How to fold boxer briefs

Okay, folding is no one’s favorite thing to do, so chances are you probably don’t want to fold your underwear. But you should! From saving time and space, to as fans of Marie Kondo would say, literally changing your life, folding your underwear can do a lot more than you might think. So here’s how to fold underwear for all your favorite sustainable underwear .

The Perfect Pair of Minimalist Underwear

The Perfect Pair of

Minimalist Underwear


It’s easy to mindlessly throw your underwear into a drawer and call it a day, but the benefits of taking a few extra minutes to learn how to fold underwear might be more than you expect.

Folding your underwear can:

  • Save Time: Underwear is the first item of clothing you put on when you get dressed, and digging around for the right pair is time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Save Space: Underwear, even boxers, don’t consist of a ton of fabric, but you’d be amazed at how much less space they take up when they’re folded the right way.
  • Help You Ditch Unwanted Underwear: When your underwear is organized and neat, you’ll notice which pairs you never wear, so you can figure what to do with old underwear , in an eco-friendly way, of course.
  • Make Packing Better: When you know how to roll your underwear, you can fit so much more in your luggage, and it’ll actually stay organized and neat wherever you go.
  • Reduce Wrinkles: Folded underwear means fewer wrinkles, so whether you’re the only one seeing them or not, you’ll be a lot more put together down there.
  • Provide The Health Benefits Of Organization: Folding your underwear is a way to be more organized, and there are a lot of science-backed benefits to organization like reduced stress and depression, improved eating habits, enhanced productivity, and more.

So, ready to learn how to fold underwear the best way? Let’s go.

6 Tips On How To Fold Underwear

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Thongs, bikinis, hipsters, and boy shorts probably seem like the most annoying underwear pieces to fold because they’re so tiny. But it’s crazy how much learning how to fold panties (even the smallest ones) can transform your drawer or suitcase.

And if you’re using any of these folding methods to pack for a trip or an adventure, make sure to store your favorite undies in our antibacterial hemp pouch , to keep everything even more organized, safe, and clean.

Here are the best methods for how to fold underwear like thongs, bikinis, hipsters, and boy shorts:


First up on how to fold panties and underwear is the square style, or as some people call it the KonMari folding method. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to fold and store your underwear, so it’s perfect no matter how much you may loathe folding.


Start with your underwear on a flat surface, with the front side facing down and the crotch end closest to you.


Smooth your underwear out and fold the crotch up to meet the top, so that it lines up with the waistband.


Fold each side of the waistband in towards the center, starting with one side.

Then the other side, making a little square or rectangle.


Flip your panties over, and they’re ready to store. This folding method is perfect for saving space by stacking underwear or filing underwear away vertically.

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Now that you know how to fold panties into a square, it’s time to master how to roll underwear, starting with the simple roll. I promise this is way, way easier than making even the simplest sushi roll.


Lay your underwear on a flat surface, with the front side facing up, and the crotch side closest to you.


Smooth your underwear out with your hands to avoid any wrinkling, and then fold one side of the waistband in towards the center.

And then the other side, so that they overlap.


Then start rolling the waistband towards the crotch area. Try to keep your roll as tight as you can!

When you’re done, you should have a neat and tight underwear roll ready to store. The simple roll doesn’t stay together as great as the next folding method, but it’s a fast way to save space in your underwear drawer.

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The roll and tuck takes learning how to roll underwear to the next level, creating a more compact underwear roll that won’t come apart.


Lay your underwear on a flat surface in front of you, face down, and upside down (so the waistband should be the part closest to you).


Smooth your underwear out with your hand, so it’s wrinkle-free, and then start tightly rolling the waistband in towards the crotch, but not all the way (three or four rolls should do the trick).


Once you’re done rolling, flip your underwear over (now the bit of unrolled crotch should be closest to you).


Fold each side of the waistband in towards the center, so they overlap each other. Start with folding one side.

Then fold the other side.

Then fold the crotch over to line up with the top of the bundle.


At this point, you should have a little pocket created on the backside of your underwear roll, where your index fingers should be.

Tuck one index finger under each side of the waistband, and keep one thumb on each side of the other fabric. Use your index fingers to push the waistband towards you as your thumbs push the rest of the fabric down and away.

