How to get concert tickets

How to get concert tickets

Buying concert tickets online can be a frustrating and difficult process. We have gathered 6 tips to buying concert tickets online (from a concert venue’s perspective.) Check out our tips below!

1. Make sure you are buying from the event organization directly or their ticketing partner.

A quick search online will tell you if the event organization is selling the tickets themselves, or through a ticketing partner like Ticketmaster or SmithsTix. Re-sell sites look convincing, but ticket prices can be as much as 4x the price through the organization. Resell sites also tend to put tickets up for “sale” before the event organization themselves has released any.

If you are unsure if you are on the correct site, find a phone number on the website to call and ask if they are affiliated with the venue or are a third-party resale site.

2.Join the mailing list!

If you want to be among the first to know of events happening at a specific venue, join their mailing list. Almost all event organizations have an email list and you will be notified when exciting things happen, like concert announcements and when tickets go on sale.

3. Follow the event organization/venue on social media.

If like joining the mailing list, most event organizations have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms are a great way to communicate to the community about upcoming events and important information. It’s also fun to interact with followers so give these pages some love!

4. Set a timer 10 minutes before tickets go on sale

Hop online ten minutes before tickets go on sale if there is an in-demand show you want to see. Most sites will let you long in ahead of time which saves you some precious seconds. Once you are logged in, hit refresh right at tickets go on sale.

5. Call the venue ahead of time for insider tips

If the event organization sells their own tickets (from their own website), call them ahead of time and ask for advice. Every organization is different and might have different procedures. Call and ask what the employees favorite spots are to sit in the venue, how to speed up the online buying process, or if there are any pre-sales happening.

6. Keep checking back, sometimes a sold-out show is not sold out

Sometimes tickets will get released closer to the show. If the venue offers a resell feature on their site (not a third-party site) tickets will reappear as available. Even venues will frequently release tickets closer to the show (a few days prior or the day of). Follow the event organization’s social media accounts ticket releases for popular shows are frequently communicated there.

These days trying to buy concert tickets online can be a pretty frustrating and stressful experience. However, with a bit of planning, you can give yourself the best possible chance of getting one of those magic tickets to the show you want to see.

How to get concert tickets

2022 marks 34 years since my first concert (that makes me feel so old – Michael Jackson’s Bad tour at Wembley Stadium if you are interested.) That first show sparked a passion for live music and a lifetime of stress when tickets go on sale.

I’ve been through pressing redial on the telephone for hours only to find the show had sold out (am still devastated at missing Wham The Final at Wembley Stadium) to queuing outside box offices for hours on end. Two whole days for a Smash Hits Poll Winners Party back in the 90’s . Don’t ask.

The internet has changed all that making tickets more accessible and easier to buy but arguably more stressful. Having been to so many shows I’m often asked to help buy tickets for family, friends and work colleagues. So, I thought I’d share some tips to help you get those gold dust like tickets.

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Tips for buying concert tickets online

Be Prepared!

You’ve heard rumours your favourite band/singer is about to go on tour and you are desperate to see them live. This is the time to prepare .

Sign up to your favourite band/singer’s mailing list and follow them on social media

Tours are usually announced directly via websites and social channels. Some acts also offer pre-sales to those on their mailing list so make sure you don’t miss out. You want every opportunity to purchase tickets.

Sign up to your local venue’s mailing list

Join the mailing list of your local venue (or the venue you want to see the show at). They usually send out ticket alerts and sometimes offer pre-sales.

Register with the big ticket agencies – and join their mailing lists and ticket alerts

These days there are a lot of pre-sales before the official on-sale date. Make sure you are in with a chance to get a pre-sale offer by signing up to as many ticket agencies as you can. Ticketmaster, AXS and See Tickets are the big players. Other agencies to consider are The Ticket Factory, Gigs and Tours and Eventim.

TIP: If you have accounts with any of these make sure all your details are up to date. The last thing you want to be worrying about when you have tickets in your basket is typing the right address. It will just slow you down on the day.

It’s not all about buying concert tickets online – look out for other ways to buy

If you are an O2 customer you have access to O2 Priority where you can get access to tickets 48 hours before general sale.

A word about presales

Presales are a mixed bag so I wouldn’t worry too much about them. Any extra opportunity to get tickets is worth taking but from experience, they can go either way. Sometimes you can get brilliant seats other times you might as well be sitting on the roof or in the carpark.

