How to find instagram hashtags

How to find instagram hashtags

Each hashtag, when carefully selected, is a door to an awesome community. Thanks to hashtags other people can find you, follow you and engage with you on Instagram.

But how do you actually find the best hashtags for your Instagram photo?

Here are 6 ways to find Instagram hashtags.

1. Use the Hashtag Finder in Preview app

Preview app is a life-saver for Instagrammers. Not only can you design and schedule your Instagram feed, but you can also find Instagram hashtags by category.

The app comes with a Hashtag Finder. You can search hashtags by topics, Instagram communities and locations. They’re perfect to grow your account naturally.

  • Go in the caption section
  • Select “Find”
  • Type the category (like “Food”, “Wedding Photography”, “Travel Blogger”)
  • Press “Add all” to add the hashtags in your caption
  • Or only select the hashtag you want to use by tapping on it

How to find instagram hashtags

How to find instagram hashtags

2. Check your Top Hashtags in your Hashtag Analytics

Preview app also comes with a hashtag analytics section.
The app automatically tests the hashtags you’ve used.

It tells you your best hashtags and which hashtags give you the most:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Engagement

How to find instagram hashtags

How to find instagram hashtags

3. Find similar accounts as you and check their hashtags

A lot of people have done their hashtag research. Find similar accounts as you. To make sure you are finding the best Instagram hashtags, make sure have:

  • Same photo style as you, or
  • Same industry as you, or
  • Same theme as you (but maybe not same industry), or
  • Same audience that you want to attract to your account

This way you will find a nice mix of Instagram hashtags.
The accounts don’t need to be super popular with huge number of followers.

To find similar accounts:

  • Go on the Instagram “Explore” page
  • Search for a hashtag that represents your account (example: if you are a travel blogger #travel #travellover #dametraveler)

How to find instagram hashtags

How to find instagram hashtags

How to find instagram hashtags

4. Use Instagram “Related” hashtags

The “Related” Instagram hashtags are hashtags that Instagram recommends. They appear on top of your search results (see below).

If they are relevant to you, write them down.

How to find instagram hashtags

5. Know what posts your followers “like” on Instagram

In my opinion, the best way to find Instagram hashtags is by checking what people are actually liking on Instagram… so they can like my posts too.

There are 3 questions I always ask myself:

  1. Who do I want to become friends with?
  2. What do they “like” / “double tap” on Instagram?
  3. What are they looking for on Instagram?

Let’s say you are a travel agency for the South Pacific islands:

1. Who do I want to become friends with?

  • People who love to travel
  • People who live in the South Pacific
  • People who love the beach
  • People who are single? In a relationship? Have a family?

2. What do they “like” / “double tap” on Instagram?

  • Once you know you who want to become friends with, follow a few of them.
  • Now go do to your “Recent Activities” section (the “heart” symbol on Instagram) + swipe to the “Following” tab.
  • Check what type of content people are liking.

3. What are they looking for on Instagram?

  • Now you know what type of content they like.
  • Are they looking for travel deals? Travel tips? Inspiring photos?
  • Create similar type of content for your Instagram.
  • Assess which one of your past posts people liked the most (and do more of that).

How to find instagram hashtags

6. Find Instagram hashtags from the hashtag suggestions

Another way to find Instagram hashtag is in Preview app again.

When you prepare your caption and write hashtags in Preview app, you will see automatic hashtag suggestions.

Pro tip #1: Use super popular hashtags (with millions of users) and less popular hashtags (with not many users). This will increase your chance to be seen on Instagram.

Pro tip #2: Search for plurals. Some hashtags that are plurals have less competition. Which means more chances to be seen by people. Plurals also often represent a community.

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Sincelate 2017, Instagram lets users follow individual hashtags just like profiles. This is a great way to stay up to date on topics or trends you care about, and make it easier to engage with that content by avoiding the need to search for it. But after following countless hashtags (like profiles), it becomes easy to lose track of them all. Here is how to find the hashtags you follow.

