How to fundraise for charity

Raising money for charity should be fun and easy.

This makes the likelihood of not being scared off a little less likely, right?

Below, we’ve listed some foolproof ways to raise money for charity

How to fundraise for charity

  • Face your fears

There is nothing better than watching someone do something that they really don’t want to do.

Jumping out of a plane, holding a tarantula or abseiling the tallest building in your city are just a few ideas to get your spine tingling!

It may not be fun for the fundraiser, but the audience will likely fork out some hefty sponsorships to see it happen.

How to fundraise for charity

  • Organise a sponsored sporting event

Sponsored sporting events are always popular for our fundraisers, especially if there’s an extra level of difficulty involved.

You can usually organise sporting events yourself or sometimes they can be organised by other groups. There are pros and cons to both options:

Events organised by someone else are often easy to partake in. All you need to do is register, train and turn up. Although sometimes you may need to pay a fee or represent a select number of charities.

If you organise your own event, all funds go directly to the charity. Though there can be a lot of hard work getting everything organised. Some examples of events our teams have organised include: a London to Paris bike ride and a virtual Haiti bike ride, all carried out in the comfort of being indoors.

How to fundraise for charity

  • Get sponsored for shaving your hair

Raising money for charity doesn’t need to be hard! For the brave fundraisers out there, why not get sponsored for cutting your hair off?

Getting a head-shave sponsored is a great fundraising idea, and one many people in the office are likely to contribute funds towards!

Extra: if the hair is long enough it can be donated to charities that make real hair wigs for patients that have lost their hair.

How to fundraise for charity

  • Go on a recycling hunt

Climate change is a hot topic… and the increase in plastics going to oceans and landfill is slowly killing the planet.

Raise funds for your charity by collecting recyclable items such as crisp packets. Crisp packets can be collected and exchanged for cash donations towards the charity of your choice.

Terracycle have a simple user-friendly scheme available.

How to fundraise for charity

  • Host an auction night

An auction night is a great way to get everyone together.

AGF fundraisers organised an auction night in aid for “Three going to Haiti” to raise funds for the AGF while running the Holden Haiti Half Marathon.

Auction nights are not one of the easiest to organise, but you will definitely reap the rewards. The “Three going to Haiti” sold out on the night and ended up raising £8,000!

How to fundraise for charity

  • Wash cars for charity

One of the easiest charity fundraising ideas you can do, especially in the Summer. Grab a bucket, sponge and have a source of water available – you’re good to go.

Find a venue, possibly your office car park if you have one and offer to wash cars for a reasonable fee.

How to fundraise for charity

  • Compete in a marathon event

Go the extra distance and organise a marathon event. Looking to play the longest ever football match? How does playing 12 hours of table tennis on rotation sound?

You may even get some local PR out of this event.

Warning, plenty of time is required!

How to fundraise for charity

  • Bake, bake, bake!

A bake-off is a brilliant charity fundraising idea for all ages.

If you have a secret recipe ready at hand, people will be flocking towards your cake stand ready to part with their money for a scrumptious treat.

Split the load by adding a competitive element, that way people will bring in their own cakes, a panel of judges to pick a winner?

How to fundraise for charity

  • Group cooking at work

Here in the P3 group we love cooking to raise funds for charity.

We’ve seen bacon and eggs cooked by the Nimlok team, curries cooked by the Marler Haley team and a nachos bar by the team in Orbus.

Set a fixed fee for people to pay – and all money you make after the cost of ingredients can be donated to a charity of your choice!

How to fundraise for charity

  • Create a tuck shop

An unmanned tuck shop is a simple fundraising activity.

Simply stock up on some goods and people can help themselves when there is a need for a sugar rush or a munch on some crisps.

How to fundraise for charity

Fundraising for a worthy cause is an incredibly rewarding experience. There are so many different ways to make your time count, simply choose something that works for you.

Fundraising for a worthy cause is an incredibly rewarding experience. There are so many different ways to make your time count, simply choose something that works for you.

If you’d like to fundraise for us, please register your event, call 0300 303 9888 or email [email protected]

What is a community fundraiser?

Community fundraising is a way of bringing the community together to raise money for a specific cause or charity. There are a whole host of different types of community fundraisers, from bakes sales and raffles, to walks and obstacle courses. In general, community fundraising is carried out by volunteers who support the aims of the charity within the community.

What makes a good community fundraiser?

