How to freeze raspberries

Is stockpiling fruit and vegetables really necessary? Is it worth the time and trouble? Yes. And yes. Raspberries were on sale at my Kroger. (Yes, it is mine!) For $0.99/pint. Those tiny little things are regularly $3.00 a pop. I never buy them. somehow I can’t justify spending $3.00 for 3 handfuls of DELICIOUS, SWEET, SUCCULENT raspberries. (I had forgotten how tasty they are!) But, for just $0.99. I’ll buy a pint. Or 12. Yep, 12. What on EARTH are you going to do with 12 pints of raspberries that will start to go bad in 2 or 3 days. Eat them, bake with them, and freeze them. Of course. First we (the kids and I) ate 2 pints. For a snack. We like them that much. Then, I froze 8 pints. Cause I knew that we’d eat them if I didn’t get them into the freezer. Right away! I rinsed and let them drain for about 10 minutes. Then placed them on a paper towel to remove excess water. Then I neatly arranged them, gave into my Type-A tendencies and placed them on a baking sheet. Popped them into the freezer for a few hours, then transferred frozen raspberries into freezer baggies. I see Mango Raspberry Smoothies in our future! An antioxidant power punch of a smoothie! Mmmm. don’t you want to reach through the screen and munch on a few? Finally for breakfast Saturday morning, I made a Raspberry Coffee Cake, following this Taste of Home recipe but making a few delicious modifications along the way. I almost made Raspberry Baked Oatmeal, but ended up trying this new recipe!

How to freeze raspberries

Freezing Raspberries without Sugar is EASY!

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Whole Raspberries freeze very well, and having a supply in the freezer is a great idea for storing these delicious fruits all year long.

When you have an urge to make a raspberry smoothie , or make a raspberry pie , raspberry muffins , a special raspberry dessert , or whatever . you only need to go as far as your freezer where you have a convenient supply of summer’s goodness !

Freezing Raspberries is one of the more satisfactory ways of preserving the original colour, flavour, and nutritive value of these tender fruits , although the texture may be slightly compromised.

Your own frozen berries will taste much better than any frozen raspberries that you can purchase from a store!

It is also possible to preserve raspberries by canning raspberries or dehydrating raspberries .

How long can you store Raspberries in the freezer ?

Frozen fruit can be stored in the freezer for as long as 12 – 18 months.

If Freezing Raspberries, how “ripe” should the Raspberries be ?

Since freezing cannot improve the quality of food, it is important to select for freezing only that fruit which is at peak maturity. It should be firm-ripe, not un-ripe, nor mushy.

How to freeze raspberries

Directions for How to Freeze Raspberries

Gently wash the raspberries in water (but do not leave to soak), or rinse the raspberries gently with water.

Place the washed raspberries in a colander to drain. (see illustration below)

How to freeze raspberries

GOT Raspberries? Freeze them Whole!

Arrange the washed and drained raspberries on a wax paper-lined tray. This step will ensure that the raspberries will keep their shape and prevent the berries from clumping together.

If you do not have enough freezer space for this step, or if you do not care that the individual fruit will freeze together (especially if you are going to use the raspberries for cooking, you can simply skip this step and store the raspberries into the container or packaging at this step. (see illustration below)

How to freeze raspberries

How to Keep the Whole Raspberries from Sticking together When Frozen

When the individual raspberries on the tray are frozen (about 1/2 hour), package them into sealed containers or food sealer type bags (such as “Ziploc”). The freezer bag you use should be heavy (thick) enough to prevent the raspberries from freezer burn. You can use a vacuum sealer if you have one, as the raspberries which are pre-frozen will not be crushed by this method.

Step #5 (Optional)

Raspberries can be frozen with or without sugar. I always freeze my raspberries without sugar. Freezing fruit using sugar (“dry sugar pack”) is done by sprinkling the fruit with sugar and assisting it to dissolve by brief, gentle, (to avoid crushing) stirring.

Package the fruit-sugar mixture as soon as the sugar is dissolved and freeze as soon as possible. You may want to do this process right in the container you are using to freeze them in.

(Note – Fruits that do not have a high enough acid content, such as raspberries, freeze equally well with or without sugar. However, in some fruits, without a high enough acid content, it is important to add sugar, because the sugar acts as an important preservative for most fruits.)

The amount of sugar required for freezing raspberries with sugar is for 1 quart (1 1/3 lbs. or 625 g)of raspberries, add 3/4 cups (180 ml)of sugar.

Put into containers, leaving 1/2 inch headspace.

