How to flirt when dancing

For the benefit of those dancers who ain’t getting no action (dancing action, I mean, get your mind out of the gutter), I’m starting this topic on flirting, how and why.

To get the ball rolling, flirting is that set of behaviors by which we signal to someone that we are interested in them, ah, romantically.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are hitting on the other person. Often it’s just a social lubricant that makes the other person feel a bit better about themselves, and be more favorably disposed towards you, even if there are definitely no "favors" in your future.

How do we learn to do it? We start small. I will leave it to the ladies to talk about how they might flirt, and how they receive men’s flirting. For a man talking to a lady, you start off by noticing things, commenting on them, and complementing her. It’s relatively safe, but don’t over do it. Find one or two things to complement her on, give evidence that you have been paying attention to her.


  • Nov 2, 2011
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All I know is I suck at it and I’m probably better off not even trying, lol.

I noticed the other day that the girl of interest had changed her hair and I tried making a comment about it and it just came out all wrong.


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  • Nov 2, 2011
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Compliments aren’t so hard.. you changed your hair, it looks nice.. like your dress.. whatever.. as long as you don’t get too close or stare strangely

I think most of flirting for a woman is about a general presence.. Look good, smile, talk to everyone, have fun, look relaxed and happy, if you see someone you like make eye contact but go on your way and let them come to you.

I don”t do this. I sit in the corner and stare at people.


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  • Nov 2, 2011
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It probably just sounded like a random observation.

I decided to poll my fb friends since I realized I didn’t know of how a guy should flirt. First response was my ex suggesting complimenting her dress, purse or shoes.

Well wise-acre.. I go out wearing black yoga pants and black tank top, ugly dance shoes, no purse. You can’t flirt with me now, can you? How bout those things are too superficial to count as flirting.


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  • Nov 2, 2011
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That’s very childish. I didn’t say anything that you should have taken offense to. My comment about noticing the ponytail was innocuous. If you are looking for feedback about how that remark sounded, my feedback is that it sounded like a random observation rather than flirting. I get it all the time when I dance.. hair is up and down.. people mention it, I don’t feel they are flirting. The rest of that post is about my remarks on facebook and the response they got and my reaction to that response, not about you.

It was more of an exbf rant.. I don’t feel that complimenting my clothing is flirtatious.


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OK, let’s back off the ad hominem.

So LC, simplest thing you can do. Smile, and look like you are happy to be around her. A genuine smile goes a long way.

So, to go back to your specific case, you made a statement to the girl that, even if it was not your intent, implies a negative judgement. It sounds like "what’s the matter, you can’t decide between up and down?"

Harmless flirting for me would be smiling, sexy dancing, and comments, etc. It wouldn’t include anything to do with my hands. Also, the amount of time I have known my partner would be a factor in how I would flirt.

I know loads of women who complain about guy’s hands. So, I think you need to be extra careful when you have them anywhere else but on the back or holding the girl’s hand!!




I’ve had plenty of harmless Bachata dances and, I would venture to say, most of my Bachata dances are harmless.

If I want to add harmless flirting to my Salsa (or Bachata) dances, I will probably hold one of the lady’s hands and then slowly loop our hands over her head. I may also gently brush my right hand down her arm after such a head loop, or when moving from closed to open position. The obvious things like smiling and eye contact are part of that, also.

For more meaningful flirting, I will probably dance a little closer (and more closed position moves in general), and my hand may move closer to her waist than higher on her back. I can think of a few other things too — but I don’t want to give away all of my secrets.


I flirt. Would be hard to explain how is it that I do it, but to sum it up, my attitude always screams flirt when I want to (which is 95% of the time)

Now when guys flirt, I take it like a big girl unless they do something inappropriate (hand somewhere it doesn’t belong, moan, or touch my hair/face, etc. )

For the OP, I do not see a problem with him placing your hand on his chest, it happens frequently in salsa with some moves



If you subtitute the word "dull" for "harmless" then I share that experience


But it wasn’t Salsa! It was Bachata. We were dancing really close, I mean, our bodies were touching. And we were not even doing the side steps anymore, just shifting weights. He took my right hand and placed it on his chest and his hand stayed over mine.

