How to generate mortgage leads

How to generate mortgage leads

The mortgage industry is a highly competitive market and so requires many mortgage brokers to generate their own leads. Lead generation is the process of gaining substantial interest in your products and services to then turn into sales which is vital for business.

Using these 10 effective lead generation strategies for mortgage brokers will help you connect with more potential clients and win more business.

1.Create quality content

Having a website filled with high-quality, useful and relevant content is a great way to drive traffic and gain leads. By answering the most commonly asked questions by the public about the mortgage industry and trends more people will look to your business for help.

You could also include more engaging content such as videos, images, infographics and checklists that may be easier for the user to digest.

2. Network

Networking is an extremely important way of finding new leads. Do some research to find out if there are any real estate networking events near you that you can attend. Make sure you carry several business cards to pass out to anyone you talk to.

A good source to target for leads are divorce lawyers. When couples divorce there are often some properties to handle, which is where your services will be appreciated. To network with these types of lawyers, it’d be worth joining your local Chamber of Commerce, or you could ask to speak about your products at family law events.

3. Buy leads

If your budget allows you could buy mortgage leads as a way to guarantee appropriate candidates. After providing the mortgage lead seller with information such as who it is you want to target, and paying a fee they’ll then send you a list of potential clients for you to contact.

A few things to consider before buying mortgage leads:

  • Set a budget – know how much you’re willing to pay and choose a company that fits that budget.
  • Quality over quantity – Don’t be fooled by getting more leads for less. You want to ensure you’re getting good quality leads that are more likely to lead to closure.
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive – exclusive leads are more expensive but it means you’ll be the only broker with those leads. Non-exclusive leads are the cheaper option but they will be sold to several other mortgage brokers who the client may decide to go with instead.
  • Check the return policy – if the leads the seller sells to you aren’t good check their refund policy to see if you can return them and get your money back.

4. Utilise social media

Social media is a great way to market yourself and gain new leads. Utilising Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram will help you create an online presence and get your name and your business out there. With Facebook and LinkedIn adverts as well you can target specific people who you think would benefit from your posts.

They key to building a loyal following on social media is engagement. Engage with your customers, create useful, relevant content that they can interact with and learn what it is they need. Being consistent and posting regularly is also important as it’ll show your followers that you’re a reliable source of information.

5. Use MLS listings

Using a multiple listing service (MLS) can be a great platform for generating new mortgage leads. As most buyers search and view properties online, MLS real estate databases can uncover potential leads and give you the opportunity to contact the sellers with information about your mortgage services.

6. Get published

Getting published in local or online magazines can be a very powerful mortgage lead generation strategy. Not only will you be building brand awareness for your business, but it can also set you apart from your competition as many no longer consider print media as a viable source.

Writing an article for a real estate magazine that helps and informs readers about mortgages will showcase your knowledge and skills, turning those readers into potential customers. Even just placing an advert for your business which includes details such as what products and services you have to offer can also result in new leads.

7. Optimise your website

One of the best ways to get new leads is through search engine traffic. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vital thing for businesses to learn and implement in order to rank higher in the search results. The higher you rank the more likely people are to click on your business.

Conducting important keyword research and then creating informative, high-quality content around those keywords, answering common questions from the public will help in improving your SEO.

8. Ask for referrals

If you’re just starting out as a mortgage broker, asking for referrals is one of the simplest ways of gaining leads. Asking friends, family and even previous co-workers is a great way to be introduced to new, potential clients.

After gaining several new clients and having built a solid relationship with them, you could then ask them for referrals too. Offering a client referral scheme to both reward and incentivise referral customers.

9. Create a Google my business page

Establishing a free Google My Business account is something that every business should consider. This account can help your SEO and ensure that your company appears in local Google search results when people search for a business or service near them. It also enables you to recieve reviews from customers to build your credibility.

Google My Business is a great way to get your company out there as a reputable, trustworthy business. You can add plenty of information such as contact details, address, opening times and your products and services so customers who click on it are more likely to turn from leads to sales.

