How to find new music

Music discovery has become a major problem on the internet in recent years. In no medium is it more convoluted. There is a constant stream of new artists. Social media ends up amplifying the noise, rather than clearing up the signal when it comes to finding something you actually like. It’s all a far cry from just 10 or so years ago.

How to find new music

Sure, extremely well-promoted artists like Taylor Swift or Kanye West are hard to miss. But today, there are few personal music blogs left standing. Most of the major music-focused websites that survived the Facebook era churn out so much content that it’s hard to sort through based on your personal tastes. Here are some of the best resources for music discovery, and how to use them.

NPR’s All Songs Considered highlights the best new music across genres

New music from Lucy Dacus, illuminati hotties, Madi Diaz with Waxahatchee, River Whyless, Luna Li and a tribute to Norma Waterson @lucydacus @madidiaz @RiverWhyless @k_crutchfield @lunaliband

— All Songs Considered (@allsongs) February 8, 2022

NPR’S All Songs Considered is the perfect place to start if your tastes span from mainstream to eclectic. The podcast is a shot of everything missing from the more pop culture-focused music coverage found elsewhere. It has a critical eye, rather than one limited by genre, elevating interesting upcoming artists alongside highlighting the best work of longtime performers.

Think of it as a podcast version of Rolling Stone music coverage. There are interviews, Peel Session-esque live performances, and album reviews. Not sure where to get started? Check out their “Best of” yearly rundown playlists and see if their selections land with you.

Gnoosic is a music search engine with a twist

Most of the popular content discovery tools — Google included — are stacked with results so hyper-targeted, that it can feel suffocating for those actually looking for something different. For music lovers, that’s the exact problem Gnoosic is designed to solve.

Rather than functioning as a traditional search engine, Gnoosic starts by asking for your three favorite artists. It recommends artists based on your tastes, often lesser-known artists. Users are invited to vote whether they like/don’t like each recommendation so that results can be further defined. If you’re confident in your knowledge of the more popular artists in a genre, Gnoosic can’t be beat if you’re looking to dig much deeper.

Don’t shy away from the radio features on popular streaming platforms

Most music streaming platforms, like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, have radio stations based on genres. Sometimes even incredibly specific genres, like a very particular type of metal. While the human element might seem removed from these, they’re often curated very well behind the scenes.

You’ll get a mix of trending music, as well as songs curated by hand for many of these stations. This isn’t the best way to discover the most obscure artists in a particular subgenre — we’ll get to that later — but it’s a crucial way to expose yourself to the most influential and popular artists.

Curated playlists on streaming services are better than you might assume

Often, on a service like Spotify, you’ll have one or more titled playlists recommended. They’ll have fairly broad titles, rather than referring directly to just one genre. They’re going for a vibe as a DJ does, and they tend to be handled from top to bottom by hired music tastemakers.

If you miss the feeling of a flowing set, curated by someone with that special skill of transitioning between two songs you’d never think to put together? And somehow, it all works? You might find that magic by digging through curated playlists.

Artists’ personal playlists are a goldmine

Spotify and Apple Music in particular have a habit of partnering with artists to pair playlists with their profiles. Spotify, being as broadly used as it is, often has artists who put up playlists just for fun. Regardless of the intention, these are some of the best places to discover music.

You’ll get insight into your favorite artists’ influences, which are often more eclectic than one might assume. That special touch that’s missing in the absence of physical record shops can be rediscovered here. While it’s easy to feel adrift, listening to the same things the algorithm recommends you rather than forming your own tastes, there are options out there to bring the human element back in — if you look for them.

How to find new music

Growing tired of the same old playlists? Exhausted your extensive library of albums? It sounds like you need an injection of brand new music in your life. To do so, you can dig through the massive back catalogues of streaming services, ask friends, or look to music publications. Or, if you need an extra helping hand, we’ve found some pretty cool tools that you should check out.

Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’
If you’re a Spotify user, you’ll already know that Monday is synonymous with new music, more specifically the ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist. Debuting back in 2015, Spotify observes your listening habits, takes some data from the millions of playlists that already exist and blends them together with a clever algorithm delivering you a fresh playlist every week. Just remember to take note of the tracks you like, as it refreshes every week. Most streaming services have a similar tool, but we find that Spotify has the most effective version.