On Sale Day

How to get concert tickets

Ok, take a deep breath. The last few minutes before the on-sale time are the worst. I’ve broken out into a cold sweat just typing it. The nerves! There are a few ways you can make this bit less stressful…

Log into all your ticket accounts before the on-sale time

You want to be ready to go the minute the tickets become available and not faffing about trying to type passwords and sign in.

Refresh Refresh Refresh….

Just keep hitting that F5 button. Doesn’t matter if the page comes up as sold out, keep pressing refresh. It amazes me how many people have said to me I tried but it said sold out so I gave up.


Tickets often reappear minutes (or hours) later. People may not buy the seats they are allocated or payments fail so tickets get added back into the pot. Don’t give up at the first sign of rejection .

Follow the ticket agencies twitter accounts

The big ticket agencies often tweet the latest ticket status so you’ll know if tickets are still available or if they are sold out. They’ll announce any extra dates too so turn those notifications on .

Try calling the box office or visiting the box office

If you are having no luck online it might be worth seeing if the venue has a box office phone number. They may sell tickets over the phone (watch out for high call charges) as well as online. Some box offices also sell in person but make sure you check before heading down there. You don’t want a wasted trip .

Consider another venue

No luck at your local venue? Try looking further afield. You’ll get a city break or a few days holiday out it too :o) Some of the best gigs I’ve been to have been far from home (and were much easier to get tickets for).

Don’t panic!

I never follow my own advice here but don’t panic. It’s very easy to get swept up in the ticket drama and panic buy or even worse, think about paying over the odds via the secondary market. Never do this. There are always ways to get tickets at face value prices.

How to get concert ticketsNo tickets? What next?

Hopefully, you picked up the tickets you were after but if not don’t worry. All is not lost…

Keep checking

Check often with ticket agencies. More tickets usually become available in the run-up to a show. You just need to keep checking. Like daily.

Set up a ticket alert with Twickets

Twickets is a face value (or less) resale platform. You can set up alerts for shows you are interested in and get a notification when any tickets are put up for sale. Be warned though you have to move quickly. For popular tours, tickets don’t hang around for long. If you have spare tickets or can no longer make the show you can sell them on Twickets safe in the knowledge that you are selling to a fellow fan.

Check on the day of show

If your nerves can take it you can pick up great seats on the day of the show. Just keep checking throughout the day. They usually stop selling online around 6pm .

Let me know if you have any tips to add (or any stories about buying tickets) in the comments below. I’d love a good ticket story : o)

Where to buy concert tickets online

There is no one best place to buy concert tickets online. I’ve got great seats without spending all day refreshing my screen with pretty much all of the agencies/venues below. Try as many of these as possible, you’ll get a feel pretty quickly for who is selling what and if it’s not what you are looking for move on.

As I’ve said before, if you were not able to buy tickets when they initially went on sale – wait until the day of the show. Do not panic and pay two or three times the price of the tickets on the secondary market.

Here are two examples of why to wait and our buying tickets day of event tips:

Taylor Swift at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA

Tickets had been sold out for weeks leading up to the show. The morning of the concert, there were 179 tickets on StubHub with the cheapest being $140 (cheapest face value ticket through Ticketmaster was $47.25).

The prices started to drop during the day to $99 for tickets, but still essentially twice as much than face value.

At 11:49am California time, tickets were available using the Live Nation mobile app. Pairs and four-packs were available for face value. The seats were beside/behind the stage, but you weren’t having to pay scalpers’ prices.

Well, all of the scalpers did indeed gobble them up and put them up on StubHub. That afternoon, there were 206 tickets available with the lowest price, $52 per ticket.

At 1:21pm, Ticketmaster stopped selling tickets over the internet and mobile apps. Prices then started to slowly climb again on StubHub settling in at $77 per ticket two hours prior to the show.

So here were the trends during the day for this concert on StubHub and why you should not pull the trigger on spending too much for tickets:

Bruno Mars at Toyota Center in Houston, TX

After playing the Houston Rodeo in March, this was another hot ticket. Again, this one was sold out and very popular.

This one was a little different than the Taylor Swift show. The Toyota Center uses something called Flash Seats, which are electronic seats that cannot be sold on StubHub, so only locals can use them (especially when buying a few hours before the show with little time to resell them).