How to Find the Instagram Hashtags you follow

  1. Go to your profile by clicking your photo in the bottom right
  2. />Click on “Following”How to find instagram hashtags
  3. You’ll see hashtags as the first item on the list. How to find instagram hashtags
  4. Click to view all the hashtags you follow. How to find instagram hashtags

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How to find instagram hashtags

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How to find instagram hashtags

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How to find instagram hashtags

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How to find instagram hashtags

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How to find instagram hashtags

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The social media platform that has witnessed the rising prosperity of hashtags is Instagram. The social media platform gives you an ability to use a full whopping amount of 30 hashtags each post with which anyone can market their brand on social media appropriately.

Using hashtags for social media is essential for increasing your audience and generate better engagement on every post.

Users can follow hashtags directly on Instagram, so if you find the right hashtags, you will have a chance to reach a wide range of people. After increasing your impressions, then it’s all about the quality of your posts. If you believe you’re posting valuable content to Instagram, you should give a chance to hashtag finders.

Best Websites to Find Hashtags for Social Media

Here, you will learn about some websites that can help you grab the best hashtags for each of your marketing campaigns.

Sked Social

When touring through an Instagram hashtag search for your upcoming post, do not forget this platform that integrates direct scheduling & publishing tools. Its other features include in-application image fabrication with Canva, manifold account management, etc. The comprehensive Instagram tool comes with a robust hashtag recommendation characteristic. It will appear as you add one hashtag to the primary comment box or caption.


Hashtagify is one of the best websites to search hashtags for social media. It comes with a plethora of plans that you can choose depending on the hashtag usage & research volume. This portal will also help you search insights & real-time data regarding all hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. This includes trends, popularity, ranking, etc.

#HashMe Hashtag Generator

While you are researching hashtags for Instagram for enhancing the reach of your next post drastically, #HashMe Hashtag Generator is one of the most exceptional hashtag finders for social media. In this, you can search hashtags along with text inputs or upload images. You can unlock endless search by image for trending hashtags by buying #HashMe subscription.

Display Purposes

Get hold of best business hashtags with the use of this highly functional tool where the app can show you suggestions depending on the searched hashtags. After it lists out, you can simply copy & paste and add those to your posts. A very simple tool that does what it promises.

How to find instagram hashtags

Hashtag Expert

Copy over a plethora of trending hashtags with this tool that is a fantastic one, accessible in the iOS app store. Once you investigate for a particular hashtag, this application will produce 30 associated hashtags. But it is crucial to make sure that the hashtags are associated with your content. You can choose hashtags from various categories with a simple user interface.

Instavast Hashtag Generator

The tasks for generating hashtags become a lot easier with this tool as it offers a comprehensive set of best Instagram marketing tools. It also comes with a free tool where you will find banned hashtags on Instagram. This means you can easily automate, comment, unfollow, like, follow and other goings-on on Instagram.

All Hashtag

When you want to learn about all your hashtags in-depth so that you are on point with your marketing tactics, then all-hashtag is the one for you. This is possible due to the fantastic feature of this tool, namely, Hashtag Analytics.


If you earn your bread and butter from social media, then you would always feel the need to find the best hashtags. Get immense help from Ritetag as it offers instant suggestions for texts & photos on mobile & desktop. The recommendations always depend on real-time engagement. The app also color-codes the hashtags by which you can get a hold of the ones that are trending.


Lookout for a random hashtag generator calls out for trying out this app that you can use as a beginner for understanding how the thing works. Strong groundwork is essential to a massive amount of success in context to posts and content engagement.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

This hashtag generator for Instagram offers you with a bunch of relevant hashtags once you upload an image. The tool from Ingramer suggests up to twenty keywords for each photo. Here you can even learn about the popularity of each of the hashtags.


Amidst so many amazing and effective trending hashtags generator, the way to find the correct hashtag for social media is by asking yourself a few questions. What do you expect from your hashtag tool & how you can measure the hashtag success. These questions will help you in choosing the correct tool for your desired purpose. If you want to get more effective results from your Instagram campaigns we’ve listed various Instagram tools for it.

Let the right hashtags make the best impression on all those Instagram efforts so that you can increase your brand’s visibility. You can also contact Instagram marketing agencies to get better results on social media.

Home > Insights > How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram?

The use of hashtags has become the norm for quite some time now. In fact, It’s been there for over a decade. A hashtag was first used on August 24th, 2007 by @chrismessina . Almost every social media platform implements the use of hashtags. Instagram ranks on the top when it comes to the usage of hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram are a powerful tool for influencers and marketers alike. A brand can use this powerful tool in multiple ways. Before you start looking at trending Instagram hashtags, let’s look at how and why it’s so important.

