How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

The French Twist is a classic updo hairstyle that is sure to add lashings of glamour to any outfit or occasion. A red carpet ready look that never goes out of style, the French roll can be worn neat and chic or casual and loose. Favoured by Hollywood beauties and streetwise fashionistas alike, once you get the hang of the hairstyle, you’ll be sure to rock the look regularly.

What’s the Difference Between a French Twist and a Chignon?

Both evoke images of classic old-school Parisian beauty, but there are some key differences between a French Twist and a chignon. A chignon, which literally translates to “nape”, is usually worn low on the neck, while a French Twist sits high on the head. What’s more, while the French Twist can be styled to suit any occasion, a chignon is usually reserved for special, formal events.

French Twist How-To: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Using a fine-toothed comb, separate a section of hair from your crown to your fringe and brush it forward. Tease at the crown and the back section with the fine-toothed comb. Remember, the more you tease, the more volume your French Twist will have! Spray it with a bit of hairspray for extra shine.

How to french twist hair

Tease hair at the crown and the back section.

Step 2: Smooth all your hair back using a comb or your fingers. The sleek look is part of the French Twist’s charm, so be extra careful to get rid of any knots or tangles.

How to french twist hair

Smooth all your hair back.

Step 3: Get your bobby pins ready! Gather the smoothed hair to one side as if making a low ponytail, then pin sections of hair securely in place. Don’t be afraid to use lots of pins- they help keep your style in place by preventing strands from coming loose during the day. You can also spritz with a bit of hairspray for maximum hold.

How to french twist hair

Pin sections of hair securely in place.

Step 4: If your hair is very long, keep it in place with an elastic at the lower end. Roll the hair sections up towards the bobby pins with your fingers. Be sure to make them extra twisty — wrap around your fingers a few times and then pull out. Here you can pick whether to pin your twist the middle or top of your head. Secure the hair in place with more pins.

How to french twist hair

Tie the hair ends with an elastic.

Step 5: Set your French Twist in place using hairspray. Pin back any loose strands to neaten it up, or pull a few out around to frame your face for a soft, romantic look. Enjoy your glamorous hairstyle!

How to french twist hair

Roll hair to the direction you want the twist in.

Video-Tutorial How To Do a French Twist

As you can see, a classic updo hairstyle is at your fingertips with the French Twist. Great for everything from weddings to work wear; the true magic of the updo in its versatility. For a formal affair, style your French Twist tight and pair with pearls. Choose a looser version for an effortlessly chic night on the town, or mess it up slightly for a casual office look. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you wear your stylish hairdo, the better you’ll get at doing one in no time!

Ready to rock the chic hairstyle? Here is your cheat sheet to make the ultimate French Twist. Keep it close when practicing!

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Perpetually polished and impeccably put-together, we all envy the near mythological elegance of French women. Geography aside, there’s one classic element of French style you can steal right now: their hair. More specifically—the French hair style of choice—the French twist. Intimidated? Don’t be! Anyone can create this timeless updo—as long as they follow 8 simple steps. Quickly brush up on your braiding skills, then grab a few bobby pins and click through for a foolproof how-to that will have you saying ‘ooh-la-la’ to your reflection in no time.


Updos always work best with some ‘stick’ in your hair. What does that mean? You’ll want to use hair spray, such as the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Fine Control Hairspray, to prep your hair.

Once you’ve prepped your hair with a few quick spritzes of hair spray, you can move on to styling. Begin by pulling up the front of your hair as though you’re doing a half-up do, and twist the section for a rolled effect. Pin the roll in place at the back of your crown. After pinning the top of the roll down, you should be left with something ponytail-esque.


Have you been practicing your braids? Thankfully, for this hairstyle, you only need to be familiar with a traditional, 3-strand braid—which you’re probably capable of weaving in your sleep. Right beneath the pin you placed in the previous step, braid the “ponytail” and secure it with a small hair elastic. This is a cool look in and of itself, since braids are oh-so-trendy, but it isn’t quite French enough yet. Keep clicking to take it there.