At 1:49pm there were tickets available on the Toyota Center website and they were excellent seats right next to the stage. The crazy thing was tickets were being sold on StubHub for $250/pair BEHIND the stage and were only $192/pair through the venue.

Ticket Crusader Tip: Set a StubHub price alert for the event you want at a low price. Once you get the alert, start checking the Live Nation or Ticketmaster (remember, they are the same thing) mobile apps for seats. Odds are ticket prices are dropping because tickets are being released and the apps are the best way to grab them.

How to get concert tickets

Tickets to the biggest events sell out in a matter of minutes, so here are some tips to make sure you don't miss out!

Whether you wanna go and see Lady Gaga or Kanye West, tickets to the biggest shows around sell out in what feels like seconds almost every single time. Even if an artist puts on a 10 million date tour like Justin Bieber, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to grab a spot at the show.

But what if there were some tips and hacks that could increase your chances of getting the exact tickets you want every time? Well we wouldn’t be the nicest guys around if we didn’t share them with you, so here are 9 ways to make sure you secure ALL the tickets you want.

1. Get Yourself Signed Up To A Fan Club

Pre sale is a common part of tours these days and members of an artists fan club often get priority access to tickets when they go on sale. Following your fave stars Facebook page can sometimes be enough to count as a ‘fan’, so make sure you check out what the deal is with your favourite artists.

You’re also likely to get email updates about on sale dates and pre sale dates etc when you sign up, so that can’t be a bad thing!

2. Social Media Is Your BFF

Whilst the ticketing websites themselves will obviously be your first stop, checking for links on Twitter can be exactly what you need. Many fans will post direct links to the ticket pages themselves, meaning you can avoid waiting in long queues and get those tickets booked in quick time!

Just search for an artist’s name and tickets when they go on sale – it’s a great option whilst you wait in the queue on your other browsers.

3. Multiple Windows & Browsers Are Essential

You can’t be serious about getting the tickets you want if you don’t have loads of different ticket sites open on different windows of your internet browser and across multiple browsers. Doing this on a tablet or phone doesn’t always work amazingly, so a laptop/computer is your best bet.

You may end up waiting in a few different queues at the same time, but that’ll give you a much stronger chance of grabbing the tickets you want.

4. Apps Are Certainly Appealing

If you don’t have the luxury of a laptop/computer to hand and you’re stuck with your phone or tablet, specific apps are key.

Download the apps for the biggest ticketing websites such as Ticketmaster, See Tickets, TicketWeb, Stargreen etc and you won’t have to mess about with web browsers that can often be tricky on mobile devices.

5. Have A Ticket Account Registered Before They Go On Sale

Whilst this may seem obvious, so many people lose out on tickets because they take too long to enter their details during the checkout phase. Get signed up and signed in well ahead of the release date so you don’t get caught out.

6. AdBlockers Can Actually Save You Time

You know those ‘I Am Not A Robot’ and CAPTCHA checks, well some AdBlockers will actually help you skip those and therefore get your tickets secured faster without someone else jumping in and nabbing them!

7. Refreshing The Page Will Crush Your Dreams

Pretty much every ticket site out there will have you waiting in a queue. If you refresh your page whilst you’re in that queue you’ll end up right at the back again, so your best bet is to never refresh!

8. Keep Checking Back After The Concert Is ‘Sold Out’

There are occasions when some additional tickets or unsold tickets will go back on sale after an event has supposedly sold out. Keeping checking the ticket sites up to an hour after the show’s sold out and (fingers crossed) you might be surprised.

9. Keep It Capital

Whilst this won’t help you with ticket sites, we often have exclusive tickets to the hottest and most in demand shows around, including Capital’s Summertime Ball and Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball, so keep listening and you could be winning your tickets for free!

Whilst you’re here, check out heartwarming moment this kid was given surprise Bruno Mars tickets.

How to get concert tickets

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How to get concert tickets

Tips and Tricks for Securing Tickets Through Ticketmaster

So, you wanted tickets to see BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, or another hugely popular musical artist only to find all tickets sold out on Ticketmaster. You impatiently sat in front of your computer for an hour or two and were left empty-handed. Now, your only option is to buy tickets at inflated prices from a service like Stubhub. While getting tickets is never guaranteed when demand outstrips supply (partially because scalpers buy tickets to resell), you can increase your odds of success.

