How to fold towels

How to fold towels

There are many different types of towels used for drying. Therefore, many towels may be available in a house. The number of towels in the home varies depending on how many people live in the house. However, it is important that clean towels are always in tow. So even if you live alone at home, we are sure that you have many towels. So how to fold towels to cope with this crowd of towels?

How to store the towels is extremely critical. Because folding towels plays a vital role in cleaning and regularity. It is not possible to talk about the hygiene of towels that are randomly thrown in the closet. It is also imperative to fold a large number of towels neatly to fit them in linen closets or shelves.

Moreover, in the bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room, you need to make room for other items besides the towels. From this point of view, it can be concluded that towel folding also has great importance for the arrangement of other household items. In addition, in travel bags and luggage, towels need to be folded and placed so that they do not take up much space. But if you can’t decide how to fold your towels or fit them on your shelves, you’ll be able to fit everything even more regularly after reading our content.

How to Fold Towels

There are actually many ways to fold towels. In fact, it is possible to increase the folding shapes as well as the shape of the towels. But what’s important to us is that all towels can be folded to fit the shelves and linen closets, so that they look the same. For this, it is possible to talk about tried and widely used methods. So how to fold towels?

After learning the techniques included in our content, you can have the appearance of a hotel room in your own home and increase the capacity of your cabinets in this way. So let’s take a look at all the details of the most practical towel folding techniques: Classic hotel fold, French fold, and spa-style fold.

Classic Hotel Fold

How to fold towels

When you enter a hotel room, you will see towels that are properly folded at the bedside or on the bathroom counter. Why not have these towels in your house, which are folded in a way that evokes comfort and harmony? All you have to do is apply the classic hotel fold technique.

For a classic hotel fold, first spread your towel on a flat surface. Then triple the long edges. Then fold the short sides of the towel so that the ends are joined in the middle of the towel. Finally, assemble the outer parts of the towel, that is, fold the towel in half to give it its final form.

French Fold

How to fold towels

Another commonly applied towel folding technique is a French fold. If you want to get an elegant look, save space on the shelf, and practically fold your towels, we can say that the French fold is an ideal method for you. Beach towels, bath towels, and many other types of towels can be folded according to this technique to provide a fresh and tidy look in your cabinets.

To fold your towels according to this technique, at first place your towel on a flat surface and fold the short side towards the center of the towel. At this stage, make sure to fold the towel edge to 1 / 4th of the towel. Then fold the other short edge of the towel over the edge you just folded. After that, turn your towel upside down and cover one side over the other. As a final step, fold the short side of the towel in half.

The classic hotel fold is a very practical method, especially ideal for storing towels on open shelves or in linen closets. Towels folded in this way can be easily stored in non-high shelves. On the other hand, washcloths and hand towels may not be suitable for applying this technique because of their size.

Spa-Style Fold

How to fold towels

Spa-style fold technique is generally applied when there is no possibility to fold and stack the towels or if a large number of towels need to be placed somewhere. This technique, which provides great convenience when choosing towels of different colors, also helps create a spa-like ambiance in the bathroom. Also, excessive space and wrinkling of towels in the travel bag can be prevented by this method.

Moreover, the spa-style fold technique does not only apply to towels. T-shirts, pants, and linens can also be placed in your closets using this method. But how to fold towels according to the spa-style method that has become more popular in recent years? First, fold one corner of the towel from left to right, triangular in shape. Then fold the towel lengthwise. When doing so, take care not to distort the previous form. As a final touch, hold your towel on the non-triangular side and start rolling inward.

Although the technique is not a folding but a rolling method, you can try the spa-style method, which ensures that towels are stored regularly. However, you should keep in mind that towel quality is as essential as a folding method to make towels look smooth. In this sense, you should check out towelnrobe’s quality and soft Turkish towels!

For some, towel folding is the best part of laundry. It's not just because the warm, soft, fluffy cloths can be delightful to handle fresh out of the dryer—there is a near-therapeutic quality to the repetitive motion that many (us included!) find relaxing. Ahead, we detail how to fold every type of towel, from regular bath and beach iterations to kitchen cloths, with the help of Jamie Gibberman, a professional organizer and the co-owner of Get Organized RVA in Richmond, Virginia. His first piece of advice? Make sure you have a large, flat, clean work surface, so you can smooth the piece down in between each step. "The end goal is to hide the edges so that only the folds are facing front," he explains.

