How to get great eyebrows

Believe it or not, gorgeous brows aren't only a result of hitting the genetic lottery. This much became clear when we recently polled several women we know—who are either experts or simply have amazing (like, traffic-stopping amazing) brows, or both—on their secrets for brow perfection. From the best techniques and weird remedies to life-saving tools, they had a lot to say about how to get perfect eyebrows. Here, 10 nuggets of wisdom we found useful. Read, digest, and then go out and get yourself the best brows of your life.

How to get great eyebrows

A Good Brow Brush Goes a Long Way

“Being Persian has its perks—like the full, thick brows and lashes. But keeping them looking on point is really difficult because they grow out so fast! I normally trim my brows once every three weeks and pluck the middle every five days to prevent a uni-brow situation. I don’t use any products but I brush them out every morning with Lancôme’s Eyebrow Reshaper Brush so they don't look too messy.” —Yasmine Sima, model

Try Threading If You Have Sensitive Skin

“I like to get my eyebrows threaded about once a month for a more defined and precise shaped brow and also because I have sensitive skin and waxing can sometimes create breakouts or burns and redness. I sometimes tweeze underneath to maintain my brows in between appointments or when I’m traveling.” —Aimee Song, blogger and author of Capture Your Style

Pencil in Sparse Spots

“I’m lucky enough to call Anastasia Soare [founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills] a friend, and she takes care of my brows. She changed my face by showing me how to use her Brow Wiz pencil to fill in my brows [see the technique here], and then follow up by using her clear brow gel. That simple step makes such a difference.” —Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist

Embrace Your Natural Shape.

“My eyebrows used to be my biggest insecurity. When I was in middle school, everyone was getting their brows done, and I would always be the black sheep because my mom actually refused to let me touch them. As I grew up, I realized that embracing your natural beauty is the most important thing about 'your look.' My tip is rock what you’ve got. I think your original shape usually suits your face the best." —Natalie Weaves, model and musician

. Then Make That Shape “Full” for You

“I love a full brow. You love a full brow. We all love a full brow. But fullness comes in various sizes and shapes. Filling in your natural shape (which most of us need) will help you find your perfect fullness. I usually start filling in my brows in at the arch area, then lightly wherever else needed. I also love a brow brush because it comes in handy when you’ve used too much product and want to soften the look.”—Stevi Christine (pictured left), celebrity brow artist at Kate Somerville Clinic, with actress Jessica Lowndes

Keep the Inside Corners of Your Brows Light on Product

“I always fill in my brows lightly with a brown MAC brow pencil or with Glossier Boy Brow. I really think the trick is to not overdo it. You want to keep them full with a little definition but you don’t want your eyebrows to look too done. Try keeping the 'beginning' part of your brow light and brushed up, and use more product at the center and ends." —Maddison Osburn, co-founder of Raw Complexions

Use Castor Oil to Encourage Growth

“Growing out my brows has been a long road. Michelle O’Neill, who has a salon in Beverly Hills, helped me grow them out to perfection by suggesting I use castor oil at night to help the hairs grow in the right places. I’ll use her tinted brow gel to make them look even fuller.” –Naja Blu, model

How to get great eyebrows

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In the beauty world, there are few higher compliments one can be paid than “You have great eyebrows.” Brows are a complicated sector of self-care—the last vestige of untouched, truly effortless aesthetics, where the right mix of genetics and cosmetic restraint allows you to show off your gifts. All sorts of guys known for their charm, smolder, or sex appeal boast a great pair of big, beautiful brows—from Drake to Dan Levy, Chris Pine to Henry Cavill, Joe Jonas to Henry Golding. A proud, big pair of brows can seem like the facial equivalent of Big Dick Energy: You either got it, or you don’t.

Except there’s plenty you can do. That’s why Bob Scott, a celebrity makeup artist and brow expert in New York City, has made brows their business. An appointment with Scott will run you $175—a significant chunk of cash, considering each client goes on a “journey” with them that involves an initial consultation, plus a Scott-imposed “no tweeze rule” that could span anywhere from six weeks to six months.