Follow these main three tips:

  • Be ready with a credit card saved on multiple accounts
  • Use multiple devices
  • Order by phone

Tip #1: Get Ready

Log into early and make sure you already have a credit card saved to your account. Have your credit card with you as well because you may be asked to enter the security code.

Ticketmaster has a queue which you absolutely want to be in. I usually log in and wait about thirty minutes before tickets go on sale. When you log in, find the concert you want to attend, and click More Info. This will take you to a countdown clock. Make sure you are logged into your email account because you will be sent a code authorizing you to enter the queue when it becomes available.

Refresh the page regularly until you see the blue button for the queue appear and solve the CAPTCHA, if any. Make sure you don't refresh the page once you're in the queue.

Tip #2: Use Multiple Devices for the Ticketmaster Queue

Okay, I've said to log in and join the queue, but you don't want to do this on just one device. The more, the better. Download the Ticketmaster app to your phone or tablet and log in. Open in your browser. And have a phone ready to call Ticketmaster's automated number. It used to be possible to use a single account on all those devices. Ticketmaster no longer allows that. You will need a separate account on each device. Make sure to have a credit card saved on each account.

Here was my experience buying tickets to see Stray Kids. I had the app open on three mobile phones and open on two laptops. When the countdown reached zero, the screens automatically refreshed on both laptops, and I was informed there were 2000+ people ahead of me.

You might think if there are ten thousand tickets available for a show that isn't so bad. Unfortunately, 2000+ seems to be a default for any number over 2000. So there could be 20,000 people ahead of you, but you'll still see 2000+. You will also see a progress bar moving very slowly while tickets get scooped up.

When I was doing this Stray Kids order, one of the mobile phones immediately went to the ticket purchasing page. Less than a minute later so did a second phone. Two out of three mobile devices gave me the option to purchase within about a minute while the laptops were still stuck on 2000+.

I've read suggestions that Ticketmaster prioritizes mobile sales because scalping bots don't work on mobile devices. I don't know if that's true, but I did get into two mobile devices almost immediately while both laptops were stuck on 2000+.

How to get concert tickets

A walking man will give you an idea of how long you'll have to wait on the Ticketmaster queue.

BTS are bringing their Permission to Dance On Stage concert series back to the U.S. with Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas. The concerts will be held on April 8, April 9, April 15, and April 16 at Allegiant Stadium. Here is how BTS fans can buy concert tickets for Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas.

This article explains how BTS fans can buy tickets for Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas. For information about BTS’ upcoming Permission to Dance On Stage – Seoul concerts, click here.

How to get concert tickets

BTS fans must buy concert tickets for ‘Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas’ on Ticketmaster

Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas will take place in April. Tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster, and ticketing for the concerts is expected to be competitive.

There are two separate presales for BTS’ Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas concerts. Registration for the pre-sales opened on Feb. 22, and registration closes at 5 p.m. PT on Feb. 26.

The first presale, the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE, will take place on March 2. The second and final presale, the BTS General Verified Fan Presale, will be held on March 3.

It is important to note that Ticketmaster will be releasing all of the available tickets for the concert dates during the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE on March 2. The BTS General Verified Fan Presale will only occur if there are tickets remaining after the first presale.

By comparison, BTS’ Permission to Dance On Stage – LA concerts in 2021 had four different presales. Ticketmaster did not release all of the available tickets during the first presale and saved some for each remaining presale. However, tickets still sold out during the four presales before being able to go on sale for the general public.

How BTS fans can register for the concert ticket presales on Ticketmaster

Registration for both the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE and the BTS General Verified Fan Presale lasts until Feb. 26 at 5 p.m. PT on Ticketmaster.

The BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE is only available to fans who have the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP. A fanclub membership can be purchased on Weverse Shop, and it must be purchased before registering for the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE.

Registration for the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE has two parts. First, ARMY with a fanclub membership must apply for the ARMY MEMBER PRESALE on Weverse. This part is available through “Weverse Announcements.”

After completing this step, BTS fans must then complete registration for the presale on Ticketmaster. Fans must complete both steps in order to be considered for the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE.

Registration for the BTS General Verified Fan Presale can be done solely through Ticketmaster.

