How to finish diamond art

How to finish diamond art

You’ve finally done it. You finished your first diamond project—yay! Now, you’re probably wondering what to do with a finished diamond painting. Well, you spent a lot of time and effort on creating something beautiful, so you’ll definitely want to preserve it in some way. But, how? We like to add a top seal to keep all of the diamond beads secure and then put it in a chic frame to hang on the walls of our home or office.

Before you can start the framing process, however, there are a few other finishing touches you can add to your painting just to make sure it’s as perfect as can be. Learn how to frame a diamond painting and look for any minuscule mistakes that could lead to bigger issues down the line.

Get Rid of Dust or Dirt

Most of us spend quite a bit of time working on a single diamond painting project because it can take a while to get every bead in the right place. Plus, if you want to create a truly stunning piece, you need to be diligent about the placement of every diamond; otherwise, you’ll end up with a painting that looks uneven or misshapen.

Because these projects can take days or even weeks–depending on how often you work on yours–it’s easy for debris like dirt, dust or even pet hair to get caught in the design. You may not notice any of these tiny inconveniences while working on the project, but once the beads have been sealed in and hung in a frame, you may see the difference. To clean your diamond painting , you can use a soft brush or even a toothbrush to very gently sweep any remains of your creation.

Check for Missing Areas

Have you ever thought you completed a puzzle only to realize you had one piece missing? It is so easy for something similar to happen with a finished diamond painting. Because every piece is so small and the grid sections are so close together, you may end up thinking that you didn’t miss any spots, but once you hold your project up to a light board or a bright light (lamp or direct sunlight), any spots that have been skipped over will be illuminated. Before you do anything else with your finished product, you should use this test to check for discrepancies.

Be Sure Diamond Beads Are Secure

How to finish diamond art

The diamonds beads of your painting are attached to the grid by the pattern’s sticky surface. However, sometimes we do not push down hard enough on each and every bead causing one (or more) of them to fall off once we lift up the painting. To avoid this, take a rolling pin and gently roll over the entire piece. This will provide each bead a little extra pressure that ensures that they are stuck to the grid.

Learn How to Properly Frame Your Diamond Painting

Adding your diamond painting to a frame gives it a classy and finished appearance. Framing your painting is a fairly easy process. You can buy a standard frame from any craft store, or look for a custom size to fit your specific painting. If you’re going to buy a standard frame from the store, look for one that is slightly smaller than your painting. Diamond art paintings have extra trim around the image so you can cut some of this material down to fit the frame and focus more on the image itself.

If you’re looking for a less traditional way to display your work, check out some of our other suggestions on how to frame your diamond painting .

You’ve Created a Masterpiece

How to finish diamond art

Congrats, you did it! Your beautiful diamond art painting is complete. Now it’s time to show it off to the world. Follow our tips to ensure that your painting is ready to be framed and then select our recommended methods for framing to add a nice finished touch to your creation. Keep your painting for yourself or give it as a gift to someone special.

Oh no! You’re diamond drills are popping up on your finished diamond painting! Your diamond painting is slowly falling apart.

Now you’re worried about how long will your diamond painting stand the test of time as the years go on? You’re concerned about how long your diamond beads stay intact in its place or how long will its sparkle last.

Seal your diamond painting!

Sealing your diamond painting is just a great idea to make sure you preserve your treasured diamond paintings for a long time. It may even be passed down from one generation to the next.

In this diamond painting article, learn how to seal a diamond painting and get some tips and advice on which products are the best to use. We will discuss the effectiveness of different kinds of sealers and their benefits and disadvantages.

Different Kinds of Products for Sealing a Diamond Painting

Paint-on or brush-on sealer

Just like varnish, brushed-on sealers gives more protection to your precious diamond paintings. It gives a good top layer that fills the tiny gaps in between the diamond beads/drills keeping them in place over time. It’s available in different kinds of finishes and consistency.

Good to know : Brushed-on sealers are great for wrap-around canvas frames. As you know, wrap-around frames don’t have any protective cover like a glass covered frame. So a varnish like sealer works great.

Apply it after you finish securing your diamond painting on a wrap-around frame.


1) Acts as a glue that fills the tiny gaps between diamonds and firmly keeps the diamonds in place for years to come.