You may have already heard of Bandcamp as a platform for purchasing music from independent artists, but it’s also a useful tool for finding new music. It’s very own ‘Discover’ area allows you to pick different search categories including genres, tags, formats and more. There are plenty of curation possibilities in their too, including their fan pages which allow you to show off you latest purchases, create wish lists, leave notes on favourite tracks and follow selected artists to keep up to date with their latest goings on.

It’s easy to get tied up in dozens of social media platforms nowadays, but Cymbal’s objective is simple. Its users post their latest music obsession with its album artwork and appear in a newsfeed similar to Instagram. You can follow your friends and users with similar tastes and search hashtags to uncover some new gems for your personal library.

How to find new music is the ultimate tool to track your ever-changing music tastes and introduce you to the next artist you love. All you need to do is create an account, connect it to your streaming service (or download their desktop app if you listen to music via iTunes), and start listening. Your profile will keep record of everything you spin. After listening for a decent period, will have enough data to whip up some personal recommendations. The app also recommends new artists, reintroduces songs you’ve previously heard, and posts upcoming concerts of artists found in your library.

If you’re an avid TV or movie fan, your ears may not wander too far into the music world. Luckily, WhatSong helps you identify songs that soundtrack whatever you watch. If you hear a song while watching your latest TV obsession, you can search the episode and find the specific moment where the song was played.

Indie Shuffle prides itself on its army of international music fanatics prepared to curate you a new playlist, all without using algorithms but from real music lovers. The twist here is the focus on indie and unsigned artists, making it a much more unique offering. If you’re an indie artist yourself, you can even submit your own material for the site.

How to find new music

An absolute doddle to use, MagicPlaylist lets you enter a song title into their search bar and hey presto, you have a new playlist. This web app uses an algorithm and the Spotify API to determine which songs to pick. You can then save the list in your Spotify account and edit the playlist accordingly. Very useful for a quick and easy route to new tunes.

Like graphs? Then we’ve got a recommendation for you. Simply type in an artist or band on the Music Roamer website and you’ll be given similar bands and their tracks to sample. Click on one of these bands, select more similar artists and watch it expand further. Do this enough times and you’ll have a screen full of new material to listen to!

Are you tired of seeing artists you dislike when searching for new music? Sage, a music recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence, can help with that. The search engine accumulates music suggestions based on artists you like and dislike. It uses public data gathered by to teach the brain behind the program about new music. Supposedly, it knows over 200,000 artists and never stops learning more.

How to find new music

Another great tool for those wanting to avoid algorithm based recommendations. 8tracks features millions of playlists curated by other users to explore, built mainly around various moods and themes. Feeling sleepy? There’s a playlist to help you nod off. Angry? Plenty of tunes to rage to. Premium users can save playlists and enjoy ad free streaming.

Are there any platforms we’ve managed to miss off? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below.

I’m a fan of rock music. I grew up in the 90’s/early 2000’s, so I spent a lot of time listening to bands like Green Day, Smash Mouth, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Blink-182 (just to name a few).

I’m finding it difficult to find other music that I can enjoy and really get into, especially with newer bands. I try to branch out by listening to new rock bands, but rarely do any of their songs catch my attention – They all sound the same to me. Therefore, I tend to go back to the same style of music and listen to bands I’m already familiar with.

Maybe I’m not doing it right. Perhaps I just have a strong attachment to the music I already like. How do you discover new music and bands?

Edit: Thank you all so much for your great suggestions!

Don’t discount going back and exploring bands that influenced the bands you mentioned. Most artists will list their influences in interviews. I’m constantly exploring bands from all different eras. Also, look for side projects from the artists you like. You’d be surprised at how many artists do things under different names. I grew up at a time when the only way to find new bands was through trading cassette’s with people around the country. You’d find them in the back of magazines. Or, through local promoters. Those were fun times, but I really am glad the Internet connected the music trading world. I found Clutch in the mid 90’s on a cassette a buddy brought back from the Midwest. I use Spotify mostly now. Plus I’ll go down the rabbit hole on YouTube as well.

I found this, in a way you have to go back to go forward. I was massively into Green Day and Nirvana as a kid, if you work back through their influences you get the history of punk, post punk, alternative, post hardcore and more coming through and can discover new bands from there. If you just put those two bands in an algorithm to recommend more you’d just get another pop punk band and something like Staind.

Similar to influences, a good away to find “adjacent” artists is to looking at labelmates – record labels literally build a portfolio of artists they think listeners will like, so if you like one there’s a good chance you’ll like more on the same label. Also, artists who tour or perform together.