Their method, they insist, is less about artistry than biology. “Once you remove a hair, that follicle needs to regenerate itself, which takes up to six weeks,” Scott explains, “So if you tweeze more frequently than that, you’re never actually tweezing the same hairs, which can lead to an inconsistent brow shape, muddying the vision for what your brow should actually look like.”

Scott’s disciples (for this is a religious experience, in case you haven’t gathered) often lament their “grow-out phase,” wherein they’ve stowed away their tweezers in the hopes that a more even and symmetrical pair of brows will eventually be revealed. But, as I can faithfully attest (Scott has been doing my brows for over five years), once they work their magic, it’s the most addictive $175 you’ll ever spend. After an appointment, your friends or your partner will look at you and wonder “what you’ve done”—because you look refreshed, better, younger, even—but they just can’t pinpoint the difference. That’s precisely the genius of it all: Scott’s work somehow looks like they were never there.

This is all the more remarkable considering Scott’s service generally consists first of tinting your eyebrows (applying a semi-permanent dye), trimming the hair if necessary, then a shaping process. All in all, their work could take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on what kind of intervention is necessary.

All of this preciousness about their art form underscores a simple fact: Bob Scott is not just in the business of eyebrows. Just like everything—perhaps more than anything—else on our faces, eyebrows communicate something about us. “They are the frames,” Scott says. “They add structure. They accentuate certain features, either by softening or strengthening. They can enhance your brow bone. They can make your eyes look more open, making you look more alert, or your eye color pop. They can also make you appear more youthful—an indicator of the biological youth we’re all trying to keep.”

If that all sounds like a lot for your little eyebrows to carry, it is! But a quick Google search of “celebrities without eyebrows” will show you just how powerful those two rows of hair on your face really are. (Reader, you’ve been warned: It’s bizarre.) Luckily, Scott says, guys generally have an advantage in this arena: The hair on our faces doesn’t thin as much as we age, and broadly speaking, we grow a bushier or thicker brow than many women. It’s what we do with this playing field advantage that matters.

Conventional wisdom might tell you to get your eyebrows waxed or threaded as a part of routine maintenance, but Scott balks at the concept. “If you thread, people will be able to tell you got your eyebrows done, because it leaves very crisp and defined lines.” Waxing, they say, is “a definite no-no. It damages the skin and is very imprecise. if something goes wrong, it can take a long time to reverse that error.” (Or worse! A waxing mistake may actually never grow back—brow hair can be curiously temperamental.)

Instead, Scott relies on a more traditional method: Tweezing. It takes longer, but using tweezers allows you to deftly go hair by hair, carefully choosing what to remove, and allowing you to assess your face before going further. It also does the least damage to your skin, and is the least perceptible to the naked eye. “You can do the bare minimum you need to make a pronounced difference—just enough that nobody will be able to really see that you’ve done your eyebrows,” they say.

If you don’t trust yourself to do a good job with your tweezers, Scott says that most aestheticians who wax or thread will accommodate you anyway. The key here, of course, is that these folks are used to creating uniformity and an ultra-clean finished process, so you have to guide them in the right direction. Scott suggests asking for a mirror to hold to survey their work, or telling them what you like about your brows versus what areas you think need attention.

As a general rule of thumb for DIY jobs or a spa appointment, Scott insists that there are two areas that must remain as natural-looking as possible: the center (conventionally known as the unibrow), and the “tails” (or the ends of our brows).

“When I see a guy who’s over-tweezed, it’s usually because he removed so many hairs on the ends that were spaced out and feathered naturally, which he thought looked like gaps,” Scott says. The natural progression of your brow should be a slow fade—truncating them can make you lose a lot of God-given structure that frames your eyes. (Leave them alone or remove very sparingly!)