Keep tucking the fabric into the waistband using your index fingers and thumbs, until you can’t push anymore!

When you’re done, you’re left with a perfectly tucked roll that won’t come apart until you’re ready to put on your undies.

This method is a little harder than the simple roll, but after a few tries, it becomes a pretty quick organization hack.

On top of keeping your drawers organized, this method for how to roll underwear is perfect for traveling because it won’t come apart, no matter how much turbulence your luggage goes through.

Now that you know how to fold panties, it’s time to move on to undies with a bit more fabric.

How to fold boxer briefs

Tommy John offers many styles of men’s underwear, all made from premium, moisture wicking fabric to keep your skin clean and dry, 24/7.

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What size Boxer Briefs should I wear? You should match your Boxer Briefs to your waist size. We’ve included easy to follow guides on every Boxer Brief page, but here they are in case you missed them:

Small (28-30” waist), Medium (31-34” waist), Large (35-38” waist), Extra Large (39-42” waist).

Our measurements fit true to size, so no need to size up or down.

What are Boxer Briefs? Where a Boxer Short meets a Brief. What does that mean? A longer, more modern length, but with the comfort and support of a Brief.

How to wear Boxer Briefs properly? For a visual reference, see the images on our individual Boxer Brief pages. The waistband should be about parallel with your hips, below your navel. The horizontal Quick DrawⓇ Fly should face forward, with the Contour Pouch giving you snug support.

How should Boxer Briefs fit? They should sit just below the belly button, with no pinching or rolling—and thanks to our Non-Marking Stay-Put Waistband, they never will. Our Boxer Brief inseams are on the longer side for added, non-restrictive comfort.

How to fold Boxer Briefs? Hold the waistband at each side between your thumb and forefinger directly in front of you. Bring your hands together until each side of the waistband touches its opposite. Then grab the leg and bring it up to the waistband. You should now have a smallish rectangle ready to store in your drawer.

How to fold boxer briefsLaundry day no longer has to be a disaster for your poor underwear drawer!

Folding Men’s Underwear can seem a little difficult when faced with uneven shapes, and elasticated waistbands. However, it’s not rocket science and doing it properly can free up much needed drawer space for even more underwear and make your favourite pair that much easier to find!

Lay your underwear out flat.

Smooth out your boxers or briefs on a flat surface with the crotch facing upwards. A firm surface such as table top or ironing board works best for precision folding.

Fold the left side of the men’s underwear into the middle. Then repeat with the right side.

This will create a rectangular tube of fabric. Make sure you don’t overlap the right and left edges of the underwear to prevent bunching.

Fold The Elasticated Waistband Down Into the middle of the shorts.

You can then bring the bottom of the underwear up to meet the waistband and tuck it inside.

This is a great method for underwear such as boxer shorts and boxer briefs which have plenty of fabric for tucking.

If you’d like a visual on how to fold basic men’s underwear types, check out this video from Judi The Organiser who shows three different methods for getting those underpants stowed away in flawless style!

These methods might not be great for things like jockstraps and men’s strings, but many of the principles will remain the same. Fold the bottom of the underpants up, then fold either side in to the middle of the pouch.

You’ll be glad that you got organised and learned how to fold men’s underwear when your drawer can hold twice as much jocks, briefs, and boxer shorts as before. What could possibly be better than a whole lot more excuses to indulge in some hot men’s underwear fashion?

3 Simple Ways To Fold Men’s Underwear Video

It seems how to fold underwear has been a hot topic here at Mama’s Laundry Talk, with two posts on underwear in the past week!

We’ll cover how to fold men’s boxers and then move on to something a little less…personal.

Start with lying the boxers flat and smoothing out the material with your hands.

How to fold boxer briefs

Fold the right side to the left side so the rear of the underwear is facing out.

How to fold boxer briefs

Pick up the boxers by the outer edges and give them a quick flap.

Place back down on your table so the two ends are closest to you and the “seam” edge is at the top.

How to fold boxer briefs

Bring the “seam” edge down until the boxers have a rectangular shape and smooth the material again.

How to fold boxer briefs

Finally, now fold the boxers from left to right, bringing the waistband end over to the legs. 

How to fold boxer briefs

How to fold boxer briefs

See how flat they lay in the last picture?  They stack or file beautifully in the drawer when they are folded in this way.