10. Send mailers

Promote your mortgage products by creating leaflets and mailers which you can then ask permission to leave in local real estate offices. This is a good chance to build a relationship with estate agents, letting them know how you can meet their needs and help their business. Once you’ve made good connections with the real estate agents they may recommend your services to their customers.

However, most estate agents will likely have mortgage lender partners that they trust. In which case, it’s important to diversify your referral sources and offer something new and innovative.

To make the most of your leads it’s important to learn how to manage them by introducing a Customer Relations Management System (CRM). Read our blog to find out how some of our clients have benefited from our bespoke CRM solutions .

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Mortgage lead generation is quickly becoming a hot topic for mortgage lenders and brokers as they look to new ways to acquire customers in the digital age. Traditional mortgage marketing models are changing as consumers change the way they wish to engage with mortgage originators. Purchasing leads from lead aggregators and referral partner marketing continue to produce great results for some originators, but how do you get started generating your own mortgage leads while promoting your own brand? Let’s discuss alternative ways of generating your own inbound marketing without the need for third-party lead sources.

Mortgage Purchase Leads

Mortgage purchase leads are important in your lead generation strategy because they are much less rate sensitive. Purchase leads generally take longer to cash flow due to the fact that a customer needs to both get pre-qualified and shop for a home. In a low inventory seller’s market, this increases the time it takes for a consumer to find a home. Still, mortgage purchase leads should be a big part of your mortgage marketing strategy because, with a good nurturing program, purchase transactions can keep your business sustainable through interest rate and low margin cycles.

First time home buyer leads:

Here are the 2 main reasons you should target first time home buyers as part of your lead generation strategy. First time home buyers are highly responsive to marketing. A higher percentage of first time home buyers don’t have a preferred lender or agent. This gives you a great opportunity to get in early with a homeowner and possibly get a customer for life.

A mortgage originator that is new to the business can build relationships with first time home buyers easier than tapping into a referral partner network.

Listing leads:

Listing leads are leads generated from an existing homeowner listing their house for home or rent. Our own research show that approx. 50% of homeowners list their homes prior to getting pre-qualified for their next purchase. Listing leads are best when generated from your own database monitoring. If you have a prior relationship with the homeowner you have a better chance of retaining their business rather than the consumer going with the agent’s preferred lender.

Mortgage Refinance Leads

Mortgage refinance leads are the easiest to convert on a direct-to-consumer model. Mortgage refinances are less dependent on a local presence and they can close faster than purchase business. The downside to mortgage refinances lead generation is that the deals are very much interest rate dependent. You will need a good strategy of targeting consumers that meet a net tangible benefit before they will go through with the refinance. A good strategy for originators is to have a mix of purchase business and refinance business when building a mortgage lead generation strategy. Quicker closing refinance transactions can help cash-flow the longer cash-flow cycle of their purchase business pipeline.

Cash-out refinance leads:

Cash-out refinances are popular in a market when homes have appreciated. Paying off credit card debt, small business loan funding, and home improvements are a driver of a cash-out transaction. When generating leads for cash-out transactions, keep in mind you are competing with home equity lines. A home equity line is generally much less paperwork than a full cash-out mortgage transaction. You will want to have a strategy for targeting consumers that are less likely to meet the industry’s criteria for a home equity line of credit.

FHA streamline leads:

FHA streamline leads are a favorite for most direct-to-consumer operations. They require less documentation from the borrower and they don’t require an appraisal. When interest rates permit FHA streamlines are very popular. The flip side is that FHA streamline candidates get the most marketing pressure from lenders when interest rates are low. Again you will need a good net tangible benefit model and unique marketing to stand out in their inbox.

VA refinance leads:

VA refinances have a couple of benefits. The 100% VA cash-out option means the transaction is less dependent on the appraised value like other 85% cash-out products. The VA IRRL is similar to an FHA streamline which requires less documentation and can be down without an appraisal.