Brush your remaining, unbraided hair to the right side of your head, smoothing as you go. Use more hair pins to secure your side swept hair slightly off center, allowing your braid to dangle over it. If your hair underneath feels too slippery, spraying with more hairspray should do the trick.


Take hold of the tail of your braid with one hand, then pull the pinned hair back to the left side of your head, covering the braid. The tail will be popping out, but don’t worry—it’s by design. In fact, it’s the key to mastering this tricky twist.


Here, even for the hair-style-challenged, is the ah-ha moment. Wrap your hair around the braid, creating a croissant-like twist, or roll. And oui, that’s the origin of the name!


Don’t stop just yet. Continue wrapping your hair around the braid until you reach the tail, then secure together with an elastic. The twist will be loose, but once you’ve completed this step, the rest is a fait accompli.


Now, it’s time to take care of the twist’s tail. When everything is said and done, it shouldn’t be visible. So, simply tuck the tail of the braid/ponytail combo under the twist at the nape your neck and pin it in place. It doesn’t have to be perfect just yet, once it’s pinned you’re free to adjust the twist (and flatten the tucked area) with the help of more pins. Remember, with this style the nape should be as smooth as possible.


Almost done! Starting at the top of your now hidden braid, use large pins to secure the twist, gently tucking hair into the twist as you go. Although the pins should be enough to create a tight hold, it never hurts to finish your hairstyle off with a little extra hairspray. Before calling it a day, spray your updo with the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray for added shine and staying power.

And that’s it! The result: a French twist that’s worthy of even the most famous Parisian women—and one that’s sure to have your friends inquiring about when you returned from Paris. Voila!

Herewith, A step by step guide to ‘How To’ create the Classic French Roll. With New Year’s Eve celebrations on our doorstep, it’s a good and easy recipe to know. We love delivering styles classic enough for your mother, and stylish enough for you, so Create This Modern French Roll Hairstyle For New Year’s Eve because it is the perfect “go-to” hairstyle for any woman of any age.

How to french twist hair

What You Will Need

  • Teasing Brush, Hair Pins like U pins, Tail Comb, Bobby Pins, and Iles Formula Finishing Serum.

How to french twist hair

Step By Step

1./ To begin, start by cleansing and conditioning your hair with our Iles Formula Shampoo & Conditioner. If your hair is suffering from the winter cold, then you may want to treat your locks to a deep conditioning treatment using our Iles Formula Hair Mask.

2./ Next, apply our Iles Formula Finishing Serum to your hair and either round brush blow-dry your hair if you are going for the more classic style, or dry it with texture if you are going for the modern more lived in a variation of the French Roll.

3./Use a 1-inch curling iron to wrap random pieces that you have allowed to fall out. Keep in mind, you are going for just a soft wave in the pieces rather than defined curls.

Classic French Roll

How to french twist hair

Hair by Kyle David Malone

1./ For the classic variation of the French Roll, follow these steps below extracts from

How to french twist hair

2./ Begin by directing your hair to one side and securing it with bobby pins the way they are stacked in this image.

How to french twist hair

3./ Next, hold the hair in the palm of your hand and begin to twist the hair up towards the top of your head. Twist the hair tight so that it is secure. Once the hair is twisted tight it will coil and form the roll.

How to french twist hair

4./ Depending on the length of your hair, you may have long ends that are left beyond the twisting. If this is the case with your hair, simply fold those ends down and tuck them underneath the roll.

How to french twist hair

5./ Once you have tucked the ends, you can take some hairpins and use them to secure the roll into place. To secure tightly, take the hairpin and place it horizontally on the edge of the roll. place the ends of the hairpin through the roll towards the left ear, and then rotate the pins back in the direction of the right ear. This will secure the roll tightly to ensure it stays all night. Use hairspray if you prefer a bit of hold.

6./. When you are finished, you can add a bow, broach, some pearls or an accessory to decorate the hair if you prefer. To see more of our hair accessory inspirations, click HERE.

