How to find acting auditions

Actors have a unique career that's often based in freelancing. Most actors audition for temporary jobs rather than work for a set employer long term. Knowing how to get acting jobs is a key skill for aspiring actors. In this article, we describe some of the most common types of acting jobs, explain how to get acting jobs and provide tips for excelling during auditions.

What are the common types of acting jobs?

Actors can work in a variety of jobs, from stage to screen to radio. Consider the most common types of acting jobs to see what best aligns with your interests and skills:

Film actors work in movies. Many filmmakers and studios produce their projects in California, though some film all over the world on various locations. Besides large feature films, actors can work on student or independent films to help build their resumes. Film actors might spend a few weeks or months working on a single movie.


Television actors work on made-for-TV movies and television shows. As streaming services and internet shows gain popularity and market share, more traditional television actors are working on these digital media platforms. Depending on the scale and length of the production, television actors can work on a single project for as short as a few weeks or for as long as several years.


Stage actors perform plays in front of a live audience. Some theater companies hire stage actors for an entire season of work rather than for an individual play, while others cast performers on a production by production basis. Most live productions run for several weeks, but the actors might prepare for weeks or months prior to opening in addition to performing during the show's tenure.


Voiceover actors provide vocal acting for any project that only requires a voice. While voiceover acting is very common for radio, it's also used frequently for television shows, commercials and audiobooks. Most voiceover actors work as freelancers and audition for individual jobs rather than working for a studio or theater company.


Commercial actors act for advertisements. While these jobs are often much shorter in duration than their television and movie counterparts, commercial work often pays well and can lead to other opportunities in film or television. Commercial shoots are usually short, lasting a day or a week, so commercial actors must audition frequently for roles.


Background actors, also called extras, act in the background of scenes on films, television shows and commercials. Background actors don't usually have speaking roles. For most actors, background work is a resume builder and a way to develop professional connections rather than a long-term career option.

How to get acting jobs

Regardless of the type of acting you're interested in, you'll almost certainly need to audition for roles at some point in your career. Learn how to get acting jobs with these steps:

1. Get a manager or agent

One of the best ways to consistently find acting jobs is to secure the services of a manager or agent. These industry professionals help find you auditions and advocate on your behalf. However, competition for managers and agents is often high in the entertainment industry. It usually takes some time and connections to find a manager or agent.

2. Ask your professional network

Another good method for finding acting roles is to ask other actors or entertainment professionals in your network. Some auditions or performance opportunities spread via word of mouth before they reach mainstream channels, so asking about potential auditions or work events can sometimes lead to acting jobs.

3. Research casting calls

Casting calls are large auditions for a specific role or production. Some casting calls are open to the public, meaning anyone interested in auditioning can do so. Others are open only to certain agencies or pre-selected groups of which you must be a member to audition. Often, producers will post about open casting calls online or in industry publications, so regularly review these locations for casting call opportunities.

4. Look online

More and more directors and producers are posting acting jobs online, particularly for independent or student work. Search online for potential audition opportunities. You can look on casting websites, agency websites and simply run a search for acting auditions or jobs in your area.

5. Create a website

Make a website for yourself that includes your headshots, your acting resume and any reels, or video compilations of your acting work, you might have. You can send your website's URL to prospective employers, link to it on your social media pages and potentially gain recognition from directors or producers who find your webpage independently.

6. Contact local theaters or studios

Another option for learning about potential audition or acting job opportunities is to directly contact local theaters or film studios. Besides learning about acting work, you might also be able to build professional connections with the employees who work there, increasing the chances they'll call you when they need an actor or are holding auditions.

7. Build your resume

While you look for paying high-profile jobs, continue to build your acting resume with and skill set. You can take acting classes, teach kids about acting, perform with community theater organizations or produce your own work to post online. The more experience you have and the more people in the industry you know, the better your chances of engaging continuous acting jobs are.

Tips for auditions

Use these tips to help you optimize your time at auditions and improve your chances of getting an acting job:

Bring your resume and headshot. For some auditions, the director or producer might request your resume and headshot in advance. Bring copies with you on the day of the audition, even if you sent them ahead, so everyone present can have a copy.

Use the script. Sometimes you'll receive lines ahead of the audition. Do your best to memorize them, but if you don't, use the script and read the words as written rather than trying to improvise.

Be direct and confident. Introduce yourself and be confident in your skills and abilities. Avoid making excuses about your voice or appearance. Instead, show you believe in yourself and are the best person for the role.

Make a good impression. Know that your audition begins as soon as you step onto the stage, not after you begin reading your lines. Ensure you make a positive impression the second the director or producer first sees you.

Audition earlier in the day. If you have the option, choose an earlier audition time slot rather than the last one of the day. The hiring team may be more focused and fresh during your reading.