Unless he’s single, I’m not going to dance with him like that anymore! :nope:


Yep I’m with you.

I dance most of my bachatas like that unless it’s with someone who can’t really lead it like that. If I’m really flirting rather than just sharing a fabulous dance then they’ll know


Son Montuno

But it wasn’t Salsa! It was Bachata. We were dancing really close, I mean, our bodies were touching. And we were not even doing the side steps anymore, just shifting weights. He took my right hand and placed it on his chest and his hand stayed over mine.

Unless he’s single, I’m not going to dance with him like that anymore! :nope:

would I be bad to you if I told you thats its a very common thing when you dance close to someone?

of course when you come "from "salsa you think its a different thing..many guys do that when they want to feel the girls body close to them, or a moment when the music is slower etc..OF COURSE its a lovely gesture but it doesnt mean flirting..means that he is really enjoying dancing to you..



Ok, I’ll bite. So, do you have the opinion that non-single people should not dance bachata with the general public, because it’s dangerous or extremely dull?

😈 Or does that add to the illicit appeal? (As in, you now dance bachata because it’s potentially dangerous and you enjoy that?)


Ok, I’ll bite. So, do you have the opinion that non-single people should not dance bachata with the general public, because it’s dangerous or extremely dull?

😈 Or does that add to the illicit appeal? (As in, you now dance bachata because it’s potentially dangerous and you enjoy that?)


Son Montuno

If he wasn’t cute, you would be screaming murder and complaining Like some were saying in the other thread, the same action can be interpreted as cute or creepy.

Now that you explain, I know what exactly you mean. This is very common around here, especially when dancing Bachata in close hold. I wouldn’t call it flirting. Accompanied by a look in the eyes or squeezing the hand a little firmer or using the arm around the waist to pull in the partner little closer can make it into a flirty move. Any move can be harmless or flirty, depending on the intent/play-acting.

Bachata is not like salsa. Most people tend to dance it with only certain other people (Though with the Bachata festivals that’s changing too). In clubs it gets played only a few times. In my experience people either sit out or dance with someone they want to.

Hmm. let’s talk after a year

Many new to Bachata have ambivalent feelings about it, like you do. After a while it becomes just another dance or like Sweavo you start living dangerously


Son Montuno




Super Moderator



No, I’m only talking about me, I’m not trolling, and I’m not telling others what to feel when they dance.

It starts to become a bit off, but speaking of bachata, I found it entertaining to observe how it became transformed in the last years around here. It used to be some side dance that was mainly danced with partners that know each other well.

Now, several venues in the Bay Area (Glaskat, Allegro BR) have separate room for bachata, there are full festivals around it, and the overall level of dancing (especially musicality) improved greatly, so in the right environment it can be as technically challenging and socially accepted as salsa.

There are even instructors specialized in this dance, some of them having very different styles.

For example Rodchata teaches a very close hold version, which reminds me of close embrace tango, but it is less challenging to lead. So after taking some classes ( even a private) with him, I started to enjoy dancing it very much. His way of dancing is most intimate, but far from being flirting: it is close with very subtle body movements and small steps, focusing on the music and partner: it also has the advantage that I can avoid eye contact, and just feel each other. I am a very shy guy, but (or let’s say: therefore) it is the only way I dance bachata and it looks women like it as well, probably since they don’t have to stare in my face either. And, it proved much less dangerous than I thought: I have not been kicked in the balls, so far.

Walker Thornton November 21, 2013 1234 views

How to flirt when dancing

Monday night I went out to dinner with three friends, women I met a mere five days earlier at the beginning of a retreat. The night together was part of our gentle reentry to the “real” world we each live in. As I write this, Tuesday morning, I’m watching the sunrise in Victoria, British Columbia. In every sense of the word I’m a long way from home.

