How to get curtain hair

The curtain haircut was one of the most popular hairstyles during the 1990s. Even the kids from the famous series Dawson’s Creek wore curtains. For a generation of men that were getting more comfortable with the idea of grooming, a curtain haircut would turn almost any guy into an instant heartthrob. With the revival of the nineties fashion still going strong, this style is quickly making a comeback.

What Is a Curtain Haircut?

In a curtain haircut, the hair on top of the head grows out. This hairstyle has a strong middle and parts down the center. This allows the haircut to flop, adding to its appeal. Also called an eBoy haircut, it does take a bit of maintenance; however, it is very much back in style today!

How To Wear a Curtain Haircut Today?

During the 1990s, the curtain haircut looked great on people who had fine, straight hair. This type of hair tone works well because it emphasizes the strong part in the middle that defines the curtain hairstyle. Today, not everyone requires fine hair to wear this hairstyle. For example, musician Olly Murs wore a curtain and didn’t have this type of poker straight, fine hair. Many people have updated the curtain haircut and have personalized it to meet their needs. The haircut works better with narrowed, boyish faces; however, stylists can also undercut a curtain, making it look smaller. For those who have a naturally offset (or middle) parting, this haircut will work great.

How To Style a Curtain Haircut?

If you are interested in getting this haircut, then you need to take a look at some of the various images of the curtain haircut. Then, see whether or not you have a similar hair type to the one in the picture. After all, you won’t have much success in adopting a certain style unless you have similar hair. This will just add to your time spent styling it.

Then, visit your barber as often as you typically would. Ask them for help with curtain haircut, and they should be able to cut your hair to the lengths needed to help you style your hair like a curtain. If you have straight hair, take it polished. Use less product and dry it from front to back. Use a vent brush to help the follicles lay flat. This will also prevent hairs from flying away. Finally, never use gel. Otherwise, you might end up looking like Peter Andre!

At home, you can also style your curtains using hair mousse. You can add a bit of mousse to damp hair. Then, you can use a blow-dryer along with a diffuser. This will help you dry your hair while also maintaining the bouncy feel that everyone loves with the curtain haircut. If you prefer flipped ends, don’t be afraid to go with a round brush. This can be used to subtly flip up the ends of your hair, including your bangs! This can help bring your entire look together by adding a bit of personal flair.

The Photo Gallery Of Men’s Curtains Hairstyles

Brendan Fraser Curtains

Actor Brendan Fraser’s looks prove that curtain haircut also works for mature men as well. The subtle curl and volume in the front provides a nice frame for his eyes, and accentuates a strong jawline.

How to get curtain hair

Wet and Messy

This look is a nice variation of the previous one. Use a lot of product such as pomade or wax and tousle hair thoroughly to achieve a similar look

How to get curtain hair

David Beckham Curtains

Soccer star David Beckham looked great in his early career with bleach blonde highlights that add texture to this look. To recreate it, aim for finger-length hair in the back and longer sections at the front. Don’t be shy about moving the part to the side either, as seen here.

How to get curtain hair

Old Fashioned Curtain Cut

Another cut that looks great on men with a subtle jaw; this style is very traditional. It is inspired by men’s hairstyles from the 90s. After adding a large amount of pomade, the hair is combed and curled under a very tidy appearance.

How to get curtain hair

Curly Curtain Haircut

This curtain haircut is great for men with curly hair. Ask your hairstylist for extra length at the front to account for the curls. The longer sections are a great low-maintenance way to get the best out of both short and long styles.

How to get curtain hair

Johnny Depp Curtains

A very young Johnny Depp wears this look. Depp’s hairstyle has a lot of product to give a bit of a wet look, with a tousle that is casual and laid back. This cut is a little longer through the sides, blending into the back a little more subtly. Because the hair has so much volume, this style is great for men with fine-textured hair.

How to get curtain hair

Keanu Reaves Curtains Haircut

Keanu Reaves has been wearing some version of a curtain haircut for decades. This more recent image shows him with a very long fringe at the front, with a little bit of a wave near the ends. This cut is a great way to slowly transition into the haircut if you’re growing your hair out.

