How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

For many years, I was a dancer in a burlesque troupe in Minneapolis. When perform burlesque 2–4 times a week, you learn lots of stage makeup tricks. And then sometimes, said tricks slowly sneak into your regular beauty routine.

Take glitter lips, for instance. Glitter lips are basic Burlesque 101—one of the first things you learn backstage at the makeup table from other performers. They’re an important part of the burlesque dancer’s arsenal. Head to toe sparkle is what it’s all about, from your body glitter to your rhinestones, and a good glitter lip helps you get there.

After you wear glitter lips so often, for so long, they just start to feel … right. Like, you’ll be looking in a mirror when you’re about to go out on a Saturday night and think, “Hmm, my makeup looks good, but it’s missing something.” And then a couple minutes later, you’re sashaying out the door with your lips sparkling like two devastating rubies.

But here’s the thing. Out in public, people often act amazed, as if they’ve never seen glitter lips before. “What kind of lipstick is that?” a passerby on the dance floor will demand. “Where did you get such sparkly lipstick? I mean, does it come like that?” the bartender will ask as she hands you your drink.

PEOPLE. These are glitter lips! The easiest thing ever to do! Here’s how.

You Will Need

• Lipstick (we used Anna Sui Lipstick in 401)
• Fine, makeup-grade glitter (we used Lit Cosmetics Holographic Glitter in Heartbreaker S2)
• Cotton swab or lip brush

1: Start with lipstick. Put it on, blot. Put on more.

How to get glitter lips

2: If you, like me, have no manners, grab a cotton swab and lick it. Or if you’re fancy, use a brush.

3: Twirl the cotton swab or brush in fine, makeup-grade glitter. Get lots of glitter on there. I got mine at an incredible makeup store in Taipei with entire shelves full of glitter; but Lit Cosmetics has tons of colors (and it’s safe for use on lips, too; for this we recommend anything size S2).

How to get glitter lips

4: Roll or pat glitter onto the lips, covering every inch. Repeat! Until your mouth is soooo sparkly.

How to get glitter lips

5: Press lips together to tamp the glitter into place. Then stick a finger in your mouth, purse your lips, and slowly pull the finger out. This is to remove any particles waiting on the inside of your lips to hop onto your teeth.

6: Go dazzle everyone!

How to get glitter lips

Oh, and when you leave the house: Bring the lipstick, cotton swab and glitter with you, because on a high-maintenance scale of 1 to RuPaul, glitter lips fall toward the RuPaul end. You’ll have to keep checking up on the glitter, but believe me, your sparkly smile will be worth it.

How to get glitter lips

If you’ve ever tried a lipstick with sparkles and glitter, you might have not-so-dazzling memories of discomfort. Most times it’s coarse, and can irritate the skin on your lips, causing inflammation, which is especially uncomfortable in winter temperatures when lips are already chapped and windburned.

Even though these less-than-ideal conditions could deter you from shining under the glow of the disco ball (or, perhaps, your office’s fluorescent lighting), don’t be dismayed. TZR asked Lucy Halperin, a makeup artist who works with Emma Roberts, and Kaia Gerber; makeup artist Autumn Moultrie who works with Viola Davis and Kerry Washington; and Rachel Toledo, who works with Mariah Carey, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and Olivia Palermo how to get these sparkle shades to stay on throughout a night of passed appetizers and cocktails.

“Wearing glitter can be hard and messy. I would advise lining the lips in a pigment or lipstick first, so you have a real depth of color on your lips,” says Halperin. “Another thing when doing glitter is to slightly smile, so you add an extra amount of product, and that will guarantee full coverage.”

In terms of lining, Moultrie suggests using "a coordinating liner color, then fill in the lipstick and press the glitter onto the lip with your finger. You can outline the lip with concealer on a lip brush for precision."

As for your selection of lipsticks, Toledo recommends using a matte or long-wearing, solid color lipstick as a base, such as Urban Decay Cosmetics Matte Revolution Lipstick, or MAC Matte Lipstick. Top off with some Smith’s Rosebud Salve, per Toledo’s recommendation, or a very sticky clear gloss, like one from Glossier.