3) Dust and dirt resistant
4) Makes your diamond painting easy to clean
5) Makes your diamond painting sturdy and durable


The most noticeable disadvantage is that your diamond painting will become stiff and you will not be able to bend it or roll it up anymore. Brush-on sealers will also take about overnight for it to dry and harden.

How to Seal Diamond Painting with a Brush-On Sealer

Step 1) Decide whether you want your finished diamond painting to be placed on a wrap-around frame. If you use a wrap-around frame, it should be the permanent frame for it.

If you decide on a glass covered frame, it will be best to keep it in one for good as the whole diamond painting will be stiff and you won’t be able to bend it again.

Step 2) Make sure that your diamond painting doesn’t have any dust or tiny dirt on it. Use a soft paint brush to clean it.

Step 3) Using a tape, stick the edges of your diamond painting on to a flat surface. This makes it easy for you to evenly apply the brush-on sealer all throughout your diamond painting.

Step 4) Make sure your diamond beads/drills are all in place and intact. Check if there are some drills that are popping up or have uneven surfaces.

Use a soft cloth to cover the diamond painting first if you’re going to use a kitchen rolling pin or use a silicon-covered art craft roller instead to push down and secure the drills on the canvas.

It’s very important to fatten down drills and have it secured on the canvas before applying the brush-on sealer. Remember there will be no do overs once you applied the sealer.

Step 5) Dip your craft brush into the brush-on sealer container. Make sure to just get the right amount and avoid drips (the brush-on sealer is very sticky and you don’t want anywhere else)

Step 6) Start applying the sealer broadley on your finished diamond painting. Make sure to apply it evenly throughout the surface. Apply a good amount all over and fill in the tiny gaps in between diamonds.

Check for uneven applications and brush them down. Go back and forth in each direction to avoid getting lumps or globs.

Commonly, brush-on sealers will look whitish at first like a white glue, it will become transparent as it dries like a clear varnish.

Step 7) It may take a while for it to dry and harden, so safely put it away somewhere safe. Where there won’t be anything that may fall into it while wet and permanently sticks and ruin a smooth finish. Try a big closet or under your bed, just make sure it’s dust-free.

Spray sealers

It comes in an aerosol spray can. The extent of protection that you only get from spray sealers is just on the diamonds, it’s not really meant for keeping your diamonds secured.

Spray sealers also come in different finishes from extra shiny, plain or matte and pearl shine finish.

It does not fill the tiny gaps in between diamonds and does not give a top layer to keep the diamonds stay intact together and into the canvas.

Diamond painting hobbyists who use spray-on sealers usually tend to put their finished diamond paintings on a glass frame for display and protection.

Reminder : Make sure to only use non-toxic crafts and hobby spray sealer.


1) Preserves your diamonds’ sparkle as time goes on.

2) Waterproofs and protects your diamond painting from stains.

3) Prevents the discoloration of your diamonds.

4) Easy to apply and dries quickly.

5) Your finished diamond painting will still bendable and it can still be rolled up (although this can be a disadvantage as bending your diamond painting overtime may cause the diamonds to pop out).


1) It does not secure the diamond beads or drills into the canvas.

How to use a spray sealer for diamond painting

Step 1) Using a tape, stick the edges of your diamond painting on to a flat surface.

Step 2) Make sure your diamond beads/drills are all in place and intact. Make sure that the drills’ surface are even. If you’re using a kitchen rolling pin, cover your diamond painting first with a soft cloth to avoid scratching or damage or use a soft plastic or silicon-covered crafts roller instead to push down and secure the drills on the canvas.

Step 3) Make sure your diamond painting has no dust or tiny dirt on it. You can use a soft paint brush to clean off little dirt.

Step 4) Next, just spray it evenly on your diamond painting evenly and let it dry. It’s simple and easy to apply.

Let it sit for about an hour for it to dry and you’re done.

Put the Final Efforts In So That Everyone Will Enjoy Your Diamond Paintings For a Very Long Time

It’s definitely worth the time and effort to seal your cherished diamond paintings.

A properly sealed diamond painting can last forever and can be a family’s heirloom passed down to generations.

During the last 3 months, has donated every free waking moment (And the times when I should have been sleeping) to place thousands of small diamonds in small squares.

And now, as by art of magic , stand back and marvel at a beautiful diamond painting of your own creation.

How to finish diamond art

Shines, crazy diamond painting .