How to get curtain hair

Sharp Angled Cut

The lightened ends, the dramatic line stretching behind the temple, and the curl at the front make this bold “eBoy haircut” worth trying. Ask your stylist to create a sharp line between long and short sections that run from your temples to the crown of the head.

How to get curtain hair

Soft Waving Curtain

In contrast to the previous style, this curtain haircut is softer and kind of classy. The natural wave of the hair and slightly longer back make this cut would look at home, at the country club or the skate park. To achieve this look, let the hair air dry for a natural wave.

How to get curtain hair

For years, men have snubbed their nose at the curtain haircut. The style’s precisely parted sections of hair reminded them too much of the fashion sins of the boy bands of the 90s. However, that’s luckily no longer the case: The new curtain hairstyle is showing the world its relaxed, cool side.

The heyday of the curtain haircut was about two decades ago. At that time, on women’s heads, space buns reigned supreme, while men preferred hairstyles with center parts. Even those that felt closer to the grunge or rave scene did it – in the 90s, men simply wore their hair parted in the middle: either relaxed, or perfectly straight.

Today, the 90s are experiencing a comeback and the trendiest outfits from this decade can be seen on the streets of London, Milan and Berlin. The fashion world has given this decade’s hairstyles a hip makeover too, with playful styles like the zigzag part.

How to style curtain haircuts properly

How to get curtain hair

The curtain hairstyle is back in business!

Today’s interpretation of curtain hairstyles works for men with any hair length. Even men with long hair can pull off this look. The only important thing is that the hair looks healthy and for it to have some bounce. Embracing the hair’s natural movement is the key behind the curtain hairstyles of today.

  1. First wash your hair with a nourishing men’s shampoo like the göt2b ® PHENOMENAL beard and hair shampoo, which is specially formulated to not only cleanse your hair of the dirt and grime of the day, but also to strengthen it.
  2. Gently pat your hair dry and then comb it back. With your hair still damp, part your hair in the middle using a comb or your fingers and work a small dab of göt2b ® PHENOMENAL Grooming Wax into your hair.
  3. Blow dry your hair or let it air dry for a natural look. The modern curtain hairstyle for men can be left messy.
  4. To finish off your look, reach for some göt2b ® PHENOMENAL Fiber Cream, which will add that extra bit of shine and texture to your curtain hairstyle.


Men that want an edgier look can precisely part their short or mid-length hair in the middle and can flatten it using the göt2b ® PHENOMENAL Molding Paste. It doesn’t get more 90s-revival than that!

How to get curtain hair

We recently talked about the return of 90s beauty trends, with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus being inspired by iconic looks from the era. And this got us thinking, which other awesome 90s trends could be on the brink of return?

Bingo: Curtains. We've missed them too. So in anticipation of the soon-to-return brilliance of centre-parted floppy man-locks, (Zayn's already sort of attempted to bring the look back before panic-shaving his head in an effort to take it back,) we would like to celebrate the greatest 90s and 00s curtains icons. In case you were wondering, after extensive research we've learnt that peak curtains year was 1995, FYI.

If you didn't fancy one of these men in your youth, we'll eat our floral Laura Ashley 90s curtains.

Picture Editor: Sandra Waibl

How to get curtain hair

The man: Johnny Depp
The year: 1995
The mane: It is a well-known fact that in the 90s, Johnny Depp was the dictator of all things cool. Mr Depp has stuck with his signature curtains hairstyle over the years, but peak year was '95.

We’ve covered the eGirl trend, but its counterpart, the eBoy is just as big of a craze. More specifically, in the beauty and grooming world, eBoy hair has been making quite the name for itself. With curtain bangs and a ‘90s aesthetic, we can see why so many men are opting to chop their strands into an eBoy style. What is an eBoy, and how can you get in on the eBoy aesthetic? Below, we’re sharing all of the above, including how to give this trending hairstyle a try for yourself.