A successful community fundraiser is one that brings people together, with the aim of putting smiles on people’s faces, raising funds and increasing awareness of the selected charity or cause. To ensure your fundraiser is successful, you need to plan in advance and spread the word about what you’re doing.

How to organise a community fundraiser?

When it comes to organising a community fundraiser, you need to set a goal and a purpose, as well as deciding who your target audience is. For example, is your fundraiser aimed at business owners, families, young people or a group within your community?

Once you’ve decided the basis of your fundraiser and who you want to attend, you need to assign roles and responsibilities within your organisational team, giving everyone an idea of how the event will run. This is a chance to work together with the contributors, volunteers, staff and vendors who will all help to make your fundraiser a success.

How to promote a community fundraiser?

If you want people to know about your fundraiser and more importantly, attend, it’s essential you promote it. Whether that be through flyer distribution, social media posts or through the local press, you want to share a consistent message that will build excitement up for the event.

When you promote your event, you need to remember to include all the key details – who, what, when, where and how.

What are the most successful community fundraisers?

The most successful fundraisers come down to a range of factors, from the event itself, to the promotion and the execution. In general, sports events, auctions and bakes sales perform well. However, the success of your community fundraiser will come down to the planning, promotion and fulfilment from all involved.

Gather your friends, family and classmates around a fundraising campaign to save children from hunger. With your school involved, you have the power to make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

Your first step is to talk to your school administrators about forming a club or hosting an activity. Once you have permission from your school, set a date for your fundraising event and unite the power of your classmates to raise funds for global hunger.

Why Hunger?

Around 811 million people go to bed hungry every night, and nearly half of all child deaths worldwide are linked to malnutrition.

Many young children never get a chance to live beyond the age of fiveeven though we can predict, prevent, and treat malnutrition.

We are the world’s hunger specialist. We have the knowledge and tools to save the lives of malnourished children. We helped more than 25 million people in 2020 with our lifesaving programs, but we need more funds to expand our reach and create a future where no child dies of hunger.

How To Create Your Fundraiser

  1. Ask your school for permission to host a fundraising event.
  2. Create a fundraising profile page.
  3. Share with your classmates, friends and family.
  4. Receive donations and help us save lives!

After you have permission to host a school fundraising event, sign up here to create your Action Against Hunger fundraising page. It takes just a few minutes to complete.

Now you have a personal fundraising page that you can share with classmates, friends and family via email, text message and social media.

You can also connect your Action Against Hunger page directly to Facebook (instructions below), making it easier than ever to collect your donations on social media.

Once donations start rolling in, you will receive notifications for every gift, allowing you to say thanks for their contribution. The funds you raise will go towards our lifesaving programs, and you will be helping us to save lives and end hunger for good.

Marijne and Karinke

Marijne and Karinke enjoy playing and performing classical music together and want to use their skills to benefit others. They are organizing a livestream concert from the Netherlands to raise funds for Action Against Hunger’s COVID-19 Relief efforts in East Africa.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and fundraisers, we can continue our work to improve patient care at UCLH. Every year, individual donations, corporate partnerships and legacies total £9.5m. Our supporters fundraise for us for different reasons; some have had a good experience at UCLH and wish to say thank you, others want to remember a loved one, others may want to support a particular ward, team or specialty.

Whichever way, we are delighted you have chosen to support us and look forward to hearing all about it!

How to fundraise for us

Organise an event related to what you like doing – are you a master baker? Try a bake off or a coffee morning. Are you a general knowledge genius? Try a quiz night. Sporty? Charity football matches are always a winner! If you'd like more information, download our fundraising pack which gives you an A-Z of fundraising ideas, together with top tips on some of the practical aspects of organising a charity event.

Meet some of our fantastic fundraisers!

How to fundraise for charity

Alexandra did a virtual Inca Trail to raise money for the Cancer Fund

How to fundraise for charity

Colin ran the London marathon for the Breathing Matters fund after losing four family members to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)

How to fundraise for charity

Katy shaved her head to raise funds for the UCLH neonatal unit where she was born at 24 weeks weighing just 1.19 pounds (540g)

Fundraising is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Seeing your many hours of planning materialise into hard earned funds is an experience well worth the hard work. Before you begin, our charity fundraising guide contains everything you need to know to run a successful fundraising campaign.

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Creating your fundraising page

Build volunteers: If you are taking part in a build, ask your team leader for the link to your team’s Charity Checkout page. From your team’s page you can click on the ‘Fundraise for us’ button and create your personal page.