The unibrow, however, can be a pitfall in a different way. Once you start plucking hairs that clearly exist in the middle gap, you might be tempted to start taking a hair here and there from the beginning of your brows. Before you know it, you have completely changed your face. and made yourself look a little strange in the process. A good rule of thumb is to step back from the mirror after removing every three hairs. Blink twice, assess your work, then decide if you want to continue. The worst mistakes are made with your face pressed up against the glass, or when you’re using a magnifying mirror. For ease with the process, nab a pair of Tweezerman Slant Tweezers ($23).

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lifetime trying to achieve the perfect eyebrows naturally. We all remember, when pencil-thin brows and over-plucking was the norm. Now it’s celebrity-driven trends. So, how does one achieve eyebrows on fleek? Here are six tips and tricks to get your brow game on point, courtesy of Brow & Makeup Artist, Diana Duma from The Eyebrow Queen.

How to get great eyebrows

1. Brows vs Lifestyle

Everyone is different. Some people prefer a low-maintenance beauty regime, whereas others want to ‘beat’ their faces. When it comes to brows, this is where your personal style and level of confidence comes into play.

“Go with what naturally suits you. Be realistic. Your brows need to suit your lifestyle,” says Diana Duma, The Eyebrow Queen.

Heavy makeup users generally possess a high-maintenance beauty routine. In this case, powders are better suited for this group. However, a ‘get up & go’ individual – less fuss is their goal. Therefore, pencils are a great option – easy to use, less time in the mirror.

2. Celebrity Style

Achieving a celebrity style requires the focus to be on the client’s uniqueness – carefully fusing aspects of the celebrity style to compliment their features.

Take influence from a celebrity style you like, but never ever try to make your brows be something they’re not. No two faces are the same. Your brows are never going to grow like somebody else’s.” says Diana Duma.

It’s all about you! As much as we may want to acquire eyebrows like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Joan Smalls or Zendaya. Take a step back, and appreciate your facial assets.

How to get great eyebrows

3. Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Nowadays, many popular anti-ageing beauty products contain retinol, Vitamin A and C – strong ingredients that makes the skin extra sensitive.

For this reason, plucking is recommended. Waxing is often too harsh for sensitive skin. If your stylist does opt for waxing – make sure they conduct a quick patch test – better safe than sorry.

Be sure to communicate with your beautician. Let them know what products you’re using on your face. Or if you started a new skin care routine. Insight into the condition of your face helps your stylist select the right eyebrow shaping method for you.

How to get great eyebrows

4. More Melanin, More Problems

For us melanin-rich sistas the term: “Black don’t crack” is a well-known catch cry. Subsequently, we can take our skin for granted. Women of colour tend to have more pigment making us susceptible to scarring and discolouration. Therefore, we need to be kinder and gentler to our skin. Translation, protect your skin, wear sunscreen and incorporate sun safety practices into your skin care routine. More melanin, more protection.

How to get great eyebrows

5. Eyebrow Etiquette

Before you pop in to see a stylist make sure you check out our 24-hour pre & after-care eyebrow prep:

  • Keep your skin nice and clean. Don’t apply any oils or moisturisers to the face before a treatment. Clean skin helps the tint to grab better and last longer.
  • Use a gentle exfoliant. Especially before tinting.
  • Avoid the gym. Heavy perspiration open pores and attracts irritation.
  • Wear sunscreen after your treatment. When removing a layer of skin it’s important to protect the face after waxing.

6. Brow Wisdom

For over 25 years, Diana and mother Carmen have transformed some of Australia’s famous faces: Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Cambage, Lauren Phillips and Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Containing a wealth of knowledge, I asked The Eyebrow Queen to share some brow wisdom with us.

  • Never procastinate on your brows.
  • Nice and natural.
  • Low-maintenance brows are the new black.

Last but not least, you don’t have to work hard for your brows. That said, here are two products Diana recommends to achieve the perfect eyebrows you deserve.

How to get great eyebrows

Hourglass arch brow sculptor ($49.00)

How to get great eyebrows

NARS Brow Gel Clear ($35)

To get the best eyebrows in Melbourne contact Diana Duma, Brow & Makeup Artist at The Eyebrow Queen. Follow The Eyebrow Queen on Instagram and Facebook.

Complement your perfect eyebrows with new stylish glasses using blue light technology.