After properly applying your favorite shade, making sure that it lasts for a substantial amount of time is vital. “If you’re wearing a sparkly creamy lipstick, you can always add a drop of extra loose glitter on top — the smaller grained glitter usually works easier,” Toledo says. Try using a metallic glitter from NYX, or the newly-launched loose glitter from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

If you don’t want to create your own glitter lip, there are still plenty of shimmery metallic formulas and glosses that do the trick. Shop them ahead.

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How to Apply Lip Glitter?

Here’s how you can apply lip glitter in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Prepare your lips by using a gentle lip scrub to remove dead skin from your lips and to have a smooth base.

Step 2 – Take a lip liner and draw a perfect lip line to create your desired lip shape. Lining your lips help to apply lip glitter easily.

Step 3 – Either you can apply lipstick or lip gloss for the base and then apply your lip glitter just the way you apply your lip gloss, covering the centre area smoothly. If you think that there’s an excessive amount of lip glitter applied then you can remove it softly with the help of a cotton pad but make sure while doing so you don’t ruin the rest of your application.

How to Remove Lip Sparkle?

Removing Lip Sparkle is tricky if you do not know the right way to do it. To remove lip glitter from your pout, you can use an oil-based cleanser or a cleansing balm, but be sure to gently rub the glitter off the lips. It will take time to remove the sparkle, but waxy or oil consistency products are the best way to remove glitter. Apart from this, you can use a good makeup remover that removes stubborn makeup residue easily. Go for an oil-based remover, that will help you to get rid of lip sparkle in no time. Also, you can follow these steps to remove lip glitter effectively using petroleum jelly.

Step 1: Take a small amount of vaseline and apply it to your lips and let it settle for the next few minutes.

Step 2: Take a cotton ball dipped in warm water and wipe on your lips with a circular motion.

Step 3: Now repeat the previous step, changing the cotton ball until the lip sparkle is gone completely.

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With the holiday season in full swing and the approaching New Year’s Eve, a lot of us are in the search of makeup styles that are going to make us the star of the celebrations. It’s the time of the year when we have every right to shine bright, be noticeable and sparkle with charm! A crucial part of any glam look is the lipstick. Personally, when we’re trying to make sure we’re going to be noticed, we always pick glitter! Here are some epic tutorials for irresistible glitter lips!

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

How to get glitter lips

1. Bright Red Glitter Lips

Red lipstick is without a doubt the most daring, sexy and compelling one. It has a bold and seductive nature, therefore it’s perfect if you’re planning to spend the longest night of the year in the company of your significant other. Sarah Steller will help you achieve this bright red glitter lip!

2. Rose Gold Glitter Lips

Rose gold dominated the trends of 2017. This color tone has taken over our accessories, clothes and especially makeup! Bring the charm and the magic of a sparkling rose gold tone to your lips by following the tutorial at Amys Makeup Box!

3. Velvet Glitter Lips

The blue lip is one of those styles that are reserved for the most special occasions. It’s going to put you in the center of attention and the vivid blue lipstick is going to be the focal point of your whole outfit. Miss Jazmina will teach you how to make velvet blue glitter lips and create an even bigger impact!

4. EOS Glitter Lips

Everyone loves a good makeup hack, especially when it involves your favorite lip balm. When we heard that you can turn an EOS lip balm into a shiny glitter lipstick, we had to investigate! What we found out is going to blow your mind! Spy the whole process at Sylvia Gani.

5. Pink Glitter Lips

The pink lip represents softness and romance. It appears gentle, feminine and very natural. If you want your lipstick style to embody all of those qualities, as well as carry some fun sparkle, the pink glitter lips are the right choice for you! Lip Stalker shares the how-to!

6. Rainbow Glitter Lips

The choice of color can either make or break your makeup style. Can’t decide on a color for your lips? How about you choose all of them at once! Electra Snow proves how majestic rainbow lips can look like, especially when there’s glitter all over them! Not to mention, this makes a really fantastic Pride makeup idea!