Individual fundraisers: If you are fundraising as an individual then head over to the Charity Checkout website. You will then need to sign up to create an account. Once you are signed up you can choose Habitat for Humanity GB as the charity of choice and begin spreading the word.

Money management

Sponsorship: Use the Sponsorship Form (PDF) to track any offline funds you raise. Then, count the money and upload any funds to your Charity Checkout page, or make an online donation here.

Offline funds (without a fundraising page): Arrange a bank transfer payable to ‘Habitat for Humanity GB’, send us a cheque or contact us for more information.

Offline funds (with a fundraising page): Adding offline funds to your page is simple with this Offline Donations guide.

Marketing and social media

Facebook: Let us know about your latest activities by tagging @habitatforhumanitygb in any posts that you share.

Instagram: Include @habitatforhumanitygb tag and #habitatbuild to be featured on our website.

Twitter: If you are going on a build then remember to tag @habitatFHGB and #habitatbuild to keep everyone in the loop.

Telling your story

When you are fundraising it is important to keep your supporters up to date with your progress. Make sure that you not only thank those that help you, but that you also actively upload stories and images that display your achievements.

When creating fundraising materials, please make sure that you use the Habitat for Humanity GB Brand Guide. The guide includes colour codes, logo instructions, and more.

Your guide To Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a tax relief that allows UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer. You can only make Gift Aid declarations on your own taxpayer status when spending your own money. Click the arrows to learn more.

You can claim Gift Aid if.

1) If you are an individual, living in the UK or overseas, that pays UK tax then you can claim Gift Aid. If you are living overseas, please ensure that you can satisfy the Gift Aid declaration process.

2) You are paying the donation proportion of your Build costs.

You can not claim Gift Aid if.

1) If you are paying the registration fee or the trip expenses portions of a Build. These payments are not eligible for Gift Aid.

2) If you are fundraising by way of selling raffle tickets, event tickets, or any other such items where the donor receives something in return.

There are many good reasons for organisations that are not charities to register with us.

Charities increasingly need to be able to show that their partners’ standards are consistent with their own. The Charities Act 2016 requires third parties to say what standards they sign up to as part of fundraising agreements with charities.

Commercial businesses, commercial participators and public interest bodies that fundraise can all apply to register with us.

Organisations need to have a track record of operating in a fundraising capacity and commit themselves to following the Code of Fundraising Practice, the Fundraising Promise and our terms and conditions before we can consider their applications.

We especially encourage the following organisations to sign up to good fundraising practice by registering with us:

agencies offering telemarketing or face-to-face fundraising services;

direct marketing agencies;

online donation sites and fundraising platforms;

payroll giving services;

commercial clothing collectors;

companies exclusively offering fundraising products eg charity Christmas cards, affinity sites for purchases; and

To register, non charities must complete the form below. This is followed by a review that requires you to demonstrate the charitable fundraising element of your work. We will only consider registration of organisations that can demonstrate a track record of operating in a fundraising capacity. This includes committing themselves to following the Code of Fundraising Practice before the Regulator can consider or re-consider any application. We aim to respond to all applications within seven days.


Non charities are charged according to their annual turnover. There is parity between the thresholds that apply to agencies and those that apply to charities. The median cost to agencies represents less than 0.5% of annual turnover.

Got a fundraising target that you’d like to smash? Or perhaps you’re just looking for some inspiration and creative ways to get the donations flooding in. We’ve complied a list of our top tips and ideas for fundraisers.

Secrets of successful fundraisers

Before we start, let’s take a look at some stats. Research has identified four key things that the most successful fundraisers do:

  1. Start early
    People who set up an online fundraising page as soon as they receive their London Marathon place raise up to £700 more on average than those who only start to fundraise in the two months before Marathon Day.
  2. Set a fundraising target
    Eighty-one per cent of fundraisers set a target, raising an average of £1,495 each, compared to an average of £914 raised by those who leave their goal unspecified – a 64 per cent increase.
  3. Get savvy with social media
    People who don’t use this medium raise an average of £1,276 each, compared to averages of more than £1,900 each for Instagram and Linkedin users, more than £1,500 for those who use Twitter, and more than £1,400 for Facebook fans.
  4. Use an app
    If you embrace on-the-move fundraising by downloading and using a fundraising platform app you might raise 19 per cent more than people who don’t.