Database Marketing

Database marketing leads:

Database marketing is a newer approach to mortgage lead generation. Marketing to your own contact database is one of the least expensive ways to generate new transactions because you already have a prior relationship with the homeowner. Consumers that have some level of engagement with you in the past can be up to 5 times as responsive to your marketing than a consumer that has never engaged with you or your brand. Your contact database may include past clients, previous credit denials, prospects that applied but may not have completed a transaction with you, or anyone in your sphere of influence. For more info on how we can help you leverage your own contact database, see what are database monitoring alerts and how should I use them?

Mortgage email marketing:

Email marketing will help with your multi-channel marketing approach. Email marketing is effective when marketing to your contact database as opposed to purchasing an email list of consumers that don’t recognize your brand. Also, drip marketing email campaigns can be effective but you should be cautious on your approach. Sending drip emails to your contacts in your database that aren’t in the market for a mortgage can get consumers in the habit of overlooking your emails so they are less likely to respond when the time is right in their home buying cycle. Read more about why some mortgage marketing drip campaigns do more harm than good, and what to do about it. Our database monitoring product automates the delivery of personalized marketing emails to your prospect database when the consumers are most likely to be in the market.

Prescreened Data

Mortgage mailing lists:

Although direct mail marketing may seem outdated, it continues to produce a measurable response rate when done properly and with a good targeting model. Prescreening mailing lists is a good way to eliminate mailing costs to consumers that don’t meet the criteria for your products at that time. The prescreened mailing also gives you the most accurate set of demographics and credit attributes to target consumers that meet the criteria for your specific loan programs.

Mortgage trigger leads:

Mortgage trigger leads are leads for consumers that have just applied for a mortgage with another lender. Mortgage trigger leads can generate both refinance and purchase business as an inbound marketing strategy. In many cases when a consumer applies for credit with a lender, they are very early in the mortgage process. Many times a mortgage credit trigger can be generated from a consumer applying online with their bank or even a lead aggregator. The reason mortgage trigger leads are so popular is because most consumers want to shop multiple offers prior to selecting which lender they will complete a transaction with. Mortgage credit triggers can also be effective for mortgage lenders with niche products that the consumer may have been turned down for when applying with the first lender.

To learn more about how MonitorBase can help with your mortgage lead generation strategy reach out to our sales team.

Realtors deal with active homebuyers and sellers on a daily basis. Brokers and agents often become the public’s primary “go-to” people for anything related to home ownership. When a couple who bought a home a few years ago decides to refinance, they’ll often call their former realtor first. For that reason, realtors are a prime source of dependable and pre-screened free mortgage leads.

Four mortgage lead generation tips

Here are four ways to create professional synergy with realtors to improve your mortgage business:

    1. Make yourself available for open houses. Almost everyone who walks through the door of an open house is an ideal candidate for a mortgage. By offering to attend realtor open house events and answer mortgage questions for potential buyers, you can strengthen your working relationships with realtors while simultaneously lending them a helping hand. In the process, you’ll likely get plenty of free mortgage leads.
      1. Team up with brokers by offering essential services. Brokers are always looking to mortgage lenders for help and information. By trading on your “educational and expertise equity,” you can create a win-win situation. You might, for example, offer to do free mortgage workshops for new agents. Or you can attend a real estate office’s sales meetings once a month to answer questions about financing. While you’re there, you can show them new loan packages or features that have just hit the marketplace.
        1. Generate leads through FSBO sellers. Most for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers are new to the game and don’t have a clue about mortgage options for their potential buyers. Offer to help them secure financing for their buyers, and they’ll most likely welcome you with open arms.
        1. Relocate near a major real estate office. In real estate, location is everything. If you’re conveniently located near a successful real estate office, you increase your chances of getting business by proxy. When people are working with a realtor, they’re also shopping around for a mortgage lender. Put yourself in their sights by choosing a strategic location. You might get business from the broker next door without having to leave your desk.