Last night was fun and I felt a bit of the “old” me butt up against the person I’m shifting into. Mexican restaurant of sorts, a block from the hotel. The owner, whose name may or may not have been Santiago, seated us. He was our waiter as well. We were all full of energy as we left our secluded retreat and started the journey home. After taking a bath and a shower, washing my hair, and putting on a very sexy low-cut top over my favorite lacy black bra I was feeling the urge to play. And as it turned out the restaurant owner was just my type.

He was attractive in a very down-to-earth manner. He wore a pink or orange checked shirt over jeans, unshaven with a strong face. His smile was nice and I played to it. The other women were chuckling at me as I talked to my man about the evening’s drink specials. If I had several, would he assist me in getting back to the hotel? He asked what my limit was, two or five? I smiled and indicated that it was hard to say. We played gently throughout the evening.

I accidentally brushed his leg with my foot as he walked by and used that as an excuse to reach out and touch him with a gentle apology. I am big on touching—that little bit of contact is so yummy. The woman sitting next to me swore we were getting more attention than the other diners. I bathed in it; I loved the flow of energy.

The key to this kind of flirting is subtlety. I found myself leaning forward as he walked up; fortunately I was on the outer seat in the booth. I felt open and relaxed. The four of us talked and laughed. Several of us had the drink special of the night, a Pisco Sour—a drink very much like a margarita but made with a splash of brandy. I was giddy on the alcohol, the friendships, and more so from the energy that surged from my flirtation.

We finished dinner and contemplated dessert. The choices were heavy, fried or drenched in sauces. When the owner came to take our order I noted that his offerings were complicated and asked for something simpler. He brought my scoop of vanilla ice cream drenched in Kahlua with a dollop of whipped cream. And, as he set it down he looked at me and said, “I would have added a cherry, if I’d had one.” And, without thinking, I blurted out, “And if I (still) had a cherry I would offer it to you.” We all giggled at that one. I think I even blushed.

Part of me was exhilarated as we left the restaurant, and part of me was restless. Sexual energy awakened and expanded. One of the women asked if I would have gone further had the situation presented itself. My response was a no, but maybe a yes. This wasn’t about sex—this wasn’t a call to take me in his arms and have his way with me. This was a delicate dance of flirtation. We played, we enjoyed each other in a fun, nonthreatening way. It wasn’t overt, yet I clearly showed him that I found him attractive. The occasional eye contact as he walked by, the smile, the openness of my body stance.

The flirtation was a gift to him—that may sound arrogant but to be shown that kind of attraction is a compliment to the receiver. I wasn’t seeking anything. I was just offering a bit of myself. It was a gift to self as well. His responsiveness was fun, a mutual recognition of the playful nature of our sexuality. Expressing pleasure, engaging “the feminine”—these are gifts of nourishment and sensuality.

You can find articles and more information at WalkerThornton and on Facebook

From sexy dancing skills to flashy feathered outfits

Из сервиса Google Искусство и культура

Grey Crowned CraneAustralian Museum

Take some tips in the art of love from our flirtatious feathered friends.

Flirtatious ability: great dancer

Tall, flamboyant and beautiful, Grey Crowned Cranes were once considered the same species as the more northern Black Crowned Cranes (Balaearica pavonina). As with all cranes, graceful and spectacularly ballet-like dances form part of breeding and social displays. This species is listed as "Endangered" because populations have rapidly declined during the past few decades due to habitat loss and the illegal removal of birds and eggs from the wild.

Grey Crowned Crane – from the collection of Australian Museum

Great BowerbirdMuseum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT)

Flirtatious ability: good at DIY

Great Bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus nuchalis) have highly evolved, complex courtship behaviour that involves the building and decoration of ‘bowers’, which are sheltered little dwellings. Males design and construct these elaborate structures to court females. The bowers are open or arched avenues of twigs and grass, aligned north-south.

They even decorate these little love nests! The floor and entrances are decorated with pale-coloured ornaments such as shells, bones, stones, glass and fruit. The walls of the bower may be painted with a mixture of saliva and plant material. Mating takes place in the bower and then females build a separate nest and rear the young on their own.