Modern French Roll

How to french twist hair

1./ For the Modern French Roll, the technique is somewhat similar, but it is created a little bit quicker because you just begin by twisting the hair. You do not have to pin the hair first. In addition to that, the hair is more about the texture and less about a smoother finish. Allow bits to drop out and you can even rough it up a bit when you have secured everything into place. Take a peek at the steps below from @twistmepretty.

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

Whether you are going for the classic roll or the modern roll, you can detail and finish your hair to your preference, see another version below for shorter hair length where there is no length to roll. This super glamorous style will work with jeans and a blazer or a nice cocktail dress so it’s a very versatile option for your hair.

How to french twist hair

Which look is the one you will be wearing this year for NYE? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tag us in your NYE hair selfies @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula. We look forward to seeing your beautiful styles.

The French twist: one of the most elegant and sophisticated hairstyles for ballet class. I’ve always wondered how to do it: it seemed so hard to master! What if my hair is too short, too thick, too long…? Do I need to put a ton of hairspray to make it stay up there? What if my pins are not the right kind? How do I do a French twist? I will be answering all your French twist related questions in this article.

Is my hair too short or too long to do a French twist?

If you can pull your hair into a low ponytail and manage to do a little bun from there, then your hair is not too short for a French twist.

I’ve also seen people with their hip-length hair managing to do a French twist. If you have very long hair, doing a French twist might be tricky at first but not impossible. Give it a try anyway!

Do I have to put on hairspray?

How to french twist hairNo, you don’t have to. I personally don’t, unless I am getting my hair done for an audition, show or any other event where I want to appear as neat as possible. Sometimes the French twist comes a little easier when the hair is slightly wet. Try spraying a little water on it before combing.

Will I need any hair ties?

No, you won’t. That’s the beauty of the French twist to me! The only thing you’ll need is a couple of pins and that’s it! I ended up combing my hair in a French twist many times just because I couldn’t find any hair ties in my bag. Bonus? If you suffer from headaches because your hair is too pulled when you put them in a bun, you won’t have any more pain with a French twist!

What kind of hairpins should I use?

I recommend thick and solid hairpins. The strongest, the better.

What if I have very thick hair?

Don’t lose hope and patience! Be more careful when you twist your hair: keep it extremely tight at all times. Spraying your hair with water at the beginning can help.

How long does it take to do a French twist?

Once you get the hang of it, less than one minute. I promise! The French twist is a super-quick and easy way of doing your hair (even though it might seem incredibly complex at first). After some practice, you won’t even need a mirror!

Will my French twist hold up for allegro?

Your French twist should feel solid and secure if well done. I’ve tested different ways of doing French twists and I have to say that some of them fall apart once I start jumping in class. That should not happen: a well-done French twist is secure and tight. With the right strategy, your twist will hold up against anything: from your daily class to a full-length Don Quixote!

How do I do a French twist?

Through trial and error, I discovered the perfect method to do a simple, solid and pretty French twist. You can follow my step-by-step tutorial here and try it yourself!

How to french twist hair

French twist is one of the easiest yet stylish styles to do. It can be incorporated on long, medium and even shoulder-length hair. It can also be done for any occasion, ranging from a formal dinner, prom and even to work. While the steps are pretty much the same, your hair length and texture would determine just how well your French twist would turn out and the needed accessories.

Hair accessory for French twist:

The required hair accessory depends greatly on your kind of hair. For fine hair, you need lots of bobby pins, usually small ones and a jaw clip or French twist clip, especially if your hair is very long.

For those with thick hair, you need bigger bobby pins and a wider jaw clip. This is because the smaller ones are usually not enough to hold loose ends in place.

You also need a hair spray to help hold your twist in place and keep stray hairs away. A comb can also be used to comb the hair in place. If you would be creating a ponytail first, you may require a small hair pack.

Step by Step: How to French Twist Your Own Hair

When doing a simple French twist on your hair, you only require some bobby pins, U pins and a hair spray.

If you want to learn How to do a French Twist on yourself, here's how:

1. Sweep all your hair into one side, either left or right, and secure using a bobby pin at the back of your hair. This will ensure that your hair stays in place in one side. You can also apply a hairspray to get rid of stray hairs.