This is the best approach in my experience. I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain when I was 14 (whom’st among us?) and I would go through that list of his favorite albums from his journals. I found so much great shit.

For me this has always been kinda weird, the artists I like tend to be influenced by music that doesn’t even remotely sound like them.

Just to add to this – most big bands have a whole world of bootlegs from live shows, and entire communities dedicated to them. If you’re really into one or two bands specifically that’s always a fun rabbit hole to fall down. has helped a lot with discovering new music based on what I already like; plus, meeting new people who are into what I love. spotify’s recommendations as well, specially the discovery weekly tab, in which is amazing had been such an incredible tool for discovering music. It’s a shame their business wasn’t sufficiently profitable and they had to cut corners. I’m glad to read that it’s still decent for discovery.

If you have spotify then song radio and discover weekly is a good start.

Ask your friends what they’re listening to.

If you and your friends listen to vinyl, trade. Me and a few friends will swap vinyl that we think the other will enjoy or appreciate and then talk about what we did and didn’t like about the records we have listened to from eachothers collections. If you don’t listen to vinyl then trade digitally and have the same discussions, it’s not quite as romantic but still works – if you like what your hearing then add it to your own collection – a friend of mine is currently on a Beatles journey having borrowed a few of my Beatles records and I am trying my best to understand the weird acid jazz stuff he lent me.

Look into the bands and artists that inspired the ones you already listen to, I discovered John Martyn because I was big fan of Ben Howard.

She dresses with an effortless cool, she knows the best hidden taco joints, and her music taste is always on point. She’s the friend who introduced to that new artist you’re streaming on repeat and brought you to the random concert that, in a nutshell, changed your life.

We’re here to tell you: You can be that cool friend. Whether you’re looking for your next favorite artist or for something a little outside your musical comfort zone, discovery awaits via scrolling and clicking. From personalized playlists to just-for-you radio, Spotify has your back.

Bookmark this immediately. Here are four ways to discover new music on Spotify.

1. Spotify Radio Playlists

How to find new music

If you like the ease of someone else choosing songs for you, you should try Spotify Radio

What it is: Choose a song, artist, or playlist, and we’ll play hours of similar music that matches what you like. For example, get going with Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash into Me” and breeze right into a mix of Tom Petty,Dispatch, and DMB deep cuts that you might have forgotten.

How to do it: Follow a playlist to save it to your radio library, and further personalize it by liking or disliking tracks. On desktop, head over to Radio and click CREATE NEW STATION. Enter a track, artist, or playlist and Spotify will create a station based on that music. Hit FOLLOW to save the station in Your Library, under Stations. Unfollowing the station will remove it.

On the app, hit Radio, then New Station on the top right. Search for a track, artist, or playlist, and choose the song you’d like to start with. On the Station page, tap FOLLOW to save it to Your Library under Stations.

2. Discover Weekly

How to find new music

If you like music that’s totally new to you but would work perfectly with your current playlists, you should try Discover Weekly

What it is: Based on your listening history and that of fans with similar taste, the Discover Weekly playlist is like getting recommendations from the more in-the-know version of yourself. It’s so famous among users for how well it just gets you that this feature has a fair share of groupies. (Seriously. Just ask around.) Because of how well it pinpoints your taste in music, it feels like your Discover Weekly knows you better than your significant other. Better than your sister after 15 years of sharing a room. You get the gist.

Discover Weekly is 30 new songs we think you’ll love, delivered every Monday. Remember that Discover Weekly refreshes every week, so make sure you save your favorites.

How to do it: On desktop or web player, you’ll find Discover Weekly in Your Library (Your Music on web player) under Playlists. On mobile, it’s in Home under Made for You for free users. For Premium subscribers, it’s in Your Library under Playlists, or in Browse under Discover.

The playlist is set to private by default, but you can set it to public, share it with friends, and follow other users’ Discover Weekly playlists. And those private sessions? They don’t influence your Discover Weekly, so your recommendations won’t get thrown off by a little out-of-character listening.

3. Daily Mix

How to find new music

If you like your music divided by genre, with a hint of discovery, you should try Daily Mix

What it is: Daily Mixes are personalized playlists based on the styles of music you listen to. Users can have up to six mixes, based on the variety and amount of your general listening history. So if you’re the kind of person who only listens to indie pop, you might have fewer mixes than your roommate, who wakes up to country, goes for Top 40 in the car and is also up to date on the punk rock scene. The mixes are fresh and familiar at the same time—a mix of new discoveries and tracks you already have on repeat and unbound, meaning it will load more songs instead of stopping.