Great Bowerbird – from the collection of Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT)

How to flirt when dancing

1. She owns a lot of hair and beauty products. Always in her purse: Big Sexy Hair hairspray, double-sided tape, Ardell false lashes, sheer-to-waist stockings, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra, and stud Swarovski crystal earrings. It’s not that she’s vain. It’s just part of the job.

2. She will almost always break out in dance. When a song that she’s performed to comes on, she will break out into a full-blown routine. Don’t think that just because you’re in a car you’re safe. She will dance and drive.

3. She will stretch anywhere, anytime, any day. Her insane level of flexibility will amaze you. Just think of all the crazy positions you could put her in.

How to flirt when dancing

4. If she asks for a body massage, it’s not foreplay. It’s actually quite the opposite. She’s hurting and very tired, so please don’t go there.

5. She doesn’t need you to be a good dancer. That’s her job. What she does want is someone who has some rhythm and is completely unafraid to let loose on the dance floor.

6. She loves to eat. A lot. The girl can work up a good appetite after hours upon hours of dancing, which is pretty much straight cardio.

7. If she passes by a mirror, she will always check herself out. Dancers practically live in front of a mirror.

8. Be prepared to hear her say, “5-6-7-8.” She will take pictures using a “5-6-7-8” warning count instead of “1-2-3” whenever possible. In her mind, the numerical order begins with “5.”

9. She loves movie night, but she’ll always choose a dancing movie. As far as she’s concerned, there are only three movie genres: dance romance, dance comedy, and dance drama. You’ll memorize every line in the movie Burlesque without even realizing it. Oh, and you’ll probably also be roped into watching Dancing With the Stars, America’s Best Dance Crew, and So You Think You Can Dance.

10. She doesn’t have time for jealous guys. Don’t get angry or jealous when she has to perform in skintight or revealing clothing for an audience. Understand that it’s part of her job. If you aren’t prepared to handle that aspect, you shouldn’t be dating a dancer!

11. She has a demanding schedule. “I can’t go because I have dance” is a legit excuse that she’ll whip out a lot. She’s not trying to blow you off. She really just has minimal time to hangout. Most classes or rehearsals are at night. Performances often fall on the weekends. Free time is limited. But don’t worry, this girl will always find time for you. You’ll learn to love lunch dates!

12. She loves outgoing guys. If there’s an opportunity for spontaneous dancing in public, you’d better be prepared.

13. She has tons of energy. Dance is a stress reliever and said to be used for therapeutic reasons. It’s kind of like having runner’s high all the time. There’s no better lover than a girl who will make you smile when your mood needs a major up lift.

14. Never underestimate the art of dance. Never make light of dance in her presence. It looks glamorous from the outside, but you have no idea the skill that is required to compete in dance. Do not debate her on this one.

15. This girl loves to know she is appreciated. After extensive rehearsals, competitions, performances, and everything being a dancer entails, she loves to know at the end of the day, you appreciate her hard work and dedication. It takes a certain type of man to really understand her commitment and loyalty to dance.

16. Don’t worry — just because she knows the entire “Single Ladies” dance from Beyoncé’s music video does not mean she wishes she were single. She memorized every dance move and can bust out the entire three-minute, 19-second dance routine on the spot.

17. She will dominate all the closet space. Half her closet is full of tutus and bedazzled bra tops from past performances. These are very sentimental to her, and she will want to hold onto these forever. Don’t waste your time asking her to clean out her closet to make room for your stuff because it ain’t happening.

18. If you get married, know that your first dance at the wedding is going to be a huge production. Most girls dream about their wedding dresses. This girl dreams about choreographing a whole performance for the first dance, so be prepared to take dance classes in the future. She can’t have non-dancers out-dance her at her own wedding.

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How to flirt when dancing

Faustine Bollaert hosted this Tuesday, February 15 on France 2 the premiere ofA flirt & a dance, a dating program that offered strangers the chance to find love while dancing. A concept that has divided Internet users.