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How to get great eyebrows

Eyebrows are making a statement more than ever right now. With all of the cosmetics currently available for brows, I felt it was time to really address how important this often overlooked feature is, and how your eyebrows can positively, and negatively, affect your face.

1. Back Away From the Tweezers – Over plucking leads to traumatized hair follicles and can lead to permanent hair loss. Too thin of eyebrows actually ages the face. Tweezing a stray hair here and there is okay, but leave a majority of the plucking to the professionals.

2. Shape Accordingly – Your eyebrows are one thing that is not intended to be creative looking. Don’t let the current trends dictate what your eyebrow shape is. The shape of your eyebrows really depends on your eye and face shape, not how your favorite celebrity’s brows look. Too pointy or too highly arched eyebrows can make your face look constantly angry or surprised. Again, consult the advice of a trained eyebrow professional to know what is your best brow shape.

3. Ditch the Eyeshadow and Pencils – Eyeshadow is meant for your eyes, not your eyebrows. It isn’t formulated to stay put by itself and it typically doesn’t hold up to the elements (sweat, rain, humidity). Most pencils tend to make your eyebrows look harsh and drawn on, which is never in style. For a more natural looking enhanced eyebrow, try using a brow powder – which is formulated to cling to your eyebrow hairs – and a thin angled brow brush. Another option is to use a really thin brow pencil (usually these are in the mechanical twist up variety) and use short little strokes along the brow to fill in.

4. Tinting – If your eyebrows are really light in color, one option is to have them professionally tinted. There are several brands that are specifically formulated for use around the eyes and on eyebrow hairs. Additionally, tinting your eyelashes can really enhance the overall appearance of your eyes and actually make you look younger. Only go to licensed and trained professionals to have either of these services done.

5. Sisters, Not Twins – Keep in mind that most people do not have perfect symmetry on most things involving their bodies, let alone eyebrows. If your eyebrows are not naturally perfectly symmetrical or of the same fullness, don’t fret.

Bonus Tip – If you have unruly brows, try using a brow gel or clear mascara to help keep them in place (use this last if using a brow powder or pencil). A groomed brow is a happy brow.

Even if you already have a lovely initial brow, you can still help nature along with a few make-up tricks which positively influence your appearance on other people.

Our Global Head of Make-up Paul Merchant, explains how to style eyebrows properly.

Natural eyebrow make-up in three steps

  1. Place the tool on the outer side of your nostril and align it straight with the inner corner of your eye. This should be the point where your eyebrow starts.
  2. Now, place the same tool again on the side of the nostril and align it through the eye’s pupil while looking straight ahead. This should be the point where the arc begins.
  3. Then, apply the tool a third time to the side of the nostril and aim it at the outer corner of the eye. This should be the point where your eyebrow ends.

Tools to shape for perfect eyebrows

The choice of color depends on the skin tone, eye color as well as hair color. As a rule, brows are two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color (on the head). If you have very dark eyes, you can confidently choose an Eyebrow Powder that is two shades lighter than your hair color. This will discreetly accentuate your eyes. Otherwise, a shade that is two shades darker than your hair color is recommended.

Did you know? Eyebrow Powder can be applied both dry and wet. If you use Eyebrow Powder in combination with the Cake Eye Liner Sealer, it even becomes smudge-proof.

Now it’s time to fill in the brows. Use a firm, angled brush to apply Eyebrow Powder and tap off the excess. Using the steps above, first, apply the brush to the lower line of the brow and then gently sweep upward through the brow hairs. The color concentration should be most intense at the lower baseline at the beginning of the brow and fade out toward the end of the brow, just like an ombré effect. Use the flat tip of an angled brush to lengthen the end of the brow slightly.

When filling in, make sure not to cover the brows with too much color. To achieve a natural foundation, fine hairs can be drawn from the bottom to the top after applying Eyebrow Powder. To do this, simply choose a Faceliner, Contour Pencil or HD Cream Liner of your color and draw as realistically as possible. Practice makes perfect.

