How to fold a wheelchair

All manual wheelchairs and transport wheelchairs fold down for easy transport – the vast majority fold the same way!* Check out the videos below for more information.

How to fold a wheelchair

How To Fold A Wheelchair

  1. Activate the wheel locks
  2. Stand beside the chair.
  3. Grip the front and back of the seat with each hand and pull up.
  4. The chair will collapse inward like an accordion.

Watch our video.

How To Unfold A Wheelchair

  1. Place the chair on a firm surface and stand in front of it.
  2. Using both hands, push down on both sides of the inside seat (rail).
  3. Make sure the chair “locks” into place.
  4. The seat should be flat with the side seat poles firmly placed in the frame groove.

How to Fold A Wheelchair Seat Back

Some wheelchairs and transport chairs have a feature that allows you to fold the back of the chair for storage and travel.

On the back of the chair, along the side poles (near the halfway mark), there are levers that allow the chair to be folded down. Press on these to levers to release the back from its locked position. When returning the back to a seating position, make sure it is locked into place.

How to Remove a Wheelchair’s Quick Release Axle Wheels

For wheelchairs that come with Quick Release Axle Wheels, the wheels can be removed with these easy steps:

  1. Press the center of the wheel with your thumb.
  2. While pressing, pull the wheel outward.
  3. The wheel should come loose in your hands.

When putting the wheels back on the chair, follow the same steps in the opposite order.

Note: the center of the wheel must be pressed to remove or replace the wheel.

*Rigid frame wheelchairs fold slightly different from basic wheelchairs. With a rigid wheelchair frame, remove the wheels and fold the back down for easy transport and storage.

A wheelchair is an equipment that is used by people who are unable to walk due to an injury or illness. It comes in useful if a person has had a spinal cord injury or a stroke and the weakness or paralysis necessitates using the wheelchair to transport within the home or outside.

A suitable wheelchair helps the user to move about independently allowing to carry out their day to day physical activity, pushing around and conducting the normal activities by increasing overall physical activity levels and mobility. It also assists to perform the intended chores within the home more safely.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are various types of wheelchairs to suit the individual’s injury or handicap, ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty and foldable. Electric wheelchairs are propelled with a motor. It is controlled with a joystick or a device to steer, start, and stop operation. These are the heavy-duty wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are pushed with your arms.

To make it easier for the user or caregiver, the wheelchairs are designed with either self-propelled or transit operation and manufactured with durable aluminum frames.

Generally, a wheelchair features a seat with four wheels for transportation. The rear wheels are bigger with rims to push the chair forward, backward, or turn.

How to Unfold / Fold Wheelchairs

All wheelchairs are not the same, but your wheelchair may be different, therefore, if it is difficult to fold or unfold your wheelchair, consulting your doctor or physical therapist for assistance is recommended. Usually, first-time users may find this task a bit difficult until they get used to mastering it.


Firstly, ensure the wheelchair is on solid even ground to unfold the device. Stand opposite the wheelchair, hold the left and seat rail, and slowly push it down as the wheelchair will unfold with this action. Continue to push downwards until the wheelchair is fully unfolded. Thereafter lock the brakes to enable someone to sit in the wheelchair.

Take the precaution of not getting your fingers pinched as the seat gets ready to be fully opened.


Always make sure the wheelchair’s brakes are locked. Stand on one side of the wheelchair and hold the seat with one hand at the back and the other hand at the front. Thereafter lift the seat to enable it to fold in half and the wheels should close together.

How ILS Can Help You Make the Right Choice

Independent Living Specialists has solutions for any injury, medical condition, or recovery from an illness. They have the correct wheelchair suitable for any predicament that arises.

If you are undecided between a wheelchair and a mobility scooter, our previous blog can help you narrow down a choice. You can read it here.

Their knowledgeable and well-trained staff are quite capable of recommending a suitable wheelchair according to the customer’s assessment. ILS customer care is strengthened further, with their dedicated wheelchair seating specialists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists present in their stores throughout Australia. These individuals are hands-on to help the customer to choose the correct wheelchair. They understand the customer’s special needs with a medical condition or disability and are committed to giving the best advice.

Ausmedic, Drive Medical, Invacare, Days Healthcare, and Max Mobility are some of the branded wheelchairs supplied by Independent Living Specialists. You can browse through the best wheelchairs here.