2. Place your hand under the hair and brush it gently to one side.

3. Grab the hair from the bottom and twist upwards in the opposite direction. Basically, if you comb your hair to the right, you twist in the left direction and vice versa.

4. Tuck the remaining hair into the twisted space.

5. Use bobby pins to secure the hair you twisted. Be sure to place the pins in a way that they are hidden beneath the twist. You should also use additional bobby pins to hold the ends of the hair within the twist.

6. You can then go ahead and use a hairspray to smoothen the hair and make your twist stay.

Other Hairstyles To Try: Ponytail Hairstyles

French twist on medium hair length

If your hair is just of medium length or shoulder length, you can easily do a neat French twist and here is how:

Pack your hair into a low ponytail. The ponytail should rest just below the back of your hair, that is, your occipital region.

Twist the ponytail from bottom to top and use small bobby pins to firmly secure the hair.

If your hair isn’t long enough to form a low ponytail, it is probably too short for a French twist.

French twist comb on long fine hair

Although the previous method can be used to create a standard French twist, you can use a French twist comb to secure your twist, especially if you have long fine hair. To do this:

  • Gather all your hair into a low ponytail.
  • Twist the ponytail up and down into a tight coil starting from the base. Tuck the first end under the base and keep folding and tucking till there is no hair left to twist.
  • Use the comb to comb your hair from the side to the part where the twist is and insert it firmly into the twist.
Here’s a great video tutorial showing how it’s done for those with long, fine hair:

French roll hairstyle for very long hair

It can be challenging to do a French roll if you have very long hair. That is because it’ll be much harder to fit all the ‘excess hair’ underneath the roll.

  • Comb all your hair to the back and hold together creating a little hump at the top.
  • Twist half of the hair around your index finger and hold against your head.
  • Use bobby pins to secure the twisted parts firmly. Use as much bobby pins as required till the twist is firmly secured enough for you to remove your index finger.
  • Gather the remaining loose ends and twist it upwards tucking the ends into the first twist. Keep twisting and tucking till you have all the hair.
  • Use bobby pins to secure that part too.
  • You can then use your hand or a comb to smoothen the sides of your hair.

French twist clip for thick hair

Doing a French twist on thick hair is more complex and requires bigger pins and a French twist clip. With thick hair, it can be harder for the hair to stay in place so you need to apply the needed accessories and tools.

Here is how to do a French twist on thick hair:

  1. Start by moisturising the hair using water and shea butter.
  2. Divide the hair into two sections, much like a half up hairstyle. Make sure everything the front half section is smaller than the back half section.
  3. Twist the top half and pin it loosely in place using a bobby pin. For thick hair, you would need bigger bobby pins.
  4. Smooth the other lower half and pack it to one side of your hair, usually the right side and then secure using bobby pins.
  5. Grab the ends of the first and second half and twist the ends of the upper and lower half together till you get to the head. Tuck the ends into the twist and continue to roll it down till it meets the head.
  6. Use a jaw clip to hold the twist. For thick hair, you need a jaw clip with much gap between the interlocking teeth to avoid placing too much pressure on the clip.
  7. Secure into place using bobby pins. You would probably need a lot of bobby pins to ensure there are no loose ends and that your twist is firmly placed.

Messy French Twist

Abby from TwistMePretty have this awesome video tutorial on how she does her own version of messy French Twist hairstyle. By using her finger to twirl the hair, and then finishing up the hairstyle with a couple of bobby pins, this is the probably the easiest way I’ve found so far!

Sideways French Twist

Also called the ‘horizontal French Twist’, this variation entails you twisting hair horizontally instead of vertically as with the classic twist. This chic updo is perfect for those with short hair. You’ll need a lot of bobby pins for this one, as you’ll be sectioning your hair, and twisting and pinning each section one by one.

Yes, this one will take much more effort that the old school twist. But it’s a good way to switch up your hairstyle.

Kate from has a good tutorial on how she gets this look done. Check out her video below:

Do you think you can do a French Twist on yourself?

