How to get 360 waves

In order to get waves in one day you’re going to need a few items and a good understanding of hair. This blog post will tell you about the items necessary to achieve the goal as well as the info needed to style your particular type of hair.

Not everyone has the same hair type so it is important to know about your hair type. There are a few hair type that you need to become familiar with. type 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Depending on your hair type you may be able to get waves in one day because your hair is easier to move. That is an extreme benefit however, it may be a negative thing because you have to worry about loosing your wave pattern easy as well.

How to get 360 waves

Hair Type Chart

Type 1 and 2

Take a look at the hair chart above. Identify which one most similar to the hair on your head (some people have more than one type on their head). If you have type 1 your hair will not wave up at all no matter what. If you have type 2, we classify you as a straight hair waver and your hair will not wave up until it reaches curl length.

If you cut it too low, it may loose its curl. When your hair is not at curl length it will loose any wave effect it may have had before and will will not show any wave appearance at that length. Keep in mind you may have one to five big waves if your hair is type 2.

Type 3

If your hair is type 3 we classify you as a medium hair waver. Your hair is easy to train and you can likely see wave progress in a few days if you have the right items. I suggest you get yourself a Medium 3WP Brush Fork Breaker to begin your journey. These are the newest brushes made specifically for waves. The brush has linear bristle alignment to help you achieve an even wave pattern all around.

Type 4

How to get 360 waves

This hair type is not likely to get wave progress in one day. The only way you are likely to see wave progress in one day is if you do the 360 Wave Process Bounce back method, or try the wash and style. Those two methods are the two most powerful methods when it comes to achieving and maintaining the 360 wave hairstyle. You can find those two videos by subscribing to the 360 Wave Process YouTube channel.

How to get 360 waves

The Perfect Brush To Get Waves!

Step one: The wave technique!

The first step to get waves in one day would be to wet your hair with warm water. This will soften up your hair and make it more manageable, especially if you have type 4 hair. This is why it is important to know your hair type.

Once your hair is wet you need two grab a medium 3WP Brush and begin to receptively brush hair all around non-stop for a half hour until your hair is lad fully. It may be difficult to get your hair to lay down if it has never been consistently brushed before. In this case you may not see any wave progress after this method. Don’t be alarmed! You may still achieve waves, just not within one days time.

Next! You want to make sure you have the right du-rag to help your hair learn to lay down faster. A lot of guys wonder if they need the du-rag to get waves. The answer is that you only need a brush to get waves, but the du-rag will help you along the journey much better than if you only had a brush. You will go through more trouble if you don’t have a du-rag so do not skip out on getting a du-rag.

Step two: Lay it down right!

How to get 360 waves 3WP Emerald Green Silky Durag

I suggest getting a 3WP Du-rag because it was woven from a silky fabric that is best for laying the hair down. After only a few minutes of wearing a 3WP Durag your hair will be noticeable more laid down than before putting the 3WP head wrap on. I suggest wearing it for thirty minutes at a time for the best results.

Step 3: Deep the results or be patient!

After doing step one and two and you take off your du-rag you should see some wave progress on the top. If you don’t see any progress, you must be patient and keep doing the process.

Don’t be sad no one gets full 360 waves in one day. Now some guys may have a few waves in this first day from the above method, but I can bet you a shiny penny they don’t have full 360’s. Also most people who get waves in one day still need a lot of work to bring those waves together. Subscribe to 360 wave process on youtube to stay motivated.

There’s no despair like unraveling your durag in the morning to a scene of disarray. It's horrible. That's why we put together a comprehensive catalog of expertise on how to get waves. If you follow this handy guide, you'll never have to experience that sinking wave-less feeling again.

This is a deep dive into the accumulated knowledge and tools that, if you've ever had waves, you've probably gathered over the years from fathers, uncles, barbers, and YouTube wave gurus. We condensed it all down to the most essential techniques. Keep in mind that after a few weeks of waving you’ll enter into a new relationship with your hair. You'll begin to understand it and develop a routine specific to your own scalp. It's essential to customize the advice below to whatever works for you. Some hair textures are coarser and may take a little longer to develop your wave pattern, and some hair may be naturally dry and need to be moisturized more often. The most important thing is to listen to the waves! Stay diligent. Pay attention to the how your hair responds, and never let up on your regimen. The wave gods only reward the deserving.