Before we dive into the hairstyle, let’s go over what—or who—an eBoy actually is. An eBoy is someone who is typically consumed with the Internet, social media, and the world of gaming. Their aesthetic is a mix of emo and hipster, usually involving dark clothing, painted nails, and a skateboard. They’re also known for their signature curtain hairstyle, which brings us to…


If you want to give the eBoy trend a try for yourself, you’re probably wondering what you’ll be getting yourself into. The eBoy haircut, also referred to as a curtain hairstyle, involves hair that is longer in length, usually falling around the ear. The hairstyle is parted down the middle with curtain bangs framing either side of the face. The eBoy cut can be worn on men with all hair textures, from straight to curly.


Like we mentioned, more than one texture can rock an eBoy haircut, which means there’s more than one way to style one! Here are a few of our favorite styling methods.

Hairstyling Method #1: Hair gel. A hair gel is a quick and easy method for styling a curtain hairstyle. Simply squeeze a bit of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel into the palm of your hand, then work it through your hair, pushing your strands backward. A little goes a long way! The goal is to create a wet hair look without overloading on product.

Hairstyling Method #2: Hair mousse. Do you have curly hair? A hair mousse should be your styling product of choice for your eBoy hair. Work a bit of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse through damp hair, then use a blow-dryer with a diffuser to dry and tame your curls. The result? A bouncy, on-trend curtain hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Not sure how to properly blow-dry curly hair? Check out our article, How to Use a Hair Diffuser on Curls, for everything you need to know.

Hairstyling Method #3: Round brush. Flipped ends may not seem like your thing, but hear us out. When you use a blow-dryer and round brush to subtly flip the ends of your curtain bangs outward, you create the ultimate eBoy aesthetic. Seriously! Practice your technique with the help of our article, How to Use a Round Hair Brush to Blow-Dry Your Hair.

Hairstyling Method #4: Flat iron. The eBoy haircut is popularly styled in a sleek, straight fashion. Spritz your hair with a heat protectant, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray, then straighten your hair for a traditional eBoy look.

Hairstyling Method #5: Hair pomade. Prefer a messy, undone style? A hair pomade can help you achieve it, not to mention, it’s your most time-friendly styling option. Work a dime-sized amount of the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty throughout dry hair, scrunching where necessary to define your layers. Easy, right?

Of course, hairstyles aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Don’t think eBoy hair is for you but want to continue to expand your knowledge of the latest hairstyle trends for men? Head on over to our articles, The Best Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men and Boys and 5 Spiky Hairstyles for Men, for more on-trend hairstyle ideas.

How to get curtain hair

England’s lithe young attacking midfielder Jack Grealish’s gloriously floppy curtains set the internet ablaze during the Euro 2020 tournament last month with more incandescent fervour than David Beckham’s original drapes did during the Euros in 1996 (which isn’t entirely surprising, given that Twitter was still naught but a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye back then).

But, unlike Beckham, Grealish – who has just departed Aston Villa, the club he joined as a six-year-old, for a posting at Manchester City – hasn’t had his hair cut with the intention of having curtains. Rather, his Peaky Blinders-inflected slick-back falls into a centre parting quite naturally while he’s playing.

Part flash-in-the-pan 1990s pop sensation Kavana, part early years Brian McFadden (with a touch of Golden Balls thrown in for good measure, of course), Grealish’s haircut will be combed through with a touch of nostalgia for anyone over the age of 30 (hiya!). But, beyond that, it also feeds nicely into the current “e-boy centre parting” trend being touted all over TikTok. Meaning 25-year-old Grealish’s new look has cross-generational appeal.

We’re also inclined to believe that the cut has caused such a stir because, as any man who was forced to grow his hair over lockdown (AKA, all of us) will know, it’s kind of impossible to avoid hair falling into a centre parting when it grows beyond the three-inch mark. With Grealish’s gold stamp of approval, therefore, the cut we were all forced to have for so long, under such unpleasant circumstances, suddenly feels considerably much cooler than it did (which is good news if we end up going into lockdown again. Just saying.)