As time goes by, You will want your Diamond Painting to look and feel as beautiful as the day you finished it. Then, What can you do to keep your artwork perfect for years to come?

Sealing your Diamond Painting will lock all the diamonds in place and significantly increase the longevity of your finished project.

If you plan to hang your diamond painting or useextendable bars to display it, It is crucial that you seal your finished painting first.


How to finish diamond art

Brush sealers present an all-in-one solution to preserve your diamond painting for years to come. They come in a variety of finishes and consistencies based on your personal preferences.

Advantage : works like glue, all-in-one sealer and finish. Waterproof, so perfect if you are mounting your kit on foam board or framing without glass, facilitates dusting.

Cons : The big disadvantage is that it will be lostsome shine after sealing. What’s more, You will not be able to roll your paintings after the sealer has been applied.

How to finish diamond art

Our recommendation : theDecoArt triple thick enamel . In our experience, has the perfect consistency, makes the canvas firm and sturdy, and retains as much shine as possible. For a slightly cheaper alternative, you can’t go wrong with the classicMod Podge .

He must know : theuse of Mod Podge Glitter reduces the shine of the diamonds and replaces it with the ‘micro-fine glitter’ in the sealant. Some people may not like the look, so be careful when choosing finishes.

As a security measure, put pets and children in a separate room while applying sealant.

Paso 1: make sure all diamonds are correctly positioned by applying weight or using a roller.

Use the same technique that you initially used to flatten your canvas when you first got it. The goal is to make sure all the diamonds are completely flat and glued to the canvas adhesive.

Professional advice : place an old t-shirt on the canvas to avoid scratching or breaking the diamonds.

Paso 2: Dip the tip of your brush into the bottle of brush sealer.

You can use almost any type of brush, foam or bristle. Our official recommendation is theMod Podge brush applicator (in the image): It is sized to give you a lot of control over where the sealer is applied.

Paso 3: start applying the sealer to your canvas with broad strokes.

The sealer will turn thick white at first and look a bit like glue., but it will become more transparent as it dries. Apply a thick but full coat, No need to spill drops!

The glue will work its way through each and every diamond and will harden the next day.


How to finish diamond art

Aerosol sealers are used to coat finished diamond painting with a crystalline finish. They don’t work like glue, so they don’t fill in the gaps between the diamonds (Like tile grout!).

  • Advantage : Helps retain the brilliance of the diamond over time. It is waterproof, does not yellow and dries very quickly. What’s more, you can still roll up your finished canvas.
  • Cons : Does not help cement the holes to the canvas; any gaps between drills will be left unfilled.

Our recommendation : We personally use Mod Podge® to seal all of our glass framed diamond paintings. It’s so easy to apply (just spray it), It is non-toxic and comes in different finishes and formulas.

    : we recommend the varietySuper Gloss to preserve the shine of your Diamond Painting.
  • Mod Podge Matte Gloss : ¡ Use only sealant spray mate if you want your diamond painting to be LESS shiny! : this flavor will give your paint an extra pearly shine. It is meant to add a little extra shine.

How to finish diamond artFREQUENT QUESTIONS

P: Can I Use Sealants With Partial Drill Kits?

R: Yes, But use a smaller brush! As far as possible, you should avoid applying sealant to the parts of the canvas that do not have diamonds.

P: Can I use sealants with round hole kits?

Yes, Round seal bit kits work just as well as square bits.

Do you have any helpful tips on how to seal your diamond painting? Leave them in the comments section!

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How to finish diamond art

Best Quality Diamond Art Kits: Diamond Art Club vs. Competitors

How to finish diamond art

May 30, 2021


How to finish diamond art

April 16, 2021

How to finish diamond art

Have you ever wondered how Nataliya finishes her diamond paintings so quickly? Well we have and that’s why we are bringing you these tips and tricks to get your canvas done in a flash! If speed is not your worry – there is still lots of hacks in this post to help your diamond paint session run a little more smoothly. Let’s jump right in!

Preparation is key!