While French twists can be done on any kind of hair texture, the smoothness depends on what you are aiming for. You can move from a messy twist to a more sleek one. You can also create a front bang or even a centre parting. All that matters is your creativity and versatility with this simple and classy style.

How to french twist hair

The French twist is a classic hairstyle that can be worn casually or more dressed up. While it’s a hairstyle in itself, there are numerous variations of the French twist that you’re sure to love. From braided French twists to a twist to the side, bridal French twists and more, there’s a hairstyle for you no matter your hair length! Check out 9 French twist hairstyles for short, medium and long hair below that are sure to wow!

3 Hair Products and Accessories You’ll Need

1. Secure Hold Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are one of the key tools you need to ensure your French twist stays in place. Invest in secure hold bobby pins so your hair doesn’t fall out – they’ll help you get a salon-worthy updo at home!

2. Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray
Adding texture and volume is key so your French twist hairstyle doesn’t fall flat. It will give your hair long lasting hold and boost pre-styling grittiness for no-slip updos. Spray it in your hair before creating your French twist for maximum hold.

3. Pearl Hair Pins
If you’re going for a more formal, or even bridal look with your French twist hairstyle, add these pearl hair pins to elevate your look. While a French twist can be worn more casually during the day, this accessory will bring it effortlessly into the night.

3 French Twist Hairstyles for Short Hair

French Twist and Half Updo for Short Hair | Kayley Melissa

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do a classic French twist as well as a French twist inspired half updo in case a French twist isn’t totally your thing. She gives you the step by step instructions on how to create a gorgeous French twist and all you need is bobby pins, a comb and hairspray!

The Sideways French Twist | The Small Things Blog

The sideways French twist is a chic version of the classic updo. A traditional French twist is gathered at the back centre, while this variation is done horizontally and a little on an angle. She first styled her hair with a curling iron and Kenra Finishing Spray. It’s a little more complicated than a typical French twist, but as long as you follow her step by step guidance, you can easily get the look!

French Twist for Short Hair | MuchTendu

This quick and easy video is shot from the back perspective so you can really see how to do a French twist on yourself. She’s able to get a tight French twist even with super short hair, and all you need is a brush, hair elastic and bobby pins.

3 French Twist Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Messy French Twist | Abby Smith

French twist hairstyles don’t always have to be so formal. Take this messy French twist for instance. It’s textured, effortless and perfect for a Sunday brunch with the girls. She starts by using the Sam Villa Texturizing Iron, which will add texture and volume for those with super fine hair, then she runs a teasing comb through her strands. She also uses a texturizing spray to give her hair some added grip.

Bridal Hairstyles | French Twist Tutorial | Effortless Beauty

The French twist makes for an absolutely gorgeous bridal look. In this tutorial, they break it down into simple steps so anyone can do it, plus the steps are written out so you can watch or read, whatever works best for you. You’ll need bobby pins, hairspray, a rattail comb and pearly pins to accessorize your bridal twist.

This is probably one of the simplest French twist tutorials you’ve ever seen. She demonstrates how to easily create a French twist and the result is stunning. It only takes about two minutes, but it will look like you spent lots of time (or money) on creating this hairstyle. Plus, all you need is bobby pins!

3 French Twist Hairstyles for Long Hair

How To: French Roll Updo Hairstyle | Alex Gaboury

This gorgeous French twist hairstyle takes under 5 minutes to create. It’s surprisingly simple but super elegant, making it perfect for prom, weddings and even work. She starts off using texture spray to give a more effortless appearance and uses a 1-inch curling iron to add some tousled waves. This modern French twist is super effortless and timeless and is versatile so you can wear it anywhere.

Ballerina French Twist | Totally TayTayBallet

This ballerina French twist is a little more complex than the classic, but it’s totally worth the practice. It gives more volume and more of a bun look, perfect for if you take ballet, workout or simply want a cool hairstyle for day to day. It’s not your traditional French twist, but it’s nice to switch things up from time to time so give this hairstyle a try!