Include your contact info. Make sure your contact information is accurate and easy to find on your resume. Ensure you check the phone number or email address listed on your resume regularly to ensure you don't miss any job offers.

Keep going. If you lose your place in the middle of your audition, keep going with the material rather than starting over. Showing you can adapt and remain calm is a valuable skill, and one directors often appreciate.

There are hundreds of job boards and audition listings for actors across the internet. Whether you’re searching the internet for professional auditions in theatre hubs like New York City and Los Angeles, or you’re on the hunt for community theatre auditions in a suburban town, there are a few trusted resources that will help narrow your search.

Are you an actor looking for your next audition? Here are my top 5 actor job boards for finding auditions.

Since 1960, Backstage has been an incredible resource for actors and performers to find high-quality roles to match their interests, grow their careers, and get cast. As a Backstage member, you will have access to “unlimited submissions, best-in-class casting tools, with more roles available than any other casting service.”

You can easily simplify your search of over 6,000 roles using their filtering tool. Search by location, production type, role type, gender, union status, compensation, ethnicity, skills and more to find auditions. Save your searches to automatically receive alerts when new roles that match your interests are posted.

On Backstage, you can find details on audition listings OR create a profile and submit your material directly.

Find your next theatre job – acting, internships, administrative, design, technical, and all other stage employment – at

Under the Jobs tab of Playbill, you can search for auditions by state, pay, union status, and more. Playbill’s job board also includes listings for classes, coaches, and design, directorial, and musician positions!

The job board at Broadway World breaks up auditions by Equity and Non-Equity. Under the Equity tab, search through upcoming Broadway auditions, regional theater auditions and national tour casting calls, with data provided by the Actors’ Equity Association. Under the non-Equity tab, search through listings for non-union auditions.

Actors Access is an online platform that allows actors to maintain profiles by uploading headshots, updating their resume, adding new skills and attributes, managing performance videos, and more.

Created in 2003, Actors Access functions like a virtual database between casting directors and aspiring actors looking for jobs. Casting Directors have the option to release Breakdowns to actors and receive submissions directly from them.

The Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, is the performing arts union representing more than 51,000 professional stage actors and stage managers in the United States. Seeking to “advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of society,” Equity negotiates wages and working conditions for its members, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. There are 3 critical ways an actor can be eligible to join the union.

When you become a member of the union, you can take advantage of the Actors’ Equity membership portal. Each week, the Casting Call section of the portal is updated with upcoming Equity Principal Auditions, Equity Chorus Calls, Open Calls, and submission notices.


How to directly submit to casting directors (with or Without an Agent or Manager)

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UPDATE MAY 2021: This article was originally published early 2020 as “11 FREE Casting Sites Every New Actor Need to Know About” …. things have changed. In some cases the sites simply aren’t free anymore, and others just weren’t up front about fees to submit. I’ve gone through these sites one by one and updates the listings with current prices and my feedback on the site overall. 🙂 H.

For actors, there are a two main questions that run your acting career; “Where do I find acting work?” and “Where do I find more auditions?”. This can be especially challenging if you are a new actor and you don’t have any experience or credits or an agent or a manager. This is one of those catch 22 situations; the more work you’ve booked, the easier it is go to get auditions and therefore more work. This also helps in signing with an an agent or a manager.

Ultimately you need experience, credits and footage. And to get any of them, you’re going to first need to audition.

Like everything else in your career, the quality and quantity of your auditions will really improve with time and experience. Getting an audition for a network series out of the gate may be tough, but you have just got to jump in and start!

Commercials, are an excellent way to get your foot in the door, and indie films and student projects are the best way to build your resume, get demo reel footage and your hone your skills, both on-camera and in the audition process.

If you don’t have an agent or manager to look out for you, be smart and do your research first; if a project sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If they are promising to make you a star overnight or are asking for money to audition, really, seriously, just consider walking away!

Below I’ve listed 16 casting sites that all new actors should know about.

How to find acting auditions

While it’s true that auditions for the better roles can only be accessed through an agent, the most basic audition opportunities can be found posted on job boards for actors like, Backstage, etc. has more opportunities in the commercial arena, but very recently entered the arena for theatrical (film and TV) casting as well.

For a low monthly fee you can post your child’s headshot, resume, and special skills. Auditions that match their basic information, like gender and age range, will come into your email inbox, and you can decide whether to pursue them. Some are fun, and some will not be appropriate. Many are cattle calls.

These auditions are never going to be for big projects or lead roles—those are only available through licensed talent agents. But they are useful to help your child get comfortable with the audition process, and if some lead to actual work, they can help fill out a resume so a potential agent might take them seriously.