  1. If possible set up a space in your home that is dedicated to diamond painting. This will ensure you always know where your tools and various crafting equipment are kept. By staying organized you reduce the time it takes to run around and get set up – precious time that could be spent actually painting!
  2. Another thing to prepare and maximize your time is to put your hair up in a ponytail and out of the way. It surprisingly takes up so much time to be fussing about with hair. Plus this reduces the risk of your strands falling into the adhesive.
  3. Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves while you are at it! Those tiny fibres are a lot harder to remove from your adhesive!
  4. Get rid of distractions and narrow down your focus to music, youtube, movies or audiobooks in some headphones. This is also a hack to make the time go a lot faster as well!
  5. Keep your diamonds organized by numerical DMC order

Technique for speedy Diamond Painting

1. Use a large plastic tray or chocolate box so that you can work with multiple trays and DMCs at once! But be sure to keep your trays labelled if working with many colours so as not to get confused!

How to finish diamond art

2. Use your multi-placer tool to see if you paint more quickly with it or else try other methods like the checker boarding pattern. Everyone has a different preference and ability when it comes to working with the tools. Test out different strategies to see which you are most comfortable with. Sometimes working with multi-placers can be more trouble if the diamonds are not placed straight. The effort it takes to straighten your diamonds may cancel out the convenience of placing down multiple at once. A good trick for straighter drills with a multi-placer is to walk it from heel to toe (left to right) while placing the diamonds on the adhesive.

3. No matter which tool you use, a good general practice is to keep your hand and tray as close to the area you are working on as possible. If your tray is too far from the workable area – time is spent traveling across the table to pick up and place down your diamonds. This can also be harder on your arms and wrist. Nataliya suggests getting comfortable with a swivel and wrist movement to place your drills. You can use parchment paper to help cover and protect the canvas when you are working on hard to reach areas like the centre.

How to finish diamond art

Working by Section VS Colour

This is an age old debate! The logic is that working by section forces you to switch colours often thereby taking up lots of your time. Switching between baggies and sorting out diamonds ends up costing you precious minutes. The rebuttal is that working by section can help you gain momentum and satisfaction thereby helping your motivation to complete a project. However the same can be said about working with colour in that you see the entire picture coming to life at once. In the end it is up to the diamond painter to decide which strategy is best. Still we encourage you to at least try both to test and challenge yourself!

It’s important to note that even with all of these and other tips and tricks, diamond painting is a process! You are placing thousands of tiny diamonds onto thousands of little, delegated spaces. This craft takes patience and persistence and above all else – it is not a race! Enjoy the relaxing nature of painting and the many health benefits that come along with it. We hope this article has helped spark an excitement to try new strategy or even prioritize your time to include more diamond painting.

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How to finish diamond art

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Well, you finally got here after all. With all the time you spent, the effort you paid, you must be so proud of your artwork now, right? However, your job has not done yet with just a full-of-bead canvas. You still have something to do to make it a true masterpiece. And if you don’t know what to do now, all detail you need is below.

1. Recheck the last time before framing

During your work in progress, you might be too busy to realize that there’re always little things like dirt particles, extra wax, or even your hair stick to your canvas. It’s okay when you just see your artwork on the table but the sparkle of the beads might be affected when you have it frame and hang on your wall. I bet that would be an unhappy experience for you! So first just make sure your canvas is clean, a soft brush is helpful for this step.

Next, you also need to check for the missing beads. Missing beads on a finished Diamond Painting, it sounds weird, right? But it’s absolutely possible. Glue makes beads stick to the canvas but sometimes we may not use enough pressure to make them firmly stand. A Roller must be the best solution in this condition, take some rolls around your painting and your beads will be completely stuck to your canvas.

How to finish diamond art

2. Seal and Frame it

Diamond beads can often fall off the canvas over time. The only way to prevent this is to use a sealant. The sealant can also stiffen up your painting, giving it some structure. This can make it easier to mount somewhere and store it without damaging the painting. We note all the essential information in this article: how to prepare, how to seal, some useful tips and tricks, etc.

When you finish your sealant, framing must be the last step to make your artwork a true masterpiece. I know it may a little bit struggling for those who have your Diamond Painting frame the first time. But nothing to worry, a fully detailed guidance for you here. Follow every step and you’ll have a sparkling painting with frame.

How to finish diamond art

3. What to do with it at last?

Decor your house with Diamond Painting must be the first answer which appears in your head when you think of this question, right? Brighten your corner with a sparkling Diamond Painting and contemplate the pattern you love every day would be wonderful. So, just your favorite corner at home, and make it brilliant with your artwork.