Label the bags or containers of raspberries with a name and a date. That way you can easily identify them later and know exactly how long you have stored them in the freezer. You can also indicate the location where you have harvested the raspberries from, so as to compare the raspberry quality, etc. after thawing and using the raspberries (see illustration below).

How to freeze raspberries

Freezing Your Own Raspberries is SO EASY!

When you are ready to use the frozen raspberries , you can thaw them in the fridge for approx. 12 hours, or on your kitchen counter for a few hours, or use them frozen. 

I do not recommend that you micro-wave the frozen berries unless you are planning on using them for cooking. Micro-waving the raspberries to defrost them will most likely result in berries of poor texture and colour.

Here follows some important tips to keep in mind when going out to harvest raspberries to store in your freezer:

– pick only ripe and plump raspberries that are bright in colour and look dry.

– harvest raspberries at their peak maturity, not when they are unripe, over-ripe, or mushy.

– harvest the berries early in the morning, especially if the weather is hot, to get peak flavour.

– when freezing raspberries, process them as soon as possible after harvesting them, or keep them cool in the fridge until then.

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Do you need to thaw raspberries to use them in a recipe?

If you are using the frozen raspberries to make a pie, muffins, bread, etc. I would partially thaw the frozen berries. DO NOT thaw them in the microwave. Thawing them in the microwave will cause the texture of them to become soft and mushy. Allowing the berries to thaw on the kitchen counter works great.

If you are using the freezer raspberries to make jam, I would allow them to thaw slightly on the kitchen counter before making the jam.

If you are using the frozen raspberries to make a smoothie or a shake, you can use the raspberries in their frozen state.

Frozen raspberries can also be added directly into your breakfast cereal with milk. The berries will prove to thaw rapidly due to the fact that they are hollow in the center. So delicious 1 .  and a great way to include fruit in your breakfast menu! 

Raspberries have a distinct tart flavour and are an excellent addition to smoothies, juices, and a range of delectable desserts. As a summer fruit, they can be picked from wild bushes in some parts of the world during the season or can be picked up from a greengrocer’s counter in abundance.

Raspberries don’t last overly long in the fridge, and if you don’t use them within a few days, they will go bad. So, can you freeze raspberries to enjoy them all year round?

Raspberries can be frozen for up to 12 months. Fresh raspberries can be picked, washed, and frozen during the summer months, to provide you with a year-round supply of this delicious summer fruit.

Can You Refreeze Raspberries? No

Do Raspberries Freeze Well? Yes

How to Freeze Raspberries

Fortunately, there’s nothing overly difficult about freezing raspberries. The biggest challenge you face is that they might stick together, but the following steps will ensure your raspberries will freeze perfectly:

  1. Remove Spoiled Raspberries
    Raspberries are delicate and can be easily damaged. Before you freeze a batch, be sure to pick out any berries that are damaged, squashed, or even mouldy.
  2. Wash Carefully
    Add your raspberries to a colander or sieve and gently rinse them under a constant flow of cold water. Make sure the water pressure isn’t too high, as you can easily damage the berries.
  3. Leave to Dry
    Place your raspberries on a paper towel and leave them to air dry. While you can dab them to speed up the process, be careful not to press too hard as they will spoil.
  4. Transfer to a Baking Sheet
    Once dry, transfer your raspberries to a baking sheet and place them on a tray. Space each of them out, so they’re not touching each other and place the tray in the freezer for around four hours.
  5. Place in a Freezer-Safe Bag
    Once your raspberries are frozen solid, you can then transfer them to a freezer-safe bag. Freezing them initially ensures they won’t stick together during the freezing process.
  6. Label, Seal and Freeze
    Make a note of the date you bought or picked your raspberries on the front of the bag, as well as the use-by date, before sealing and placing the bag in the freezer.

3 Tips for Freezing Raspberries

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing raspberries to have the best results:

Portion Out
Depending on how many raspberries you have, it’s a good idea to split them into portions before you freeze them. This just makes it easier to thaw the raspberries that you need when you’re ready to enjoy them.

Don’t Defrost Them
If you’re planning to use your raspberries in baked goods, it’s better not to defrost them at all. The reason for this is that when you defrost raspberries, they will release some liquid, which could negatively affect the quality of your dough.

Expect Textural Changes
Be mindful of the fact that your raspberries will be slightly softer after they’ve been frozen and thawed. This is due to the moisture particles that form during freezing, but it won’t affect the taste of your berries.

How Long Can You Freeze Raspberries?

You can freeze raspberries for around twelve months.

One of the best things about frozen raspberries and other summer fruits is that they can be used directly from frozen for smoothies, soft drinks, and certain desserts.

You Can Freeze Raspberries for up to 12 Months

How Do You Defrost Raspberries?