It is always a good idea to fix the eyebrows with Eyebrow Forming Gel for the crowning touch. Make sure that the right amount of product sticks to the applicator when pulling it out. Too little will minimize the effect, and too much will result in a flaky effect once the gel dries. Starting at the bottom of the hair, sweep the gel over the entire length of the hair in the direction you want the hair to lie. Now let the gel dry for a few seconds.

How to get great eyebrowsPaul Merchant

How to get great eyebrows

If there is one thing that has an ability to frame your face in seconds, it is the mighty brow. Over the years, this single feature has been a topic of great debate. Whether it’s Sophia Loren’s angular arches in question or the thin and barely-there style favoured by the ’90s supers, their ability to define and enhance is the source of ever-evolving brow trends that continue to crop up time and time over.

Whether you’re growing yours out or jumping back on the skinny brow bandwagon, our eyebrows are a feature that require some regular maintenance for them to look their best.

It’s the reason why beauty expert and self-professed Eyebrow Queen, Nilam Holmes – who counts Victoria Beckham and Amanda Holden among her clientele – calls them the most dynamic feature on our faces. A simple tweak in the angle of your brows can make eyes appear larger or smaller, while highlighting specific areas of your brows can make them look more defined, she points out.

Here, the expert reveals the only tips you need for perfect brows.

Top tips for the perfect brow shape

1. Brush your brows

You may be in the practice of brushing the hair atop your head daily (if your texture and thickness permits), but have you considered doing the same for your brows? If not, you may be missing a trick. First, find a good spoolie that is both firm and capable of grabbing hair, and use it to brush your hairs daily. "The bristles will gently exfoliate the skin beneath your eyebrows to stimulate additional hair growth," Holmes notes.

It’s also a great pre-make-up trick. If you brush before applying any products, you’ll be able to determine where your brows are naturally sparse and need filling. For an instant lift, try brushing your hairs up and outwards towards the temple.

2. Steer clear of moisturiser

Most of us are privy to applying moisturiser all over our faces, including the brows, but "moisturisers, SPFs and foundations can break down your eyebrow hairs and inhibit growth," says Holmes. To avoid this, after applying your skincare, try to remove any product residue that may be embedded in your hairs and start your brow routine with a clean base. That way, you’ll save yourself from smudged brows as moisturiser often makes it difficult for eyebrow products to adhere properly.

3. Layer, layer and layer

Relying on just a single product has a way of making brows look one-dimensional and unnatural. Often, different brow products have an ability to work in synergy to create maximum effect, for instance gels help to blend pencils for a more natural look and powders layer nicely on top of pomades. "To perfect your brows, I would use pencil, pomade, powder and then a brow fix to hold it all in place, in that order."

We love Refy Beauty’s Brow Sculpt, £16, which features a hybrid wax-gel formula that is powerful enough to create volume and keep brows in place all day.

4. Consider the tip

Brow pencils come in different shapes and sizes, and their tips will determine the kind of look you’re likely to create. "Micro fine tips are most suitable for creating fine, hair-like strokes and adding natural looking fullness in places. A diamond or triangular tip works well for shaping and filling in the whole brow," advises Holmes. To get them right every time, opt for a self-sharpening tip, like the one featured in EyebrowQueen’s Brow Pro, £22.

5. Highlight

This is a well-known trick that is loved for its ability to bring dimension to the brow area, while giving an overall glow to the skin. Despite its popularity, there is some strategy involved. Holmes adds, "When it comes to highlighter, a little goes a long way. The best way to avoid going overboard is to opt for a matte highlighter underneath the brow in a slightly lighter shade than your skin tone. If you can’t find the perfect highlighter in your tone, use a fine powder eyeshadow for a subtle shine."

6. Try tint

Granted, spending a few minutes etching in your brows every morning isn’t for everyone. For those who prefer a low-maintenance approach, eyebrow tinting can be quite the godsend. This is a staple treatment in salons nationwide and enables hair to look darker, thicker, and more defined, without the need of make-up. Appointments can be 20-30 minutes long and the effects can last for up to three weeks. Blink Brow Bar London offer brilliant tinting services, for £18.