Attention, #ARMY! Presale registration is now open for @BTS_BigHit PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE at @AllegiantStadm. Check out our key #tickettips to prepare for the presales powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan. Visit the FAQ to learn more:

— Ticketmaster (@Ticketmaster) February 22, 2022

How to purchase concert tickets for ‘Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas’

If fans are chosen for the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE, they will be sent a code by Ticketmaster on March 1.

The presale will begin at 3 p.m. PT on March 2. With the access code provided, fans will be able to buy up to four tickets for Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas.

If there are tickets left after the BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP PRESALE, select fans will receive a code from Ticketmaster on March 2 to participate in the BTS General Verified Fan Presale.

How to get concert tickets

For most concerts in Japan, tickets are sold through at least one of the major online ticket retailers (similar to Ticketmaster in other countries). However, none of them has a page in another language than Japanese. To make things more difficult for overseas customers, credit cards issued outside of Japan oftentimes don’t work and tickets are not sent abroad. E-tickets are not common, either.

There are few exceptions though:

Some events which are popular among foreigners, such as some summer music festivals (Summer Sonic, Fuji Rock, Punkspring, etc.) do usually have English ticket sites. Overseas ticket sale usually starts later than Japanese sale though, and the number of tickets can be limited.

For a number of these festivals, as well as other international concerts, you can purchase official e-tickets in our Global Tickets Shop.

For probably more than 95 percent of concerts in Japan, however, it’s virtually impossible to purchase tickets from abroad through the official online channels.

In this article, we introduce the remaining options for foreigners who want to buy tickets from overseas.

1. Ticket shopping services

Because it is so difficult to purchase tickets from abroad, ticket shopping services/proxy services offer to buy the tickets for you, for a service fee.

This is a viable and easy option to get tickets for concerts as soon as possible. It is recommended asking such a service as soon as you think about visiting the concert since they can check for early preorder opportunities in order to maximize chances. Note that sometimes tickets go on (pre)sale months before the concert date.

Once such proxy service specialized in event tickets is TicketsGalore.

2. Buying once you are in Japan

If you are sure the concert wont be sold out and tickets are not numbered (or you don’t mind being in the back of the hall), this is a valid option.

For most concerts of rather unknown bands at small venues, you can most probably buy the ticket at the box office. More popular acts might sell out quickly, or you might only be able to get one of the bad seats (in the back rows or sometimes even behind the stage).

If sold out, you can try your luck at the local ticket reseller shops (Kinken Shops) or from scalpers outside the venue before the concert starts (note that scalping/buying from scalpers in the vicinity of the concert is usually illegal and are usually done by professionals associated with the Japanese mafia/Yakuza). Be prepared to pay very high prices at such places.

For more information about purchasing in Japan see our article here.

3. Ask a friend or acquaintance in Japan

If you know someone in Japan who you could ask for a favor, that might be your best option.

Be advised to check beforehand whether the show is likely to sell out and if your contact is free at the hour the tickets go online. Once general sale has started, tickets can vanish in a matter of seconds.

Oftentimes, fan club members can order tickets first, and the broader public gets whatever is left, so you might want to ask your friend to help with becoming a fan club member, early on.

There are also public preorder lotteries, sometimes. Again, your Japanese friend might be able to track those down to improve your chances.

Don’t forget to bring your ticket angel a souvenir from abroad! 😉

Important: recently more events require the name on the ticket to match the name on the ID of the concert-goer. This could be a problem, if your friend buys the tickets under his own name but doesn’t attend the event with you.

4. Online auctions or ticket resale sites

The main platform for online auctions in Japan is Yahoo Auctions (eBay doesn’t exist here). You can find plenty of tickets there, especially for sold-out show.

The bad news is: it’s virtually impossible to directly buy tickets from there without communicating in Japanese or having a local address where the tickets can be sent shortly after the end of the auction. Scams are not unheard of even with sellers with okay reviews.

Similar difficulties exist with other the popular reseller sites such as, Ticket Street, Stubhub or Viagogo, which are otherwise a little easier to use and safer but similarly expensive.

Beware that tickes which are sold with photos of the exact seat number may become invalid (seats might get blocked) because the artists and promoters usually don’t approve of ticket resale.

At some events (especially Love Live, Uta no Prince, Johnny’s group artists like KAT-TUN or Arashi, etc.) there are ID checks. Fan club tickets and also some public sale tickets do have the buyer’s name on them.