Grealish’s hair also looks so much healthier than that of the men who rocked curtains in the 1990s. In the decade that was, the cut was universally – proudly, even – grease-caked. But Grealish’s hair has a certain bouffant bounce to it and we can’t help but feel that there’s something refreshingly 2021 about that.

Here, founder of Joe & Co and master barber Joe Mills reveals how to get the Grealish flop at home.

Although an eBoy haircut is not a brand new hair look, this fact does not make it any less popular. This stylish way to wear your fringe bangs pushed to the sides has a multitude of variations. No wonder that you can pull it off regardless of your hair type or length. For the main gist of the style and the most popular ways of sporting it, head over to the informative guide we prepared for you.

What Is Eboy Haircut?

To channel an eBoy meaning of their staple haircut is what should be discussed first. So, according to the general eBoy definition, this is a type of men’s hairstyles that features long strands of hair on the top of the head defined with a middle part and fashioned so that they resemble curtains.

How to get curtain hair

How To Wear Curtains Today

The classic eBoy 90s haircut used to be sleek and straight. The center parting was strong and defined. Nowadays, you can sport it no matter your hair type. So, a modern eBoy hair style looks more textured, relaxed and incorporates an uneven, natural parting. By the way, in fact, this haircut resembles a classic bowl cut for a pot, only with a central parting.

How to get curtain hair

What To Ask For

The choice of a curtained hair style depends on your hair type. Those who have wavy or curly tresses should consider long curtain bangs, as they will not look like a thatch in that way. If your hair is straight, then it is better to go with a cheek-length haircut for a face-framing effect.

How to get curtain hair

How To Style It

Method 1: Using A Hair Gel.
If you do not have much time for styling your curtain haircut, then a hair gel is your way to go. Scoop a small amount of a hair gel with your hand and apply it to your tresses styling them back. This will give a wet finish to your curtains haircut.
Method 2: Using A Hair Mousse.
This method works best for guys with curls. Use a dollop of a hair mousse on your locks while they are still damp and style them with a hair dryer for a bouncy effect for eBoy haircut.
Method 3: Using A Round Brush.
To pull off the 90s curled bang, you will need to employ a round brush and a hair dryer. Style the ends so that they flip outward for an iconic eBoy look.
Method 4: Using A Hair Straightener.
Another way to pull off this staple of grunge hairstyles is by employing a hair straightener. Yet, do not forget to protect your locks with a heat spray to avoid damage.
Method 5: Using A Hair Pomade.
Those who lean toward a messy and breezy eBoy style should definitely stock up on a hair pomade. Rub a blob of the product between your palms and apply to dry locks. Do not forget to scrunch them several times to highlight the texture.

How to get curtain hair

3 Tips For Maintain Eboy Haircut

To make the most of their middle part haircut men should stick to the next tips:

The curtain haircut is incredibly underrated, here are the best ways to rock it.

1 January 2022 by Max Langridge

As with everything else in fashion, hairstyles come and go with regards to popularity and one of the latest trends that is back in a big way is the curtain hairstyle. Defined by its prominent middle parting and a long fringe that falls over the forehead just like a pair of curtains, it represents peak ’90s style – think Johnny Depp or David Beckham, or even modern-day Keanu Reeves and you’ll soon get the idea.

Today, while that same look is very much the epitome of the curtains, it is now possible to have a side parting and to achieve the same look. And if you really want, you can even pair the curtains look with something like an undercut, or even a fade.

What makes the curtain look so good is that it works with various hair types – straight, curly, Asian – and can be used with or without styling products. For an authentic 90s look, you’ll want something that gives a high shine.

In this story…

How To Get A Curtain Haircut?

A prerequisite for the curtains is long hair. Without it, you can’t part it down the middle and have it fall down the front of your face. When we say long, we mean a good 4 – 6 inches minimum.

For the best effect, you’ll want to have the back and sides cut – whether it be an undercut, a fade or any variation of – to give the curtains pride of place, but you can pair it with longer sides for a laidback look.