The best way to start this process is with a clean slate. Start with fresh, impressionable hair follicles. We're not saying go bald, but you’ll want to go to your nearest barber and request a really low, level-1 trim.

The most important, and continuously practiced, part of getting waves is brushing. Start with a softer brush to use during your low cut moments, and transition to a harder brush once it gets longer. Here's a good medium brush if you're just getting into the wave game.

This is one lots of guys get wrong. A little background first: Brushing can be hard on your follicles. So as you're training your hair to lay down, you want to make sure that you are feeding and nourishing your scalp. Most old school wavers will swear by pomades—but most pomades feature a common ingredient known as petroleum, amongst other chemicals. While the petroleum does help keep your hair in place, it has been known to clog pores and stunt growth. So you want to find a more natural moisturizer that still has hold. Try products like WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade, and Shea Moisture Three Butters Styling Pomade.

Last thing: Make sure you don’t over-grease your hair by loading it up with too much moisturizer. Only apply moisturizer once or twice a week, maximum 3 times, depending on how dry your hair gets.

Another essential tool in the waving process is the the durag. A durag helps keep your hair in position overnight. And it locks in the moisture to hydrate your scalp. The world is a dangerous place. Don't toss all your progress in the trash by not protecting your waves in unforgiving environments—especially during sleep. Truly dedicated guys always wear their durags. Only on very special occasions would you actually see their obsessively curated waves.

A satin durag helps retain moisture, and causes less breakage. Plus, if you’re going to encapsulate your head in any fabric for 6-8 hours every day, it might as well be satin. Also velvet durags, which are much harder to find, are having a style moment right now.

Yes, you need to wash your waves. But you want to make sure that you’re not washing your hair too often because shampoos wash out the essentials oils your body creates. We recommend cutting down your washing cycle down to once a week. You also want to make sure you are using a conditioner. Or opt for a co-wash. Co-washing is washing your hair solely with conditioner. It helps removes the dirt and grime without totally stripping it of the essential oils that keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Always moisturize immediately after washing. Pro-tip: Try brushing your hair in the shower when it's softest and easiest to tame.

Wolfing is the excruciating act of abstaining from a haircut for extended periods of time. Sounds awful, I know. Your barber and anybody that’s ever been appreciative of your line-up will frown on you, and possibly disown you. Assure them that the ends justify the means. During the wolfing period it is imperative that you go even harder with your brushing and moisturizing regimen. You want to switch to a hard brush to make sure that your brushing penetrates the top layer of hair and gets down into the new growth. This period is crucial because it helps ensure that your waves connect and form some sort of recognizable pattern rather than the disarrayed collection of ripples. The longer you wolf the better. Most wolfing periods last somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks, but have been known to go up to 12. If you’re like me and can’t stomach the idea looking like an actual wolf, visit the shop to get a line up or a taper. But no real haircuts.

Once you're ready, get all that extra wolf-action cleaned up and unleash those waves.

How to get 360 waves

How to get 360 waves

Go to the barbershop, and ask them to use a number 1 1/2 Guard “Going with the grain”. This will get your hair short enough to start training with the boar’s hair hand brush.

Step 2: Use 360 Waves Shampoo & Conditioner

How to get 360 waves

Next, go home and shower using the 360 Waves shampoo and conditioner. Try not to rinse all the conditioner out of your hair.

Step 3: Use A Warm Cloth

How to get 360 waves

Find yourself a wash-cloth and add warm water to the cloth and start prepping your hair using warm water. This will help frizzy and unmanageable hair to lay down. Begin working the cloth from the Cowlick found at the back of your head, and brush the warm cloth towards the front in all directions for best results.

Step 4: 360 Waves Training Lotion

How to get 360 waves

Afterward, apply a small scoop of hair training lotion to the palm of your hand and rub your palms together. Then wipe downward to hold the hair in place and further reduce frizz.

Step 5: Hair brush

How to get 360 waves

Start back up at the cowlick using your boar’s hair hand brush and start brushing your hair downward in every direction about 25-30 times for best results.