How to fold a wheelchair

Do I Know How to Fold a Wheelchair?

A Wheelchair is a piece of equipment used by people who are unable to walk due to a particular condition or injury.

If you’ve had spinal cord injury or a heart attack, you may have a particular condition where you have developed paralysis or weakness and need a Wheelchair to help you move about your house or outdoors.

Smaller injuries such as a leg or foot fracture may cause you to use a Wheelchair as well.

What is a Foldable Wheelchair?

Foldable Wheelchair is practically comprised of a seat frame with four wheels. Foldable wheelchairs are different than rigid chairs because they allow a user to fold and store the frame of the chair without needed much effort.

Sometimes the rear wheels are bigger than the front wheels, this is usually a manual self-propel Wheelchair. Wheels that are small on front and rear, are transport manual wheelchairs that require a caretaker to push the user.

How to Unfold the Wheelchair

To unfold your Wheelchair you should first find some room on an even surface where you can fully open the chair. You should grab the seat of the Wheelchair with one hand in the front and the other hand in the back.

You should push the seat down by putting pressure on the middle of the seat.

When opening the Wheelchair, the wheels and sides of the frame should start to push away from one another. You should push the seat all the way down until it is in a fully open position.

The Wheelchair should be ready for use after following the steps outlined above. For safety reasons, always make sure that the brakes are locked before attempting to sit in the chair.

How to Fold the Wheelchair?

Apply the brakes on the chair before attempting to fold. To apply the brakes, you should be able to push down on the levers above the wheels on each side.

You should now stand in front of the Wheelchair and grab the seat of the chair with one hand on the front an one on the back.

You should lift up the seat slowly by pushing the bottom side of the seat upwards, the seat should fold in half and the wheels should move close together.

How to fold a wheelchair

How to fold a wheelchair

Paediatric Folding Wheelchair

A lightweight, self-propelled children’s wheelchair featuring a multi-coloured, folding aluminium frame. The chair has a folding backrest, lift-up armrests, and fixed height footrests. Available in one size only.

  • Description
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  • Lift-away armrests to enable desk and dining table entry
  • Folding backrest for easy storage and transportation
  • Fold back footrests
  • Solid front castors, 22″ rear wheels
  • Removable soft seat and back cushion
  • Total width 51cm
  • Folded wheelchair width 32cm
  • Seat width 35cm
  • Seat height 48cm
  • Seat depth 36cm
  • Total wheelchair height 90cm
  • Total length 97cm
  • Maximum user weight 75kg
  • Wheelchair weight 12.5kg
  • Powder coated in bright rainbow colour combination of orange, blue, red, and green.


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How to fold a wheelchair

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The 2 in 1 walker and wheelchair combination is ideal for those who need extra assistance. This product caters for those who wish to use it as a walker for the majority of time, but may temporarily need to use it as a transit wheelchair when on extended outings.

How to fold a wheelchairHow to fold a wheelchair

Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

Featuring a new stylish lightweight construction, the Merits Manual Wheelchair is easy to handle and with push-button, quick release rear wheels, it makes transportation trouble-free. Available in 16″ or 18″ seat widths.

How to fold a wheelchair

Nimbo Childrens Walker

The Nimbo Posture Walker supports the user from the rear encouraging upright posture and trunk extension, suitable for children with Cerebal Palsy and other neurological conditions.

This walker is available in multiple colours and sizes.

How to fold a wheelchair

Swift Manual Wheelchair

The Swift Self Propelled Wheelchair is one of the lightest weight wheelchairs on the market with a net weight (wheels removed) of 7.8kg.

This wheelchair is perfect for those needing to transport a wheelchair on a regular basis. It has ultra light construction and is easy to fold for storage.

Free in-home wheelchair demonstration* throughout the greater Brisbane region. Mobility And You also offers Wheelchair Hire – click here to see our wheelchair hire rates, available to the north Brisbane region.

How to fold a wheelchair

Link Manual Wheelchair

The LInk Self Propelled Wheelchair is a lightweight adaptable wheelchair suitable for fulltime users. It is designed for maximum practicality and adaptability

Free in-home wheelchair demonstration* throughout the greater Brisbane region. Mobility And You also offers Wheelchair Hire – click here to see our wheelchair hire rates, available to the north Brisbane region.