If boxers are exceptionally large or long-legged, you can fold them in thirds to take up less space in the drawer.

How to fold boxer briefs

The Marie Kondo way to fold shirts is the trendy new shirt-folding technique, but here’s a secret: Your mama was folding undershirts long before Marie Kondo, and you’ll be folding ‘em long after the tidying up craze fades.

You probably fold your undershirts, but do you fold your boxer briefs and socks? If not, maybe now’s the time to start. Proper folding frees up space in your drawers and helps you quickly find what you need. Follow our simple tips for folding underwear, socks, and undershirts.

How to Fold Undershirts

There are many ways to properly fold an undershirt; the best way is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Here’s a simple step-by-step technique we like:

  • Step 1: Lay your undershirt face down on a flat surface. Smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric.
  • Step 2: Take the first sleeve and bring it into the center of the shirt including the side of the shirt. It should be aligned perfectly along the long edge of the shirt.
  • Step 3: Follow the same step for the second sleeve. The folds of both sides and sleeves should be as evenly spaced as possible.
  • Step 4: Make sure all surfaces of the undershirt are as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles.
  • Step 5: Take the bottom of the shirt and fold it up towards the bottoms of the sleeves keeping the shirt as flat as you can.
  • Step 6: Fold the bottom part of the shirt again, so it comes up to the shoulders.
  • Step 7: Flip the shirt over and make sure the collar is flat.
  • Step 8: Smooth everything out and place in your drawer.

You can also use this technique for your T-shirts, casual polo shirts, short-sleeved collared tees, and other shirts.

The folding process works best when you take fresh, clean garments directly from the dryer.

How to Fold Boxer Briefs

Anyone who has served in our nation’s armed forces knows the best way to fold boxer briefs in the military. For those who’ve never served, here’s how to fold your underwear:

  • Step 1: Place your boxer briefs on an ironing board or another flat surface, making sure the waistband is at the top.
  • Step 2: Smooth out the fabric.
  • Step 3: Fold the waistband over the outside of the boxers about 2 inches. You will have to flip the boxers to do the back as well.
  • Step 4: Place them facing up and then make sure they are resting flat again.
  • Step 5: Fold the left side into the center of the boxers and smooth.
  • Step 6: Then, fold the right side all the way over to form a rectangle and smooth.
  • Step 7: Starting at the bottom and working up towards the waist, tightly roll your boxers keeping them as even as possible.
  • Step 8: Fold the waistband over the roll to keep it tightly in place. Place in your drawer.

How to fold boxer briefs

How to Fold Boxer Shorts

Folding boxer shorts requires a different approach than boxer briefs. The “Square Fold” adapts to the “slope” of the boxer design.

  • Step 1: Place your boxer on an ironing board or another flat surface, making sure the waistband is at the top.
  • Step 2: Smooth out the fabric.
  • Step 3: Fold the slope of the sides in on both sides by about two inches to create a rectangle.
  • Step 4: Fold the left side into the center of the boxers and smooth.
  • Step 5: Then fold the right side over to form a rectangle and smooth.
  • Step 6: Fold the top at the waistband down about 2 inches.
  • Step 7: Fold the bottom up towards the waistband and tuck it into the area of the waistband at the top to create a little bundle. Smooth and place in your drawer.

Proper folding frees up space in your drawers and helps you quickly find what you need.

How to Fold Socks

Our favorite sock-folding technique saves space in your drawer and prevents wear and tear on your socks:

  • Step 1: Adjust your socks so that the heel is facing up and the arch of the sock is face down.
  • Step 2: Place the socks one on top of the other as evenly as possible, heel side up.
  • Step 3: Adjust the socks so that the toes are at the bottom.
  • Step 4: Put four fingers on the heel of the sock and then fold the leg holes over to cover all four fingers.
  • Step 5: Keeping the toes flat, fold them up and tuck them into the top leg hole.
  • Step 6: Smooth and place in your drawer.

General Folding Rules

  • The folding process works best when you take fresh, clean garments directly from the dryer and fold them right away.
  • The key a proper fold is starting with a flat, clean surface, and adjusting and smoothing as you go.
  • The surface must be larger than the garment you are folding.
  • Make sure the surface is flat, or you won’t get achieve the desired fold.
  • Ideally, you want a surface that is counter height. Your washing machine might be a good choice because it is right beside the dryer, and it is flat and high enough.
  • An ironing board may work for socks and boxers, but it is too small for undershirts.