How to get concert tickets

Join in on the fun with concert tickets from TicketSmarter. Whether you’re looking for country concert tickets or trying to catch a rap concert, TicketSmarter has the tickets that you want. With thousands of venue and artist listings, as well as a broad range of concert categories, we guarantee that you’ll find seats and tickets to all of your favorite events.

To make sure that you always find the show tickets that you’re looking for, we’ve added a diverse list of music categories that make searching for concert tickets easier than ever before. These categories include genres like rock, metal, classical, Latin, R&B, pop, soul, hip-hop and more.

We’ve equipped you with powerful tools as you search for music festival passes, VIP tickets and concert tickets. These tools allow you to filter for your favorite artists, musicians and venues so you never miss out on a show when they’re in town. If you’re in a big city, this helps narrow down your results to just the artists you want to see, cutting through the clutter and delivering shows that you love right on your device.

Concerts can sell out fast and we know that you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Get your concert tickets from TicketSmarter today to witness the live show of your dreams.

Concert Ticket Prices

Concert ticket prices will vary depending on the artist, venue and the seats you choose. Concert ticket prices are always higher to attend shows from big names like Elton John, Billy Joel, Cher or Celine Dion. Prepare to pay a higher price if you want to purchase a VIP concert ticket, a meet-and-greet package or a pass to a music festival.

Cheap Concert Tickets

Fans seeking cheap concert tickets should look at upper-level or balcony seats listed at each venue. These seats always provide more affordable concert ticket options for those looking to score a deal on concert tickets. Search for the cheapest concert tickets for any performance by using our price filter to sort through all available tickets by price.

Sell Concert Tickets

TicketSmarter makes it easy to purchase tickets, but we also make it simple to sell concert tickets too. This is a great option if you can’t make the show or if you have an extra ticket that you need to get off your hands. Fans can easily list their own concert tickets on our website by clicking on the “sell tickets” tab at the top of any page. Quickly resell concert tickets in just a few clicks today.

Last-Minute Concert Tickets

It’s tricky to remember when the concert ticket you want first goes on sale. We make it easier to keep track of upcoming events, we’re still here to help if you miss the first opportunity to purchase your concert tickets you want. We carry the best prices on last-minute concert tickets, so you don’t get caught paying a premium on your pop or country concert ticket purchase.

Concert Tour Dates & Schedule

We’ve made it simple to stay informed with all the best concerts playing in your city by providing you a detailed concert schedule. This schedule stays up-to-date, so you’re always in the loop on who’s playing in your city soon. Plus, this event schedule displays the venue name, showtime and date to make it easy to plan your next concert experience. This useful tool filters the events you want to see and shows you when your favorite artists will be nearby. Once you’ve found the show of your choice, you can easily purchase tickets months in advance so you don’t have to worry about a presale code. All it takes is a few clicks and you’re ready to download concert tickets to your device or have them mailed to your address. Whatever your choice, TicketSmarter promises a hassle-free entry to see your favorite artists perform live.

When do concert tickets go on sale?

Concert tickets go on sale during the months leading up to a tour beginning. Fans can learn when a new tour is announced by checking the concert schedule posted for each performer. These schedules always have the latest information, so you always have the latest tour information. Plus, TicketSmarter doesn’t require you to use an American Express presale code or other presale codes from Chase or Citibank to access the tickets you want to buy.

Concert Seating Chart

Concerts in arenas or stadiums will have a wide variety of seating options available. Fans attending a concert at the Amway Center or Colonial Life Arena can search for a seat on the main floor, lower section or upper section. If you’re attending a concert at a theatre like the Ryman Auditorium or the Folly Theater, you can find premium seating in the orchestra section and standard seating in the mezzanine and balcony areas. Smaller concert halls are typically general admission venues, which means fans do not have a reserved seat and have to find a spot when they arrive at the venue. See what seats are available for your event by using the seating chart provided for each concert.

Safe and Secure Concert Ticket Purchasing

Shop with TicketSmarter for a stress-free experience that ensures that you are buying only valid concert tickets. Our online platform is built to protect you as you shop for all your favorite concerts, sporting events, Broadway musicals and other events. We maintain the highest standards of customer service to ensure that each purchase leaves you satisfied.

100% Concert Ticket Guarantee

All TicketSmarter tickets are 100% guaranteed. Verified customers rate TicketSmarter 4.6/5.0 stars, so you can order with confidence knowing that we stand behind you throughout your Concert ticket buying experience.