When you fill out the forms on whichever site you choose, be sure to fill them out completely and honestly. Don’t list special skills that your young actor really doesn’t have. Do be accurate! And be careful not to miss filling out fields like “age range” (not just actual age) because that is one of the ways the computer programs select for audition calls.

Another great way to get some experience and material for your resume before you ever even visit Los Angeles is to work in films that are cast and shot in your own home state.

Even a small independent film can be a great experience for a developing actor, and bigger films often shoot in locations far outside of Hollywood. How do you find out about these opportunities, especially without an agent? Go to your state film commission! I have a BONUS for you HERE: A comprehensive list of every state film commission and their contact info! Click THIS LINK to download yours now.

Working as an extra/ background performer can be a great way for your child to learn some of the special language and protocols of a set. It’s not glamorous, but can be a good way to test the seriousness of their commitment. Are they willing to go through the tedium of a long day of mostly waiting, then likely repeatedly performing a simple action like crossing behind the star through a hallway on the call of “action”?

What extras work will not give is the fantasy that I suspect many young actors dream of: that they will be noticed, or “discovered” in the course of working as an extra. While technically anything is possible, I know of no one that this has happened to, and every set with extras that I have been on— television or film—the extras are largely segregated from the stars and director.

The idea that you can be “discovered” while working as an extra is a myth that happens only in movies themselves.

Student films are another entry-level opportunity that can give real experience and add some material to the resume. However, since they are by their nature non-union and typically run by young people, be especially careful around questions of safety. Unions are great for many reasons, not the least of which is safety regulations! Be alert wherever your child is working, but especially if the project is amateur or non-union.

Be aware that neither extras work or student films are likely to lead to any kind of serious work, but they can be an easy-entry way to see if your child actually enjoys the work of acting as much as the idea of it, which is critical if you are considering investing time and money into giving them a real shot at a career.

If your young actor is able to add some credits and through smaller roles and projects found through audition boards, they will have an easier time interesting an agent with meeting, and possibly signing them. And then a whole new world of bigger and better roles and projects can open up—and your kid may have the experience to actually audition for them!

Are you thinking about how to help your child become an actor? Or are you a young actor yourself?

My book, The Hollywood Parents Guide, available on Amazon contains everything I wish I’d known when Dove and I started this journey, and will save you untold amounts of time, money, and stress. Full of information you MUST know, it also features stories from parents of other kids who’ve made it!

Or book an hour consulting with me to come up with an individualized plan that takes your own unique needs into account. For about the cost of an hour with a professional acting coach, you can get your questions answered and a road map to help you move forward toward your dream.

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Plumber £250/day (Actor)

Oliver agency are seeking 1 x cast member with some plumbing knowledge to take part in a 1 or 2 day shoot in Southampton. £250 per day inc. usage for unrecognisable talent UK & EU online / digital and print media only. Travel provided as extra. Must be within 1hr of Southampton. London-based also accepted.

Actor (Actor)

Calling all traitors, hand me your ears! Ever fancied being part of the scariest and funniest journey through the cities darkest past? With stunning sets and costumes to match, we pride ourselves on giving our guests a truly memorable experience and it’s our actors who really bring The London Dungeon to life! Do you have what it takes?Great at performing scripts and character actingHave a good.

Musical Theatre tutor – £25/hr (Actor)

Looking for a Musical Theatre teacher to lead classes in either dance or drama or singing. Must have teaching or performing experience.

Male Vocalist (Actor)

We are looking for Male vocalists for a variety of UK and Cruise contracts. Please submit vocal reels

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Nikola McGregor, Actor

I am an experience Actress and have toured all over the country as a Puppeteer, Facillitator, and Forum Theatre performer. I specialise in role play and Interactive/ Immersive Theatre

Jonny Black, Actor

Very experienced London based actor. Trained at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Extensive theatre and film experience, both touring and West End.

Tarjah Cameron, Model

I have always been a creative individual, I have attended two drama schools. I love to travel and have taken my work to the USA. I have brought my unique style to some excellent projects. I am looking to build my experience and have interest in becoming an actress.

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How to find acting auditions How to find acting auditions


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How to find acting auditions

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How to find acting auditions

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How to find acting auditions

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How to find acting auditions

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How to find acting auditions

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How to find acting auditions

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The app recently became incredibly frustrating to use

So I really enjoy this app and have been subscribed for several months and already landed several gigs! But recently as I scroll through the listings, I tend to get stuck in a cycle in which the same 10-15 listings will just repeat, and repeat and repeat. Because of this there’s been between 30 seconds to a full minute of scrolling just to find the next batch of 10-15 jobs before they fall into the same loop. I’m really hoping this can be fixed in the next update. Regardless, the app is still amazing and I’d recommend it to any aspiring actors or performers!