Bath Towels

According to Gibberman, the most basic bath towel method involves folding it in half widthwise and then lengthwise before folding it into thirds. "This creates one clean folded edge that, when stacked, would face out," he says. Another process that delivers a similar uniform, tight look? Begin the same way—fold the towel in half widthwise and lengthwise—before tucking "both ends in toward the center, leaving a small gap in between," he explains. "Then, bring one end over toward the other side, sliding the folded end into the top flap of the stationary side." Once you're finished, the towel should resemble an envelope or clutch purse—and no edges should come loose. "This is a great technique to use if you need to pack towels," he says. "They stay intact when you take them out of your luggage."

Spa Towels

If you want to replicate the rolled look you find at spa or in luxury hotels, do so by laying the towel flat and folding one corner down to create a triangle (the rest of the towel should remain unfolded and look like a rectangle attached to the triangle). "Fold in half length-wise—it should resemble a paper airplane," Gibberman says. "Flip the towel completely over and start to roll from the rectangle end toward the triangle end." Keep rolling tightly, making sure to line up the edges, until all you have left is the small point of the triangle. "Tuck that small point inside the edge of the roll," he notes.

Beach Towels

Since beach towels are sometimes longer than the standard bath iteration, you'll want to take a slightly different approach. Gibberman says to fold the beach towel in half lengthwise first, then widthwise (this creates a smaller rectangle) before folding it into thirds. This, he says, will result in a more compact, manageable result.

Hand and Dish Towels

For storage purposes, hand towels are best folded in half lengthwise; fold both ends into the center and then everything in half to create a neat look, notes Gibberman. And while dish or tea towels are often similar in size, they are typically kept in a drawer in the kitchen—which is why he suggests file folding them. "Fold the dish towel lengthwise, then fold it in half to create a smaller rectangle," he says. "Fold it into thirds if this matches your drawer depth—or fold both ends in toward the center and fold everything in half if the drawer is shallow." Place the cloths into your drawer like files in a cabinet, with the folded edge facing up.

This fold is great for deep or narrow spaces and showcases the slim profile of our towels. Uniform in thickness throughout, the narrow stack folds and stacks neatly and shows a clean front. By leaving a small gap during the final fold, you can avoid the bunching that sometimes adds up when stacking towels high.

How to fold towels

Start with the towel flat on a table (design side down)

Fold towel in on itself in thirds lengthwise

Fold the left and right sides in towards the middle, leaving a small gap

Fold once more in half

How to fold towels

The Wide Stack

How to fold towels

This fold also stacks neatly and shows a nice clean front, but the wider base is better suited for wide or shallow shelves. The wide stack folds flat and is a great choice when you have many towels. The wide front is also a great choice for showcasing patterned or striped towels.

How to fold towels

Start with the towel flat on a table (design side down)

Fold towel in on itself in thirds widthwise

Fold the top down to meet the bottom

The Spa Roll

How to fold towels

When stacking is not an option, consider the spa roll. Rolled towels look great when displayed in a basket or arranged in a pyramid shape and really help to create a spa-like environment. A slight tuck at the end ensures that the towels are easy to grab and transport without coming undone. As an added plus, rolling towels helps to minimize wrinkling.

How to fold towels

Start with the towel flat on a table (design side down) and bring the top right-hand corner down so that the right side of the towel is parallel with the bottom

Fold the top down in half lengthwise

Flip the towel over and roll tightly from the square end to the pointed end

Tuck in the pointed end to keep everything neat

The Exposed Edge

How to fold towels

Typically, when folding towels, showing the edge of the towel is undesirable. However, for many Japanese towels, the edges are a marker of quality and should be displayed.

How to fold towels

Start with the towel flat on a table (design side down)

Fold towel in half widthwise

Fold towel again widthwise

Fold the top down to meet the bottom

The Drape

How to fold towels

Technically not a fold at all, an effortless drape is a simple way to display towels between uses while ensuring that they dry thoroughly. A draped towel creates a more casual environment and allows for playful mixing and matching of designs.