The day after Valentine’s Day, love was still in the spotlight on France 2 tonight. The channel launched this Tuesday, February 15, at 9:10 p.m., a brand new dating program called A flirt & a dance. Hosted by Faustine Bollaert, this program adapted from the British concept flirty dancing offers singles of all ages the opportunity to meet in an original way… on a dance floor! Helped by a dance teacher whose face is not unknown to viewers, the participants in the program first learned a choreography each on their own, before meeting to perform it together on the set of the show and therefore to discover for the very first time on the floor. All under the eyes of Agustín Galiana, Sheila and Élodie Frégé, privileged witnesses of these musical flirtations.

The magic worked on the set ofA flirt & a dance

At the time of virtual meetings, this very tactile way to get to know or reconnect with a lost love caused a lot of emotion on the set ofA flirt & a dance. Because the France 2 dating show has not only allowed strangers to meet, ex-lovers have also been able to meet after several years of separation. Enough to upset Faustine Bollaert, especially when the current passed between the two dance partners. The host even burst into tears during the show, blowing: “I have been lost”, she was so touched. “I was gripped by emotion. This show is a candy that made me feel good. I experienced it as a gift. I shivered just watching these couples dance. I quickly forgot the cameras and the gigantism of the set“, she then explained.

Mixed internet users

But if the magic worked on the set ofA flirt & a dancesocial networks have not been so bewitched. Internet users were even divided. Some have totally fallen in love with the dating program. “It’s a big YES”, “I’m conquered”, “How good this blue flower show is”, “What a joy this show! Faustine Bollaert is always so brilliant. Congratulations France Télévisions for innovation”we were able to read on Twitter. When other tweeters denounced the uncomfortable and embarrassing side of the concept.

Our tweet review of the evening.

It’s a big YES for #UnflirtOneDance 🥰 very cute and not too much! Well done 👏

— Marine Giner-Dufour 🌈 (@itsmarinegd) February 15, 2022

I love it, a show full of emotion, dreams, hope.
Thanks Faustina.

— ananouk (@akytoria1) February 15, 2022

Crying in front #UnflirtOneDance mdrrrrr France 2 got me with its love show

— claire (@claaairedelune) February 15, 2022

I like it as a show, it’s cute, it changes #UnflirtOneDance it’s fun and it’s good

— catherine (@catheine2) February 15, 2022

Pleasantly surprised by #UnflirtOneDance. We quickly get caught up in the game. It’s feel good, the type of program that feels good, with @FaustineFB at the top in the exercise!

— benmandin (@benmandin) February 15, 2022

I love this concept, very well dosed, very pleasant to watch, and Faustine is perfect #OneFlirtOneDance

It’s really a beautiful show, which puts balm to the also I would like a crush on a dance #UnflirtOneDance

— sambull (@sandrin60103888) February 15, 2022

#UnflirtOneDance thank you @FaustineFB for this emmison I am very moved it does good a show like this after all that is happening at the moment with the covid

— Minuet morgan (@minuet_morgan) February 15, 2022

How good is this blue flower show #UnflirtOneDance
A little sweetness in this world that goes 100 an hour

— Nicowayan (@nicowayan) February 15, 2022

In fact, it’s not a real show, it’s a social experiment aimed at evaluating the degree of possible discomfort felt by human beings. #OneFlirtOneDance

— NiouNiou (@NiouNiouNio) February 15, 2022

I had to change country to get away from so much discomfort 👌#UnflirtOneDance

—Awen (@awen_lv) February 15, 2022

Both the concept and the animation by Faustine, I am charmed by #UnflirtOneDanceas much as the three celebrities I understand neither why these 3 nor their usefulness apart from imitating single people judging couples at a wedding!