The beauty of the curtains is that it can be used to quite literally frame your face, similar to the curtains of a theatre stage. It’s because of this effect that it works with all hair types, whether it be curly, wavey, straight or fine, and the majority of face shapes.

Got a round head? Employ a side-part hairstyle with your curtains, and grow the hair out so that you can tuck it behind your ears if necessary, to help elongate the face. Have a more rectangular-shaped head? You have the option of keeping it short or top or having the hair cut to around cheekbone length.

What you will want to try and avoid is allowing your hair to get too thick, as you could end up sporting something similar to the cake kid in Matilda.

Ask your barber to point cut your hair to give it some texture, and use thinning scissors to keep the excess thickness at bay.

With that taken care of, it’s time to run through some of the most popular curtain hairstyles for men to rock right now.

Best Curtain Hairstyles For Men

Short Curtain Hairstyle

How to get curtain hair

To achieve a short curtain hairstyle, you’ll want to grow your hair out to around eyebrow length, or in line with your temple at the most. Short curtains also look particularly good when the back and sides are left short, and you can choose to take a little bit of length off at the rear of the head to accentuate the longer fringe.

While it can work with a side part, the short version is one that was made for the middle part. Split the hair down the middle when it’s damp using a comb, apply a texturising product such as a salt spray and blow dry to lock it in place.

Medium Curtain Hairstyle

How to get curtain hair

A medium-length curtain hairstyle encroaches into Keanu Reeves territory. The hair should be left to grow out beyond the temple, at least to the top of the cheekbone and ears and once again opt for a middle-parting. While you’ll still want to keep the back and sides under control, you don’t need to go to such short lengths as the undercut or a fade.

Long Curtain Hairstyle

How to get curtain hair

Most likely to be seen on rockstars around the world, the long curtain hairstyle won’t be for everyone. It can work with straight or curly hair, and in both cases, you’ll want to make sure you keep it clean so that it doesn’t become greasy and unkempt.

eBoy Curtain Hairstyle

How to get curtain hair

No, that’s not a typo, the eBoy is, in fact, the name of a hairstyle. Sharing much in common with the short curtains look, an eBoy got its name from being worn by hipster types and those who like to spend their time on the internet.

Don’t let that make you think it’s a ‘nerdy’ look. Far from it. With Hollywood actors such as Timothée Chalamet sporting a variation of the eBoy, it’s incredibly on-trend.

Curly Hair Curtains

How to get curtain hair

Another Chalamet special is the curly hair curtains. Curly hair by its very nature has the potential to become too thick and unruly, which can wreak havoc on achieving the look of a good curtain. Looser curls are best suited to this look, as they are more likely to flow down the sides of your head, as opposed to sticking out to the sides.

Cut out a middle parting when the hair is damp and apply some mousse to give your curls extra bounce, and you’ll be able to revel in an oh-so-stylish look.

Fade Curtains

How to get curtain hair

As we mentioned earlier, the curtain hairstyle can be paired with a fade haircut to deliver a wholly modern look. While a fade can be paired with hair of any length on top, it looks best when cut short, as it allows the fade to be seen clearly.

For the curtains portion of the cut, you can follow similar rules to the short curtain hairstyle: hair that reaches to the temple; texture and a middle parting.

Asian Hair Curtains

How to get curtain hair

Asian hair is unique in that is nearly always straight and can become incredibly thick incredibly quickly. Because it is so naturally straight, it makes it a cinch to part down the middle, lending it to being a dab-hand performer for the curtains look. One of the most popular interpretations we’ve seen come out of Asia is a long fringe coupled with short sides, usually cut as an undercut.

How to get curtain hair

"That sounds like a question for your therapist," my boyfriend replied offhandedly, after I asked him, yet again, whether I should get bangs. It's something I've asked him hundreds of times and a thought that rolls around my head when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. To me, the most defining characteristic of womanhood is sitting in front of the mirror, wondering if the right type of bangs will change your life.

Now, I wouldn't go as far to say that bangs can be life-changing, but I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from them. If you prefer yourself bangless, please, continue on. But if you've ever wondered, Can I pull off bangs?—the answer is a resounding yes.