How to do it: Liking a track (<3) will save it to your Songs collection, while disliking a track (X) means it won’t come up in your mix again. As your music tastes evolve, so do your mixes, so the more you listen, the better they get. It doesn’t refresh completely like Discover Weekly, but rather evolves gradually with your listening. Each mix updates with fresh songs within a day of when you last listened to it, so make sure to save the ones you love. Find your Daily Mix in Your Library if you’re using desktop (Your Music on web player). If you’re using mobile, look in Home under Made for You for free users, and in Your Library if you have Premium.

4. Release Radar

How to find new music

If you like keeping up with recently released music, you should try Release Radar.

What it is: Release Radar is a playlist of 30 songs is updated every Friday with music that has come out over the past few weeks, recommended just for you based on your listening patterns. It includes a mix of new music from the artists you listen to most, plus new singles we think you might like, so you never miss a new release. Maybe you’ve been listening to Justin Timberlake since your dorm room days, but didn’t consider yourself a true TN Kid until “Filthy” popped up in your Release Radar. Suddenly, you’ve got front-row tickets to his Man of the Woods tour.

How to do it: As with most playlists, the more you listen, the better it gets, and liking or disliking tracks will steer the playlist and help tailor future recommendations. Find your Release Radar in Browse when listening on desktop (Home on the web player), or in Home under Made for You on mobile.

Spotify allows you to listen to completely new tunes or current favorites mixed with some discovery. And you can always look to our playlists like RapCaviar and ¡Viva Latino! to influence what you want to listen to, right now. Either way, Spotify offers easy ways to explore music. Pro tip: Remember everything refreshes, so always be sure to save your favorites.

In the Music app , browse new and noteworthy music, music videos, playlists, and more.

Note: Browsing isn’t available in the Apple Music Voice Plan. For more information, see the Apple Support article About Apple Music Voice.

Browse Apple Music

Tap Browse to find new music. Do any of the following:

Explore featured music: Swipe through featured songs and videos at the top of the Browse screen.

Browse playlists created by music experts: Tap one of the many playlists created by music experts.

Explore new music: Swipe through the songs found under New Music, or tap See All.

Play music that matches your mood: Tap a mood, such as Feel Good, Romance, or Party, then tap a playlist.

See what’s hot: Tap a song under the Best New Songs heading. Swipe left to see more songs, or tap See All.

Listen to the top songs from around the world: Tap one of the Daily Top 100 playlists. These playlists reflect the day’s most popular songs in countries across the globe.

Listen to tracks from upcoming albums: Tap an album under Coming Soon, then tap an available song to play it.

Browse your favorite categories: Tap Categories, choose a category, then tap a featured playlist, song, album, artist, radio station, or music video to enjoy music handpicked by music experts.

Play the day’s most popular songs: Tap Charts, then tap a song, playlist, album, or music video to play it. Tap All Genres at the top of the screen to see the top songs and music videos in a genre you choose.

Watch music videos: Tap Music Videos, then tap a featured music video or playlist of music videos.

Spotify makes it easier to discover new tunes. Check out these cool apps to get new playlists or album recommendations.

Spotify’s openness makes it easy to discover new tunes from apps, friends, and third parties. Spotify already does a good job of uncovering new music you might like through its features like Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and Radio Stations.

But when you step out of the Spotify bubble, there are other unique ways to discover new music. That’s what this fresh list of Spotify related apps is for. Here are six cool apps to get new playlists or album recommendations.

1. Moodify: Playlists Based on Songs and Musical Features

It’s easy for algorithms to create a randomized playlist based on an artist you like. Unlike most apps, Moodify wants to get specific and create a truly personalized playlist based on features you want in the songs, as well as tracks they’re similar to.

You can adjust these parameters on Moodify to create the perfect playlist:

  • Acousticness (digital, mix, analog)
  • Instrumentalness (vocals, mix, no vocals)
  • Tempo (50-200 beats per minute)
  • Danceability (not proper, ok, great for dance)
  • Energy (calm, fun, energizer)
  • Mood (depressive, cheerful, joyful)

Apart from the parameters, you can nudge Moodify to look for songs that are similar to a few tracks you already like. Search for them in the provided box and choose from the Spotify results.