On a private channel, no problem, but to see that on the public service. I find that despicable. #UnflirtOneDance

— .Room. (@romiclav) February 15, 2022

I find the show @France2tv “a flirt & a dance” super uncomfortable! I wanted to like this concept and no it doesn’t take…😯 #UnflirtOneDance

— Cleorme (@TalullaJane) February 15, 2022

Royal fans think they spotted an adorable moment between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Belize.

Listen to this article

Prince William and Kate Middleton showed off their dance moves while on a trip to Belize over the weekend, and royal fans have spotted what appeared to be a very sweet moment between the couple.

Some people think they spotted Kate 'flirting' with William while they were both on the dance floor.

On the first day of the Royal tour of the Caribbean, they visited the village of Hopkins, which is known as the country's happiest village.

Kate was first to take to the dance floor alongside nine children from the Garifuna Cultural Centre.

Kate and William are in Belize. Picture: Getty

At one point, Kate danced up to her husband in an apparent move to get him dancing too, while William looks at her adoringly.

Noting the sweet moment, one person tweeted: "Catherine is flirting with William!"

Another added: "William watching Kate dance is my new favourite thing."

A third wrote: "Omg how cute is this. "

And a fourth said: "Did I see William eyeing her up and down?"

The Duke of Cambridge also showed off his moves soon after, hitting the dance floor with local organiser Laura Cacho.

Speaking afterwards, she said: "That was so exciting. A dream come true.

Kate looked in high spirits during the trip. Picture: Getty Kate Middleton showed off her dance moves during the trip. Picture: Getty Prince William also hit the dance floor. Picture: Alamy

"It was fun he was a good dancer and I told him he got the Garifuna culture in him.

"He did the punta dance better than me.

"He shook his waist to the music. He had beautiful rhythm. It was a pleasure for me.

"Kate was excellent as well and definitely has Garifuna culture in her."

Kate Middleton and Prince William shared a rare moment of public flirtation during the second day of their Caribbean tour.

The royal couple made eyes at each other and got their groove on Sunday while being greeted with a welcome dance by locals at the Garifuna Cultural Centre in Belize.

Kate Middleton got flirty on the dance floor with Prince William during their royal Caribbean tour. Getty Images

Middleton, 40, was seen flirtatiously shimmying toward a giggling William, 39, in the sand before she grabbed him by the arm to join her in a clip posted to Twitter by a fan account.

“Catherine is flirting with William! #RoyalVisitBelize,” the tweet read.

Middleton shimmied toward William. Twitter

Middleton looked stunning in a blue floral Tory Burch gown with her hair in beachy waves, while William coordinated his casual outfit of a blue shirt and slacks.

“Wow! What a welcome 🎉,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrote in a statement posted to their Instagram, adding, “It was a privilege to spend time with the Garifuna community and experience some of their traditions, here in Hopkins. Thank you Mama G for hosting such a special event!”

William could barely contain his excitement as his wife approached. Twitter

Earlier in the day, Middleton and William visited a cocoa plantation, where they learned how to make chocolate.

“This is Julio, a master in chocolate making with his family and he’s just given us a tour of their cocoa plantation farm here in southern Belize,” they wrote in another post

Middleton couldn’t stop dancing as she showed off her moves. Getty Images

“It was an incredible experience to see first hand how this world famous chocolate was made – using all organic products, all grown on their land or nearby.”

They added, “We can see why this is loved all around the world!”

The duo kept close as they connected with locals. WireImage

The couple’s day of activities came after they had to cancel a scheduled visit to another coca plantation after locals protested their arrival by helicopter in the middle of a village.

They were originally set to visit Akte’il Ha in Indian Creek, but Buckingham Palace canceled the stop Friday when the Mayan residents objected.

Middleton looked chic in a Tory Burch dress. Getty Images

William and Middleton’s travels come after she admitted she thinks about having a fourth baby with the prince.

“William always worries about me meeting under-1-year-olds. I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one,’” she told reporters during a visit to Copenhagen’s Children’s Museum on Feb. 22.

William had a big smile on his face as he danced with a local woman. Getty Images

The royals share three children: Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3.

George is third in the line of succession to the British throne following Prince Charles and William.