Step 6: Hair Oil Elixir

Step 7: Lock In Moisture Using A Durag

How to get 360 waves

Finally, please take out the durag you ordered from Amazon and wrap it around your head. The durag traps the moisture, lotion, and oils while helping to keep your hair in one place for the waves to settle. ***IMPORTANT***Make sure you DO NOT shampoo your hair afterward. You want the 360 training lotion to do its job under the durag/Stocking cap. Repeat this entire process until you get your desired waves. It may take up to 3-4 weeks for 360 waves to show, so repeat this process every few days. If you feel like your waves are not holding correctly, you might be washing your hair too often or not brushing enough.

Make Sure Your Scalp Is Healthy:

Should I Use Wave Shampoo To Get 360 Waves?

Do you need to use wave shampoo to get waves?

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Taking Vitamins:

The Commitment:

How Long Does It Take To Get Waves?

How To Get Deeper Waves?

How to get 360 waves

Deeper waves come from following our 7 step process, along with letting your hair grow out while doing it. After some time, your hair will grow out to a point you’re going to need to cut the top down. By Cutting the top and going with the grain, using a larger guard this time, such as a #2 or #3, you’ll want to knock down your hair. After you’ve done this, continue with these steps all over again. Doing this will train the hair underneath and the second time doing this process will tighten and thicken the waves themselves, creating more profound and prominent looking waves!

1. Boar’s Hair Bristle Hand Brush:

2. Hair Pomade:

3. Wave Shampoo & Conditioner:

4. Durag/Stocking Cap:

5. Hair Oil Elixir:

6. Waves Training Lotion:


How to get 360 waves

After buying these top wave products, you will be well on your way to having quality wave patterns in your hair. We’re confident that these products are top tier and will work for anyone looking to develop waves. Good luck on your journey. We would love to see how great your waves turned out. After you’ve mastered the art of getting waves and got yourself a professional haircut, we would like to share your hair on our Instagram feed for the world to see! Next time you’re on Instagram, use the hashtag #CyclopsBrand, and we’ll be sure to give you a shout-out! Download “360 Waves Mastery” Ebook Now!

360 Waves Mastery: E-Book

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How to get 360 waves

From Jheri-curls to afro’s and everything in between, Black men have been rocking all sorts of hairstyles right along with Black women. One of the most popular is the clean-shaven short haircut with waves that many brothers wear way into their older years.

Here’s how to get the same style no matter what kind of hair you have now.

3 Rules To Getting Waves

I. Only brush when hair is moist. One thing to avoid is brushing the hair while it is dry. Only brush when moisturizer has been applied to the waves.

II. Take vitamins. Taking care of hair goes further than just applying products. A good tip for good healthy hair is to take Biotin vitamins. Multivitamins and Biotin vitamins can be purchased at a local pharmacy. Biotin is known for making hair thicker and healthier.

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III. Get a good brush. A good one to buy is 100% Boar Bristles Diane brush or another wave brush brand of your choice. It’s a good idea to have both a hard bristle and a soft bristle brush. Sometimes it takes 6-8 weeks or less for some men to form deep 360 waves

6 Steps To Have Them “Sea Sick” (lots of waves, get it?)

  • Get a short haircut and edge up.
  • Brush your hair for 1-2 minutes with a wave-brush.
  • Put a washcloth in running hot water, squeeze some water from the rag, and then place the hot washcloth on top of your hair and wipe down.
  • Repeat the hot water process for the sides and back of hair also.
  • Add a good moisturizer to your hair.
  • Place a wave cap onto your head for one day, preferably only at bedtime.

It may take up to 6 weeks for waves to appear, so try to repeat this process mentioned above daily to train your hair to form deep 360 waves.

Using pomades produces build-up and flakes

Most pomade wave products contain heavy petroleum, which makes hair waves feel gooey and gummy.
Also, use may clog hair pores, cause acne on the face and upper back, and cause a potential receding hairline if you…

360 waves for black men have always been popular. But the waves haircut is a cool, short hairstyle that requires a little effort. The process to get 360 waves requires a du-rag, brush, hair moisturizer or grease (pomade), and a good shampoo or conditioner. Guys wanting to get waves in their hair will need to be patient as the steps to getting deep 360 waves does take time.