Once you click the Create Playlist button, the new playlist will appear in your Spotify app under the name “Discover Moodify.” If you like it, change the name to save it for the future, or create a copy. Before you use Moodify again, clear this playlist or the new songs will be added to it.

2. MagicPlaylist: Create a Playlist Based on One Song

You have a song that you love. You want to listen to other songs like it. Head to MagicPlaylist and type the name of a track to get an instant playlist of similar songs (including the original).

You can choose the length of the playlist (one, two, or three hours) to add more or fewer songs. The playlist can be set to public or private and renamed too before you save it on Spotify. And before saving, you can search Spotify to add other songs that you want in the playlist.

MagicPlaylist isn’t a complicated algorithm, so it’s a mix of hits and misses. The developer says it works by searching for the original track you liked, finding related artists, and adding the top tracks of these artists.

Still, it’s more hits than misses, but one of the fastest ways to get a playlist. It’s especially useful to create a workout playlist for a few hours based on the kind of tempo and beats you’re looking for.

3. Discover Quickly: Find New Music on Spotify

Made by two Spotify employees at a hackathon, Discover Quickly is a web app to find new music based on your interests. There’s nothing in here that Spotify doesn’t already have, and it’s similar to Listen Alike, but you get a much easier interface.

At the top of the page are quick links to your playlists, top tracks, and artists, saved albums, charts, genres, and new releases. Click any to see a collage of tracks. Hover over any track to hear a preview (or the full song if you have Spotify Premium.)

Like what you hear? Click it to get a similar new collage menu for song and artist recommendations based on that track. Keep hearing previews and clicking what you like.

Every track you click is automatically added to the Discover Quickly queue. You can save this queue to a playlist in your Spotify account, or save all tracks to your Spotify library. Don’t want one of the tracks? Delete it before you save the queue.

It’s an intuitive way to discover new music without being overwhelmed, while still getting stuff that is available on Spotify.

4. Play Later: Discover New Albums on Spotify

Given how much Spotify pushes playlists and single tracks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that artists and bands now don’t release albums anymore. But the good old album is still around and kicking, and Play Later is here to help you find them.

Every Friday, Play Later lists albums released in the past week and ranks them by popularity. You’ll get the cover art, artist and album names, and the number of tracks in it. If something intrigues you, log in with Spotify and click Play Later. The album is automatically added to a playlist called “Play Later” in your Spotify.

You can see the last two weeks’ collections through quick filters, scroll to the bottom of the page to see every collection since November 2015. If you want the most popular albums on Spotify since 2015, head to The Music Bin.

As convenient as playlists are, there is still a charm to queuing up full albums and hear the music the way the artist envisioned it to be listened to.

5. Shuffle Spotify: Random Playlist Based on Popularity

Shuffle Spotify is for those who are ready to explore a whole new world of music. This is one of the most randomized ways to create a playlist on Spotify.

The app asks you to say how many tracks you want in the playlist, and choose their minimum and maximum popularity ratings on the music streaming service. You can also name the playlist before you start.

Once you’ve chosen your settings, Shuffle Spotify will generate random tracks and you’ll find a new playlist on Spotify. You could discover some of the lowest-rated songs or get an eclectic mix, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling.

If you’ve had enough of random suggestions, why not discover music recommended by real people.

6. Playlistify: Create Playlists From Setlists

You can’t be at every concert that your favorite artist performs at. But maybe you can get closer to the band by listening to the same setlist that they played. Playlistify is the simplest way to turn setlists into playlists for Spotify (plus Apple Music and Deezer).

The app works with three popular setlist curators: 1001 Tracklists, Setlist.FM, and LiveTracklist.

Between these three, you’ll find tracklists based on live shows and concerts, music festivals, venues, radio shows, mixes, and more. Grab the URL of something that catches your fancy, paste it into Playlistify, and let it do its magic.

You’ll need to grant it access to your Spotify, of course. And at times, the mix might not be perfect. For example, it tends to favor studio tracks to live tracks, even though you’re trying to get the feel of the latter. But still, it’s still a cool way to discover a fun new playlist for your favorite artist.

Enhance Your Music With Spotify

Now that you’ve got new music added to your favorite streaming service, it’s time to start listening.

You should use these tools in conjunction with Spotify’s own features. For example, look for the Enhance button at the top of your playlists, which scans the existing tracks and adds similar new ones.

