How to fold a hoodie

Folding clothes was never really my forte—until I spent a few years working at the Gap, perfecting my T-shirt- and jean-folding skills. But hoodies and sweatshirts can be some of the toughest things to fold (besides the dreaded fitted sheet)—they're big and bulky, and they tend to end up a little lumpier than you'd like. Fortunately, there are a few strategies for getting a perfectly folded sweatshirt or hoodie that'll fit neatly into your overnight bag or drawer.

For every method, start with a hoodie or sweatshirt fully zipped up, on a flat surface, with the back of the sweatshirt facing up.

Hoodie Folding Method #1: Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method

Marie Kondo has turned folding into an art form—and her method for creating neat bundles of clothes allows you to pop them in your drawer vertically.

  1. Determine the center of your sweatshirt or hoodie
  2. Fold one side in to meet the center
  3. Fold the sweatshirt arm in and down at an angle, so it follows the line of the sweatshirt.
  4. Fold the other side and arm as you did the first.
  5. Smooth the hood, ensuring that the edges of the hood are the same width as the folded sweatshirt.
  6. Fold the hood in, then fold the sweatshirt top toward the bottom, leaving a few inches of gap between the top and bottom edges
  7. Fold the sweatshirt again in half, to meet the new top to the bottom.
  8. You can now store your hoodie in Marie Kondo style, vertically with the folded edge up.

Hoodie Folding Method #2: The Gap Method

This hoodie sweatshirt folding technique gives you a nicely squared off hoodie that'll fit beautifully on a shelf or in a drawer.

  1. Pull the hood toward you, creating a squared-off top of the sweatshirt.
  2. Fold one side in toward the center, then fold the arm back in toward the middle.
  3. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Fold the bottom up to meet the top to fold the hoodie in half—and store it.

Hoodie Folding Method #3: The Hood Pocket Method

This innovative method is great for when you're taking your hoodie on the road—it helps the fold stay together, by tucking the hoodie into the hood itself.

Hoodies, hoodies, everywhere — it’s true, these favored pieces of clothing can take up a lot of space. But although hoodie sweatshirts are bulky, folding them down to size doesn’t have to be a big chore. The key to folding a hoodie into those elegant squares that you see in stores is making sure that everything is tucked taut. The added bonus is that these perfectly neat hoodie squares don’t budge — so you can be sure that even the most frantic drawer search won’t wrinkle your expert folding job.

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1 Smooth Sailing

Lay the hoodie on a clean, flat surface. Zip it up if there’s a zipper and turn it face down. Use your hands to straighten and flatten out the wrinkles from the sleeves to the body.

2 Folding Under Pressure

Take the right sleeve and fold it straight across the back. Repeat with the left sleeve. If the sleeves run over the sweatshirt, simply fold the cuff back a little. Look for the shoulder line and fold the sweatshirt in on one side so that the edge hits the middle of the back of the sweatshirt. Repeat on the other side. Fold the sweatshirt upward in half so that it’s flat and square.

3 Look Under the Hood

The dangling hood is used to contain the sweatshirt so that it doesn’t come undone. Keep the sweatshirt laying facedown. Take the hood and turn it inside out over the back of the sweatshirt and envelop the hoodie’s body. If the hoodie has drawstrings, pull them so that the sweatshirt is tightly enclosed inside the hood. Voila — you have a sweet hoodie square to tuck into your drawer.

“It’s hard to explain,” 22-year-old Joselyn, who works at a Hollister store in L.A., tells me when I ask whether or not she has a specific technique for folding the chunky hoodies the brand is known for. To her, of course, the answer is fairly obvious. “You just fold it in half and tuck the arms in,” she explains. After that, you leave the hood hanging forward over the top of the chest. “Don’t tuck it,” she implores. “It will help keep the hoodie together and leaves more space for other clothes.”

She’s not wrong (she is, after all, the pro here) — leaving the hood out of the fold does in fact help keep everything together — but eventually, the puffy, seemingly ever-more-billowing cloud that is the rest of the garment still too easily comes apart. Which is always my problem when attempting to fold my hoodies — they possess too much material girth to conform into any kind of square. I can say with confidence then that I’ve never successfully folded one into a compact, tuckable shape for any real length of time. What I wouldn’t give to be this dude on Reddit , a man who brings an origami-like efficiency and grace to his hoodie storage.