Below, you’ll find our step-by-step guide on how to get 360 waves for black men. To start, we recommend getting a buzz cut with a temple fade and edge up. A clean hair line goes a long way to making the waves in your hair look fresh!

How to get 360 waves

6 Steps To Get Deep 360 Waves

Here’s how to get waves in your hair as fast as possible.

  1. When getting your buzz cut, be sure not to go too short. You’ll want to tell your barber you want it thick enough not to see your scalp.
  2. Next, you’ll want to brush your hair for 1 to 2 minutes with a wave-brush. A good brush for men is a 100% Boar Bristles Diane brush. Depending on your hair texture and how deep you want your waves, it may be a good idea to have both a hard and soft bristle brush.
  3. Now put a washcloth in running hot water. Squeeze some water from the rag but leave it moist. Then place the hot washcloth on top of your hair and wipe it down. If you didn’t get the sides and back of your head, repeat the process for those areas.
  4. Afterwards, apply a good moisturizer or pomade to your hair.
  5. Find where the cowlick forms on top of your head, and start to brush out towards the front, sides and back. Be sure not to miss any part of your hair. You’ll want to brush for at least 20 strokes in every direction.
  6. Finally, wear a wave cap or du-rag on your head. We recommend doing this overnight while sleeping for optimal results, especially since it will keep your waves from messing up.

Repeat this entire process until you get your waves. It may take up to 4 weeks for 360 waves to appear, so repeat this process daily. If you start to lose your hair waves, then you may be washing your hair too often or not brushing enough.

Cool Black Men with Waves

If you’re looking for inspiration or curious about what waves in your hair will look like, check out the waves hairstyles below.

How to get 360 waves

Thick Waves For Black Hair

How to get 360 waves

High Skin Fade with Waves and Edge Up

How to get 360 waves

Deep 360 Waves

How to get 360 waves

Temp Fade with Small Waves and Goatee

How to get 360 waves

Low Skin Fade with Waves and Beard

How to get 360 waves

Waves with Low Bald Fade and Line Up

How to get 360 waves

360 Waves with Hair Design and Beard

How to get 360 waves

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This post will help wavers Maintain their waves. To me, each day, either you enhance or damage your waves. There is no getting waves and then stopping your brush sessions and expecting them to stay. In order to maintain your wave progress, you must stick to a good routine. In order to maintain, make sure you apply a durag whenever you are relaxing and sleeping. Also, those who play sports, co-washing, or washing your hair with conditioner will remove sweat, while preserving your waves.

Using water based moisturizers are important because it is healthier for your hair than using unnatural pomades. Moisturizer methods can be done about 2 times a week. Usually, this method is done at a longer length. This method is important because it add moisture to your hair without making it oily. Also it gives your hair more shine and depth. Continue reading →

Straight hair wavers must wave at a longer length. Coarse hair wavers can get waves at a 1 or less length. The straighter your hair, the longer it must be in order to curl up. I recommend straighter hair wavers get a 3 or 4 length with the grain and start at that length to wolf. Make sure you use a curl enhancer to increase your curl pattern and make sure you apply your durag every night. At a longer length, make sure you are brushing with a hard brush and use a comb to create your patter.

Other straight hair wave tips can be seen:

Brush sessions are the most important part of getting 360 waves. Consistently brushing your hair speeds up the 360 wave process and gives the best results. Depending on your hair length, use an appropriate brush to do your brush sessions. Each session should be about 10 minutes and should be done 2 or more times a day. Doing this ensures your pattern will be locked in. Continue to use the correct angles will ensure you will get progress. Brushing takes dedication and consistency. After each brush session, make sure to apply your durag to seal in your progress. Using a medium brush will give you overall good progress. Soft brushes are used for laying your hair down, but do not get to the roots. Hard brushes are too rough for shorter hair lengths. In order to use a hard brush, make sure you are at at least a 3 length.

here are more tips and an example of a good brush session:

Deep conditioning is important for hair health and growth. Often time, wavers use unnatural products that can clog your hair follicles and make your hair oily. It is important to wash and deep condition your hair periodically. About once every 2 weeks, you should deep condition in order to promote scalp health. Continue reading →