It’s a good idea to tint your brows (especially if you have light-medium brow hairs which can’t easily be detected) if you’re about to embark on any hair removal plans. "Brow tinting before any hair removal allows you to see what you’re really working with before shaping, it also gives you an effortless brow look for weeks," she says.

7. Monitor your diet

As with many things, the road to great brows starts with what’s happening on the inside. A diet rich in nutrients like biotin will help with healthy hair growth, so include foods such as eggs, fish, vegetables, and avocados where possible. Pay attention to keratin too, the structural protein provides the building blocks for strong hair and Holmes points out that in order to support keratin production "a protein-filled diet is necessary for the maintenance and regeneration of hair follicles."

Best eyebrow products

L-R: Anastasia Beverly Hills Fuller Looking and Dimensional Brows Kit, £19.50, Cult Beauty; Benefit Big Brow Love Eyebrow Pencil and Gel Trio, £25.50, Benefit; Boy Brow Grooming Pomade, £14, Glossier

How to get great eyebrows

Welcome back to our practice makes perfect series where our Head Makeup Artist Mel Barrese walks us through applying the makeup basics – as life returns to normalcy. This week is all about getting the perfect eyebrows.

There are so many different styles and trends when it comes to eyebrows. From a sculpted brow to fluffy and delicate, it can be challenging to keep up with the eyebrow makeup trends. Lucky for you, following your natural brow shape and this eyebrow makeup tutorial will help enhance, lift and define your overall look.

Eyebrows are an essential element to the face and makeup routine. They frame the eyes and structure your look regardless of your makeup style. Plus, brows are very personal because every one of us has our own unique brow shape. Once you understand your shape, you can create the look you want based on your natural arch: whether that is bushy eyebrows or thin and defined, you will learn to build on what you have and discover the eyebrow products for you.

If you’re just getting back in the eyebrow game, we recommend taking the below steps to learn how to get the perfect eyebrows for beginners.


The first thing to do is take our Eyebrow Groomer and comb through the brows. Using upward motions, follow the shape of your eyebrow. Take this as a chance to move the hair in the direction you want.

This allows you to see what you are working with — putting the hairs where they need to go will enable you to map out where you need to apply product.


At Illamasqua, we have two different eyebrow products to choose from:

  • Eyebrow Cake – A pressed powder in five different shades. Apply lightly to create a natural and diffused look. Completely buildable, this cake can also be used wet to create crisp hair strokes.
  • Precision Brow Gel – This product comes in four shades and gives a cleaner and defined shape. This is a more controlled way of creating hair strokes.

Instead of directly filling in your brows, pair our Precision Brow Gel with our Brow Definer Brush to create tiny brush strokes. Place some of the product on the back of your hand, then flatten the brush to add the product.

Take any excess product off the brush and look at your eyebrows, map out the areas you have gaps in, and begin applying the product in hair-like strokes.

Always start in the middle of the eyebrow and continue down the tail, apply small strokes with a light hand where you need the product to go.

The arch area and tail end of the eyebrow will give you the most lift, so it is important to consider this eyebrows tip when applying your makeup: focus the density of the product on the arch and tail. Using light strokes, build up the color and intensity around the arch area.

Depending on how sparse your eyebrows are, you can completely leave the inner corner of your eyebrows and not use any product at all – or with a small amount of Precision Brow Gel on our Brow Definer Brush, use light brush strokes again to create subtle brow hairs and fill-in any sparse areas. You can also use your finger to blend.

Take our Brow and Lash Gel and comb in an upwards motion, following the shape of your brows. Using your finger , press down on the product for a laminated look.

How to get great eyebrows

Every decade sees its fair share of beauty and makeup trends, from the teased hair and neon colors of the 80s to the bronzer and glossy lips of the 00s. Right now, it’s all about achieving the perfect eyebrows à la celebrities like Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner. If you want to know how to get the perfect eyebrows, here are 10 quick and easy ways:

1. Let Your Brows Grow Out

Before you think about doing anything to your brows, give them a chance to grow out. It may seem backward, but letting them grow will help reveal the natural shape of your brow.