How to find instagram hashtags

Instagram Hashtags – Power Tools for Marketers?

A hashtag on Instagram works almost like a search engine. You would have noticed that hashtags on Facebook don’t mean as much as they do on Instagram. This is because Instagram uses them for sorting the data. The hashtags on Instagram determine the reach for your posts, and how visible your content is. Say you want to launch a software product for phone photography and editing. You want to know what content covering the topic already exists. Simply look for #Phonephotography on Instagram’s search engine. You’ll have all the posts with the hashtag #phonephotography marking them. On the flip side, it also becomes a tool for tagging your content to make it more visible.

Find the Right Audience

Finding the right audience on Instagram also becomes easier. All thanks to Instagram hashtags and the platform’s intelligent algorithm. Trending hashtags related to your industry can help you find the people and influencers talking about it. You now have the opportunity to know more about the kind of audience you want to target. These accounts can also lead to additional information. For example, let’s say you are looking for the trending hashtag #ootd for your clothing brand. You might find popular accounts also tagging their content for #OutfitInspiration. In this way, you know your audience and also what hashtags they follow. Tag your content to these and increase your reach.

Find Influencers and Promotional Content

While you are discovering popular accounts via browsing trending hashtags, you may also find top and micro-influencers within your industry. You can visit their profiles to understand their engagement rates, follower base and take inspiration. Or even plan your event/product launch collab with them. Some companies get even more creative. They discover influencers, do a collab and come up with a special brand hashtag. The influencer then promotes the brand and the hashtag and they succeed in creating a unique space for themselves. Fiji Water did one such campaign.

So How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram marketing has proven to be a successful tool for businesses. This can be attributed to the way brands have used and gained an idea of trending hashtags. Here we discuss some very easy ways you can find and track hashtags to your benefit.

Organic Search

Like we mentioned earlier, hashtags are a way to aggregate content. So organic search is the cheapest and easiest way to find trending Instagram hashtags. So if you just type in a hashtag into Instagram’s search engine, it will display all the content available. Also, it begins to show other related trending hashtags. You could just tap on those and explore more. Initially, you may feel a little lost but give it some time. Even if you have no idea of any hashtag and are wondering what to type in, just type in your genre. Say you have a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. Type in “#ItalianCuisine” or “#ItalianFood” and boom, you are there.

Social Listening Tools

An organic search is a great option but for someone who can invest a lot of time on it. As a marketing manager, usually, you’ll have many other things to take care of. In such cases, you can opt for social listening tools and so. These tools do the job for you and track the top trending keywords and hashtags for you. Let’s talk about some of the tools:

All Hashtag

In case you are searching for just the keywords to look for, is the answer for you. It is a unique tool that can help you find the most trending hashtags and random hashtags too. The platform can also help you to create your own hashtag.

How to find instagram hashtags


Looking for an in-depth analysis of the hashtags? Auris can help you track the trending hashtags and analyze the sentiment around them. It helps you gauge the kind of social following the hashtag or the keyword has. You’ll know what kind of audience follows it, posts related content et cetera. And finding influencers via this tool becomes easier thanks to the filters. The tool tracks the influencer scores of whoever posts regarding the topic helping you find your pick.

How to find instagram hashtags

Instagram has been booming as a space for marketers, be it for Instagram hashtags or influencer marketing over Instagram. We have tried to study the platform and build our Auris platform around its nuances. You can check out our Instagram-related posts too, if interested.

Are you looking to get the most out of your Social Media Marketing?

Then you should pay attention to the Hashtags you’re using and you should conduct a Hashtag research for every Social Media Channel you’re using.

In this article, we’ll be going into the importance of hashtags, how to find the best one per social channel and we’ll provide you a template.

Let’s get started!

The importance of Hashtags

Keywords and Hashtags help Social Media Platforms to understand what your post is about and who should see your post.

  • If you add no hashtags at all, you’ll be missing out on exposure.
  • If you add irrelevant hashtags, you’ll miss out on engagement.
  • If you add too competitive hashtags, your post will often drown.
  • If you add the right mix of hashtags to every post, you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

The importance of the right Hashtag mix

Adding hashtags that are relevant is thus important.