While you don’t necessarily need to defrost raspberries (depending on how you plan to use them), there’s nothing too complicated about the thawing process.

Simply remove your bag of raspberries from the freezer and allow them to thaw in the fridge overnight. By the following day, they will be nice and soft and ready to use in any recipe.

As mentioned, defrosted raspberries will be slightly softer than their fresh counterparts, so bear this in mind if the texture is important.

Can You Refreeze Raspberries?

We wouldn’t recommend refreezing raspberries after they’ve thawed. This is mainly due to the moisture content of the berries, and they will soften and spoil if they’re frozen again.

If you’re concerned about wasting raspberries, split them into smaller portion sizes before you place them in the freezer, so you can remove the exact number of berries you need for any given recipe.

Do Raspberries Freeze Well?

Generally speaking, raspberries freeze well. But they will soften in the freezer and won’t be as firm as they are when they’re fresh.

Still, frozen raspberries are an excellent addition to smoothies, juices, and various desserts and can even be enjoyed as they are! Providing they’re washed and sealed in a freezer-safe bag; you should find that your raspberries will freeze well.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing raspberries or berries in general, then these may help:

Whether you have excess blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries, freezing them is an easy way to extend their shelf life and save them for another day. For best results, freeze berries at peak freshness. Overripe or disappointing berries won't get any better in the freezer. When frozen properly, berries will retain their delicious summery flavor for months and months.

All you'll need besides fresh berries is a rimmed baking sheet, freezer bags, and a freezer. You can freeze different types of berries separately or combine them to make a mixed berry medley.

How to freeze raspberries

How to Freeze Berries

  1. Pick over the berries to make sure no stems, unripe berries, or damaged berries are in the mix.
  2. Rinse the berries in cool water and dry thoroughly. Either leave them spread out in a single layer on a clean, dry kitchen towel until dry or carefully pat them thoroughly dry with paper towels. If you’re freezing strawberries, hull them (remove the green caps).
  3. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper or plastic wrap and add the berries in a single layer.
  4. Put them in the freezer until frozen solid. A few hours is usually long enough but leave them overnight if it’s convenient.
  5. Transfer the berries to resealable plastic storage bags, forcing as much air as possible out of the bag before sealing it.
  6. Store the frozen berries in the freezer until you’re ready to use them for up to 6 months (or a year if you have a stand-alone deep freezer).

How to Use Frozen Berries

Not only is it easy to freeze berries, but they're also easy and delicious to use for a variety of dishes.

One of the most popular uses for frozen berries is fruit smoothies and shakes. Their frozen texture adds thickness and coldness to blended drinks without watering them down with ice. For the smoothest and thickest texture, whirl any ingredients that aren’t berries first; then, with the blender running, slowly add the frozen berries, letting the blender whirl until the berries are fully broken down and integrated into the drink.

Frozen berries also work beautifully in baked goods. Most people can't tell a difference between baked goods made with fresh berries and frozen berries. In fact, we've found that baked goods made with frozen berries are, on the whole, even better. Freezing necessarily dries out the berries just a tiny bit, and the loss of that excess moisture is a benefit in baked goods, where too much juice can ruin the texture of doughs and batters.

Finally, freezing berries is also a great way to postpone jam, jelly, or chutney making. Freeze the berries when they are perfectly ripe and fresh, and then make the jam whenever you have the time and inclination. Standing over a hot pot isn’t the ideal way to spend a summer afternoon when berries are in season. Save them away for a cool fall or winter day and warm up your house with the smell of jam.

How to freeze raspberries

Raspberries are a wonderful, beautiful & nutritious berry but because they are a soft fruit they do not last long after being picked so…..

Freezing Raspberries is so Easy.

These berries so delicious that it is definitely worthwhile taking the time to put some raspberries in your freezer………

Thinking about the wonderful ways to use frozen raspberries is fun………Smoothies, Coffeecakes, Warm Syrup for Pancakes, French Toast or Waffles, Frozen Berries for Ice Cream Topping or just simply grabbing a handful of berries……..year round.

How to freeze raspberries

Basket of Berries!!

Simple Steps to Freezing Raspberries:

  1. Pick or buy fresh raspberries
  2. Now, sort the raspberries taking out any bruised or damaged berries
  3. Place the unwashed, yes, unwashed raspberries on a clean cookie sheet
  4. Freezing them individually helps keep them from sticking together
  5. Please see the photo below on spacing idea
  6. Place the raspberry filled cookie sheet in the freezer being careful to keep in level

This works very well for Blackberries, too.