How to find new music

Apple Music carries a database of around 45 million songs. That being impressive enough, it’s ultimately the ability to discover new songs and artists that makes Apple Music one of the best streaming service available right now. Apple Music, in fact goes far beyond just a streaming service. It not only develops your taste but also keeps you up to date with the latest music trends and dopest of artists. Here are quick tips and tricks that can help you get around the app and broaden your music taste.

How to find new music

The best thing about streaming services is that you have music on demand. You simply type in the name of the song or the artist you want to listen to and you’re there. However, Apple Music takes the search feature to a different level. Besides just typing in the name of an artist or a song, you can actually type in the music you’re in mood for. You can be pretty specific as well, while still getting valuable results. For example – ‘Workout music hip-hop’ or ‘Rock hits of the 80’s’. You’ll get multiple playlists to choose from.

How to find new music

Another way to find new artists through the ‘Search’ feature is by simply going to the page of artists you follow. Scrolling down here will reveal a list of ‘Similar artists’, who are known to produce similar music or belong to the same genre. Of course, there will be tons of songs and albums you’ll have to go through before getting to know a new artist. In our opinion, the best way to get started is by playing their ‘Essentials’ playlist, if available. This playlist generally carries what are known to be the artist’s best songs. These are curated by Apple’s very own music editors, who almost are never wrong about the choice of songs.

The ‘For you’ tab on Apple Music is specifically designed to help you discover new music and artists, based on your listening habit. By keeping a track of songs added to your library, the artists you listen to more often, songs you like and genres you show interest in, Apple Music presents a number of playlist and artists that you might also like. All you have to do is just hit the play button.

How to find new music

If you like a playlist, then you can add them directly to your library, by pressing the ‘Add’ button. A thing worth noting is that, these playlists are updated frequently, so you get to explore new artists every time. However, that also means that you need to add all the songs you liked from the previous list, to your library individually, before it gets updated. Besides that you’ll also find tons of other stuff in the ‘For You’ tab, including regular updates of new songs and albums released by the artists you like and follow. Apple Music goes as far as recommending new releases from the genres you might like as well.

How to find new music

Radio is probably the most organic way of discovering new artists and Apple Music lets you do that on global level. Apple music features ‘Beat 1’, a radio station that’s live 24/7 all around the world. Here you’ll find tons of shows, with multiple hosts, across genres. There are other radio stations as well that are catered towards specific countries, hosted in their native languages. Not only can you find new music, but can also come across interviews of your favourite artists, get a sneak peak at their new release and even watch some of the music videos. There is a ton of content available here and the best part is that there are no annoying ads.

How to find new music

On the flipside, if you’re not interested in interviews or the hosts and just want to find new music, then that’s possible too. You can play a song from the genre you want to explore, then click on the ‘Menu’ button on the left-bottom corner and then press ‘Create station’. Apple music will then play songs from artists who belong to the same genre. If you like a recommended song, you can add it directly to your library and even notify Apple Music to play similar or different songs.

We naturally tend to have friends who have similar taste in music and Apple Music lets you take full advantage of that. With the new iOS 11 update, Apple Music now allows you to follow your friends on the app and find out what artists, songs, and playlists they have to recommend. You can also have people follow you and share the music you’ve come across. However, both users need to activate the share feature to take advantage of it. You can do it by going into your profile in the ‘For you’ tab and then clicking on ‘Start sharing with friends’ option. Finding your friends is also super easy. Simply type their name in the ‘Search’ tab and look for them in the ‘People’ section at the bottom. Apple Music is avaialable in both iPhones and Android smartphones.

How to find new music

When it comes to sources for discovering new music, US adults are most likely to turn to radio, and music apps such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. This is per a survey of almost 8,000 US adults from YouGov.

Some 35% of respondents say they discover new music on the radio/satellite radio. This is the same number of respondents who cite music apps as a place they discover new music. These two listening platforms have remained popular with listeners, with Nielsen finding that radio’s reach among US adults stands at 88%, and data from eMarketer showing that streaming platforms like Spotify have seen an overall increase in listeners over the past few years.

One-third of respondents say that they encounter new music via movies and TV shows. And, while recommendations from friends and family remain the most trusted source for information about brands, when it comes to discovering new music, it falls further down the list — some 31% say they learn about new music this way, close to the same number who say they discover music on social media (30%).

Taking a closer look at where adults across demographics are discovering music, some differences emerge. Younger adults (ages 18-34) are far more likely than average to discover new music through music apps (58%), social media (53%) and movies/TV shows (44%), but are less likely to discover music on the radio (23%). The opposite is true for the oldest adults (55+), with 41% saying they discover music on the radio and only 21% through music apps.