7. Galaxy Glitter Lips

Miss Jazmina is back with another sparkly lip tutorial! When you’re choosing a lipstick style, your choice should always reflect a certain aspect of your personality that you’re trying to embody on that particular day or event. When you want to feel mysterious and galactic, get creative with these galaxy glitter lips!

8. Gold Glitter Lips

Gold has always been a sign of luxury and richness. It’s the color of kings and queens! You don’t need to marry a prince to become royalty – simply follow the steps by Siobhan McDonnell to create this gold glitter lip style and the world will bow at your feet!

9. Black Glitter Lips

Gone are the days when a dark lipstick was only associated with the goth scene. Nowadays, a black lip is a sign of immense elegance and sophistication. Follow Fumi Desalu-Vold‘s lead and add some glitter to the classic black lip, to spice it up and make your lips sparkle under the light!

10. Blue Glitter Lips

We decided to bring you another tutorial for blue glitter lips, because the style itself is so exceptional we feel mesmerized just looking at it! Blue is a cold color tone by nature, but Emily Grace used the power of a good shimmer to give this lip style an undertone of warmth!

How to get glitter lips

It’s totally true that glitter is a girl’s best friend. There’s no denying that wearing glitter on your person in some way, shape, or form automatically makes you feel more cheerful, energetic, and confident. If you love sparkles and want to make a dramatic statement with your lipstick, try glitter lips.

  • 1. Prep Your Lips Right
  • 2. Apply a Base
  • 3. Choose Your Glitter
  • 4. Use the Right Tools
  • 5. Pick a Color
  • 6. Clean Up With Concealer
  • 7. Take Advantage of Scotch Tape

Any type of lipstick is one of the most uncomfortable forms of makeup for many women. Having product on your lips can easily disrupt daily activities such as eating, talking, and kissing more than other makeup like eyeliner or highlighter. Many women stay away from dramatic lip looks like glitter lips in order to avoid excessive discomfort. However, if applied correctly, glitter lips don’t have to be impractical. Wearing glitter on your lips can be just as comfortable as any of your go-to lip products. Plus, with mattes and metallics stealing the limelight in the current lip-wear world, glitter lips definitely set you apart from the crowd. This out-of-the-box trend is a great way to show off your unique, sparkly spirit in a gorgeous way.

1. Prep Your Lips Right

How to get glitter lips

It is important to prepare your lips correctly before you apply any glitter to them. Remove any dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation in order to avoid clumps and flakes once you apply your glitter. Use a damp washcloth to massage a gently exfoliating blend of coconut oil and brown sugar to your lips and then wash off the scrub. Then, soothe and hydrate your exfoliated lips by applying a layer of moisturizing lip balm.

2. Apply a Base

How to get glitter lips

If you try to apply glitter to the bare skin of your lips, it is almost guaranteed to fall off immediately. To make sure that your glitter lips stay fresh and sparkly all day long, apply a base before your use any loose sparkles.

Apply a layer of lipstick as a foundation for your glitter lips. Use a nude shade of lipstick if you plan to use a bright glitter color. Or, apply a darker or brighter lipstick if you choose a clear or neutral glitter instead. Finish off your base with a layer of clear lipgloss to help your glitter stick more easily for a longer period of time.

3. Choose Your Glitter

How to get glitter lips

Never apply any glitter to your lips that is not professional makeup-grade glitter. Craft glitter is for paper, not your skin. Also, it is important to make sure that the glitter dust is as fine as possible in order to avoid the accumulation of thick clumps of glitter flakes on your lips throughout the day.

4. Use the Right Tools

How to get glitter lips

When you are ready to apply loose glitter to your lips, grab a mid-sized eyeshadow blending brush. Saturate the brush with water and squeeze out excess moisture until the brush is just slightly damp. Use the wet brush to pat, not rub, glitter onto your lips to achieve the best and longest-lasting results.