Shameless Plug

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When you go on a trip or tour, you have to carry more clothes and other things in a limited space. But then if your underwear is not folded well, it wastes limited space in your bag or luggage.

But how to fold men’s underwear to save space for bags or luggage and how to fold men’s underwear for travel? Both of these are the same questions that we will answer in this article.

In this article, we will tell you how to roll underwear and how to fold underwear very easily. And if you follow our ways, you can fold or roll underwear in less time. So without wasting time let’s know some of the best ways to fold men’s underwear.

How To Fold Men’s Underwear To Save Space?

Underwear is one of our daily necessities so we have to take it with us wherever we go on trips or tours.

But if our underwear is not folded well then it wastes space in our bags. And now we will tell you how to fold your underwear step by step. Well, folding underwear is not a time-consuming or difficult task.

First, flatten the underwear and place it so that the waistband is opposite you and the crotch is towards you. Then grab the crotch of the underwear and pull it up to the waistband.

Then pull the underwear from both sides and place it vertically on the crotch. You will see that your underwear is folded beautifully at the moment.

How To Fold Boxer Briefs?

How to fold boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the most comfortable underwear for men. And most men wear boxer briefs for any trip or tour. Men also wear boxer briefs to go to parties because boxer briefs are very comfortable to wear.

But if you can’t fold the boxer briefs properly before going on tour, it will take up extra space in your bag.

Now we will tell you how to fold a boxer brief in less time. However, one thing to say is that you can fold the boxer in the same way if you want because the boxer and the boxer brief are very similar. So if anyone wants to know how to fold boxers easily then this part is for you.

First, flatten your boxer or boxer briefs. The boxer or boxer brief should be placed in such a way that its waistband is opposite to yours. Then place one side of the boxer or boxer brief on the other side.

Place in such a way that the two sides are in a vertical position. Then fold the two sides again. Then fold the boxer or boxer brief 3 times from your side towards the waistband.

How To Fold Underwear Military Style?

How to fold underwear army style or military style? Both are the same questions. Military-style or army style, whatever you say, if you fold the underwear in this style, your underwear will not be tidy.

However, many people think that folding underwear in military style is difficult and time-consuming. But no, now we will tell you how to fold the underwear easily and in less time in military-style.

First, flatten the underwear and place the waistband opposite you. Then consider the middle of the underwear as a point and fold one side of the underwear along the middle.

Similarly, fold the other side of the underwear along the middle. Make sure to fold the two sides along the middle so that they are in a vertical position.

Now you will see that the underwear looks slim vertically. Then divide the underwear into 3 parts from the waistband and fold it towards you. Then insert your side of the underwear inside the layer of the waistband. You will see that the underwear is beautifully folded in military style.

How To Roll Underwear?

To many people, rolling underwear may seem a bit more difficult than folding. However, we tell you that it is much easier to roll underwear and when underwear is rolled, it takes up less space than folds. Let’s find out how to roll underwear.

First, flatten the underwear and pull one side 90 degrees and place it vertically on the other side and make sure the waistband is on the side.

Then grab the crotch of the underwear and fold it in half so that the crotch comes towards the waistband. Then roll the underwear from bottom to top and you will see that the underwear has rolled nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to fold men’s briefs?

A: You can fold men’s briefs in casual style or roll them to save drawer space in a short time.

Q: How to fold men’s boxers?

A: It’s easy to use military-style or causal style to fold men’s boxers properly.

Q: How to fold boxers in a drawer?

A: To fold boxers properly and save drawers spaces you should apply the military folding style, or underwear rolling style.

Q: How to fold jockstraps?

A: Easy, just roll the jockstrap, and using this method you can fold the jockstrap in a short time.

Final Words

In this article, we have told you how to fold and roll underwear. We have told you how to fold your underwear in different styles.

We told you about folding the most popular underwear-style boxer briefs and boxers for men. We are sure that after reading this article you will not have any hesitation or problem with underwear fold or roll.