The ‘Mix’ is the right combination of popular vs less popular hashtags.

You can find both for every niche.

The reason you should mix it up is to make sure your post will be shown with the lower competition hashtags and that if you’re lucky and get enough engagement, you’ll also be shown for the more popular hashtags.

Your mix is personal.

If you have a low following and are in a highly competitive niche, your mix will contain mostly less competitive hashtags.

If you already have a large audience that engages with your posts, your mix will contain more competitive hashtags with a higher potential to reach a large audience.

Doing a hashtag research

So how do you know which hashtags fall in which bucket?

A hashtag research helps you to find out just that and to document them for later use.

It lives within our Growth Storytelling Framework where the keyword research template, content distribution strategy and other tactical and strategic documents sit.

The hashtag research template looks a little bit like the image below:

On the left, you see relevant hashtags and on the right, you see your main Social Media channels.

Now you can do your hashtag research and find out how popular hashtags are on each platform.

As you can see, if differs a lot.

That is why it is so important to do your research. Invest a couple of minutes before posting your content and eventually, you’ll have a complete list of relevant hashtags per channel. Social Media channels showcase the popularity of the hashtags differently. Some name it ‘number of times seen (TikTok) others, showcase # followers (LinkedIn), and Instagram shows how many posts exist with that hashtag. It’s fair to say that they all indicate how competitive hashtags are.

Now let’s go over how you can find the best hashtags.

Find the best hashtags (per social media channel)

Just like social media channels naming the popularity of hashtags differently, you’ll also need different approaches to find which are the best hashtags per channel.

One pro tip I want to give straight off the bat is: Click on the relevant hashtag and see if it’s actually relevant.

Let’s get into it.

How to find the best hashtags on TikTok

Let’s start with one of the easiest social media platform to find the data you need.

To find out what the best hashtags are on TikTok for your business, you simply need to go to search -> enter your hashtag -> write down the number of ‘times seen’ on your hashtag research template -> scroll down -> find other relevant hashtags -> write them down and repeat.

Having the date on your template is just the start. When posting, you need to create a mix of relevant hashtags and include ‘easy’ and more competitive hashtags to get the best results.

How to find instagram hashtags

How to find the best hashtags on Instagram

Now for finding the best hashtags on Instagram, you would need to put in a little more effort.

You can still simply search for the hashtag and see how many posts have that hashtag to see how popular a hashtag is, but Instagram does not show you related hashtags in the same view as TikTok. So it’s a bit more of a manual exercise.

But the same applies. After you’ve done you found all relevant hashtags and have noted them down in your research sheet, you create a mix of hashtags for your next post.

How to find instagram hashtags

How to find the best hashtags for Twitter

To find the best hashtags for Twitter, you need to use a tool.

Twitter does not showcase the popularity of a hashtag easily. For some hashtags they showcase how many have used it in a Tweet in the last hour, but that can differ a lot.

We advise using RiteTag. Simply create an account and get the data you need for your research.

Simply write down the number under ‘hashtag exposure per hour’ (eye icon) in your sheet and build your list for the next time you’re going to send out an awesome Tweet.

How to find the best hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the last platform that we’re going to discuss but it does not mean that you should stop here. If Pinterest or Tumblr or whichever social media channel is important to you, you should definitely do your research for those too.

To find the best hashtags on LinkedIn you basically need to click the first hashtag you encounter and you will be brought to a new page where you will see this on top:

From here, change the url to fit the hashtag you want to get data on.

For example. ‘contentstrategy’ should be changed to your new keyword and then press enter.

It’s a bit of work but it’s pretty straightforward and well worth your time.

If you want to check out how powerful it is to do your hashtag research, check out some popular LinkedIn company pages and click on some random hashtags. You’ll often see a post that has for instance one hashtag that has 1,000,000 followers and two hashtags that has no followers or 6 or so. That’s not a great mix!

Get the most out of your hashtag research

That’s all there is to it. It’s not difficult to do your research you just need to be willing to put in the work a couple of times.

Be sure to access the template here for free. It has all kind of other cool resources included.

To make the most out of it, you really need to make it your own with your own social media channels and you need to experiment and learn. Try different hashtags and different mixes and see what works best for you.