5. Pick a Color

How to get glitter lips


The world is your oyster when it comes to color choices for your glitter lips. The makeup market holds a treasure trove of loose glitter dusts in any and every color you can imagine. The color you choose just depends on the look you want to create. Use bright and wild glitter colors to create a more dramatic look. If you want to go for a more subtle finish, choose glitter in a more natural color like clear or light pink.

6. Clean Up With Concealer

How to get glitter lips

When you’re dealing with glitter, fallout is virtually inevitable. No matter how carefully you apply loose sparkles to your lips, some of them are bound to end up on your chin or across your cheeks. After you finish applying your glitter lips, don’t worry about the fallout. Just use a fan brush to gently dust the loose glitter off of your face.

To create a cleaner finish for you glitter lips, use concealer to perfect your look. Use an angled brush to line your lips with cream or liquid concealer. Blend the concealer outward to define the edges of your lips and ensure a neat finish.

7. Take Advantage of Scotch Tape

How to get glitter lips

Removing your glitter lips can be a very daunting task. Once you get glitter applied to your lips correctly, it will last all day but it might not want to part with your lips once bedtime comes. Fortunately, you can remedy this frustrating problem without scrubbing the life out of your lips or living with sparkles for all of eternity. Just use a bit of clear scotch tape!

Using clear tape might seem like a strange way to remove your makeup, but it is very effective for getting rid of your glitter lips once you’re done with them. Gently press a piece of clear tape to your lips and pull it away to remove the top layer of glitter from your lips. Then, follow this step up with standard makeup remover on a cotton swab to eliminate the rest of the makeup from your lips.

How to get glitter lips

Wearing glitter lips is a fun way to switch up your beauty routine. Add some sparkles to your lips to create a fun and whimsical look with a glamorous finish.

How to get glitter lips

Like many of my beauty obsessions, I blame Pat McGrath for my newfound love of over-the-top makeup. For example, up until the revered makeup artist’s Lust 004 dropped, I’d had zero interest in a glitter lip. Sure, I’d wear shimmer and duo-chrome with the best of them, but a full-on twinkle? Hard pass. That’s the stuff of models and pop stars. Then my Instagram was flooded with photos of fellow beauty editors puckering up their glimmering pouts and I realized that, hey, that actually looks kind of cool IRL. My interest piqued, I decided I would give it a go.

Fortunately, where Pat goes, the makeup world follows. A spate of brands has recently unveiled diamond sparkle lip toppers that will turn your regular lipstick into a disco fever dream. So I decided to grab one and take it for a whirl to see how glitter lips performed in the wild (a.k.a. a night out with friends).

For this sociological experiment, I grabbed my favorite metallic red lipstick and chose a champagne glitter liquid lip color. After smoothing the liquid lip glitter on, I knew I had made the right choice — my lips felt much smoother than they would have had I tried to press some loose glitter on.

After a couple of coats and a tissue blot, I stepped back to admire my handiwork. I looked like I’d been suckerpunched by an angry drag queen. Still, I wasn’t mad at it. I flounced out the door, choosing to ignore my husband’s raised eyebrows. After swinging by my friend’s place — and thoroughly hypnotizing her infant son with my razzle-dazzle pout — we headed out to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Sitting at the bar, we started chatting with the female bartender, who was similarly fascinated by the lips. I was starting to see the appeal.

Two margaritas and one giant enchilada later, my sparkles had migrated to the perimeter of my lips, making me wonder if I could make glitter lip liner a thing. Spoiler alert: I could not. So I swiped on another coat and off we headed to our next stop. We walked in and sat at the bar again, ordered a drink, and were routinely ignored by everyone in there. No one batted an eye at my sparkly lips, even after I exaggerated them with a wholly unnecessary duckface while ordering my drink. For the record, I liked the first bartender better.