Expert fundraising tips

Andy Etchells is the founder of the Charity Runners Clearing House (CRunCH), which has been matching London Marathon runners with good causes for more than 20 years. As you might expect, he’s picked up a few tips and tricks along the way, which he’s agreed to share with us.

Please note that, with all these suggestions, what is currently possible depends on the Covid-19 restrictions in your area. Always consult these before planning any fundraising activity or event.

  • Get personal

Think outside the box

Looking for even more fundraising ideas? From hosting a dinner to sharking a bucket, the following activities could help you move closer to your fundraising target.

  • Organise a social dinner

How to fundraise for charity

Why run for charity?

Running for charity has lots of benefits for both you and the charity you support

How to fundraise for charity

Training hub

In search of handy training tips as you prepare to run for charity? Check out our Training Hub.

How to fundraise for charity

I have a ballot place

Got a place in the ballot? Why not run for a cause close to your heart?

How to fundraise for charity

Why run for charity?

Running for charity has lots of benefits for both you and the charity you support

How to fundraise for charity

Training hub

In search of handy training tips as you prepare to run for charity? Check out our Training Hub.

How to fundraise for charity

I have a ballot place

Got a place in the ballot? Why not run for a cause close to your heart?

How to fundraise for charity

Why run for charity?

Running for charity has lots of benefits for both you and the charity you support

How to fundraise for charity

Formerly known as, Stewardship’s Fundraising tools for churches and charities makes it easy for your church members or supporters to donate online. We’ll collect your donations and deposit them into your account. We’ll also claim Gift Aid for you and add it to your donations, boosting your income and saving time on admin. Since 2012, Stewardship’s Fundraising tools have helped thousands of charitable causes raise over £27 million online.

Register your church or charity with Stewardship, l og into your account, create a profile page and start fundraising.

Instant Gift Aid

Stewardship adds Gift Aid at the point of your supporters' donation which means you can receive Gift Aid immediately, without the hassle of claiming it from HMRC yourself.

Keep Track

You get full access to information about your supporters, donations and payments, to help you track and manage your financial support.

Personalised Profile Page

Customise your profile page with your logo, information and images. Then share and promote to reach more supporters.

Anonymous Giving

Your supporters or church members can give anonymously and securely whenever they choose. Either as a one-off donation or a regular gift.


All donations are processed safely and securely, meaning you can have complete peace of mind and know your funds are in safe hands.

Donation Buttons

Download one of our ready-to use donation buttons to add to your website to maximise your fundraising opportunities.

If you are registered with us already

  • Partner Account for Churches
  • Partner Account for Charities
  • Partner Account for Individuals

Not registered to raise funds with us?

  1. Register your account
  2. Set up your profile page
  3. Start fundraising

Our supporters needed a quick and easy way to donate online. Being a registered Stewardship partner meant that our online page was live and ready to be used.

Deborah McMillan FONiC Trust

Fundraising Badges

Fundraising buttons to create links to your profile page, or other fundraising pages, you create on Stewardship.

donate to a friend’s fundraiser

How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity


How to fundraise for charity

Create a fundraising page to support a cause.

donate to a fundraiser

How to fundraise for charity

Donate to a friend’s fundraiser.

CHARITIES & CAUSES can login here or contact us to register on idonate

download the app

How to fundraise for charity

making giving easier

Fundraisers can now create or manage personal online fundraising pages with the idonate App.

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  • Create personal fundraising pages or manage existing fundraising pages
  • Manage images / videos
  • Add new posts to fundraising pages
  • Receive donation notifications
  • Thank donors
  • Manage profile

For causes it’s a great new way to communicate directly with fundraisers. Causes can target and push messages directly to fundraisers via their account.

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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How to fundraise for charity

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fundraising page

How to fundraise for charity

Integrates with
popular fitness

How to fundraise for charity

Easily manage your fundraising page with the idonate app.

How to fundraise for charity


How to fundraise for charity

Ukraine Crisis – How You Can Help

There has been an outpouring of support across the world for the people of Ukraine and the desperate circumstances that they find themselves in. As the crisis continues, millions of people are being affected and the need for support becomes more and more urgent.
iDonate are committed to supporting the causes who are working on the ground to help those in need. Our strict verification process is in compliance with national regulations, ensuring that only legitimate, registered causes can fundraise on our platform. All donations are processed and stored securely before being transferred directly to the relevant causes.