I’ve noticed that when folding boxers and boxer briefs, they don’t really fit well with the ‘underwear’ method Marie outlines. Seems to be pretty effective for my wifes underwear, and I’d imagine it works well for briefs too. But boxers and boxer briefs? Not quite as well. I’ve come up with a couple potential options that are sort of combined konmari methods. I’ve tried out a couple different ones. Some work better than others I think, and some are more effective for different size storage. I would love to hear if anyone else has some pointers regarding this! Or if you find that one of these options work super well/terribly for you, I’d love to hear about it and get some feedback!

Fold them similar to women’s underwear, but then roll them into cylinders. Then stack the cylinders upright, side by side. Works pretty well if you’re drawers are pretty deep and perhaps not very wide. Downside- it can be a bit difficult to identify which pair you’re grabbing, especially if you’re looking for a specific pair.

Treating them similar to pants. Realistically, boxers and boxer briefs are shaped more like pants anyway. Or rather- shorts. That being said, when folded like women’s underwear, they end up at an angle on both sides. Not very rectangular! Consider treating them like pants instead. Fold them in half. Lay flat. Similar to pants, the groin region of the garment tends to make it difficult in creating a rectangle. Try folding the groin in, as you would for pants. With boxers, this sometimes means folding the groin over, almost to the opposite edge. Either way, just make it a rectangle. Unlike pants, they’re not really long enough to fold in half and then thirds. I skipped folding them in half, and went straight to folding into thirds. This one seems to work pretty great if you have shallow storage.

This one is a bit tricky, and it’s far from perfect, but I kind of like it the most, and it gives you a little more control over how wide you want your folded garments to be in storage. This involves folding at an inward angle in order to make a rectangle, only here, I do it twice. Lay the shorts flat. Grab the bottom right corner and the top right corner (if you want a fold that isn’t as wide, try grabbing a little further inward on the waistband. I move mine in much further because I want it to be more narrow once it’s folded and standing.) Keep the top point stationary, while folding the bottom point inward until the line of the right edge is a straight line down. Repeat the same on the left side and then fold into thirds.

A tricky part that I’ve noticed while folding my boxers/boxer briefs, is that the different fabrics behave very differently, but I still want them all in the same drawer together. My 100% cotton pairs stand up perfectly when folded. My athletic pairs, which are a very thin, light material, won’t really stand up on their own no matter what. Results with this may vary in that sense.

Anyway, I’d love to hear if any of these work for you, or if you have other methods/tips/tricks that work even better!

How to fold boxer briefs

How long has your closet been unorganized? In addition to changing underwear every day and changing new underwear regularly, the storage of underwear is also an important step. Learn this tips, no matter at home for a long time or on business trips, it is very convenient for us.

There are many men’s underwear styles: briefs, boxer briefs , trunks (beach pants) or thongs and so on. Put them in different cabinets or drawers. You can also classify them according to their purpose: sports, daily work, travel and so on.

Now I will use three types of David Archy underwear : briefs, boxer briefs , trunks to show you how to fold and store different types of men’s underwear.

Your underwear must be colorful. If you place them according to the color classification, especially for obsessive-compulsive disorder, your wardrobe can look more comfortable, and you can also use your creativity. For example, you can place in the same color system or staggered. In short, make the wardrobe look refreshed.

Although folding underwear is a very troublesome thing, I believe that many men think so. But it saves you a lot of space in the closet. Compared with tiling, neatly stacking can better extend the life of the underwear, and it looks cleaner and sanitary.

The following will teach you a few tips for folding underwear:

Trunks & boxer briefs :

Most men like to wear boxer briefs or trunks to go out for parties or travel, because they look very comfortable, so organize the boxer briefs before leaving and fold them to save space in your schoolbag or suitcase.

Our David Archy boxer briefs are divided into quick dry, Supima cotton and micro-modal series, etc. They all have good breath ability and moisture wick properties. The breathable boxer briefs is very suitable for sports and travel.

How to fold boxer briefs

The david archy trunks are divided into separate modal dual Pouch trunks , men’s bamboo trunks and micro model series . With one piece clean cut in the back it can avoid embarrassed adjustment for better comfort.

  1. You need to find a clean surface (a table or ironing board is fine), and then lay it flat on it.
  2. After smoothing the top folds, the waistband part of the underwear and your waist are folded in the opposite direction.
  3. Fold in half and place one side of the underwear on the other side.
  4. Both sides need to be vertical, and fold in half for the second time.
  5. Finally, fold it three times from the side to the waist.