Developer Response ,

Hi ThatOneWasMe, we're sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue on our app. If you haven't already, can you please email us directly at [email protected] with a screen recording of this happening? We'd be happy to try troubleshooting this issue for you!

Good starting point- somewhat

The app has a good interface, a decent amount of users that make it simple to find auditions in your area. BUT you HAVE to subscribe for a fee to be able to apply to ANYTHING, even unpaid roles. Unfortunately, being an actor means paying a lot already out of pocket for things like headshots, travel, etc. I'd gladly pay like $5/month for the convenience of the app but $20/month just to apply to ANYTHING is kind of ridiculous, especially for unpaid roles which means you won't make back what you spent on the app to find an audition, let alone be cast. I'll keep this app in my back pocket for a future when I can afford it, but for now there are other resources available for the same purpose and a cheaper price. Additionally, maybe it's just me, but it didn't seem clear initially that you needed a subscription to be able to apply for ANYTHING. It wasn't until after I filled out my profile, scrolled through the listings, and found something of interest that I found out you cannot apply to anything without a subscription. At this point I just don't see the cost equalling the value of the app unless MAYBE you're in an area with a high concentration of jobs. Sorry to the developers, I know you need to make money too and it really seems like a good app, I just simply can't afford it.

Developer Response ,

Hi there, thanks for your feedback! The subscription was mentioned in the "Preview" section before you download the app, but we understand if you missed it. offers casting opportunities for actors and others in the film, television, and theater communities. In order to best support and maintain this service, users need to purchase a subscription in order to be able to apply to the casting notices posted on our site. This is not unlike other sites that offer access to castings. If you have further questions or feedback about our service, you are welcome to email us at [email protected]

Works just enough to work

Maybe it’s an issue with having an [old?] iPhone 6, or the Yahoo! mail app (I know, “Who still uses Yahoo?! How do you not use gmail?!” I don’t know, its hard to change man.) But anyway, every time I click on a listing from a Backstage email to open separately from the Yahoo mail app in Safari, which would then automatically direct me to the Backstage app, almost half the time the app will NOT open on the listing. It opens on the castings page of the app instead and I have to do the tedious task of putting the title in the search bar. Also, I’ve updated the app and turned on notifications in Settings and the Backstage app to get my saved filter searches to send me listings I’m right for. But I never get notifications from the app. That’s why I have to still resort to counting on those emails which is frustrating because the Yahoo mail app and/or Safari is not always even compatible with the app. It’s super frustrating. Although sure, I could finally enter 2018 and get a Gmail account.

Developer Response ,

Hello, thanks for submitting your feedback. We would love to get some more details on the bugs you're experiencing. Can you send an email to [email protected] with a description of the problem, and your iOS version, so one of our CSRs can troubleshoot the issue with you?

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Auditions Free – Auditions and casting calls posted daily for over a decade.

Auditions Free keeps it simple, no gimmicks, no fluff, no logins or strings attached. Just the info on who is casting what. Auditions are posted in chronological order with the most recent at the top.

You may use the audition search page for specific locations. Be sure to also check the nationwide listings.

Casting directors, see the post a casting call link to post your audition notice.

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Notice posted by erica on 04/07/2022

Auditions in Central England, Stoke-On-Trent, for Student Film Project

Passing Through Location: Stoke-On-Trent Type: Student Films Casting for a third year 10 minute short film which follows Paul a man struggling with the monotonous life he is leading and believing everything is just pacing him by. Encounters a young woman Mia who was just meant to be passing through Stoke-On-Trent becomes stranded for the […]

Notice posted by erica on 04/06/2022

Chicago PD Extras Casting for New 2022 Season in Chicago Illinois

The TV show Chicago P.D. is filming new episodes for 2022 and casting. The show films in Chicago. The extras casting team is currently booking locals who would like to tryout for small, non-speaking roles for the 2022 season of the show. Please note that the show is only considering Chicago area talent who are […]

Notice posted by erica on 04/06/2022

Auditions for Grand Parents and Their Grand Kids for Jimmy Kimmel Game Show “Generation Gap”

Think you can partner up with your grandchild? If so read on because a new ABC game show is currently casting for grandparent / grandchild teams. A new TV game show called Generation Gap is now casting grand parents and their very fun grandchildren to compete for cash and prizes on a game show. […]

Notice posted by erica on 04/06/2022

Actor Auditions in Amsterdam, Netherlands for Short Film Production

short film: BEAST AND FEAST Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Type: Film 15 April, 15.00 – 18.00 Location: ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose, Rozenstraat 59, 1016NN Amsterdam Beast and Feast is an experimental horror film about the animalistic metamorphosis of a police officer who is plagued by nightmares on the search for the perfect horse. […]