Aveda How-To | Braided French Twist Festive Updo Tutorial | Aveda

This braided French twist hairstyle is a gorgeous upgrade to the classic French twist. Perfect for a holiday party or event, you’re sure to turn heads with this one. She starts by applying the Aveda Thickening Tonic to damp hair then uses the Aveda Texture Tonic to define and enhance the hair’s natural texture. Once your hair is dry, you can finish off with a dry shampoo to add even more volume to this hairstyle.

No matter which French twist hairstyle you choose, the end result is sure to wow!

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How to french twist hair

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How to french twist hair

Hair Romance loves a quick and easy hairstyle and this is as simple as Twist & Pin!

This is my take on the classic French roll and is a hairstyle I often wear. It’s chic and I like to leave it a little messy, for that effortless feel.

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

Hairstyle How-To:

  1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail
  2. Twist your ponytail and twist it up
  3. Tuck the end of your ponytail inside to form a roll
  4. Use bobby pins to pin in place. For a secure finish, pin from right to left, twisting the pin 180 degrees so that you catch hair from the top but pin underneath (see photos)

Hope you like my latest tutorial! You’ve been requesting some hairstyle tutorials on Twitter lately and so I have a few more coming up very soon.


Hi Christina i found ur site couple of months ago nd hats off to u.every single tutorial is just fantastic and easy to follow.i wanna ask that i have waist long thick hair its bit difficult for me to twist all of hair and tuck it doesnt come out so good will u plz tell me any technique for long hair

Hair Romance says

Thank you so much Amtul! Your hair sounds beautiful! This type of style is harder to do when you have a lot of hair. I haven’t tried this before, but I’ve seen a stylist use a chopstick to help roll up the hair. Then once it’s pinned into place, remove the chopstick and tidy up the finished roll. Also try using spin pins as well as regular pins to hold your hair. Your roll will not look the same as mine but you will still achieve a beautiful undo xx

If you ever wondered how to make a french twist and you didn’t know so far, we have an easy tutorial for you that involves using a pair of chopsticks. This is such an easy an elegant way to do your hair that if you have a business meeting or you want to have that “je ne sais quoi” french charm around you, you definitely have to try this out. French twists can easily be made on medium to long hair and you don’t need another person to help you achieve the look because you can do it by yourself.

How to french twist hair

What you will need:
– a pair of chopsticks;
– some bobby pins;
– one hairband;
– a comb;
– hairspray.

1. Comb your hair very well into a cute loosen ponytail, you don’t want to make it too tight. Secure with the hair elastic a little lower than you would usually do if you would make a normal ponytail.
2. Make a “V” with the chopsticks and twist the ponytail upwards in a way you make a banana.
3. Use a lot of bobby pins to secure the french twist, as many as you think will hold it.
4. Carefully remove the chopsticks and add hide whatever hair is out from the ponytail by shaping a nice and elegant twist.

How to french twist hair

On super hot days (like today and pretty much every other day for the last two months), I can’t get my hair up fast enough in the morning. Whatever it takes to get it out my face…as long as it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to complete.

Apparently, I don’t have much patience when its hot outside. SO, any hair style I can throw together with a quickness is on my list right now. And this one fits the bill.

In fact, I’d compare this casual summer french twist to a ‘set it and forget it’ moment, not completely unlike a George Foreman Grill. Yes, I just compared today’s hair tutorial to a George Foreman.

Want to see how to recreate this DIY ‘do in 60 seconds flat? Click through for the step by step instructions.

How to french twist hair


1. Start by pulling your hair back as if you were tying into a low ponytail.
2. Loop your hair in towards itself, this motion is similar to starting to tie a not, except you are not completely tying it.
3. Then start to roll your hair towards your head leaving the ends hanging out, creating an upside down french twist.
5. Secure the top and bottom with bobby pins and finish with your favorite hairspray.

How to french twist hair

How to french twist hair

Photography and hair Rachel Brewer
Modeling Amelia Tatnall
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give this one a try? If you have 60 seconds to give a whirl, I’m curious to hear how it turns out. Let me know.