The night ended soon after and I headed home and spent the next 15 minutes trying to remove all traces of sparkle from my face. Three rounds of cleansing oil followed by face wash later, I was satisfied. I woke up the next morning to find glitter on my teeth and a streak on my dog’s head — I'm still unsure on how that happened. One of the hazards of wearing anything with sparkles is that you will find flecks of it in the absolute weirdest places for the next week. You’ve been forewarned.

I’m not sure what I had expected, but the indifference to the look surprised me. I thought for sure I’d get some strange glances. The reality is that no one looked at me any differently than they would have had I been wearing a regular lipstick. Thanks to makeup visionaries like Pat McGrath, theatrical makeup is now whenever-you-feel-like-it makeup — and I plan on taking full advantage of that. Just as soon as I figure out how to get this glitter off my eyebrow, that is.

Glitter lips aren’t for the timid—or the thirsty, for that matter. But they are crazy fun. Here are three tips for achieving the glitzy look and a couple more on how to remove them (without making your bathroom look like a disco gone wrong).

Bare lips aren’t holding onto anything, so you’ll want to build a base for the glitter to cling to. Brush on a matte nude lipstick, then top it with clear lip gloss, like this NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss.

Select your glitter. It can be any color (we like rose gold), but the smaller the pieces, the easier it is to spread evenly. Use your brush to dab the flecks onto your lips.

Clean up any glitter that may have fallen outside your lip line with a piece of tape. Now sip your cocktail through a straw and enjoy the night.

More incredible stories for glitter lovers:

As for sparkle removal, glitter is tricky to apply, but once it’s on, it won’t budge. Like, at all. Eventually, though, you’ll need to go to bed. Here’s how to clean up every last fleck of your glitter lips.

You'll need to gather up a couple materials first: Scotch tape, oil-based liquid makeup remover, and cotton pads. Then, freeze. Before you reach for the makeup remover, first use tape to lift off the glitter layer by layer until you’re left with just a few of the reflective pieces. Now go ahead and douse a cotton pad with the oil-based makeup remover and wipe off the rest of the glitter, gloss, and lipstick. Good night.

Now, learn how to create an awesome ombre lip in less than a minute:

HELLO!’s beauty influencer Alex Light shows you how to create a showstopper of a look for NYE

New Year’s Eve calls for the perfect kissable lips – so how about trying something a little different this year with your lipstick? Yes, we’re talking glitter lips. Granted, it’s not for everyone – and definitely not for wallflowers – but if you’re bored of matte red lipstick, or a nude gloss, this is the perfect way to see in the new year with a bang.

VIDEO: Watch how to create glittery lips using lip glue

Here’s how to get the glitter lips:

1. Evenly apply a lip glue over your lips

2. Leave it a few seconds to dry

3. Pat on the glitter

4. Et voilà!

Check back in next week to see my next beauty hack! And if you’d like to know get the perfect smoky eye using a hashtag symbol, watch my beauty hack from last week.


  • How to get glitter lips

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Wondering how to upgrade your winter beauty look this year? Take a cue from beauty icon Georgia May Jagger in our December issue (get her entire look here) and accent your classic holiday red lip with a little gold shine. Not only is this look super unique, it will only add about 30 seconds to your routine. I tried the trend just in time for all those fast-approaching holiday parties, so here we go!

The inspiration:

How to get the look:

Step 1: Start by cleansing and moisturizing your face. Today I went with Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, one of my go-to moisturizers (and very on-theme for today's trend, no?).

Step 2: Even out your complexion as needed. I'm all about BB creams lately, because they're super-hydrating and give the perfect amount of dewy coverage. Try Rimmel London BB Cream in Light, $6.29,

Step 3: Frame your face by adding some extra oomph to your brows. I find brow gels especially good for building natural, full brows. My favorite right now: Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Light/Medium, $24,

Step 4: Onto the eyes! Create a metallic smoky eye with a cream shadow pen, like Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Sandglow. This look will complement (and not overpower) the stronger lip.

Step 5: Apply your favorite holiday red lipstick. For this look, it's good to go with something a little more glossy, like Rimmel London Provocalips in Play With Fire, so the glitter adheres well.