One of the best ways to find relevant posts and people to follow on Instagram is by scoping out what’s been tagged with keywords or phrases that interest you. Instagrammers use hashtags to categorize their posts, so you can search hashtags you like to find content you’ll enjoy. If you want to track that hashtag, follow it just as you would an Instagram account.

How to Search for a Hashtag

It’s quick and easy to head to the Instagram Explore page to find new content featuring your favorite hashtags.

Open the Instagram app and select the magnifying glass from the bottom menu.

Tap Search at the top of the Explore page.

Tap Tags from the top menu.

Enter the hashtag or keyword you want to track, and then select it when you see it in the search results.

You don't have to add the # symbol in the search term.

You'll see recent posts that include the tag you searched for.

Select a post to view it. The search term remains in your Recent Searches, so you don't have to type it in every time you search.

If you're drawn to a particular hashtag, follow it like you would an Instagram account so that you can see all the posts that feature the tag. Tap any hashtag and then select the blue Follow button. Instagram curates posts that use the hashtag and adds those posts to your feed.

How to find instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags are once again a hot topic following recent announcements from Instagram HQ regarding the recommended number of hashtags per post and where to place them.

The following is a review of the latest recommendations from Instagram and things to consider if you use Instagram for your business.

What is a hashtag anyway?

The humble hashtag was first introduced to Twitter in 2007 by Chris Messina, a former Google employee, who proposed using the hash (or pound) symbol as a means to categorise tweets for specific groups.

Today hashtags are prolific across all social media channels and are now a vital part of the online (and offline!) vernacular.

Hashtags allow users to find (and follow) accounts whose posts appeal to their interests. They also assist Instagram’s Algorithms to identify content and deliver it to the right people.

According to Instagram, hashtags are “a tool that provide context about your post and supports delivering content to people who are interested in a particular topic”. That is;

Hashtags categorise content and facilitate search.

How to find instagram hashtags

Hashtags enable users to search for accounts related to their interests.

Why do you need hashtags?

Content with the same hashtag is collated into one stream – visible via the search function in the Explore tab. When you use a hashtag, your post becomes searchable and discoverable by other users who may not already follow you (for public accounts).

In addition, users can choose to follow a hashtag of interest so that content under that hashtag appears in their main feed – providing an opportunity for users to discover new accounts.

It has been shown that posts with even one hashtag experience 12.6% more engagement than posts without. Engagement – in the form of likes, comments, shares and saves – is the fuel that powers your Instagram account performance.

Finally, location-based hashtags (e.g. #melbourneeats) are a useful way to connect with a local audience – especially useful if you service a particular geographic area or region.

HOW many Instagram hashtags is Best?

Instagram allows a maximum of 30x hashtags on each feed post, IGTV video and Reel however, there are wildly conflicting opinions regarding the optimal number of hashtags to use.

In mid-2021 Instagram recommended 8-15 relevant hashtags per post. Subsequently that recommendation has been reduced to just 3-5 hashtags per post, as of September 2021.

How to find instagram hashtags

The latest hashtag recommendations shared by Instagram’s @Creators account

Can I still use 30 hashtags on instagram?

Yes. At this time Instagram still allows up to 30 hashtags per feed post or Reel so you can continue using up to 30 if you wish. Ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant (see more below).

So why does Instagram now recommend only 3-5 hashtags?

While you may be relieved by the idea that you no longer need to come up with 30 hashtags per post, other users are freaking out right now about the potential impact reducing the number of hashtags may have on the performance of their content.

Each hashtag is an opportunity to be discovered, is it not? So surely reducing the number opportunities to be found is an issue?

There may be more to this recommendation than meets the eye.

Many accounts use hashtags wrong – filling their quota with random tags that are completely unrelated to their post topic, account niche or audience.

Remember, the primary goal of hashtags is to ensure that the right content is served to the right people – i.e. those who want to see it and who will interact with it.

When content is categorised incorrectly (as happens when paired with the wrong hashtags), search results turn up hundreds of unrelated posts and your feed is filled with content you have zero interest in seeing.

This seriously taints the user experience. A great user experience is key to keeping people on the app for longer (hello advertising revenue!).

By reducing the recommended number of hashtags, Instagram is encouraging users to be more considered with their selections and use only the most relevant hashtags in their posts.

This will improve the user experience; by ensuring fresh content appears in feeds and by helping the right posts show up in search results.