If you’ve ever wondered how Bed Bath & Beyond and all those home decor stores fold their towels so perfectly, now’s your chance to learn! TikTok user kristinalburn, a former Bed Bath & Beyond employee, recently shared an easy hack for how to get your towels at home to have that classy, professionally folded look. In the quick clip above, she demonstrates the signature folding method, and it’s surprisingly simple. Here’s how she pulls it off — and how you can, too.

  1. Take the towel and lay it out, open, so one of the long sides is closest to you.
  2. Grab the left (short) edge of the towel, and fold it over toward the right (short) edge. But don’t fold it all the way — instead, set the left edge down with about a quarter of the towel’s length left to go on the now-bottom layer.
  3. Take the “new” left edge — aka the fold made by step two — and pull it all the way across to the right edge. You should now have a rectangle whose short edge is nearest you.
  4. Fold the new bottom edge up about two-thirds of the way, then the top edge down and over it to meet the newly folded bottom edge. Think of this step like folding a letter!
  5. Flip the towel over so the folds and loose edge are on the bottom.

That’s all there is to it! It really is the little touches that can make your home feel more put-together and professionally styled, so we’re totally on board for hacks like this to add a little polish. Watch and fold along with the video above, and you’ll have it down in no time!

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How to fold towels

Folding: Viral hack to fold towels has internet users in raptures – ‘addicted’ (Image: GETTY/THEFOLDINGLADY)

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Sophie, also known as The Folding Lady, has over 600k followers on her Instagram account @thefoldinglady.

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How to fold towels

How to fold towels

The former retailer knows a thing or two about folding and wrapping, and her fans live for her folding techniques.

The folding expert will soon have her debut book, The Folding Lady, on sale at Waterstones – the publish date is 28 April 2022.

The book will be full of tools and tricks to make the most of your space.

Sophie uploaded a video of a method to fold towels into a tidy square.

The folding expert said: “I use this fold for everything!”

How does the fold work? Sophie positions the towel with one of the narrow end facing her, before folding it over, away from her.

She then turns either side of the towel lengthways inwards.

Sophie then spins the towel around, so the other end is facing her.


She then folds the towel up three times.

Flipping it over, Sophie finds a flap of fabric on the side of the towel.

She turns this inside out, wrapping it over the other side, holding the whole towel together.

Fans were quite to praise the square shape fold. One wrote: “Love this fold.”

How to fold towels

Folding: Sophie, also known as The Folding Lady, has over 600k followers on her Instagram account (Image: THEFOLDINGLADY)

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How to fold towels

How to fold towels


How to fold towels

Another said: “Very pleasing to the eye.” One wrote: “Addicted to this fold.”

“So satisfying!” one follower said, while another remarked: “This is how I fold my towels and my bedding.”

“How easy does she make it look?” another one said.

A cleaning guru gave her laundry tips for great smelling clothes.

How to fold towels

Folding: The former retailer knows a thing or two about folding and wrapping (Image: GETTY)

Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean, detailed how to clean your washing machine.

The Queen of Clean told her followers: “The simplest tips are always the best.”

Do you love the plush towels at a nice hotel or inn?

Plush towels and high-quality sheets are one of my favorite things about staying away from home.

If you’ve ever noticed, towels are often folded differently at a ‘nicer’ hotel. It’s called the French Fold.

And it’s oh so easy.

It’s very similar to folding towels in the normal, every day way. But with a twist:

First, lay your towel flat with the seam side down. The raw edge should be facing up. Smooth the towel as flat as possible with your hands.

How to fold towels

Next, fold the bottom third of the towel towards the middle. This doesn’t have to be exact – just an eyeball measurement is fine. Smooth towel again with your hands.

How to fold towels

Fold the top third of the towel so it meets the bottom edge.

How to fold towels

Bring the right side of the towel towards the middle and fold the edge.

How to fold towels

Bring the left side of the towel towards the middle and fold the edge.

How to fold towels

Finally, fold the right side over the left side and smooth.