The key to getting 360 waves is brushing without product in your hair. Doing so, ensures your pattern is permanent and creates connections. Also, other methods are used to make depth in your waves. Growing your hair to longer lengths such as a 2 or 3 will enhance your depth. Continue reading →

There are many different types of hair textures. From straight to coily, understanding your hair is important to get 360 waves. A person with 2a hair texture cant use the same methods or products as someone with 4c hair. Straighter hair wavers must understand they will wave at a longer length and should use curl enhancement products, whereas 4c wavers would get shorter length haircuts and use more pomade base products to ensure their hair lays down. Understanding your hair texture is important for understanding what type of results you can get during your 360 process. Continue reading →

Haircut tips for wavers:

  1. always ask the barber to cut with the grain
  2. cut to a #2 with the grain, if you are a beginner waver
  3. the longer you have been waving, the shorter you can cut it without losing progress
  4. always comb through waves before going to the barber shop
  5. 1.5 with the grain is ideal with course hair
  6. straighter hair wavers should cut more than a 1.5 length

This video gives other tips for haircuts:

Having a good brush is probably the most important product to enhance your wave pattern and speed up the 360 wave process. There are many different types of brushes and brushes of good quality. Brush preference may depend on your hair texture, but every waver needs a soft brush for fresh haircuts, medium firmness brush for in between haircuts, and a hard brush for the wolfing process. Continue reading →

The hot towel method is useful to moisturize your hair and create depth in your 360 waves. For this method you will need a towel, brush, pomade and moisturizer. The purpose of the hot towel method is to bring moisture to you hair because it stretches and waves up best when it is damp and hot. Continue reading →

Like all great things in life, styling the perfect waves takes patience. A go-to ‘do among A-listers like Drake, Asap Ferg, and Michael B. Jordan, 360 waves, or simply, “waves,” has been an enduringly popular hairstyle in the African-American community for decades. They get their name from the wavy patterns that spiral out from the cowlick, and have been an excellent way for Black men to style their natural hair texture. If you’ve got short, curly hair from the root, then a 360 wave could be right for you.

Though you can achieve this look in a day, waves require plenty of maintenance. Luckily, we’ve streamlined this tedious process with a step-by-step guide so you’ll have your styling game on point, and develop your own routine that’s specific to your hair’s needs. Most importantly, stay patient, trust the process, and pay attention to how your hair responds to the regimen.

Get a Haircut

As you enter this new hair journey, it is best to go to the barbershop and get a fresh trim (or, if you’re socially distancing, do a simple at-home DIY cut). Don’t worry; you don’t have to go bald or even cut a lot off. You’ll just want to have it cut down to a level one, so you’ll have more flexible follicles that will be easier to mold into the wave pattern.

Wash, Wash, Wash

After completing your haircut, you’ll want to wash your hair with your favorite sulfate-free shampoo. After you’ve finished, rinse and shampoo again. The second time, make sure the shampoo lathers up, creating enough foam for you to mold the hair.

Start Brushing

How to get 360 waves

This process is the most tedious part, but sets the stage for how prosperous your waves will be. With the shampoo still in your hair, you’ll want to brush your hair with a hard brush until it lays down, which will require numerous brush strokes over the same sections of your hair. Don’t be afraid to add extra shampoo if your hair starts to feel dry. When brushing around your cowlick, you’ll want to be careful not to create a line as it will completely mess up your wave pattern.

Time to Moisturize

Vigorously brushing your hair will cause some dryness. That’s why after you’ve gotten your hair to lay down entirely, you’ll want to use conditioner to hydrate. Then you’ll want to put on a durag or wave cap — which locks in moisturize — and wash the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. It will probably feel weird having something on your head while washing your hair, but don’t take it off: trust the process. After all the products are rinsed out of your hair, you’ll want to let it air dry.

Time to Style

Last but not least, once your hair is completely dry, you’ll want to style it. Apply any pomade or style gel you like to your hair and go over it with a hard brush. And just like that, you’ll have waves everyone will be envious of.