Gift it is also the response we received much from our painters when asked them this question. Because there’s no present as significant and valuable as something that lovingly made by hand. A Diamond Painting would be a great gift for your beloved ones on their birthday or anniversary or any special occasion. Not only will they obtain a thing, but they will also feel your love and care for them.

How to finish diamond art

One more answer from our DP experts: sell it. For those who love this 5D art but have no time to work on it, a finished one and already framed would be an ideal item. And for expert painters, who have done a warehouse of Diamond Painting, earn some money from them is not a bad idea. Nevertheless, remember that the effort you paid on your project is priceless and nonrefundable. Carefully consider before making the decision on selling your own artwork.

Yes, seal your diamond painting if you want it to look the same for a long period. Dust gets stuck in the gaps if you leave the painting unfinished. Diamond paintings can be sealed using Mod Podge, Acrylic fixative sealers, and PVA glue.

Diamond Art painting is hard to make but looks wonderful. Hundreds of tiny Rhinestones are put together to create a masterpiece.

Diamond painting demands skill and patience. This is why such projects need to be preserved for as long as possible.

There are several ways to seal a diamond painting. Each of them suits a specific situation, so it’s not possible to name one as the ‘best’.

In this article, I’ll discuss why you should seal your diamond painting and also, the means to do so.

Should I seal my Diamond Painting before Framing it?

No, you don’t need to seal your diamond painting before framing it. Framing the project is enough to preserve it for a long time.

The glass on the frame should help protect your diamond painting from external conditions.

If you left your diamond painting open, dust and dirt settle in the gaps. Your diamond painting has glue it so the dust settles there easily.

Once the dust settles in the gaps there’s no way to get it out. You can prevent this by framing your beautiful project as soon as it’s finished.

You don’t need to seal the diamond painting using any synthetic sealer. The glass on the frame protects the painting.

Note: Stick a background to your diamond painting to fit the size of the frame. By doing this, you’ll also make sure that the frame doesn’t damage the painting in any way.

What is the best Sealant for Diamond Painting?

Mod Podge can be used to seal your Diamond painting. It fills the gaps flawlessly and prevents any dust from settling in. You can also use Aerosol spray sealant to keep the rhinestones in place.

As you can see, there are two types of sealants, spray-on, and brush-on. Each has its own benefits.

Spray-on Sealant for diamond painting

Your diamond painting doesn’t yellow after a few years if you use Aerosol spray sealant to seal it. The spray preserves it well.

You can use aerosol spray from Mod Podge to seal diamond painting too. There are other acrylic fixatives too in the market.

Brush-on Sealant for diamond painting

Regular Mod Podge, Super Thick Gloss Mod Podge, and Glitter Mod Podge can be used to seal diamond paintings. Some also use regular glue and craft glue to seal diamond paintings.

Diamond paintings tend to turn yellow if you seal them using brush-on sealants like Mod Podge. The brush-on method is more likely to cause wrinkling of your painting.

Can I seal my Diamond Painting with PVA Glue?

Yes, you can seal your diamond painting using PVA glue. The glue fills all the drills and helps keep the rhinestones together.

Tombow aqua glue is available in most craft stores across the US. It can be used in a variety of craft projects.

Your diamond painting might lose brilliance after finishing with PVA glue but the glue preserves your painting for a long time.

You can keep the diamond drills in place by sealing the painting with PVA glue. Spread it on the painting and even it out using a soft brush.

Can you laminate Diamond Paintings?

Yes, you can laminate diamond paintings to keep the diamond grills in place. The diamond painting will be perfectly secured once it’s laminated and framed.

Laminating is one of the techniques to protect your diamond painting. Use high-quality lamination paper to ensure the longevity of the project.

Frame the diamond painting and get it laminated tightly to keep the rhinestones in place. The lamination also helps keep dust away from the painting.

Make sure there’s no gap in the frame. Keep in mind that using high-quality lamination paper is crucial to protect the painting for a long time.

I think a diamond painting uses its brilliance if it’s framed and laminated. It’s better to use Mod Podge on the painting.

How to seal a Diamond Painting with Mod Podge?

The best way to seal a diamond painting is by using Mod Podge. Let’s see exactly how to do so.