How to fold a wheelchairHow to fold a wheelchair

20″ Multi-feature Aluminium Wheelchair

With the ability to make adjustment to the height of the armrests, backrest height & depth, and seat height & depth for the user, this 20″ wheelchair is a highly adaptable option! Not only is it highly modifiable, it features quick-release rear wheels, half-folding backrest, flip-back armrests, and attendant brakes!

How to fold a wheelchairHow to fold a wheelchair

Paediatric Tilt in Space Wheelchair

A paediatric tilt in space wheelchair designed to aid those users who experience pressure issues as result of extended periods of sitting. Easy-to-engage tilt feature with left and right side trigger controls. Multi-position head rest. Swingaway, height adjustable leg rests that are removable for desk and dining entry. Cushioned thoracic support and centre abduction wedge. Upper body safety harness. Medium density foam seat and back cushion, with removable covers for cleaning.

Folds and Unfolds Wheelchair [ edit | edit source ]

Description and Rationale [ edit | edit source ]

The learner folds or takes apart the unoccupied wheelchair to make it as small as possible, and then restores it to its original condition. For transport or storage, the size or weight of the wheelchair may need to be reduced. This can be done by folding the wheelchair.Removal of the rear wheels or other parts is a useful way to further diminish the size and weight of the wheelchair.

General Training Tips [ edit | edit source ]

Fold Wheelchair: [ edit | edit source ]

  • The learner should pay attention to each item as he/she removes or alters it, to ensure that he/she will be able to reassemble the chair later.
  • The learner should remove anything that may prevent folding (such as the cushion, rigid seat, backrest or knapsack).
  • To remove a rigid seat or backrest, the learner may need to release restraining devices.
  • For rear wheels that can be removed without tools, there is usually a release mechanism at the center of the axle, a button or lever that needs to be depressed. If the wheel does not come off easily, the learner should check to be sure the wheel lock is not on and that the rear wheel is off the ground.
  • To fold a cross-braced wheelchair (one that becomes narrower from side to side when folded), the learner should first clear the footrests (e.g. by flipping them up, swinging them away or removing them).
  • To fold a cross-braced wheelchair more easily, the learner should position the wheelchair so that he/she is on one side of it. The learner should then tip the chair slightly toward him/herself so that the wheels on the side away from him/her are off the ground. This eliminates the friction between the far-side rear wheel and the ground and allows gravity to assist in folding the wheelchair. The learner should then pull the seat or seat rails upwards, with one or both hands, to fold the chair.
  • For a rigid-frame wheelchair with a fold-down back, although the frame cannot be folded, the learner can often make the chair easier to transport by folding down the back. The learner may need to release any restraining devices before he/she can do so. After folding the wheelchair, if the wheelchair does not have a latch mechanism to prevent the wheelchair from opening while it is being lifted, it may be helpful to use a strap.
  • When lifting a folded wheelchair for which the rear wheels cannot be removed, injury can occur if the unlocked rear wheels are grasped, because the frame will be free to rotate.
  • It may be possible to reduce the weight and size of the wheelchair by removing the armrests and footrests.
  • The push-handles of some wheelchairs can be folded to further reduce the wheelchair dimensions.

Unfold Wheelchair: [ edit | edit source ]

  • Generally, the learner should reverse the steps used to fold the wheelchair and in roughly reverse order (e.g. starting by putting the rear wheels back on and finishing with putting the cushion back in place).
  • To replace the rear wheels it may be necessary to push the quick-release plunger to allow the axle to get into the housing. To check that the axle is fully seated, the plunger should be out and it should not be possible to pull the rear wheel off.
  • The learner should be careful not to tangle the seatbelt (if any) under the seat.
  • To get the process of opening a cross-braced wheelchair started, the learner should use the push-handles to lift the rear wheels off the ground (thereby avoiding friction with the ground) and separate the push-handles.
  • The learner usually needs to push the seat rails back down into the starting position. The learner should keep the fingers on top of the rails to prevent them from being pinched.
  • For wheelchairs with backrests that fold forward, the backrest may lock in the folded position, necessitating a release of the locking mechanism to unfold the backrest.
  • The learner should put the cushion back on the seat properly before transferring back into the chair.