2. Wash and Condition Your Brows

When you wash your face, you wash your eyebrows too. But did you ever think about conditioning them? Conditioning can nourish your brows and moisturize the skin around them. Your brow hairs are more delicate than the hairs on your head so a traditional conditioner won’t do. Lotions and creams can clog the hair follicles, so use a product like tea tree oil. With a spoolie brush, which is similar to a mascara wand, massage the oil into your brows and rub away dry skin. Wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

3. Pluck Your Strays Away

Pull out your tweezers and say goodbye to those hairs that refuse to follow the natural shape of your brows. Don’t know where to begin plucking? Hold your tweezers by the open end and place them vertically against the side of your nose with the open end aligned with the bottom of your nostrils. Where the closed end lands is where your brow starts, so any hairs growing past that line are fair game.

4. Soothe Your Skin

After plucking, the skin around your eyebrows can feel irritated. To soothe it, swab aloe vera or tea tree oil over the area. If you’re applying makeup right away, use an oil-free moisturizer for a smoother, smudge-free application.

5. Brush Your Brows

Like the hair on your scalp, the hair on your brows can also benefit from brushing. Use a spoolie to brush the hairs at the front of your hair in an upward direction, and then brush the rest of your brow in its natural direction.

6. Trim the Ends

Do a few hairs stand a little taller than the rest? Give those strands a snip with a pair of brow scissors, or nail scissors if that’s all you have. Cut each strand one by one, clipping only a small amount at a time. Don’t snip past the brow line and be careful around your arches and any area that feels too tricky to trim. As with any haircut, it’s better to cut too little than to cut too much.

7. Fill in the Gaps

After all of the plucking, trimming, and brushing, you may find a few sparse patches that need to be filled in. You can add color to those areas with either an angled brush and eyebrow powder, or an eyebrow pencil. If you opt for the pencil and are a blonde or a redhead, use a color that is two shades darker than the color of your brows. If you’re a brunette, use a color that is two shades lighter. You may want to consider using two colors to add natural highlights and dimension to your brows. Apply the color by flicking the pencil or brush in small lines that mimic the look of hair. Brush over those areas gently with a spoolie to blur any unwanted lines.

8. Perfect the Length

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains framing your eyes. You want them to be the right length — if they’re too short they don’t look natural, and if they’re too long they can drag your features down. To find the place where your brows should end, take a brow pencil and line it up diagonally from your nostril to the outside corner of your eye. Where the pencil ends is where your eyebrow should end. If your eyebrow dips past this point, pluck those extra hairs away. If it ends just before that line, fill in the gap with pencil or powder.

9. Create a Realistic Arch

Want to have a better-defined arch? Take out that brow pencil again and this time, hold it straight against the tip of your nose. Move it so that the end lands on the brow just above your pupil. This is the place where your eyebrow should peak. Take the pencil and draw a subtle arch, once again using small strokes that mimic the look of hair. Blend in any obvious or harsh lines.

10. Raise Your Arches

Want to give your brows a little extra lift? Frame them with concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone. Trace thin lines above your brows and do the same underneath your brows. Blend in with your fingertip or a sponge to erase harsh lines. This trick highlights your arch and can even make you look more awake.

After mastering these steps, you’ll become a pro at grooming your eyebrows. If you want to become a true professional, Salon Success Academy can provide you with hands-on training in eyebrow arching and waxing, facials, manicures and more through our Cosmetology or MUD Makeup Designory programs. Call 1-877-987-HAIR (4247) or fill out the form to learn more.

Brows. One of the most complex areas of the face to master, and definitely the most difficult, good brows can make a look as quickly as bad brows can ruin one. This is why it’s so important to not only be confident in your technique, but also in your tools.

Sigma has an amazing line of universal brow products, perfect for rocking a bold, natural or feathered brow and everything in between! Whatever style and shape you choose, here are a few basic tips and tricks to teach you how to do eyebrows with a pencil, highlighter, gel and more — so you can live your best brow life.