  • You may wanna use Super Gloss Mod Podge as Regular Mod Podge makes the painting dull.
  • You can use any soft-bristled brush to apply Mod Podge to your Diamond painting. Mod Podge sells a brush and it works well.
  • Apply Mod Podge gently all over the painting. Keep it aside and let it dry overnight.
  • If you want to make it look shinier, spray some acrylic fixative on the painting.

Mod Podge protects your diamond painting from dust and dirt. It also helps keep the rhinestones together.

How to seal Diamond Painting with Elmer’s Glue?

  • Shake Elmer’s glue/PVA glue bottle thoroughly before you apply. Check to make sure all the rhinestones are in the proper place.
  • Even out any odd rhinestone using the roller. You can place books on the project overnight too.
  • Apply Elmer’s glue on a portion of the painting and even it out using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Let this painting dry for a while. You can hang it after it dried out well.

Elmer’s glue protects your diamond painting from dust that might settle in the gaps. It also helps keep the diamond drills together.

How to finish diamond art

Have you found yourself wishing you could finish your diamond paintings faster? Perhaps you are working with a large size, and you are wondering how to be fast at Diamond painting.

Several experts at diamond painting have discovered diamond painting speed up tips to help beginners and intermediates, or even experts get the job done faster.

We have put together some of these tips to boost diamond painting progress. After this read, you no longer have to wonder how people finish their large pieces in a few months while it is taking you nearly the entire year.

Let’s get ahead to discuss the priceless tips to increase your diamond painting speed.

Preparatory tips to boost diamond painting progress

Prepare your workspace or create one

Do you have a workspace where you do your diamond paintings? If no, you should set one up now.

It is essential to have a secluded workspace apart from the rest of your home, where you can properly arrange all your equipment, so they are within your reach.

Imagine how much time you would save if you don’t have to go about the house every few minutes picking up tools, wax, or canvas from different places.

Prepare yourself and get comfortable

Get rid of uncomfortable clothes or accessories that will slow you down once you start working. Roll up your sleeves, get your hair out of the way, and ensure you dress in simple and comfortable attire.

Block out external distractions by shutting the windows and doors or putting a headset on. Choose the perfect song, podcast, video, or audiobook that gets you motivated and engage with it as you work. If you prefer total silence, that’s fine too, as long as you won’t get bored.

Arrange your diamonds properly

Ensure your bead corner is well organized, and you have all the beads you need at arm’s length.

Place your beads in transparent boxes and use DMC numerical stickers to locate your beads and fix them easily. DMC codes are connected to different bead colors and help a painter organize beads properly.

Active techniques and tips to increase diamond painting speed

Once you have your space and tools set up, you can begin to employ the tips that assure you of a speedy diamond painting project.

Use a large diamond bead tray

A large tray helps you work for a longer time without refilling beads, which will save you some work time. You can also use a transparent box that allows you to place many small trays with different bead colors at the same time.

Shake your beads on the tray side to side and tilt it slowly so that the beads arrange in a straight line, making it easier to pick them as you work.

Employ multiple applicator tips drill pens

Experts often opt for multiple placing tools, including nine bead tips, 6 or 3 bead tips. Multiple applicator tips help you place several beads at a time rather than just one every time.

Although multiple tip applicators are faster, they can be troublesome for a beginner who might not place the beads straight. It might take you more time to straighten the beads than to place them one by one. Therefore, you can try multiple applicators and single tips to see which you prefer.

Get your hands in a comfortable working position

Whether you choose the multiple applicator tips or continue with your one bead pen, ensure your tray is close to your hand, so you don’t have to stretch every time and tire your hands. Sit in a manner that you can move your arms about without pain.

Start your project in a suitable condition considering what hand you will be working with. Try different angles to discover what is most comfortable for you.

Work by color or section

Most diamond painting experts prefer working by color to working by section. Their reason is that working by color helps you focus on placing a single color in designated places before working on the next color, which saves the time you spend picking different colors.

When working by section, you will need to work with all the colors needed for a particular section, and picking from one color tray to another can be time-consuming and stressful.

In the end, you can try both techniques and which you prefer and what motivates you.

Final Thoughts

These tips will help you boost diamond painting progress and learn how to be fast at diamond painting.

However, it is important to note that diamond painting is naturally time-consuming and requires patience, dedication, and concentration. If you want to get the best results, you should avoid rushing through the process and enjoy every step towards creating a beautiful work of art.