        Mine for leads at the source-namely the point of sale in the real estate process. The more contact you make with those who live and breathe the real estate business, the more free mortgage leads you’ll receive. Begin cultivating those relationships now, and eventually they may be your main source of customers-and repeat business-as you reap the results of synergistic cooperation. In any market, especially a competitive one, it pays to be proactive about pursuing potential customers through professional teamwork.

        To be part of our free mortgage marketing program sign up to be included in our Broker directory.

        How to generate mortgage leads

        A mortgage lead is someone who is a potential customer for a mortgage loan. Mortgage loan professionals, brokers, loan originators, and loan officers rely on these leads that they can turn into borrowers. However, it’s not easy to find these leads.

        For those who are only starting out, they can mine their network for mortgage leads. Friends and family members are a good start. They can also join a local organization to get in touch with members of their community. Simply being an active member of the local community can help generate leads.

        Best Way Find Mortgage Leads On LinkedIn

        A lot of mortgage lead generation is done with business cards, networking, and physical advertisements. But sooner or later you are gonna have to expand your horizons. You will need to take lead generation online.

        Those who want to generate even more mortgage leads can rely on the many tools available online. If you do your research, you’ll find that there are many ways to get mortgage leads through proper lead generation. When generating leads, be it online or in person, do not be pushy. A potential customer might get annoyed.

        Instead of being overbearing, it is better to show a genuine appreciation for people’s problems, concerns, and desires. It will help build rapport, and it will go a long way in the mortgage loan business.

        Why LinkedIn Is Great For Networking

        When it comes to online mortgage lead generation, there is no better platform than LinkedIn. It is the largest channel in terms of the sheer number of professional profiles on the internet. If you want to find professionals in a certain niche, this is where they are.

        For loan officers, LinkedIn can serve as a well of opportunities when it comes to finding prospective clients. The chance of generating high quality leads on LinkedIn is just too big to ignore.

        Most of the time, using LinkedIn to its fullest potential is all about knowing who your target audience is. But loan officers can easily narrow it down by using the right keywords and filters when using LinkedIn’s search function.

        To get the most out of LinkedIn for mortgage lead generation, you need to join the right groups. You can join groups full of other loan officers, because this is beneficial when it comes to keeping up with professional practices. But keep in mind that this is not likely to get you any leads. Other loan officers in that group won’t be likely to have you do their next loan or refer their clients to you, especially when they are your direct competitors.

        So instead, you need to join groups that are full of ideal clients and referral partners. If you are looking for more VA loans, join and prospect within groups full of professionals who are veterans. If you want to do more FHA loans, find groups of young professionals. Find groups full of real estate investors, financial planners, CPAs, and even estate planning attorneys.

        Once you have joined the right groups, try to engage with content in the groups. Many posts in groups receive virtually no engagement, so engaging with posts from ideal prospects and referral partners can catch their attention. It is a much more organic way of starting a conversation than by direct message.

        Why is the Tool that can Help You

        If you do want to send messages directly, there are ways to automate this process without making it feel like spam. Kennected is a tool that lets you personalize automated messages as well as follow-ups so that you can focus on other lead generation efforts like engaging in conversations with leads who are already interested.

        Another way to generate leads on LinkedIn is to provide high-quality content for free. It’s a good way to offer value to prospects. It can be a free article, a video, or anything that is informative or helpful. You can give it for free in exchange for their email address if you are trying to build a mailing list for your website.

        How to generate mortgage leads is a leading mortgage rate website for Canadians nationwide. Every year, over 4 million Canadians use over 500 real estate and financial tools to understand mortgages, HELOCs, B-lenders, private lenders, and other real estate concepts. We also have top-ranking pages for the latest mortgage and HELOC rates and help customers find mortgage brokers.

        How to Generate Mortgage Leads users are highly-motivated consumers that are interested in YOUR financial products. Our Mortgage Advertisers only pay for leads that work their way through our funnel and choose to provide their contact information. These are consumers that are interested in a particular rate or mortgage/HELOC product, and are not just looking for general information. We also have leads that are directly looking for a mortgage broker to help them with their financing. This means you only pay for qualified, engaged consumers who want to learn more about your offerings.