Thongs & briefs:

Because thongs or briefs are relatively small, it is more troublesome to fold them up, but we still have the easiest way to fold them.

David Archy’s briefs use a Ultra U-pouch design with a comfort space, so that men will not feel squeezed and restrained even if they wear them, and it helps make you confident and sexy wearing our boxer shorts with pockets .

In addition, it is made of bamboo rayon. with good air permeability, instant moisture wicking. It is more breathable and lightweight than men’s cotton briefs,which is one of the essential underwear for travel.

So now I will take the briefs as an example, the thongs and briefs’ folding method is actually the same, the following is their folding method :

How to fold boxer briefs

Stack the small square:

  1. Lay the briefs on a flat surface, like the desktop or ironing board, make the front facing down and the crotch closing to you.
  2. Smooth the upper wrinkles and fold the crotch up to align with the top (waist belt position).
  3. Starting from one side, fold the two sides of the waistband toward the middle.
  4. Make a square or rectangular shape on the other side.
  5. After turning over the underwear, you can start storing it!

Simple scroll

Since it can be folded into a square, we can also roll it up for better placement and storage.

  1. Lay the underwearon aflat surface , like the table or ironing board, with the front facing up and the crotch position facing you.
  2. Smooth the folds of the underwear, and then fold one side of the waistband in half toward the middle.
  3. Fold the other side to the middle to make the two sides overlap.
  4. Then hold the waist belt with both hands and start rolling in your direction, taking care not to relax.
  5. Finally, a simple scroll is completed.

If you are worried about the smell of the closet, you can put a sachet in the closet (you can buy it in the store) and put it in the back of the drawer to let the smell spread out.

You can also spray perfume on paper and place it at the bottom of the drawer. And change it every few weeks to maintain a fresh fragrance.

Did guys learned about it ? A good storage method can better beautify your wardrobe, keep your underwear fresh and prolong its service life. If you have any other thoughts or questions about David Archy, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

Two years ago, a man who shall remain nameless, asked a community of other men what to do about his boxers. “Doing laundry and I’m at the part of folding my boxers & briefs,” he wrote . “I’m curious, how do you all fold them? Do you make them into perfect little squares, or do you just kinda throw them in the dresser?”

For me, a lazy person, it’s very much been the latter. Until recently, I couldn’t possibly be bothered to fold something that never saw the light of day. But lately, as my underwear/sock drawer has been completely overrun by cotton material, threatening to explode like a textile Pompeii, I’ve begun to rethink that stance.

And so, if only for organizational purposes, I reached out to a variety of experts to help me better fit my drawers in, well, my drawers.

A Former Underwear Model

Jamie has been out of the modeling game for some time now, but he’s still very enthusiastic about his underwear. “I treat them like my T-shirts ,” he tells me. “I still spend a lot of time in my briefs so I don’t want them to look wrinkled.” As for his preferred technique, he once watched a woman on-set fold the underwear he was gonna model in half and roll them up like Play-Doh. “I do the same now,” he says. “It saves room in my drawer, and I can see the colors so I can match them with my clothes if I want to.”

The Men of Reddit

Reddit is a bit all over the place on this one. Some men there, like yours truly, still stuff them into drawers; others advocate for the fold-and-roll method Jamie swears by. But most, it seems, prefer to fold their underwear sans roll. “Fold in half first vertically, like butterfly wings,” one of them writes. “And then again horizontally. Nice even squares.”

The Professional Organizer

YouTuber Judi the Organizer has tips on everything from how to harmonize your refrigerator to your closet to your dresser drawers . Naturally, she also has a great strategy for organizing your boxers, which typically take up the most space in your aforementioned dresser drawer. I could explain it for you, but you’re much better off just watching her do it:

My Dad

For all things tidy, there’s really only one person who I trust — my dad. His closet is his temple. His shirts are arranged by color. His ties are lined up by how often he wears them. Even his shoes are neatly kept in boxes based on the frequency in which they’re used. In terms of his boxer briefs, he tells me, “I fold them in half — first vertically, then horizontally — and file them into my dresser the same way I do my T-shirts. I never put them on top of each other so I can always see the color.”