In hindsight, it’s gotta be evolution at play. The proto hoodie, which was full-length and similar to a monk’s robe, is among the oldest garments the world has ever known, providing plenty of time to innovate on ways to store it elegantly. “According to design curator Paola Antonelli, the hoodie’s history stretches back over 3,000 years to the ancient Greeks and Romans,” reports Frank and Oak . The more contemporary version we know today originated with Champion Products, which, per Rolling Stone , began as the Knickerbocker Knitting Company in 1919. “Originally a sweater mill, Champion began making sweatshirts in the early 1930s once it developed methods to sew thicker underwear material,” the music magazine writes.

In terms of how to best tame it when it’s ticketed for your drawer, a YouTube video by Emily Brooker, whose channel only features two other videos but whose hoodie-folding prowess has been viewed more than a million times, provides true enlightenment. The first half of her methodology is fairly standard: She mainly follows the same advice I received from Joselyn, though with an additional effort to fold in the shoulders to maintain a more recognizable square. Her final step, though, took my breath away. “You take the hood section, and you turn it inside out,” she instructs. “As you’re turning it inside out, you’re shoving the body of the sweater into the hood.”

In the process, the hoodie has reached its final, perfect form: A bag that tightly holds the whole thing together, impossible to be undone by anything other than you.

How to fold a hoodie

If you're an avid collector of hooded sweatshirts (aka hoodies), you know how frustrating it can be to keep them all organized. They're kind of clunky and don't fit that easily into drawers. But hanging them doesn't exactly save space, either. So, what's a hoodie hoarder to do?

Turns out, there's a simple but effective way to fold hoodies so that they stay neat and tidy inside a drawer, or within a suitcase. Watch the video below to learn our special, Spruce-approved folding method that will help you organize your hoodies, save you space, and, quite possibly, blow your mind.

Watch Now: The Space-Saving Way to Fold a Hoodie

Before You Fold

This folding technique is fairly simple and can be done on any surface, but we have a few pointers that we discovered while perfecting the method:

  • Fold your hoodie on a hard, flat surface: A hard, flat surface makes the process of folding quicker and easier, and generates neatest results.
  • Deliberate folds are critical: Speaking of folds, make sure that every single fold is as deliberate as possible.
  • Flatten the material as you go: Flatten out each section of the hoodie along the way to avoid unwanted creases.
  • Iron or steam out wrinkles before folding: To ensure that your hoodie doesn't look like a wrinkled mess when freed from its cute little hood cocoon, considering ironing or steaming the garment beforehand.

Here's How to Do It

Flip the hoodie onto its belly so the back of it is showing, and spread the fabric out across the surface of a table.

Fold one arm over, then tuck a few inches of sleeve downward toward the bottom of the hoodie so that the material fits neatly inside the hoodie's side hem.

How to fold a hoodie

Fold the other arm over in an identical fashion, making sure to smooth out the folds as you go.

How to fold a hoodie

Fold one outer edge of the hoodie in towards the center.

How to fold a hoodie

Repeat with the opposite outer edge so that each side meets in the middle.

How to fold a hoodie

Fold the “body” of the hoodie in halfway towards the top of the hoodie, then fold a second time over the hood.

How to fold a hoodie

Pull the hood (which is sitting under the body of the hoodie) around the body, and tuck the body neatly into the hood, making sure to smooth it out as you place it in.

How to fold a hoodie

Tighten the drawstring and tie a bow.

How to fold a hoodie

And there you have it! A perfectly folded hoodie.

We especially like this method when traveling (by bus, plane, train, or car) because it saves space when tucked inside a carry-on, and it doubles as a perfectly portable pillow.

This man loves his cat hoodies. Notice he has two more still in the plastic behind him to the left. Upon further inspection, it looks like they each have a different facial expression so maybe he has one for each mood and wears them accordingly.

I tried using this quite recently, and it does save some space. My only issue with it is the hoodies I tried it on that weren’t that thick got wrinkled quite a bit.

That’s always my worry with these kind of videos. I really wish they showed the clothing after it’s unfolded.

Thinner hoodies can be folded like most shirts, no?

I've often felt that the thicker ones are the awkward ones.

I only fold hoodies this way for traveling. For regular storage a hanger is just more convenient.

It looks OK until the hood. Just fold in the sides and tuck the hood flat on top.