Now, wait for the raspberries to freeze solid…………

How to freeze raspberries

Raspberries on Baking Sheet

Arranging Fresh Raspberries on Cookie Sheet

And……wait just a little longer to make sure they are completely frozen solid…..

How to freeze raspberries

Getting Trays of Raspberries Ready for the Freezer

Once the raspberries are completely frozen, take the cookie sheets out of the freezer and place the frozen berries in plastic quart size Ziploc type bags. If you do not like using these types of plastic bags, then you can try storing your frozen berries in quart size Ball or Mason Jars with screw lids.

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How to freeze raspberries

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How to freeze raspberries

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How to freeze raspberries


Freezing in Ball Jars is a great alternative idea to using plastic bags.

Click here to order your Ball Jars.

How to freeze raspberries

Place Individually Frozen Raspberries in Plastic Freezer Bags

Immediately place the sealed Ziploc bags or Ball jars back into freezer, being careful not to let the raspberries thaw at all.

The frozen raspberries need to remain Frozen so they stay individually separated which makes them so easy to take out the bag. You can take one, a handful or a cupful. Just rinse quickly under water prior to eat or using in recipes.

Here is a simple healthy idea that I make everyday for my husband’s lunch……it works so great for his lunchbox.

If you are watching the amount of sugar in your yogurt, then consider simply buying or making plain yogurt and adding your own fruit and Pyure Organic All-Purpose Blend Stevia Sweetener

  1. Spoon the plain yogurt into a small 8 ounce canning jar (I use Nancy’s Organic Plain Yogurt)
  2. Sprinkle one teaspoon of Pyure Stevia Blend sweetener
  3. Rinse 5 to 6 of your frozen raspberries with water, shake off excess water, dry with towel
  4. Place clean raspberries on top of yo
  5. Top with a lid and put in lunchbox

How to freeze raspberries

Recipe Idea for using Frozen Raspberries

Simple, delicious and healthy all in one. The cool thing is that frozen raspberries help keep the yogurt chilled until lunch time!!

How to freeze raspberries

Super Healthy Beautiful Raspberries

Beautiful Healthy Raspberries.

How to freeze raspberries

Super Delicious Raspberries

Freezing Raspberries

will make for year around enjoyment of this super delicious, super healthy berry!! Once you try freezing raspberries, then move on to freezing blueberries and strawberries !

How to freeze raspberries

How to freeze raspberries

Freezing Raspberries

Freezing raspberries is probably the best way to preserve red raspberries for later. Red raspberries are fragile berries, and although I have not tried it, others say they don’t hold up well to canning. Raspberry jam, on the other hand, is a totally different story!

How to freeze raspberries

I also freeze and can black raspberries. Black raspberries are a little firmer than the red variety and work for either preservation method. I’ve got pictures of both on this page, but the method is just the same for either red or black…and for other berries as well.

How to Freeze Raspberries

How to freeze raspberries

When freezing raspberries, you have a couple of options. To prepare your berries, simply pick your berries and rinse them if needed. Remove any that are moldy or old.

How to Freeze Raspberries

Freezing Raspberries: Dry Pack with No Sugar

How to freeze raspberries

How to freeze raspberries

How to freeze raspberries

Dry packaging in a Ziplock bag is the easiest way to freeze berries, and it’s the way I do mine.

Freezing Raspberries on a Tray

Spread the berries on a piece of freezer paper or parchment paper in a single layer. Place this in the freezer, and when the berries are frozen, you can take the tray out of the freezer and transfer your berries to freezer bags. I recommend no larger than quart-size bags. The berries will be single frozen, and you can take them out to use them in the quantity you desire.

Freezing Raspberries in Freezer Bags

Another way to dry pack while freezing raspberries is to skip the flat layer option and just put the cleaned berries in a Ziplock bag to start with. The berries tend to freeze together and may become one big chunk. But if you know you have recipes that use a specific amount of berries, you can pre-measure that amount to freeze and use later.

Freezing Raspberries with Sugar

How to freeze raspberries

Both of the previous methods add no sugar. If you like a little sugar, you can freeze raspberries with sugar instead.

Freezing Raspberries in Sugar

Sprinkle the raspberries with sugar and place in a freezer bag. The raspberries will get juicy with the addition of the sugar. Amount is according to taste, so you might want to start with 1/2 cup sugar for each quart of raspberries. Then you can add more or less as you find what you like. Be gentle as you mix in the sugar, as the raspberries are very soft and fragile and will mush up if you are too vigorous.

Freezing Raspberries in Sugar Syrup

Make a sugar syrup by heating water with the desired amount of sugar until the sugar dissolves. Again, amount of sugar is according to taste. A very light syrup would be 1 cup sugar to 2 quarts water. You can add more or less as you like.