        Private Mortgage Leads is a leading resource for information about private mortgages and alternative lending solutions. With our content-driven technology platform, we have developed one of Canada's only private mortgage calculators and a portfolio of educational resources and guides for alternative mortgage solutions ranging from bad credit mortgages to alternative mortgage lenders. We also have popular directories of both national and regional private mortgage lenders. To be featured on our website and get targeted private mortgage leads, please send us an inquiry.

        Reverse Mortgage Lead Generation offers reverse mortgage leads to our partners. Our comprehensive guide to reverse mortgages as well as our reverse mortgage calculator allows us to target users that are directly interested in reverse mortgages. To be featured on our website and get targeted reverse mortgage leads, please send us an inquiry.

        Mortgage Refinance Leads offers mortgage refinance leads to our partners. Our wide portfolio of over 350 real estate calculators as well as our leading housing market reports allows us to target a large market of homeowners interested in refinancing. We also offer dedicated mortgage refinance tools to our users including our mortgage refinancing guide,mortgage refinance calculator, and mortgage penalty calculator. Our technology platform enables us and our partners to target specific users by location. To be featured on our website and get refinance mortgage leads, please send us an inquiry.

        Commercial Mortgage Leads also offers commercial mortgage leads. Our traffic for commercial mortgages can be targeted towards specific commercial mortgage lenders. To be featured on our website and get commercial mortgage leads, please send us an inquiry.

        Mortgage Lead CRMs

        A mortgage lead CRM is an essential tool for high-volume mortgage brokers or mortgage brokerage teams. They can streamline the tracking and reporting of lead progress as well as help with targeted marketing campaigns. Unlike off-the-shelf CRM suites like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zendesk, mortgage lead CRMs have industry-specific integrations and features that increase the productivity of mortgage brokers. A lead pipeline from can be a great source of leads for your mortgage CRM and loan origination platform.


        How to generate mortgage leads

        BluMortgage is a mortgage lead CRM provider based in Toronto, Canada. They track the progress of mortgage leads as well as automate marketing and follow-up campaigns. Their system is built on top of Zoho, a leading CRM provider, and provides industry-specific customizations with the stability and support of the Zoho enterprise CRM system. They do not provide any lead generation or loan origination services.

        Integrations include Velocity, Finmo, Floify, and Filogix Expert.

        SureFire CRM

        SureFire CRM by Top of Mind Networks is a mortgage lead CRM that focuses on mortgage lead marketing and management. Their main features include automated omni-channel marketing with white-label templates and tools, sales and loan officer pipelines, and high-level reporting dashboards. In addition to their CRM, Top of Mind Networks also offers mortgage marketing courses.

        Integrations include Zapier, social media platforms, leading loan origination systems, pricing engines, and other sales tools.


        How to generate mortgage leads

        Floify is an all-in-one mortgage lead management system that streamlines the process of obtaining and tracking information from mortgage leads. They provide white-label web and mobile platforms for mortgage loan applications as well as broker-side tracking. They do not provide any lead generation or marketing services.

        Credit Provider integrations include CoreLogic, Equifax, CIS Credit Solutions, Factual Data, Avantus, and more.

        Document and Productivity Integrations include DocuSign, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack, Fannie Mae, and more.

        So you’re looking for exponential growth? You’ve come to the right place to buy mortgage leads online. Purchasing mortgage leads from is a scalable, cost-effective way to grow your business. Canadian owned and operated from the very beginning, you can rest assured we know the Canadian mortgage market.

        Why buy mortgage leads from

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        Other ways to partner with

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        Broker/Owner of Destiny Mortgage Lending, Melanie Walburg, turns to unique sources for mortgage lead generation. “Grow and thrive, think outside the box,” she advises. During the past two years, she has originated over $60 million in mortgage loans in the state of Georgia by connecting with CPAs, divorce attorneys, and clients who have purchased or refinanced a home. “It’s all about the units. Every loan is a potential referral connection for other clients,” she says. Don’t be afraid to offer help to others in the Brokers Are Better, VIP, and Women’s Mortgage Network Facebook groups. As a result of helping other brokers, Melanie has been able to gain referrals.