Progression: [ edit | edit source ]

Once the learner is able to fold and unfold the wheelchair, he/she can progress toward full use of this skill by putting the folded wheelchair up on the transfer bench and into his/her vehicle.

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How to fold a wheelchair

Be more mobile with a lightweight folding wheelchair that is perfect for your travels.

Read more

Product features

  • Half folding back mechanism
  • Attendant handbrakes slow down or lock in place
  • Solid puncture proof tyres
  • Supportive metal side panels
  • Supports users up to 18 stone
  • Easily fold for storage and transport
  • Lightweight and portable at just 11kg
  • Quick-release swing out foot rests
  • Height adjustable foot rests

The ECTR01 lightweight folding wheelchair is ideal for occasional use or as a secondary transit wheelchair. At just 11kg it’s lightweight enough to load into the boot of a car and can be ready to use in seconds.

  • Measurements
  • Height: 94cm
  • Width: 57cm
  • Depth: 100cm
  • Seat Measurements
  • Seat Height: 50cm
  • Seat Width: 48cm
  • Seat Depth: 40cm
  • Folded Measurements
  • Folded Height: 75cm
  • Folded Width: 27cm
  • Folded Depth: 66cm
  • Weight
  • Weight Capacity: 18 stone
  • Total Weight: 11kg
  • Gap Measurements
  • Gap Between Front Seat Bars: 43cm
  • Armrest and Footrest Measurements
  • Armrest Height: 25cm
  • Footrest Height From Floor Max: 18cm
  • Footrest Height From Floor Min: 9cm
  • Tyre Measurements
  • Solid Front Tyres: 20cm
  • Puncture Proof Rear Tyres: 32cm

Unfortunately our couriers charge extra for some UK Addresses Outside of England and Wales (This applies to some Scotland, Northern Ireland, and all Island addresses) We also cannot offer express shipping to these areas.

Surcharges are as follows £10 for small items £100 for large items (this will be determined when you enter your postcode)

Standard Delivery

This is our couriers standard doorstep delivery. The product will be in its box, for larger items you may need assistance getting it into you home and set up.

Home Set up Delivery

We aim to do this within 5 working days or on a day which is convenient for you. Deliveries to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands will be delivered boxed up to the door only. You will receive text and email updates throughout the delivery process so please ensure that you have given us the correct contact details for the recipient. We are unable to change a delivery address once we receive the order so please make sure your address is correct at checkout. Any urgent changes to addresses once your order is shipped will be subject to a £25 fee.

Our Returns Policy

Once you’ve bought a product, we’ll give you 14 days to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied.

During this time, we will refund the price of the product in full. In this case, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the item to us as the below address.

Fenetic Wellbeing
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Off Haincliffe Rd,
BD21 5BU

As a guide item such as wheelchairs and walkers will cost around £25 to return and large items including chairs and scooters will be £65+ depending on location and packaging required. These are our estimated costs, you may be able to return an item cheaper yourself using your own chosen courier.

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on product(s) that are built to order, have been adapted to suit your requirements, or for products that can void Health & Safety regulations if used e.g. incontinence, bathroom or toilet products. A refund can only be given if the product(s) arrives faulty, damaged or incorrect. This includes British Made beds and rise recliner chairs which are made to order such as custom colours and sizes.

Faulty or Defective Products

If you find your product to be faulty or defective please contact us to inform us of this. Once we have been notified of this we will then work with you to resolve this issue and get the item back to us for a full refund if needed.

We will examine the product and notify you of your refund as soon as possible. Products returned by you because of a defect will be refunded in full.

We will issue refunds using the same method originally used by you to pay for the product.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 5677618, or send an email to [email protected]

On this page, we’ll try to answer any questions you might have about VAT relief, and guide you through the process of buying mobility products free from VAT.

What is VAT relief?

VAT relief is a government scheme to help reduce the cost of products designed to make independent living easier. If you are disabled or have a long-term illness, you do not have to pay VAT on certain products.

Which products qualify for VAT relief?

To make it easier, qualifying products are shown with a VAT-free price. These products include:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Riser recliners
  • Wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps
  • Walking aids (rollators, tri walkers, and Zimmer frames)
  • Mobility scooters and batteries
  • Household and bathroom mobility aids

Who qualifies for VAT relief?

If you are chronically sick or disabled, and the mobility products are for your own personal or domestic use, you may be exempt from paying VAT.