How to get 360 waves

The curlier your hair, the easier it is to attain waves. With that being said, the health of your hair is also an important factor in the preparation stage. You should ensure that your hair is maintained and healthy in the weeks leading up to beginning the wave process. Why does this matter? Well, it matters a lot. Successful waves start with healthy hair, while hair length and texture are also important factors. Typically, hair length that is at least 1 ½ inches long is optimal, and having curly hair is a bonus: If your hair is long enough to curl, then it is long enough to wave! On the other hand, if your hair is too long, it would be a good idea to go to the barber. Ask to get a razor-style cut or “Caesar” cut, with a grain-equipped 1⁄3 inch guard. If you have done these things, congratulations! Your hair is prepped and ready to begin step 2.

2. Brushing & Wave Maintenance Behaviors

Sticking to a waving routine and brushing your hair regularly is the holy grail to 360 waves. The hair will need to be trained and rearranged daily, so it will be your responsibility to set aside time for that to happen. The first step (which comes before the hair product and moisturizer) is to ensure the hair is clean and dry. Washing your hair with a wave-specific shampoo and conditioner is ideal, however regular shampoo (or soap) will do. After washing, it’s time to bring out the hair moisturizer and pomade! A little goes a long way, so make sure you’re using just enough to cover your hair, and not so much that your brush is drowning in it. Next, brush your hair down and out starting from the crown and brushing down the back until you reach your neck. You also will want to brush the hair on the top of your head forward, towards your face, and brush the hair on the sides of your head forward, but down in the direction of your chin. The idea is to brush radially and outward from the crown of your head until you make it all the way around(360). Pro tip: Use a mirror to check the back section of your head so that you are not blind brushing. This will help you brush more evenly so that your waves are cultivated in the front as well as the back. Now that you’ve got the maintenance and brushing down, you’re ready for step 3!

3. Durags & Consistent Cuts

Durags are vital to any and all waving process, including 360 waves. After brushing your hair, it is time to tie the durag on your head to help hold the wave in place. Tie the durag tight enough to hold, but not too tight, and leave it on for approximately 30 minutes after brushing as well as to bed. Make sure you get a high quality durag that is made of moisture-locking material, such as the Veeta Superior Silky Durag or Velvet Durag . The better the durag, the better the wave pattern, so don’t settle for anything less than the best and shop durags from Veeta . Over the course of several weeks spent maintaining, brushing and styling your hair, waves will begin to develop. In order to get this process going in the right direction, you will need to get regular barber cuts. Go to the barber every 2-4 weeks, making sure to not cut so much off that the curls can’t develop. Talk to your barber about your 360 wave process to ensure that you’re on the same page. Trust me, the last thing you want is for your hair to get cut “against the grain,” or against the direction you’ve been combing it.

4. Wolfing Technique

Another styling technique that can be used to train your waves is something called “Wolfing”. Wolfing is when you grow out your hair before cutting it, which usually takes 4-6 weeks but can take double that time. The goal is to train your hair to lay down at the root, which adds depth to the waves since the hair is allowed to grow longer. While the hair is growing out, combing and styling processes cease so that the hair becomes matted. Once the hair is matted together, it must be kept in a durag for a few weeks before it can be shaved into 360 waves. This technique is harder to manage and requires patience, however, the reward of perfect 360 waves is worth the wait.

5. The “Rinse, Lather, Brush & Repeat” Process

You’ve probably heard of the familiar phrase, “lather, rinse & repeat”, a fairly ironic way of saying that something must be done over and over again. For 360 waves, the phrase of fit is “wash, lather, brush & repeat”, meaning you must upkeep the wave processes to reap the desired results. Brush your hair a minimum of five times on each side, at least three times daily. Don’t overwash your hair and instead rinse it with warm water to make your hair more pliable while your 360 waves are developing. On a weekly basis, wash your hair with wave shampoo and conditioner. Keep repeating this 360 wave process and brushing several times a day, and your 360 wave should be completed after several months.

Some pro tips on achieving the ultimate 360 waves: First, you can dampen a clean hand towel, throw it in the microwave for a few seconds, and then wrap the warm, damp towel around your head to help soften your waves before brushing. Another thing to keep in mind while developing and training your waves is keeping your hair hydrated. Keep things moist up there by using a high quality durag, and don’t hesitate to dampen your durag with water before putting it on. Furthermore, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This will help keep your waves maintained and healthy.