How to finish diamond art

CONGRATS! You have officially completed your diamond painting after long hours and a ton of dedication. Now that you are all finished, there is one very important question to ask yourself:


After all that hard work you need to show it off! People need to be able to appreciate your diamond painting abilities.

Rest assured, there are a ton of different options for all budgets and creative abilities when it comes to how you’d like to display your diamond painting.

Based on some suggestions, feedback, and our own experience we have created a top 7 best display ideas for your diamond painting. We hope you will try some of these great options and love them as much as we do!


How to finish diamond art

This is a great, very easy option that is also relatively inexpensive. All you have to do is purchase a pre-stretched canvas from your favorite craft store or online website. You will then glue your finished canvas onto it. This option is so simple and takes all difficulty out of the equation. You will not need to stretch or staple!

Use a spray adhesive to the back of the painting and also on the blank canvas to ensure it stays secure. Once the glue feels sticky, go ahead and place your painting on the canvas. Make sure you smooth it down and remove all the wrinkles or bubbles as you go. Once completed, let it sit and dry for 24 hours. After 24 hour your masterpiece will be ready to hang!

Recommendation: To find the proper fit for your painting, measure the canvas after you have already cut off the borders. If you do want to have a large border you should purchase a canvas as close to the measured size as possible.


How to finish diamond art

If you are more of a do it yourself kind of person this option might be for you. It’s a bit more challenging but also relatively inexpensive. You will need a set of stretcher bars for this. The stretcher bars will come with detailed directions and result in a gorgeous display.

Recommendation: Buy a size that’s about 5 centimeters shorter than the canvas so that you have some room for wrapping. This makes for an awesome wrapped diamond edge around the borders.


How to finish diamond art

You will need to do a bit of measuring and cutting for this technique. You will also need a foam board which can be purchased online or at your local craft or hardware store.

The key to creating a flat, borderless painting is to use box cutters to cut the foam board down to the preferred size (the same size as your canvas minus the border). Then simply glue your painting to the foam so that it is centered and only the borders are hanging off the sides.

The next and final step is to fold the borders over the back of the foam board and glue them down firmly. Be sure that the canvas is tight to the foam board.

Recommendation: Cut a border for your painting from oak tag before you mount it to your foam board for a more creative framed look.

You can learn more on framing with foam boards HERE.


How to finish diamond art

If DIY just isn’t your thing this option is for you. Grab a poster frame from a local craft or hobby store. You can find large poster board frames at Target and Walmart for under $25. All you need to do is open the frame and place your diamond painting behind the plastic.

Make sure you flip the insert around and put it behind your painting before you put the back on so that any exposed borders will be a solid color. Put the back on and you are ready to hang it up!


How to finish diamond art

You can find wonderful, second hand frames at thrift shops and antique stores for any size diamond painting and they are usually pretty unique! This is such a simple, beautiful way to show off your diamond painting.


How to finish diamond art

This option is by far the easiest because you don’t have to do anything but bring it to the pros! Unfortunately, it will cost you. You can hand pick your frame and matte from an large array of colors and wood designs. Many larger craft stores such as Michael’s offer this service. Be sure to look for any coupons or sales before you go to save a few bucks!


How to finish diamond art

You can never go wrong with a standard photo frame. When it comes to quality and price, there is something for every budget and every personality.

Recommendation: Purchase a frame that is closest to the size of your painting. Simply cut the matte with a utility knife and a ruler. Be sure that you are cutting straight! Measure in three places (ends and middle) and mark before you cut.

Some Other Tips & Tricks

  • Although all of our suggestions provide wall-to-wall framing for your painting, you can choose to fill in any blank space on the top, sides or bottom with tiny photos that are relevant to your painting.
  • You can turn all options, especially the “do it yourself” ones into hanging frames by attaching a ribbon or rope to the frame.
  • No matter which option you choose, including (and especially) store bought frames, ALWAYS glue the painting to the back of the frame to prevent slippage. Diamond paintings are extremely heavy and will start to fall inside the frame after a while if you do not do this.
  • If you’re using foam or cardboard to mount your kit, consider using Velcro strips along the top and sides of the back to affix it to the wall.

We hope you love these ideas on how to display your diamond painting! Please drop a comment below if you have tried any of these ideas or have any other suggestions for our fellow diamond painting enthusiasts.