Staples for the staple gun (duhhhh. )

2 small nails (Not shown in the picture)

A tack hammer (Again, not shown)

Scissors (Not shown in the picture)

About the screening: I would recommend using screen, but since I didn’t have any to make this, mine is done with jersey knit fabric (Just a cut up old tee)

Step 2: Frame

In this case, the thicker the frame the better. That way you don’t have to be a champion sharpshooter to get the staples actually all the way in the frame. It should be wood. Remember, you can always paint it!

So now turn over your frame and lay the fabric wrong-side down (if you have a wrong side) over the back of the frame.

Step 3: Stapling

So Now Pull the fabric or screen taught (The tighter it is, the better) and staple all sides. Especially corners, because they tend to pucker.

Step 4: Cut

So now, just cut off the excess fabric. make sure not to cut TOO close to the staples. Turn the frame over now and then to check how the front is looking.

Step 5: Flip It and Nail It (wow That Sounded Dirty) ; )

Now just flip the frame over. you now have a place for your earrings, but now you need a place for those bracelets and necklaces. Al you do is take 2 nails and nail them into the top corners of the frame. Now you can hang those jewels!

Step 6: Now Just Use It!

Now just fill and enjoy! Any comments or questions are appreciated.

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Showcasing Jewelry
How to display jewelryPart 5 of 5
It’s the final day of this series of wonderful jewelry display tutorials from blogdom from artisans who not only channeled their creativity in another way but also shared the results with everyone. A big round of applause!!

So here is more for you to bookmark for future updates or check back in my resource hub – Jewelry Making Tips.

1. If you like the commercial versions of necklace displays, then this on on the right by Staci Allen on will do the trick. The tutorial even comes with a full size pdf pattern for you to print out as a cutting template. You can also add two holes somewhere at the top to hang matching earrings.

How to display jewelry

2. A somewhat similar display by Bea Graansma on Rena Klingenberg’s website does not use a hinged support as above to stay upright but relies on folded back sides. I also love this pictorial on Flickr by Kotomicreations – it looks simpler and is foldable.

One artisan, Stella+Hodge who saw that article gave it a go (shown on the left) – she didn’t follow the directions exactly – she used paper instead of fabric to cover the cardboard. Check out her directions here. I would print out her version of the template and perhaps use the photocopier to enlarge it to the size you want. Another artisan who tried out Bea’s tutorial was Dana – see her version on her blog.

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

4. I’ve always admired the use of dressmaking forms as jewelry displays. Well, here is one artisan to really admire because she made her own jewelry display bust out of paper mache!! Thought Bubbles said she desperately needed a better way of showcasing her jewelry and I say she found one.

5. Carolina Gonzalez has a different take on the bust idea. Hers is an artistic picture on cardboard of he upper torso of a woman which is propped up with a hinge piece like a picture frame. 3-D is hinted at with the shawl wrapped around the bottom of the display. The paper bust wears one earring and necklace.

How to display jewelry

6. Craftapalooza on came up with a simple wall mounted necklace rack to store and display your jewelry at home. It makes for a unique decor piece.

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

16. Calendargirl on Cut Out and Keep has a quick and easy necklace display tutorial using a thick paper base. Just fold the velvet over the base and you’re done!

How to display jewelry

17. If you are artistic, you can create a special picture and attach hooks below for your necklaces. This idea was hatched by Sabrina over at . &Faux Pearls.

Jewelry is one of the most popular items customers purchase as a gift. We feature a lot of different types of jewelry displays that can let your merchandise shine. Whether you’re selling high-end jewelry or everyday fashion jewelry, we have a display piece that will allow your jewelry to take center stage.

We are showing our jewelry displays with and without jewelry, hoping that some of our merchandising will inspire you to try one of our displays in a way that you may not have thought to use it.

How to display jewelry

We offer most of our jewelry displays in black, white, and many other finishes. The jewelry can take on a completely different look depending on what color display you choose. We have merchandised both the black and white displays with a variety of jewelry styles. Whenever you display jewelry, it is important to remember to display like items together to tell a style story. Keep in mind that whether you display jewelry on a tabletop, counter, or inside of a case, always use lifts and levels whenever possible. Lifts and levels allow the eye to wander through the display, which is more visually appealing.

How to display jewelry

How to display jewelry

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