Try rolling up to the hood instead of folding. Either fold in the sleeves and body to match the hood width (some creasing at shoulders and down the sides), or roll the body, fold in arms, and loosely shape into a U in the hood (mild wrinkling you can probably shake out).

Not as much space saving, but still some.

I started doing it with the shirts I can't hang and some hoodies and it works well, just takes a while as you have to put some extra care in to ensure there are no wrinkles prior to putting them away. Other than that, it saves so much space and by loosely following this method on other tops I've found much success.

An important skill for people who choose not to buy travel pillows. *ahem*

How to fold a hoodie

Alright, get your hoodie. Mine is fresh and clean, as I did laundry today.

How to fold a hoodie

How to fold a hoodie

On the left side, do the standard clothing fold: one side over, and bring the arm down. You got it.

How to fold a hoodie

Repeat. Your hoodie should be somewhat straight and neatly aligned.

How to fold a hoodie

Now for the tricky part! FOLDING. Rather than folding 3 sections equally, you’re gonna fold just 2! I know. It will work! You’re reading my snap-guide remember? So, fold one end short (!) like this.

How to fold a hoodie

. and fold the rest over snugly. Two sections. Great job. I like a firm pillow. If you want it loose, don’t fold as tight.

How to fold a hoodie

Almost there kids. Now, take the actual *hood* of your hoodie, and cover the lower half you folded. For fun, I made mine peak like this. It isn’t necessary.

How to fold a hoodie

Flip it over. Shove the folded part into the hood. Like a stack of papers going into a pouch.

How to fold a hoodie

Tightly pull those hoodie strings you never use!

How to fold a hoodie

Lo and behold! 😮 You have a pillow.

How to fold a hoodie

There it is. The solution for an aching neck, and heavy head on car rides and other travels. Save your $8 and make a hoodie pillow.

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How to fold a hoodie

How to fold a hoodie

How to fold a hoodie

How to fold a hoodie

Originally published February 19, 2018 and updated on September 30, 2020.

With five people in my family, I feel like I’m an expert on laundry and folding clothes – an expert’s expert. With five people, we have many (probably too many) sweatshirts in our home. With all that folding experience, I’ve figured out how to fold a sweatshirt in the best way that works for us.

How to fold a hoodie

This one folding method works well whether you choose to stack the sweatshirts or fold and file them in a drawer.

How to fold a hoodie

Figuring out how to fold a sweatshirt may seem like a small thing, but it’s often the small improvements that make a real impact on your day-to-day life.

How many times have you fought to pull a sweatshirt out of a drawer and then stuff the other ones that came out too back into the drawer? Or how many times have you wrestled to pull the sweatshirt you want out of the bottom of the stack of sweatshirts, only to have them all come unfolded and fall over? Argh!

I figure there are enough little hassles in life that anything I can do to reduce a hassle or two is worth it. This sweatshirt folding method doesn’t take any longer and helps keep my sweatshirts neatly organized.

How to Fold a Sweatshirt

Let’s start with what didn’t work for me.

How to fold a hoodie

I used to fold sweatshirts like t-shirts. I folded each arm in and then folded the sweatshirt in half. I found that the arms of the sweatshirt always fell out of the neatly folded package. And that drove me crazy. I’d stand in the closet and try to neatly fold it again while standing up.

One day in frustration I discovered how to fold a sweatshirt that’s quick and easy and keeps the sleeves in place when it’s folded.

Best Way to Fold a Sweatshirt

Step 1 – Fold the sweatshirt in half. Smooth any wrinkles out and match the sleeves up.

How to fold a hoodie

Step 2 – Fold the sleeves into the body of the sweatshirt.

How to fold a hoodie

If it’s a larger sweatshirt, I fold the shoulder farther into the body and then fold the sleeve back on itself.

Step 3 – Fold the sweatshirt in half.

How to fold a hoodie

Step 4 – Fold all the sweatshirts in the same manner. This keeps all sweatshirt approximately the same size for each size sweatshirt.

How to fold a hoodie

You can easily stack the folded sweatshirts on a shelf. The pile will stay neatly in place. If you have multiple sizes stored together, keep sweatshirts of the same size together and place the largest sweatshirts at the bottom of the pile.

How to fold a hoodie

Fold the sweatshirt in half one more time and you can easily file the sweatshirts in a drawer or on a shelf. I prefer folding and filing sweatshirts because it’s so easy to see everything at once and then pick the one you want.