This also applies to charities that make mobility products available for personal or domestic use.

If you qualify, we’ll simply charge you the VAT-free amount. You do not have to pay up front and then reclaim the VAT from the government.

As much as we’d love to offer VAT relief to everyone, the price of mobility products is not affected by age alone.

Where can I get more information about VAT relief?

You can find more general information on VAT relief on the government website.

You can also call 0800 567 7618 to speak to a friendly member of our team who will be able to help.

I have a registered illness or disability – how do I make a VAT purchase?

Upon checkout, we will ask you to give us some details about your VAT exemption.

Simply select your illness or disability from the list of qualifying medical conditions, and supply the name of the person to which the VAT relief applies.

Once you have completed the form, simply follow the instructions to checkout as normal.

If something is still unclear, don’t worry. Simply pick up the phone and speak to a friendly member of our team on 0800 567 7618.

How to fold a wheelchair

Quickie lightweight wheelchairs are an extension of yourself, a perfect match to your active lifestyle and an expression of your personality!

The Xenon 2 Range of manual folding wheelchairs are designed to provide premium control, excellent driving performance and are highly adjustable to suit you and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for one of the very best in driving dynamics or compact folding dimensions, there’s a Xenon² just for you.

Will it be the clean, streamlined design of the Xenon² FF? Alternatively how about the reinforced rigidity of the Xenon² Dual? Or the practical portability of the Xenon² SA? Whichever one of the three feature-packed models you choose, the sophisticated elegance of the Xenon² will always make you the centre of attention.

Xenon² FF

One of the lightest folding wheelchairs in the world. From just 4.9kgs* and with a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, the Xenon² FF is a ultra-lightweight folding wheelchair that’s easy to fold, lift and transport. It’s been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you’d expect from a rigid, active wheelchair with a fixed-front frame for a clean, streamlined design, and innovative technology. The Xenon² FF is the ideal match for those with a very active lifestyle who demand an ultra-lightweight yet stiff manual wheelchair for maximum driving performance.

Xenon² Dual

The Xenon² Dual has all the benefits of a lightweight wheelchair with no compromises in terms of rigidity. From just under 9.5kg and with a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, the Xenon² Dual is easy to fold, lift and transport. It features a reinforced fixed-front frame to provide maximum rigidity, efficient driving performance and an increased maximum user weight of 140 kg. The Xenon² Dual is also ideal for use with the ATTITUDE range of wheelchair add on hand bikes.

Xenon² SA

One of the lightest folding wheelchairs in the world, now with swing-away legrests. From just 10.3kg and with a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, Xenon² SA folding wheelchair is easy to fold, lift and transport. It has been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you’d normally expect from a rigid wheelchair but with the convenience of a folding lightweight frame. With a reinforced swing-away front frame for easy standing transfers in and out of your manual wheelchair, the Xenon² SA also has the most compact folded dimensions for easy portability by car.

How to fold a wheelchair

Economy Telescopic Channel Ramps 4ft – 12ft long

How to fold a wheelchair

Telescopic Economy Channel Ramps 4ft – 7ft long

How to fold a wheelchair

Wheelchair Ramp Kit With Handrails 6ft – 8ft

How to fold a wheelchair

Rubber Threshold Ramps up to 4inch high

Here at The Ramp People we sell a great selection of economy wheelchair ramps, suitable for all your needs around the home and outside.

All manufacturing processes are carried out using the very best materials and equipment. For easily portable wheelchair ramps you can choose between folding or multi-fold wheelchair ramps for sale right here online, we also have a wheelchair ramp calculator to determine the exact lengths you need.

The non-slip surface on all of our wheelchair ramps is glued onto the metal ramp. Therefore these ramps are not suitable to be kept outside and exposed to weather.

The Ramp People’s folding and non-folding wheelchair ramps are among the UK’s best selling wheelchair ramps and are used extensively by the NHS, nursing homes and other industries.

We manufacture several different types of economy wheelchair ramps: Folding Wheelchair Ramps and Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Please also have a look at our Premium Wheelchair Ramps.

Our entire range of disabled ramps are available VAT free for eligible individuals or charities.

If you think our wheelchair ramps displayed are not suited to your requirements please do not hesitate to contact our team. We build a lot of bespoke ramps to suit customers specific needs and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.