It's important to note here, though, that not all bangs are created equal. After lusting over straight-across bangs since middle school (thanks to 500 Days of Summer and Alexa Chung, obviously), and accepting they will never work with my round face, I finally got curtain bangs three years ago, and I haven't looked back since.

Curtain bangs, for the uninitiated, are those shaggy, effortless bangs that—as the name suggests—frame your face perfectly, much like a curtain does with a window. The look has roots in the ’60s and ’70s (think Jane Birkin), but today's take on it works with a range of styles and textures: messy waves, curly shags, sleek blowouts, high ponytails, you name it.

"Curtain bangs are the gateway to bangs, because they're super versatile," says Emily Heser, stylist at Cutler Salon in New York City. "They're long enough to grow out or pin back if you want, but they can also be cut into a shorter look." The style has steadily become both a celebrity and Insta-girl fave for its easy-going vibe.

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Celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown has noticed that curtain bangs have become increasingly popular in the last few years, largely due to how easy they are to manage. "They don’t take on the commitment of adding a full-throttle bang to your hair," she says. "They’re less work and are so easy to grow out."

Like I mentioned before, I never felt that I could pull off bangs, but these couldn't be more flattering. They add a little something to my otherwise plain haircut but still give me a bit of style. I love the vintage reference, and they add movement to my hair, so it doesn't feel so. blah. But best of all, they really give the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones since they hit right above your cheeks. (For that reason, a stylist once told me they're the perfect "selfie bangs" because they frame your face and bring attention to your eyes, so do with that what you will.) Plus, if I ever decide I'm over them, the grow-out will be seamless.

In the dark days of the Macarena, Furby and annoying AOL dial-up noises, the center-parted curtain haircut reigned supreme. Leonardo, Brad, JTT and Robbie Williams all famously sported one. It was a non-threatening, suburban take on the laidback surfer’s long drape. But like prepackaged boy bands and acid wash jeans, the style seemed to fall out of favor around the early 2000s, only popping up on the heads of insufferable donuts like Shrek’s Prince Charming and pre-redemption Jaime Lannister (Season 8 doesn’t count).

Recently the look seems to be making a comeback, though usually with subtle changes. Here’s some blast from the past examples and some modern takes on this infamous hairdo.

How to get curtain hair

Curtain-Mushroom Ombre Hair

Back in the era of slap bracelets and portable diskmen, it seems every boy wanted to be David Beckham and every girl wanted to date Nick Carter. No flaxen-haired megastars seemed to pull off the precise mushroom-shaped curtain quite like them. The darker-haired among us can achieve a similar end with some subtle or stark ombré coloring with the help of hair bleach, another staple of the 90s. Give it a modern twist by ditching the tapered sides and take them almost all the way down to the skin like an undercut.

How to get curtain hair

Johnny Depp's Messy Curtain Hair

Johnny Depp has been rocking the messy curtain for so long he’s a great example of both an old school and modern take on the look. As the mysterious indie heartthrob of the ‘90s, he wore it long and relaxed. Now he’s updated it with a shorter length, often incorporating an undercut, and keeping it frizzy and tousled, befitting his wild and kooky spirit.

How to get curtain hair

Retro Long

Reminiscent of the gloomy, rain-soaked grunge scene of Seattle, this long curtain is ideally subdued. Enough styling product to keep the locks low and close to the scalp, but not so much as to render it flat and formless. Allow a little curl to come through towards the ends to fashion a nicely shaped frame for the face, especially if that face has strong cheekbones. This low maintenance style suggests an artistic and thoughtful temperament.

How to get curtain hair

Curtain-Flow Messy

When ‘90s rockers like Oasis and The Verve first donned this look it had already been retro for decades going back to Kieth Richards in the late ‘60s. It’s a constant standby for those in somewhat edgier scenes. Although it looks wild and untamed, it is in fact heavily styled and layered to achieve that iconic messy silhouette. Exudes a very devil-may-care attitude.

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