Get my 37-page How to Fold Clothes ebook now with images and directions for folding all types of clothing.

How to fold a hoodie

No tumbling through a stack of sweatshirts to find the one you want. Folding and filing sweatshirts saves steps when you select the one you want:

If you are a teenager, it’ll seem like a needless task and if you’re a hardworking mama, you are definitely tired of folding the same clothes multiple times a day.
The next time you open your closet, it looks like a heap of garbage if you don’t learn how to quickly and awesomely (yeah we just made that word up) fold your clothes, especially the pesky hoodies.

Why not just let them be strewn all over the room; under the bed, on the chair? (Maybe because you don’t live in a jungle and the hardworking is going to spank you if your room isn’t clean and shiny).

This is for all the neat-freaks Monica Gellers out there. Let’s learn how to fold some hoodies.

How to fold a hoodie compactly?

  1. Pick your hoodie up.
  2. Stand in front of a flat surface whether it might be a bed or an iron stand.
  3. Put own your hoodie on the surface, the front facing-down.
  4. Now cuff the arms of the hoodie in the back (Imagine you are a cop that caught Pablo Escobar 🔫)
  5. The head of the hoodie must be face down like he is embarrassed because of his crimes.
  6. Bend the lower half of the hoodie horizontally and cover the upper half with it. It will look like a hoodie is kneeling down and has submitted itself to you. Remember the arms are now covered by a lowered half.

NOTE: THE ABOVE POINT IS IMPORTANT AND HARD TO UNDERSTAND. READ IT AGAIN. Or visit this page if you still don’t get it.

  1. Now bend half of the hoodie vertically, place it on top of the lower half.
  2. Fold the shirt again horizontally.
  3. Raise the hood and tuck the layers in it in the same way you cover the pillow with a pillow sheet.

Pick it up and be proud of your work!

How to fold a hoodie for display?

Why display? Well, if you have a super-awesome hoodie like this one, you’d definitely want to show it off to the haters.

  1. Stretch your hoodie out on an even surface.
  2. Fold the shirt on both sides perpendicularly on the junction of neck and shoulder. (We’re sorry for using big words like perpen, sorry—perpedic, oh…—perdiecpe. Never mind, I can’t pronounce it)
  3. Start folding from the bottom in the shape of a square, it will make 2 or three layers.
  4. Turn it over, cover it with a hood.

Too lazy to read? Here’s some live hoodie-folding action.

Stack them in your closet and they’ll never bother you again. You can call yourself orderly, organized and get all the appreciation you want.

How to fold a hoodie into a bag?

There are many situations in which you can turn a hoodie into a bag:

  1. The used, unwanted hoodies you have swooped out of your cupboard.
  2. Your hoodies are old as hell, but you love them so much you won’t throw them away.
  3. You are obsessed with your laptop and want to keep evil eyes off it. (Yes, you can tuck that baby in a hoodie bag)

Let’s make hoodies useful. Because recycling is always better than throwing things away.

🤔 Enough, we don’t want a pep talk just tell us how to fold the damn thing?

How to turn a hoodie into a laptop bag?

⚠️ Word of Caution: It should not be a zipper hoodie because the zipper might scratch your laptop. Choose from these awesome hoodies if you don’t have one.

  1. Spread the hoodie on a flat surface front down, arms stretched on both sides, just like you throw yourself on the bed after a long exhausting day.

How to fold a hoodie

  1. Place your laptop on the lower half of the hoodie.

How to fold a hoodie

  1. Turn over the laptop along with the lower part of the hoodie. Now your laptop is below the neckline of the hoodie.

How to fold a hoodie

  1. Cover the laptop with the hood.

How to fold a hoodie

  1. Tie both arms together, and use them as a strap to hang the hoodie on your shoulders like a cool teen from the 90s.

How to fold a hoodie

And sadly, we’ll end it here. If you have any ideas that we missed, hit us up. If it’s good enough to write a Yammeya blog on, we’ll gift you a hoodie that you can spend the 2021 winter in.

How to fold a hoodie

Even though hoodies come in different sizes and designs, there are two issues that always seem to occur with them. They either take up way too much space because we can’t fold them properly, or that string hanging out of the hood is annoyingly uneven or has fallen out.

Do you know how to fix these two issues? Do you know how to fold and restring a hoodie? If you’re an adult and your mom doesn’t help you with your laundry, you should. Not knowing how to fold and restring a hoodie can cause quite a mess.