Jay-Z. Nelly. Lance Gross. Larenz Tate. A few of our ‘haircons” that have mastered the style that was so desired in so many suburbs and hoods across the world: the deep waves. To have a head full of fresh, shiny waves meant you could achieve anything you heart desired: the girl, the car, the fresh sneakers, the world.

Often confused with having “good hair” the obtainable and maintaining of waves is not rocket science; its based on dedication, willpower and patience. And if all else fails (and you will not fail) try, try and try again and again and again!

Don’t know where to start? Not a problem. We sat down with veteran barber Darius Davie, who also owns Groom Guy , to ask a few important questions that our followers have, making sure to touch on everything from hair length to proper tools, and what to expect while cultivating your waves.

Keep scrolling to get the scoop on everything you ever wanted to know about achieving the perfect waves.

Q: Why are waves such a coveted hairstyle in the African-American community?

A: Waves have remained a strong identity amongst the African-American community. It reveals the individuality of Black hair and its capabilities amongst others. Various industries within Black culture also celebrate this style, like music or fashion, which makes it more appealing. Achieving waves simply mean an even lay down of hairs with a ripple effect as your pattern. When a person has them, it means their routine was a success: brushing, product placing and head wrapping via durag.

How to get 360 waves

Q: What should one know or do before starting the process of achieving waves?

A: Wash and condition your hair thoroughly before embarking on the waves. You’ll want to moisturize the hair so it’ll become accustomed to the desired length making it a smooth process.

Q: What should one tell their barber before starting this process?

A: A person should go to the barber to achieve the desired length to begin the wave process. A number 2 or 1 1/2 is the ideal clipper length you’ll want to communicate to your barber. A person should know it can take up to one to two weeks to start seeing results.

Q: What tools (brush, cap, products) are essentials to producing and maintaining your waves?

A: You’ll want to get equipped with a silk cap. The silk fabric will be a much smoother surface for the hair to lay down on. Traditional waves caps have weak stitching and can fall apart, thus, causing the wave pattern to collapse or even look uneven. Grab a medium-soft bristle brush and be aware of what option works best for you.

Most soft bristles are ideal so they don’t irritate the scalp. Frederick Benjamin Sleek Water Pomade is a great wave activator product to begin the process; its ability to lay the hair down immediately is just the “training” it needs for desired wave direction.

Q: How many steps are needed to achieve this look?

A: The wave process can usually be about five steps: moisture, apply, brush, cover, cut. Condition the hair and add proper moisture to prevent product buildup and dandruff.

Apply a pomade, gel, or any product that activates your waves. Brushing is the routine exercise to create and maintain the wave or ripple pattern (with or without the cap on the head). Add a routine haircut to your local barbershop to ensure the length is even, loose hairs are removed, and the barber can review the current status of the waves.

Q: Does hair health matter in achieving this style?

A: Healthy hair is critical in any type of hair texture manipulation. It’s often a misconception to not wash during the wave process; that only causes dry and damaged hair. The more brittle hair the less movement it can commit to. Dry patches or an itchy scalp is a common result of poor scalp care.

Irritation can lead to redness and more severe scalp damage. Heavy pomades and gels may give style but, in the long term, can prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft which is a first class ticket to dandruff disaster.

How to get 360 waves

Q: Are there any significant differences in this hair process from earlier times to present-day? In this case, do all products matter?

A: The wave process remains the same but the supplies have seen an upgrade in the present day. A lot of styling products are now water-based , which allows for an easy rinse out during routine shampoos. Leave-in conditions have been an addition as a protectant and used as a pre-styler before applying pomade or gel.

A: What do you say to someone who is having difficulty achieving this look?

Q: If there’s troubles aiming to achieve waves, visit a local barber who specializes in giving the haircut to begin the process. At home, create a hair routine that works for you and be patient with the process for results. Try not to change products like the wave pomades or caps too often. Hair works best when there is consistency.

Q: Any other tips you may have? Final thoughts?

A: Using a leave-in conditioner before and after you’ve used your cap gives a nice shine to the hair. Most of them are sprays and will really help those baby hairs lay down. It also combats any dry patches you may see building in your scalp along the way.