        Melanie is a seasoned mortgage professional with over twenty years of experience. Originally hired as a receptionist for a construction finance company in 1995, she was soon promoted to an executive position. Following, she became a loan officer, then she started her brokerage in 2005. After surviving the 2008 crash, she kept her advice of working hard, maintaining good ethics and morals, and pivoting into the future. “You have to prepare for the lean times,” she advises.

        Keeping honest communication is always important, but during this year’s rising interest rates, it is even more crucial. Keep the listing agent informed of any updates, including when the appraisal is completed and the disclosures are available. Only ask for what the underwriter will ask for – don’t overburden the borrower with paperwork. “It’s all about the experience, for both the borrower and the real estate agent.”

        How to generate mortgage leads

        You have to start somewhere when you are new in real estate. Building your business with long-term goals in mind is essential. It is the difference between getting by for a few years, or progressively growing your business to the point it thrives on its own for years to come.

        If you are new, or looking to really grow your real estate business with an eye on the future, you need to generate quality leads. So, where are others finding those quality real estate and mortgage leads in 2020?

        Finding Real Estate and Mortgage Leads Online

        According to the recent State of Leads survey that we conducted, purchasing leads and marketing were just about neck and neck in terms of quality lead generation. Both of these strategies are important, and both are easily done online with some strategy and planning.

        Our survey also revealed that most agents spend between $500 and $3000 a year on buying leads and advertising. This number also tends to increase year after year. Whatever your current budget is, we will help you spend that money wisely and make sure those leads count.

        Where to Buy Leads in 2020

        Our survey revealed that Zillow is the number one resource for purchasing leads right now. Many others also use, Bold Leads, RedX, Inbox Real Estate Leads, Trulia, and Boomtown.

        If you are looking for more leads, fast, then purchasing is a good option. Just keep in mind it isn’t a long-term solution. You need to convert those leads into sales. We first recommend setting a budget for yourself from the get-go. This will motivate you to really hone in on results and focus on converting the leads that you do receive, which is the essential component here.

        Increasing Real Estate Lead Responses

        Meet the Legends: How to Increase Real Estate Lead Responses with Charles Robbins

        Don’t just buy leads, make sure that they are getting converted into sales with tips from real estate coach Charles Robbins.

        Agent Legend can help you import leads from anywhere you buy them from, and then automate the follow-up process to engage with leads and increase your response rate. This will make finding real estate and mortgage leads worth the time and money spent. You don’t want to generate leads that don’t turn into closed deals, right? Right. So follow-up and conversion are essential if you purchase leads.

        Advertising Your Real Estate Business in 2020

        Putting effort and value into your community online will have a huge payoff down the road. An online presence will save you time and have a farther reach than in-person marketing and advertising do. Though those are still important, we recommend ads and content marketing as an important means to reach potential leads.

        Facebook and Google ads are a great way to get in front of potential buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market. We advise setting a budget here early on as well. These ads are great because they allow you to get really specific about the market you are trying to reach.

        Creating a blog or website and maintaining a presence on social media is an option that is cheaper monetarily, but does require more time. Establishing yourself as an expert and putting out related content that your community finds useful is a form of advertising that will, with time, give back more than you put into it. It is personal and you can utilize it for years. Best of all, it is sure to attract customers all on its own. Well worth the effort in our opinion.

        Maintaining Your Sphere of Influence

        Maintaining Your Sphere of Influence in Real Estate

        A sphere of influence in real estate is essential to finding long-term success in the business.

        Is your current lead generation process optimized?

        With Agent Legend you can easily stay connected with leads and former clients. Our software allows you to personalize messages, create campaigns, and most importantly save time while making closing more deals.