How to fold towelsHow to fold towels How to fold towels

So if your Laundry Life is needing a change of pace, try the French Fold. Sometimes just folding an item in a different way takes the drudgery or mundane feelings away from it.

Next time you’re feeling a little wild and crazy while folding towels, try it this way!

How to fold towels

Folding gym towels may not be the most exciting task, but if you want things to run smoothly, it needs to be done properly. Folding your towels the right way keeps your towels neat and tidy, ready for storage and use. Follow our guide on how to properly fold your gym towels:

Benefits of Folding Gym Towels Properly

Folding towels can seem like a straightforward process, so properly folding them is often overlooked. You don’t have to spend too much time on it, but if you make a consistent effort of properly folding your towels you can reap a host of benefits. These include:

  • Attractive Presentation – placing neatly folded towels on display helps with improving the perception of your gym as a professional place.
  • Saving Space – consistently folded towels are easily stacked together and fit into your storage without difficulty.
  • Reducing Wrinkles – making the effort to fold your towels makes them look smooth and presentable to your gym members.
  • Extended Product Lifecycle – folding towels properly helps them last longer, saving you the cost of frequently purchasing new towels.

Factors That Affect the Folding Style You Use on Your Gym Towels

Since towels come in various shapes and sizes, your folding style will need to be adjusted according to different factors. First, is the size of the towel. A smaller towel needs fewer folds to be put into a convenient package for storage, whereas a larger towel needs more folds. Also, thick towels may be too bulky to be rolled.

Next is the type of towel. Whether it’s a gym bath towel, washcloth or a sweat towel, each type has a different folding method for easy access and storage. This leads to the next factor – storage size.

If storage space is limited, your towels will need to be folded to fit into this space, especially if you have shallow shelving. Finally, your intended use for towels will affect how you fold them. For example, rolling hand towels makes them easy for your members to grab them and go.

Three Folding Styles for Your Gym Towels

Here are three ways to fold the most common types of gym towels:
Folding Gym Bath Towels for Storage in a Linen Closet

This folding style is ideal for towels that you’ll place on a towel rack:

  1. Fold one corner of the towel two-thirds towards the middle of the towel, leaving the final third unfolded.
  2. Fold the other corner to the middle. It should overlap the other fold.
  3. Fold the towel lengthwise. Make sure the edges are even.
  4. Fold the towel lengthwise again to make it compact.
  5. Store towels with the fold facing outward.

Rolling Gym Hand Towels for Display

Rolling your towels provide a stylish way to display them. Here’s how to roll them properly:

  1. Fold your towel in half lengthwise. Make sure the edges line up.
  2. Roll your towel, beginning at the short end.
  3. As you roll, make sure to keep the edges aligned and towel even.
  4. To prevent your towel from unrolling, place your rolled towel with the exposed seam downwards.

Folding Gym Washcloths

Folding washcloths is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Fold the washcloth in half. Make sure the edges are lined up.
  2. Fold the washcloth in half again, in the opposite direction.
  3. Make sure the edges are lined up to make a perfect square.
  4. Stack the folded washcloths in a pile for storage.

Now that you’re an expert in towel folding, stock up on gym towels.

A SAVVY mum has shown her simple trick for folding her bathroom towels to look like they do in a five-star hotel.

The home hack was shared in a 30-second TikTok video by user @mama_mila_au and has racked up over three million views in under a month.

How to fold towels

The Australian mum captioned the helpful video: “Bring the spa home to you.

“This type of fold is space-saving for storage and also looks luxe in your bathroom.”

The video, which was uploaded on June 13, shows the mum placing a blue towel horizontally on a flat surface, such as a bed or table.

Then she folds in the top right side down to meet the bottom diagonally, to make a pointed end.

How to fold towels

How to fold towels

How to fold towels

Next fold the towel in half from the top down, so you are left with a flat edge on the left, and the pointy end on the right.

Then you flip the towel over, and starting from the left side roll it up as you would with a normal towel.

When you get to the “triangle” pointy end, you simply tuck this flap into the side of the rolled up towel.

This stops the towel from unravelling when you put it on display, and makes it look professionally folded.

How to fold towels

How to fold towels

How to fold towels

People were highly impressed with the quick and simple hack, and said they wanted to try at home.