How to get great eyebrows

Step 1: Examine Your Natural Shape

Find the start of your natural brow

Eyebrow shapes differ depending on your face type. So when defining your perfect shape, you want to begin by examining what you’re already working with. The best way to do this is by taking your Fill + Blend Brow Pencil (shade choice is all yours!) and placing it next to your nose so it passes over the inner corner of your eye. Lightly mark the spot where it intersects with your brow hairs — this is where your brows should start. Follow these quick steps to apply brow pencil for your natural shape:

1. Find your arch

Place your Fill + Blend Brow Pencil next to your nose. This time, angle the top of the pencil so the base sits at the outer edge of the nose and the top extends over the pupil of your eye. This is where your brow arch should be. Lightly mark the area with the fine tip of your pencil. The height of the arch is going to vary and will develop when the brow is drawn.

How to get great eyebrows

1. Find your arch

Place your Fill + Blend Brow Pencil next to your nose. This time, angle the top of the pencil so the base sits at the outer edge of the nose and the top extends over the pupil of your eye. This is where your brow arch should be. Lightly mark the area with the fine tip of your pencil. The height of the arch is going to vary and will develop when the brow is drawn.

How to get great eyebrows

2. Find the end

Hold your Fill + Blend Brow Pencil next to your nose one more time. Angle the pencil so the base stays at the nose and the tip passes over the outer corner of the eye. Draw a light mark with the pencil in this area — this is where your brow should end.

3. Draw your brow

Now that your have the start, arch and end points, all you need to do it connect them. Using a light hand, create small hairlike strokes starting at the inner corner and moving outwards for a natural brow look. Start slow. You can always add more product later if you like a bolder brow!

How to get great eyebrows

3. Draw your brow

Now that your have the start, arch and end points, all you need to do it connect them. Using a light hand, create small hairlike strokes starting at the inner corner and moving outwards for a natural brow look. Start slow. You can always add more product later if you like a bolder brow!

How to get great eyebrows

Step 2: Brush ‘Em Up

Using the built-in spoolie brush at the end of your Fill + Blend Brow Pencil, brush your brow hair upwards. This will help you define your brow shape, while also pinpointing the areas you want to fill in.

You don’t want the brow to be stiff before applying your chosen product, so by using something pliable, like our Prime + Control Brow Wax, you’ll be able to set brow hairs in place while still allowing for even product application later on.

To use the Prime + Control Brow Wax, twist the pencil up and start swiping the product on your brows in an upward motion, continuing until you’ve covered your brow from start to finish. Take a spoolie, like the E80 Brow And Lash, to brush the product through in an upward motion, This will set your brows into your desired shape.

Step 3: Fill ‘Em In

Don’t be intimidated by this step! It’s quite simple once you’ve defined the look you’re going for. See the guide below to determine which product to use for your desired finish.

How to get great eyebrows

Step 3: Fill ‘Em In

Don’t be intimidated by this step! It’s quite simple once you’ve defined the look you’re going for. See the guide below to determine which product to use for your desired finish.

How to get great eyebrows

Step 4: Clean ‘Em Up

Now that your brows are defined and beautiful, it’s time to clean them up! This may seem like an unnecessary step, but brow highlighter can make a HUGE difference in the overall finish.

  1. Using a creamy, blendable product in a brightening shade, like our Clean Up + Highlight Crayon, lightly draw along the bottom edge of your brow.
  2. Then, blend the product out using a small, but firm, concealer brush. We recommend our 4DHD™ Precision!
  3. And done — it’s that easy!

Not only will it define the shape even more by creating a sharper edge, but it also lifts the brow bone and helps to illuminate the eye area. Who doesn’t love that?

In just 4 easy steps, you’ve mastered your perfect brow technique! We know that brows are unique (remember, they’re sisters, not twins!) and should completely reflect you. So finding a brow routine that fits your style and practice is key. Never forget, the fundamentals to a perfect brow plus the right tools make all the difference!

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