In terms of income level, those in the highest income bracket ($80K+) are much more likely to discover new music on the radio, via music apps and through recommendations from friends/family than those in lower income brackets. And, along gender lines, women (38%) are more apt to discover new music on the radio than men (32%).

More information can be found here.

About the Data: Findings are based on a March 2021 survey of 7,978 US adults.

How to find new music

Music is a huge part of everyone’s life, and we all have our favorite songs, albums, and artists that we listen to when we are feeling energized, happy, and even sad or angry. Music can help you express your emotions, it can boost up your mood, and it can even help you focus and finish your tasks with ease. Even though listening to the songs we already love is good, sometimes we need something fresh and something that we haven’t listened to before. In this 2022 guide, we are going to give you some tips on how to discover new music and artists. Continue reading if you want to learn how to find what’s trendy, what’s cool, and how to possibly find your new favorite beat.

Go on social media

How to find new music

If you want to learn about new music or artists, the easiest way to do that is to go on different social media platforms. Pay attention to the tunes in the background and if you like something, check it out.

Currently, a lot of popular platforms including TikTok and Instagram allow users to add a song to their stories, videos, or reels. More often than not we focus on the video itself, but you should check out the beat as well.

This is one of the easiest ways to explore new genres without having to directly search for them. You can go on with your day, you can do the things you usually do and still find your new favorite songs.

Talk to your friends

Talking to friends or acquaintances about their favorite genres, artists or songs, can help you out a lot to discover new trends. Sometimes we steer away from the so-called traditional methods of learning about new trends, and we need some help from people who do know what the most popular things are currently.

So, ask for recommendations, tell your friends to send you their favorite songs, and see what you like. You will be amazed at the new songs and groups you can discover.

Listen to the radio

How to find new music

When you want to find out what’s new, what’s popular, and what you should be listening to, then you should just put the radio on. Choose a station that features the latest artists and that does not focus only on classics and evergreens.

Remember that you can even choose the station based on genres, so if you want to stick to one specific genre, but want to discover what’s fresh and popular, then you should find a station that features this. Note that you can choose an online radio, or the traditional stations available in your location.

Stay up to date with the latest trends

Following what’s new in the world can do you a great favor when you want to explore and discover new music sounds. Erfun Khoshdel is one of the voices of the new generation, and he is one of the many who bring joy and fun into current pop music.

You can just go on your internet browser and read the news about the latest trends in music, see what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s good. Remember that some of the things may not be to your taste, but you will also find amazing beats that will make you want to get up and dance.

Play a random Playlist

How to find new music

We are all used to go to our safe space when we want to listen to some songs, and when we choose a playlist, we choose the one that we’ve heard too many times before. Instead of doing that, instead of going to the safe and known, do the opposite!

The next time you choose to listen to some songs, instead of playing your go-to playlist, you should choose a random one, preferably something that you’d never play. This will expand your views so much, and you will find new beats that will put a smile on your face.

Explore suggestions

What happens when you don’t want to steer too much away from the things that you like, and when you want to stay in your comfort zone, but still find out something new?

Well, this is easy! Play your favorite song, and check out the suggestions. No matter which platform you use, chances are, you will be introduced to songs and beats that are similar to the one you are currently listening to. Open those suggestions, and play the song that seems like the closest fit.

Play games

How to find new music

Many people forget about the fact that pretty much every new game features modern tunes, and you can even choose to listen to the radio that comes within the game. This will allow you to explore new stypes and find new artists while doing something else.

If you are a gamer, and if you like spending time playing games, then you should focus on the background sounds as well. This will help you expand your views, and you will see that music is a huge part of every piece that we tend to ignore.

Watch movies

Another extremely easy method to finding new great artists and songs is to just watch the newest movies. More often than not, songs that are featured in films become popular as well, and if you like one track, chances are, you will like more things from the same artist.

If you are looking for something specific, you can watch movies that feature soundtracks like that. Note that if you don’t care about watching films just to find a new artist, you can explore popular soundtracks, or you can look for the album where all the songs are featured from a specific new movie.

What do you do when you want to find something fresh and popular? You can choose to try all of these tips or just one that you are the most comfortable with. Listening to the same songs is good, comfortable, and safe, but finding a new artist that will put a smile on your face is even better.