One wrote: “Oh man this is so dreamy. I have to try this when I get home.”

Another added: “The next step is showing me how you get such a glamorous bathroom in the first place.”

Mila also uploaded a separate video showing how to fold hand towels.

This involves them being folded in half, and half again, before pulling the corners inside out so you are left with a “tuft” at the end.

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How to fold towels

How to fold towels

How to fold towels

How to fold towels

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How to fold towels

Part of the hotel experience is the luxurious and welcoming look and feel of hotel towels and linens. If you’ve enjoyed a luxury hotel stay, or you’ve been to a spa or resort, you may have seen how the staff try to add a little extra style, beauty and sometimes fun by folding the bath and hand towels into attractive shapes.

Folding a luxury bath towel is a hotelier’s art—and one that’s easy to emulate at home. If you’d like to give your bathroom at home a little extra style, we’ve gathered some of our favorite online video tutorials on a few towel folding techniques that aren’t difficult to do. Try a few to add that extra touch of elegance and delight for your family and guests.

Folding Techniques for Hand Towels

Basic Trifold for Stacked Towels

How to fold towels

For that neat, orderly hotel towel look all the time, try folding your bath and hand towels into thirds vertically, then fold them horizontally again into thirds as well. This fold assures that the edges of the towel are not visible or sticking awkwardly out the sides, and with its neat tucks and rolls, gives the towels a fluffy and rounded look.

Pocket and Fan Hanging Towel

The pocket and fan is achieved by folding a hand towel lengthwise and crosswise, forming a pocket on the bottom of the panel of the towel that hangs facing the guest. Then turn a washcloth into a fan shape and tuck it into the pocket. It’s easy, and one of the most artistic of the hotelier’s folds.

And now, a variation on the pocket and fan. Make a gorgeous hand towel with washcloth roll . You’ll be folding the washcloth accordion-style, then folding it in half, then opening the folded cloth into a seashell shape. Place the shell gently on the hand towel that’s folded and then opened on a diagonal.

We think these powder room techniques are such an impressive touch!

Origami for the Bath

How to fold towels

The swan fold , a bath towel folding technique sometimes used on cruise ships or in resort hotels, takes just one minute! The bath towel is rolled, diagonally, from both ends, then curled into a S-shape. Next, fan-style folding makes the washcloth into elegant wings. This is origami for your bathroom!

The Spa Towel Roll

Stage your home for a house tour or your next party with a very easy towel folding spa-style roll . To create an attractive towel basket in the bathroom, start by folding a bath towel once over, widthwise. If the towel is large, you’ll repeat this fold. Then, simply roll up the towel, tightly and evenly.

How to fold towels

When your towel is nicely rolled, place it in a decorative basket, adding more towels of various sizes. Easy and delightful! Your decorative basket of fresh linens takes just a minute per towel to arrange. This one is so simple to do every day, taking no more time than ordinary folding.

Animal Shape Towel Folding for the Kids

How to fold towels

The kids will have fun making an impression on your guests, and once they learn these techniques, they might just get into the habit of doing them over and over again. They can even get crafty, folding towels into shapes from elephants to bunnies .

Accessorize with mints, orchids, or local flowers to add enjoyment and style. Now the kids will start watching how linens are folded in hotels, and they’ll bring home some more ideas, like these from the staff of a luxury cruise line.

How to fold towels

Start with the Best Luxury Hotel Bath Towels

How to fold towels

Of course, no matter how you fold them, a towel will make the best impression when it is used. Luxury hotels and resorts know that the true experience of luxury must be complete. This is why they use only the softest, thickest and most inviting towels. You can purchase the same luxury towels that the best hotels use online from Sobel at Home. Sobel Westex is a leading worldwide provider of luxury hotel towels and bedding to the hospitality industry, so chances are you’ve encountered our cozy pillows, sheets, blankets, and towels during your hotel stays, or even on a cruise ship. Now our fluffy, durable, easy-care and top quality luxury bath towels are available for the home. Visit our online store today for Sobel towels, like our thick, soft and beautiful 100% ring-spun cotton Sobellina or Bellados bath sets and turn your bathroom into a luxury resort.