Then cool this syrup off completely before adding your berries. GENTLY stir in the berries. You don’t want to break the raspberries up. Place in freezer bags or other freezer containers. Be sure and leave a couple inches of headspace to allow for expansion as the mixture freezes.

How to freeze raspberries

Raspberry handling tips

Handle Raspberries Carefully…

Do not wash your raspberries until you use them. Sort them quickly, removing leaves and stems. Cool and store them in your refrigerator as quickly as possible. Process or freeze your raspberries the same day that you receive them for maximum flavour and quality.

Raspberries are perishable and lose their good quality quickly, particularly after washing. For best results, rinse lightly and drain in a colander. Do not soak raspberries in water. Drain well and let dry on paper towels or absorbent tea towels.

Freeze Raspberries Quickly…

Some people prefer to freeze their raspberries first without washing, but raspberries, like all fruits, should be washed before eating.

Raspberries can be frozen whole, unwashed, by spreading them out on cookie sheets which are then placed in the freezer. A day later, gather the raspberries which are now individually quick frozen (IQF) and place in a plastic freezer bag or rigid plastic container, mark the date, then replace in the freezer. Quickly rinse the raspberries under cold running water before using them in your recipe.

For best results, defrost your raspberries in the original container in the refrigerator overnight. This allows the ice crystals to melt slowly, with better shape retention than quick defrosting.

How to freeze raspberriesI’ve only recently found out about the health benefits of raspberries. Apparently, they’re rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. This was good news to me because I absolutely love raspberries. I can eat them by the bowl! I’m planning on buying raspberries in bulk soon, so I’d like to know how I can keep and prevent them from going bad.

Raspberries definitely bring a lot to the table – not just in flavor but to your body’s nutrition as well. To make sure that your precious berries don’t go to waste, it is important that you store them correctly.

You can freeze raspberries in order to prolong their shelf life. In fact, raspberries are one of the few fruits that freeze very well. They maintain their flavor and quality as long as they are frozen properly. Dry freeze ripe or almost ripe raspberries for best results.

Can You Freeze Raspberries?

Freezing raspberries will not affect their flavor or color, and will only have a minimal effect on their texture. Keep the berries away from food with strong odors to prevent odor transfer.

Freezing raspberries will maintain their current state, so don’t freeze any overripe or underripe berries. It is discouraged to freeze raspberries that are bruised or mushy already.

You can opt to freeze raspberries as a puree or as a jam instead. This is best when there’s not enough space inside the freezer to store a whole lot of raspberries.

Raspberries stored inside the freezer can be kept for around 12 to 18 months. Once defrosted, you should consume your raspberries as soon as possible to maintain their quality.

Smaller freezer bags can be used for storing raspberries. This helps you when thawing out the serving sizes needed for your recipe or snack.

If you’re planning to make the raspberries into a pie, freeze them in a sugar pack. The texture of the berries will be unlikely to change inside a sweetened pack.

How to Freeze Raspberries

  • First, rinse the berries under running water. Do not soak the raspberries as this may cause a change in their quality.
  • Next, let them drain and place them on paper towels to completely remove the water.
  • Then place the berries on a baking sheet, making sure that the berries are not clumped together.
  • Freeze the raspberries for a few hours, then transfer them into freezer bags or freezer-safe containers. Don’t forget to label the containers with the date of preparation.
  • Place the containers inside the freezer.
  • To thaw, retrieve the needed portion of raspberries from the freezer.
  • Place raspberries on a paper towel inside the microwave. Arrange the raspberries so they don’t touch other berries.
  • Set the microwave to defrost for 10 seconds. Check the berries and defrost again if needed.

Raspberry Recipes

A muffin is a great pick me up for kids and adults alike. Add a fruity twist to your pastry with this Raspberry Muffin recipe.

During the summer, there’s nothing better to enjoy than a cool and sweet treat. Make some Raspberry Sorbet with this recipe that’s great for a hot day.

Use your raspberries as both toppings and fillings in this Raspberry Vanilla Cake! The perfect match of creaminess and tanginess is showcased in this tasty dish.

Wrap Up

Yes, you can freeze raspberries. Frozen raspberries will last for 4-6 months in the freezer if stored properly. If you want to use them in smoothies, make sure you thaw them out first. Here is how to go about freezing raspberries: wash them thoroughly, pat-dry them to remove all water, remove stems and leaves then pack your desired number of berries in a suitable container, seal it tightly, and finally put in the freezer.

If you have any questions regarding how to freeze raspberries or your experience with it, please let me know in the comment section below.