To help you out, we have prepared a simple guide on how to handle your hoodies properly.

Part 1: Folding a Hoodie

We already mentioned that hoodies are pretty big but keeping your closet tidy is rather important. Those two concepts seem super-conflicted, right? We feel you. Believe us, we understand that folding clothes is a pain in the neck (to put it mildly).

But what if we told you folding hoodies isn’t as scary as you make it out to be? To prove that, we have chosen two different folding techniques that will help you organize your closet better.

Method #1: A Simple Square Fold

This technique comes in handy primarily when you want to stack your hoodies in your closet. However, it has proven quite useful on long road trips or flights. Namely, a hoodie folded like this can serve as a pillow!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Lay the hoodie face-down on a flat surface so that every part of fabric is completely flattened.
  2. Fold the left sleeve across the hoodie. The top of the sleeve should form a straight line.
  3. Fold the sleeve downward, folding the shoulder area at a 45-degree angle. Make sure it is even with the hoodie.
  4. Repeat the process with the right sleeve. When folding the shoulder area at a 45-degree angle, make sure the sleeves are aligned with the torso part.
  5. Time to fold the torso itself. Take the bottom part of the hoodie and fold it up by a third. Then fold it once more.
  6. Flip the hood over the folded torso.
  7. Finally, invert the hood, turn it inside and cover the torso part so that it stays in place. The shape you will get should be a square.

You should be able to neatly stack multiple hoods on top of each other.

Method #2: The KonMari Method

If you don’t have a lot of closet space, but you just can’t bear the thought of not owning hoodies, you’re in luck. Marie Kondo, a world-renowned tidying expert, comes to your rescue with her folding method.

The result of this strategy is somewhat neater, and it even takes up much less space! The reason behind it is that Marie suggests storing hoodies vertically, inside drawers!

Sounds like laundry Sci-Fi, right? Well, it’s possible! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Lay the hoodie on a flat surface, making sure it is facing down.
  2. Imagine a vertical line going through the middle.
  3. Fold one side of the hoodie near the imaginary line, but not exactly on it.
  4. Fold the sleeves inward, and make sure they’re neat.
  5. Fold the hood up, flatten it out, and tuck the string in.
  6. Visually split the structure you got into vertical thirds.
  7. Fold into thirds.

If your folded hoodie can stand without any support, you did it right. If not, start over. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Part 2: Restringing a Hoodie

Most hoods are designed in such a way that they have a string which allows us to adjust them. The string goes through two holes, one on the front, bottom left and the other one on the front, bottom right of the hoodie. To tighten our hood, you simply have to pull on the string.

Sometimes, however, you accidentally pull the string out, or even worse — the washing machine does it for you! In either case, do we have to explain how annoying and time-consuming restringing is?

You can’t wear the hoodie if the string is not there — it feels like an important part is missing. So does that mean you can throw that hoodie out?

Lucky for you, we know not one, but two techniques that just might help you!

Method #1: Stapler and Straw Method

This method is so easy that, once you master it, you will be able to restring your hoodie in a matter of minutes! To get started, you will need a stapler and a straw.

  1. Take the plastic head of the string, and push it into the straw. You can stop pushing when the string is about half an inch into the straw.
  2. Use the stapler to secure the string inside the straw. Make sure that you staple it vertically.
  3. Push the straw into one of the hoodie holes, and keep going until the straw reaches the other hole.
  4. After adjusting the length of the string, remove the staple and the straw.

Method #2: The Safety Pin

If you don’t have a straw handy, don’t worry. Everyone has at least one safety pin lying around!

Essentially, this method is similar to the first one, though you have to pay attention not to hurt yourself! You also need to make sure that the pin is small enough to pass through the hoodie hole.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the pin and pierce through the end of the string, right after the head.
  2. Put the pin inside the hole of the hoodie.
  3. Hold the pin firmly through the fabric, and slowly start pushing its way through. It might take a bit of time but, eventually, the pin will end up on the other side.
  4. When you adjust the length of the string, remove the pin and you’re done!

To Summarize

It goes without saying that hoodies are such an awesome piece of clothing, especially in cold weather. They’re versatile, fashionable, durable, and comfy! In our daily lives, it is important to be effective and these guides on how to fold and restring a hoodie just might do the trick. We understand how dreadful and time-consuming folding and restringing can be, so we hope this guide gave you the nudge you needed.